Our Final Days in the Bay!

Hey all! Hope you all have had a nice week thus far. I am in desperate need of some writing time. Writing is the kinda thing I absolutely crave..even if it’s just writing up a recap! I should be studying for my final exam, but I think I’m more productive and clear headed when I take time to get some of my thoughts out on paper- er- WP virtual paper, I suppose.

Our last week was a mad dash to get ready for the move while trying to simultaneously study and get school assignments done….. June 20th I had a long overdue hair appointment at Aveda salon in Willow Glen. I have to say, I am pretty excited to be out of CA when it comes to hair care— the salons around the Bay Area were terribly overpriced. They are way more reasonable in Texas. AND we got a coupon pack from our apartment when we arrived  that included an Aveda coupon in it for a salon nearby- woot woot!


I’m working on getting those darker roots so I can go longer and longer without getting it touched up. I definitely feel like my hair is back to itself after last summer when it turned pink, lol! Also, Smalls was able to experience the Hair Salon too (nothing like reading about the pathophysiological mechanisms of reactive oxygen species while getting your hair did). At one point he decided to jump off my lap onto the floor- and I swear it rattled the building. That was very much a “You’re killing me Smalls” moment.


Quick question– has anyone tried Madison Reed? I am considering it because it would save a ton, but I don’t trust myself with hair one bit… curious if anyone has experience with it?

On June 21st I ran some errands on Main Street- I already miss that express Target we had basically out our back door- it was extremely convenient, but also this will force us to be more intentional with grocery shopping and cut out the “fluff”… Savings September is right around the corner, so this is a great temptation to not have near us.


On June 21st I used up some more of the chicken for DJ making BBQ chicken, wild rice, and a wedge salad with bacon, diced tomatoes and thousand island dressing (DJ’s favorite type of dressing).


June 22nd was a big day of packing. It feels like this was yesterday, but it was a month and a half ago- never ceases to amaze me how crazy quick time flies!


To refuel from packing I had a big ole’ Murasaki potato, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, beets, hummus, and Fage. I have this almost everyday- with different variations. Adding jalapenos is my favorite addition lately!


In the evening I made DJ flank steak with a side of chimchurri sauce, brown rice and a caprese salad.


On June 23rd we went for our last Date Night ever on Main Street. We decided to go to Rootstock and enjoy their patio. I didn’t take many pics- just soaked up every single moment!


We passed our giant Apple on the way home for the last time. Since Cupertino is where Apple is headquartered (we could see it from our apartment window) they have a giant apple right on Main Street. People love it as a photo op.


June 24th I woke up to a luminous sunrise. Sigh. This is turning out to be a quite the nostalgic post for me to write <3


We consolidated all our belongings into one spot & were mostly all ready to go for the big move! We ordered half our boxes from Amazon and got the other half of the bigger boxes from the Home Depot. The ones from Amazon were pretty cheap and went a long way.


I woke up with a delicious omelette with tons of veggies, vegan cheese and a slice of toast with butter.


In the afternoon… I enjoyed…you guessed it…my stuffed murasaki potato..creature of habit over here!


In the evening we enjoyed salmon topped with artichoke hearts, roasted veggies, and quinoa… only half the veggies actually made it on the plate (the other half makes it into my mouth straight out of the oven, lol).


I recapped more of my highlights from June 24th to the 28th in my Friday Favorites post! On June 29th I enjoyed one of my last walks around the ‘hood.


In an effort to try to use up some of the last of our food I made an egg white omelette with artichokes, whatever veggies were in the fridge and a side of grapefruit…. on a Christmas plate. Gotta use whatever you’ve got when moves happen, haha. I guess I was just embracing Christmas in July.


June 30th was a BIG day! It was DJ’s last day working at the stadium. His coworkers had planned for weeks to send him out with a bang! They arranged to surprise him by having him throw the first pitch as they all lined up behind home plate, plus they made an absolutely heartwarming video of him and his contributions to the team. It was incredible. They so sweetly invited me to be a part of it all! I brought Sara with me to the game so we could have some girl time too before the move <3 (It was Luau night at the stadium as you can probably tell ).


