Our Four Year Anniversary Celebration & Homemade Indian!

Present Day: Ok, this is the last back-logged post I have from August!! It won’t take long to catch up the last couple months though because we haven’t done a whole lot, haha. Hope you all are so well 🙂


^^Oh. And dat me tryin’ to make it to December! I have another on campus intensive coming up in a couple weeks- I’m both excited to see my peers and a nervous nelly for the testing. I’ve been practicing the skills everyday for two months now. It will be such a relief when that’s over. Welp, here’s the post. It’ll be a surprise to me too, as to what’s in it, since I wrote it three full months ago. 

Original Post: Hey hey!!! Jumpin’ right on in after the last post… Let’s see- August 16th was filled with all the overdue check-ups at the dentist and doctor. August 17th we had set aside to celebrate our anniversary (even though it was over a week late- better late than never!). We discovered the absolutely extraordinary world of soufflé our previous anniversary at Cafe Jacqueline in San Francisco and found ourselves craving them again this time around. I scoured the internet to see if we could find a place that had them near us, but the closest place was Fort Worth- a bit out of the way. So, we decided to just make them at home ourselves. We made homemade soufflés for New Years Eve, and it was one of our favorite nights ever ever, so why not give it another go?

Also, we can’t just have a soufflé… when it’s a special occasion ya have to have appetizers too! I picked up some good meats, cheeses, and veggies from TJs  (yes, this is just for the two of us, haha). I served it all with warm focaccia bread and pita chips.


I added some figs to the meat and cheese tray for a pop of dimension (And flavor as well- have you ever had prosciutto and fig together? It’s a combo I saw here and there on menus in the Bay- the whole sweet and savory experience).


For the veggies, I roasted broccoli to decorate the perimeter of the tray and then included fresh root carrots, marinated beets, artichoke hearts, cooked crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic bulbs, and sun-dried tomatoes with dipping hummus. There are few things that make me happier than preparing food. I just love it.


We enjoyed our apps with a glass of champagne and then got to prepping our soufflé. It’s a long, pretty arduous process to make soufflés. Once you make the actual batter you have to let it cool to room temp which can take up to a couple hours. During that time we took a walk around the city.


When we came back from our walk we put it in the oven for about 35 minutes. It came out nearly perfect, but was around 10 pm by the time we finally ate. We both agreed it was even better than the one we made from NYE, and I think we are figuring out the nuances of making a soufflé, slowwwwly but surely. Still working on getting the big “puff” effect on top.


It was a wonderful evening, just cooking together, watching some impractical jokers & this is a bit cheesy (and we’re not talking the copious amount of cheese we consumed that evening), but while eating our soufflé we wrote out a life bucket list. We always are talking about things we’d like to do, so we made it concrete and put it all in one place. I will try to type it up here sometime too!

August 18th we had friends in town from college who we went to church with. DJ had a ton of studying in the afternoon so I ran errands, cleaned the apartment.. all that jazz.. before we enjoyed leftovers for dinner in the evening.

August 19th I was in the mood to cook from scratch! I made this pasta from a cooking magazine, but replaced some of the items with healthier ingredients. It had whole wheat pasta, corn, soft boiled eggs, and parm in a delicious garlic olive oil sauce. For DJ’s I added turkey bacon too. Yummmy.


On August 20th I had my car mirror officially fixed! Yay! We are back in business. In the evening I had a massive pizza craving. And a very specific pizza craving- Pizza Hut. Since discovering it in the Miami airport, it has entered my mind many a time since. After chipping away at my to-do list all day, I had worked up quite the appetite. I whipped into Pizza Hut to pick up a large pizza for dinner.


Before pulling out of the parking lot… something caught my eye….across the street that there was a Dominos that had the same deal as Pizza Hut. Dominos was always my favorite chain growing up (or so I thought- that garlicky crust just got me). I haven’t had it since high school and thought of a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. It may be fun to do a side by side taste test to see if my perceived reality had stood the test of time. Plus then I wouldn’t need to cook dinner for a couple days- win-win!


