Adventurin’ in Austin!

Hey all! Another back- logged post coming at you!! This semester is just nuts- I’m so stinkin’ sad I’ve had to take such a big step back from the blogging community… but I do think October maybe will be a bit lighter ?! Anyways- have a great week ahead!

On July 15th we continued unpacking and studying. I was trying to catch up as much as I could after taking a full three days off from the books. It was a wonderful break, but also it was pretty tough to get back to it.

On July 16th I did a big Trader Joe’s trip. I found this Organic Sparkling Apple Cider which was quite refreshing and tasty. 🍏


In the evening I made us salmon, cauliflower gnocchi and asparagus. We are both obsessed with the cauli. gnocchi from Trader Joes.


On July 17th it was more studying. It was a rough day though. I kept feeling the need to get the whole DMV process rolling since we only had until the 31st to get it done. I had a hard time focusing, so I decided to just get all these logistics done so I had a clearer mind to study. In order to get my car registered and a license, I had to get my state emissions inspection done. When pulling out of our garage I was so focused on not hitting the car parked closely next to me that I backed my drivers side across a cement pillar. It destroyed my mirror and some of the body. I was soo angry at myself. It was one of those moments where I knew I was way too overwhelmed and trying to do too much in a short period. I called my mom in the parking lot of where you get the emissions checked and she kindly pointed out my car probably wouldn’t pass with a broken mirror. So scratch that (pun intended). I went to a nearby mechanic on the verge of a panic attack, thinking how badly I needed to get back to studying. The guy could tell I was overwhelmed, took me without an appointment, temporarily secured the mirror so it would pass the inspection and helped me order a new one for the cheapest price available. He called his friends over at a local State Emissions inspection spot and told them the scenario and that a new one was ordered so they didn’t fail me. It was the kindest thing in the world. I called my mom again after thanking her for the heads up and explained what happened after- she said, “That’s Texas for ya! We take care of each other”. It was so above and beyond of him.

Anyways, In the evening we enjoyed a four cheese pizza from TJ’s. It was really yummy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pizza from TJ’s & they have so many options!


July 18th-19th was study/unpack/study. DJ did meet up with some friends that he worked with back in CA that were visiting for dinner. I wish I could have joined but I had a mound of assignments to get to. He did find a cool little spot called The Lost Lei that he said we’ll have to go back to sometime! During one of those days I went to the DMV and sat with Smalls for over three hours waiting to get my new Texas license. I also made a trip to HEB to pick up some more essentials. I love HEB, especially now that I know how to navigate it. The prices are awesome, and if there are coupons available for items they will be right in front of them on the shelves. You just grab one and take them to check out. It’s saved us a lot already!


July 20th was more of the same, but we did treat ourselves to our first meal out since moving to Texas! Yes, it took us nearly a month to actually eat out (except for our one small, quick meal at Cane’s).


We chose to try out Torchys Tacos. This is a popular Austin Taco staple and one of the most frequently recommended spots for us to check out.


They have several locations all over the city, but the one downtown was within walking distance so it made it easy peasy. I love how accessible downtown is for us– definitely will save us a ton on parking in the long run.


They have tons of options on their menu, something for every dietary preference! Their tacos are individually only about $4.50 a piece so we ordered several different ones and their Green Chile Queso and Chips.


It was probably the best queso I have ever had. I think it was my favorite part of everything I tried. It is addictively delicious 😋 – I barely could leave room for my actual tacos haha.

DJ ordered the Trailer Park with fried chicken, the Democrat with barbacoa and Crossroads with smoked beef brisket. He loved them all and said he couldn’t choose a favorite.


I ordered the Independent with fried portobello mushrooms and the Mr. Pink with seared ahi tuna. I expected to prefer the ahi tuna one more, but it was a bit too salty and saucy for me, where the Independent was the most amazing blend of flavors!


Their margaritas are delicious too!

After, we decided to walk around and explore the city a bit.


I just adore the character of this city. I will discuss all my thoughts on my first impressions of Austin in a separate post!


