A Corgi & A Cat Fight

Hey y’allll! I am hardcore putting on the “y’all” draaaawwwwn out in a southernly manner because I have Southern Charm on in the background and it only seems appropriate. I have finally jumped onto the bandwagon. Man, this drama just cracks me up. But I do love the peek into the Southern way of life! Any other watchers?

So let us begin this riveting recap, starting with Saturday July 7th. I woke up early and ran a breezy four miles before driving to San Jose to meet up with my sweet friend Julie from church.

We decided on Academic Coffee, and it’s maybe some of the best local coffee I have tried yet!


It’s such a cute little unassuming place, but is bright, clean, and welcoming!


Over some great conversation, Julie and I shared the matcha muffin and the mochi muffin that they sell from Third Culture Bakery in Oakland.


The matcha muffin was just aiiight, but the Mochi muffin was out. of. this. world. It is the yummiest, most satisfying muffin I have had with coffee. I am on a real mochi kick, and I don’t see it settling down any time soon! (thanks for that, Tam!).


The rest of the day Saturday I did some deep cleaning in the apartment, finished up some laundry (I feel like every day is laundry day), and then started a new book- Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It’s fascinating so far, but pretty dark, so I have had to be in the mood to read it, ya know? And noooo, I still haven’t finished the fourth book in the HP series (1.5 years later….). Next week I will finish it- hold me to it!

On Sunday morning, the 8th, DJ had a little bit of time before work to grab breakfast, but not quite enough time to go to Church. We decided to scarf some grub down together since we hadn’t seen each other in over a week since Ohio. I figured I could catch the sermon next day on the podcast at least!

We tried out a new spot in SJ called The Breakfast Club at Midtown. We have heard tremendous things about this place, and it certainly lived up to the hype.


I was craving (and I mean CRAVING) lemon ricotta pancakes, and thankfully they had them. I started salivating like a dog when they placed them in front of me. These are my favorite pancakes we have tried in the Bay Area so far. Not even a question. (DJ’s favorite are from Sweet Maple SF).


Deej had their famous chicken and waffles. Isn’t it so cute how they serve it with a little watermelon wedge? It’s the little things. And I guess it’s the big things- because if they didn’t have those cakes…….


I did Insanity in the afternoon and had plans with a friend to hike in the afternoon that fell through. Oh well! I ended up just resting, reading, and stocking up on groceries for the week (Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s!).

On Monday the 9th, I went on a nice long run in the AM and continued to blog in the morning while enjoying a poached egg over avocado toast.


I worked on stuff for grad school scheduling the rest of the day then DJ came home right on time to view Bachelorette since they didn’t have a game! Woot woot! Naturally I whipped up our cookies (and one Mega cookie) to enjoy with the show. I prefer Mega, DJ goes with the smaller ones. (peep the pronoun because Mega is a member of the family).


We so severely undercook our cookies, it’s a surprise we haven’t gotten salmonella yet.

After throwing a fit about Becca’s reaction to Colton’s “news” (What the heck, Becca?!?!), we called it a night. Other Bachelorette watchers- let us discuss.

Tuesday the 10th, DJ had the day off!!! WOOOHOO! We had a nice lazy morning, I made breakfast for us and then did Insanity. I read on the couch while he played video games for a couple hours, and it was so nice… we haven’t had just a lounge day together in SO LONG. In the evening, we met up with Amy, his twin sister to get in some bowling. We haven’t been bowling in forever, but it was wayy too hot outside to do anything out in the wild, so we decided to go with something a bit cooler.

This bowling alley is within walking distance from our house, and we have never been! Time to finally try it out!


This was the COOLEST bowling alley we have ever been to. It was super nice, clean, did not reek of cigarettes (I feel like most usually do?), had a huge arcade, and even had a gorgeous full bar. I couldn’t get over the decor!


We concluded that bowling is not our sport, hung up the bowling shoes, and headed to dinner.

We went to San Pedro Square as I mentioned in my Friday Favorites. Gosh, I love love loved this place!