Below is the Dominos.


The verdict? Pizza Hut won by a landslide eating the two side by side- not even a question! I put up a poll on my Instagram and people voted Pizza Hut as the better chain between the two. Now if I were to do this again- a Pizza March Madness bracket if you will, what other chain would you recommend I compare it to side by side? In the mean time, I am going back to eating local pizza since there are insanely good options around here, but it was nice to get my Pizza Hut fix.

On August 21st, I ran outside on the trails in the morning and saw this sweeeet couple in front of me. These shirts were too stinkin’ precious not to share!


August 22nd, out on my run I saw some new cool artwork was displayed on the trails.


& I made sure to say hi to Charlotte.


I even saw these cuties by the water.


On August 23rd I went out by the pool for the first time since we’ve moved here. It was quite nice. I wanted to read my book on my kindle app, but it was to bright to even make out the words, so I just listened to a podcast while dunking my feet in the water.


Oh!! And I know I mentioned in the last post our Indian food we had all ready to go- We had sambar, plus I made tofu curry and Idli with my idli maker my mom got us as a wedding gift.


Gosh, it was all so tasty and satisfying. That sambar transported me right back to Chennai! DJ and I both agreed we have to make it a priority to visit India together. I miss it!

And this brings us to this present moment Saturday August 24th at 3:48 pm. I am sitting at Bennu enjoying an iced oatmilk coffee and anticipating a fun date night in downtown tonight with DJ and church tomorrow. Have a great week everyone 🙂


Questions for you:

  • Please tell me something going on in your world! Anything at all. I miss reading blogs more than you know!!! Just. have. to. make. it. to. December 16th. Then I’m gonna at least have a couple days to catch up!

xo <3

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99 thoughts on “Our Four Year Anniversary Celebration & Homemade Indian!

    1. Right?! I told DJ I’m making him wear that with me in a couple decades. Or tomorrow. Depends what I’m feeling, lol.

  1. Agree the T-shirts are perfect! Happy 4 years again as you can celebrate every day!! Love the food pics and by far Pizza Hut, always a tasty choice and you should do a March Pizza Madness!! Keep enjoying life down there as we expect a major snowstorm later today! Love, your Ohio Mom!

    1. They were too cute!!

      And thank you so much 🙂

      You’ll have to help me come up with my March Pizza Madness! I kinda love the idea… and any excuse to eat pizza.. hehe.

      I cannot believe the snow there, although I do miss those snowfalls! Enjoy for us. Thanks for reading <3 Cannot WAIT to see you next month.. counting down every single day!

  2. Dear Bob, (yeah… I’ve given up! Your name is just too hard to spell, and from now on, I shall affectionately call you Bob!) it is a pleasure to read you, as usual 🙂 I hope you and DJ are doing great!! Here things are pretty quiet… We are supposed to get our first snow storm tonight, and I can’t say I’m too excited about it… We are adjusting to our new routine, after Chéri’s diagnostic, and that’s going pretty well. And last but not least, we’re preparing a trip to Australia, in February. that should be quite the adventure!

    *Sending big warm hugs* xx

    1. Cyra!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has permission to call me Bob, it’s you! Lol. Gosh, I miss chatting with you. Why does life have to be SO darn busy?! In Ohio, I was receiving pictures from family of the crazy snowfall- so I can’t imagine how much more snow you had being further north! Hope you are staying warm & safe. And I am sorry to hear about a diagnosis- I neeed to catch up on your blog to hear all that’s going on- but I’m glad to hear you are adjusting okay. <3 But an Australia trip?! You do visit the most amazing places, and you know I will be hanging onto every post regardless of the mound of school work that's around ;) Sending hugs back! Thank you for stopping in!! This warmed my heart so much in the midst of a pretty rigorous few weeks!

  3. Hi Mackenzie, I missed reading from you and it was nice to catch up. Life has been busy but I’m still trying to blog as much as possible. As usual, all your food photos make me hungry lol.

