San Diego Part 1! Cafe 21, Coronado, & CVS

Hey all!! I am so excited to finallllly share our time in San Diego with you 🙂 It’s my favorite city in the US- I just LOVE it. The school load has been pretty intense this week, so I am just now getting out this recap. If you are curious to see our previous San Diego adventures I will link them here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.  January 17th right before we left I received this beautiful delivery of flowers for my bday! It was so special, and they are stilll in full beautiful bloom today 🙂


We booked a late evening flight out (around 9:30). The flights to SD are generally pretty cheap & short since it’s within the same state- and this time the best deal was through Alaskan airlines. We love when the cheapest price is through Alaska- it’s one of our favorite airlines (and it’s the best terminal in SF’s airport!). We arrived to the airport obnoxiously early per usual, so Deej and I decided to have a little popcorn shrimp snack & wine and chit-chat about our week since we had been in our own little work/school worlds since Sunday.


While waiting our gate I was able to catch up on some blogs, my favorite way to pass the time!

We had a bit of a delay getting to the airport & then getting off the tarmac, but the short flight was great- this plane was massive and even had the free movies to choose from. I watched Game Night, but the flight was soo short that it cut off before the movie was over. It was SUCH a good movie, and I’ve got to finish those last ten minutes one of these days haha. Finally around 1 am, we arrived at our Hotel- The Kimpton Palomar. We got a great deal on a room with our Orbitz bucks!


Our check in concierge was extremely chipper for it being so late, lol. I loved her energy though! She informed us that there was coffee in the lobby in the morning, but if we wanted we could have a Keurig brought to the room. I jumped on the Keurig option, naturally. I love having a warm cup of coffee to accompany me in getting ready in the morning.


The hotel has a Mexican restaurant right downstairs too called Curardero. We never ventured to it- but it seemed like a fun option!


The rooms were simple, pretty & clean!


Okay, it seems silly to take a picture of the soap- but that hand soap was some of the most wonderfully scented doggone soap… the sandalwood particularly came through!


I took a nice 2 am shower (I always feel the need to shower after being on a plane) & then snooooozeeed.

In the morning after a big cup of steamin’ jo (or two), we walked down the road to Cafe twenty-fun, I mean…. Cafe twenty-yum.. okay okay it’s really called Cafe 21. 😉

I heard about this gem from Kate at LiveintheNautical when she visited SD. Alsoo, when I went to their website I saw you get a free entree if it is your birthday month, so trying it out was a no brainer!




The decor! The menu! The food! The ambiance! Even the way they serve the water is too cool. Let’s call it what it is: A millennial/hipster/blogger’s paradise. My mom and Pete texted us that they’d landed, and met us right on time to get some good eats! My mom hasn’t missed a marathon yet, and she was not about to ruin her streak. I say she’s my good luck charm 🙂  You may remember the last Big Sur Marathon (that was such a great weekend!). I was excited Pete was able to join- also it was his bday month too- so we got two free entrees with our meal, what a steal!


We had to try their Bloody Mary’s which people rave about over YELP. We ordered three off the menu, and decided we would just decide who wanted what once we tried them. We first tried one that had a whole real prawn in it. (it was a bit too cocktail saucey tasting for my liking). But this was Pete’s favorite of the three so he claimed it!


Next up we tried the “California Greenin'”. Now THIS was my cup of tea. Those grilled cheeses were insanely good too. I could have ate a plate of those alone as my breakfast- mmmmm! Not your traditional bloody, but pretty darn refreshing! It reminded me of those Naked juices, I think the one called the Green Machine?


My mom opted for the “Ol’ Yello’ Mary with fresh yellow heirloom tomato, horseradish pickled veggies, & the yummy grilled cheese. This was a very close second (in my opinion) to the California Greenin’. It was pretty tasty! I will say though- if you are craving a traditional bloody, this is probably not your place. These are pretty nuanced in flavor & doesn’t give that great hearty tomatoey kick. Kate said that Breakfast Republic had the best bloodies of the ones she tried, and I would totally take her word for it! We tried Breakfast Republic last time we were there, and it was a fantastic breakfast (I need to try a bloody next time though!).


Food time! Deej had their wonderful pancakes with maple syrup, raspberry and kiwi purees, fresh fruit and seasonal house-made compotes. The mix of jams and the syrup was beyond satiable (I had a bite of course 😉 ). All our meals basically end up as family style- lol.


