A Foxy Pup, an Ice Cream Battle, & Recyclops!

Hi, Lovies!!! I don’t have a super eventful update— but as always, I want to reflect on the hum drum and find the highlights, you know, find those doggone silver linings (they are there, I promise!). First, I am SO excited to say I have officially submitted my first grad school application. It was a DOOZY. It’s (maybe) my first choice, but I am very confused about the whole decision. I’m applying to schools across the country (and many online schools that pair you with a nearby hospital). I just pray that God will make it clear where we should be. I love California; I love it so dearly, and I love our life here. But we also LOVE exploration  and when else will we have this flexibility to just get up and go (cough cough… kids…..), so who knows… but I don’t know that we can imagine leaving here yet. I don’t know! I guess we will see! Nothing will happen until next fall, so I’m hoping all things will just fall in place the way they should.

Just a little context, I’m sitting here this Sunday evening with my mint chocolate chip ice cream, a glass of cabernet sauvignon, and NYC Housewives playing on the laptop (Uhm, Aviva- take a chill pill girlfran’). I don’t have the GRE or November application deadline hanging over my head (although I have about three more coming up in November- March), but for today, we will relish in the moment. DJ has the World Series playing in the background, and things feel actually OK at this second.

I think we left off right after the GRE. I went back to work for a few days, and DJ headed to Ohio! I wish I could have went back, but work owns me. I am thankful he had such a fantastic weekend with his family, but I am honestly a bit jealous because I miss them all terribly.

On Saturday, October 21st, my dear fran Sara, (you may remember this chica from here, here, and here), stopped by to hangout and catch up while DJ was spending his last day in Ohio. We decided to go to Steins for an appetizer and a drink to catch up!


The waiter brought us the cutest little mini beer mugs to try their featured sour flavor. It was cute, but wayyy too sour for our liking. Plus neither of us are big beer guys.

We tried a recommended featured cocktail with capurro pisco (not sure what that is), but it ruined the flavor. We were not fans of this cocktail. However, their beer garden cooler was delish and refreshing. Highly recommend if you end up finding yourself here.

Also, highly, HIGHLY recommend their truffle fries- TO. DIE. FOR. Perhaps the best truffle fries ever. I think the only other ones that contest were the ones in Santa Cruz.


ANNNDDD Sara surprised me with Foxy Lady (that’s literally her name) (you may remember her from this post). I was ecstatic. I just love this pup so much.

Sara cracks me up when she has Foxy do her dance.


When Foxy wants her tummy scratched in the hallway, she will not take no for an answer.


Cutest little pumpkin <3

We hung out, laughed, had an aggressive battle with a Talenti gelato mint chocolate chip pint (if you follow me on Instagram @ __mackenzie.marie__ you probably saw) and chatted until about 11 pm.

We literally wrestled with a Talenti container for probably twenty minutes. We tried EVERYTHING from knives, to rubber twist jar openers, and finally rubber oven mitts….it was a scene. Beware the Talenti.

Anywho, It was such nice, much needed girl time!!!

On Sunday October 22nd, I woke up bright eyed and bushy, but realized I didn’t have yogurt for my toast. I panicked, but no worries- there is a Target just down the road. I picked up my coffee mug (didn’t even bother putting it in a tumbler) and headed to Target to snag some yog. I know all the workers, considering I stop by there nearly every day, so they didn’t blink at me showing up disheveled with my half finished cup of coffee and zombie affect. It happens more than I probably should admit. After I was all caffeinated, I zoomed to pick Deej from the airport!


When we came home, DJ had to whip off to work for a couple hours. When he came home, we decided we were in the mood for some lunchy brunchy food. We have been wanting to try out the local Bob Evans (Aka Holder’s Country Inn). It received great reviews on Yelp, and it sounded like the perfect Sunday afternoon meal.


I had their veggie scramble with egg whites, peppers, mushrooms, salsa, and avocado. Every ingredient was immensely fresh and satisfied the craving to a tee.


DJ tried their pancakes… now, if you follow along, DJ is on the hunt for the best pancake. So far the best ones we have found in the area are Bobbie’s. They have yet to top the Bellagio’s from Las Vegas, or his mom’s (DUH!).


He also had the country fried steak with eggs. Doesn’t get more Bob Evans-ey than this, folks.


After we returned home, I decided to take advantage of the glorious day and go for a nice jog outside.