    1. Aw, Mariam! Thank you so much- gosh, I miss reading your posts too. Trust me, I get it- life has been so crazy lately, and the thing I miss most is keeping up with blog friends <3 It means the world you would stop in on your limited free time... I hope you are so well! And glad you liked the food pics :)

  4. You had me at warm focaccia 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I had Domino’s or Pizza Hut because we usually go for Blaze, but reading your side by side comparison…I’m wondering if it’s time we visit Pizza Hut?!

    1. Gosh, it is the best, isn’t it?! Have you tried the ones from trader joe’s? Mmmm mm! Sooo I didn’t realize we have a Blaze within driving distance, but there is one that is 20 minutes away. We are definitely going to have to add this to the Pizza March Madness 😉 Thanks for reading, Jess!! xo

  5. That’s my favorite running gif. I wish that I wanted ANYTHING as badly as that guy wanted to win his race.

    I like regular Pizza Hut more than I like regular Domino’s, but the pan style Domino’s is pretty yummy. 🙂

    1. Haha, right? The only thing I want as much as that guy right now is to keep my sanity!

      Ohhhh I have to keep that in mind! I have heard good things about the pan style from Domino’s… does it maintain that garlicky crust? Thanks for reading, Ralph! Hope this week has been off to a good start!

  6. Cograts to you and DJ on 4 years! You are such an amazing cook everything looks so yummy. We are in the mist of a major snow storm. we have about 7 inches and it’s still coming down. A bit too early for my liking.

    1. Thank you so much, Ruth 🙂 This comment means more than you know! I always say compliments on my cooking are the highest of compliments in my book !

      Oh my goodness- I heard there is some crazy snow going on. But 7 inches?! Goodness!!! Please stay safe and warm. I did have to double-take the date… November 12 seems far too early for that much snow. Hope besides that all is well <3

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    Wowee that souffle looks delicious!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever had the privilege of eating souffle! That’s awesome that you guys made your own. Is it difficult AND time consuming or just time consuming? I love to cook but have ZERO patience in the kitchen. LOL

    A Pizza Hut / Dominos taste comparison! How fun! I can’t really do that because I get completely different pizzas from each of them. Pizza Hut is my go to if I’m craving a normal kind of pizza. If I’m doing Dominos I always get the thin & crispy crust with: chicken, bacon, onion, and pineapple.

    How cuuuuuute are the (is the?) couple in the couples t-shirts??? #CoupleGoals

    I love Indian food but do not know sambal or idli!

    A yawn is a silent scream for coffee!!!! I love that! I need to find a mug with that on it. LOL

    Something going on in MY life…hmmm…errr…well…we had a light dusting of snow here in Arkansas this afternoon. My weather app says it will be 15F when I get up tomorrow morning. 🙂 Right now me and the 92-yo (my Mommy) are eating banana pudding and watching The Good Doctor.

    1. Hi Jinjer!! DJ and I were JUST talking tonight about how our first bite of a souffle was an unforgettable experience. For the baking it- I would say more time consuming than anything! There are many steps, I think the Julia Childs recipe had around 20-30 steps — but they are all pretty simple. It’s just doing them correctly that’s the hard part so you get that “fluffed” top! But it’s a fun creation, and there is so much pride in taking that first bite. We’ve made quite a few adjustments to our recipe, so maybe I’ll post that as soon as we get it perfected!!

      Ohhh your taste in pizza sounds awesome. You are the second person who recommended a different type of crust from Dominos… I’ll definitely have to try that next time!! (And I am a sucker for pizza with pineapple AND onion, which I feel like is a pretty unique choice, but I love that you opt for that!)

      Sambar is almost like a spicy soup, we had it for breakfast many days and the idli is like a little rice cake. it’s pretty benign in flavor, but just soaks up the flavor of whatever it’s dipped in and adds a beautiful texture.