Pete ordered this GORGEOUS bananas foster. I mean… can you take it?! MMmmmm!


My mom and I split their shrimp corn cakes which was probably the most frequently mentioned item on the menu per Yelp reviewers. This had poached eggs, kennebec potato, wild shrimp, sweet corn, mozzarella, cilantro cream sauce, & fried basil. I think this was actually my favorite of all three dishes. I’d say if you come here, this is a must.


After our scrumptious brunch we headed back to the hotel to change into some beach-easy clothes.


Before hitting the sand, we all decided to take a peak at the rooftop pool. It was such a fun little set up! If it was warmer out we would have taken advantage of it, but it was a bit too chilly for that.


Time to drive over the bridge to Coronado! It’s always pretty exciting to see all the massive ships & fleets of boats.


Ah I just love Coronado <3 It has so much character and such a peaceful vibe.

img_8429img_8430We found the same place we parked last time and walked to Hotel Coronado to hang out at the beach there.


Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, you can still enjoy much of what it has to offer for free.


We walked around the grounds a bit, enjoying the historical odes at every turn.


Inside we spotted this old elevator that is still operational- I don’t know how we missed it last time!


I’ll never forget our INSANE brunch we had here last time! We walked around the shops attached to the perimeter of the hotel, and of course, had to stop at the ice cream shop.


Their flavors are too fun!!!


Time to soak up some San Diego rays! My mom and Pete took a long walk on the beach & I read some articles for school. DJ listened to his podcast and lounged next to me too.

We even had a little visitor. Linda, I felt like you getting these shots! 🙂


It started getting a bit chilly in the afternoon, so we went to the restaurants outside the hotel to have a glass of red wine to warm us up & enjoyed a vibrant quintessential Californian sunset <3


While we were sitting outside we noticed a man at the table next to us that was sporting my school of nursing’s shirt from 2018. I had to say something! I hopped over, introduced myself, and turns out he and one of the women at the table were professors. They were there for a nursing conference with the rest of the school of nursing. They were super friendly & we chatted for a few minutes- turns out I may even have them as profs near the end of my program! I wrote their names down in my notepad, so I won’t forget haha. Small world. Too fun!

img_8490img_8491On the way back we stopped at a CVS to stock up on carby breakfast items for before the race. I grabbed some mini wheats & DJ got a box of cereal too (Can’t remember what). Once back to the hotel, we got ready to hit the town! I’m excited to share our evening, but I’ll save that for next post 🙂


Questions for you:

  • Are you watching the Bachelor tonight? Let’s discuss.
  • Favorite cereal? I’m alll about them mini wheats- I love the chocolate & regular. Mmmmmmm!

xo <3


98 thoughts on “San Diego Part 1! Cafe 21, Coronado, & CVS

      1. We havnet been in years. We used to take the kids to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. We absolutely love the area around the Harbor Village to walk around the Gas Lamp District. You are the master of finding out cool places to eat and visit at any place. Keep it up!

      2. We went to the San Diego Zoo last time- and wow, was that an awesome experience!! We will have to check out Harbor Village next time. Aww thank you, Kalpana! <3

  1. So San Francisco is on my bucket list of “must see” places, but this post makes me want to visit San Diego too!! I’ve never been to CA before (other than the airport), so I’d take a visit to anyplace in the state. HA! I think it’s just fun visiting a state that’s across the country… So one day, for sure!! 🙂
    These pictures are all so great, and the food looks phenomenal, as always. (Now I’m totally craving icecream, so I’m glad that I have some in the freezer. HA!!!).
    Hmmm, so favorite cereal? Definitely Basic 4, chocolate mini wheats (that’s what I currently have, actually), Raisin Bran clusters, and Life. 🙂 I love cereal in general, but these are the ones I get the most.
    As for the Bachelor, I’m not watching, BUT I’ve been watching recap videos. LOL! So I feel as though I have stayed pretty up to date on what’s happening. 🙂
    Thank you for taking so many pictures and sharing them, so that we can all live the travel life through you! You capture everything so perfectly!!!

