Mama’s SF!

Knock knock. Who’s there? Apparently, not me! Or my brain! Guys, I forgot to publish an entire post?! After our night in SF, we had a spectacular morning in SF, but it sadly slipped through the cracks. But no worries, we will not let these shenanigans go undocumented!!

In the morning of August 10th, I woke up early to squeeze in about seven miles on the treadmill. I loved the workout room!


After getting ready for the day, Deej and I whipped up to the top floor again to grab some views.


We were a couple of starvin’ marvins at this point. We decided to chow down at Mama’s… a bucket list item of ours! This poppin’ place has been opened for over fifty years and is considered one of the best brunch spots in SF. It is still family owned and operated, and one of the sons of “Mama” was actually letting everyone in through the doors, giving suggestions of what to order and telling us interesting tid-bits.

We found some lucky parking on the corner, then got ready to stand in the over-an-hour wait line. (It’s ALWAYS like that, so you just have to be prepared to be on your dogs for a bit).


Finally- we were allowed to enter into this magical place! It was just the cutest thing I ever did see. It was painted a warm pastel yellow and decorated with a farmhouse feel.


You order everything at the cash register then are seated. I practically salivated on the glass looking at the variety of daily house baked breads.


Now for the good stuff! I ordered the Dungeness Crab Benedict, and me oh my was it delicious! But my favorite part was actually the potatoes. The Salmon Benedict at Bill’s still tops this.


Now listen, Linda, after our wait I was very hungry. I decided to try out the cranberry orange walnut french toast that was suggested. I LOVED it. It was the perfect amount of savory, lightness, crunch, and sweetness. And DJ is allergic to walnuts, so I couldn’t share. Darn 😉


But I do have to say… the bell of the ball was this Monte Cristo. According to YELP, this is the dish to get here. DJ tried it out, and I had to have a bite. We both agreed this is one of the BEST brunch dishes we have ever tried- and y’all know I don’t care for the taste of meat. This was next level though. I have been raving about it since. If I was going to eat a meat dish, this would be it!


After, we decided to knock out another BL item and see the historic Dutch Windmill!


The flowers surrounding it were beautiful.


And that takes us to our most current post. Next stop: Labor Day weekend. Hopefully I can get those up soon. School is pretty darn time consuming, but blogging is always such a nice break 🙂

PS. Neighbors are still being a big ole’ pain. Thank you tons for your love & empathy & ideas in the last post. We finally contacted management, and even called security when they were SUPER loud at 12 am (mgmt said to contact security if they were loud after hours). Still nothing has changed…I don’t even know what they could be doing to make so much noise. I just hope we get used to it because I’m kind of at a loss of what else to do?

Questions for you!

  • Does your hometown have any local gems or hot spots?
  • Any fall plans?

xo <3

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55 thoughts on “Mama’s SF!

  1. Hey Mack, your post had me salivating. Isn’t it amazing when we find a local gem that’s as magical as this. We discovered one last week too and had the biggest share platter of pizzas, meatballs, cheeses and assortment of dips and bread I’ve ever had in my life. But this looks pretty damn good too. Have a fabulous week xx 🙂

    1. Yes, local gems truly are the best!! Oh my gosh- yours sounds AMAZING.. I love anything dips and bread- that just sound phenomenal!! Thanks for stopping by, Miriam 🙂

  2. That is quite the workout room for a hotel. The last hotel I was in had two treadmills, a bike, free weights and one machine with cords that lets you do a ton of different exercises. I don’t know the official name haha. The views from the top of the hotel are beautiful!

    Mama’s looks AMAZING!! Every time you showed a dish, I went “oooo I should get that if I go there”. So looks like I’ll be having 3 breakfasts when I go 😉

    That is SO annoying about your neighbors!! Shame on the management company and security for doing nothing. Are you allowed to call the police and file a noise complaint? I’m not sure how it works if a building has security but if security isn’t going to do anything then maybe try the police. People need their sleep!

    1. Right? It was so funny though cause the lighting was all dim like trying to make it fancy or something, but I was like regular lighting for working out is just fine hahah.

      And the thing is you wait sooo long that it’s like you may as well order whatever you want so you don’t have to make a trip back- that’s kinda my thought process/ justification! But out of the three- you MUST try the monte cristo!

      I actually emailed management again yesterday morning and haven’t heard back about next steps. This week has been extra bad- I’ve been woken up several times at like 12:30 in the morning. It’s ridiculous!!!

      1. I totally get that! If a wait is long, it’s not a place you’ll be going frequently so why not treat yourself with multiple items. Leftovers are always an option!

        That’s insane! I’d be pissed if it was multiple times! I totally get randomly being loud every few months but nightly is just plain rude. People need to be kind and considerate.

        Enjoy your weekend 🙂

      2. Exactly! And I love leftovers!

        Thanks so much, Maureen! I have a meeting tomorrow with my office management, so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

  3. I really should not read this before breakfast….those loaves of bread look amazing!!! Also, that windmill is now on my bucket list. What a beautiful area!