      Oh my gosh!! It sounds like many people all across the country are being hit with snow already. So wild. 15 degrees?!? Ah! I was being a baby with it at about 35 here today. Stay warm! <3

      Aw that sounds so lovely- I hope you enjoyed. I have heard wonderful things about that show! Thank you for reading, Jinjer. can't tell you how much you brighten my day!!

  8. I have never had Indian food and had to Google Chennai as I assumed you had been to India and DJ had not – so that will be one of your bucket list items to plan together. That’s great that you have a life bucket list – once you are both out of school, and your time is not being engrossed in textbooks or tests, the sky is the limit for you two – and that is not cheesy to make a life bucket list. The souffle looked delicious as did the appetizers. Nothing is going on in my life – I have 115 more miles to walk for my goal and we are part of this Midwest snowstorm from Veteran’s Day – 8.8 inches for us. Traverse City and the UP got much much more! We have record cold tonight, 6 degrees with a real feel of -1 so not looking forward to that either. I hope to get back on the pathway and walking again soon. Take care of yourselves Mackenzie.

    1. Hi, Linda! Definitely a bucket list item for us to visit together 🙂 oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s ALREADY near the end of the year- I remember like yesterday talking about you meeting your goal for last year. No doubt you will do it again!!! I cannot believe the snowfall all over the country; just wild. Stay warm!!

      1. It sounds fun Mackenzie – I have one fellow blogger that I interact with a lot and she is Indian-born, but her and her husband (a gastroenterologist) have been living in Saudi Arabia for many years. She often writes about the oppressive heat there and I warned her before she arrived here at Labor Day to begin a year of studies at Harvard, that she should buy some warm clothes as Massachusetts will be cold/snowy. She finished med school twenty years ago, raised her family and is here to take some specialized classes (she was advised the “Western” university classes might enhance her job). I warned her about how cold it would be this Winter. I don’t think she believed me then – she does now!

      2. Oh yes- Massachusetts would be quite the wake up call!! I was in Boston in the winter and it was sooo bone-chilling cold (Plus our showers didn’t have hot water, so that was a bit rough, lol!). Hope she is adjusting okay!

      3. Oh my – cold enough without having no hot water. Well Boston had a big snowstorm last Monday and she said she had no idea that much snow could come at one time (having never seen that much snow ever) … I commented to her that she did not believe me about the snow and cold and she agreed. She has one more week of wrapping up a project or two, then going home until January. I hope you are on a school break and not just coming up for air Mackenzie!?

      4. I bet that was a bit crazy seeing snow like that!! I think even after being away for a few years it would still be a shock to me, and I grew up with it! I just got on break yesterday! Our final exam was open until the 16th, but I really just wanted to get it done and over with. Finished with this semester and feel like I can breathe again! Woohoo!! Have some holiday stuff to get done but I really just want to spend a few days on WP. Going to use that as my motivation 🙂

      5. Yes, the weather is getting wackier each year and when I finished my goal for this year’s walking miles (yesterday – 1,242 miles) I breathed a sigh of relief. Even though they say no white Christmas, we are getting a 2-3 inch snowfall Monday into Tuesday and that would just mess up walking for sure.

        I don’t blame you one bit for taking that final exam and getting it over with earlier and thus giving yourself an entire weekend – that feels good after slogging through school all these weeks. You can get some decorating done, shopping and just RELAX. Is DJ done with exams too? Hope so, so you can relax together. Have fun roaming around WP Mackenzie and seeing what you missed!

      6. YAYYY!!!!! You did it! So happy for you!!! Congrats! (I feel like you finished earlier than usual this year?)

        Yes!! It has been an amazing week. Busier than I expected (how does time just fill itself up? haha)… but it’s been filled with fun activities. Thank you so much, Linda!!

      7. Thanks Mackenzie – yep, I finished up early and we are having great weather for SE Michigan and I’m pretty sure I’ll hit 1,300 miles before the year is over. I know your time off will go fast, just as the weekends seem to speed by for me. I know you will make the most of your down time.