So pretty pretty.


On July 21st for dinner I made a zucchini pasta with turkey meatballs for DJ and I just ate a portion without the meatballs. Not pictured- garlic bread on the side. Mmm !


July 22nd for lunch I made a salmon salad with tzatziki. Such a perfect summer lunch!


For dinner I made us “chik’n” from Lightlife, corn, and brown rice for dinner. DJ is fully on board the “Chik’n” train too. I appreciate how open he always is to trying my vegetarian meals!


Even though I had to work on school assignments through the whole evening we did put on Bach in the background.


July 23rd I worked on submitting my clinical request form and DJ helped me take a head shot for my application. I also got my annual TB testing done for clinicals. We sold our big couch since it wouldn’t fit in our new apartment and dropped it off to the buyer. It was a pain in the BUTT to get out the door- but it feels good to have it off our hands. Back story with the couches: We got basically the cheapest ones we could find at Big Lots when we lived in Indiana for our first town house, and planned on reselling them at the end of the year- but fell in love with them so have had them since. We still have the smaller love seat so it’s perfect for just the two of us.

On July 24th we had leftovers in the evening as well as a caprese salad.


July 25th I made DJ some tacos he was craving & I enjoyed my massive garden salad.


July 26th it was study, study, study. I went to Starbucks for a change of scenery and took along a Quest bar. I tried the Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut for the first time, it was fine, but I still prefer the Cookie Dough or S’mores flavor most.


I remember that day being kinda emotional and stressful. I worked hard studying all that day and then on July 26th I told DJ I needed something to look forward to to stay motivated that day. We decided to see Toy Story 4 in theaters that evening. We actually had chipped away at the first three Toy Story’s in the evening before going to sleep, so all of them were fresh in our minds and made us even more stoked to see Toy Story 4! Better yet, we had two movie coupons so it was a free date night (minus the sodas we picked up).


This was one of the cozy theaters with the reclining chairs! We will definitely have to go back. I usually have such a hard time sitting through a couple hour movie, but it was much needed to turn my brain off.


We really enjoyed Toy Story 4! It was so cute. I had no idea how they were going to make a fourth after the full-circle ending of the third, but we think they pulled it off! I told DJ we need to go movies more often.

July 27th was another full day of studying (sorry, I sound like a broken record!), and since we were getting low on groceries we decided to eat something quick within walking distance. Many people have suggested Home Slice down here, especially because they know my obsession with a good NY slice.


We were going to just eat at the restaurant, but since the wait was over two hours and it was already 7:45 we decided to just go next door to their “More Slice” Slice House to pick up to-go slices. The slice I mainly wanted to try was the white pie & spinach, and it was a special they had- love it when that works out!!!


Here she is in all her beauty!!! It was phenomenal. This was one of my favorite slices of pizza I’ve ever had. In CA it was really hard to find good pizza, and when we finally did (At Capo’s), it was sooo darn expensive. This $4 slice is somethin’ of my dreams. I knew I loved Austin upon the discovery of this slice of pizza. 🤣


We also tried their Marg which was fantastic. DJ tried their pepperoni, but I think the consensus is to get their white pie if you ever go. But also, you can’t go wrong.


We walked around South Congress after. It has a retro, funky, yet hip, vibe. I think it’s my favorite part of the city. Next time we’re there I’ll take more pictures to give you a better idea.


On July 28th I went on my first run outside and discovered an amazing running trail that goes for miles! While it was hot, it wasn’t as bad as expected. I do go through sunscreen like it’s going out of style now. Also, while this pic of a bat under the bridge may be cool, the smell under that bridge is gosh awful. I have to hold my breath every time I run under it- who knew bats could stink so badly?!


I adore this trail though. It snakes along Lady Bird Lake and is easily accessible from our apartment without driving. I have put in quite a few miles on it since discovering it. It actually reminds me of the Towpath back in OH which adds a comforting “home” feel. I was worried about giving up my walking path back in CA because it was such a therapeutic part of my day, but this is 10000% better.