  4. Wowzers that some fantastic looking food and such beautiful photos!!!!

    I would start calling management/security every single time so they get as annoyed as you with the neighbors so it will light a fire under them to actually get something done about it.

  5. I live in the sticks, so our hot spot is an apple orchard filled with goats, chickens, pigs… and apple trees. LOL!!! It is a hopping location at this time of year and people travel from the city to experience life here in the country. Ha, ha. It’s great for the kids, and they do sell the best apple cider donuts that you could ever hope to eat.
    I am blessed though that Boston isn’t too far of a drive for me. And I can also reach the mountains or ocean within a 2 – 3 hour drive. So although there isn’t a whole lot where I live, I have access to a lot. 🙂 I can’t wait for my kiddos to get a bit bigger, so that I can start traveling again! But in the meantime, I am enjoying the quiet of country life. 🙂
    (Food looked AMAZING, as always!!! I want a bite of ALL that bread. Ha, ha, ha).

    1. I LOVE that though!!! In Michigan, there are cherry orchards everywhere and that’s one of my favorite local gems. There is something peaceful yet so fun about visiting orchards. And apple cider donuts- my stomach is growling!!! That is next level!! Enjoy one for me pleeease!

      That will be fun to be able to take them to explore too! The french toast was just superb- I don’t know what they put in their baked goods, but gosh, it’s just the absolute best. Hope you have a great weekend, Nicole! XO

  6. It’s really a good thing that I’m at least eating a snack while reading your post because holy moly, all of that looks divine!!! The crab benedict is calling my name!

    Those views from the hotel are spectacular! The cathedral is stunning.

    The windmill and the flowers are so gorgeous! What a beautiful site.

    I swear I wish I could hop on a plane, fly out to you, and give those neighbors a piece of my mind. I’m fuming over it, and I haven’t even had to live through their relentless, disrespectful nonsense!! As Kaci said, call every. single. time. they disrupt your and DJ’s peace, and I bet that will get management hopping like freakin’ rabbits. You have been amazing paying tenants that deserve them to have your back! Keep us updated!

    1. The crab was just sooo fresh. It’s their special too, so I’m glad they had it when we went!

      Awww! Oh my gosh, you are so sweet to even care! The last couple nights I have woken up around 12:30 from them… so I wrote management again. We’ll see… it’s out of control. And that’s the thing– we have been here for over two years and haven’t complained about ANYTHING. So I’m hoping they will continue to understand the gravity of the situation. Thanks so much, girl! Have such a great weekend!

  7. I’d have to think on local eating gems and none can match any of these spots you have featured above. Like you, the homemade breads made me salivate, especially that bread basket with the crispy baguettes – oh, I wanted to reach over and grab one and split it down the middle and slather it with butter. Then go to that exquisite exercise room to try to melt off all those carbs! P.S. – Such a pity DJ is allergic to walnuts and you had that scrumptious-looking French toast all to yourself!

    1. I am with you on the baguette!!! I am weak when it comes to carbs. Tehe- yup, too bad I had to enjoy every nibble myself *sigh* I feel bad (or I should) 😉

  8. Oh Mack, what a wonderful end of your visit in San Francisco! Those views are magnificent, and Mama’s looks amazing! Those breads seem so good.

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your neighbors. Good luck with that, and my spiritual teacher John-Roger has a great 9 word peace prayer if helpful “I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.” You may consider trying it and see how it works for you.

    <3 Blessings to you and DJ! Love, love, love, Debbie

    1. The bread was truly next level!!! That prayer is very peaceful- thank you for sharing with me. It brought me a big smile to see you stop by here- even with how busy I am sure you are with the move. Thank you, Debbie! <3 <3

  9. The interior of Mama’s is so cute and that’s amazing that they bake all those breads on their own. Idk if I could wait in line for so long but maybeeeee for that dreamy French toast & Monte Cristo I could! 😉

    Sorry your neighbors haven’t stopped with all the noise, I wonder what the hell they’re doing?!

    1. In’t it?! I am tellin’ ya- THIS was worth the wait. The monte cristo.. like I don’t like meat- but I LOVED this! I only had a bite because I’m nervous to eat too much meat since I never do, but this is one of the main things I’d recommend to someone visiting SF.

      Thanks, girl. Ugh, I have no clue! It’s like they are just dropping bowling balls all over the place. It literally shakes our apartment sometimes. Yesterday a door in OUR apartment opened on it’s own because they were moving so much. It’s ridiculous. I’m seriously fuming. ugh ugh ugh

      1. I need need need to get my booty out to San Francisco soooon!! <3 That's really annoying that they're being so loud and mgmt isn't doing anything. The people who popped our tires got charged twice!! (which is prob why they popped our tires… but they did be quiet after the second time they had to pay!)

      2. PLEASE DO!

        I am chatting with management tomorrow- we’re gonna make a game-plan (hopefully!).