      8. That’s awesome!!! We are trying to make the most for sure. I have also learned the value of long walks lately- I’ve always loved them, but they revved up when I had a hip injury that limited my running (it’s better now). I notice while walking I see so many more details and wildlife than when I’m running! It’s extremely therapeutic!

      9. And i hope you are having a nice December. Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!

      10. Well I mentioned I just finished up my walking goal (1,242 miles) in my other comment, so I am pretty excited about that. It is quiet for me since I have no family and I’m hoping to get out and walk some more and use the camera more and I bought some books. I am making a concerted effort to read again and polished off two books over Thanksgiving. I said to myself that I have forsaken everything else while blogging and walking, so it was time to change how I spent my time just a little. I was out two weekends in a row roaming around some bigger parks and took a ton of photos, so going to put them into some posts over the next week. My friend Evelyn has still not found a job – yikes! She finally has an interview on January 7th but that will be the first one for her and no other nibbles. Are you staying home for Christmas since you saw family members through the year at the shower and wedding – at least you are in the same state as Mom and Pete now, so closer for a get together.

      11. This is inspiring me to read more too! Two books over Thanksgiving is quite a feat! It took me about six months to get through one this year haha.

        We are actually spending about a week in OH and leaving tomorrow! We leave tomorrow- so exciting <3 Have a great weekend, Linda!

      12. I was amazed because it is almost two decades since I have touched a book … I was an avid reader at one time and I got out of the habit for many reasons, and I decided I would spend some time reading again. I will do so at Christmas and NY’s as well … I just finished a longist nature post to launch tomorrow, and I’ll do a short one for Christmas, then that’s it til the last day of 2019. Enjoy your time in Ohio Mackenzie.
        We are having very nice Winter weather –
        no snow and almost 50 degrees today, so you will likely have similar weather in Ohio.
        Good for traveling! Safe travels and Merry Christmas to you and DJ.

      13. Yay! I look forward to reading them! And thank you tons. I am thrilled the weather won’t be too brutal in OH! I have gone so weak haha. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too!! <3

  9. A Mackenzie blog post!! Yay!!!! I just love your words and posts so much. Your anniversary spread looks oh so epic and unbelievably amazing! Give me all the multi-colored carrots, beets, artichoke hearts, just all of it. 😉 Oh and figs with prosciutto is absolutely deeelicious. Happy belated anniversary! You two are precious, and writing down a bucket list is a sure fire way of making it happen!

    Pizza March Madness – I am here for it! Perhaps we could add Jet’s to the list? Are they located in Austin? This needs to happen. Maybe an Ig Live taste test party?!

    I love those tees!

    That artwork is so so beautiful.

    Your Indian meal is so drool-worthy!

    Thank you for sharing this, and I wish you all the very best on the remainder of your semester! xo

    1. Aww the way you get excited to see a post warms my heart to pieces ❤️😭😌

      Sometimes a veggie spread is hard to beat- so many vibrant flavors, right?!

      YES! I have heard of Jet’s … let me check… yep! There is one 7 miles away! I will be in the thick of marathon training in March, so that’d be a great time to do it!! I’ll be needing ALL the carbs!

      Thanks for your kind words 💞 xoxo

  10. As entertaining as ever. Well, the gif at the beginning of the post is hilarious. I stopped at the tofu and idli pics… just drooling… both, my favorite. 🙂 Btw, I did not see your post on my WordPress Reader. Wonder, what’s been happening with WP lately. Wishing you and DJ lot’s of happiness!

    1. Hi Amitav!! So good to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed this post- as someone who has been with my blog from the get-go that means a ton. I hope to never lose the entertainment factor or spunk as I go through the motions of blogging! So thank you tons for saying that. Also,WP has been giving me grief lately! I think it may be because I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for months or something. Hmm. Thanks for letting me know and taking time to comment. Hope all is so well!!!

  11. I’m a Papa Johns gal myself, but I too had Pizza Hut recently at an airport (Dallas I think…) and it was amazing! What is it about grab-and-go pizza that makes it out of this world!?

