Ramen Nagi & Castle Rock!

Hi All!!! I am stilll SHOOKETH from the Game of Thrones episode last night. *Spoiler alert* –There was one point where I was saying to DJ, “There is NO possible resolution from this- they are all deeeaad”! And then Arya jumped in and saved the freaking day, my giiiiirl.

What a phenomenally done episode.

Anyway– Jumping straight into these highlights from the last couple weeks because I have got to hustle to get these recaps done before leaving Thursday for OH for my sister’s graduation and bridal shower. Woohooo! I cannot wait.

April 15th I went to Nosh to work on school assignments and plan out the next couple months.


In the afternoon I went on a walk to shake off the cobwebs from staring at a screen all morning.


Lately, I have been trying to diligently use up everything in our fridge and pantry before going back to the store (as I’ve said about five hundred times; don’t mind my broken record self). Since we don’t want to lug a bunch of dry goods to Austin with us, we’ve been having the dressings/dry goods inspire our meals. It’s been pretty successful and a fun challenge! However, once the fridge started looking like this I bit the bullet and went to the store.


A girl can only eat frosting and chocolate milk for breakfast so many days in a row…I kid, I kid 😉 But I was craving a raw vegetable.


It was a pretty large trip! The guy at Trader Joe’s said, “You having a party?” as he scanned my three large hummus quartets. I said, no I just really like hummus, haha.


While at TJs, I saw the Tomato & Olive Focaccia and couldn’t resist.


I made a Margherita pizza on it with some fresh basil straight from the plant. Mmm mm! It was delicious- although I still prefer thin crust at the end of the day.


I also ate up soo many large salads that week- I was craving them somfin’ fierce and was ecstatic to enjoy so many fresh veggies.

On the morning of April 16th, I woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning!


I went to pick up my bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal and to get it fitted. You know what’s wild?! My alterations were more than the dress itself! Anyone else have tips for the future on what to do about more affordable alterations? Is it better to go elsewhere? Is David’s Bridal known for having pricy alterations or is that how it is everywhere?

Once I was home, I decided to meal prep for DJ for the week. I made these fajita steak bowls with cilantro lime rice from Diane’s blog served with some Chimichurri sauce I’ve had sitting in the pantry begging to be used. He liked them a lot & they made for a great dinner through the week.


April 17th was the official last day of the semester (before finals- but I lucked out with not having any this semester?! I don’t know how, but I won’t argue with it!). In the afternoon I whipped together one of my favorite lunches of late with purple sweet potato, Fage, tzatziki, green goddess dressing, boca crumbles and almond mozzarella cheese.


I ran in the afternoon & lifted some weights. It was a great workout- fueled by the elation of surviving another semester of grad school.

On April 18th, I snap-shotted my meal that I’ve had on repeat for breakfast the last couple months: Avocado smoothie with oatmeal + stevia and some vegan chocolate chips. This is kind of odd, but I actually like pouring the smoothie onto the oatmeal before eating it– it kind of has that cold overnight oat effect.


In the afternoon I worked on some templates for Bridal Shower games. The last thing I have on my list is figuring out gifts for winners of the games- any ideas?

On April 19th we received the sweetest little Easter surprise in the mail from my MIL <3 <3

See the pretzels below? They are the best pretzels I have e’errrrr tried. They are MAGIC. They are cinnamon greek yogurt covered pretzels. They are flavor explosions in the mouth! I put them in the freezer and treat myself to a little handful here and there. SO stinking good.


In the evening we went to Ramen Nagi for a long overdue double date with our friends Tammy and Ben. Ramen Nagi is a super authentic Ramen spot that people have been raving about for months. The line is always at least 45 minutes long!


First, you choose which Ramen Flavor you’d like and then choose your soup “setting” (saltiness, oil, garlic), toppings, spice, noodles and then any extras.


The wait went by quickly for us since we had soo much to catch up on.


I loved all the fixin’s in the middle of the table, especially the little rice noodles.


We tried a couple appetizers- the rice and edamame. Both scrumptious!


Whatever seasoning they put on the edamame is out of this woooorld.


Tam ordered the Red King- I think their most popular dish— “A striking blend of garlic, chili oil, and cayenne pepper in a velvety broth; topped by a tempting ball of miso-infused minced pork and select Nagi cayenne,with tender Cha-shu”. I tried some of the broth and me oh my was it delish!


