The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Ok- Yes, this blog is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are gonna get! And today you get a big ole’ hard boiled egg. I know making hard boiled eggs seems like one of the simplest things on planet earth to make, but there is a science behind getting the BEST hard boiled egg. I have had several people that have stayed with us ask how I get them the way I do, so why not share a post about it? That’s what this thing is for right? Share all the tips/tricks/thoughts/things that start with T.


  1. Boil your water. Bring a big pot to a heavy boil. DO NOT put your eggs in before it starts to boil! Very important.
  2. Add your eggs one by one with a slotted spoon.


3. Wait until the water comes back to a full boil, then set the timer to 10 minutes.


4. Once ten minutes is up, drain the eggs in a strainer gently.


5. Allow them to sit until they are cool enough for you to pick them up. I usually give them about 15-20 minutes.

6. Rinse them with cool water.

7. Put them back into the container. This allows the heat that is still in the egg to create condensation on the inside of the egg under the shell, allowing for easy peeling off of the shell when you are ready to eat them.


When it comes time to crack open that bad boy, just crack the shell all around and it will slide right off.

Ta-da! You have the best hard boiled egg of your life. ENJOY!


xo <3


27 thoughts on “The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

    1. No way!!!! Isn’t that too funny? I have had so many moments like that where I’ll need to use a certain ingredient up or be thinking about something and then someone posts about it! Oh life’s irony. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Have a great day with the little ones!!!!

    1. Haha I got you, girl! 😜 and I usually say 1 and a half weeks, but most people would probably say just one. Butttt I push it sometimes 😝

  1. Hahah, girl I got you 😜 And for us they can last about a good week and a half. Now – most people would probably recommend no more than a week, but from my experience they are fine for a bit longer. 😊

    1. Hahah, well it is honestly hard to actually make a hard boiled egg wrong, but we take them too seriously round here 😂 Hope your week has been great Miriam, I have your most recent post bookmarked to read soon! Can’t wait 😊

      1. Woo-hoo. I have to tell you a story Mack. Yesterday my daughter came inside horrified because she’d been down to collect the chickens eggs and they were squashed and smelly. Definitely not hard boiled! And underneath the smell was a growing best of maggots! How disgusting is that! 😝

      2. Oh yuck!!! The joys of nature, right?!? 😂 Poor girl- she is probably never going to want to eat eggs again lol.

    1. See that is what I had always heard too (about submersing in cold water), but then I tried just doing room temp, then allowing them to sit in the shells and realized how well it worked! Hope it works for you too 🙂 <3 Also- I'm so sorry I haven't responded to these comments! They got placed in my spam for some reason? AH! I'll be on the lookout now 😉

    1. Hahaha, can you tell I was (am) unemployed to have the time to post about hard boiled eggs?! LOL. Let me know if you see the difference 😉

  2. I’m so glad I found this today! I’m making hard boiled eggs and it’s always hit and miss with the ways I’ve tried. Thanks for the tip!

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