Bowling, Buns, & Boba Fun!

Heyy yaaa heyyyyy yaaa! (anyone set it to the tune I did?). I have a short, teeny tiny recap to wrap up loose ends before taking off for MI tomorrow. My type A angel (or devil) on my shoulder would be severely bothered with smushing (apparently smushing isn’t a word?) this recap in with my Michigan one a week from now… soooo here. we. goooo!

^^ Was that not the most scattered, rambling intro you ever did see?

On Saturday the 14th, I attended the big bowling bash of the year for DJ’s work. It was such a great time, and a fun way to get to know his coworkers a bit better too!


Deej and I shared a lane and alternated turns. We did horribly the first round, but didn’t do too bad the second. Guess it was the practice we had earlier in the week?! (nah, for me it was just dumb luck, lol). (We are “D” on the screen).


Once we finally came home around 11:30 pm, we binged The Staircase and were up wayyy past each of our bedtimes.

On Sunday the 15th, I went to Church while DJ unfortunately had to go to work bright and early. After Church I met my friend, Tammy, downtown in San Jose for some vegan eats!


I grow more and more fond of downtown San Jose every time I visit!


I actually discovered this place through a fellow San Francisco blogger! I saw the Buddha bun in her post and couldn’t get it out of my head.


This place is in an obscure spot in downtown, pretty easy to miss, but one you won’t want to! The inside decor is alll about that hippie life with earthly tones, calm music, and overall a general ode to nature.


The moment of truth finally fell upon us… *pause for dramatic effect*. This magic bun cost less than $4 which is a STEAL in these parts. It’s pretty big too (there is a picture later on for reference). It is a rice flour bun (Bao) stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, jicama, peas, and carrots. Served with a house sweet savory sauce.

img_7949In enthusiastic Kate mode I feel like there is only one way to express my excitement over this bun….




This is one of my FAVORITE morsels of food I have tried since moving to the Bay Area. Since EVER. Not sure what they use in this “house” sauce, but I would sell a kidney for the recipe. I told Tammy I want this for my birthday, and she joked they would just put a candle in it (My hopes are officially up 😉 ).

I have never had bao before then, and I loved it. I’ve never tried Dim Sum, but I have a feeling it would be a new favorite thing! *Cue Whole New World*

I also tried the sampler platter with Thai yellow curry, Jamaican jerk “chicken” and spicy basil tofu with quinoa. I brought back leftovers for DJ and he loved them too.


Tam had their jackfruit pulled “pork” tacos, and let me try a nibble. They were phenomenal. I might get these next time!!


We also split a local cider (with a fascinating history) & a rose lemonade.


The rose lemonade was the definition of refreshing. And the cider was the greatest ale/cider/beer equivalent I have ever tasted. I want to take DJ back just to try this!


We finished the whole smorgasbord with a piece of delicious vegan pumpkin pie over a chocolate crust.


When I say I can’t stop thinking about this meal… I seriously cannot stop thinking about this meal! Winner winner chicken vegan dinner.

Next, Tammy noticed Tea Alley was across the street which is a place in SJ that sells boba in lightbulbs (leave it to the Bay Area to channel our inner Thomas Jefferson).

Tam made me laugh when she looked them up and exclaimed, “I just really want to drink out of a lightbulb!”. #overheardinSanJose


It was a neat little place with super cute decor!

The moment of truth….


It was adorable, but unfortunately luke warm- liiiiiike WHO DRINKS BOBA LUKE WARM?! Fun experience, and tam got her lightbulb. Lol. <3

This week has been more communicating with grad school trying to make sure all my classes are going to be scheduled okay, tons of cleaning, working on a present for my Grandpa’s birthday, laundry, and food prep since I’ll be gone! Per DJ’s request I whipped up the bison tacos again.


I have one chapter of Harry Potter left- are y’all proud?! One more to gooo!

Any big weekend plans coming up?!

xo <3


53 thoughts on “Bowling, Buns, & Boba Fun!

  1. The food looks amazing. Time to have my protein shake (bleh).

    Thanks for putting a little Andre 3000 in my head. My last blog post put the Spice Girls in the heads of anybody unlucky enough to read it, so I guess what goes around comes around (also a song haha).