    1. Hi, Nicole! Ohhh good news is you cannot go wrong no matter where you go 🙂 Also traveling within the state is fairly cheap. If you wanted to do a couple days in SF followed by a couple days in SD it’s totallly doable!!!

      Aw I’m glad you enjoy these photos!!! What’s your go-to ice cream?! I just restocked last night hahah- mint chip & double chocolate brownie over here. Mmm. Already dreaming of some for later!

      Ooohhh GIRL we are cereal twins!!!! Chocolate mini wheats & raisin bran- mmmm! I actually don’t know that I have had Basic 4?! But since we have similar tastes in cereal I’ll be looking for some.

      Haha the recap videos are all you need to watch anyways- usually only a few highlights happen over the course of two hours so I’m sure you could easily keep up just watching those!

      Thank YOU for reading & leaving your awesome comments as always. Have such a great weekend! XO

      1. I never know how to answer what my favorite icecream is, because there isn’t an icecream I don’t like. HA!!! I will say that mint chocolate chip is a top fave of mine! I also LOVE anything that has a combination of chocolate and caramel! 🙂 Or course, then there’s coconut. Or brownies. Oh gosh, I just love icecream! Not a super fan of the fruity varieties though (cherry, strawberry, etc).
        Basic 4 has like dried fruit and almonds in it (although I feel as though that has gotten a bit skimpier over the years and now it’s more flakes than fruit and almonds. HA). It’s still really good though. I don’t get it often, but every once in awhile, I pick it up for a treat! 🙂

      2. Ahh SAME! And it depends on my mood too. I love mint chip, especially after I cry. I know that’s weird, but it calms me down haha. If I’m eating mint DJ will be like, “Rough day?”. hahah. I am with you on chocolate and caramel too. Ooo Basic 4 sounds so yummy! I NEED to find it- it has all the good stuff !

      3. That’s how I am with fuzzy socks… I’m randomly always barefoot in the house (even in the winter), but if Nate comes home and sees me wearing fuzzy socks, he asks me if it was a rough day. HA!!

  2. I have been so excited to read the posts about your big epic marathon weekend! Especially since you were an all-star super star. Loved all the photos in this post. Re: cereal, I just Today was reading a Breakfast blog that features what is called the Cereal Project. They are cataloguing every cereal ever made and you can vote for your favorites. Here are the current top 100’s. As for me, I just finished a box of mini- mini wheats. Before that, it was cinnamon Frosted Flakes.

    1. Aw that makes me so happy that you are excited about this trip! The Cereal Project sounds epic! I have to tell DJ about this- I can’t wait to check it out. Even just through this post I have learned of new favorites from others- have you heard of Basic 4? I have never tried it, but it looks delicious- it’s another blogger’s favorite. Oh yesss Frosted Flakes is absolutely up there for me too. YUM. I don’t know if I’ve had the cinnamon ones, but I need to . Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. We watched Game Night a month or so ago and it was funny! Definitely not winning any awards but it kept me entertained which is what I want in a movie. That’s so cool the hotel would bring a Keurig to your room. Talk about service!

    Bloody Mary’s aren’t really my thing since I don’t like tomato juice but the green one looks delicious! Plus it has grilled cheese which I love so you can’t go wrong. Also that food looks tasty…my mouth is watering and I’m still full from breakfast! So glad both your mom and Pete could join you for marathon weekend!

    That’s crazy you met two profs from your program! How weird would it be if you had them later on in it too. The world is so small.

    Okay I’m probably lame for this one but my favorite cereal Cracklin’ Oat Bran. It’s definitely not a “cool” cereal but I love it and it was my go to in college if I wanted a bowl of some cereal or needed to top yogurt. Definitely would take a baggie of it to snack on while studying too.

    1. Yess- that’s totally what that movie is- pure entertainment! I loved the tongue and cheek humor throughout it. I seriously have to finish it- I was at the scene where they discovered the neighbor set the whole thing up.

      The green one didn’t taste much like a bloody at all- more like a green juice! I bet you’d like it!

      Okay cracklin’ oat bran is not lame at all (anything cracklin’ can’t be lame!)!! I love anything oat bran- but I’m not sure I’ve had this cereal… I need to! I used to eat fiber cereal like that too- now that’s next level “not cool” hahah. But it’s so good & has so much texture, lol.