        That is seriously crazy about your neighbors. Glad they finally had to pay!

  10. We all have those moments sweets…besides it was totally WordPress’ felt ;p
    I LOVE going away and finding such amazing gyms!
    Oh my lanta those views! Ughhh between you and Jenny I miss SF so much!
    This place looks SO stinking cute!
    OH Linda I just died! My friend says that ALL the time (Sarah actuallY!) And I always mess it up! (I keep wanting to say listen Susan LOL) haha this just made my day! 
All that food! I am SO hungry now!
    HOW have I not heard about this place?!?! It is absolutely divine!
    Ughh I am SO sorry about your neighbors sweets! Is anyone else having issues with them? I had issues over the summer. thankfully since I have been back from NH it has been fine, but for awhile I was worried I would have to move, or break my lease. pretty sure they were drug dealers. We share a fire escape and they were out there smoking various substances. the two main occupants…But not sure because I counted forty different people going in and out of that apartment….And I was in New York maybe four weeks total from May to September… were constantly out of it and would get into fights. It was so uncomfortable. But I complained, decided to wait it out until I got back and since I got back, I haven’t had a problem. I know it sucks, but it will right itself it just might take some time. 
In the meantime if you can, a noice machine (you can actually get a free app on your phone!) helps a ton! Sending you mucho love sweets! <3

    1. hahahah I love Sarah- I think it to myself alll the time, and sometimes say it even when people don’t get it. That video just never gets old!

      Okay- you NEED to try Mama’s next time you are in SF. I would argue it’s the best brunch spot – I’ll come hangout in the crazy long line with you! Plus they look like they have great drinks on their menu- so I need to go back to try those!

      Our lateral apartments are spread out so much that I’m not sure what the other neighbors are hearing- people kinda keep to themselves. I remember your instagram stories and seriously- that is AWFUL. I mean that sounds borderline dangerous— I’m glad you aren’t having issues now though!!! Thank goodness!!! And seriously thank you for saying it will right itself… I keep hoping so. I’m like no human actually makes this much noise for a prolonged period of time, right?!? I actually have tried that! Nothing can cover it up. We even have a loud fan. Ugh, but thanks chica for your suggestions and concerns! I seriously appreciate it!! Have a great weekend, love!

  11. ‘Listen, Linda.’

    Oh that made me laugh right out loud. (for real..none of that cute LOL stuff)

    As always, I am in awe of all the sights that you see my friend. You are living life! <3

    1. Tehehe! Glad you caught that ! Thanks for stopping by, Nikki! Have such a great weekend FULL of none of that cute lol stuff but the REAL thing 😉 <3

  12. That sounds like such a cute place to eat!! I’m shocked that the wait is over an hour before you can even go inside, though. It must be one of the most popular places there, haha! My favorite local place here in town is actually my favorite burger joint, it’s called Mama Burger and it’s amazing! Family owned, local places just always have the best flavors and quality. <3

    1. It was just adorable- I love that it’s still family owned and operated ! It definitely is a very popular spot- especially weekends!

      Ohhhhh that sounds sooo tasty!! And I agree 100%- you can feel the love!

    1. That french toast was insanely good- maybe the best I’ve ever had! Hope you are having a great week, Jess 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I feel so bad that I haven’t had the chance to come see your blog posts in a while but now that I’m heading into a blogging break I will be sure to catch up until the most recent one even if it takes me all month lol. Sorrrrryyyyy!!!!!!!
    Anyway I do love the views from the top during the day it looks super gorgeous and when I read the title I had assumed your mom would be in this post for some reason lmao. I didn’t realize you were referring to the eatery hahaha but my oh my, your breakfast looks insanely good I’d actually order everything you ordered! I’ve never had dungeness crab but I think I would definitely try it with eggs lol. And the French toast!!!! I LOVE french toast just as much as pancakes and waffles!! Too bad DJ couldn’t try it.
    And omg the golden gate Park looks huge!!!! Is it??
    And as far as gems, I feel like since we don’t get to go out often I have no clue haha. There are a few spots that locals have said are a must but a lot of them require long wait times and ciel can’t handle it lol. I will* try the places you went to such as pine biscuits and duck house lol.

    1. Ooooo girl, no worries, do not apologize!!! I never expect you to keep up- I know how busy you are, Rossy! BUT thank you so much for popping in 🙂 hehe- okay hands down this was one of my favorite breakfast spots in San Francisco- I am moving it up to the top of the list. Do you like Monte Cristos?! WHEN you visit, this dish is easily one of the best in the city. It’s amazing (and you know I don’t even like meat usually!). Aww I’m sure one day Ciel will be game for those fun little spots! Ahhhh can’t wait for you to try- you will LOVE! Get the cinnamon roll at pine state too. Easily the best I’ve ever had.

      1. Oh but I want to no worries 😁
        And yeah i liked how delicious the dishes looked so I think I will definitely want to try it someday lol.
        Awesome I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

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