Remembering Our Sweet Pup, Jade <3

Hi, my friends. I had planned on an update post, but last night we unexpectedly lost our sweet girl, Jade, due to health issues 😪 My heart is in so much pain. I want to use this post to reflect on our special memories with her over the last thirteen years so we may never forget them. Jade was the sweetest, spunkiest, full of personality and loyal dog to ever live (I know everyyyy dog owner says that, but it’s trueee). I will never forget when we first met her … we were visiting a family friend’s home and there was the tiniest, cutest little black and white pup. We assumed it was their new dog, but my mom said, “meet your new puppy!”. My sister and I were ecstatic. I remember my mom coming into my room the next morning to wake me up for school with little tiny Jade in her arms- I was wide awake in a moment and just giddy with excitement that this pup was ours (if you need to get your middle school kids out of bed, just get puppy, hah). I couldn’t wait to get home from school just to be with her. We went between names for her … Shamu… Oreo…. Mia (this was her name for three days, but it just didn’t suit her). We finally settled on Jade, and it suited her perfectly. She was the most energetic puppy, to the point where it would alarm people, but hey- she just loved everyone SO much. She was wild and crazy in her younger days, no doubt, who can relate? She was such an easy pup to train. We taught her so many tricks—all the typical ones – “sit”, “roll-over”, “shake”, etc. …. but then we stepped up to more advance ones: “yoga”, “speak” and my personal favorite was “sneeze “on command.

She was one smart cookie. Some of my favorite memories with her were our runs together. I would take her without a leash to our favorite Northeast Ohio trails and she would trot along right next to me. When she was a super teeny puppy, my dad would laugh at the way she would clumsily run back and forth in the front yard and would narrate what she would be saying if she could talk. It would have my sister and me in stitches. I think that adds another layer of heartache- the fact that my Dad was still here and knew her- losing Jade is a reminder of the time that’s passed, and it’s painful on that level too.

Some funny quirks about Jadey:

She loved to cuddle, but she HATED if you moved your feet while she was lying on them. She’d give you a growl and a side eye. Do not dare disturb her perfect position! But she LOVED having her arms scratched. If you stopped scratching it, she would keep it out and be like, “um excuse me?” until you started scratching it again.

My mom would pry us home from college with pictures like this saying, “Jadey misses you”.


She had an irrational fear of toasters. We have no idea where this came from, but we had to replace our toaster with a toaster oven because she’d freak out every time we brought out the actual toaster.

We couldn’t play basketball with her around because she would literally pounce (we’re talkin’ all four legs, Air Bud mode) on top of the ball every chance she could. She played way too good an offense, no getting that ball from her.

She put up with our constant, high-pitched baby talk to her. And countless kisses.

She was always up for a road trip. One of her favorite spots to go was our Grandma & Grandpa’s in Traverse City Michigan. She knew she’d be spoiled by them. We passed most of our time by swimming in the Bay, and at the edge of the dock she’d always want to join us, but was terrified to jump. She would whine as she kept peering further and further over the edge working up the courage to take the plunge. It took coaxing from all of us, and then finally she would jump in! We’d all cheer for her, and you could tell she was quite proud of herself. <3


She LOVED peanut butter and it was so cute to watch the way her mouth smacked after she ate it (especially out of her Kong) & without a doubt, her favorite candy was Twizzlers. You could not eat them around her or she’d go berserk trying to get to them. She also loved ice cream time because she knew one of us would let her lick the bowl (but mainly Pete, that’s why she liked him best🤣) . *peep the spoon*

img_4838Every time you came home she would pretend to be excited to see you for 0.05 seconds, before running over to her bowl to ask for food, even if she’d already been fed (we overfed her now and again due to this manipulation).


She would show up in the background of blog photos here and there, mostly featuring food, naturally 😉 She knew how to put on those “begging eyes”. And man, oh man, was she able to put on the charm when she wanted food from you!