    1. Hi Bex! Ok I soooo agree- there really is something uniquely delicious about grab and go pizza! Maybe we are extra hungry when traveling or something 😆 thanks for stopping in!

  12. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! And yes, those shirts were just too precious to not snap a pic of! My life is currently remodeling and soccer. After this weekend, there’s a break from soccer and the current remodeling is “supposed” to be finished before we host Thanksgiving dinner. No plans for that menu yet. lol.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy!! Sounds like a busy time! As always, I’m sure you will have it all come together seamlessly 🙂 can’t wait to hear about it ! Have a great weekend 💞

  13. Yum yum yum all that food looks great! I’m so curious as to what a souffle tastes like! I might have to find somewhere around me that serves them or just make one myself! I hope your semester is going well! You are sooo close to December 16th 🙂

    Everything is good in my world! My brother is currently at Marine Corps boot camp in SC and I am eagerly awaiting for December because then he will graduate as a marine! My whole family is driving down for the graduation right before Christmas 🙂

    1. Yess!! I highly recommend if you can find one near you to try it out. The dessert souffles are more common than savory; but we prefer savory! It’s almost like a quiche but much lighter and fluffier. The guyere cheese is what makes it 🤤 thank you for your encouragement! I need every bit I can get right now ❤️

      Oh my gosh that’s exciting you will get to see him so soon!!! Congrats to him and I send my thanks for his service too. Safe travels, although hopefully we’ll chat before then 🙂 thanks for sharing, Em! Have a great weekend!!

      1. Aw that really means the world, Em. I only have one more final exam, and then I can breathe again (and catch up on some blog reading!) Thanks for your kind words and wishes. I hope your Christmas season has been off to a great start! 🎅 🌲 🍪

    1. It does have such a great crust! I’ve heard I need to try some of their different styles. Do you have a particular favorite? I will absolutely when we make it back one day 🙂 Hope you are so well, love. I miss our chats, hoping to catch up over winter break!

      1. Oh yum! That even sounds good! Miss youuu! Can’t wait to catch up on your posts in this coming week 🙂 xo

  14. Hello and Happy Anniversary!

    I MISS YOU GIRL! but I know how hard you are studying so keep it up! Praying for you!

    I never made a soufflé… EVER! And you both made one! How wonderful!

    I always enjoy seeing your food pics. But the ducklings were too darn cute and so were those t-shirts.

    Just hang in there… you are strong!

    1. Hi, Nancy!! Aw I miss you too so much!!! And thank you thank you- this comment just warmed my heart.

      Souffles are a pain to get right, but so worth it! We are still trying to figure out the art! The practice is yummy though 😉 And thank you for stopping in. I appreciate your kinds words and prayers so much. Only one final exam left and I’ll have survived probably the toughest semester of the program!

    1. Aw it didn’t disappear! I received it 🙂 Thank you so much! Hope you have a nice weekend ahead <3

  15. I’m way behind reading this haha but going on in my world is that I got a new job! It’s a bit of a commute but I love the people and I listen to podcasts or music so it’s not too bad. Also I officially became a resident of Pennsylvania so that’s 3 states now which seems surreal. That’s about it though haha. Happy very belated anniversary 🙂

    1. Hi Maureen!! I hope the new job is going so well 💞 podcasts have made commutes sooo much better. Have you heard of radio rental? It’s very spooky- true stories that don’t always have an explanation. Highly recommend it! Hope you are loving the new home and having a great start to the holiday season 🌲 ☺️

      1. Yes! I love Radio Rental. It’s so creepy since it’s the real people that experienced these happenings telling the story. I’m sad that they’re stopping until March though. Mackenzie, I wish you the best of luck on finals!! Have a very merry Christmas as well <3

      2. Yesss!! I agree!! And oh man- it’s till March?! I thought it was just till the new year. Darn! oh well, at least it’ll be great content to look forward to. Such a high quality show!

      3. That’s what they said on their last episode. I feel like it takes a long time to find the people and then coordinate schedules to record the stories!