The leaves are changing, the colors are vibrant, and the weather is finally cooling its jets (it has been ridiculously hot here). When I came back home I whipped up my new absolute favorite meal. I was going to wait until a Friday Faves, but I can’t. It’s too good!

My all time favorite potato is the sweet purple white potato (purple outside, white inside). It actually has more antioxidants than a regular orange sweet potato, and I swear tastes better. You can find different varieties- some have a white colored inside, and some have a vibrant purple.


I stir fry together white onion, mushrooms, Lightlife tempeh, and eggplant with liquid aminos.


Once it’s all caramelized and the sweet potato is cooked to tenderness, I stuff the tater! So easy, so absolutely delicious, satisfying, and high in protein/complex carbs.


And the caprese salads are still going strong for DJ!


He and I have not been able to do many of the “fall activities” this year ( cue melancholy soundtrack), but I have been listening to a plethora of crime podcasts, have eaten an embarrassing amount of candy corn, and we watched Cropsey together on Amazon prime over the course of a few days. SOooOOO sort of taking advantage, yah?

I even found this wine to accompany the documentary  because it seemed appropro. DJ always laughs at how excited I get about the “idea” of something.. I like things to be themed, anyone else feel meh?! Why just watch a crime documentary when you can watch a crime documentary with CRIME wine on the heels of listening to crime podcasts in the midst of Halloween hype?! PS. Documentary was tremendous.


And I mean these socks are basically me after a couple shifts so… had to invest..


We both worked Monday October 23rd, but the 24th I picked up my bridesmaid dress for the November wedding (EEEK!!!!), and then later in the day grabbed a massage (much needed). There was a $30 off coupon online for a super nice salon in Sunnyvale. I jumped on it, and enjoyed every stinking second of that massage.


After the massage, I stopped by Safeway to pick up my Ice Cream (Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough….. it says limited edition but I’m convinced I am keeping them single-handedly in stock). I also stumbled upon this RXBar. Mint chocolate chip you say?!? Yesss sirrr-eeeee.


I still prefer the Chocolate sea salt, but I see they now have pumpkin and maple. Uhm, yuhm. I need to hunt those down!

On Wednesday, the 25th, and Thursday the 26th, I buckled down on my application. I spent the full days slaving over that booger. It was in-stinking-tense. I definitely needed a break to clear my head… this called for an extra long run, which turned into an impromptu half marathon. #procrastinationnation.


And on the heels of any long run, candy corn is EXTRA necessary.

Later in the day I stocked up on groceries for the next few days from Sprouts Farmers Market. This is one of my favorite grocery stores around.


^^This is as close as I got to a pumpkin patch this year.


In the evening, I decided I needed some sushh. It has been a hot minute!!! I went for my go-to sunset roll with unagi, ahi tuna, and lemon with a side of wakame salad and extra ginger.


I worked Friday and Saturday. Friday morning was bad, bad, bad. BAD BADDDDD. First, I was out of coffeee (nough said, right?). I drove to work early so I could make a cup, and when I checked my phone, it said my time off request for the wedding the end of November was NOT approved. A few months ago I had a face to face conversation with my manager confirming that it wouldn’t be a problem. So now.. I panicked, the anxiety set in, I couldn’t see straight. I started bawling in the bathroom before my shift. I quickly messaged her explaining I had already bought the plane ticket and told the Bride I could be in the wedding based on our conversation. I spent the whole morning sick to my stomach, holding back tears, and gritting my teeth through my assignments. Halfway through the day she e-mailed back saying it was approved, she just had to go back and adjust the way it was formatted in our system. I have never been so relieved. I cried again— tears of relief. I was a MESS. I would not have made it through the morning without the support from my family who sent scripture and prayed over the situation when I frantically filled them in before the shift began. Thank you Jesus for answering that prayer. I still take deep breaths just thinking about it.

But on a much brighter note….. .on Saturday the 21st, DJ headed to his family’s for a costume party. I was bummin’ I missed it this year. You can check out the post from last year if you would like 😉 Our costumes were certainly something! Haha. This year DJ was Recyclops from the Office! He nailed it. The rest of the family’s costumes were amazing too. I wish I could have been there to see them in person!!


Sunday (the 22nd) I accidentally slept in wayyyyy too late after working all weekend. Whoops. I can’t interact with anyone the day after working a few in a row and my body cannot physically function. I get in a fuzzy funk from the exhaustion and move the pace of a sloth. I decided to wake up my body with a run before finishing up my application.


