November Recap!

I can’t believe it- with this post I am actually pretty much caught up to present day!

On November 4th, I woke up to this most tranquil view of frost beautifully covering the ground.

I can’t even make it a few sentences in without a pic of Moose. He really has taken over this blog, huh?

The little nugget sometimes stands by the fridge hoping we will open it to give him a piece of chicken. Lol. He’s obsessed with the stuff.

On November 5th,  I went to breakfast with my MIL and SIL at Valley Cafe. I had been here once when I lived here, but it had a total makeover on the inside and was unrecognizable.How stinking cute is this.

Some of the food has a cajun flair. It was a good breakfast-there are several menu items I want to try, so I can’t wait to go back!After breakfast, we walked around Home Goods. I haven’t been there in far too long! I love that place. It was productive too, I found a beautiful little marble cake stand for a great price & grabbed some dark chocolate covered almonds at the checkout.

That afternoon I took Moose on our standard walk. I love this little alley way that has tall ledges on one side and a hilly forest and ravine on the other.

November 6th was one of my favorite days in recent memory! We started by going out on a family walk, admired the holiday decor in nearby neighborhoods and then on our way home stopped by Grabham’s candies.

I’d passed this place so many times, I couldn’t wait to finally go in and check it out!

There were so many amazing options! We ordered a box full of various treats. It was all absolutely delicious, but by far, the salted caramels were the star of the show. Next time, I think I may just get a big box of those. They’re reasonably priced too.

In the afternoon, we went to Chick-fil-A, drove around the city and just enjoyed the beautiful day. In the evening I made a meal of creamed spinach, scallops, brown rice and rolls. It was a great day together. DJ’s job is pretty time-intensive right now, so I really treasure this time with him.

That weekend we also stopped into Jubilee Donuts. I was craving donuts somethin’ fierce! How cute is this fall theme. My favorite was the maple cream stick and Boston cream donut.

I dedicated the afternoon to Christmas shopping while snuggling with Moose and having The Great British Bake Off playing in the background. I really enjoy the hunt of shopping for gifts, and with the supply chain concerns I decided to get a jump start on it. It was a wonderfully cozy afternoon.

November 9th, I took Moose to a new trail further away, Lock 29. It was such a gorgeous day, and we both relished walking a new path. I was happy to see Christmas decorations were already going up in the little downtown Peninsula area!

November 10th, I woke up with some french toast with yogurt and berries on top. I may need to make this for lunch now.

That week was a big one of interviews for jobs.

November 11th, while walking our familiar route, I was amazed at how the leaves covered the path seemingly overnight. It transformed it into a lovely golden trail.

That day I was craving pizza. Jet’s Pizza is easily my favorite chain pizza, it reminds me quite a bit of Via 313!

I tried the veggie cauliflower crust and pineapple four corner. The cauliflower crust was good (for cauliflower crust), but next to the four corner crust, it could not hold a candle. I know pineapple pizza is a bit controversial, but it’s probably my favorite pizza.

The weekend of November 13th was the first snow of the year!

Moose loved it and wanted to frolic around in it!

Also, I just have to include these pictures of him and this empty yogurt container. We discovered he loves yogurt (his favorite only second to chicken), so we give him the containers when we pretty much empty them out. He walks around with a yogurt-covered nose after- it’s adorable!

This week I took Moose to Camp Bow Wow, a doggy daycare. He had an “interview” and everything- he did well & is allowed to attend there, lol. The idea of an “interview” for dogs cracks me up. We were proud of him for doing so well his first day. I only left him there a few hours to see how he’d do, and I didn’t want him to think we’d abandoned him. Since I’m starting a new job soon, this will be so perfect for him. He just met the age of being able to attend, so the timing worked out beautifully.

While Moose was at Camp Bow Wow, I went for a wonderful run outside. It was a beautiful day, 50-something in November!! I also got so much done around the house & it was weird not having to look over my shoulder every five seconds to make sure Moose wasn’t getting into something. It was an exciting taste of freedom, but I missed Moose horribly by the end of the three hours and couldn’t wait to pick him up.

On November 19th, I let Moose off the leash on the trail for the first time since there was no one around. He had an absolute blast playing fetch with a stick he found (or keep away, however you look at it!).