DJ ordered their Original King with “award-winning tonkotsu pork-broth prepared in the traditional method, mouth-wateringly rich, fresh, and aromatic; special handcrafted noodles and classic Nagi pork Cha-shu”.


He loved it- I liked it- but my personal fav was the Veggie King!! “Savory Japanese soup stock expertly blended with cauliflower purée, featuring hashed potato “chashu” and accented with shiitake mushrooms and spinach; Nagi’s amazing vegetarian ramen”.


I could not get over how insanely yummy this was…. I expected to like this place, but this is one of the most savory, comforting, satisfying meals I have ever enjoyed. To say it surpassed my expectations would actually be an understatement. It blew my expectations out of the water. Or should I say out of the Ramen! I ordered it extra spicy. One of the workers suggested I not get it as spicy as I put on my paper, so I took his opinion and changed my number down. I kinda wish I had kept it at my original spice (a 7)… but the 5 still had a nice kick! I also added extra dried mushrooms + cabbage. Also, whatever the hash potato cakes were may have been my favorite part of the whole dish!! They were so crisp and held up well absorbing the broth but maintaining their crunch! **all these exclamation points are entirely warranted**.


It was such a fun double date! Love hanging with Ben + Tammy.

On Saturday, April 20th, DJ had to work the whole morning, but in the afternoon we went to Castle Rock State Park for a hike. This was a place on my bucket list. DJ is a bit skeptical that I can hit everything on the bucket list before we leave. I am blindly optimistic though. hahah. Meaning….

watch me.gif

In all seriousness, I know some of the food places will have to wait probably years, especially the fine dining- but I’m hoping to make a serious dent in the fast casual spots and hiking.

Anywho… where were we? Oh yes yes, Castle Rock–


They have boulders you can climb on- soo much fun. It reminded me of a place called Whips Ledges that we used to go all the time growing up in OH.


There is a peak and also waterfalls, but we were a bit low on time because I had a food shoot in the evening to attend. It was a blast just climbing all over the rocks. Hiking is one of my alll time favorite things to do and when climbing is thrown in- nothing better!

Questions for you:

  • Have you tried authentic Ramen? Do you like it?
  • Are you on the GOT bandwagon? Who do you think ends up on the throne?

xo <3

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103 thoughts on “Ramen Nagi & Castle Rock!

  1. I have never tried real ramen, but I often say I should. Those bowls did look tasty! I think I would love to go for a hike in castle rock. I haven’t tried to climb boulders since I was a kid, so I’m not sure how that would go

    1. Absolutely! I hope you get to try it sometime- It’s pretty amazing- I was actually shocked at just how much I loved it!

      I hadn’t climbed boulders in a while either!! It totally made me feel like a kid again. It was adorable seeing all the families there with their kids too in awe of the boulders. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Everyone at work is talking about GOT. I’ve never watched it but I heard what happened in the latest episode. Sounds intense! Caste Rock looks amazing! I’m sure that you can cross all your items off of your bucketlist before you leave. You’ve got this! 😉

    1. It was SO nuts!! Never too late to start 🙂 Although, it can be disturbing at times as a fair warning. It’s just sooo well done.

      And thanks for the encouragement, Hayley !! Glad you have faith in me 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, girl. Hope you are doing so well!

      1. I have heard it’s very disturbing but also super addicting! My co-workers have a scheduled meeting every week to talk about what happened in the latest episode. They all disappear to a meeting room and the rest of us wonder what’s going on. LOL

        You’re welcome!! I’m excited to see all of your upcoming adventures. 🙂 I’m doing good! Ready for summer!

      2. That’s a pretty spot on description!

        That is hilarious about your coworkers- it is truly a show you can talk about allll day though! haha.

        Thanks so much, girl 🙂 Glad to hear all is well!!

    1. They were insane!! I wish they did- I’m sure other places do, but this menu was soo limited. They even added the veggie option for California (in their other places they don’t even have a vegetarian option!). Thanks for stopping in, AJ!

      1. Wow! I’m always amazed now by restaurants with limited options as so many provide for everyone!

      2. I know! At least most are getting better about it! Did you hear Burger King has a new “Impossible” vegan Whopper coming out?!

      3. Oh I hadn’t heard! We have A&W up here that has a beyond neat burger that is supposed to be amazing! I actually haven’t eaten fast food since I learned about my allergies- too afraid!

