Sears Fine Food & The Wave Organ!

Let’s just drive right in- shall we?!

Sunday September 9th, DJ and I woke up early, had breakfast, and headed to SF to go to Church with his twin sister, and my SIL Amy!

Before leaving I had avocado “toast”, but we were out of bread… so in light of Savings September I used leftover rice cakes that have been sitting in the pantry.


We went to the 9:30 service at our SF location, then after went to a bucket list place- Sears Fine Food!


This place is located right across the street from the Sir Francis Drake hotel where Kels and I stayed when she visited. I have had my eye on this gem for a while- especially because they have famous Swedish pancakes.


I lol-ed when I saw this written on the menu under Melons “We thump each and every one” haha. I just thought it was funny they included it.


DJ got the eighteen (yes, eighteen!) pancakes so we all could try a couple. They were sooo good, you guys. We agreed they are probably the best pancakes we’ve had in the Bay so far (especially with the lingonberry jam on them- holy cannoli guaca-freaking-mole).


Amy and I both had omelettes!

img_4326I even think the omelette and hash-browns were some of the tastiest I have had in the Bay. I usually don’t frequent a place twice because there is such a wealth of restaurants to try out- but I would go here again in a heartbeat. I think this might be my #1 breakfast spot I’d recommend to people visiting the City!


Even the wait staff was super friendly. They brought Amy and I coins to use in their slot machine on the way out.


We didn’t win anything- but it was so fun, and reminded me of when I was a child and would ask my Dad or Mom for quarters to play the “claw” game at some family owned ma-and-pa joints back in the midwest.


We decided we still had a tiny bit of time left after to knock out one more thing on the list! We headed toward the golden gate and Crissy Fields area to see the Wave Organ.


The organ is built into the jetty and in the water. It makes music with the waves. We didn’t hear anything when we were there, but it may be because we weren’t there at high tide.


Still pretty cool to see!


Love this picture of DJ and Amy


In the afternoon, I went on a nice long run outside before buckling down to do school work for the evening.


On Monday September 10th, I received a whole new round of assignments for the week. You know what this calls for? Peets!

I woke up early, walked on the treadmill as I read my chapters and then walked to Peets to gear down and watch lectures.


I packed some snacks to take along like a no cow bar and a yogurt and then at about 4 pm in the afternoon headed home.

I went for a nice walk to clear my head then made dinner.


In the morning of September 11th, I had Fage yogurt and frozen grapes to start the day (thank you, Kori, for this combo!). I did Insanity, then buckled down on more schoolwork.


I had the same ole’, same ole’ snacks and food through the day, but in the evening I got a second hungry wind, craving something salty. I decided to make some sweet potato fries- they hit the spot!


In the morning of Wednesday September 12th, I had Ezekiel bread, yogurt, raisins, and nuts with my coffee to start the day. (I found some Ezekiel bread I forgot was in the freezer! Woohoo!)


I went for a run in the morning and saw the first signs of fall!


Look at this beautiful lil’ guy!


In the afternoon I got my hair did. As much as I love my bright blonde, it’s hard to keep up with. I decided to go back shorter and a more natural balayage so I can go a longer time without getting my roots touched up. Even though we are in Savings September, I consider this an investment since I won’t have to bother with my hair for a long time after this!


When she finished it was REALLY dark. Like too dark for what I’m used to. I asked if there was anyway to brighten it up just a touch- cause I didn’t want it to be 100% brown (I have some blonde naturally).. so she washed out the color and then toned it. It was the longest I have ever been in a salon- 6 hours. SIX. I thought I was gonna pass out from hunger. Good thing I took my study materials with me.

I will post a pic soon!