  4. I LOVE San Diego. I’ve only been there once to run the RnR marathon, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

    As far as the airport goes, obnoxiously early beats obnoxiously late every time.

    Frosted Mini Wheats aren’t my favorite cereal all alone, but I love to put them on top of another cereal, like Rice Krispies or Frosted Flakes. That way they stay on the surface and don’t get mushy or lose their frost. Clearly, I’ve thought this out haha.

    1. Isn’t it awesome?! I’d lovee to do that marathon sometime.

      Yes, agreeed. I actually love hanging out in the airport & you never know how long it will take to get through security & whatnot. Better to not risk it!

      Ohhh that’s a great idea to combine them! I always use way less milk than I usually do with other cereals to avoid the “mush”, but I like your solution-I’m gonna try that soon! I like topping my oatmeal with mini wheats (carbs on carbs), so I feel like that’s a similar concept too. Have a great weekend, Ralph!

  5. Mack, I am dying over how cah-ute that cafe is!!!!!! I could not imagine a more perfect place to enjoy a free birthday breakfast. I’m in awe over the decor, the sweet note to their patrons, and their coffee menu is insanely fun. Cofftea and Alexpresso both sound divine. I, too, would be all about a Keurig in our room! There’s something so fun about not have to shower or do anything before sipping on liquid gold. 🙂 You have such a wonderful eye for photography in my opinion, and I love the shots of your “friends” who joined you on the beach. I’m super excited to read your next recap! I just love your blog. <3 <3

    1. Isn’t it adorable?! You would just adore this spot. It reminds me of a place you’d find in Knox Vegas 😉 I was wishing I hadn’t had so much dang coffee before going, otherwise I would have had to try some! But alas, the in room Keurig won me over, cause I agree- liquid gold while getting ready is so nice. I usually get ready before having breakfast or coffee in the morning, but on vacation it’s fun to change up the routine.

      Aw thank youuuu! That means SO much to me. I have to be honest- since starting my food instagram I all of a sudden feel like my photography is so low quality compared to some of the others I follow- (chastising myself for the comparison!)…. but that to say this comment really encourages me. Thank you, Kori!!! xox

      1. Knox Vegas – I love that you said that! I sure wish a place like this would open here. We do have some unique gems! Oh I am the same with coffee that I can so easily make at the hotel. But then I probably would’ve ordered something and left all gittery but happy to my core. 😉

        I can get SO caught up in that comparison trap as well as fall pray to the imposter syndrome. But just know that your writing and photos are truly top notch PLUS they’re relatable! I love curated content but only to a point. Then it just makes me feel bad rather than inspired. ‘Tis a fine line. Keep on sharing your amazing posts! XO

      2. haha true- especially if they can make things decaf then I’m especially game!!

        Thank you SO much. You da bestttt. xoxo

  6. Ohhh and favorite cereal: it’s hard to choose, so my faves are plain shredded wheat, Grape Nuts (which you already know), and Cheerios of all flavors. I apparently have senior citizen cereal taste buds, but I go with it. Lolz

    1. LOL- we are the same though! One of my other favorites is the fiber one cereal, especially in yogurt it is really yummy. Oh, also, have you had Oatmeal Squares?!? Oh my gosh, that’s another favorite- I bet you’d love um!

      1. Oh those sound so good! I used to eat a cereal called Basic Four that I thought was amazing. I love combining cereals for different flavors and textures. Oatmeal Squares sound perfect! I love Chex, so I bet they would taste similar!

      2. Someone else just mentioned Basic Four! I put it in my notepad with grape nuts to look for next time I’m in the store!! too funny. Yess- oatmeal squares are similar to chex, but a bit denser and a little sweeter!

  7. As my niece would say about all of your food: it looks nummy!! Those birds are hilarious! I like how it turned its back on you. ha

    So cool that you met some potential professors!

    I think my favorite cereal is frosted mini wheats!

    1. Dawww! That’s adorable!!

      Yeah, that bird was like “nough of this!” . lol

      YAY! Mini wheats for the win always. Have a great weekend, Kaci 🙂

  8. Game Night really is such a funny movie!! I hope you have a chance to finish it because it’s so good! What beautiful pictures of San Diego! It looks like you all had a great start to your trip, and your hotel room looked so nice! Also, how sweet of your mom to come to every marathon. <3

    1. Right?! I neeed to finish it soon. I seriously had less than 10 minutes I think! I’ll have to wait until I can rent it for free somewhere or something.