      4. Aw that makes sense! You make great food at home anyways 🙂

      5. I feel like I need to be more adventurous so I won’t be tempted to go out so often

  3. So I lived on ramen as a college student, but stopped eating it (since I was eating the dried kind in the $1 aisle at the grocery store. HA!!!). I haven’t tried the authentic variety, but – my goodness- that looks AMAZING and like the ultimate comfort food! There’s a place not far from here called “Noodles” (I think?) and this makes me want to check them out. Their advertising makes me think they might sell ramen, and I really
    I feel like I say this like every time, but I just love your blog so much. I love your foodie and travel adventures!! It was an exhausting mommy day, and I enjoyed sitting down and just enjoying some personal time reading my favorite blog! 🙂

    1. Yesss amen amen Ramen is a food group of its own for college!! And truly the ultimate comfort food- I will crave this especially when I’m feeling under the weather!

      Oh my gosh, yesss definitely check Noodles out!! If it’s similar it will Change. Your. Life. Lol!

      Awww– you have NO idea how much your comments mean to me, Nicole. I’m a word of affirmation kinda gal, so it really truly makes me day.. no no no more than just my day. Your comments are some of the ones I remember the most and they warm my heart in a way I truly cannot describe. Thanks for being such an encouraging light in my world & cheering us on in our adventures <3 Also, it goes both ways! I adore the authenticity of blog, your incredible writing, and seeing your seriously-the-cutest-in-the-world kiddos! I hang onto your every word about mom-life cause I hope it’s a reality for me too soon(ish) – ok not as soon as I’d like, lol. Ah I’m rambling, but thank you thank you again!

  4. I have NOT tried ramen but I wish I could run out RIGHT NOW and get HALF sizes of both the Red King and Veggie King because I would not be able to decide between the two. I don’t think we learned what kind Ben tried, did we?

    Castle Rock looks amazing!!!! Hiking is my favorite thing to do, too.

    I do watch Game of Thrones religiously, but have no clue who will get the throne. I don’t think anyone too obvious will get it, do you know what I mean? I know everyone hates Cersei but I like to root for the evil people sometimes because they make things interesting, so I’d kind of like to see her win. I wonder if they’ll leave it totally open ended and have us guessing for the rest of our lives. That’s what I’d do if I was in charge.

    1. Oh my gosh- I felt the exact same way when I was looking at the menu!! I wanted to try a little bit of everything!! And Ben had veggie too!! Hahah. Sorry to leave that curiosity hanging!

      I like your thinking for Game of Thrones- definitely not the popular opinion, but I love a good controversial preference! Also sooo interesting with the idea of keeping us guessing- I haven’t heard that theory yet- but I could see them doing that!

      Thanks for stopping by, Jinjer!

    2. Oh my gosh- I felt the exact same way when I was looking at the menu!! I wanted to try a little bit of everything!! And Ben had veggie too!! Hahah. Sorry to leave that curiosity hanging!

      I like your thinking for Game of Thrones- definitely not the popular opinion, but I love a good controversial preference! Also sooo interesting with the idea of keeping us guessing- I haven’t heard that theory yet- but I could see them doing that!

      1. Now I can sleep at night knowing that Ben isn’t just hanging out there with his nameless bowl of ramen!!!!

  5. Love the Easter treats … I HAVE to ask where your MIL found the lemonade kettle corn. I have never heard of that before … but I LOVE kettle corn so I’d love to try it!

    1. Oh my goodness – I don’t know but I’ll have to ask her!! It was really tasty!! I’ll let you know what she says 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, Lindsay !

  6. I haven’t had Ramon noodle for a long time. The idea of eating everything in the frig is great. Sometimes I ended up throwing a few things away.
    I had the same experience with alteration. That person wouldn’t come down on the price.

    1. Yes they are sticklers with the price!

      It definitely feels good to use up everything and throw away far less food- we have been better about it this past year than ever before and our grocery bill has dropped substantially!

      Thanks so much for stopping in, Miriam!!

  7. For alterations, Alex and I found a local mom & pop shop! They are SO reasonable priced. I got two short and nicer dresses altered to make them fit me better and it was under $60 for both and the quality is amazing. Alex has gotten multiple pieces tailored by the couple as well. The couple is old and cute. Funny story, last time I went to drop something off they told me to keep reminding Alex that he’s supposed to propose. I was dying and called Alex when I left. So that’s my two sense on it – go for a local shop.