Here we all are lined up behind the home plate with DJ pitchin’! Tammy took this pic- her and her husband, Ben, went too! I was thankful to see them one last time before we left too.


Going in for a hug when he realized I was there, hehe.


They even signed a bat to give him and wrote some of the kindest cards. He will undoubtedly be missed!


After watching some of the game, Sara and I went to Santana Row to use up my free vouchers I got through Instagram and enjoy one last girls night. The Hotel only requested I take some pics to share- I took the pics, just have yet to share them- so I’ll start here, ha!

The Hotel Valencia was just serene and lovely.


We used our coupons to get a our pretty drinks & then chatted for what felt like five minutes, but was actually a couple hours, out on their terrace. We also went to look over The Row on the balcony side too.


I miss Sara sooo much already. It was an emotional goodbye, but could not have been a more perfect last day in the Bay!

When DJ returned from the game he was pretty hungry, so I used the last eggs we had and made him a piece of peanut butter toast. And this was the last dinner ever had in our apartment! Not the most extravagant- but at least we used up all we had left.


And if you’ve followed my blog for a while you may know I have a little nightly ice cream cone (except for when we travel, of course). But just because we were leaving I wasn’t about to let that stop me from my daily tradition! (I refreeze it after making it, but before eating it, so it doesn’t melt as fast— I know, I’m weirdlyyy particular about my ice cream cone- haha).


In the next post I’ll recap our trip from CA to TX!

Questions for you:

  • Favorite salad dressing?
  • Do you have any unique daily routines?

xo <3

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I also just want to say before I end this- my heart is so heavy with the shootings that occurred this past weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted 😢 💔

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  1. Busy girl you have been… how do you do it?

    Nice send off for DJ… I bet it was somewhat emotional for him.

    Love how your hair came out! Gorgeous!

    1. Hi, Nancy!! It has been nuts but I think things are slowing a bit (at least for now!). Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Girl you have been a busy little bee! Your hair looks AMAZING and that send off looked so special and sweet; I probably would have cried. I’m not much of a crier but if sports are involved, I lose my composure – lol. My favorite salad dressing…hmmm….I’m a Ranch or Vidalia onion (so Georgia of me) kinda gal! <3

    1. Hehe- it’s been quite the busy summer for sure ! Thank you for your sweet words and I am with you- there is something sooo special and heartwarming about moments in sports!

      Ohhh you cannot go wrong with either of those dressings! I haven’t had Vidalia onion in a while- but it’s so tasty! And I can put ranch on basically anything- that’s the midwest in me 😉

  3. you had so many great moments to remember as you wrapped up your time there. I’m glad that DJ’s work did something special for him, it makes the memories more special. I had to look up the potato you keep talking about, I’ve never heard of them before.

    1. Aw, definitely were precious memories! <3

      I just discovered them a couple years ago.. I've always loved sweet potatoes, but these are next level delicious!

  4. I’m laughing at the empty freezer with just a lone ice cream cone. That to me is the perfect way to sum up moving! Trying to keep normal parts of your routine in place while having nothing in its correct place and a lot of empty spaces.

    That was the sweetest goodby for DJ by his coworkers!! Also so incredibly kind for them to include you in on the surprise.

    Whatever drink you got at the hotel looks delicious and so fun!

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hehe-definitely a prettty good representation of what moving looks like! I hung onto those somewhat little moments of normalcy so tightly since everything else felt SO out of control!! You totally get it.

      <3 It was sooo sweet of them.

      Thanks, Maureen!! You toooo! xo

  5. This is the first I’ve heard of the ice cream cone thing. That’s AWESOME. 🙂

    The salad dressing that I love best is Ranch, but I really use it on fried things more than I do salad haha.