      Isn’t it so sweet? Especially since I run them all over the doggone country haha.

      Thanks for stopping in, Courtney <3

  9. We love San Diego tooooooo! Those Bloody Mary’s were meals of their own!

    Beautiful sunset pics and thanks for the trip! It was nice meeting the parents!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Isn’t it such a fun place?!? I could go on allll day about my love for that city! Haha- the Bloody’s really were meals of their own- I’m glad my mom and I split a dish, no way I could have finished my own full entree!

      Thank you so much for sharing in this fun experience with us, Nancy & leaving such a sweet comment!

    1. hey, Shan! Aw, I’m so glad you enjoyed these pictures. I hope you can visit soon! You would just love it!!

  10. What a fun trip for you and DJ … that hotel sure was accommodating, even down to the printed card that asks if they missed something or could do more. Like being treated like a prince and princess. I loved the ice cream shop’s lights and wow the Blood Mary with the prawn attached. Different – a little creepy? I had to laugh at seeing the seagull and your reference to me – see, just like me, you think they are photogenic and this one was posing and hoping you would share something with it (and not just a sip of the Keurig coffee)! Those were great up-close shots Mackenzie and also a great up-close shot of the two of you with your toes in the sand. Glad you had a great time and it made your birthday more special and easier to hunker down and hit the books when you returned to reality again.

    1. They really were so accommodating- so sweet! haha- I agree- the Prawn did not exactly look appetizing- fun idea but execution? Not so sure! hahah. The little seagull was definitely posing- he was working his angles. lol. Thanks for sharing in this fun experience with us & your sweet comment!! xo

      1. That seagull would have really enjoyed that prawn … they should have come up with a lifelike-looking prawn and maybe it is filled with chocolate or even like a fortune cookie where you pull out the piece of paper. Have a good weekend Mackenzie – it is the end of a long week here with this snowstorm, then the Polar Vortex … sigh.

      2. Hehe- right?!? I love that idea! So ingenious! Oh man- sorry it’s still crazy weather there- I know it just recently was especially bad. Stay safe, Linda, and have a great week <3

      3. Thanks Mackenzie – enjoy that warmth there in sunny California. We actually got to 50 degrees yesterday and today, but we’re having an ice storm tomorrow – ugh. You were lucky for traveling at the holidays that it was not bad weather when you were in Ohio.

      4. I will enjoy for you! It was actually in the 40s today- pretty chilly for here, so you are beating us out! Oh man- I wish the ice storm wasn’t coming- hopefully it doesn’t cause any issues. Great point- I am so glad the weather wasn’t bad for the holidays, especially with all our flying/traveling… I don’t do well in inclement weather flying.. I’m very very thankful

      5. Well we made it through the ice storm … the weatherman said that the sleet helped keep the ice accumulation at bay … we got 1/16th of a inch of ice and a ton of accidents though this morning. It’s only February and usually all the icy mornings are in March. All kind of flight delays too. The 40s is really cold for you isn’t it?

      6. Oh my gosh! That kinda ice is definitely bound to cause some accidents 🙁 Yes, 40s definitely is really cold for us, so pathetic- I’ve become weak here!

      7. Yes, and we have it coming in tonight and tomorrow night again – I’m counting the days til Spring – 37, but that’s no guarantee either. 🙂

  11. It looks like you had just the best time EVER! The dessert looks AMAZING! I’m so glad the weather was good for you as well! Looks like it’s going to rain up that way this weekend! That’s insane you ran into people who might end up being your professors! Such a small world!

    1. Hi, Amanda! It really was so much fun! And that was just the first half a day! I have been really lucky with the weather for marathons- especially considering how crazy it is right now everyone. It could not have been more perfect!

      Isn’t it too funny? They were so friendly, I really do hope I get them as profs at some point! Thanks for stopping in & have the best weekend 🙂

  12. You have such a fun and exciting life! I love it!

    I’m a bit behind on the bachelor because I’ve been so busy but I was able to watch week 2 last night and hope to finish the rest tonight. Who are you rooting for?

    I very rarely eat cereal but when I do I like cookie crisp, froot loops, oreo os and pretty much all the little kid ones.Ha!