    Those fajita bowls look amazing omg. Can you make them and ship to me?? I kind of kid but I’m also a little serious since your food always looks delicious!

    The bridal shower I went to last year had a game where everyone picked a horse name (the bride is SUPER into horses). When she was opening gifts, someone set a timer and when the timer went off, they picked a horse name. Whoever had that horse got to have either a bottle of wine or candle as the prize. It was easy and fun since I found the gift opening part boring.

    I’ve never tried actual Ramen but the place you went to sounds delicious! I like that you’re able to adjust the spiciness. As someone who loves spicy, I hate when things are labeled as spicy on a menu but then you get it and it’s really not.

    GOT Sunday night took years off of my life. Those first 10 minutes caused me so much anxiety lol. I thought the cinematography with the Dorthraki at the beginning was incredible. I honestly don’t know who ends up on the throne. It seems like there’s some obvious choices which makes me think it could be a person out of left field.

    1. Oh my gosh! That pricing is amazing!!! Ok I am definitely going to look local next time. I think I just panicked in the moment and didn’t realize there were other better options! Thanks so much for sharing that. Also that story is too stinkin’ funny 🤣 they are on him, huh?!

      Haha girl I wish! But they are sooo easy to make – y’all would love them!

      Ahhh that is such a cute idea!! I have never heard that idea before but I love it! And it is so easy, but still fun too!

      👏🏻 amen 👏🏻 nothing is everrr spicy enough for me so I was glad I was able to adjust the level too!

      I totally am with you on GOT. Gosh, it was so intense. And yess the cinematography was so well done- I was truly on the edge of my seat when it all went black!

      Thanks for stopping in, Maureen! Hope your week has been great 🙂

  8. For my wedding and Matron of Honor dress alterations, I used an amazing young woman who used to work at David’s Bridal but branched out and started her own company. She was phenomenal and priced so well! Alterations can be a beast, though!

    I’m not a GOT fan. I haven’t ever wanted to watch it. But Matt and I started The OA season two, and it seems very intense in my opinion!

    Girllll, that ramen sounds like a flavor explosion! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had actual ramen, but you better believe it’s now a must! Thank you for doing such a good job of describing it.

    Your hike seems so darn fun! I need to get out on some hikes asap!

    1. Oh my gosh, that woman sounds like a life saver! I didn’t realize how ridiculous DB’s alterations were— I should have tried to do something else but I think in the moment I just felt like I didn’t have another option?! Gonna try something different next time!

      Ok, we just finished Ozark last night, so next up the OA! SO excited to start!

      1. It’s pretty good! Season 2 dragged in my opinion- but some people think it’s better than the first !

  9. So many great pics of food as usual, but all I can think about is that you keep your peanut butter in the fridge. What’s up with that?! Haha.

    As far as GoT goes, it’s so hard to tell who ends up on the throne. I’m gonna go with Sansa.

    1. Hahah- ok a bit weird but I LOVE eating PB cold. And DJ uses it for his overnight oats so it’s cold for him anyways too…. so just makes sense to keep it in the fridge, lol!

      I like the Sansa theory- I feel like she’s been sorta in the shadows and is going to have a huge moment in the next episode. I kinda hope it’s Tyrion!

  10. Need to go back to Ramen Nagi stat!!!! I’m craving that veggie ramen sooooooo bad! And I want the detailed recipe to your purple potato bowl thingy lol Not gonna lie might go back to Ramen Nagi this weekend 😂

    1. YAASS ! Ironic as we are currently texting about you going back to Ramen Nagi this Friday haha. Enjoy!!

  11. Your mother-in-law is so sweet sending you the Easter package of goodies. You have not made pizza in awhile – when I first began following you, you’d make that pizza and I would be salivating! Not that I don’t salivate when I see the healthy foods that you eat. I must share how you can forego the astronomical prices for alterations going forward – you need to visit the ice cream shop you featured more. (Just kidding!) (Or go with the frosting diet.) I have never had genuine Ramen noodles or the kind you boil – I seriously need to get out more Mackenzie!

    1. She is truly so sweet and thoughtful <3

      Hehe- we were long overdue for some pizza!

      LOL!! I am cracking up about the alterations comment. I read it aloud to DJ and said, "Guess it's time to get more Somi Somi!".

      You get out there in the best way-- in nature! Nothing better than that 🙂 But first things first is avocado toast 😉 Happy Friday Eve!!!