    1. Haha- get some good fooood! And I’ll have to check that out. Can’t go wrong with the Spice Girls! Lol

  2. That bun is massive!! Holy wow! Originally I was like “oh it’s a good size” then you showed it all together and my goodness it’s a giant food item for under $4! I’ve never had boba aside from the little balls on froyo haha but I love how cute it looks in the lightbulb!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cooks for their guy before heading out of town haha. Gotta keep them fed without them buying takeout every night! Have a safe trip back to MI!

    My big plan for this weekend is the Taylor Swift concert on Sunday! Alex’s twin got tickets for Christmas so it’s us and Alex’s sister in law going. It should be a good time. Then next weekend Alex, Bailey and I are going to go to a winery that let’s you bring dogs! Alex doesn’t know the date plan but he does know we’re going on a date. I’m just so excited and wanted to tell someone hehe.

    1. RIGHT?! it is such a great deal. It was so stinking tasty. I am gonna have to get another soon.

      and agreed! That way I also know that all the groceries won’t go back if they are pre-made into a meal 😉

      I feel so bad I am just responding to this now- I can’t believe it was before the TS concert but I’m really glad it was so much fun 🙂

    1. Lathiya!!!! Seeing your name just brightened my whole day 🙂 how are you?! Thank you for stopping by! ❤️

  3. Bwahahaha girl I love your ramblings, use of the word (it IS a word) smushing AND your type Aness!
    And I am so excited you are off to Michigan yay!
    I love bowling! but I admit the shoes freak me out! lol.
    Oh my gosh that looks so yummy.
    AND I just legit died!
    Seriously, In the middle of Starbucks (because we don’t have flipping Peets…NOT bitter!) everyone is hating me right now 🙂
    I think another quote for our t-shirts? preferably with us drooling over food? ;p
    Oh my word this place sounds amazing! I am drooling and vegan pumpkin pie? YES please!
    Those tacos look SO yummy! I hope you have an amazing time in Michigan sweet lady! <3

    1. Thanks for appreciating my neuroses! <3 And yay- ok if you say it's a word, then dangit, it is!

      Hahah- I take extra thick socks and then try not to think about it. LOL.

      It makes me sooo happy when posts make people laugh- so that makes my day! Laugh awayyyy!

      Yessss yes yes! We need to start writing these down for real.

      The vegan pumpkin pie was better than regular, I swear! I think they use a coconut cream base, so that's probably why.

      Thank you thank you 🙂 !! muah!

  4. Not gonna lie, I had to read the intro twice. bahahahahaha

    How fun you got to go bowling and mingle with DJ’s coworkers!

    I did sing OutKast in my head!

    Your puns! hahaha I love The Little mermaid so A Whole New World reference was great!

    That food looks phenomenal! Just a delectable smorgasbord.

    A lightbulb?! That is so weird but also so cute. I think I would be kind of weirded out tho. lol

    Not any crazy plans but my friend’s little girl has a birthday party on Saturday morning, and I’m hoping to join my SIL & MIL to go to the Farmer’s Market!

    Happy Friyay Eve!

    1. Hahahha- yesss, I sooo appreciate your honesty!

      Me too- loveeee the Little Mermaid. One of my faves.

      It was SO good.

      And right?!! The Bay will try ANYTHING.

      Have so much fun at the birthday party& Farmer’s Market! Nothing better than a FM on a weekend! xoxo

  5. I love the intro because that’s exactly how my mind works! Bouncing all over but there’s a point to it, so I could follow your writing. 😉

    All of the eats look phenomenal, and I, too, loovve the puns!

    I don’t love bubble tea, but that lightbulb idea is fun! Or should I say bright? Bahaha pun fail.

    Have the best day!

    1. Hi Kori!!! Hahaha yesss, thank you for making me feel better about my unedited stream of consciousness.

      YES. Wait no that was not a fail. It was brilliant!!!! You always think of the best ones. Have such a great day too, Chica!

