Friday Favorites #19!

Oooohhhh hello there. Thank you for taking a few seconds out of your crazy schedule to stop in and visit lil’ ole me. And I wish you a very happy friday to youuuu! I am sitting in the airport right now waiting for our flight. I am hoping to finish this up by the time we board so I can have it published for the morning. So without further adieu, let’s get to the faves!

  1. No Cow Chocolate Fudge Brownie. So I was mad at No Cow bar for a bit after they changed their initial formula. WELL, I think they changed it again because I tried a few other flavors beyond my trusty lemon meringue, and I am now team No Cow Bar hard core again. I love the lemon, blueberry, raspberry chocolate, and this double chocolate fudge brownie bar is literal dessert.


2. Sabra’s Caramelized Onion Hummus. I tried to make homemade hummus this week, and it was no bueno. I tweaked it enough to make it edible, but had a hummus hankerin’ that it was not satisfying. So I froze it like I do basically everything. I went to the store and found this baby, and as the container shows, it only lasted a few days. This is my new favorite flavor for sure.


3. Bible Reading Plan. I discovered an App that puts together a reading plan for you by themes (you can choose other ways for how you would like to read). I have never read through thematically before, and the way it highlights how the New and Old Testament are interwoven is blowing my mind. I am just loving reading the Bible in this way.


4. My girl Rach got sent me this ornament for Christmas! I am so touched! She wrote in the card that she didn’t get it because I’m flaky but because it was punny. Does she know me or what?! LOVE it, love her.


5. This week I have loved writing the Disney recaps. Being able to reflect on each day has helped tremendously with even remembering those little moments that can flee from the memory quickly. You can find all the parts of the Disney travels below.

Universal Studios Part One

Harry Potter World

Animal Kingdom


Magic Kingdom


6. Dis’ Sourdough bread from TJ’s. It’s so tasty!


7. I received this Alex and Ani Cleveland Indians bracelet from one of my best (and longest) friends, Melissa, as an early birthday gift. How stinkin’ cute is this?!?! It is so treasured and I will wear it proudly!


8. My TV obsession this week goes to The Great British Baking Show. Have you watched?!?! I watched the last two seasons (you can watch each season exclusively), and I am living for this show.


9. This meme. Mine is bottom right, no doubt.


10. Hunida sent me the sweetest little goodie bag & card for the holidays. I mean, my heart is absolutely melted! How. dang. thoughtful!! I just love this girl. If you don’t follow her blog ya need to right nowww. Isn’t blogging just the best for forming friendships like this? I am thankful for this one!


Have a wonderful holiday weekend & A VERY Merry Christmas, friends. And I know the holidays can be tough and heighten the rough times too- so I’m praying for those that may be feeling a little more dejected during this season, that may have lost loved ones, or are just going through anything at all. Sending you all my love & hugs!

xo <3


72 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #19!

  1. I got a gift bag from Hunida too. 🙂 My hand cream is Coconut. I see yours is Olive Harvest. That sounds interesting. What does it smell like? lol

    1. She is just too sweet to do all this!! And the olive harvest is amazing- it’s like an herby but warm type scent. Very calming! Have a merry Christmas, girl! xo

    2. Oh my gosh! I’m so happy I picked the right scents for you guys. I knew Britney loved Coconut but I was really only guessing that you’d love that Olive Harvest, Mackenzie! So glad to read that you do! ♡

      1. Yeah girl, you nailed it for sure!! I’m obsesssed with the olive harvest!! you the besttt xo

    1. YES! Team bottom right burner all around, hah! Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂 I can’t wait to check out your blog!

  2. That was so sweet of Hunida to send you something. The ornament your friend gave you is adorable!

    I’m so glad you started watching the Great British Baking Show! I hope you downloaded some of the episodes to watch on your flight. It’s the best to do that in my opinion haha.

    Love my Alex and Ani’s! They have charms for everything it’s awesome.