      1. Yes your mother-in-law sounds very sweet. I know you follow “In Diane’s Kitchen” (I do too, if just to see what’s out there that’s easy to make) and Diane told me she is throwing her mother-in-law a surprise 90th birthday party. She asked her husband and brother-in-law if they wanted to be involved, they said “no” so she said she do it herself and they weren’t invited! I liked looking at that spinning pizza from afar – it was a virtual treat!

        Glad that DJ liked my comment – good excuse for treating yourselves to Somi Somi. 🙂

        Happy Friday Eve back at you Mackenzie – I’m so ready for the weekend to be here too.

      2. She is the sweetest! Always so thoughtful. I do follow Diane! That is soooo awesome- oh my gosh how wonderful ❤️ and to make it a surprise too! I can’t believe someone wouldn’t want to be a part of that- sounds like an unforgettable day.

        Glad you enjoyed the virtual ‘za 🍕 🤗

      3. Yes I saw you had commented on a post one time – I can’t understand either … well, Diane just took a non-nonsense attitude about it! I did enjoy all the virtual treats and learning lots of new foodie treats at the same time!

      4. Sometimes no nonsense is just the best way to go!!!

        aw yay 🙂 I am so glad!!

  12. Those fajita steak bowls look amazing, OMG! I definitely need to try that out. I’ve been also wanting to get more into meal prepping and I think this would be a great start. That’s awesome that you ended up not having any finals! All that Ramen looks amazing. I need it in my life haha. Castle Rock State Park looks so awesome. I don’t watch GOT, but everyone tries to get me to watch it. I tried the first episode, but wasn’t that into it. One of my best friends tells me I knew to at least get through the first two seasons, because the seasons after that are really great. Guess we’ll see what happens, haha.

  13. I love your journal: Daydreaming – something we could all do more of!

    DJ’s ramen looks super spicy!!!! Going out for ramen is a staple outing in our family – and we particularly enjoy tonkotsu broths! Husband & Older Daughter love love love the spicy versions!

    Castle rock park looks like so much fun!

    1. Aw, thanks, Ju Lyn! I saw it and could not resist 🙂 I day dream far too often- it’s quite distracting, lol.

      Isn’t Ramen just the best?! I just looked up tonkotsu broth and it sounds wonderful. Oh, and the spicier the better for me too!

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  14. That ramen looks absolutely delicious!! I’ve only had authentic ramen from one place, but I still loved it! I like that this one had a veggie option though, because literally all of the options at ours has meat. :/ Castle Rock park looks like a blast! I’m so glad you got to go! Those boulders are HUGE. O.O

    1. So this place said they just added the Veggie version for California because traditionally they only have meat options too. We were shocked that the veggie wasn’t a staple, because it ended up being a favorite at the table! Maybe one day that place near you will get on that 🙂

      And they were massive! There were a few times where I was like, “Better not make any missteps, or it’s game over!”.. DJ was like a monkey all over them haha. Thanks for stopping in, girl!

      1. I’m hoping there will be a few good ramen options in VA Beach with veggie bowls! Or at least subbing in seafood, like shrimp, instead of meat. 🙂 It’s a way bigger city so it’s always a possibility I think!

      2. Yessss!! Oh my gosh, VA Beach will have the best options!!!

  15. I love authentic ramen! But – to be fair, I’ve never had 45min wait authentic ramen! 😉 Looks delicious!

    I was so convinced the Battle of Winterfell was going to be a 2 parter! The entire time I was thinking “there’s no way this is going to be resolved” even with the 120mins! But so proud of Arya and totally wished I had had more faith – especially after reading so many articles afterwards that pointed out the foreshadowing of her boss assery! lol! Great post <3

    1. Hi, Britt!! Hehe- well I can tell ya, it lives up to that 45 min. wait for sure! It’s also a brand new place so that’s allllso probably part of it 😉

      Ohhh I love your thinking for GOT! I felt the same way through the episode too- I just could not fathom they would figure a way out of the white walkers. Thank goodness for Arya- whoever ends up on the throne she truly saved all humanity!

      And thanks so much for stopping in & your comment!! 🙂 Have a great Friday Eve!

    1. lol- right?!? I couldn’t leave it so barren anymore.

      Thanks so much, Pamela! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  16. It seems everyone is talking about Game of Thrones, or Avengers lately. I am sorry but I am more of a Westworld kinda girl… cannot quite resist the marrying of 2 of my favourite genres – good Western and good science fiction. So there you go – I am not on the GOT bandwagon (and proudly so!).