The evening of November 20th, we went to Leo’s Italian Social in downtown Cuyahoga Falls with my mom-in-law and Gordie. I think I have a new favorite restaurant in town!! The whole downtown Cuyahoga Falls area is really cute- we have a lot to explore there.

We tried their calamari and cauliflower for appetizers- both delish! For my main I had their zucchini shrimp pasta. There’s a lot on their menu I’d like to try, but it’s going to be tough for me to order anything other than this any time we go! If it couldn’t get any better, their tiramisu was some of the best I have ever tried. I’m going to crave that stuff!

On the morning of November 21st, I couldn’t get Blue Door Cafe off my mind. They had a super long wait since we tried to go right around the rush, but they had the option for takeout- fine by me! Their egg white omelette is one of my favorites- it is served over a perfected croissant with sundried tomatoes and avocado. YUM.

Later that afternoon I met with my friend Kylie for some coffee at my absolute favorite coffee shop around called Nervous Dog Coffee Bar. It was wonderful to catch up as always!

November 24th I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen here yet.

That whole day was a big cooking day for Thanksgiving. I LOVE my full days of cooking. This year, I made my cranberry pistachio quinoa stuffed acorn squash, vegan maple brussels sprouts and bacon maple brussels along with a homemade apple crumb. The apple pie was back-up Marie Callender’s in case the apple crumb didn’t turn out, but thankfully it was a hit! I have some apples left over and am genuinely considering making another this week- definitely give that recipe a go if you love apple crisp. Served with some ice cream and caramel sauce- yuuum!

For Thanksgiving day, we spent the whole day with family eating delicious food- does it really get better than that? Only thing that would have made it better is if my SIL, Amy, was in town- but she’ll be here for Christmas, and I cannot waitttt.

My sister-in-law, Renee, made these cookies below and we could not get over how professional they looked!! Also, they tasted as good as they looked- easily some of the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had.

Another star of the show every year is my mom-in-law’s pumpkin pie. This is one of my favorite desserts of all time, and I look forward to it every year! It was good as ever!

November 26th was my MIL’s bday, and I was extremely grateful we were finally around to celebrate in person!

More of our family drove in from Chicago and from around town. It was one of the best evenings- just all of us being together for the first time in years, meeting our niece, celebrating my mom-in-law while enjoying the best variety of pizzas from Tre Belle, birthday cake and a pumpkin bundt cake from Nothing Bunt Cakes (have y’all tried that place?!, so delicious!).

Featured in the picture below is the very delicious vegan pizza, but I also tried their asparagus pizza and the street corn pizza with truffle honey- I gotta say the street corn took the cake! Anything with truffle, amirite?!

Saturday November 27th we took Moose on a nice long walk in his cool new winter jacket. I thought he would fight us on wearing it, but he did well with it on!

After our walk, we zipped over to Nervous Dog for something to warm us up. Love that place.

That evening we went to my SIL’s basketball game. She and her team killed it!!

On November 28th, we started the day with some delicious protein pancakes. Side note- I know it would stress me out if I saw only that much syrup left for a whole stack of pancakes, but don’t worry, I had back up 😉

That day, the family surprised my dad-in-law for his birthday. We had tacos for lunch with fresh veggies, which really was a nice contrast to the Thanksgiving leftovers we’d been enjoying for a few days. It was a lovely afternoon. While we were away, we dropped Moose off at Camp Bow Wow. When we picked him up he was so tired that he fell asleep in my hand as we were driving home.

November 30th I was having a hankerin’ for a big salad with lots of veggies – best place to get said salad? CoreLife Eatery! I especially love they have falafel as an option to add-in.

And finally, we are in December! But also- how?! Where did this year go? Does anyone else feel like 2020 was the longest year ever, and then 2021 was a blink of an eye?

Anyway, December 1st, I was super in the mood to cook/bake something challenging. We have been on a real Great British Bake Off kick, I even got DJ hooked. He caught glimpses of a few episodes and before I knew it, I turned on an episode and he said, “I’ve actually already seen this one!”. LOL.