I’d briefly been to B2 Coffee which is connected to the Public Market, but have never explored. This place is like one massive food court, with everything you can imagine. Italian? You got it! Chinese? You bet! Good burgers? Mmmhmm! Indian? Always! Mexican? Sushi? Potato Bar? The darn sky is the limit!


I decided on some sashimi from Blush Ice Bar. It took me way too long to decide on what to order, and honestly this whole place is just one big black hole for the indecisive.


We grabbed our grub and headed outside. That sashimi hit the spot on the hot hot summer day, and I could seriously eat seaweed salad for days on end. Never gets old.


DJ had the chicken tikka masala from Urban Momo…. I tried some of the sauce, and we both agreed it is the best masala we have ever tried. It was sooo dang creamy.


After dinner, we decided to grab a glass of wine at Rootstock on Main Street Cupertino. Amy brought her Instagram famous corgi, Pool Noodle, along. He is such a hoot– if you like Corgi’s, or you’re a normal human being that likes furry things and witty captions, his handle is poolnoodlethecorgi .


On Wednesday the morning of the 11th, I received a nice surprise in the mail— A replacement pair of Brooks Ghost 10s. It’s Christmas I tell ya, Christmas! I haven’t replaced my shoes since February and am loooong overdue. My knees have been aching and my shin splints are coming back- tell tale sign that I needed new ones. Feels like running on a cloud.


I have also been going on a ton of walks lately in the evenings after dinner. With DJ being at work most nights, it gives me a way to preoccupy my time. I turn up a podcast and take in the beautiful views of the sun setting!


This one took my breath away.


Thursday the 12th, I worked on grad school prep. I tell ya what- I have discovered I am bad bad bad at technology (well I’ve already known this, but now it is reaffirmed). This whole online thing is definitely gonna be a learning curve!

In the evening I worked on my Friday Favorites post so I could have it posted in a timely manner (‘magine that!).

Friday the 13th (wooooooooOOOooOOooo), I did a master clean out of the rest of our clothes, and I took some to Plato’s Closet and then posted the rest on Poshmark.

In the evening, I made a giant veggie salad for myself and bison tacos for DJ for when he came home. He usually gets home around 10:45/11 (sometimes later), but he’s always starving for dinner. I try to have something in the fridge waiting for him- it’s sometimes a makeshift meal, but he said these were “Soooo goood”. His words, not mine 😉


Yesterday, Saturday the 14th, was a pretty great day! All my friends were booked for the day, but I was itching to get out and about. I decided to try out the Los Altos Food and Wine Festival. Sometimes solo dates can be so enjoyable!


This was the most sprawling arts festival I think I’ve ever been to! The energy was tremendous, and I was perfectly content just bouncing from tent to tent seeing the unique creations.


If you did opt to try the wine, all you had to do was pay a flat rate for the glass, then go to each different winery tent to sample.


I decided instead to try Garrett’s Lemonade and it hit the spot on this sweltering summer day.


To occasionally seek respite from the heat, I would pop into the side stores. DJ is ADAMANT that we will never ever get a cat (he genuinely hates them, hahah).

But when I saw this little face in a pet store I almost forgot the loud resounding “NO” to bringing a kitty home. hehe.


I couldn’t convince him, but I gave it my best shot! (I have his permission to post this)


Womp Woooomp. Ya win some, ya lose some in marriage y’all! Once we have stable enough schedules we WILL be getting a pup 🙂 Now that we can agree on!

After the festival, I came home and had a giant veggie salad with half a mushroom burger. Then, I went to DJ’s bowling work event. I will recap last night and today (Sunday) in my next post.


Do you guys ever go on solo dates?!

Are you a cat or a dog person? Both?

xo <3


41 thoughts on “A Corgi & A Cat Fight

  1. Mochiiiiiii!! Haha you’re so welcome! We still need to try the mochi place across the street from Aquis! Add it to the list! Also, re: Colton’s announcement to Becca…God forbid he have morals, sheesh! Although I did see a post somewhere where Becca said she was pretty sure she was just getting up to go to the bathroom and it was all editing, but who knows! It’s the most boring season hence why I already found out who she chooses. Although it still hasn’t made it anymore interesting. I thought I would enjoy watching the romance play out knowing what happens but NOPE.