    As for your alterations more than the dress dilemma? Well I usually turn to my mom if I need anything altered. Although these days her eyesight is failing as she ages, so I’ve not been getting my dresses and skirts altered even though I have to squeeze into them more than I used to – i think I gained weight – in the wrong place! 🙁


    1. Ohhhhh Westworld is SOOO good! I wasn’t able to finish it because my HBO Subscription ended, but now that we renewed it for GOT I’ll have to get back into it!

      Aww that’s awesome your mom is able to do them ❤️ and I bet only you notice ! You’re so beautiful always! Thanks again for your comment ! Have a great day ☺️

      1. Not sure yet, but I recall their outdoor filming set got burned down during the California fires fall/ winter last year. That might have set them back a while, beyond the usual Hollywood funding concerns etc etc

      2. Oh wow!! that’s so sad– hopefully they have it all figured out now somehow!

  17. That margherita pizza and the fajitas bowls look sooo delish! Such a smart idea to use that foccacia bread!

    I like to find local places to do my alterations! I actually have a family friend who does them extremely cheap since she knows me but I’m sure the pricing of local, small shops would be much cheaper than David’s! I am only using David’s for my wedding dress because I want them to make the bustle a certain way and as of now, that should be my only alteration so fingers crossed it’s a tad cheaper!

    Some prizes I’ve used or seen at bridal showers have been bottles of wine, candles, nice soaps or lotions, and chocolate. Ladies love that kind of stuff lol I know I do!

    I love your bucket list and I realllly hope you’re able to finish most of it before you move! You’ll definitely keep yourself busy with that 🙂

    I’ve never tried authentic ramen but I’d like to! It sounds sooo yummy. I’m not on the GOT band wagon but John just started watching it and he’s already super obsessed! He usually watches it while I’m out running. He’s so funny about it and will always ask if I want to go run so he can watch it then lol. He seems to really like it!

    1. Thanks girl!!! I actually was like- “hmm is this even a thing?” With using the focaccia bread… and then I saw a restaurant in SF actually makes their pizza that way too! So I wasn’t totally crazy for trying it out 🤪

      That’s awesome to know a family friend !!! Alll about those connections in wedding planning 🙂 ahhh cannot wait to see your dress 😍

      Thanks girl!

      It’s soo incredible- hope you get to try sometime! Hahah that’s so funny about GOT! It’s definitely the type of show where you have to pay attention to every little detail- so I see why he’d want to be entirely focused . 😆 thanks for stopping in, Em! ❤️

  18. I like ramen and it’s great for winter/rainy months, but I don’t ever find myself craving it. Your vegetarian bowl looks incredible though so maybe this will change!

    1. I don’t usually crave Ramen either (sometimes I’ll crave Pho) , but this vegetarian dish is one of the top things I’ll be sad to leave in the area food- wise!! You can try this after brunch at Brenda’s 🤣 thanks for reading, Jess!

      1. haha I love it! I have such a long list of things I wanttt to try around here and far too little time!

  19. Hey Mack! Sorry it’s been such a long time! Loved reading through your adventure. I definitely haven’t had proper, authentic ramen but it’s on my list- I KNOW I’ll love it.

    And I’m afraid I’m not on the GoT bandwagon- I need to give it a go; I know I’ll love it.

    Have an amazing weekend! Xxxx

    1. Hey Kath! Oh my gosh no need to apologize- but it is SUCH a treat for me to hear from ya 🙂

      You will loveeee it! I hope you can find some near you!

      It’s sooo addictive I will give you that warning about GOT but if you do watch and need someone to discuss it with at any time – I’ll always be down to talk GOT! Lol.

      You too, girl! 💕❤️

  20. That Latte from nosh looks so good Mackenzie! The fridge says it is time to go shopping! That is a big shopping haul you got! I know Davids have great value for bridesmaids dresses but did not realize the alterations were so much! Such a nice surprise from your MIL! She is so sweet, can i adopt her and have two MILs?? Its nice to have a double date and I am glad you all had fun at Ramen nagi. What a fun and picturesque hike! Also a good workout. I never grew up eating ramen and dont have a taste for it now. Take care Dear, Terri xo.

    1. I wonder if part of the reason the prices are so reasonable for DB is because they hike up the alteration prices so it evens out (especially bridesmaid dresses!).