It’s taking some getting used to, but DJ says he prefers it to my bright blonde, which makes me feel better <3

But like I said- I was SO hungry. I decided to make my favorite massive go-to salad: a kale blend with tomatoes, red onion, beets, peppers, multi-colored carrots, mushrooms, hummus, and a Morningstar black bean burger (slightly overcooked so it tastes like croutons 😉 ) topped off with balsamic vinegar. I literally ate massive carrots as I was making the salad and bites of a protein bar and probably some Smartfood popcorn, lol. It’s a wonder and a half that I stopped to grab a picture!


This is getting a bit long so I’ll stop here for now before recapping the weekend 🙂

xo <3

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77 thoughts on “Sears Fine Food & The Wave Organ!

  1. Hi Mack! I just wanted you to know I’m on vacation for 3 weeks so I won’t be blogging. Take good care of yourself. 💜 Glad you got a good run in before school. I’m in Jerusalem!! Blessings, Debbie

    1. Hi, Debbie!!! Have such a wonderful time 🙂 I hope you have a safe, restful, and beautiful vacation. Jerusalem is on my bucket list- I can’t wait to hear how it goes ! Thank you for stopping by to let me know! XO

  2. Lol I have one week a month where I don’t grocery shop- helps to keep my cupboards cleaned out:)
    I always eat my avocado smashed on rice cakes too:)

    1. Yessss so necessary or else it just accumulates! It feels good to use everything up!

      Isn’t it tasty?! My favorite is Dave’s good seed bread, but these rice cakes added such a nice crunch!

      1. I make a hearty oat bread and I like it on that. I also do a lentil breakfast bowl with avocado that’s good:)

      2. Ohhhh you make it by scratch?! Gosh that sounds so good!!! YUM! Do you have a recipe for the lentil breakfast bowl?

      3. I love her recipes! They are easy and yet so good! When I make them, no one complains that my food is gluten free and dairy free

      4. Those are the best! I am alll about the ease haha. I have found that often when I even make vegan meals people can’t even tell the difference!

  3. I use rice cakes for avocado “toast!” I really love it! Your breakfast omelet and pancakes look delicious!!! I laughed a little at the melon comment too.

    1. It’s so tasty, right?! Love the crunch with it 🙂 the pancakes were probably the best I’ve tasted. So good !

      Hahaha I read it a few times- it caught me off guard 😂😂 hope you are having a great weekend, Shannon!

  4. 6 hours at the salon?! Dang girl! I don’t think I’ve ever been at one longer than an hour. I also don’t color my hair which helps. It was so smart you asked her to fix the color. There’s nothing worse than being unhappy with something when you could have had the chance to make it right. Can’t wait to see how it looks!

    The salad looks delicious! How was the black bean burgers? I’ve been wanting to try them but am soooo hesitant about it. I’m afraid they won’t have any seasoning to them.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday 🙂

    1. Yeah it was a mess. I was SOO glad I brought my study materials otherwise I would have been freaking out.

      You have such beautiful natural hair- don’t ever touch it! It’s such a rabbit hole- and seriously I’ve had identity crises when it turns out bad- one time I wanted to go back to more natural and my hair looked BLACK! I literally didn’t even know who I was anymore 😅 goooood times .

      Anyways! I LOVE the black beans burgers! They are from morning star- the chipotle ones. I overcook them a tad so they are a little crunchy and add them to salads like croutons by crumbling them (but high protein croutons!). So gooood!

      You too, girl!

      1. It went black! That’s nuts! Thank you so much for complimenting my hair, so kind of you. Sometimes curly hair feels like a beast haha.

        You sold me at chipotle lol. I love spicy so I’ll have to check my grocery store for them!

      2. Right?! I was like what the heckkk.

        And ah I bet it’s harder to manage than I’d know cause my hair is pretty thin- but I’ve always thought your hair is so pretty natural!!!

        Yes!! I actually get mine at Target grocery section!! 🙂

      3. Aw thank you so much!!

        Ugh I wish I knew that earlier haha. I was at Target yesterday just browsing and killing time. Although I found the buy of my life so I can’t complain too much lol. Guess it just means I have to go back to Target, as if I need a reason 😉 Enjoy your Monday!

