Via 313, SoCo Cafe & Nature!

Hi, friends! I don’t think my last post showed up in reader since I reverted it from drafts. If you’re at all interested here it is! Jumpin’ on in to the next recap. It’s 1:00 am, only have to make it four more hours before I’ll allow myself go to sleep (staying on that night shift schedule).

February 9th we had a major cravin’ for some Via313 pizza. I think it’s officially my favorite pizza I’ve ever had.


The crust is what makes it! It’s got that lightly burnt cheese flavor, and oh mahhhh gooodnesss is it good 😋

On February 12th I took some time to organize the products in my bathroom cabinet as a study break. I used my top drawer to put all the products I want to use up first! It’s fun and satisfying to use up all those little samples too.


February 14th was Valentine’s Day. We spent the day sending cheesy Valentine’s Day gifs to each other, ha-ha. DJ 10000% does this to humor me, literally. He knows a good pun is my love language.


We were glad we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a dinner out the week before because we both were pretty overwhelmed with school work on actual Valentine’s Day weekend. But we did enjoy some scrumptious Baked By Melissa mini cupcakes 🧁💕 Mary Berry would approve!


On February 15th I went on my usual nature walk.


Due to all the rain we had been having the grass was a beautifully lush green.


February 15th we had another craving for Via 313. I’m thankful they are still delivering. Might be my first meal when I get back to Austin!


February 17th was national Cafe Au Lait day!! Kori let me know and I ran over to get one from Starbucks to celebrate (the one at Starbucks is called a misto) ☕️


Also, more turtle and sunset pics from that day 🙂


February 19th was my Aunt’s Bday so we chatted on the phone for a bit in the morning 🙂 In the afternoon I did major grocery trip then made a crockpot Greek chicken for DJ to have for the week (and to freeze some). I tried a little bite- it had a delicately light flavor- it was quite nice! And I served it with some rice. Didn’t mean to rhyme, but it happens time to time.


Another kick we have been on is trying allll the different type of vegan burgers to try to find our favorite. I actually think Trader Joe’s might have the winnner winner non-chicken dinner. It used to be Beyond Meat’s, but when we had them back-to-back, TJ’s may have won out by a hair. We’ll have to do a round 2 to confirm.


February 22nd I started the day with some delicious avocado toast before getting to studying. Below are pics of me procrastinating said studying by giving my toast a photo shoot. #adayinthelife


February 23rd was Church followed by a brunch at South Congress Cafe.


They brought out some complimentary cornbread muffins to start the meal. Anytime free carbs are involved, I’m already a fan!


The main dish I wanted to try here was their sweet potato beignets- they were better than I even imagined, Absolutely delish.


DJ ordered their croque madam with a brioche bun, niman ranch ham, gruyere, mornay sauce, sunny side up farm fresh egg, and house cut french fries. All a bunch of words that translate to super yummy.


I ordered their massive egg white veggie omelette with a potato pancake that was ohhh so tasty.


As we were leaving, we stumbled upon this spectacle. It’s one of those things that I wasn’t sure what we were watching, but also couldn’t look away, lol. Gotta admire the creativity!

Question for you:

  • Any good books you’ve read lately? I am almost done with Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, then reading Educated!


63 thoughts on “Via 313, SoCo Cafe & Nature!

    1. Hi Aria! I love your name. The pizza is pretty insane… just dreaming about having it again! Hope you are well 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  1. Ooh that pizza looks so good! I’m actually v excited because I have leftover pizza to look forward to today, yay! Obsessed with those Valentine’s cupcakes too, so cute!

    You are just so funny Mack, I love that little rhyme and those Vday gifs you and DJ sent each other! So adorable 😍😍😍

    That video is funny!! Got to love people! 😍❤️😂 thanks for sharing!!

    Also books- I need to hear your thoughts on Eleanor Oliphant please, I feel like the only person who hasn’t read it!! I’m reading ‘I heart Forever’ by Lindsey Kelk atm, think it’s book 7 in the I heart series!! Ghosted is a great book I’d recommend- emotional but gripping!! What else? The Night Circus! Have you read that? It’s magic! 😍

    Lots of love Mack xxx

    1. Hi Jennie!! Ohhhh hope you enjoyed that pizza! I’ve been craving it, may have to order some takeout this weekend 🙃 🍕

      Tehe glad you appreciated the cheesiness of this post 😂 🧀

      Ok Eleanor Oliphant is unlike any book I’ve read. The writing is superb, I’d recommend it for that alone. The story is pretty slow, but fascinating. I’m in the last 30% of the book and can hardly put it down- so it gets great in the second half. I have about 20% left at this point!

