Halloween Roundup: A Cat, A Mouse & Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Hello hello! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. This past weekend into this week has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to share all the festivities!

On Friday October 27th, my sister from Colorado, Andi, came to town!! I dropped off Quinn at daycare in the morning so she could enjoy a couple hours of the fall festival. I sent her as a black cat, a super easy, comfy costume for daycare.

I knocked out folding some laundry and unloading the dishes while chatting away with Andi. Always love our chats so much! We then ran to the grocery store and picked up Nothing Bundt Cakes for the Halloween party planned the next day. Then we picked up Quinnie before nap time! She fought this nap something fierce. We have been battling the infamous 18 month sleep regression. All her sleep regressions have been about a week early, and this one started just when I anticipated it would. It has been the most brutal one yet, but as of yesterday (Tuesday), I think she’s almost out of it! Anyway, we finally got her to fall asleep around 245 pm while on a walk in the stroller.

For dinner, we had an easy, but delicious, dinner of air fryer steaks, corn, salad and sweet potato fries.

We also rang in the weekend with dessert! We went to Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. This was Quinn’s first time, and it was a hit! I got her the no added sugar vanilla with a couple cheesecake bites, blueberries and sprinkles.

I think this is the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had! I already have a hankerin’ to go again. I took the more chocolate route with mine, while DJ and Andi went more fruit forward. What do you prefer with Froyo?

You know it’s good when you’re double fisting spoons 😄 (which were color changing!).

Saturday October 28th, we enjoyed a nice, lazy, quintessentially autumnal Saturday morning. We have had such busy weekends lately, so this was much welcomed.

We had breakfast, went on a walk and then got ready for the party while Quinn napped.

She had a nice long afternoon nap, so we were able to get in our costumes and get a couple pics before she woke up!

I set up this little photo op area for kicks.

Time for our costumes! It was DJ’s idea this year to be Pokémon! I was Eevee (my favorite Pokémon when I was younger), DJ was Ash, Quinn was Pikachu and Moose was Squirtle.

Once Quinn woke up we got her in her costume!

Moose was such a trooper. We couldn’t find anything in his size so we had to make-shift a costume with some Velcro.

And of course we had to use a Pokeball for trick or treating!

Andi had to leave before the party that evening, but we made sure to grab a pic before she headed out. I miss her so much already!

Time for the party!! Here are the Bundtinis we picked up.

We displayed the drink options then kept the rest in a Yeti.

It seemed appropriate to get out a bottle of 19 Crimes wine!

More Bundtinis fall themed!

We didn’t have a specific snack to put in the Nora Fleming tray, but it worked great for the napkins. I just had to use the Witch hat mini!

Ok now how cute are these?! Gigi made these adorable ghost fruit skewers and pumpkins.

We also ordered Athena’s Pizza. It was our first time trying it, and we all raved about how good it was!! We got one vegan one too, and it was excellent.

Pic of the kids! 🥰

More family pics 🥰.

Trick-Or-Treating time!!! I just adore these two.

Quinn did not want to be held. So we went very slowly from house to house. It was so much fun though. She held onto one small piece of pizza nearly the whole time (she does this with food and random scraps of paper lol). Hence, we naturally started calling her Pizzachu and called it her emotional-support pizza bite.

At one point she agreed to get in the double stroller with her cousin, Will. We were able to pick up the pace a little after that lol.

Hanging with cousin Kate 💕.

Then October 31st, actual Halloween, we were able to celebrate one last time! Miss Quinn transformed into Miss Minnie Mouse for the evening.

We went to Gigi’s, demolished bowls of her famous chili, cornbread and pumpkin pie, then set out for Trick-Or-Treating with the fam!

Moose came with us! He did a great job. Quinn practiced saying “thank you” in sign language at each house. One time someone thought she was blowing a kiss and blew one back lol!

Quinn and her cousin, Ender (Ryder from Paw Patrol)! Decisions, decisions!

We trick or treated in Mimi’s neighborhood & got to say hi to her which was very special! ❤️

And that wraps our fun Halloween!! 🎃

Questions for you:

– DJ and I were chatting about this- When do “The Holidays” start in your mind? I think they start at Halloween for me.

– What are you looking forward to as we enter into November?



26 thoughts on “Halloween Roundup: A Cat, A Mouse & Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

  1. Pizzachu and her emotional support pizza!!! NOW THAT’S A COSTUME!! 😂 And of course my favorite Pokemon was Eevee as well because we are the same person! Not gonna lie, Moose’s Squirtle costume just looks like Squirtle is eating him butt first. 🤣

    I feel like the holidays starts today (Nov. 1) for some reason… Halloween is in a category all on it’s own, but once Nov. 1 hits, it’s Happy Thanksmas!! We even had snow flurries this morning!

    This year’s family gatherings are going to be rough since my grandma past away back in May, but it will still be nice to see family and relax a bit. Also looking to all the food!

    1. 😄 awww why I am not surprised she was your favorite too!!

      I just laughed out loud 😂 you are so right about Moose’s costume!

      I love that- Thanksmas! We had some snow flurries last week too, ringing in the holiday season ❄️

      I’m so sorry, those first holidays can be so challenging, sending hugs . That will be nice though to still enjoy some R & R and time with the fam ❤️ And yess, I’m very much looking forward to the food too. Is it thanksgiving yet? Have a great rest of your week, Bex!