    1. Hahah, I single handedly keep Dreyer’s in business!

      Ohhh yes I am WITH you! Ranch is made for all fried things- we are going somewhere on Sunday with fried pickles and fried okra that’s served with ranch, and I’m already drooling at the thought! Do you like it on pizza? I know that’s a bit more controversial!

      1. Dreyer’s is so west coast. We have Breyer’s that isn’t anything like Dreyer’s and Edy’s which is basically the same as Dreyer’s. I don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♂️

        Fried pickles make me sad. I don’t do the ranch on pizza. Red sauce only. 😀

      2. Okay this has ALWAYS confused me!!!! Edy’s and Dreyer’s are basically the same company, right? I thought I was having some weird Mandella Effect when I saw Edy’s here and was like.. “I swear it was Dreyers?!”. And then yeah, throw Breyer’s in the mix— all too much ! haha.

  6. I have so many thoughts on this post!! First, nostalgia is SO real with me. When (at some point in this lifetime with Matt and I secure our first home, lolz), I know it will incredibly bittersweet to leave the first place we called home together. It’s also where Mason gained his wings, so I know I will already struggle despite wanting to purchase a home. I feel pulled in two directions.

    I lol’d at the Smalls reference and how it “rattled” the floor. 😉 Your hair is so pretty!!

    Kudos to you for being able to use up your food in creative ways! Eggs are always a favorite go-to of ours for any meal.

    The special “goodbye” that they planned for Dj was so touching! You both just positively impact all of those who you come into contact with, and it shows how much you are loved.

    The photos you took at the hotel are gorgeous!

    Love that solo ice cream cone in the freezer!

    My favorite dressing right now has been ranch or Caesar. For so long I avoided them needlessly because of fear, but they are so tasty! Hmm, I do have certain routines of what tasks I do in the morning, after work, and evening. I suppose some of what I do could be considered unique. 😉

    1. Hi, Kori!! Aw, totally hear you- it’s even more difficult when you’re leaving behind a chapter that involved a beloved family member <3 But those beautiful memories with him will always be with ya <3

      Glad you understood the Smalls reference-hehe- sometimes I ramble on and it seems nearly incoherent so I appreciate that you appreciated that, lol!

      Aww thank you so much <3 You are so sweet to say that! DJ definitely was soo loved by his coworkers and it was the most thoughtful sendoff!

      Ah I lovee that you are enjoying those dressings now- because they are soo good! I avoided Ranch out of fear for a long time too, pegging it as a "bad" food, but it's so freeing to enjoy it with tons of different items- it's really versatile- I also loveeee it on pizza, mmm mmm! They serve ranch up like crazy here, so I'm excited to try it with fried pickles/okra/etc.

      I guess "unique" is pretty subjective, huh?! If we do something everyday it probably feels a bit less unique 😉 Thank you tons for reading! xoxox

      1. Thank you so much for understanding! ❤️

        I totally get it & love the humor!

        Gosh, ranch & pizza is like pb to j! So good & meant to go together! Trying it with fried pickles & okra sound ah-mazing!

        I’d say I can be “unique” aka funny with how particular I am about some things regarding my routine!

        Always! xoxo

      2. Exactly!! You are truly my food soul sister- pizza & ranch is one of the greatest gifts to this earth.

        Hehe I totally see what you mean! xo

  7. Taylor at tastytrialsandtravels says she does her own hair, and hers looks amazing! She recommends Jesse James videos on youtube, so maybe check those out and gauge whether or not you’d feel comfortable doing it! I watched them a while back thinking I was going to start my own hair, and remember thinking Jesse did a great job with tutorials.

    As for groceries, have you tried HEB on Oltforf or Trader Joe’s downtown? It sounds like both of those are in walking distance of where you are now, although not in your backyard exactly :/ They would give you an extra chance to get outside in this lovely hot weather 😛 Hope you find a grocery store you like soon! I always love seeing your random food concoctions, you’re so creative and everything looks delicious! Another grocery store to try out–although you’d definitely have to drive– is Wheatsville coop. And of course Sprouts (closest to you is on South Lamar right near the highway, which isn’t too bad of a drive!)