It was perfectly brisk, with cloudy skies, and the weather finally exuded those autumnal feelz <3 I love LOVE cloudy Sundays. Sundays in the fall are the ultimate relaxing day after Church, naps, football, and candles. A cloudy day just enhances the whole experience and I feel like “gives me permission” to be lazy.


One of the houses along my run had a little garden out front and was growing butternut squash(es), squash? I think just squash. Can you say #GOALS?!


I also saw this beautiful flower and couldn’t help but snag a picture. Is it weird that I thought of a Punnett square when I saw the unusual distribution of colors?! I will always be a bio nerd at heart.

For dinner, we tried the Daiya vegan Margherita pizza. Not only does DJ love the Vegan burgers, but now is on board with the vegan pizza. He said it was easily just as tasty as a regular one.


And that’s a wrap! As I finish up this post, it’s actually morning now, I am sipping coffee, eating a protein bar and my toast, and for the first time in a LONG time I don’t have something hanging over my head for the day. I am gonna finish up my breakfast, go for a run, answer some blog comments, and read Harry Potter until my eyeballs fall out. Woohooo!!!!!


xo <3


58 thoughts on “A Foxy Pup, an Ice Cream Battle, & Recyclops!

  1. We soooo missed you the weekend DJ came home but glad you had the Foxy Lady to help make life fun! Also soooo glad you do still have off for the wedding weekend because, sure I suppose you need to be in the wedding, but….we just want to see you and have you home again!! Very fun blog to read and see you in a little over 3 weeks!! Woo Hoo!! Love you, Mom B

    1. I know I’ve already said this but gosh, I would have given ANYTHING to have been there. I miss you all SOOO much. Counting down the days till the end of November! WOOHOO! I cannot wait. Love you tons. <3

  2. Even if you feel these aren’t eventful updates, I love them! I love sharing my day-to-day while reading about snippets of other bloggers. I’m glad you have some time to just breathe! I hope everything falls (loved your pun) into place as it is meant to be. That had to be HORRIBLE to first be told you couldn’t take PTO when you had already bought the dress and plane ticket! I wish they had prevented that message from getting to you by mistake, but I’m really glad all is well in the end. I love all of your foliage and flower shots – so stinkin’ pretty! Have a great week, Mackenzie! XO

    1. AWW, thank ya, Kori!!! I guess that’s how I feel about everyone else’s update posts— it’s not even always the traveling/big events that are most enjoyable, but just the day to day! I agree- it’s so fun to peak into others’ lives. I’m nosy, and not afraid to admit it 😉 And thank you thank youuuuuuu for empathizing with me about that crazy experience. Oh, and thank you for always appreciating my puns <3 Hope you have the best weekend!!! I finally have a couple days off to breathe and catch up on blogging- woohoo!!!! (I may blow up your notifications though, lol). XO

  3. Mint chocolate has been my go-to lately. I’m just drawn to mint like nothing else.

    Also, we have Sprouts as well! We love their produce. Michael recently picked up some cookies from there, coconut, that were amazing!

    1. Isn’t that so funny?! It’s a flavor I crave. I don’t always go for it, but after a good cry it is terrific. LOL. And Sprouts is wonderful. I will have to hunt down those cookies, because YUMM. Those sound deelicious!!! Hope you have a great weekend, Katy! XOXO

  4. Girl I would’ve been crying in the bathroom too if I found out I couldn’t go to something I had been playing. I’m so so happy your boss went in and fixed the system for you! What crime podcasts have you been listening to?? I listen to so many and love discovering new ones. Have a wonderful night love 🙂

    1. Ah, thanks for understanding how tragic that situation was!! I was a hot MESS (actually hot because those scrubs make me sweat sometimes, lol). Ohhhhhh I could talk Crime Podcasts forever… So Serial (obvi) is #1, Criminal #2, My Favorite Murder, Dirty John, Up and Vanished, and Unsolved. Maybe I’ll make a post about the best ones soon! I am such a true crime junkie. Do you have any faves?!? I’d love to hear. Hope YOU have a beautiful weekend, beauty! Xo

      1. I think anyone would understand how much that situation sucked! I LOVE Serial (season 1 only). Sword and Scale is a good one, Casefile is really good too. Did you see Up & Vanished is coming out with new episode every Monday this month?? I can’t wait!
        Thanks love 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend as well <3