  2. Oh I’m so happy and thankful that you put together together this Hallowe’en post as I really wanted to see everyone in their costumes! Quinnie, Ender and all the kids looked so cute! (Did you get any candy?) And your party- wow, well done! We’ve gotten into Nothing Bundt cakes again- really fun to try their flavors.

    1. Aw glad you enjoyed this!! 😊 lol we got all the candy 😄 Quinn still is at the age where most things are choking hazards, but she did enjoy some nothing Bundt cake!! 😋 they are sooo good!!! You introduced me to them actually at Laura’s (Gigi’s) bday party a couple years ago

  3. Well I need not wonder any longer about Quinn’s Halloween costume and she had two – what a lucky little girl she is. What a shame it was so cold yesterday to have to wear a coat over the Minnie Mouse costume to go trick or treating. I think people go into holiday mode once Halloween is over too. We have several radio stations here that switch to Christmas music very early in November. They used to do it November 1st, but I think they hold off on the “wall-to-wall Christmas music a bit longer now.” Well, November seems to be a letdown after the beauty of late September and October, colder/shorter days … I’d say more reading and maybe getting back to “Yellowstone” – I got one episode from Season One watched and that’s it (seven more seasons to go and I hear it’s great but I had difficulty getting into it). I have to find a primer about it to be spoonfed. 🙂

    1. Yes it actually ended up snowing by the end of our time trick or treating- crazy!! thankfully this week has warmed up a little! I need to ease into the bitter cold!

      We used to love Yellowstone, except one of the more recent seasons we kind of found a bit boring and never picked back up- but I do hear it gets better again!

      Thanks for stopping in, Linda!

      1. Yes, it will get better (warmer and sunnier) for next week. Yay – I am not ready for bitter cold either.

        I will give Yellowstone a try again Mackenzie. I heard they are not having any more new shows now until September 2024 as they only had a few shows made before the writer’s strike.

      1. And she has pictures to remember this Halloween when she gets older. As an only child, my parents took tons of pictures, but every Halloween I bemoan the fact that I have no photos of me in my costume.

      2. Aw do you have memories of your favorite costumes? It’s interesting how the world is so different than just a few decades ago. Quinn will have endless pictures and videos from her childhood- but that’s all a fairly new thing vs Kodak pics and VHS home recordings!

      3. Mackenzie, with all the pictures my parents took of me, as I was an only child, there are no pics from Halloween. I am bummed about that. The Red Riding Hood costume stands out as it rained, the red satin cape stained my new coat and my bag dragged on the ground and I lost my candy. I think my dad got home from work late and had to hustle to take me out, so no pictures … no video cams or VHS back then either. Quinn will delight in looking at all these photos and videos you’ve captured of her years from now. 🙂

      4. Oh the Red Riding Hood costume sounds adorable!!! It’s funny I’m reading this comment today- my mom brought out our childhood bins today to have us go through before they move (in about a year or two), and talk about a walk down memory lane! I appreciated her holding onto those things for us. We did toss a lot of our “abstract” artwork though 😂

      5. Oh how fun going through everything from your childhood. My mom saved the smaller items and pasted them into scrapbooks, but the bigger stuff … my mom was a thrower not a saver and I am the opposite so that’s why I have a lot of clutter in my house! I did have some artwork she saved, a crayon drawing about dogs. Will your mom and Pete be moving closer to Ohio then? That would be great!

      6. Aw I hear ya!!

        And they are most likely moving to either north or South Carolina whenever my mom retires, but still closer than TX which is nice! 😊 I wish it was OH , but I can’t convince them to come back to the tundra 😭

      7. Yes, Texas is too far away, but I don’t blame them for favoring South Carolina over Ohio after living in warm weather. Tundra is right!

  4. You guys look absolutely precious!! Her costumes are perfect, and I love the spread of food and the photo backdrop. Such a fun Halloween celebration. You all are so creative!

  5. Aww it sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween party, and a great time trick-or-treating! I loved your family’s Pokemon-themed costumes, and all of Quinn’s costumes are so cute!
    Also, the frozen yogurt looks delicious!

  6. I love that Halloween begins the holiday season for you – Younger Child is a big fan … unfortunately Singapore doesn’t do Halloween in a big way. Thank you for sharing your fun and celebration – very very cute!

    And what a great idea: bundtinis ….

    P/S I had croissant french toast last week and I thought of you (since it all began with you!)

    1. Hi Ju-Lyn!!!! How are you, friend?!

      It was a fun year for sure! I’d be curious to learn of a holiday unique to Singapore? Hope you have a great holiday season! 😊

      Awww I am so honored you think of me with the croissant French toast! I say that’s a pretty darn good food to be associated with 😄. There was a cafe nearby that serves croissant French toast- I was very excited to see it on their menu!


  7. Looks like a lot of fun was had! Halloween isn’t a holiday for me, and of course we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since we don’t live in the US, plus Christmas is in the summer here and coincides with summer holidays so all quite different.

    1. Thanks for stopping in!! That is fascinating about Christmas being in the summer!! It’s hard for me to wrap my head around, but is very interesting. Are you from New Zealand by chance? I see the Kiwis in your name 😊.

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