Back to the baking challenge. I looked at the ingredients we needed to use up in the fridge: sharp cheddar cheese (I accidentally ordered it in bulk), granny smith apples (I accidentally ordered two bags), and lots of butter (yeah, got too much of that too). I found this recipe that fit the ticket from Williams Sonoma: Savory Apple Tart with Cheddar, Onions and Thyme. Mine doesn’t look nearly as pretty as their picture, but it tasted great! I wasn’t sure what to expect with cheese and apples together, but it really somehow worked. I had DJ do a good Paul Hollywood tasting of it. He took a bite then gave me a handshake 😊. He’s kind because it definitely didn’t deserve a handshake off appearance alone- but we did enjoy it. This made me so excited to start the holiday baking!

And we are nearly caught up! I have a couple more things to share coming up – but I’ll just give that a post of its own.

Question for you! 

  • Pineapple on pizza: yay or nay?



39 thoughts on “November Recap!

  1. That is a fabulous Apple Tart – hurray for the Great British BakeOff (very very very addictive! We can’t get the programming in Singapore, but whenever we were in London, the girls and I would binge watch).

    I don’t mind having pineapple on pizza if it were already there, but I wouldn’t actually put it on mine – I don’t like my pizza too wet or saucy.

    1. Aw thank you!! That really means a lot coming from you and your cooking/baking expertise! yesss the British bake off is SO addictive. I actually am about to turn it on right now! I love that you make sure to take advantage when you’re in London!

      Haha that’s definitely fair enough about the pineapple pizza 😂

  2. I savored every photo and your cheery descriptions! Your food and nature scenes are wonderful- but the best photos are of Moose! Re: pizza, yep the Street Corn was the best and pineapple looks ok! I’m sure you did deserve a handshake for the tart!

  3. I too am a pineapple on pizza girl and adore salted caramel; you can rarely go wrong with a sweet and savory combination.

    Do you know what breed Moose is? He looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I love his floppy ears!

    1. Yess! I think you’re the only one who enjoys pineapple pizza too 😂 But I agree- I love the sweet and savory so much!

      YES! You called it- He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback- good eye 😊

  4. I’m going to be honest I only just looked at your pictures because I’m working 😉 Beautiful views! Hope all is good in your world and I appreciate you visiting my blog as well. Take care 🙂

  5. Congrats on the new job! Moose is adorable – the coat and those white paws is too cute, as is the head tilt. Made me smile – I’ve seen that head tilt in earlier photos. How fun is this doggy day care. My friend in North Carolina used to put her dog in doggy day care for years – her husband worked from home but didn’t want distractions, so off she went. Those cookies sure look professional and that candy store – I swear I could smell the chocolate vicariously. Nay to pineapple on pizza – your pizza here – yummy looking! I can tell you are enjoying renewing all those family ties – everyone is close which is great for family events.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda!! We adore his little white paws so much! It was one of the first things we noticed about him 🥰 His head tilt does make me melt too- it’s hard to say no to that face!

      We are grateful the doggy daycare is nearby! We might drop him off tomorrow since it’s supposed to rain all day, and I plan to get all my cookie baking done! It’s so good for socialization for him too!

      You are certainly in the majority with the preference for no pineapple, lol!

      Yes it’s been amazing!! We are very grateful to be back and so close 😌

      1. Yes, I couldn’t say no either. A fellow blogger mentioned the UK videos of Olive and Mabel, a yellow and black lab that a sportswriter was working from home during the early part of the pandemic and started taking videos of his two dogs. He talks a blue streak to them in a very British accent and they often do the head tilt or just look at him like he’s crazy. The doggie day care is good … he’ll learn socialization skills and be worn out when he comes home so you can get a little more done. You always said you thought it would be nice to return to your roots – you are lucky to be surrounded by family.

      2. Oh my goodness, Olive and Mabel sound adorable!!

        Yes you are so right. I did some Christmas baking this week, and since we are trying to get him used to daycare, I did two half days while I baked away. I was able to finish up everything once he came home because he crashed! He seems to love it too- when we get out of the car he goes crazy trying to get inside the building! He already passed the puppy weight limit this week, so they are sending him to the Big Dogs next week- fingers crossed that all goes well. I think he’ll be excited to meet some new friends!