  16. I would definitely always say Pizza Hut for sure! I had Dominoes for the first time when we were married and wasn’t impressed. I like Papa Johns better than Dominoes too haha.
    How nice that you finally got some time to spend at the pool! That was one of my favorite things this summer for sure!

    1. Ohhhhh Papa Johns is a contender for sure! I haven’t had it in a while- but my sister actually sent me a picture of her pizzas from there last last and they looked so good!! I’ll have to add them to the pizza March madness 😉

      I just cannot believe it’s December… summer feels like it was yesterday. Hope your December is off to a great start, Courtney 💞🌲 miss our chats. Can’t wait for this semester to end so I can catch up on what you’re up to!

  17. Sorry I am so so late in wishing you guys a Happy Anniversary! I love that you guys just celebrated at home. The meat & cheese/appetizer spread looks amazing & I love figs with prosciutto! That souffle looks like absolute perfection. Yum!

    I love the elder couple’s shirts & the artwork on the trail is so fun. 🙂 Hope your Campus Intensive goes well!

    1. Thank you soo much, Hunida 🤗 I’m so glad you like the prosciutto and fig combo- have you had it on pizza?

      The couple was adorable! Thank you so much, love. It went well- I cannot wait to share about it all!!! Im almost done with this insane semester- then I’m binge reading your blog like a Netflix series! Hope you are doing sooo well. Xoxo

      1. Never!! I’ve had it on a cracker with some fancy yummy cheese. 🙂 Would def love to try it on pizza sometime… a little scared of the texture but, would have a bite, for sure.

        I told boyfriend about the couple’s shirts & he rolled his eyes LOL. Hope you get all the best grades/scores this semester, Mackenzie (I know you will!). <3 <3

      2. Oh that’s a good point about the texture- I hadn’t considered that! Hopefully they cook it in a way where it works. I haven’t tried it either but I’ve seen it on menus, especially in the bay area.

        Hahahah. That cracks me up! Tis the season to be cheesy right 😉 Even though this was like… four months ago, lol! Have a great weekend, and thank you tons, love! xo

      3. You’ll have to let me know if you ever try the fig pizza & I will do the same. 🙂

        Hope you have a great weekend, too!!

    1. It’s so yummy and creamy! I think it’s probably the closest to regular milk of all the alternatives. Thanks for reading, Alana!! I so love reading your comments!

      1. Yay I’ll add it to my list!! I love reading your posts so it’s no problem at all! 🙂 thanks for all of your comments – they make me so happy!! When I get to a computer I’m going to respond 🙂

  18. I still dont know what figs are.. 😶
    Honestly that souffle looks amazing! I’m sure the more you try to make it, the more you’ll have it figured out and soon it will be perfect!
    I have to agree that Pizza Hut is better than Dominos, the quality just isn’t the same as when I was growing up lol. Or perhaps my palate has changed. 🤔 either way, I have found better pizza than PH as well, it’s a local place which I love!
    The food you made looks delish! Never has sambar though.

    1. Hehe- figs are a fruit that are super sweet and delicious. I’d almost compare them to a less dense date? I love eating them dried or in yogurt, but fig + prosciutto is all the rage right now… usually with balsamic I think. And glad you agree about PH! All this talk of mac and cheese and pizza is making me really want to order some, lol! Sambar is hard to get in the U.S. I’m not sure I’ve actually ever seen it on a menu at an Indian restaurant– but it’s really tasty if you ever come by it!

      1. Haha ooohh so it’s a fruit. Interesting. I don’t believe I’ve had dates either haha. I’ll have to see if I can find some in stores.
        Ah I want pizza and mac n cheese too. Sounds good right about now.
        Oh I didn’t know that. I guess that explains why this is the first time I’ve heard of it or even seen it.

      2. Dates are super super sweet, but great for baking and adding to different types of sweets! I like making little cocoa date balls as a snack (but I haven’t made them in forever!). Let me know if you ever do try it. I think you’d really enjoy it! xo

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