      Ohh thank you so much for the recs! I haven’t read any of them- Can’t wait to check them out! 😍

      So much love to you too girl! 💕

      1. It was so good! The leftovers were almost even better 😍 I hope you enjoyed your takeout if you got some!!

        Haha I always love your humour Mack!

        Oh wow okay I’m intrigued! I feel like I’ve heard mixed reviews but predominantly that it’s a good back so I think I’m going to have to check it out now especially if the writing is so good! Glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the rec I’m going to buy it 😍

        Eeek so exciting! I think you will love The Night Circus!!


      2. Oh so gooood to hear! I ended up working so didn’t have time to order, but maybe my next day off I will 🙂

        Yes yes I think it’s worth the read just because it’s so unique- I’ve never really read anything like it. You’ll have to let me know!! xox

  2. Oh my word! That pizza looks amazing! I love the Valentine’s messages you sent one another ~ so cute. A veggie omelet and potato pancake. Yummy! Those raspberries look amazing. We have a raspberry bush in our backyard. This will be our third summer ~ we’re still waiting for raspberries! I read, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other stories by Robert Louis Stevenson. I was completely surprised! I didn’t know Stevenson wrote such dark, creepy stories!

    1. Hi, Kathy! I have been on a berry kick the last couple months- and a fresh raspberry bush sounds just amazing!! Ohhh I am a fan of anything mysterious and creepy stories too (especially around Halloween), will keep that in mind! Thanks for stopping in and sharing ☺️ have a nice weekend!

    1. Yesss – two things that keep the world goin’ round!

      And woah- I’m shocked to hear that, but the burgers reallllly are great and you can hardly tell they’re vegan! Curious what you’d think if you get the chance to try. Have a good weekend, Ralph!

  3. The slightly burnt favor of cheese on pizza crust is so good! Also Mary Berry would definitely approve of the mini cupcakes. Your raspberries with the avocado toast has me dying for berry season. There’s nothing better than farm fresh berries in my mind.

    You know I’ve been reading up a storm during quarantine haha. The Flight Girls was my favorite of ones I’ve read recently! I read it in less than 8.5 hours, and that included working (I started it during my “lunch” at home) plus making and cooking dinner, so clearly it’s amazing! A few others I’ve liked were The Holdout, Queen Bee, and Queen of Hearts.

    1. Right?! It really is the best part of a pizza IMO 😋 and I agree about the berries- I’ve been on a real kick with them lately!

      Yesss I thought immediately of you when I posed this question. I need to just go through all your posts and take notes! I do have a notes list I think of some titles from you in my notepad somewhere ! Need to find it. Ohhhhh that must have been good to finish it that fast! Thank you for all these titles- excited to check them out 😍

  4. I tell ya, each time I see a post by you, I get giddy with excitement. I love your recaps and the foods you enjoy!! Thanks for linking to my blog, and I’m so glad you were able to enjoy a cafe au lait [misto 😉 ]. That ‘za looks in-credible! I love fluffy crust with a slightly burnt, bubbly cheese. Mmm mmm. Those puns! Too. cute. The beebee cupcakes look so good, and I love that you could enjoy several like a cupcake flight! Now I’m super curious about TJ’s veg burger. We love Beyond Meat, but I always love trying different brands and varieties! Give me all the brunch noms. I hope you have a good, safe day, Mack! <3

    1. Thank you sooo much, Kori ❤️ Your comments alwayyyys make my day, and I feel the exact same way about your blog!! And thank you for making sure I didn’t miss one of the best holidays ☺️☕️ have you had Baked my Melissa? You would love ‘em- there is so much flavor packed into each bite. Ohhhh I would be so curious if you try TJs how you think it compares! We need to do a true side by side sometime to really decide (I think we just did it back to back nights this time). I hope you have a good safe day too! 🙃

      1. I’m so thankful my blog does! Coffee lovers forever & always. ☕️ I have not tried Baked by Melissa, but they look stellar!! Sometimes I want a small cupcake so I don’t have to commit to one flavor. 😉 And yes, I will be on the lookout for those burgers! Have a great weekend!

  5. If you like Via313, try Jet’s deep dish! They’re a little farther away from you and it’s a pizza chain from Michigan, but my oh my is it delicious! And the wait is a lot shorter than Via 😉

    1. Ohhhh I have heard good things about Jet’s!! Going to try it soon as I can 😋 🍕 Thanks so much for stopping in, Taylor! I was just thinking about ya the other day and wondering how you are doing in all this craziness ?!

      1. I’m doing well, thanks! We moved out of Austin and to a smaller city a few months ago for my job. Since the new city isn’t too big, we haven’t had big shortages, and shelter in place just recently went into place with the state order. I feel relatively insulated from a lot of the craziness. I keep hearing crazy stories about Austin though! I’m glad to hear you’re staying safe, healthy, and still enjoying life. Hope switching back to night shift is treating you well! I can’t even imagine the food cravings I’d have if I flipped my sleep schedule like that 😅 In colleg, I worked nights in the ER and remember my cravings going a bit wacko 😛

      2. Congrats on the move! But sad to hear you aren’t in Austin anymore, of course- I hope you are settling in well there, and so glad to hear you are removed a bit from the wild state of things.