    I hope you had a safe flight and arrived safely 🙂

    1. Right? So thoughtful! I couldn’t even believe it!

      I definitely did download about four episodes to last the fourish hour flight! I am just thoroughly obsessed with this show.. when we get to Texas I’m gonna try to get my mom hooked on it because I know she’ll love it too.

      I know!! It’s so special too because all the charms have such special meaning.

      Thank you tons, Maureen. Thanks for your sweet comments- helped pass the time during our layover 🙂 Have an absolutely wonderful and restful Christmas!

      1. I bet your Mom would love it too!

        You’re welcome! I love our little dialogue that goes on between our blogs. Makes me day. I hope you’re having a great Christmas Eve so far!

  3. Caramelized onion hummus is one of my favorites! The flavor is just amazing! I love all the sweet little gifts from your friends! I love how thoughtful people can be 🙂

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday season and enjoy every moment of it!!

    1. RIGHT?!? I meannn it’s truly my new obsession.. we are traveling so much, but one of the things I am looking forward to the most is enjoying that stuff when we return home haha.

      Have a VERY wonderful holiday season too girl & Merry Christmas if you celebrate it 🙂 XO

  4. What a great Alex and Ani! I need to remember they have sports ones and I could get a lot of CLE ones tooooooo!

    I favor a burner as well. That made me giggle.

    1. Hi, Nancy!!! Ahh I was so excited to represent CLE with that bracelet 🙂 We actually went to a cavs game this past weekend, and although a different sports team, I wore it proudly to represent our city!

      YESSS- what is your favorite burner, i have to ask?! And Merry Christmas to youuu!

    1. Yesssssss, I so agree. My homemade one came nowhere close. One day I’ll get there- one day!! but for now – at least I have the real sabra to rely on 😉

  5. That hummus looks sooooo good, and I think I need to buy some stat!
    My current TV obsession is the Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition. I’ve been kind of obsessed the past few years, because it gets me so excited for holiday baking! And it’s fun to watch all of their festive creations. 🙂
    I love the gifts your friends have been giving you. So sweet!!

    1. Hey, girl!!! Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂 If you like caramelized onion you will LOVE this. Even if you don’t you still might… haha.

      WAIT.. they have a Great American baking show too?!?! Not just British?! Is it the same?!?! My mind is blown.. I am looking into this ASAP.

      They are too sweet- I don’t deserve um’, but I am so thankful for such thoughtful friends <3 And MERRY CHRISTMAS, love! I hope it is just the best yet! xoxo

      1. I’m not sure if the Great American Baking Show is always on, or if it’s just around the holidays? BUT it is AMAZING to watch around the holidays. Ha, ha. And it has Paul Hollywood on it, who I believe is a judge on the British version? I’m kind of obsessed with the show this time of year!

      2. this blew my mind that it actually exists!! Actually someone else just brought this to my attention in the last day. I’m so excited because this gives me something to look forward to once I finish the British season too. I loveee Paul Hollywood. he’s so fair, yet friendly. Perfect one for the job. Have a great weekend, Nicole!

  6. The ornament is so sweet and how thoughtful of all of your friends Mackenzie … I love sour dough bread, never had the sprouted variety nor in wheat though. You are Wonder Woman wrapping up this post and putting a bow on it while at the airport – now you are free to enjoy the family in Ohio … you’ll be donning a lot more layers this vacation than the last vacation! P.S. – I favor the same burner as well … it is a glass-topped stove, but the last stove, the element burned out 2X on the same electric coil burner … so obviously the teakettle was plunked on the same burner every morning … blame it on bleary eyes first thing in the morning! Have fun in Ohio!

    1. Aw I know!! Usually my friends and I do not do gifts for Christmas so I feel so spoiled this year (and undeserving!).. they went so over and beyond!!