    1. Oh my gosh, that’s RIGHT!! I remember when she did that post! Thank you for reminding me about that- I will need to pick her brain more, because her hair always looks SO gorgeous.

      We love HEB! I love how they have coupons out in front of items… so awesome- and they literally have everyyything. We also have been doing Walmart grocery pickup which is great too! The TJs is super close- as long as I don’t go when there is too much traffic it’s easy peasy. Trust me, it’s a good thing there aren’t groceries right out the door- it really has saved us money! We used to walk to that Target almost daily- so this helps us be more intentional!

      We actually aren’t minding the heat as much as expected- dare I say we actually like it?! I’ve still been running outside and I feel like our bodies have gotten used to it pretty quickly!

      Thank you SO much for your sweet words- that means a ton. I actually just clipped some recipes to try so hopefully I’ll have some new items to post than my repeated sweet potato , haha!

      Ohhhhh I am definitely going to have to check out Wheatsville Coop! I saw that advertised somewhere, but didn’t know what it was. I didn’t even realize there was a Sprouts nearby- I loveee Sprouts! I also know S. Lamar is an area we have to explore- we haven’t been that way much. Thank you soo much, Taylor- this is really helpful!

      1. I know, Taylor’s hair *does* always look gorgeous — she’s definitely mastered her hair!

        Haha yeah there definitely isn’t a convenient Target to mindlessly go to (for better or for worse, I love Target! I think walking around it is good stress relief :P).

        Hope the studying is going well, and that you’ve been able to get out a bit! I’m SO impressed you don’t mind (or actually like!) the heat!! I am reminded of how much I dislike it every summer.

      2. For sure!!! I need to message her!

        Totally true! But now I have the trail along ladybird lake to walk outside which has been so nice 😍

        Thank you tons! The semester ended on a great note. Just gearing up to get started on the next one thing coming week. I think we need to get a vacation on the calendar 😆 I’m tired haha. How are you and how is your summer going?!

  8. I feel so nostalgic FOR you, because I know how wonderful your home has been! You have certainly taken advantage of your time there with all of your walks, runs, and restaurant visits. I’ve had SO much fun following along with you! 🙂 I also know that you’re going to take full advantage of your new location and that this move is going to be such an adventure. I can’t wait to read all of your upcoming posts about your exploring new surroundings and turning an apartment into a home!
    Also I ‘just’ started the icecream cone at night tradition… because I used to always have a bowl, and it was becoming an issue. HA! I’m trying to get back into shape, and I don’t need a bowl overflowing with icecream. But a cone has kept me enjoying my snack… without going too overboard on the calories. Everything in moderation! 🙂
    My favorite salad dressing is Thousand Island as well, although Ranch is a close second.
    Happy moving!!!

    1. Awww thanks, Nicole!! It was such a beautiful, wonderful chapter –thank you for sharing in it with us & being such a cheerleader for us over the last couple years!!! Believe it or not, I dare say we may even like Austin more?! I am soooo excited to share about how this last month has been!

      AHHH I love that you do the ice cream cone too!!! Having that cone at the end of the evening definitely keeps that sweet tooth at bay the rest of the day! It’s fun eating the cone too & so satisfying- right?! What flavor are you enjoying right now?

      DJ introduced me to Thousand Island- it is soo tasty, and Ranch is such a classic 🙂 Thanks for reading & commenting, Nicole! Hope you are having a great weekend! xo

      1. I am SO excited to ‘explore’ Austin through your eyes! 🙂
        And YES to the icecream cone helping with the rest of the day! I find that scooping a small cone is helping me with portion control, because a tiny bowl of icecream doesn’t seem like much… but when you add the crunch of the cone to the scoop of icecream, it’s just enough and SO satisfying! (Moving from a bowl to a cone is a fairly new adjustment to me, but it’s working)! Love it! My current favorite flavor is a lemon one that Friendly’s put out for the summer. 🙂
        Happy Monday! 🙂 I can’t wait to read all about your travels and new adventures!!