W-A-L-Ks with my mom were her favorite daily activity <3


She hated getting her picture taken, and half my pics of her are blurry. It looks like we have to pin her down for most pics cause as soon as she saw that camera, she’d try to bolt.

jadey 3

She’d randomly have sprinting fiascos around the house where she’d run the halls and then couch to couch. We’d end up playing games of tag with her and any rug on the floor didn’t stand a chance.


She thought she was an alpha dog even though she was smaller than many of her friends, especially her best friend, Apollo!

jadey and friends.jpgimg_0012img_0005-1

She loved anything/anywhere with mud and water. Hence, she loved visiting the cabin in Georgia where she was able to roam and adventure freely with her cousin Eli.


I could go on and on. Jade was always there through many firsts, lasts, Netflix binges, late night studies, holidays, meals, hum-drum days, some tears and countless joyful memories. She was an interwoven part of our life and family, and there is a massive hole now without her. She will be missed beyond words, loved deeply, and remembered forever. RIP, our sweet Jadey. ❤️💔❤️


83 thoughts on “Remembering Our Sweet Pup, Jade <3

  1. Oh my goodness, Mackenzie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your adorable pup! Thank you for sharing some bits and pieces of her life. Her sneezing on command was so cute! It looks like she was loved so, so well, and had a wonderful life with you all. May her memories be ones to always cherish. Prayers and love to you all for your loss! ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie! Your comment brought me so much comfort- your words are so kind. Thank you thank you ❤️

  2. Aww Mack, so many precious memories with your gorgeous Jade. They become so much a part of our lives don’t they? I’m so very sorry for your loss. Hold onto those sweet memories. I’m sure she’ll live on in your heart forever. 🙏

    1. Thank you, Miriam ❤️ you totally get it- they really do become part of the family. Your comment means so much. I appreciate you taking the time to share such empathetic words

  3. What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Jade. She was such a huge part of your family and I truly feel your pain. I pray for peace and comfort for you in the coming days. May your treasured memories help ease your pain. Hugs, Janet

    1. Thank you so much, Janet ❤️ this means the world. Your comment warms my heart and brings so much comfort!

    1. Awww thank you, Jena. That is exactly what I hoped to do, so I’m glad this post had this effect ❤️ we still have no idea about the toaster fear- made no sense! We think the noise scared her or something haha. Thanks for your sweet comment

    1. Aw Jinjer- thank you for always sharing in our life on such an empathetic level. It really means a lot ❤️

  4. Oh Mackenzie, my heart aches for you and your family!!!! Our fur-babies are our whole heart, aren’t they? Her eyes, my gosh she is precious!! She reminds me of both our Mason and my “sister” growing up, Bonnie Blue. She was a Black Lab-Australian Shepherd mix, and she had a similar coat with puppy dog eyes that you couldn’t resist. The loving peanut butter, showing up in food photos, being your everything, it truly speaks of Mason, so I understand just how hard this loss is. Our babies are there for us no matter what and are by our sides through huge hurdles, milestones, and life changes. You all grew up together, and I know life won’t feel the same. Please know that while I respect no amount of words will take away your pain, I am here for you just as you were for me when Mason became ill. Your understanding of how I felt meant the world. I know sweet Jade is looking down on you as your angel baby. She’s with you every moment you work towards your NP degree, while you and Dj explore Austin, every where you go. Look for those signs. I believe God or whoever our higher power is sends us these messages from our babies. You truly embodied and honored Jade in the best post. May she be running free, happy, and have access to all the kibble she can eat! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Kori—Oh my goodness I cannot explain how much your comment means to me ❤️😭❤️ I can’t tell you how much your words comfort me – just knowing it’s normal to feel this heat broken and lost without our pets. It’s insane how much they occupy your heart. Bonnie blue is such a precious name and she sounds soooo stinkin’ cute. I’ve thought about how you made such a beautiful memorial of Mason and we are doing something similar for Jade. Gosh, this comment means the world. I’m going to re-read this over and over. Thank you for your love and support alwayyys. 💞

