We’re Having A….

We’re having a baby girl!! 💕🥰 I have been so amazed at how many people guessed right! DJ was also extremely confident baby was a girl from the minute we knew I was pregnant. I was leaning boy most of the time, but didn’t have as strong a feeling. The week leading up to finding out though, we both were referring to baby as a girl, and we were not surprised when we cut the cake!

We didn’t have a reveal party or anything, but I still loved the idea of getting a cake for us to share that moment of finding out together. And any excuse for cake, amirite?! My good friend, Clair, offered to organize the cake order. She logged into my account & called the bakery with the results, and then she stopped by to grab some pics the day we cut into it. She also brought that adorable bandana for Moose!

We are absolutely thrilled! We would have been either way, but we are very grateful for our little girl 💕. We actually already even have our name picked out! I’m so indecisive about everything, but we are pretty darn sure about this. We are still going to wait until baby is born to announce, juuusssst in case our minds change!

Thanks for stopping in and sharing in our joy!!



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  1. I’m so excited for you!! We had our anatomy scan yesterday, and our baby girl is supposedly measuring ahead. She’s growing well! We have named her Ansley Rose. I’m so pumped we will both be girl moms! I just love that cake and bandana. Cannot forget our furbabies ever!

    1. I am so so happy to hear the anatomy scan went well, and oh my goodness, what an absolutely beautiful name!! <3 I'm counting down the days to ours in early January. It's always such a relief actually seeing little one growing and moving and hearing that everything is ok!

      1. Thank you so very much!! We love her and her name so much.

        I cannot wait for you to experience it! It will be amazing, and I know your sweet daughter will be growing beautifully.

      2. Aw thanks, Kori.

        It’s incredible how much we can love them before we even meet them. Has she been active for you? I would say this last week (week 18) I have started feeling flutters and today I felt some of the strongest movements yet! It’s amazing!!!

      3. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt yet. I had a suspicion that I had an anterior placenta, & it was confirmed that I do. So she’s cushioned behind it. 😕 I thought I felt some tapping that could be her, but I’m not sure! I’m so glad you can feel your sweetie moving around!!

      4. Aw I see, I’m sure you will feel soon though! 💕 Can’t wait to hear when you do 🤗 I’m sure by the third trimester we’ll forget what it was like to not have them wriggling around all the time!! Merry Christmas to you and your whole beautiful fam, Kori ! 🎄❤️🎄

  2. This Ohio Grandma Gigi could not be more thrilled!!! Love the cake with the scoops and so so so beyond happy! A baby girl!!!! God is so very good. XOXO

  3. Yayy!!! So happy for you two!! I absolutely love that you’re waiting to share the name. I always tell John that that’s our plan whenever we have a baby!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily!! I’m glad you guys feel the same too- I just know myself, and it’s definitely the safer option to wait jussst in case, lol.

  4. Hi Mackenzie !!! I am so excited for you both having a baby girl !!! God has blessed you with her . I was right, usually I am more 50 50 in guessing ! We can always have a hunch but never truly know for sure. What a fabulous way to find out , have your friend get the results and have the cake baked pink or blue !! The bandana is very cute on Moose. I know you would have been thrilled with either boy or girl, you will be a great Mom! You can look forward to all the cute outfits you can put her in ! You will have fun. It is good to keep us in suspense , we will look forward to your next posts, love to all 3 of you, and Moose, Terri xo

    1. Yes, you were right!!! I do think some people just have a really strong intuition about guessing genders! Aw that really means a lot you think I will be a great mom. I can’t wait for alll the cute outfits!! I will have a hard time keeping it within budget lol. Thank you tons for sharing in our excitement and joy with us! : )

  5. Yayyyyy!!!!! A boy would’ve been fine, of course, but I was HOPING for a girl! Ohmygosh she will be SO cute! I can’t wait! lol

    That cake is also really, really cute! How did it taste?

    1. Awww thank you, Jinjer 🙂 <3 The bakery did a great job with decorations! But full transparency- the cake was not good!! lol. It was so dry. I don't know if the decorations dried it out or something, but that's why I didn't link the bakery. I may try another bakery if I ever decide to order another cake... But we still all had a slice, we just made sure to eat it with lots of milk ;)

  6. How nice your friend Clair was able to plan this surprise by knowing what color the cake should be – how cool is that?! And Moose was stealing the show with his bandana. Who took the bite out of “What’s the Scoop?” I thought it was just an ornament! We’ll be dying to know the name you’ve already picked out. 🙂

    1. She is the best!! She really helped bring it all together! Heheh Moose is always stealing the show, isn’t he? 😉 Clair had her son with her who tried the nibble of what’s the scoop- It was fun that it was edible! Thanks for sharing in our excitement with us! 🙂

      1. Haha well I would not put it past me with how my appetite has been 😂 Means a lot you are looking forward to reading more!! Thank you so much, Linda!

      2. You’re welcome Mackenzie – hope the morning sickness is subsiding and you’re feeling better, now stay safe with this new COVID variant.

  7. MACKENZIE!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING! I had no idea you were pregnant oh my gosh you’re going to be the most wonderful Mama! AH I AM SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU BEAUTIFUL GODDESSSS!! Congratulations sending all the love and well wishes! So so happy this is the best news I have tears in my eyes haha x

  8. Ahhhh! (Okay I don’t think I have stopped screaming and it isn’t even midnight!) I am SO excited for you! She is the luckiest most blessed little girl to have you guys as parents! I am so happy for you Mack! And I love the cake and reveal! That is so darn cute! I am probably not going to stop saying this, but congrats! <3

    1. Aw thank you so much, friend!! Yes yes we got a little pup named Moose last year. We are pretty darn obsessed with him!

      That’s so so sweet of you-I will email ya 😊❤️

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