Meet the Newest Member of our Family- Moose!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our family- Moose! He has been with us for over three weeks, so this post is long overdue.

When we met him, we were in love immediately.

The last few weeks have been pretty chaotic, but beyond worth it. People often compare having a puppy to having a newborn, and I do think I understand what they mean now 😅

Moose is the sweetest, most loving dog who just wants to be at your side 24-7, or even better snuggling on your lap.

At the same time, he can be very mischievous and stubborn. Like most puppies, he is always looking for trouble, and his stubborn side mostly comes out when trying to take him on walks. He hated walks at the beginning and refused to take a single step.

I mean refused 😅

He has improved a lot over the last few weeks and now seems to enjoy a short walk around our neighborhood loop! He does like some reassurance throughout the walk that he’s doing a good job, and then he’ll trot along happily.

Mr. Moose also can be so dramatic- we call him our little drama king. He makes the funniest growling noises when playing, hates even a slight drop in temperature and refuses to go outside if it’s even sprinkling. We are in for a treat this winter hah. He is quite particular about his food- he likes the tiiiniest bit of water mixed with in- can’t be too soaked or too dry, or he won’t have it. Oh, and he refuses a dog bed- we’ve tried two and he basically used them as pee pads. He pretty much thinks the couch is his bed, or blankets stacked on the floor he will like too. So yes, very particular and maybe a bit spoiled, whoops, lol.

He also makes us laugh constantly- he is such a hoot. His sleeping positions for instance- how are these even comfortable?! 😂

When he’s sleeping more, ahem, normally, he prefers to sleep with something under his neck whether it’s your leg, your arm, a stuffed animal, a folded blanket, etc.

Moose man loves to army crawl and “dive” under couches and his favorite toy is…. cardboard. Yep, all these fresh new toys (which he still enjoys), but he loves nothing more than cardboard. We give him the empty paper towel rolls and he just has a field day.

He did so well in his first day of obedience school! He now knows “sit”, so we’re getting somewhere lol. He socializes well with the other dogs during the puppy socialization hour and now has a best friend named Enzo pictured below hugging Moose.

He has improved SO much with potty training!!! The first week was accidents galore, but by this point, he lets us know he has to go by running down the stairs to the door. We don’t have a walk-out door on our main floor, so we’re impressed how quickly he picked this up. We are working now on teaching him to “ring the bell” to let us know he has to go.

He’s also growing so fast 🥲 We had to carry him over the step into the house coming back inside, but he does it himself now.

I’m sure there is so much more I could write about, but that’s most of it off the top of my head! Moose has added such zest, fun, excitement and joy to our lives in just a few weeks. We can’t imagine our lives without him now!

39 thoughts on “Meet the Newest Member of our Family- Moose!

      1. Absolutely- maybe a bit too much, LOL! Oh I can’t wait for that- we are waiting about 12-18 months, but I can tell he already wants to be a little runner dog on our walks. He will start trying to sprint out of nowhere, haha. He’s like “Mom, this is too slow, I wanna go faster!”.

      2. Haha, he probably does! I have been using the treadmill a lot lately, and he will sit there and watch in wonder. We actually know a trainer that does treadmill training for dogs and are considering it for him so he can still get some good exercise in the thick of winter!

      3. That’s a good idea Mackenzie. My friend used to be an avid tracker with her dogs – every day she would get out in the rural area where she lives with her various dogs. She also judged at tracking contests. She no longer does this due to COVID as she lives in Canada and some of the contests are in the U.S. Anyway, Ilene has a treadmill and she has one Golden Retriever that barks at it the whole time it is on. She tried putting the dog in another room – he still barks at it. So she doesn’t use it. I’m sure he is an oddball though as the other dogs didn’t give her treadmill time a second glance.

      4. That’s so interesting!! Also with the treadmill- so funny, isn’t it hilarious what dogs get worked up about sometimes 😂

      5. Yes and I laughed that she doesn’t want to upset KC, so she doesn’t use it. I have to tell Ilene about Moose and maybe getting a treadmill for him.

  1. How perfect!!! I got a real kick out of all your stories 😀 Laughed out loud at his refusal to take walks! And that he uses dog beds as pee pads and that he has wonderful taste in cardboard. He’s beautiful! Keep us updated on all his stages!

    1. Haha so glad you enjoyed those details 😄 I’m laughing at “wonderful taste in cardboard” 😂 I will absolutely keep ya updated! Thanks, Taylor!

    1. Hi, Nancy!! We are so in love too – even though he keeps us on our toes at all hours 😂 I absolutely will keep sharing 🥰

  2. Love, love, love, love all these photos of Moose! He truly could not be any cuter!!!! Thanks for sharing your new baby with us! Grandma Gigi loves you!

  3. Moose!!! Oh my goodness, he is JUST the cutest!!! He is going to be the most spoiled, loved, happy little dog on the planet! 🙂

    1. Hi, Nicole!! Oh I hope so – we are pretty obsessed with the little guy! 🥰 Also, even just having a pup has given me a new appreciation for parenting- LOL!

  4. Ohhhhhh he is the cutest thing!!!! And YES those sleeping positions look so uncomfortable. LOL Never seen a doggo sleep like that before.

    1. Aw thanks soo much, Natalie!! I’m really glad you enjoyed this, and it brightened your day! I appreciate you stopping in 😊

  5. Hi Mackenzie , congrats to you both on the addition of Moose to your family ! He is so cute in all the photos and looks like he has settled right in to a loving home. I am glad he is doing better with potty training . It is funny that he refuses to walk if he is not in the mood! How cute he is making puppy friends! Enjoy it all! My blog post appeared on comments somehow after I gave you a shoutout ! You can delete it from the comments here. Have a great day, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! Thank you so much!! oh my gosh, thank you TONS for the shoutout. I am just catching up on the blog now, but I’m definitely going to keep the pingback here! I appreciate it!! Thank you, friend!!

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