      2. Awww, thanks, girlfriend. <3 YES- agreed .. season one is the best. And I've seen Sword and Scale but haven't ever listened- what's it similar too or about?!? WHAAATTT I did not know that about Up and Vanished (eeek!!!) I am so excited. Thank you TONS for sharing!!!! XOX

      3. Hmm..I’m not sure what I would say Sword and Scale is similar too. It goes into crime and how the bad guy is closer than you think. I hope that makes sense! Enjoy Up and Vanished 🙂

  5. You know, for an Uneventful Update, there sure was a whole lot going on!
    But I know what you mean – no drama, no big events … it’s nice to have a week like that!

    I think it’s wonderful that DJ is on a pancake hunt … I would, too, if they made decent pancakes in Singapore. Most places don’t; or I’m just too picky! I think I’m just used to American pancakes done just right, and I don’t think it happens often here.

    Your stir-fry looks wonderful! as does your caprese salad – I like your colourful eating!

    You’re so funny – you go out for a run and come back having done a half marathon!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. Awwwww!! Ju Lyn, you know, it’s so true! Sometimes just those hum drum weeks are A-ok and actually very “nice”. I sometimes forget to just appreciate them. Oh no!! You must start the Pancake trend in Singapore!! It’s definitely one of those crave-able foods for us. LOL… the half marathon was just a demonstration of how much I deeply wanted to procrastinate. How was your week? I hope you have a beautiful rest of your weekend! XO

  6. I immediately sprung up out of my seat at the name Foxy Pup! I know Foxy names relate to Pomeranians and did I ever tell you about my OBSESSION about Poms? I will be a Pommy Mommy when I grow up!

    That girl will not be defeated by Talenti gelato! I have a container from the states (Southern Butter Pecan to be exact) holding my cotton balls on my dresser! I also love pistachio and every other flavor they make! I must think of ice cream wine pairings since I like both together then I’m like ah what is this terrible combination???

    TALENTI LIFE HACK: When the rubber undoers don’t undo, run that mess under hot water! It’s frozen shut! Then dry off, bang the lid corner on the corner of the counter, and unscrew with the rubber doer! Ahahahaha! I won’t be defeated either!

    Pisco is from Chile. It’s okay when done right! 😀

    DJ’s costume is legit!!!! I miss Halloween.


    1. OH MY GOODNESSSSS- I did not know you had this obession with poms!! Aww, you totally need to get one ASAP!!!!! You would be the best little pommy mommy (LOVE that).

      LOL- Sara did NOT take no for an answer. too funny. We were laughing too hard at that. The Talenti containers really do make amazing containers for anything.Ahhh- I have wanted to try Pistachio for forever, and haven’t yet. Hahaha- girllll I have wine and ice cream all the time! It is my go-to. It is a strange combo depending on the flavor, but the chocolate ones + red wine= fantastic. (although I did have a strange mint chocolate trip with wine).

      YESSSS! Thank you for the life hack. Gosh, dangit, I should have just messaged you to begin with. Hahah. You’re the best. I am gonna have to tell Sara about this!

      Hope you are here next year for Halloween 😉


      1. I would LOVE to be there next Halloween! I’m feeling a vacation coming on! Frankly idk how I’m going to get through another October with no Halloween, fall leaves, etc., etc.! In the meantime I’m going to conjure up some wine ice cream pairings for our inevitable and very prayed for holiday!!!! 😀 #pommymommy !!!!

      2. YAAASSS!!!!!! I so hope you are able to visit soonnnnn! And girl, hunt down a pumpkin and carve it anyway 😉 Do they have those there?! Ah, you’re the best. Sounds like a great plan to me!!! XO

      3. We have squash everywhere and they call it pumpkin and it tastes sour ratchet in my opinion hahahaha! But apparently the health benefits are tremendous…I guess I’ll just have to die 😀

      4. LOL. Oh my gosh, you always crack me up with your descriptions!!! Pumpkin or death. tough choice in a basic world, buttercup. Hahha

    1. Tehehe- I am glad you enjoyed that. In the moment, we could not keep it together. It was quite the scene. Foxy Lady is too much to handle, I told Sara if she goes missing it’s going to be because I stole her. I am obsesssed. LOL- I hope you are able to hunt down some darn good Chicken Fried Steak soon 🙂 Thank you tons for stopping by!!