      Hehe she really is the sweetest!!! I will send this comment to her- she will so appreciate that you said that!

      I never grew up with Ramen either- but this definitely won me over! Hope you are having an excellent week so far 🙂 XOX

      1. Yes I am sure they make their money on alterations DB ! Aww tell her I say hi! The week is going good, sun is shining! Take care Dear, Terri xo.

      2. I will 🙂 ! yayy! so glad the sun decided to come out !! enjoy!

  21. I wish we had a Ramen spot in my area. I would love to try the real thing and not just the instant ramen. lol

    Holy crap! Castle Rock is BEAUTIFUL! It looks like something straight out of a fairytale!

    1. haha I will say they are quite different, but if you like regular Ramen you would LOVEEE this. Hope you can try sometime, girl!

      That was my thought exactly! Everyone in the area raves about how amazing the hike is and now I totally understand why.

  22. Arya for the win!! I love GOT!!! I haven’t tried authentic ramen, but it looks delish. Mmmm…Cinammon greek yogurt covered pretzels. I haven’t had those. My favorite to this point are the raspberry yogurt covered pretzels that they sell at Fresh Market. I always grab focaccia when I see it. So yummy. I love, love, love those moss covered trees in that State Park.

    1. Yass! We have a restaurant called Arya here and we said before the finale we will have to eat dinner there! It’s actually one of my favorite places- it’s Persian!

      Mmmm raspberry yogurt covered pretzels sound to die for!!! I have got to keep an eye out for those!!

      Glad you enjoyed the trees- aren’t they so whimsically beautiful? Thanks for stopping in, Amy!

  23. Oh my gosh, what a great idea to use that whole foccacia bread to make a pizza. It looks freakin’ amazing. The steak fajita bowls are so cute, too! 😍

    Congrats on finishing your semester! Woohoo to no finals this time around!!

    I know I’m so late to this post & you’ve probably already gotten a ton of suggestions… (maybe you’ve even already had the party LOL) but I think gift cards are the best thing to win! 😛

    Those pretzels sound soooo yummy. I wish I could find some in my mailbox hahaha what a treat!

    That ramen menu is top-notch!!! There are so many options to choose from, wow. You have to go to the certain restaurant that makes the pork & broth the way you like it here (after testing ’em all out first) how cool they can make it all YOUR way. What a dream. & that vegetarian bowl was so clever. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere here that offers that!

    I personally prefer ramen over pho nowadays & I hadn’t tried the authentic kind until I moved to Las Vegas. 🙂 Still not watching GOT!! But maybe when the final episode airs, I’ll hop on.

    1. Hey girllll!!! I didn’t know if it would taste too “carby” but the herbs in the focaccia actually worked well (still prefer that thin crust though!).

      Aww thank you tons!!!

      Dangit! That is the most genius idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!! We did have the shower last weekend (I’m soooo behind on posting, but thank you tons for the suggestion- I”ll remember that for next time!).

      I sooo wish I could share the pretzels- they are easily the best covered pretzels I have ever tried. I need to figure out where I can buy them in bulk haha.

      Ahhhh you would LOVEEE Ramen Nagi if you love Ramen!! I think their chain is expanding, so I bet it’s only a matter of time before they have one in LV!

      I’m with ya- I was on a Pho kick for a while, and right now I’m on that Ramen kick! Thanksf or stopping in, girl. And yes yes GOT is always there for ya whenever you choose to dive in 😉 I’ll let you know next week if the ending is worth the whole journey! xo

      1. Is there such thing as too carby?! I love the thick crust on a pizza… mmmm lol.

        Ohh! I can’t wait to hear all about the shower. I’m sorry I was so late with the suggestion lol. What did you guys end up picking out for gifts or will I get to see it all in a post?! 😀

        Serrriously need to find those pretzels. Lol LV steals all the popular restaurants so I wouldn’t be surprised if it opened up here soon. 😛

      2. Haha touche!! I guess what I meant more so is the balance of all the cheesy goodness and sauce has to be balanced just right so it isn’t dry!

        Haha no worries girl!!! It is actually in the most recent post I just published 🙂 Since it’s nautical themed and a destination wedding I did a water bottle, candle, gummy candies that say “Wake me for mimosas” and different sayings like that!

        I have scoured the internet for them, and I can’t find the exact same ones- but there are cinnamon yogurt ones that I’m sure taste similar!