This feels long enough so I’ll wrap it up here. Even though the whole first month was insanity and chaos and stressful, the transition was all-in-all smooth! We no longer have obnoxiously loud upstairs neighbors (I could cry tears of relief, truly) and the city just exudes this vibe of excitement and fun. Can’t wait to share more!


Question for you:

  • Have you seen any good movies lately?

xo <3

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87 thoughts on “Adventurin’ in Austin!

  1. DJ is my food brother. He seems to order everything that I would order!

    I haven’t seen a movie in quite a while, but I’ll go see the Joker movie when it comes out. 🙂

    1. haha, you are so right!! I think y’all have the same taste buds. He certainly puts up with some of my more odd meals though… as long as I make him Tacos on Tuesdays, lol.

      Ohhh I am so drowned in my books I didn’t even know there was a Joker movie out- how was it?!

      1. Yesss!!!! What else is there to eat on Tuesdays, really?

        Ok can’t wait to hear!

  2. I wish I could give you a giant hug!!! While my graduate program did not seem as intense as your’s, I can recall feeling frazzled, spent, exhausted, but motivated and wanting to see a light at the end of the never-ending study tunnel. You have such determination, and I admire your diligence! It would be easy to get distracted or put off studying, but your work will pay off immensely.

    Girlfriend, do you recall when I ran my Prius off the road into an awful ditch when Matt and I toured a home last year? (Have I said how much I now dislike the home search? Ha. We’ve put it on hold, and my sanity is so far better for it). Matt was behind me and witnessed it all. I felt like a moron! But in my defense, the owner (husband and wife) said how he had done the same thing twice when they moved into the home. I wanted to slap him and ask why they never fixed it. ANYWAY, all this to say that ish happens!! So grateful that your mom could steer you (heh heh) into the right direction and that the mechanic was so thoughtful!

    Give me those tacos please and thank you! The tortillas look marvelous. Also, that pizza. Drool-face emoji x two. 😉 I am so excited to read your thoughts on Austin! I haven’t been in forever but would love to visit again. One day!

    I hope you can have a great week and weekend ahead! xo

    1. Aw Kori!!! You are the greatest <3 I have been in a real FUNK without blogging. I never realized how important it was for my own mental health, so popping in here and reading this comment just automatically has put me in a better mood. I'm treating myself to one of your posts tonight because the withdrawal is REAL. Thanks for empathizing with me <3 It reminds me that this isn't forever too & it really will be worth it!

      Oh my gosh, I think I do remember that- lol!!! It makes for a good story though, doesn't it?! Makes me feel better I'm not alone in that- and I giggled out loud to your steering pun. hahah. I still haven't topped my mom who rear-ended my step-dad's car on their way home from pre-marital counseling! LOL. Although... I did knock over DJ's family's mailbox when we were dating. Whoopsies.

      Aw this reminds me, I need to finish that post on our first impressions of Austin soon before I forget them! What brought you here last time?

      Thanks for reading, Kori! I miss our convos, your posts and chatting soo much. Hope you are having a great start to the weekend ! <3 <3

      1. I’m so glad I could help, & your comment truly made my heart happy! I know what you mean about blogging helping with our mental health. I just love the connection it provides.

        Such a great story! 😂 Lolol I’m trying to up my pun game! Oh gosh! Welp, they still got married, so it couldn’t have been too bad, ha! Maybe they needed a new mailbox, & you were just helping give them the nudge. 😉😂

        Our oldest half sister (we aren’t in communication now) lived in Austin, & we visited in 2007 & then in 2009 when she got married. It was such a fun area but I know has only grown since then!

        I miss our convos too! But as you said, your hard work & determination will truly pay off when it’s all complete. ❤️❤️

      2. Exactly!

        Ohh I don’t think you even need to up your pun game- it’s on point!!

        Lol I like your thinking about the mailbox 🤣

        Ohhh I see!! Yes it’s boomed the last few years especially from what I’ve heard!