      2. Aw thank you!!!! Since I was between semester this last week it was pretty jam packed so I’ve got lots to share! That makes me sooo happy that you care and enjoy these posts ! 🤗

        Oh my GOSH- Amen sista! The best way to describe the cone is satisfying !!! That last bite adds a “fin” element to snack time (although I doooo sometimes get a craving for something salty immediately after 😆).

        Ohhhh lemon ice cream is so wonderful! And one you rarely see- YUM!

        Hope you are having the best week ☺️❤️

  9. Tis is so bittersweet to read, but also makes me super happy! Oh my gosh girl you and I are on the same page with our roots, I FINALLY went to a shadow root, and while it is an adjustment I am loving it, especially for fall. I personally love Aveda. Their coloring system can be personalized as well as is much gentler to the hair.
    I LOVE your hair color! It looks incredible!
    That dinner looks SO yummy! And that is funny because my Dad and brothers LOVE Thousand Island (or Russian) dressing!
    I LOVE jalapeños I recently discovered jalapeñocream cheese. The addiction is REAL!
    That is to funny about the apple! I would definitely use it as a photo-op. Awe huge hugs girl. I can totally relate! <3
    Oh my gosh the struggle is real when it comes to eating ALL the food up! I made the most unique creations my last few weeks in NY.
    That was so sweet that DJ threw the last pitch and that the team sent him off with so much joy and celebration! I love that! SO happy you got to see your friends before you left!
    Oh my word that ice cream cone legit melted (ha) my heart! So sad BUT so exciting! I am so happy for yo guys on this new adventure and chapter that is being written! <3

    1. Hi, loveee!!! <3

      I agree - Aveda is the best!! I didn't realize it was actually better for you hair too, but makes sense- it never leaves it feeling dry and cracked like other salons! I saw a pic of your hair I think on Insta-so pretty!

      Ahhh DJ's not alone! Hehe- he actually introduced me to thousand island, and I get why it's so good- maybe it's one of those under the radar, underrated things 😉

      Now, jalapeno cream cheese- neeed to find me some of that. I have had a wicked craving for bagels lately- and so that is particularly making my mouth water!!

      Moving definitely forces you to be super creative! We ate so many eggs though, I didn't think I'd be sick of them, but I need a break for a minute, lol!

      Awww <3 Thank you SOO much for sharing in our adventures- you were one of the few that were there nearly from the beginning. Love youuuu & cannot wait to continue along your journey too <3 xo

    1. Awww you have a way of seriously making my day every time with your comments! Thank you so much, love! XOX hope you’re having the best weekend <3

  10. This was a packed post for sure Mackenzie. It’s so nice the sendoff that DJ got – he was feelin’ the love for sure and I like that special picture as well – all treasured mementos. Your apartment with the many boxes – what a nightmare to live out of it like that. It sure made for a Summer that would speed by, but you had new beginnings in Texas and a lovely family wedding as well to balance out the move (and Smalls). My favorite salad dressing is ranch – I use a yogurt ranch dressing (Hidden Valley® Greek Yogurt Ranch) and it is tasty for dipping veggies in as well. I don’t think I have any daily rituals. I hear a lot of radio commercials for Madison Reed, but I don’t know anyone who uses their products.

    1. It was so special! He had some of the kindest coworkers! I miss them too already.

      The boxes were a bit rough for those few weeks- The nice thing about the move is it forced us to get rid of a lot both before and after the move!

      Ohhhh yum- I don’t think I realized Hidden Valley had a yogurt Ranch ! Totally stocking up on this where I can find it. Thanks for sharing with me!!

      1. That is nice they were so special. Yes you were forced to purge some things – I need to do that bigtime. Every Winter I say I’ll do those types of things and since blogging took off, it might be when I retire now. 🙂 I usually just get the ranch, but they have dill I believe as well.