    1. YES WE DOOO! Ok, adding to the list right now.

      I KNOW. So ridiculous. I’m shocked we didn’t talk about this over lunch — DJ and I were like … how is this even a thing?! Like what is the problem?!

      I listened to Colton in a podcast today and he said she did get up (not even to use the restroom) but to collect her thoughts.. but he thought it was in a respectful manner to respond appropriately. So seriously… who knows!

      I will say I genuinely don’t know who she will choose which is probably the only thing keeping this interesting for me!

      But I can’t stand Becca anymore. I used to love her!!! I lost a lot of respect for her though as the season went on 🙁

  2. All of your flower photos & that sky 😍😍😍 I don’t know how I’d be able to choose my meal at The Public Market because there are so many awesome choices! Her corgi is so cute, but c’mon, DJ, cats are purrfect & amazing!!! I’m not biased or anything, but they’re the best things ever. 😽 That photo of you in your car is gawgeous. So as soon as I saw the café mural, my jaw dropped. Oh.my.gosh. it’s all so perfect! I immediately showed it to Matt. The owl is like a sign that I should go. Hehe. I hope you have the best day & start to the week! <3

    1. It seriously took me like forty five minutes to decide what to get… it was roughhh haha. So many choices. And I KNOW— I had a kitty I was super close to growing up.. but that same cat might be the reason DJ hates cats (cause this cat hated him- haha!).

      I KNEW you would love those owls 🙂 I wish you could go to this cafe because it’s seriously one of the best I’ve been to. You would LOVE it.


  3. Solo dates are fun! I love festivals like the Food & Wine one you went to and am always amazed at people’s talent for the art. How some people have so much talent is beyond me!!

    New running shoes are really the best. They’re always so clean and pretty that in a way I feel like I can’t wear them or they’ll get dirty. Just me who feels that way?

    I ate breakfast already but that lemon ricotta pancake looks amazing. Is it appropriate to leave work to try to find one? Asking for a friend 😉

    1. GASP! I just found sooo many comments in my spam que from you!!! I am so sorry! I am so excited to read them all though 🙂 I agree- people are so darn talented- and I can barely draw a straight line hahah.

      yup! Every time I get a new box of running shoes it feels like Christmas morning!

      LOL! I hope you finally found those lemon ricotta pancakes! Nothing beats them. Sooo delicious.

      1. Oh no!! I’m glad you found them because I love reading your posts and commenting haha.

        So true!! If I find them on sale then it’s even better 🙂

  4. I just love your style of writing so much! It’s so warm fun and engaging! 💖 That little cat is just too cute- and LOL at the Justin Bieber gif you sent in your text. That is definitely something I would do 😂 the sunset you captured is gorgeous, going out for walks is such a lovely thing to do, especially in the Summer. I don’t often go on solo dates but I think it’s something I should definitely try. Perhaps soon I will take myself somewhere. Also that bowling alley looks so groovy! X

    1. Girlfriend, you just made my WHOLE DAY. Thank you soooo much for your comment. You have no idea how much this meant to me!

      Glad you appreciated the biebs gif 😉 He walked right into it, right?!

      Let me know if you get that solo date in soon ! There is something nice and calming about them. When moving out here we didn’t have many friends right off the bat, so I went on more solo dates than I probably should admit 😉 LOL. Have a great rest of your week, Jay!

      1. Aw you’re so welcome! It’s true 🙂 I love your writing! Haha he certainly did, I loved the Biebs gif!!! I will do hun, you have inspired me to go on one. Oh bless you, well I think there’s something so confident about a solo date actually, I think more people should embrace them. Thank you hun, you too xx

  5. Oh my gosh where do I begin! I need to start a draft for my responses cause I think of everything whilst reading then get here & am I’m a blank slate. lolz

    That coffee shop is so cute & y’alls brunch looks drool worthy! Like I’m about to drool & am digging through my lunch tote for a snack cause now I’m a starvin marvin.