      3. Ahh thank you, girl!!

        I mean, some things happen for a good reason. Hahaha

        I’m absolutely certain it has! It’s such a hip, fun city.

  3. A mighty adventure indeed. Fascinating insight into the US for me, and the food looks great. Best of luck!

  4. As I was backing out of our garage one time, I destroyed the mirror on the passenger side of our car. I hit the garage on that side. It happens. Glad to hear yours was taken care of so quickly. The photos of the food always look great! 🙂

    1. AW, I’m so sorry that happened to you too– but does make me feel better I’m not alone in that!! Thanks for sharing with me — glad you enjoyed the food pics too 🙂 Hope you are having a nice start to the weekend!

  5. I’m so, so excited to see some of what you’ve been up to in Austin!! Go back for more Home Slice (they almost always have the spinach and white pie, it’s one of my favorites too!), and try the fried avocado taco at Torchy’s (it is SO good.)

    Kudos on how hard you work, and best of luck with all the studying! I hope you’re not stressing out too much, and am so glad you’re making time for things you love like eating out with DJ, and finding new trails to run. I’m impressed movies are stress relief for you, since I always feel like my head spins if I’m stressed while watching screentime, running through everything I have to do. Toy Story 4 was so super cute though!! I hope just the cuteness overload was encouraging!

    1. Hi, Taylor! I was hoping you would read this post- I thought you’d be proud of some of the progress we’ve made here 🙂 Although, it’s been put on hold the last month since school started. I have a couple more posts coming out soon with even more places we tried that you suggested too! My mom actually also said avocado taco is a must—- absolutely trying that next time!!

      Thank you for your encouragement! It’s greatly appreciated. This has been a bit of an insane semester, feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water, but I will say living here is awesome- I can’t wait till things lighten so we can explore more!!

      Oh my gosh, I’m the same way with movies usually!! I think I just wore my brain out that day to the point where I needed something that required zero thinking power!

      Thanks so much for reading. I hope you’re having a great start to the weekend!!

  6. Sounds like Austin is working out for you so far. Those tacos and pizza look delicious! I think I gasped when I read that it was hard for you to find good pizza in California…say what?! Haha! My fave is from Bravo’s pizza on the corner of Geneva and Mission.

    How convenient to have found such a nice running trail close to your place. Good luck with all that studying! I giggled at your candy corn comment on IG the other day.

    The last movie I saw was Downton Abbey all by myself and it was such a treat. Some people don’t like going to the movies by themselves, but I love it.

    1. Hi, Susie!!!! How are you, friend?! Oh my gosh- darn, I missed that gooood pizza!! Bravo’s is definitely on my list for next time.. that and Cellar Maker’s. I went to a lot of the “hyped up” places that I think just didn’t quite live up to it (especially because they could be so darn pricy!).

      Hehe- glad you appreciated that– that reminds me.. time to restock on the candy corn, lol- tis’ the season.

      Oh I LOVE that you went to DA alone!! I mean… if you think about it.. it’s not like you talk to the other person at all during the movie or anything, so not too much of a difference anyway! How did you like Downton Abbey? I want to finish the series first, then watch the movie!

  7. Hi Mack (and DJ) love how you are now totally immersed in Austin- great job getting settled. I shared your post with my best online friend, who lives in Wales. We have a book connection and now we chat online all the time. She loves Texas, so I knew she’d love this post. Jessie Cahalin left a comment. Love to both of you! (no Porsche for you, haha.)

    1. LOL!!!! Your comments always make me giggle- yes no Porsche for me for sure- I wouldn’t trust myself with that- no way, no how!!

      And glad you enjoyed this 🙂 It’s a bit frustrating because we are SOOOO busy with school and have no time to explore what’s right outside our door. But patience is a virtue, right?, and I’m sure we’ll find time eventually.

      Aw I love that you know Jessie! What a fun connection!!! <3

    1. Hehe- thanks for reading, AJ! I miss reading your post tons. It’s so tough being away from the blogging community- but I hope you’re doing well. Have a great weekend ahead!!