      Aww I’m glad you thought it was put in a bow considering it was very rushed 😉

      And LOL!!! Yess- sooo many layers.. I was bundled up in a winter jacket all week long. Now we are in Texas so I’m able to defrost a bit 🙂

      YESSS- I am so excited you favor the same burner.. hahah you crack me up! Hope you have a very merry Christmas tomorrow 🙂

      1. They sure did go above and beyond. Your post looked great – you study at the treadmill, you finish a blog post at the airport … you under-25 folks are just amazing multi-taskers. 🙂 Yes, Ohio was likely as cold as Michigan but Texas – (wow, you are all over the place) well, you can shed the layers and enjoy the warmth and hospitality. Have a Merry Christmas too Mackenzie!

      2. lol!! I will say I was feeling awfully productive in those moments, but as our travels go on I am less and less productive for sure 😉 Something about being back in your childhood home that forces ya to totally veg out!

        Stay warm, my friend! <3

      3. That’s right and who says you can’t go home … it’s not just a song you know. Enjoy your break away from the grind of life Mackenzie. 🙂

  7. Guess I should give no cow bars a try then! I really didn’t like them when I tried them like a year ago. That meme…omg! I’m top left burner all the way! hahahaha

    1. They are very grainy, but I love the texture and flavor- mmmm mmmm!!! definitely just try a variety of flavors to start 🙂

      Haha- glad you like the meme. lol !! So true!! My top left burner is my second fave 😉 Have a very very Merry Christmas, Heather! Thank you tons for stopping in!

  8. I have so many of your amazing posts to catch up on, & that makes me so happy!

    I have never tried a No Cow bar, but you know the lemon meringue sounds incredible to me!

    Sabra caramelized onion is my absolute fav flavor too! I haven’t found it since trying our first tub. I’m on the hunt!

    All of those gifts are so cute & thoughtful!

    You’re very right about the holidays being a light & bright time can but also tough & sad. I’m so grateful for you, the blogging community, & Matt, Kaci, & Drew. I believe we four embraced this season more than any past one, & it has made me so happy! We keep finding fun things to do in Knoxville together. 🙂

    Now on to your Disney recaps!

    1. Aww I’m glad you are excited to read them ☺️ I tried to catch up which meant about 4 posts in about 3 days haha.

      I think you would love No Cow. It’s a bit grainy in texture, but gosh I just love the flavor. It’s SO good with coffee too.

      Ahhh yess! Sabra always comes out with the best flavors. One day I aim to recreate them at home.. but until then I’m glad I have them 🙂

      Aw thank you so much, Kori ❤️❤️ this warmed my heart more than I can say! SO thankful for you, Kaci, and both of your willingness to share your lives. Y’all inspire & encourage me more than you know. And 2018 is a big year since we got Kaci to take up the blogging of course!! Hehe. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for all four of you!!! XOXO

      1. I’ll have to be on the lookout for a No Cow bar!

        Yes, Sabra does! I think they think a bit more outside of the box in terms of flavors than some other brands.

        I’m so grateful I can be a positive influence on you, and yes, I’m so glad we got Kaci to start blogging!! Thank you so much, and I wish you and Dj the very best in 2019!!! XO

  9. I hope your holidays are wonderful! Love several of these items! How do you make the links a different color on your post? I’ve been trying to do that and can’t figure it out. Lol

    The sweet gifts for your friends is awesome!

    Have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

    Love, your long lost sister. 🤗🤗🤗

    1. Hey, girl! I hope yours are too! Ohhh I am the last techy person ever (ironic considering where we live hah), but I think the different color links just came with my layout I use. I don’t even know what it is to be honest– I’ll check and letchya know ! (Just checked- it is called Toujours)

      Aren’t they too thoughtful?!

      Thanks so much, Taushah! I hope you had such a merry Christmas too. So thankful to have met ya this holiday season, and I cannot waiiiiit to catch up on your posts!

  10. I’ve never had the caramelized onion hummus before. It sounds so good! I definitely need to go search my grocery stores for it, haha. I need to go catch up on reading all of your theme park posts! I love the Great British Baking Show. It’s so fun. I’m pretty much caught up on all the seasons they currently have on Netflix right now.