    “bowling is not our sport” that’s me with every sport! hahahaha my hubs & I recently went to play putt putt & let’s just say my tude was a little on the sour side with it taking more than 5 times to get my ball in the hole. bahahaha

    I just started following that Insta page & am already laughing so hard!! What a cutie!

    That sunset is phenomenal!

    That is such a purrecious kitten!!! Ok that fact that you used the biebs in your text makes me happy. I have always been a belieber (is that still a thing?) Are you a fan? If so, thoughts on his speedy engagement? I think he’s a moron to do it. haha

    I have gone on solo dates & think they are great! I actually need to do one sometime soon because I haven’t in a while & it’s sometimes nice to do things on your time with no one to interrupt your thoughts (however, my thoughts can reallyyyyyyy get going sometimes so I don’t need too much alone time)

    I’m both!! Cats & dogs are both so unique & present so many different qualities. I’m biased but I think my pup is the cutest & smartest pup in the world! He’s a blue heeler mix (we think mixed with lab maybe) so I highly recommend heelers! They are very loyal, very smart, & stage 5 clingers. hahaha He has his own pillow in our bed & get’s the top of the bed so that I have to scrunch to sleep lower cause he is that spoiled. He’s actually deaf but you would never know with how attentive he is & how much he loves exploring & playing with other dogs.

    1. Bahaha- so I feel the same way when commenting on others’ posts… so I usually have a blank Word page open as I go through the post (but that’s also why my comments jump so sporadically without many transitions hahaah).

      That brunch was one of the BEST we have had. Bill’s in san jose has always been my favorite, but this might be my new favorite.

      YES- I AM THE SAME WAY — Put put is alllso not my sport 😉 I feel your pain. Hahah. 5+ club ALWAYS.

      Yessss I have had a tumultuous relationship with the biebs. Lol. I think I will always have a sore spot for the guy— but I had no idea he was dating Hailey??! I was SHOCKED. I think I am still in so much shock it’s hard to even formulate an opinion- however, I did love his instagram post about her. It was so sweet <3

      Bahahhaha- you crack me up! Lemme know if you do a solo date soon!

      Oooo I have never heard of heelers, but that sounds like the PERFECT mix! <3 He sounds soooo so sweet. Gonna go google image heelers right now! XOX

  6. OMG, your text chain with DJ had me laughing! I think every girl needs a cat in her life. How can he deny you – his sweet, beautiful, kind, funny wife- a cuddly little kitty cat? I’m actually dying to know why he hates them so much…
    I have both a cat and a dog, but I’m definitely more a cat person.

    I used to go to the movies by myself and not have to share my snacks – it’s great. I do absolutely LOVE shopping alone. I can take my time and not worry about my husband/kids being bored nor do I have to constantly be required to give my opinion to a friend/daughter on how she looks in that top/dress. Just me, myself and I!

    1. I had to fight him to let me include that in the post so I am SO glad you enjoyed it! LOL.

      Awwwwwwwww!!! YOU ARE TOO SWEET! I’m pretty sure before we ever got married he made it clear cats were not ever going to be part of the equation. bahah. But I can settle with a pup and live vicariously through my friends with the sweet kittens at least! 🙂

      YES, girl, AMEN!!! Shopping is made to be done alone. I cannot focus when I shop with others. I will go just to peruse with others, but when it is “git r’ done” time I MUST be alone. So glad you feel the same way. Thanks for stopping by, Sus. So good to hear from ya <3 XO

  7. Mack! That coffee shop is so open & bright, love it! & a mochi muffin?! Huh?! Count me in!!! I loved Sharp Objects, I hope you enjoy it! ♡
    Lol you really love those ricotta pancakes, don’t you?!? I’ve honestly never heard of em til I read your blog & now when you go to breakfast I just expect to see ’em hahah. I think chicken & waffles has to be one of my favorite meals. Yum!!!
    That’s how raw you eat your cookies?! Lol oh my!! I like cookie dough but have never tried melted cookie dough.
    I think I already said this in my comment on your Friday post but man that sashimi looks so fresh & tasty!! I can’t believe the corgi’s name is Pool Noodle hahaha how freakin’ adorable.
    How lucky is DJ to have you?! I want bison tacos waiting for me when I come home!! 😍
    Ahhh! I am such a sucker for festivals! How fun you got to attend one even if it was solo!! & my boyfriend hated cats too. When we first got together, I wouldn’t move in with him because he didn’t want my cat in his apartment but eventually he fell in love with me. Allowed my one cat, fell in love with him… long story short… we are 3 deep now!!! Lol. If you find the right kitten, I know DJ would fall in love too!! Also, your little text chat made me giggle, so sweet & silly, you two. ♡♡♡