      1. Aw thanks, AJ! It’s been a bit of a weird month with school- hardly anytime to do anything else (literally).. so I feel like I’ve been in a funk. But I’m taking tonight to catch up on comments and at least pop into a few people’s blogs for my own mental health- this community has been so pivotal in my life the last three years.. I feel lost without it. Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!!

      2. Oh that’s great you’re taking a mental health night:)
        Lately the only time I’ve been able to get to blogs is when I’m sitting in my recovery baths

      3. Oh that sounds so lovely!! That’s a really great idea!! I may have to try it out 🙂 although I don’t always have the best track record with electronics around water 🤣

  8. I LOVE kind people! The mechanic was so kind to go above and beyond to help you out. I’m dreading the entire DMV process to be honest. I’m just glad we have until the end of October to get it done since PA gives you 60 days if you move from a different state.

    Alex and I saw Toy Story 4 on a whim and it was so cute! I will say the marianets/puppets were creepy. It was definitely a good ending to the series. When TS3 ended, I felt like it was an ending but also opened up for another film since Andy dropped the toys off to a little girl. Now I need TS4 to come out on DVD so I can complete my collection haha.

    Isn’t it the best finding a good running trail in the city?! I was dying on the treadmill until I found a trail to run on and it’s life changing.

    1. He really was the BEST. I was blown away by his kindness. That’s so nice they give you 60- we only had 30! We ended up waiting over 3 hours… definitely make sure you have some reading material, lol.

      I agree– the Marianets were soo creepy. Aww I love that you have a TS collection!! Hope you complete that real soon 🙂 It’s been so great to be part of the generation that has been brought up with it.

      It really is!! You found a good trail now?!? YAY! It makes alll the difference. Hope you are SOO well. Gosh, I miss reading your posts. I resent this semester for taking me away from blogging. Have such a great weekend & thanks for reading Maureen!! <3

  9. Oh I’m amazed of your hard studying! And you know I’m praying for you…!

    I’m thrilled Austin is working out for you. And little by little it will feel like home.

    Car mishaps happen… this I know. And what a sweet guy for taking care of you!

    Keep on keepin’ on baby girl! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    1. Aww thank you, Nancy!!! I need all the prayers right now- so that means the world.

      Thank you for your sweet words & encouragement always! <3

  10. My biggest two takeaways from this post are the Texas congeniality and how you overcame the problem from the car incident thanks to two nice Texans looking out for yours car and the next one would be Torchys Tacos. This place had the most-unique sounding names – they all looked delicious to me! All that schoolwork – I hope October is better for you as you mentioned. Finger crossed for you Mackenzie.

    1. Yesss they were so helpful!!!

      I will say the names of restaurants/marketing here is so unique and creative. It’s always a hoot to see the different slogans. I can’t wait to share more! Thanks for your kind words. Have a great weekend ahead, Linda!

      1. Thanks Mackenzie – well down home is big there and I like the congeniality too – I always feel like I was not meant to be a northerner as I have enjoyed knowing every Southerner I’ve come across; and, although Texas does not fancy itself as a Southern state, they have that congeniality thing going for them that I like,. Happy birthday to DJ – it’s tomorrow if my brain has not failed me?

      2. Aww I love that!!! I can see your intentional, kind, relational spirit would fit in so well here!!!

        And yes!! (You were correct if my math didn’t fail me hehe). You seriously have the best memory. Thank you so much- I will pass on the bday wishes to him! I hope you are having a good start to the weekend 🙂

      3. I like the congeniality – I really do. We were supposed to have rain today, but it arrived yesterday afternoon/overnight instead. We just finished a beautiful week of weather and I got out every day and got some long walks in – took alot of pics, but have not looked at them yet. We’ve been busy at work, so was glad for the respite to clear my head.