      2. Haha I totally get that! Blogging always seems to take priority over things getting done around the house- but since I have limited time to knock out my to do list I’m using it as my reward! Can’t wait 🤗

        Going to the store today- gonna see if they have to!

      3. Yes, I used that as a reward too from my housework and then I nodded off from all the exercise – I had to laugh at myself for that! But I seized the day and got out as much as possible, especially in lieu of a soggy week on the horizon. Hope you found that dressing. I wrote to them and asked if they couldn’t put a squeeze hole so less comes out – they wrote back and said it didn’t need one, but I said sometimes you just need a little squeeze and it plops out. 🙂

      4. Ohhh I hear what you mean about the plop! I have used dressings like that before!!

  11. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to indulge in some lovely reading and as always, I enjoyed reading your post and for it to be the one wrapping up all your beautiful Bay experiences touched my heart…I’m looking forward to reading about your new adventures in Texas, Mackenzie!

    1. Hi, Kimberlee!!! It’s always a joy to read a comment from you 🥰 thank you for your kind words! Have a beautiful week, friend

      1. It’s been hot but not as hot as we expected 🙂 We actually kinda enjoy the heat, hehe. Have a great week ahead!

  12. Love reading this recap about your move and leading up to your trip to Texas! I completely know what you mean about it feeling like it was just yesterday! Today makes 2 months since we made it to VA and it feels like hardly any time at all. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since we left our old apartment!!
    Your hair looks gorgeous! I’m 100% convinced to get a balayage as soon as we have the money. My hairstylist here is a balayage specialist and she says it’s very likely to only have to touch it up 1-2x/year! That’s super doable lol.
    I’m impressed you still had plates to eat on up until the end! It was tough for us because we wanted it all packed, so we had paper plates and as many freezer items as possible so we could also pack the cookware lol.
    I love that they gave DJ such a nice send-off. It’s obvious how much they enjoyed having him work there and how close they were! What a nice way to say goodbye.
    Can’t wait to read more of your trip! <3

    1. Aw thank you, Courtney 🤗 I felt the same way about yours! That is wild that it’s been two months though!!! This summer was the fastest of allll time.

      Yes ! I highly recommend balayage! The other thing I learned is you can actually do balayage to the root to give a slight highlight effect without the upkeep too!

      That makes sense though! By the end you just do what you have to do!

      It was so sweet ❤️ thanks for reading! ☺️

  13. Your hair looks fabulous!! And what a wonderful send off for DJ! And, of course, the food…yum…I’m starving now. xx

  14. Your hair is looking great!
    Omg this is literally the second time I’ve seen a wedge salad. I wanna try that too lol
    Nice that you decided to not take photos at the restaurant. good to sometimes just be in the moment and enjoy it.gosh the giant apple! That’s so interesting.
    You have so many unique meals I would probably never see these anywhere else. You’ll have to treat me to some of your meals someday lol
    Awh his big send off was so sweet of all his co workers!
    Awh man I cant believe you’re actually not in SF anymore. But I am so excited to see what you guys will be up to in your new home!

    1. Thanks so much, Rossy!! <3

      You cannot go wrong with a yummy wedge! They're actually pretty easy to make at home too & really satisfying!

      I agree- sometimes you just gotta be totally present.

      Aw I would LOVEEEE to cook for you! Hmmm if you visited I think I'd want to make you my tacos or souffle- those are my two "specialties" lol.

      I knowww. I don't think I've even had time to emotionally process everything because of how busy it's been. But I'm thankful and excited, also very nervous, for this next adventure. We are loving it so far though! Thanks for always cheering us on- thankful for youuu! xo

      1. Yeah it looks fairly easy to make I just need to make or buy a yummy dressing lol
        Oooh yeah souffle sounds good I’d love to try it!! And I know you also made the taco seasoning on your own, I used some already made seasoning so I would definitely love to try yours too 🤗🤗
        Awh yeah I get that. But you always come out the other side feeling so much better about everything despite how bad it may seem at first. I think you guys will be just fine over there! 🤗🤗

  15. LOLing about Smalls falling off your lap while you were getting your hair done hahaha! Super cool that your new apartment gave you a coupon for an Aveda near you. 🙂 I have no idea what Madison Reed but I hope someone else has given you advice on it lol, I have to ask.. what is it?!