    1. It is so very tasty!!! What is your favorite SJ restaurant, Kalpana?! (or in the general Bay) I’m sorry we haven’t met up yet- I have August pretty free- is this a possibility for you?!

  6. Always making me hungry! That vegan food looks amazing!! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with just a few plans and hopefully some pool time at my mom’s! cant wait!! Have a great weekend!!! xoxoxo

    1. Hehe- girl, I get hungry just thinking about these meals again . *Cue the drool*. That sounds like the best type of weekend- enjoy ! XO

  7. My partner Terry brought out some nuts for me to munch on while I inhaled all that beautifully shot food…a poster caught my eye on the side of a building on our main street showcasing three flavours of buns the tiny restaurant is offering for customers to take to the beach…I think I’m going to indulge one day soon!

    1. Hi Kimberlee!! Ohhhh so glad you could enjoy, that sounds yummy. And please let me know if you get to try one, especially if they are bao, I can vouch for the tastiness! Thanks for stopping by!! Have such a great weekend 🙂

  8. Eeeek! So excited that you tried Bao for the first time. So yummy, right?! 😄 I’ve been eating it since I was a kiddo. I love vegan joints so much because their desserts are dairy-free & SO yummy! I want that pumpkin pie!

    Oh my gosh! One time my boyfriend & I went to this place that was supposed to sell boba in a lightbulb just like that but when we went we saw it cost more AFTER they already gave us a plastic cup, we drove out of our way too… lol sad day!

    I can’t believe you are reading those HP novels so fast. Go you!! I’ve never even read one but I looove the movies! ♡

    Have fun in Michigan! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

    1. I am OBSESSED with bao. I can’t get it out of my head. I am all aBAOt the bao. And SF is known for having some fantastic dim sum places, so I’m excitedddd. There is a squid ink one I’m dying to try.

      Noooo, oh my gosh that’s horrible! I hope one day you get to try it again. Gotta do it once, ya know?!

      Hahahah girl, It has taken me 1.5 years to just read the fourth one. That’s why it’s sorta a big joke because everyone is giving me grief that I’m forever going to be on the Goblet of Fire. I get texts from my one friend all the time, “Have you finished it yet?!”…. “Nope…” I get distracted with all the shiny objects… or should I say Sharp Objects (aka mysteries/thrillers 😉 ). I need to go take a nap. I’m on an airplane and I think the altitude is making me wonky.

      Have a great weekend, girlfriend! XO

      1. BunBao is so yummy yummy, right?? You should try all the kinds!! Mackenzie, you crack me up with your food puns!! 😀 😀 I’m not sure I like much other dishes offered in Dim Sum besides the Baos, honestly.

        Goblet of Fire is my favorite film out of all of ’em haha. I did try to read the first one at one point but I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Did you finish reading Sharp Objects??!? Wasn’t it so good?!

        You are too funny, hahaha!! <3 I don't think you're wonky at all. 😉

        <3 You have a nice weekend, too, babe! Thank you!!!!

      2. It’s TOO good. I could eat it allll day everyday, and I mean it. I love it. That’s good to know I have tried the best part of the dim sum then … cause dim sum is huge here and I always feel behind cause I’ve never tried it.

        SHARP OBJECTS WAS PHENOMENAL!!!! I am watching the show now as a follow up. I loved the twist. At first I was like “Surely she’s not actually gonna make it the mother?! That’s too obvious!!!” .. Gillian Flynn is an amazing writer.

        You’re too sweet.. haha. XOXO

      3. YES the baos are definitely the best part about dim sum. Honestly, I don’t like many other dishes included in dim sum. 😛 I especially hate those “shumai” things.

        I know, I know!! It was such an amazing book, wow! Her writing is just spectacular. I wanna watch the show so bad but I don’t wanna pay for the HBO or Showtime, whatever it’s on. 😛

      4. Ok well when I finally go I will stray away from the shumai lol!

        Her writing is next level. The way she puts into writing things that make SUCH sense but I would never be able to articulate.. it’s incredible.

        I am doing the HBO free trial!!! Girl, you should do that!

      5. Are all of the episodes of Sharp Objects on HBO right now?? Or are they like putting them out only on certain days of the week?