      4. I’m so glad you were able to get those long walks in too!! Dj has his first day off all semester and the weather is not great- go figure! We had plans to go skydiving , but guess we’ll be rescheduling! Hope you can squeeze in another walk soon 🙂

      5. I wondered if you’d both be off for the holiday since you have so much online work to do. Skydiving – how exciting Mackenzie. Well hopefully you can reschedule soon – at least you don’t have to worry about cold weather hampering your activities, just the pesky rain. We are having frost tonight and it was very cold out this morning, so I believe they’re right.

      6. We were able to do it! Can’t wait to share alls about it!!! Oh man already frost? Hopefully this winter won’t be too brutal!

      7. Great! You needed a little R&R. Yes, they are throwing around the “s” word for mid-week, maybe Halloween night. You know how they give the predictions for Halloween night for the anxious parents worried about getting the kids out for trick-or-treating.

      8. No no!!! Not on halloween! That’d be such a bummer for the kiddos- I really hope that doesn’t happen!

      9. It is supposed to be ugly with a capital “U” – a 24-hour rain turning into snow showers and very gusty winds. I doubt many kids will be out that night.

      10. I heard today that some fire stations in the area are encouraging people to drop off their candy and the kids can go there since it will be rainy and very windy and not a good night for little kids, or anyone, to be out and about (it would be “one-stop shopping” for them).

      11. Aww well at least they are thinking of alternatives!! It was even chilly here which I’ve heard is very unusual for this time of year

      12. I think the weather across the entire U.S. is crazy right now – nothing is normal. They had to cancel luge events in Upstate NY because of so many power outages from bad weather yesterday (severe wind).

      13. Oh man, that’s awful! Hope this craziness calms down soon. I feel like the last few years in particular have really picked up with the crazy weather.. so scary to think what it’ll be like in a few more years..

  11. I’m so happy you have found and fallen in love with HEB! Ugh I’m so sorry about the car trouble but thankful for some nice folks to help out 🙂 Austin and Texas are looking great on you so far girly 😉

    1. Hi, Shan!! Thanks so much for reading. HEB is awesome- actually just went there today 🙂 They have everything!! Thanks for your kind words!! <3 We love it here- just can't wait to have some time to explore more! Hope you are having a beautiful start to the weekend, gf!

  12. So glad that Austin is treating you both well! Hopefully October will ease up for you! The zucchini pasta meal looks absolutely amazing! I’ll have to search for a recipe! Gosh, I had to go to the DMV recently and I had to wait 4 hours until I got out of there, and I showed up 10 minutes after it opened! It’s just the worst, really. Hope you have more time to relax with the hectic semester going on, Mackenzie. Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi, Stephanie!! we do love it here- just wish we had more time to explore everything that’s right outside our door!

      I wish I could share a recipe with ya- but I literally just through a bunch of zucchini, cheese, garlic and tomato sauce in a pot haha. Hope you find one that turns out super yummy!!

      AHH I feel your pain with the DMV too- we both almost waited 4 hours when we went too. So frustrating. Thank goodness that’s over for all of us!! Hope you are having a great start to the week and a nice start to your Autumn! So appreciate you reading 🙂

      1. Welcome back for a bit, Mackenzie! That’s wonderful that you all love it. I hope you get more time to explore!

        That’s okay, it sounds like the way I make recipes sometimes and just throw a bit of something together! Haha. It looked super yum!

        I think that’s the one thing I dread about moving. The packing and stuff doesn’t seem to bother me like the DMV does! Thanks, you too, Mackenzie! I hope this month treats you well in your studies and festivities! ♡

      2. Thanks, Stephanie! I hope we get more time to explore too. We haven’t had a date night since August- it’s been quite the stretch haha- but hopefully this is the craziest semester for the both of us and then we can see more of what Austin has to offer 😍

        Ohhhh I 10000% agree about the DMV. I’d prefer packing 100 boxes over a single hour there. I hope you are doing so well and having a great start to the weekend, dear friend 💞

      3. Oh goodness. it was a long overdue date night for you all! Hopefully it’ll ease up soon because there seems to be a ton to explore in the city! Haha, but certainly glad that awful experience is behind us now! I hope your weekend was super! 💙

  13. Hi Mackenzie!! So happy you were able to take a break & post this backlogged update for us. <3 I hope you are not stressing yourself out too much. I am so glad to hear you were still able to pass your Emissions test & get the mirror ordered right away, that's so important & it truly was so kind of that guy to do that for you.