    The flank steak & caprese salad meal you made for DJ is making my mouth water. It looks sooo tasty!! & I love that apple photo-op, hehe!! <3

    DJ's co-workers sound so amazing, it was touching what they did for his going away hurrah. <3

    I think I had read before about your nightly ice cream but I didn't know how particular you were about it, lol. That's too cute. <3

    My favorite salad dressing is probably like a sesame vinaigrette. 🙂 What's your favorite? You only mentioned DJ's favorite!

    1. hahah I’m glad you caught that 😉 You always seem to pick out the parts of the post that I’m like- “will anyone understand what I’m saying?”.. you always do!

      So Madison Reed is an at home hair color service, but is supposed to be better than the boxed or store bought. I am nervous to pull the trigger, but I have heard a couple good things about it from another blogger!

      It was sooo sweet that they took the time to put that together for DJ- he certainly is missed!! We miss his coworkers too though <3

      Tehe- far too particular for my own good sometime though haha.

      Oh YUM! I don't know that I've had that many sesame vinaigrettes, but it sounds amazing. I think it depends what I'm eating, but I love a balsamic base. I also love bleu cheese dressing ! (and ranch with pizza and fried things, lol). Hope you are having the best weekend! I misss reading your blog more than I can say! I need life to slowwwww down

      1. Lol aw, I just have to mention the parts in your writing that made me giggle so I can let you know how much I appreciate the entertainment. <3

        Oh wow, I had never heard of Madison Reed! Your hair is so pretty, I am nervous for you but if there are good reviews… maybe it will work?! Keep us updated on if you try it or not. I wanna hear all about it!

        Mmm, I wish I could eat ranch all day with pizza & all the fried things, too!! Yum.

        I'm sorry you've been so busy!! <3 I miss chatting with you but I totally get it!!! I'll still be here whenever your life slows down a bit, fingers crossed it will be SOON for you!!! <3

      2. I will absolutely let you know if I try it! I think I am going to wait until after the holidays if I do— so many pics are taken around that time so if I just destroy my hair that would be no good hahah.

        Thank you SOO much, love! xoxo

  16. Hi Mackenzie ! I can only imagine what it costs going to the salon in CA ! Your hair is looking really nice, getting the roots done will help you. Smalls must have wanted out of there ! Having a store like target close by is a big temptation . i have enjoyed all the posts from rootstock, I want t o go there someday! That appleis pretty cool. Look at that gorgeous sunrise. What a great way for DJ to finish by throwing out the first pitch! I am sure they are missing him. Great photo of you two hugging. That was nice to get some girl time with Sara, I can imagine how emotional it was leaving her. You can be as weird as you like when it comes to ice cream , you have my permission !! I want to thank you so much for all the fabulous posts and tour around the bay area ! I am going to miss it also now ! I have gotten to know, Cupertino, San Jose and San Fran all through you. Looking forward to seeing Austin ! Have a lovely day Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      LOL- Smalls was not having the long hair process one bit.

      We will definitely miss rootstock ! Need to find a new place near us now.

      It was really tough leaving Sara- I actually just talked to her for a while on the phone today. She is a dear friend <3

      Awww I can't tell you how much it means to me that you take the time to read & even care about what we are up to ! I'm so glad to hear you've loved these adventures 🙂 This comment actually made me quite emotional and warmed my heart more than I can say. Have a great rest of your weekend! xo

      1. I am sure you will find a new rootstock Mackenzie! I am glad you got to chat to Sara again, even if over the phone. Aww I really care about what you are up to. Your blog is fabulous , its why I keep coming back, best wishes , Terri xo.

      2. Aw this is so sweet of you to say! Thanks for brightening my day 🤗 have a great weekend ! ❤️

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