      4. Hahah- Target is always a reason in itself!!! We joke that it’s our second home. Tehe. What did you find?!?

      5. A KitchenAid stand mixer on clearance!! I’ve wanted so badly and no joke may have had a few tears at one point I was so excited haha

  5. Hahaha “we thump each and every one” I love that! 😂 The breakfast platters all look freaking fantastic! Yummo!

    All of the snacks you put together look healthy & so tasty! The little leaf really is so pretty & I’m looking forward to seeing your new hair!

    I always ask my boyfriend how the food is still there when he’s done cooking because if I were the cook, I’d be like you eating everything while I’m cooking hahaha!

    1. Isn’t that hilarious? 😂😂

      Thanks, girl! I’m still not loving it, the roots look almost red in some light?! Oh well! I’m not about to go back and spend more time or money to get it fixed! Ill still it out until December when it’s time to get them touched up anyway!

      Bahaha- I seriously eat every time I cook- usually carrots or chips- it’s not the best habit of all time 😅

      1. I bet you & your hair loook amazing, Mack! Your cute little face could pull anything off. <3 Plus, red is perfect for the fall. 😉

      2. Oh and I keep trying to convince myself of that too (that red is made for fall!).. we’ll all just say it’s on purpose 😉

  6. Breakfast looks awesome and LOL about thumping melons! I am surprised your trees are already turning in California, but I think San Francisco area is quite chilly even in Summer so I guess they’d turn more quickly. I saw some really red leaves this week which I just posted some pics of a short time ago. The hair thing – oh yes, I’ve got long hair and highlights are usually at least two hours and now since I started getting these ugly and wiry gray strands I had to go to highlights AND lowlights. The highlights looked natural and Jill does a nice job, but sometimes I’ll glance at myself in the mirror and the darker brown from the lowlights just does not cut it – it looks unnatural to me. But … what are you gonna do – you don’t want gray and you don’t want one color. 🙂

    1. Isn’t that so funny? I laughed out loud when I saw that 😂😂

      SF has like a million seasons. It has like 5 springs and 4 autumns haha.. this will continue until late November!

      Oh I understand !!! It’s hard when you have an idea in your head but it doesn’t always translate. This time around I’m left with a weird reddish tint in my crown , but the bottom blonde is fine. I’m just gonna grin and bare it until December when I can get it touched up for holidays ! Thanks for sympathizing- the hair situation is a touchy tight rope, huh?

      1. I never realized SF had such strange weather until a few fellow bloggers mentioned the cool and damp conditions in August in SF … one said she used a space heater in her office sometimes to keep warm – I was amazed!

        The hair … well, I told myself that since I work from home and have my hair up in a bun to walk in the morning that not that many people notice but still …. I see it. The first time she left me with a wide streak in front of very blonde next to a darker street … she and her husband own the shop and they are so nice, I didn’t say anything, but did gulp when she handed me the mirror. In a month, I’ll have a hat or knitted headband on most mornings so it won’t be so noticeable..

      2. The thing that makes our weather so strange are the microclimates! So you can be in one place where it is 85 degrees and sunny, drive less than an hour and it’s in the 50s and cloudy!

        I’m sure it is still so pretty! I’ve been there with the gulp though- But I agree- nothing a nice cap can’t fix 🙂 I love wearing baseball caps all the time anyway!

      3. That’s quite a difference, but guess what … it was 38 in Ann Arbor this morning! They didn’t say it set a record, but 38! Hats work. When I took the bus for years when working downtown, I was in a hat by October 15th and usually through April 15th. You never knew if the bus wouldn’t come.

      4. That is INSANE! WOW. I remember those seasons from living back in Ohio- winter felt like it lasted majority of the year. I do miss the change of seasons though- not quite the same here!