  7. Your posts are always so fun and friendly. I feel like I’m sitting with you having a conversation. I love it!

    Speaking of ice cream, have you had the Christmas cookie ice cream from blue bell?! It’s a must try!!!

    Prayers for a good week! God bless you!

    1. Awwww!!! DIAM!!! It is SO good to hear from you, dear <3 Your sweet words just mean the world. I have not tried the Christmas cookie yet but I NEED to.. that sounds fantastic. Adding it to the shopping list and hunting it down. Mmmmm mmm! Thank you again for stopping by. Hope you had the best week too, and God bless you, dear! XO

    1. AWW! Thanks so much, Tara. You’re the sweetest. I am the same.. I love a peak into other’s day to days sometimes even more than the super eventful. I hope you have had a great weekend so far. I get a few days off and cannot wait to catch up on your new, fantastic blog! WOOHOO!! XOXO

  8. Hi Mackenzie!! You don’t have hum drum posts, I always find a silver lining in them! Applying to schools can be scary, you don’t know where you will end up. But God will guide you. Its true now is the time to get up and go before any little ones should arrive! Its nice DJ got back to Ohio, it your turn next. it was nice you got to spend some fun time with Sara, she sounds a blast to hang out with! Its cool you brought your coffee cup to target (it is a cute one) mine would be cold before I got there , its 12 minutes drive away! Such wonderful scenery on your jog. Its totally cool to watch a crime docu with a glass (or bottle!!) of red. Exciting to pick up your bridesmaid dress ! Massages are the best, we all need them from time to time. Out of coffee is so Baddddddd! I feel so bad for you , thinking you could not make the wedding , I am so glad they sorted it out to give you tears of happiness:) I love that pretty red flower, I cant think of the name right now but it is amazing! The vegan pizza looks good. Another entertaining and fun post Dear, no hum drum at all. Take care, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Terri!! So good to hear from you!!! How are you?!?! Thank you for sharing in this past week with us, I so appreciate your comments ALWAYS. I actually quickly read it while I was in a crazy, busy, awful shift at work and it lifted my mood for sure. You are so right that God will guide where we are meant to be.. I am so excited to see how it unfolds because it truly could be anywhere! LOL… being out of coffee is truly the worst (I learned my lesson). Any big things happening for you?!? Thank you again for stopping by. XO

      1. Hi Mackenzie I’m glad I could lift your day! It is always so fun reading your blog. I have put our latest happenings on my blog if you get a chance to read it. But I know you got so many people’s blogs to try and stay up with. Hugs Terri xoxo.

  9. That’s great you’ve finally turned in your application and that you’re looking into other places out there, moving can be scary because of how familiar you are with your place of residence, but it can also be a good thing to move to a different place and experience something new 🙂
    And that puppy is adorable!!!!!! We’re currently looking for a family companion for both my kiddo and I, mostly for me if I’m being completely honest haha. And are those your keys left behind you in the hallway?! haha
    I was eyeing the menu from Country Inn and I saw the mushroom avocado omelette, something I would totally try lol. And girl you’re sooo good at running! I can’t even run, like at ALL! Shame!
    OMG Recyclops!!!!!!! He nailed it! Simple but nice lol. I wasn’t anything this year 🙁 but my little one was batman 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rossy!!!!! I agree- I have an itch to explore, try new places. When we moved across the country a year ago it was certainly scary but SO worth it. I just don’t know that we are quite done yet.. I feel like there is so much to explore still… I don’t know that it’s time to leave quite yet. But who knows, I just have to trust that all things will happen exactly the way they should! Thank you for always opening up the best conversations <3 And girl, PLEASEEE keep me updated about the future puppy! I cannot wait to hear more about this!!! I wish we could get one so SO badly. So I need to live vicariously through you.. do you have a type in mind? LOLLLL you saw those! Hahaha, yes. We were in the hall leading to the elevators in our apartment and I dropped the keys to pet the pup. Good eyes, haha!