    1. I’m not even kidding- the mochi muffin is one of the greatest things I have tried here. I just discovered mochi this past year and I feel like my eyes have been opened to this whole new magical world. SO . good.

      Have you tried any ricotta pancakes?!? They are insanely delicious. And you can never go wrong with chicken and waffles- it’s probably DJ’s favorite breakfast/brunch dish!

      LOL- I’m telling youuu! Try it sometime. Get tollhouse break and bakes, bake at 350 for exactly 8.5 minutes, then let cool and enjoy. PERFECTION. And we eat them more than I’d like to admit 😉

      Awwww! I treat him to an actual home cooked meal every once in a while, tehe. We have soo much frozen bison, so he’ll be sick of them before too long!

      WHAT?!?! Ok I am telling DJ this story now. Maybe this will convince him!

      Thanks for your amazing comment as always!!! Xo

      1. I just discovered mochi recently, too… so freakin’ yummy, right? My boyfriend hates it though hahha.
        I have not ever tried any ricotta pancakes! I’d try anything once though!!
        & OKAY I’m gonna try the cookie thing with Sweet Loren’s Cookies! Hopefully it will work well with them.
        I LOOOVE bison. <3 <3 lucky guy!!!
        I do believe DJ could change his mind about cats. Have him watch the cute cat dads on FB lol.
        Thanks for your amazing post!!!! 😀 <3

      2. Isn’t it INCREDIBLE?! I am on a mission now. I need to try the ice cream. Let me know what you think of the cookies! Such a good idea… when I get back from Michigan I’m going to brain wash him 😉

      3. I haven’t— but it’s a must in the near future!!! Thanks so much 🙂

  8. So please don’t read the HP book so we can read about your most embarrassing moments! Thanks for another great blog, the kitty was adorable but I have to side with DJ as I am definitely a dog gal! Love, your ohio mom xoxo

    1. Teheh! I have ONE chapter left, so unfortunately, I think I will make it! I think I can survive with dogs alone— but that means we HAVE to get a dog soon. I am gonna go stir crazy studying alone alllll day long, right?! xoxo

  9. I NEED to watch Southern Charm (at least that is what everyone tells me so it must be true?)
    Academic coffee looks so cute!
    Girlll you are killing me! You are just a few pages away from order of the phoenix which is my fav!!! YOU must finish it! 
I will be that super annoying person who starts texting you every day have you finished it have you finished it? :p
    Kidding, I won’t do that (yet!)
    Joking aside I completely understand the struggle of fitting in time to read. It is why i love the Summer so much. I get more reading done!
    Those pancakes look SO yummy! I LOVE that they serve it with watermelon!
    I am SO disgusted by the whole Colton thing! Please tell me you watched this weeks? because girl I am SO mad! Ughhh. I love Colton.
    Lol. You are making me want to go bowling now!
    Oh my gosh he is SO stinking cute!
    That is so much fun! Sometimes solo dates are the best dates!
    And that kitty is so cute and you guys are couple goals! I admit though, I am definitely more of a dog person. But I adore Kittens!

    1. Yesss you doooo! I will say though- it took me longer to get into it than most people. I’m not sure why?! But now I just love it.

      Order of the Phoenix is your fave?!? Eeek I can’t wait to read. And you will die when you see what I did to make sure I finished the book (I’ll share in next recap post… gotta build the suspense ya know? ). It ended SO well. I flew through the last hundred pages!

      Sameee- I always get soo much more reading done in the summer. I think traveling helps too.