      5. I’ve heard other people say that after they grew up with four seasons. I wouldn’t miss the snow – the cold doesn’t matter as I can bundle up (even though I do complain about it when it is bitter cold) but I don’t like driving in snow and ice.

      6. I’m with you- I was in a horrible car accident in high school after hitting black ice so I get a bit panicked when I drive in. It’s nice to not worry about it here for a couple years- it’s gonna be tough when we do move back eventually to re-adjust, but you do!

      7. The feeling of losing control of the car and going into a skid is something I fear. My first year driving, I was enroute to school (community college) and slid on some black ice and spun around three times and barely missed a ditch. I had a VW Beetle. Ever since then, I panic driving in snow/ice if I have to go out, yet I have never had an accident like you did. I can see how it would make you panic each time you got out in bad weather. I did not know you weren’t there permanently in SF … I’ll keep my fingers crossed it is permanent eventually, unless you or DJ’s grad school studies will take you to a better job suited to your respective degrees. I did my last two years of college at Wayne State University and took the bus to downtown Detroit, then a City bus to campus, then I worked downtown for many years … the bus stop was just two blocks away. No reason to drive any time and now I work from home. Hard for this leopard to change her spots!!

      8. Yes, me tooo 🙁 so scary! Oh my gosh- that sounds so terrifying too- I’m really glad you didn’t crash though.

        We definitely have a travel bug and although we LOVE LOVE LOVE SF, we would be open to a move if school/jobs take us there 🙂 We will probably move back to Ohio one day too (probably when time for kids) to be close to family.

        Hey, why change when something works?! I love that ! Saved a lot of gas money too!!

      9. You two are young enough to be flexible and are spending the best years of your life in a beautiful and hoppin’ place, so you’ll look back with fond memories if you don’t stay there forever.

        My friend Evelyn is open to going to other states when she finishes grad school next year, however, her husband is not. He is seven years younger than her and he wants to stay put. She’ll be 63 when she graduates. She is closer with his family than he is … he is adamant about not moving and she wants to get out of Richmond, Virginia. It will be interesting to see who wins out. She kind of just “assumed” he’d be willing to relocate as she will have the better (and better-paying) job. He is a residential painter and works for a small company. Oh well. You both will have graduate degrees – you will go far, but it is good to be by family when you raise your kids so they can grow up knowing family members, cousins, etc. The bus did work and I used the time to study as well while commuting.

      10. Aw, yes, exactly 🙂 We are truly just trying to take advantage of every moment- we are thankful we are able to be here even if temporarily!

        Oh man those types of convos can be a challenge for sure. I hope they come to some sort of agreement or compromise soon! Thanks for your encouragement, Linda <3

      11. You’re welcome Mackenzie – you two are young, as I said, so you have many opportunities – I think it will be tough for Evelyn and Tim deciding what to do – easiest thing would be to just stay put. Their only child, their daughter and new grandson live right there as well. My guess is they stay.

      12. Thanks so much for your encouragement and affirmation in our journey !! 🙂

        That makes so sense for her! I’m sure whatever she decides it will be for the best <3

    1. Girl, they were insanely good! Aww, thanks for sympathizing <3 I will share a picture soon- I am warming up to it!

  7. Ooo rice cakes is a great idea for avocado “toast”
    That is hysterical! But also so bad for my very ummm “angelic” mind! :p
    That food looks SO yummy! And those hashbrowns! I love when has browns are shredded! They taste SO yummy! Oooo saving this for next time I visit! That is so cute! I love good customer service! And I love how it evoked childhood memories!
    That is SO cool! I love that concept!
    Girl yasss!!! Peets for the win! All day every day and especially for those lecture which can be snore-worthy. I mean amazing! ;p
    I LOVE yogurt with fruit in it! SO yummy!
    Oh my avocado the ezekiel’s with nuts looks SO yummy!
    And girl I was on a run the other day and also noticed the first glimpses of Fall! SO bittersweet with all the leaves falling!
    Luckily my hair takes so well to blonde I have never spent that long at a salon (I think three hours tops but that was because she was cutting other peoples hair etc) And it is definitely an investment in yourself sweets! I can not wait to see pictures! I know you look gorgeous! <3

    1. I always go for a nice nutty/seedy bread for my avocado toast, but I forced myself to use up the rice cakes and they worked so well! Still prefer the bread, but I am relieved all those rice cakes are used up now haha.