    1. It’s mighty tasty!! Even if you don’t like onions I feel like you’d like it. And if you do, no doubt you will love it!

      We are actually loading up the Great British Baking Show as we speak 🙂 Such a fun show- can’t get enough of it!

      Have you watched the holiday editions? I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Ashley! xo

  11. 1) I’m so glad they corrected their recipe! I bet they did it for you. :))

    2) That sounds like a good flava and nice change from the other options! I still need to find that dang dessert hummus. Soon!

    3) I got a daily devotional book from my mother and father-n-law for Christmas and so excited to start it. I admit I have been kind of slow with furthering my faith (I guess I’m a little intimidated and such) but I feel like this is such a great step for me.

    4) So so cute!

    5) Love reading all about your trip!

    6) That looks delish! I need to try a different bread because I always tend to grab the same one!

    7) So thoughtful!

    8) I have heard a lot about that show! I might need to check it out. We recently started The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon and LOVE it! I highly recommend it!

    9) bahaha…I think mine is front left!

    10) She is so sweet!

    I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! xo

    1. Ahh I so adored reading this comment. You are too sweet to take the time and leave such a thoughtful response!

      Okay that’s so funny about the No Cow recipe because I actually did complain on twitter and they responded- lol!

      How sweet they got you a Devo book & that you were so receptive to it! It can totally be intimidating girl.. I get it. I almost entirely walked away from my faith a couple years ago, but when I realized it’s all about relationship and not the dos/don’ts of religion it changed everything. I’m excited for you <3 It's a journey for sure, but one worth taking!

      Aw I'm so glad you enjoyed the Mickey posts 🙂

      I have heard such good things about Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!! Ya know what- I think I'll start it right now. I'm watching my baking show, but feel like I need a change of pace for a bit. Thanks for the rec!

      You too, Kaci!! Thank you so much for stopping in! Hope your weekend is off to a great start

  12. Okay so I’m guessing the No Cow bar is dairy-free? Totally gonna have to try one! & I’ve not seen that carmelized onion hummus before… must find now!!! Lol. If you do ever perfect a homemade recipe– please, share!

    My sister is obsessed with that Alex & Ani brand!! Their jewelry is so gorgeous. ♡ & lol my fave stove top is bottom right, too!!! Always use that one.

    Heheh, I’m so happy you liked my gift, Mackenzie!! ♡♡♡

    1. You guessed right!! It is no cow, no bull, no WHEY 😉 The motto gets me every time, lol. I will say it is very grainy- some people don’t like the texture, but I like it with coffee. It’s such a good compliment to it, and it actually keeps me full. It was what I had during 12 hour shifts for quick fuel!

      Yesss stove top sisters, hehe.

      Thanks for stopping in, girl! hope you had a great Christmas. We just came back last night at like 3 am, so I am entirely disoriented, but super excited to catch up on alll your posts 🙂 xo

      1. Hahaha oh of course you love that motto!! Thanks for being honest & letting me know about the grainy texture. I am really not into those kinds of bars! Love that it’s no dairy & keeps you full though! <3

        So happy to hear you made it back safely! Can't wait to read all about your trip. 🙂

      2. Of course!!! I know that type of texture isn’t for everyone, so I always make sure to clarify that first!

        Aww you are so sweet to take the time to read despite the busyness of this time of year!! xox

    1. hey Jamie! Hope you can try out the hummus soon- so yummy!! And isn’t it too true?! Which is your favorite?

  13. Those are such thoughtful gifts! It’s great to have friends that “get” you. Bottom right is my favorite burner too. So many great faves this week Mackenzie! Thanks so much for sharing them. <3

    1. Ah, totally!!! It warms my heart beyond words!

      Yesss!! Bottom right is where it is at!

      Glad you enjoyed, Amy 🙂 Happy weekend to youuu! Any big plans for new years?!