    1. Aww thank you, Emma!! That is so sweet of you to say- I feel the same about yours!

      I think I am rooting for Cassie, but I wouldn’t say there is anyone I absolutely love. How about you?!

      Lol- I love it! You have very similar tastes to my husband. Oreo Os are SO good! I just tried those for the first time last month!

  13. You are the pun queen, Mack! Twenty Yums, i love it hehe! Those birthday flowers are absolutely gorgeous, the colours omg 😍😍
    Wow San Diego looks beautiful, that roof top pool, the beach, the buildings! Even the photos are breathtaking, I feel a serious pull to visit now 😍 Wow. I wish to visit this year! NOW even haha.
    That’s crazy about those teachers… imagine if you do get them as your professors? That would be amazing huh! Please keep us updated! I’m very much looking forward to part two Mack ❤️

    1. Aw thank you, Jennie! That is the ultimate compliment 😉 I really hope you get the chance to visit sometime- I just love love loveee SD.

      I would be so excited to have them as profs someday- they were SO friendly. Thanks for stopping in and your sweet words, girlie. xo

  14. I’ve always wanted to go to San Diego! I think once we move and get settled into our new place, we’ll be able to start saving to travel more. San Diego is definitely high on my list of places I want to go to ASAP! I love all the pictures you took, it looks so fun and the food of course looks so yummy!

    1. Yayyy! I hope you get to visit at some point soon then 🙂 Girl, you cannot help but have the best time in SD! I cannot say enough goood about that city. Thanks for stopping in, Ashley! Have a great weekend!

  15. As always, your photos are phenomenal! I’m not a bloody Mary person but I’d totally eat the little grilled cheese off of one of them! Gosh, such pretty views! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip and the marathon!!

    I’m such a cereal fanatic! I love a small bowl of cereal as a snack and honestly like almost every kind. My top favorites are Fruity Pebbles, Raisin Bran Crunch, and any Special K flavors! Now I’m craving a good bowl of cereal haha.

    1. Hi, Emily! Thanks so much, girl. you are too sweet! The grilled cheeses were easily the best part of the bloodies 😉 Dang, they were tasty!

      Ohhhh good choices! DJ is on a Special K kick right now. I loved it in high school- I burned myself out on the strawberry flavor, but now am loving the fruit & yogurt! Thanks for stopping in & have the best weekend! xo

  16. Looks like such a wonderful time!! Oh my goodness that Cafe 21 looks incredibly. I desperately wished we had something like that in my little town in Kentucky. There are tons of places in Nashville I could go to though that are only a quick hour ride away.

    This post definitely made me hungry!! All the food looked soooo good!

    I am glad you had such nice time – good luck on your school work girl! You’ve got this!!!

    1. Hey, girl! Aw an hour isn’t too bad! That’s how it was for me when I lived in Marion, IN to get to Indianapolis- always made it such a treat though too.

      Thank you tons for stopping in & have such a beautiful weekend <3 <3

  17. I love this so much! Seeing your pics of Coronado remind me of our first time there and how seriously in awe we were of the hotel and the beach and the sweet little town. Love the post and the yummy eats (and drinks)!

    1. I thought of you guys when we were there! We were going to go to Snooze, but then we got these free entrees- next time, next time 😉

      Thanks for stopping in, Jess! xo

      1. Hehe- but I did hear they have a Snooze in Austin- which we will be going back to this summer- so we’ll check it out there for sure!!

    1. Hey, girlie! Thank you so much for stopping in 🙂 This was an unforgettable trip for sure. Aren’t the bloody marys just wild?! Have a great week ahead !

  18. Oh I love your bouquet of flowers Mackenzie!! That is funny you were in your own little worlds until you got to the airport for chit chat!! Its how it is with busy lives. I love your hotel nice lobby and room. The bathroom is also so nice. I would have taken the keurig option also! Cafe 21 has such cute decor and the food does look as good as you describe. Pity the hotel pool was so cold! Coronado looks to be a nice place! Love all the boats too. What an amazing hotel and grounds . It is good you can take advantage even if you are not a guest. Oooh I like the glass of red you were enjoying. The sunset is so pretty , what a memorable day for you all. I am not watching the bachelor , it has been a few years since I have really. I like OH’s made from post brand cereals, so good. Happy Superbowl Sunday, Terri xo.