        YESS!!! Oh my gosh, it’s soo insanely good- I REALLY hope they do. I have got to get to LV one of these days… everyone always tells me how much I’d love it. PLUS we would get to try out one of those amazing foodie spots together!

      3. AWW!! Those gifts you made sound adorable. I cannot wait until I make it to those posts so I can see them. 😀 If I ever spot any cinnamon yogurt pretzels in store, I’ll probably pick ’em up now, hehe.

        I’m actually surprised you haven’t visited LV yet! I do think you’d have a lot fun. 😀

      4. Yayy!!

        I knoww. And all your posts make me wanna visit all the more!!

  24. I’ve never watched a single episode of GoT but I like some of the memes haha
    Is focaccia like pita bread?
    Also. What kind of cheese do you use for your pizzas? Daiya?
    So cute you got goodies for Easter lol. We had our own egg hunt at home, we made CL look for all the eggs because I thought just going to those “egg hunts” at the park or at churches takes the fun out of actually “hunting” for them. He had so much fun and it was the cutest seeing his expression every time he found one. 😁
    Whoa that’s totally a different way of ordering ramen but what a cool experience to sort of customize it / personalize it to your own liking. They all look good!
    Whoa castle rock looks awesome! Ciel would love that place but I think I’d be freaking out every couple minutes “wait!” “Watch out please!” “Be careful!” And my all time favorite, “you’re gonna get hurt!” I sound like a broken record with that last one lol

    1. Hahah well lemme tell ya… considering the ending I don’t even know if I’d suggest people invest the time and energy into it 😭 it was SOOOOO good & I thought the ending was such a letdown. But yes – the memes are pretty epic!

      I actually use TJs almond mozzarella! I have used Daiya too- it just doesn’t stretch as well. And for DJ I just used regular buffalo mozzarella !

      That is so fun with the egg hunt!!! My mom did the same thing with us growing up & it was soo much fun- the ones at church or parks aren’t really hunts at all.

      Yaasss you would LOVE this place !!!! It’s amazing. One of the best meals I’ve probably ever had.

      Hahah aw I thought about that when I was there with all the kids around- it’s not super safe with all the boulders and easy drops- I was even nervous about DJ!

      1. Awh really? Alex has been asking what it’s all about and I’m just shrugging like “I have no clue!” He says a co-worker keeps mentioning it and he keeps seeing it everywhere online so we gave it a go and it was a good first episode but I was sooo confused haha
        I’ told him what you said here, the ending being a letdown, and he said “but all the endings are huge letdowns, how it got there is the best part” LOL
        My SF list must be so long at this point haha. I have to seriously think about it and condense a lot of it. And hopefully in the further future, I can make a trip to Dallas 😀 (that is where you’re moving right?)

      2. Yeah that’s GOT- I felt so confused for the first half of the first season, but it gets SOOO good… literally ALL 7 seasons until the 8th are incredible!! And I love Alex’s perspective.. you know what, he’s right!! I think it’s worth the watch thinking about it that way- truly one of the greatest shows of allll time.

        We are actually moving to Austin (about 3.5 hours away from Dallas – so not far!). People say Austin is very similar to Portland so you would feel right at home when ya visit 🙂 !

      3. Awesome possum! We will be watching lol
        Ah that’s right!! Why did I think Dallas? I figured when I said that I was close enough haha.
        Oh yes I’ve heard of Austin almost being a sister city to Portland. I cant wait to see where you go there! I’ll have to make a separate list lol.

      4. Yes yes it’s definitely close enough! 😊

        Ahh oh my gosh, please do! I feel like we are going to have literally zero free time with both our school tracts, but I’m hoping we can still explore here and there! Sooo excited!

  25. Arya! Arya! Arya! The hero of Winterfell! I love how she killed the NK & straight after in the episode she’s all “whatever, no big deal.” 😂

    Can’t wait to see your bridesmaid dress (if you’re going to post it when the day comes). 🙂

    Yep. Definitely adding Castle Rock to my bucket list. It looks, just, aaaah, what a load of fun!

    1. Yesss! Arya for the win! That was the best moment of the whole season… only went downhill from there.

      Aww I will absolutely share it! 🙂 I just picked it up- it’s all ready to go! Woohoo!

      YES! Castle Rock is such an amazing little spot. highly recommend. But it’s much chillier there than out of the woods, so bring an extra jacket 🙂

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