      I did watch this weeks and the whole entire situation was just nauseating. I was so upset with Tia too. That was just not cool at alllll. I think she’s just salty that she wasn’t the bachelorette honestly.

      I am the same! I am more of a dog person, but when I see certain super cute cats I can’t resist.
      XOXOXO Thanks for making this flight oh so much more enjoyable with your comments!

  10. Obviously I love cats & dogs and I hope you can get a dog sometime soon! Pets add so much to your home and they are just the best. <3 Also, that kitten is just the most ADORABLE! I wouldn't have been able to walk out without it, lol. SO sweet!! <3

    1. Teheh, sounds like a similar situation! haha. But seriously- how can ya resist that sweet face?!

  11. I’m almost positive I haven’t tried anything matcha, though I have tried mochi a LONG time ago.. I’ll have to try it sometime. And.. the ricotta pancakes!! Whoa! They look delish! I don’t think I’ve ever had poached eggs on avocado toast, but I’m thinking that’ll be my breakfast for the week.. I’ll have to buy some avocado lol.And I almost mistook that car at the bowling alley for a miata, it’s not.. lol That corgi is so cutee! I’m sorry DJ didn’t let you get a cat, but why does he hate them so much? LOL. I think I’m a dog person but I really do love many kinds of pets, I’d love to have a chinchilla if I could haha

    1. OK I will take you for these pancakes FOR SURE (WHEN) you visit! They were maybe the best pancakes I’ve ever had. And yessssss, there is nothing I love more than poached eggs & avocado toast. I am on a kick for sure.

      Bahah- yeah I don’t know cars, but I’ll take your word for it! And you should follow him on insta- poolnoodlethecorgi hehe! He is seriously the cutest ever (but I’m also a biased aunt).

      I had a friend that had a chinchilla- and it was seriously the SOFTEST thing I have ever felt in my life!!

      1. Hopefully I’ll be trying the poached egg and avocado toast today if not tomorrow for sure 🙂 I just don’t think I’ve ever made poached eggs so I have to figure it out. Pinterest it is!

      2. yay! Let me know what you think 🙂 and they are prettyyy easy (I say that but have screwed them up COUNTLESS times). I’d give you what I do, but I feel like I wing it every time. hah!

  12. Hi Mackenzie, I have not watched this drama , maybe someday when I get time! Academic coffee looks like a cute place to go and look at those pasteries! I know every day is laundry day. its Me + 5 = tons of clothes! You guys always find the best breakfast locations . Bowling can be a lot of fun , especially with some of the balls I roll, people always get a good laugh out of it and so do I! Such a beautiful sunset , and as always all the pretty varieties of flowers. You are going to have to educate Me on all the names of them!! The corgi is so so cute! I remember rootstock from an earlier post , with your Mom maybe? The wine festival would probably be better in the fall when it cools a little, good choice with the lemonade. I love the text exchane with you and DJ! You certainly win some and lose some for sure. I do like solo dates Mackenzie. You are on your own time and dont feel guilty for browsing as long or little as possible in one place!! Then you can get lunch wherever you are craving. But couple dates are better! Im playing catch up still bear with Me , hugs, Terri xo. My friend Courtney’s San Fran post https://abyersguide.com/32-hours-san-francisco/#comment-2922

    1. Hi Terri! I hope your weekend is off to a great start 🙂 Southern Charm is a great show- some serious drama, pretty ridiculous at times but a fun guilty pleasure all the same haha. I love the peak into the southern way of life too!

      Haha! You and me both with the bowling . Oh man, I can appreciate the beauty of a flower but I’m not sure I’m the one to ask the names 😂 hehe. I think they have an app now where you can take a picture to find out though!

      Aw yes ! You have such a great memory. I did go with my mom when she visited last year ❤️

      Ohhh I didn’t even think about that but the wine festival in the fall definitely sounds much more ideal!

      Yes couple dates are definitely better! We celebrated our anniversary last night and I am SO excited to share where we ate. It was an experience of a lifetime!

      And no worries- I don’t expect you to keep up but I so appreciate when you do stop bye! ❤️❤️❤️ have a beautiful weekend!

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