      Anndd I guess you will have to make a trip here soon to try that omelette! I need to try it next time I'm there too. SOO many good options there. Thank you for your sweet words again- do you have a post up from Halloween?! I have a few days off and need to catch up! XOXO

      1. Well there’s always those smaller spots that are so unheard of but so worth trying them out lol. I feel like Portland has many of those so I have yet to finish exploring my own hometown too and I’ve been living here for over a decade haha. I honestly don’t think I would ever move from here, despite how much I dislike the cold weather. I just love how we get to experience all four seasons 🙂 It’s a beautiful place but I also want to explore other states and countries. We’ll see where the future takes me (and YOU too lol).
        I’m still looking, there have been many pups that we just missed at the shelters and a few others that are too enthusiastic for my toddler. Another thing, my landlord won’t let us have big dogs so I feel like we have a huge restriction so we can’t get the “dog of our dreams” lol. But we will find one, at least I hope we do. I was thinking of a pitbull but again, landlord won’t accept those here, and then I was thinking a bull terrier (the target dog), or a jack russell terrier. In all honesty, I don’t care much about the breed, so long as their temperament is good, and the breed is good with kids, and is social because I am taking that dog EVERYWHERE with me lol.
        hahahaha omg I probably would have done the same, I mean that pup looks so darn adorable, I’d love to have the chance to pet her too! 😀
        Ugh yes, I will do my very best to visit as soon as I can! And I do not, I forgot to take photos before we left the house, and my phone camera is very crappy quality. My cousin DID take some photos but she never sent them my way and she’s currently in Cali with her family. Not sure when she’ll be back or when I’m getting those pictures lol.

      2. OH MY GOSHH YESS. Portland is known for having some of the best food. I keep telling DJ I want to go ASAP just to sample everything! Where all have you lived? Or where did you live before Portland? AWWWW! Yes, you WILL get that pup of your dreams! There are definitely small dogs with those BIG dog personalities 😉 Both a bull terrier or jack Russell are awesome choices! Eeek! I am so giddy for you. Please keep us informed <3 Lol, girl no worries about those Halloween pics! As long as you have some good mems, right?! XO

      3. LOL, well if you ever come, I definitely recommend Yataimura Maru (or any of their sister restaurants), I literally have been going there for years lol. Their tokyo ramen is really good. And I know there are a few vegan restaurants around the area too but haven’t done enough research on any yet (Portland has a lot of vegans/vegetarians so there’s bound to be some restaurants somewhere). I’m from LA, my family lived there for about 3 years, then they moved us to Mexico for another 5 or 6 and I came back when I was 9, about to turn 10 lol.
        And we got a puppy! He’s a pitbull mix, 11 weeks, he’s adorable but the only problem is our son is SOOO not ready for a puppy 🙁 so we may have to rehome him. I have taken lots of pictures of him though. But we have realized that now is not the time, which makes us really sad, but at least we know. There’s a lot of uncertainty and we definitely don’t want our son or the dog to have a bad experience with one another. It’s a tough choice but definitely the best one, or so I think.

      4. OOoooh! I need to write this down!!! That sounds delicious!!! I have heard Portland has a decent amount of veg-head places, so I’ll have to check those out too 😉 AHHH! I love LA. I have been actually craving it lately. I had the best trip with some girlfriends back in March. YYAYYYYY!!!! Oh. my. gosh. Do you have pictures on your blog of your sweet pup?! I neeeed to seeee!

        Aww.. Oh, I see. You are such a good momma looking out for your sweet boy!!! I’m sorry though… that is a truly tough choice <3 When the time is right it will be all worth it! Thanks for sharing this with me. Sending you so much love & hugs!

      5. They do, lol. A lot of restaurants are starting to implement vegetarian dishes in their menu which pleases me a lot lol. I can try and do some research around for you before you come just so you have an idea of what restaurants they have around here. I could also try to find seafood places but I’m not sure if we have many? Without looking them up they’re hard to find lol.

        And not yet, I will probably post some (or a lot) at the end of the month for What’s Up Wednesday. aaaannnnnnnnnd, we rehome him yesterday, like 7 people contacted us asking to meet him but he went to the best home possible, it was a couple who owned a huge mastiff and the guy’s mom owns a female pittie so he will definitely have doggy friends to socialize with and a doggy companion to teach him the ways of his new family. It was honestly the best outcome and I’m happy he went with them, he was sooo sweet and super happy to meet new people and they fell in love with him immediately because of how cute he was lol. it made me really sad to go and last night i was super sad to not have him but, i did take lots of pictures yesterday so i’ll have plenty to show on a blog post at the end of the month, i will send you a few photos through IG 🙂
        have a great week! xx

      6. I’m sure ANY food in Portland is amazing- I’d try anything!!!! It sounds like the little pup is in the best place <3 I'm sure that was really hard for you guys, but sounds like it is all for the best. Please send those pictures when you have a chance! I'd love to see the little fella. XO

      7. Oh my gosh I cannot believe I forgot to send you those photos! I must have been busy replying to comments lol. I’ll send those out now, you’ll most likely get a first look for tomorrow’s post lol.