        I actually have loved working nights, more than I anticipated! I definitely eat what feels like all. day. long. though and yesss the cravings are real! I just finished “lunch” at midnight lol. I expected to have a hard time sleeping during the day, but I think I’m sleeping better during the day than at night- maybe my circadian rhythm is just reversed and I never knew it, haha. Have a great rest of your week, Taylor!!

  6. Sweet potato beignets?! Yummmm! That pizza has me craving a nice doughy, yet crispy slice of pizza now! We are having grilled pizza tomorrow for dinner so maybe that’ll satisfy that craving.

    I’ve heard Educated is good! Can’t wait to hear what you think. In the past week or so I have read Girl, Stop Apologizing (loooooove Rachel Hollis!!), The Couple Next Door, and Girl Last Seen. I have quite a few books sitting on my nightstand to read so I’m hoping to get through a lot more!

    1. Yesss! They are so good! Ohhhhh enjoy that pizza! 😋 🍕

      I am so excited to begin Educated- I am trying to finish this book as soon as I can to get onto that one, I’ve heard great things too!! Oh those books sound great- the couple next door was a good little thriller! Thanks for stopping in, Em ☺️

  7. It seems like alot of my comments don’t always make it and I don’t really know why! I hope you see this one! I hope you are doing alright in the covid-19 shift! Please stay safe and I hope you will do alright! Wow, February is a while ago isn’t it, looking at that pizza gosh! Ooof, the satisfaction of organization, finishing up samples is impossible! On top of trying to use up my current stuff plus my inconsistent routines! Yeet! THOSE CUPCAKES ARGHHH! HAHAHA THE FACT THAT YOU APOLOGIZED FOR RHYMING BUT DID IT AGAIN! I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE! The veggie omelette looks freaking good! I just finished Anna Dressed in Blood series which was pretty good! How was the Eleanor book? Overhyped or good?

    1. Hi, Cordelia! Aw man, I don’t know why they don’t come through- I’ll have to make sure they aren’t stuck in spam–But so glad to see this one 🙂 And too funny- I hear you on the samples! I think the time I’m best at using them up is when I run out of my normal stuff and have no time to make it to the store! LOL- I love that you caught that nugget in there! Ohhh how was that read? And Eleanor Oliphant has been a slower read for me. I’ve been amazed by the writing though and the last 20% or so of the book is keeping me on my toes, I am hoping to finish it tonight! I think it’s worth the read just because it’s so unique. Thanks for stopping in, Cordelia! <3 Hope you are so well, gf!

  8. Oh my gosh, you two are so cute sending one another GIFs! I absolutely love it. I hope you are staying safe and well, Mackenzie! You’re so adventurous with your food that I always see something new.

    I feel so ashamed to just be on my second book of the year! I don’t read as much as I used to whenever I was younger, but what I’m reading now is called Cry of the Peacock. I liked the first book of the series, but this one is a bit off, so I guess I’ll see how well I like it!

    Take care and enjoy your weekend! ♥

    1. Thank you, Stephanie!!

      Ohhhh girl, I’m with you. Especially with school, my reading is nearly halted too. I only make it through a few books a year it seems. Hope you enjoy the rest of the read! Who knows, maybe it will have some excellent twist 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and have a great week too! xx

  9. Unbelievably that Detroit pizza would be a hot commodity and if anything, I would think it would be Detroit’s own Pizzapapalis. I had never heard of this pizza, but Via313 Detroit-style pizza sure looks delicious. I am starving right now – your avocado toast up close and raspberries with a little powdered sugar also looks delicious. You did a good photo shoot of them. 🙂 I like the nature walk as usual – was that a Cormorant drying his wings – they always remind me of a Dracula opening his cape … and the turtles on the log are so cute. Here we have pouring rain and I got caught in ice pellets Wednesday morning. I long for weather that is sunny and warm like I see in your pictures. Cute you little lovebirds with your greetings. ♥ Take care of yourself Mackenzie – take more study breaks. 🙂

    1. Hi Linda! I still have to try Pizzapapalis- I remember when you first mentioned it to me, and I stalked their website! Hope you found some good eats about reading this and glad you liked the avocado toast photo shoot 🙂 Oh my gosh!!! I should have known you would know the reason for that stance! I was so curious and sure there had to be some logical explanation. Hoping summer is right around the corner for you to enjoy sunshine! I actually am between semesters now just working in New Orleans on a Covid unit until the next semester begins. Have a great rest of the week Linda, thank you always for your comment 🙂

      1. I am still craving pizza, especially whenever I see yours, whether you are dining out or making your own. I looked at the menu and liked the names of the various food items with Detroit names that were there.