      1. Our babies are everything to me! I had a dream with Mason in it, & it felt so real. Anyone who knows the love of a fur-baby has truly been blessed. Bonnie was our four-legged sister! She guarded us whenever we swam at the lake or did anything. Jade was such a lucky baby to have you all. ❤️

  5. So sad of hearing of your loss Mackenzie. Dogs really are a beloved family member and their passing away is as heartbreakign as losing any other family member. Thinking of you, stay strong.

    1. Thank you, Kalpana ❤️ they really are! Thank you for understanding. It’s a pain I did not anticipate, but it’s also comforting to know it’s okay to feel this heart broken too . I hope you are doing well 💞

  6. Oh Mack my heart breaks so much for you! This post is a beautiful tribute to such a gorgeous, spunky lady, but I’m so terribly sorry she’s no longer here with you and your family. These photos are so adorable, and I just absolutely loved reading about her!! She sounds like a true, one-of-a-kind beautiful soul. The Kong & peanut butter are 100% just like my Axl Rose, and as Kori said, peanut butter was our sweet Mason’s favorite too! Life just isn’t the same without our sweet furbabies, but they make having them so worth it. Sending you lots of love!

    PS I’m so terribly sorry to have fallen out of touch. This year has just been incredibly difficult so I took a step back from both writing & reading blogs, but I promise to catch up really soon. xo

    1. Kaci- thank you for your incredible words of comfort. I’m so so glad you enjoyed reading about Jade and could get to know her a bit through this post ❤️Ahhh I love that Jade, Mason and Axl all share/shared that love for Pb! 💞

      Aw no need to apologize at all- I totally know how crazy life can be- I actually have been meaning to just reach out and see how you are cause I do miss ya! I’ll message you 🙂 and whenever you have time to make it back to the blogosphere you’ll be welcomed back with open arms. Although I’m on a slight hiatus myself basically posting things I have stored in my drafts from July 🤣😬 thank you again for your sweet comment and love.

  7. Mackenzie – I am misting up after reading about beautiful Jadey – the memories, all captured here in your post and such a treasure trove of photos as well. I remember you mentioning Jade and showing us her picture on one of your family gatherings and saying how she was a childhood pet – think about it … you have known Jade for half of your life. But you know that and this is why the loss is so tragic. I too have lost pets and such an empty hole remains and this is why I have vowed to never get another pet because my companion pet’s loss left me grief stricken. May your memories comfort you in the days ahead … I’m glad you got to see her recently.

    1. Linda- thank you so so much for sharing in remembering sweet Jadey with us ❤️ it really brings such comfort. It is so special you remember that conversation about her too. I hadn’t even realized that- but you are so right- it really was half my life!

      Aw I totally understand. It’s so so tough. It’s harder than I could have ever anticipated 😢 but thank you for your empathy. It means so much.

      1. You’re welcome Mackenzie – a person who has cherished and loved a pet totally understands that grieving process. Did someone send you the Rainbow Bridge poem? If you’ve not read it before, do it when you’re home or in a quiet place as it may make you sad … it is supposed to give you hope about your pet and reconnecting one day, but it is still a little sad:

      2. I have not but thank you SO much for sharing ❤️ I am going to read it today!

  8. I’m so sorry, Mack. This post is an amazing tribute to Jade. You obviously have so many great memories and they’ll never go away.

    We couldn’t play basketball around our dog (Faith) either. She would jump up and try to smack the ball with her face when it came off the rim. She ended up with a bloody nose a couple of times! Oh, dogs…

    1. Thank you so so much, Ralph.

      Awww I love that Faith was the same way! (Minus the bloody noses!!) Sounds like her and Jade would have definitely been friends. I so appreciate the kind words.