  10. Huge hugs. Sometimes those silver linings are what keep us going! Oh my gosh Mack congrats! Huge hugs. Fingers crossed you get in where you want too. And it WILL all work out!
    Oh my lanta that sounds like the PERFECT evening! And right? aviva is cray-cray!
    Miniature beer mugs? I love anything miniature and while I do not like beer, that sounds sooo cute… (I could totally drink coffee out of them right?!?!
    That food! My mouth is watering right now! Those fries look soon yummy!
    Foxy is sooo stinking cute! And I died watching that video! The things you do to get the ice cream! DO NOT come between a woman and her gelato! I am so happy you had much needed girl time!
    Girl you are my hero! Not going to lie, I don’t think I would ever go out like that (Though I was reminiscing about a time I wore my flannel PJ’s to Walmart Thanksgiving night to watch all the crazy shoppers….So I guess I have?)
    I LOVE your running pictures! And they make me want Summer so badly since I just froze my tookus off. It is FINALLY cold here too!
    I think I just gained twenty pounds looking at your food. Ahh so yummy it looks! (And I just channeled Yoda there apparently!)
    Yay you deserve to be spoiled! I LOVE massages! there is a place here in the city that is forty-five dollars! When you come to New York WE NEED to go!
    Now I am craving sushi lol.
    Oh funny that is the WORST. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am so glad that it worked out though.
    Oh my manta DJ’s costume is hysterical! I completely agree with you about cloudy Sundays! I feel so guilty if it is sunny out and I stay in bed, but if it is cloudy and rainy, all bets are off!)
    Awe huge hugs. I hope this week and weekend is the best bet and I will being sending you all the prayers and good vibes and juju and have all my fingers (and piggies!) crossed that you get in! You have totally got this beauty! Sending you so much love! <3

    1. SO TRUE! The silver linings and light at the ends of the tunnel are definitely what are keeping me chugging along!! YESSS- I knew you would catch my Aviva restaurant if anyone would 😉 I am currently watching NYC housewives. I’m obsessed… currently on season 5. I’m excited to get to the season when Bethany comes back!

      Oh my gosh, yesss the coffee sounds like a tremendous idea out of those mugs!! Some espresso with a lil’ cream and sugar. Yes pah lease!

      LOL. We fought that ice cream container tooth and nail! It was NUTS. I was crying I was laughing so hard watching Sara try to open that thing.

      Hoooold the stinking phone. A 45 dollar massage?!?! Wait… I might cry.. that exists?!? Okay, yes.. .add it to the list please <3

      Annnd why am I not surprised that you feel the same way about cloudy days?! I’ve tried to explain to DJ.. he just doesn’t get it. Haha.

      Thank you thank you for all the good vibes and love. You’re the best. Seriously such a gem of a friend, and I’m lucky to have ya, girlfriend! XO

  11. I think I am almost 2 months late on this but you know what I don’t even care because I miss you and your life so very much that I just had to leave a comment. I feel kind of weird because here you are mentioning the wedding that you’re going to be in and in a separate tab that I have opened is the post from the wedding! LOL This one will be short but I wanted to give a shout out to Elements!!! My sister works at one and that’s where Andrew and I go for our couples massages. OMG I just melt every time, and when I say every time I mean a whole whopping like 3 maybe 4 times I’ve gone in the past 4 years hahah. I hope yours was good though, nothing is better than getting all the kinks out! And I cannot get over DJ’s costume, I’m a total “The Office” junkie. I refuse to watch all of the last season because I just don’t want it to ever end. Okay on to the next post!! 🙂 <3

    xo, JJ

    1. AHHH! AH ! AHHHH! AHHHHH! Can you tell I’m excited?! Just a little?!?! Oh how I misssss youuuuuuu! Wait- your sister works at an Elements?!? Please tell her thank you for her services. I am obsessed. I am dreaming about the next time I can justify a massage there. I knew you would appreciate his costume 😉 Aw, that’s cute that you won’t watch it! You have to eventually though because the last season is actually really good. Oh. my. gosh. Seeing this comment just made my whole night. Love ya. Miss ya. XO

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