      6. I think they are only putting out a couple at a time- I think there are three or four out right now? I finished the first two- it’s great!

      7. Ah I see! I think I’ll sign up for the free trial once all of the episodes are available. 😄 thanks for letting me know!!

  9. All of that food looks incredible!! I feel like I’d also probably want the bubble tea in the lightbulb, haha, but I agree it’s weird that it was warm.

    Congrats on almost finishing the 4th Harry Potter! The last 3 books are PAGE TURNERS.

    1. Thanks, Rachel!!! The Bay Area just has some seriously fun twists on food. Can’t resist! There are other places with the lightbulb tea, so we may just need to sample around. Thank you for stopping by!!! And thanks, girl! I am gonna dive into the fifth here soon. Cannot wait!!!!

  10. I love your Intros Mackenzie scattered or rambling!! If that is both you and DJ modelling the bowling shoes tell DJ you win the fashion award for cutest shoes! Downtown San Jose looks so nice. Another must visit if (or is that when) I get to your neck of the woods . Who doesnt want to drink out of a lightbulb! I am glad grad scholl prep is going well , and its good to get caught up on cleaning. It takes motivation for me to do it , but once started it gets done. Happy birthday to your Grandpa! I am sure DJ appreciated the bison tacos dish. Have a beautiful day Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. You are too sweet, Terri! Tehe- it is us, I will absolutely let him know I win that one 😉

      Yes, yes it is absolutely a WHEN 🙂 One day <3

      Same with me- sometimes just getting started is the hardest part.

      I will pass on the sweet birthday wishes to my grandpa... he will appreciate them. Hope your weekend went so very well! XO

  11. Omg that’s so hilarious! Last month (August) we went to Alex’s company picnic at Big Als (not sure if you have anything like that there) it’s a bowling alley with arcade and games, food etc. We ended up playing a bit of bowling as well and I of course did horrible, I suck haha. Alex is getting pretty good though LOL.
    And I think I’ve mentioned this before but San Jose looks BEAUTIFUL!!
    The boba in the lightbulb is freaking COOOLLL!!!!!!

    1. Haha- girl, we would make a heckuvah bowling team. I feel your pain! lol. For the boba, you could choose to actually get flashing lights in the bottom of the bulb, but we couldn’t see it with the type we ordered. So fun! Do you lie boba?! XO

      1. Omg flashing lights?? How would that work in a drink, I wonder? And I do like boba but I’ve noticed that the taste varies from place to place. Some I really love and others not so much. So idk if it’s due to the freshness of the batch or something else entirely.

      2. I’m actually not sure if they put them in or under the bulb, it is probably under! But people had them when we were there and they were so fun. Yeah, Boba is kinda a mystery to me with how it’s all made, and you’re right there are SO many varieties. As long as it’s nice and chilled and has the boba pearls I’m all about it!

      3. I don’t often get the boba and instead opt for the jellies lol but the few I’ve gotten with the boba pearls were passion fruit and they were SO delicious. Passion fruit drinks have become my new favorite thing. That or chai lol

      4. Oooooo passion fruit boba?! YUM! I have never heard of that, but it sounds soo delicious and refreshing. I need to keep an eye out for that. And cannot go wrong with chai. Chai is definitely one of my favorites, but I can’t have too much caffeine in a day and often I’ve already had my coffee in the morning when I go to get some Boba in the afternoon … need to reprioritize!!

      5. I hope I’m not confusing it for another drink but I’m 90% positive it’s that haha.
        I hardly have coffee, and I haven’t noticed if it has an effect on me after drinking it. Lol.

      6. Ugh! That’s how DJ is too- caffeine doesn’t affect him at all. I can’t have more than 2 cups a day or I won’t be able to sleep at alllll.

      7. I think in order for coffee to really have an effect on me it has to be like espresso shots, I added like two to a coffee frapp one time and omg I hated that feeling. But yeah, regular coffee is eh haha

      8. Ohhh it is the worst when it hits ya ! I took so many espresso shots in college and wondered why I had such trouble sleeping 🙄 lol!

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