      1. We are this year too! As I get older the more I opt to stay home when given the option, tehe.

  14. I need to find those No Cow bars!! They sound SO good. Where do you buy them? Also I LOVE the idea of that Bible reading plan app. I definitely want to download that app! So brilliant! The Greatest British Baking Show is just fantastic! It’s so addicting and I love how polite they all are, lol. The bottom right burner is my favorite too, haha, it’s always my go-to. XD Hunida is just the sweetest! The blogging community is absolutely the best. <3

    1. So I usually get them from Vitamin Shoppe or GNC! You can get them on Amazon too. I will say the texture is a bit gritty, but I so love them with my coffee. And they actually keep me fuel & are super super clean.

      Girl, you would love this app! I have never read through thematically before.. and it just opens my eyes to so many different connections in the Bible I have never seen before!

      I knowww hahah… I just love their accents & I feel like they are so articulate and polite as you said!

      YESSS! Team bottom right woohoo!

      It really is the best community- It really has changed my life in such a positive way. It’s something I never anticipated– I never realized you could create genuine friendships through this platform, but man am I thankful for y’all! xoxox

      1. Oooh yayy, I just found a 12-pack variety on Amazon! I’m excited! I’ve been looking for a clean snack bar for a long time. I have a hard time just keeping fruits & veggies around for snacks because they always seem to go bad before we can eat them. Good to know about the texture! That makes sense with them being healthy.
        I have never read it thematically before either and I’d love to see more about how seemingly unconnected parts of the Bible relate! I just put down a devotion I was reading, so this is perfect timing actually. Thanks for sharing. <3
        Mine too!! I never realized it either but I think blogging friends are in a way even more genuine since we follow each other because we actually like each other, not because we happen to be in the same social groups haha. Love love love it!! <3

      2. Let me know how you like them! They aren’t for everyone, but I just crave them!!

        Of course! I am excited to go into a new year with a plan for Bible reading. Sometimes when I don’t have a specific plan I don’t always prioritize it. This is a great way to keep myself accountable too!

        TOTALLY. You said that so well!! <3

      3. Definitely!! The No Cow bars are at least worth trying for sure! 😊

        Oh I totally get that! Without a plan, it’s easy to become forgetful.


  15. Catching up on all your blog posts now 🙂

    I love the No Cow bars!!! and girl, I am totally a bottom right burner as well haha!!!

    Hunida is adorable!! What a thoughtful gift – and yes!! Blogging is totally the best for forming friendships <3

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!


    1. YASS, twins. What is your favorite flavor?

      Isn’t she so sweet?! I am just sooo thankful for this community! And SO thankful I met you this year too! Have a great Sunday, chica. xo

  16. I love all the foodie finds! I’m trying so hard to eat better, and your posts are giving me all kinds of ideas!
    I was doing KETO for my PCOS for awhile, but girl I just can’t do it anymore haha.
    The gifts your friends sent are so sweet and beautiful. I love the ornament, a good pun is always a fun time haha
    The Great British Baking Show is my jam! Nothing relaxes me more! I love how funny and corky the hosts are. I try to watch an episode of that or Caribbean Life before going to bed to help me unwind.

  17. Lol you weren’t kidding! You really did write/publish three posts in one day. You go!!!!
    And I’ve never had no cow bars, I wonder if the different taste was because of the different flavor? Or do they really make them all the same?
    Sabra is such a great hummus brand!
    I’m sitting here eating sourdough bread as we speak. Excuse me. As I write lol. Ugh, type! So good, will have to look for this brand.
    Hunida sent me a little gift too, I don’t remember which hand cream she sent me, possibly lavender if my memory serves correct. Lol. I’ve only used it like once or maybe twice so far, I like the scent but I don’t wanna finish it haha

    1. haha, I tried for sure!! I wish I could be as productive now as I was when I got all these published.

      So they have tried out different formulas, and you can definitely taste the difference between them. I actually messaged them because, I was so upset about the change hahaha. But it’s alll good now!

      lol! Oh man, now I’m craving some good sourdough. mmm!

      Oohh lavender sounds so yummy too! That was too sweet of her! Have a great weekend, girl . xo

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