      3. That sounds so fun – he is so full of energy and I wondered if he’d crash after running around with his friends all day. It’s kind of like day camp. I remember going to day camp as a kid. We went away for the day and came back home worn out from all the activities and running around with the other kids all day.

      4. I heard this story on the news about how they train dogs to smell gunpowder. They showed the firemen and EMS personnel socializing with these Labs as puppies. Interestingly, the dogs are rewarded with a toy, not a treat, if they are able to detect gunpowder – they sit in front of the person who has a gun (hidden on their person). The story was local, in response to our school shooting last week. The handler/dog are $80,000.00 a year to appear just during school hours. I sent the news article to a former co-worker who was a dog tracking judge and tracked with her own dogs for years and trained the Windsor, Ontario police handlers and their canines many years ago.

      5. I thought it was interesting too and yes, at $80,000.00 a year for the dog/handler, I wouldn’t think it would be a workable option for many schools.

      1. I have one place I went in three seasons – the Henry Ford Estate and their gardens. I told myself over the Winter I’ll compile everything and break it up into a few posts, then try to be no more than a month behind after that. The problem is I went to just one big post and one Wordless Wednesday post a week – I used to do three or four, so didn’t lag behind as much. Next Monday will be pictures from a park on Halloween.

      2. Hey, I say that’s pretty good with still two posts a week! Sound like some lovely posts coming up 🙂 Can’t wait to read them!

      3. Yes, this is the weirdest weather you have returned to … it is not the Ohio Winter you’re accustomed to. In the 60s tomorrow morning and the 30s by evening for us – I am assuming you are having similar weather. You had more snow in Austin. 🙂

  6. First of all YES to ALL the pineapple! It is delicious! Okey doke now that that is out of the way I am so happy you had such a great Thanksgiving and that you were able to celebrate eight family! It makes my heart so happy to hear that! Those pies AND cookies look amazing. Also I cn not get over how stinking cute Moose is! His head tilt?!?! Oh my Santa, I think I would just give him the whole darn chicken and whatever other treats he wants! He is a heartbreaker! I hope your December is amazing sweet lady!
    Oh also, I LOVE that people were putting up decorations so early! Yass ’tis the season! 🙂 <3

    1. Another reason we are kindred spirits!!! I am so happy you love pineapple too 😄

      I love Thanksgiving so much. I think I have had pie almost every day since 😅

      LOL!! We are definitely pretty weak when he brings out the head tilt! It’s near impossible to say no to that little face 🥺

      I hope your December has been absolutely wonderful too 💕

      Yass! That neighborhood was on it! They went from Halloween to Christmas very quickly – and we were happy to see it! 🎄

  7. OH I just love reading these. I must try Jet’s pizza as I never have but they look delicious! So happy you guys are here for Thanksgiving and birthday celebrations, truly the best and your squashes were unbelievably tasty!! On to Moose!!! Why is he so cute?? I could just look at photo after photo of this precious boy’s adorable face, especially when he cocks his sweet head to the side! Love all the gorgeous Fall photos and so happy DJ got the chicken and waffles! Love this blog, love you! love, your happy MIL 🙂

    1. So glad you are enjoying these posts!!! Thanks for always being one of my most loyal and longest blog supporters 🥰

      Ok we HAVE to have Jets together sometime soon- it is a lot like Via 313 in Austin, and sooo good !

      His little head tilt makes me absolutely melt too 🥺

      Thank you for reading!! Love you too!

  8. Those cookies are beautiful, I’m impressed with your SIL! Your pancakes look pretty cafe worthy, as well. And you and Moose are getting out on some beautiful walks! I love to see the seasons change; even in your photos, it seems to be happening quickly.

    1. Isn’t she so amazing at them?! I told her she could sell them if she wanted!!

      Aww thanks for the pancakes comment – not all of them turn out that great, so i had to document the good batch 😆

      I feel like it was a quick change too! Especially fall to winter felt overnight! I talked to my mom today (in Fort Worth), and she said it was a beautiful day so they were going for a hike. We said it was a beautiful day here too. The difference? 76 degrees in Fort Worth and 44 here 😂 anything over 35 is glorious to us now LOL!

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