    I have heard so many good things about HEB. I so wish I could shop at one! How convenient that the coupons are just right there for everyone… every store should do that!!

    How awesome that you are within walking distance of downtown. The city looks beautiful! You so deserved the movie theatre night & what a plus that they had the reclining seats! I'm so glad you enjoyed TS4, I can't wait to watch it! Those NY style pizzas look fantastic, white pie spinach def sounds delish!! I knew you'd find yourself a new lovely trail to run, the photos you captured are beautiful. Sorry about the stinky bridge though lol. I'm so happy to hear the transition was all-in-all smooth & yay for no loud neighbors!! Thanks so much for catching us up even through all the studying, you're doing amazing, babe don't stress yourself out too much!! <3

    1. Hi, Hunida! Thanks so much for reading <3 This semester is just nutzo, but I do hear it's one of the most challenging, so I think it should be uphill from here!!

      That guy was a literal angel that day to do that!! I was sooo grateful for his kindness.

      Isn't it a brilliant idea with the coupons?! Love it!

      the irony is as I read this comment, our neighbors are being SO loud hahaha. But it's an anomaly for them- they're usually great so we're not too concerned. (plus it's the weekend). Nothing my noise cancelling headphones can't fix 😉 Thank you for your sweet words- they really warm my heart <3 Have a great weekend, beautiful!

      1. Ah yay! So happy to hear it should be all uphill from here. 🙂 I am so proud of you! <3 & yess! So brilliant with the coupons because it's so easy to forget them at home and/or to download them on your phone! LOL sorry your neighbors were loud but, glad you have those headphones & that it's an anomaly. 😀

        Hope you had a great weekend, too!! Thank you!! <3

  14. Torchy’s looks mouth-watering!! It looks like Austin has lots of cool things for you to explore!! It appears to have lots of character. I ended up watching Always Be My Maybe. It was so hilarious that when I traveled down to Florida, I had my mom watch and then we replayed the Keanu Reeves scene for my dad and laughed some more.

    1. Austin is such a fun city- can’t wait till we can explore more!

      Ahhh. I am so glad you enjoyed it, Amy!!! Such a cute and funny flick. Hope your weekend is off to a nice start 🤗❤️

  15. I’m sorry about your mirror! That was awesome of the guy to help you out with ordering one and calling ahead for you. I’ve experienced nothing but awesome people when I’ve been to Texas so that totally makes sense to me that they took care of you! As for those feelings of being overwhelmed, trust me, we’ve all been there when it comes to grad school! Just remember you’ve got this and no matter what you’re doing amazing!!!

    1. Aw thank you, Pamela!!! People in Texas are the best! I’m glad you had a similar experience too 🙂

      Ahhhh I have thought about you through all this- and remember how challenging some of those semesters were- it’s encouraging to know that its temporary and thank you for your encouragement . I hope you are doing so well! 💞

  16. I am so glad you’re settling in to Austin! Your Torchy’s spread looks amazing…I need to check out the tacos you got and that queso the next time we’re close to a Torchy’s!

    1. Thank you so much, Jess!!! Do you have any recs for us? I know you guys visited a Mexican spot here last time- but I can’t remember the name. I know there was one spot you weren’t super thrilled with too that we should avoid 🤔 I need to hunt down that post!!!