        I thought of you a few days ago because on the news I heard Chipotle was releasing a video of how to make their guacamole. They had divulged the recipe before a few years ago, but this time they did a how-to video – I know you like guacamole toast but don’t know if you like it with chips, but here is the recipe at the end of this comment in case you missed it. They did this since Ikea gave their Swedish meatball recipe for people who are now cooking while in quarantine.
        That’s exciting to be in out gaining practical knowledge – wish the environment and time was not so stressful for you though. I know you will be careful Mackenzie. Take care.

      2. I’m glad the pizza looks so appetizing to ya! I have been craving pizza like crazy this week, that and eggs for some reason. When I get back to Austin a pizza might be the first thing I order!

        Oh my gosh, I had not heard this about Chipotle, but thank you tons for sharing with me!!! Their guac is soooo good!!! And the ikea swedish meatball recipe too?! I will have to let my mom know- her and Pete love them I think! Thanks for your well wishes <3 Have a beautiful weekend, Linda!

      3. I must have pizza – when I don’t know but I will have it as I’m craving it. 🙂 You’re welcome for the Chipotle guac recipe. I thought of you as you love your avocado toast. I’ve not been to Ikea … there is not one around me and my house is done in country anyway, so can’t mix and match there, but here you are for your mom and Pete. It seems the chefs are giving their popular recipes for people to try during the time they must stay home – you enjoy your weekend to Mackenzie. Here’s the recipe for Mom and Pete:

      4. I hope you enjoy some delicious pizza soon!! I actually am about to go get some avocado toast (well bread since I don’t have a toaster lol). Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ll be passing it along to them!

      5. Hehe yes the Keurig took precedence in that department 😆 ☕️

  10. Those pics of pizza from Via 313 have me craving pizza. Oh my goodness, that looks AMAZING! As do the cupcakes… They look delish AND adorable! And…. that pic of Starbucks is just making my mouth water. I haven’t had a Starbucks coffee since the virus took off here in the states, and I’m craving one big time. That’s first on my “to do” list once restrictions lift around here. Ha, ha.
    Loved all the eats you posted about in this fun blog post!! 🙂

    1. I had an immediate craving as I was just writing the post too!! Oh yesssss- I cannot wait for you to get some Starbucks too! It could be illegal for moms to go this long without it 😉 (bad joke, lol!). What’s your go-to drink to order there? And thank you for stoppin’ in!! Hope you are having a good week 🙂

  11. I love those witty Valentine’s gifs. Mmm…that pizza looks so yummy. The colors in that turtle photo are so vibrant and I love the framing!! 🙂 I made some cornbread a few weeks ago. Drizzled with honey…I eat it like dessert. lol. All the food at South Congress looks just delish! I haven’t read that book, but I’m marking it down! I just finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I haven’t done near as much reading this month. I hope you are staying well, Mackenzie!! xx

    1. Awwww that means so much you appreciated those photos!! yum yum yummm! I loooove cornbread, but I need to put honey on it next time, not sure why I haven’t thought of trying that?! Ohh I will have to check out the Untamed- did you enjoy it?

      1. I did enjoy it. I like her writing style. Probably because she loves metaphors. 🙂

      2. Ohhh I love writing with metaphors too- are you a big Jodi Picoult fan? She writes in metaphors often from what I recall of her books!

      3. I have her on my list of authors to check out, but I don’t think I’ve read any of her books. I’m going to definitely check her out!

      4. Yayyy! So curious what you think if you get a chance to check her out! I really think your love her writing ☺️ have a lovely Friday, Amy!

    1. Aw so glad you enjoyed this- hope you have fun trying out all the samples, K 🙂

  12. Those cupcakes are so cute! Sweet potato beignets sounds incredible!! I am so curious which Trader Joe’s veggie burgers they are?? I would love to get some for an easy meal!

  13. Whoa whoa whoa, my heart stopped when I saw the pizza pull picture… *droooool* & then, the cute Vday puns/gifs melted it!!

    The greek chicken crockpot you made DJ looks wonderful & the beignet looks interesting… I wanna try! Lol.

    Cracking up over those three guys. What the heck are they doing?! Hahahaha. Thanks for sharing & making me laugh. 😂

    1. Heheh, You know it’s good when you can get a good pizza pull!

      Okay- so if you look closer at the video it is actually one guy and two mannequins! Crazy, right?!? Glad it made you laugh!! And thanks for reading, Hunida!! <3 I am coming back to blogging after almost a couple month hiatus, and your comments are the BEST to return to :)

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