      I agree! These were seriously some of the best hash browns I have ever had- so crispy and perfect and delicious!

      Baahahh yess! I go to Peets every Monday when I get my fresh round of assignments because it totally does make it way more bearable!

      I usually only spend three hours top too- this was outrageous. I seriously thought I was gonna pass out from hunger! It was crazy. Never. Again. I wouldn’t say I love it- but I am getting used to it. DJ says that he likes it better than bright blonde (but us blondes know how hard it is to stray away from the brightest blonde ever!).

      Thanks for stopping by, love! I know how busy you are <3

  8. Omg that breakfast food looks delicious! And the wave organ sounds so cool, I love the pictures you shared!
    SIX hours in the hair salon? Oh wow, that is an age!! You must have seriously been feeling restless sitting there for all that time, I get restless after two hours! Speaking of, I need to get my hair done. You’re right, keeping up with the blonde is such hard work. I’ve been thinking of going darker because it’s so much healthier too (I bleach my hair) but I love blonde! I am totally sure your hair looks gorgeous and would look great whichever color to be honest!! I look forward to seeing a picture of your new hair!!!!
    Also that picture of the leaf is too beautiful!

    1. It was just tooo tasty !

      I was sooo restless, I was just thankful I had my study materials or I would have really lost my mind.

      You could totally pull off anything! I look forward to seeing what you do 🙂 I will share a pic soon! It’s growing on me. You are soo sweet, thanks Jennie. XOXO

      1. Yes! I always take a book or something with me when I get to the hairdressers, it’s so boring otherwise! Thank goodness you could study, that’s a very productive way to use that time!
        Aw thank you Mackenzie! All i know is right now, I seriously need a trim 😂
        Ah i’m super excited to see the pic!
        You are so welcome! Xx

  9. What a fun time you all had! Your brunch looks awesome, and that water looks magical! The color is so beautiful.

    I’m so glad you like the yogurt + frozen grapes combo! I love it for the taste and for the fact that the grapes act like an ice pack by keeping the yogurt nice and cold. 🙂

    The photo of that leaf – all the heart eyes!!!

    I’m so sorry your hair appointment took so long, but I’m sure you are just stunning!

    Hope you’re off to a lovely start this week!

    1. It was just stunning!!! Every time I visit the city I have a new appreciation for it.

      hahah so true! the grapes are like little mini ice packs.
      Hope yours is off to a great start too, Kori 🙂

  10. I can’t imagine six hours in the salon! But at least you asked for what you wanted. I may go a little darker on my next appointment, but I haven’t decided yet. I love the bright blonde, but it grows so fast that three days later I’m like why are my roots so long.

    I can’t wait for fall. I’ve seen a few leaves changing colors, but none near my home. That little leaf had some beautiful coloring.

    1. It was awful.. but new developments… my hair officially turned red/pink and I have to go back tomorrow to get it fixed. I am never going back to this salon. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. Too much time and money to get a very basic blonde highlight… come on!

      And I feeeel you on the bright blonde- it’s so pretty, but just so hard to keep up with. you could pull of anything though!

      1. Oh No!! After my oldest was born, I tried to go light blonde and the woman obviously didn’t know what she was doing. It was orange!!! I hope they get it right for you! 💓

      2. Thanks so much, Amy! It has been an adventure…. it still isn’t totally out (the red), but it’s better. I can deal with it for now– I don’t think my hair can take much more processing at this point!