  17. Aww you are such a busy bee Mackenzie ! It is hard to fit it all in. I am sure it was hard getting back into studying. Oooh That salmon looks tasty with the cauli and asparagus . Aww I am so sorry to hear about your car experience. I hope you can put it in perspective and move on. That guy was very nice , and your Mom let you know what it means to be a texan. I know you will fit right in with how nice you are! I am glad you got study time in at the DMV ! It is nice you got to eat out finally. Oh my that taco place looks amazing and is making me hungry ( thanks Mackenzie!!) Those downtown buildings are so pretty, better in person i’m sure. It is a pity you had to sell your couch, and I know they are a pain to move ! Glad you enjoyed TS4 ! And its good to see you put your feet up and relax away from books !! I love pizza by the slice. yours looks yummy! The running path is very nice , good to get back to nature . I am glad you got away from your neighbors , do not send them a Christmas card or they will be on the move to Austin ! I have not seen a new movie in a while, but watched National treasure with Nicholas Cage last night. Have a great day Mackenzie, Terri xo.

    1. Thanks, Terri! I am hoping to do a big grocery trip either today or tomorrow because I’m craving that cauli again!! I am so thankful to have had such kind people help me through that whole ordeal ❤️ that movie night was so needed! Hopefully we can do it again soon! LOL!!!! The Christmas card statement made me laugh 🤣 ohhh national treasure is an oldie but a goodie! Thanks for reading 🙂

  18. Omg so kind of the guy to help you with your broken mirror!
    All those tacos look amazing but damn! $4.75 per taco seems like a lot? Lol maybe its because they’re more high end looking? Lol
    I’ve had meatless nuggets before and loved them I definitely need to try more meatless chicken options out there like the one you made here. Alex has also been more open to my meals as well. Though I’m not completely vegetarian, he does seem more willing to eat the same meals with me now lol.
    I didnt get to see Toy Story 4 in theaters but we did just rent it from redbox over the weekend and i totally loved it! What a cute movie, I was a bit skeptical on how they would extend it as well but I think they did great.
    Omg the white pie with spinach looks incredible! Pizza is my fave food of all time no joke I wanna try that!
    Wait. Bats actually live under that bridge?? no way…
    Movies I’ve seen lately, besides TS4, we also rented A Dog’s Way Home as requested by Ciel lol. Loved the movie even though it was pretty predictable lol.
    I hope you are doing great! I’m currently catching up on reading everyone’s posts.

    1. well i will say for the tacos that they are a generous serving! So at least they fill ya right up!

      That’s awesome Alex is opening up! I feel like you just have to introduce a couple vegetarian/vegan things and once someone realizes “hey, this is actually good” they will be more willing to try more moving forward!

      AH YAY!! I am so glad you were able to see it through Redbox. I agree with you 1000%- I was pretty impressed!

      I’m not even kidding— I probably think about that white pie pizza once a day, lol. It’s sooo stinkin’ good!!

      Oh yes! The bats are a thing here. People gather on the bridge at dusk to watch them swarm and fly out. We’ve seen it happen a couple times- I’ll share pics in a post !

      Aww that movie sounds so cute! Thanks for reading, Rossy ! Hope you are doing so well too 🙂

      1. Good to know. Will need to start my Austin list sometime soon lol
        Yeah that’s true. He also tried the vegan burgers from Carl’s jr and burger king and he liked them
        That’s interesting. We have loads of crows (a murder haha) here and lots of geese but I dont think we can compare that to bats haha

      2. hahah girl, you and me both- lol. I just hope this couple of years doesn’t go by and we find we’ve done hardly anything! But at least we have breaks hopefully we can take advantage of.

        Wait- I did not know they were called a murder! hahaha. Why is that so appropriate for crows of all animals. Too funny.

      3. the years will go by fast, you’ll see!! i hope you are so taking advantage of those breaks for good, I have seen a few of your stories on insta, hope all is good!
        Hahaha really? LOL I laughed so hard when I found out they were called a murder haha I even started looking up names for different herds or flocks based on each animal, I have forgotten them by now but some are to funny

      4. Thank you!! We have a big one coming up in about a month and I cannot tell you how much I am counting down!!

        That’s so interesting!! I didn’t realize there were many names for a flock of different things… I am curious what else there is now haha. Oh, the things you learn! Hope you are having a great week <3

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