  9. I’m so sorry for your loss, Mackenzie. Our pups hold such special places in our lives and teach us so much about unconditional love.

  10. I’m so so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful dog. It seems like she really did have such an amazing personality. I’m glad you had so many wonderful years with her <3

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s plain to see Jade was a wonderful dog and brought you all such joy, but it’s obvious she was so loved in return and lived a truly happy life. I hope that knowledge brings you some comfort during this sad time. Big hug to you and your family ((( )))

    1. thank you so much, Susie… This mean soo much. this comment brought me tons of comfort. Thank you <3 I really appreciate the hug!!!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about Jade.
    It was lovely reading through your memories you shared with her like teaching her tricks, going on runs with her, and taking her on road trips.
    The video and pictures (especially the ones of you and her and Jade with friends) are so sweet.
    Sending you lots of love ❤️

    1. I have goosebumps all over my body after reading this poem. Wow- that touched me more than I can explain. I’m going to send this to my mom and sister too. Thank you sooo much for sharing ❤️ this greatly blessed me

  13. I’m so sorry for your loss! I had literally asked you about her not long before you wrote this post. 🙁 makes me really sad!
    But on the bright side you had a lot of wonderful memories with her and she definitely fulfilled your life as a kid and grew up alongside you.
    I would have loved meeting her! Btw, was she part pit? Have we talked about this before? Dont remember but she looks like it. The face at least. The pups we tried to have, have all been pit mixes and the oldest one we got in August (didnt work out unfortunately and it sent me on a depression spiral) was 6 months old. When he got the zoomies omg he was unstoppable hahaha it’s the cutest thing ever seeing dogs get the zoomies because it’s such a sudden little surge of energy and theres no stopping them lol. Ugh… I need a dog so bad. But cannot. Officially confirmed that CL isnt ready for one. 😪
    Anyway why am I talking about me…I hope you’re holding up fine after this loss. She was definitely an adorable pup, and it’s so cute how you taught her yoga and speak and sneeze haha. She will be missed!

    1. Thank you soo much <3 <3 It's crazy because we talked maybe a week before it happened - so sad. We really did have such great memories. Ok we alllways have thought she had some pit in her! We don't know for sure- what we definitely think she did. Puppies can be so hard and demanding, so I'm glad you did what you needed to for you- but the zoomies are such are real thing, lol!!!! The timing for one will be here before you know it <3 We are in the same boat- we both want a pup soooo bad, just timing isn't great.

      And thank you tons, love. I appreciate that so much <3 she really is missed dearly!!

      1. Yes I totally remember! I hope you’re holding up a lot better now that some time has passed. She got to live a long and happy life next to some really amazing people.
        You are welcome. Hope your week is going well.

  14. Mackenzie, wow, I am at a loss for words. She was so beautiful & gosh, so was the way you wrote this post. I cannot imagine the pain of losing such a big part of your family. For what it’s worth, I am SO SO sorry. Sending you all the love & warm hugs I have. 💗

    1. Thank you soo much, Hunida!! <3 This means more than I can say. Thank you for the hugs and love. Miss youu!!!

  15. I’m so so sorry, Mackenzie. Losing a beloved pet is one of the absolute hardest moments in life. She was such a sweetheart! What a precious post. Sending love and prayers your way. <3 <3 <3

  16. I just saw this post. My heart hurts so much for you Mackenzie. I hope writing this post helped you work through a little bit of your grief. Sending you so much love <3

  17. Hi MacKenzie I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet pup Jade. I can see from all the pictures all the love She had for you and all of you for her. She lived a very exciting an eventful life with all of you! I’m sure is hard knowing that your your Dad knew her and you are also thinking back on the memories you and your Dad had with Jade . You will always have the memories. I remember when our German pointer Brownie passed away. I was 15 and I was also the same age. That was a really tough day. Thinking of you all at this time Mackenzie, Take care, Terri xoxo.

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