      3. They did give me my money back at least. Least they could do for me spending 9 hours total in a week in a half for red hair. HAHA

  11. What an incredible brunch and fun adventure! Too bad it didn’t make noise, but that’s pretty crazy that it can!

    That leaf is soooooo pretty!!!! Yay fall! My hubs gets so frustrated with leaves and wants to rake them up all the time, and I’m like nooooo leave them cause they’re so pretty! It’s a constant battle. teehee

    I can’t wait to see your hair! I’m thinking you should rock that updo on the regular. 😉 In all seriousness, you look so cute! I always feel like a pale scary looking ghost when I get my hair done and see myself in the mirror. hahaha

    1. I know, right!? I have to research best times to go. It’s crazy how it is literally built in and throughout the jetty.

      Awwww haha- I miss seeing falling leaves like that!! I haven’t lived in a house in years, but I do miss all the leaves and raking leaves as weird as that sounds!

      hahah- the updo is very 90s throwback. Since that time is coming back, I think I’d fit right in! teheh. Oh my gosh, no no I do too! (although I find it hard to believe you could ever look like a scary looking ghost). But I think the epic hairdo was just helping me out in that moment!! 😉

  12. Hi Mackenzie, the avacado on rice bread look very appetising too! Sears looks like an amazing place to go for breakfast. I cant believe you can order EIGHTEEN pancakes for a meal! (well I can because you said it now!) The omlettes look so good too. Its a pity you didnt get to hear the wave organ . Some fabulous pictures of the bay in the city by the bay! That is a great photo of DJ and his Sister. It is so nice they get to be in the same city together. Aww yes , Peets! I am sure it is a great go to for you . I love that little leaf ! Lovely colors. Oh my gosh , I have never been at the hairdressers for 6 hours ! I feel bad for you but I am glad you are both loving the end product and you made a great investment in your hair. Thanks for sharing, Terri xo.

    1. Isn’t that crazy?! I thought it was a typo when I saw that on the menu hahahh! Granted, they are pretty small but still. EIGHTEEN! lol.

      Thank you so much- actually, I will talk about this in the recap, but my hair turned red after the fact, so I had to go back in to get it fixed again yesterday for another 2 hours. I’m SO over being in a hair chair. I think I’ll just let it grow in natural at this point hahah. And the red isn’t totally out but it’s better. Thanks for stopping by, Terri! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  13. Grape and yogurt combo, that’s the first time I’ve heard of it, but I have to recommend it to my lil sis – she loves grapes and yogurt.

    The Wave Organ looks stunning and so peaceful. 😍

    1. aw I bet she will love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing the word! (Also if the grapes are frozen it is even better!!)

      Thanks for stopping by, Sophia 🙂 xo

  14. Omg sears fine food looks amazing!! I’d love to try those pancakes and the omelettes look delish as well! Two of my favorite things lol.
    I cannot believe there’s a wave organ, I had never heard of that and would be a cool thing to experience. I shall be adding it to my list as well lol. I must have like over 20 or 30 things I want to do or see when I go to SF haha.
    I cannot wait to see what your hair looks like now, though it’s been over a month huh? Lol

    1. I actually have been craving going back here!!

      Yessss- the nice thing about SF is the city is s relatively small in size so you can knock out a TON in a day. I can be the DD if you need since I know where all the good parking is- and then you wouldn’t need a rental too. Hahah.

      Yeah- my hair is better- I don’t remember if I mentioned it in this post- but my hair ended up turning pink and I had to go back in. It has been a FIASCO. Luckily, they gave me my money back and I am never returning to that salon !

      1. Lol sounds good!! I’m hoping I can save enough money to go to different places and if I can’t afford it, I at least want to go sight seeing.
        And omg no, you didn’t mention it in this post but that’s terrible. I wonder what could have gone wrong. That’s definitely something I’ve never heard of though, hair turning pink.

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