    1. Hi, Terri! Life feels especially busy of late- oh so much going on. I can’t wait to share it all! We were thankful to have that time to hangout.

      Sitting outside enjoying that wine at Coronado was such a lovely moment- one I will treasure, just chatting with family enjoying a sunset <3

      Thanks for sharing in our little trip with us! Have a great week ahead, Terri 🙂

  19. Aww that was so cute for you & DJ have a little catchup over popcorn shrimp & wine at the airport. 🙂 The hotel you stayed at is sooo pretty! How nice that they were able to bring you a Keurig!

    I cracked up at your little Cafe 21 punnies. 😂 I would so love to try every single one of those bloodies, they sound so interesting & look absolutely amazing!! The food you guys ordered is making me drool, too… mmmm…

    That ice cream bench you two took a photo on is the cutest ever!!! & that’s crazy that you ran into your could-be future professors! Such a small world it really is. Can’t wait til I get to reading about your evening. Thanks for sharing your time & all these beautiful photos with us, Mackenzie!! ♡

    1. Hey, Hunida!! I love those little simple moments of just being together with no distractions- when we’re home it feels like there is always something we could be doing ! Oh, and I was mighty thankful for the Keurig- people don’t want to see my zombie self to get a cup in the lobby , trust me! Haha.

      Glad you appreciate my puns 😉 I think you might be the only one that isn’t freaked out by the prawn bloody in the comments 🤣🍤 gotta love unique things though, right?!

      Aww thank you ☺️ isn’t it funny? Seriously an entire coast away, running into future profs a table away! Thanks for stopping in and starting my morning off on a great note with your sweet comment 🤗 have a great day love. Can’t wait to read about your “weirdo” tendencies tonight hehe- I have it pulled up to read during Bachelor ! Woohoo!

      1. Aw yeah, nothing beats those simple moments! You two are just so darn sweet together. <3 & I feel ya, "but first, coffee" right?!?

        LOL I always love your puns, babe!! Why are people freaked out about the prawn? It looks freakin' delicious to me!!

        It'll be even crazier if you eventually DO have those profs. Keep us updated!! 😀 My comments have been going to spam all day and night but I am so happy it went through on yours. <3 <3 Hehe, woohoo!! Hope you enjoy the post!!

      2. Dawww! <3

        First coffee always!

        hahah yesss I love your love for good and unique foood!

        I will for sure! This did not go to spam - woooohooo!! <3 <3 xo

  20. That cafe looks adorable and the food and drinks look like a party themselves. 🙂 I’m long overdue for some sunshine and beachin’. I love the sound of waves. It looked so peaceful. It’s always amazing what a small world it is when you run into people in random places!

    1. Hi, Amy!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I hope you can get that Vitamin D fix soon!!! The sound of the waves has to be one of the most relaxing sounds on earth. So peaceful. (That and a fire crackle ;)). Have a great week!!

  21. I loved seeing all of your pictures. We are on snow storm #100 (or so it seems) right now and I just want to jump through my computer and enjoy that sun and delicious food!

  22. How cool!! Tha cafe looks amazing and that bloody mary delicious!
    Seriously the food you guys get always looks amazing! I’d love to try banana foster like that!
    Haha cuteeee seagull. I like to call them Steven. Steven Seagull. It’s a meme I saw years ago and can’t forget it lol..that sunset looks soo amazing! I haven’t seen one like that in a while.

    1. Ah yay! A Rossy comment- they’re some of my fave– shhhhhh! 😉 It was so much fun! I wish the bloodies were spicier (and stronger if we’re bein’ real, lol), but they were still good. And I’m cracking up at the idea of Steven Seagull– hahaha- I love it- definitely going to think of that every time I see sea a seagull now. Gotta find that meme!

      1. Omg yay 🙂 so honored! 😀
        I’ve never had a bloody mary before, so I cant comment on that haha. Would love to try one and eventually try a mimosa too lol
        Hahaha yeah that meme was unforgettable. If I find it I’ll send it to you through to DM on IG

      2. Yessss hahha. You either love or hate a BM, but everyone loves mimosas! Thanks for sending that meme- I literally lol just at the thought!

    1. Thank you soo much, Sophia 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Your comments are always so lovely and encouraging.

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