Hiking Through a Weekend in Keller, TX!

Heyyy, all! Thank you for the warm welcome back to Ohio!

I have been eager for a long time to write this post. One of my favorite weekends this summer was spent with my mom in Keller (Pete was missed!- he was back in OH working on a job during this time). When I arrived on June 4th, my mom had the most beautiful and colorful lunch set up for us! The spread consisted of an incredible avocado vegan chik’n salad, mixed fruit, a homemade vegan zucchini cake and hibiscus tea- yummm! I told her I needed that recipe for the zucchini cake, seriously some of the best cake I’ve ever tried.

I studied for an exam in the afternoon, and then we went to Golden Thai for dinner. WOW- this Thai was phenomenal!

My mom was dog-sitting a friend’s dog named Duke that weekend-he is a sweetie, and it was so much fun having him around!

The morning of June 5th we went to Orange Theory together and then followed it with a delish breakfast of avocado toast and fruit.I took an exam after breakfast and then we headed out for a hike. We did the Canyon Ridge hike in Fort Worth which was awesomeee. 

We thought it was pretty cool how this looked just like a natural doorway into the next part of the hike.

We even stumbled upon the Rest-A-While Shelter, which I think is just a great name for a pavilion in the middle of a long hike. Half the structure was no longer there, but hey, the invitation to rest-a-while remained.

If you’d like to read more about the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps, I have linked some information here.

It was no joke of a hike- I think it was about 6 miles roundtrip with a ton of elevation. We had wonderful views and great conversation.

After, we went to a Mexican restaurant, Mariachi’s, that had a… drumroll.. all vegan menu! We took full advantage.

We had to try multiple items- first up- chips and salsa, of course.

Next, we tried the pineapple burrito- this was my favorite of all we tried.

Next were the jackfruit tacos- which were certainly delicious, but the burrito had my heart.

Also on the side we tried the elote- this is also a must-order.

On our way home, we decided we were in much need for an afternoon pick-me-up. We kept our eyes out for a coffee shop and right off the highway was Black Rifle Coffee. We decided to give it a shot!

It was good coffee & gave us that burst of energy we needed!

Duke was so funny-he kept begging  incessantly for my coffee cup. Who knew dogs loved coffee so much.

Once I finished my coffee, I gave him the empty cup to see what he’d do with it, and he just took the sleeve and ran off, lol. Guess it wasn’t the coffee he was after, after all!

When we returned home, we cleaned up then started a new show together- The Circle. We were hooked after a couple episodes. In the evening, we walked around downtown Roanoke, love this place!

It ended up raining so we went back home a little early and watched The Circle while eating delicious leftovers for dinner.

Sunday, June 6th, we went to Summer Moon for some amazing vegan breakfast treats and coffees.

After Church, we went to HG Supply Co. This place was ah-may-zing. Next time we visit I said we have to bring the whole family here- I know they’d all love it.

We beat the brunch rush –these seats filled up very quickly after we arrived. I loved the industrial feel, and there were places to play corn hole and ESPN playing on most TVs. Super chill and relaxed with excellent food.

The hummus was really good, and I had to try the crab cake toast which did not disappoint.

Our favorite was the build-your-own bowl. We loaded up the veggies and had this insanely good dressing- I wish I knew what it was because I’d buy it by the bottle!

When we returned home we watched some more episodes of The Circle, and then it was time for me to head back to Austin.

On the way home I stopped by Buc-ee’s since I’d never been, and it’s pretty famous around TX. It’s basically a big convenience store with shopping, food and fun finds. It was busy busy; I probably picked the worst time to go, but it is a fun place if you have a few minutes to spare.

Then it was back to clinical the next day.

Question for you!  

  • Do you have any favorite hiking trails?


52 thoughts on “Hiking Through a Weekend in Keller, TX!

  1. My husband proposed to me on the top of a mountain after finishing the Dragon’s Tooth Trail (which is part of the Appalachian trail), so that has to be one of my favorites. I like to tell people that he slayed a dragon in order to pop the question making him my knight in shinning armor for real. 🙂

    I also like to catch the sunsets at the top of the Bald Knob Trail (which is near the lodge that was one of the filming locations for Dirty Dancing).

    1. Hi, Bex!! That is such an awesome story & wow, what a proposal! I love your added anecdote too 🙂

      Ohhh that sounds like a dream watching the sunset at Bald Knob Trail! I just looked up pictures, and it is absolutely gorgeous. And too cool it’s near a filming location for Dirty Dancing! Adding it to my list!

      Thank you for stopping in!!

    1. Hi, Lori! Ohhh i need to find something like that near here- That is perfect! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Hi! What a lovely time with Mom!
    I have lots of hikes I love in AZ … that are near us.
    And here I hike Lakeside.
    Happy week to you!

    1. Hi, Nancy! I imagine how beautiful those hikes are in AZ from the views I’ve seen on your blog -AZ is definitely on my list of places to visit. I know my family did bouldering there and loved it. I bet it’s pretty in Lakeside too!

      Happy week to you too!!

  3. That was a lovely mother-daughter weekend. Mom and you covered a lot of territory, be it a hiking trail or some fabulous-looking restaurants. My newest hiking trail is the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge/Humbug Marsh Unit … it’s a mouthful but it took a few decades to turn a former industrial site into this now pristine property, the only pristine property along the Detroit River. I just signed up for a virtual hike/walk for the week of October 9th called “Walk for the Wild” to raise awareness of the wildlife at the Detroit River.

    1. It was a memorable mother-daughter weekend for sure ☺️

      That is a mouthful but sounds wonderful!!! I’m going to have to scour your blog to view the recent hikes 🙂 The Walk for the Wild sounds great with a great cause too! Since it’s virtual- have you chose where you’d like to do the walk? Are you thinking the Detroit River Refuge?

      1. It sounds like it was memorable – just you two. When I signed up for the Walk for the Wild, it asked where you would be walking, so I picked the Detroit River Refuge, but I think you could do it at any Refuge. I follow the Detroit River Refuge on Facebook, but started following the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Refuge System on Twitter to see what they say about this virtual walk going forward.

      2. I hope it is cooler by then – we had a real feel of 100 today. I guess your weather is likely close to our. Michigan is in heat-wave mode until mid-September they say.

      3. Oh wow! Near 100 is TX weather. It’s been high 80s/low 90s here, and I have been sweating a lot even though it doesn’t *feel* as hot as Austin’s weather. I think it’s due to the humidity. When in doubt, blame the humidity, lol.

      4. The humidity has been horrible, but the dew points have been high too. Anything over 60 as to dew points feels tropical – it was 71 for a dew point reading earlier today. “Air you can wear” as the saying goes.

      5. Air you can wear!! I have never heard of that, but it’s so true! I’m definitely using that one!

      6. I wish I could take credit for it but that humidity and high dew points have made for a very tropical August. Thank goodness for a coolish few days ahead.

      7. We have had some cooler mornings and it has been so nice!! I am really looking forward to a real Autumn this year 🙂

      8. Yes, I’ve loved these cooler mornings too – what a pleasure after the hot and humid Summer we’ve had. We are going to have a hot September according to my favorite meteorologist. A real Autumn with its mandatory trip to the cider mill must be on your agenda!

      9. And donuts – okay one donut. Years ago when I worked at the ad agency, there was an art director who lived right next door to the Franklin Cider Mill known for their cider and donuts, which donuts were still warm when they put them into brown paper bags to go. Dan would buy several dozen donuts and a couple of gallons of cider once a week – the brown bags would be grease covered, but oh so good!

      10. Oh my gosh my mouth is watering at the sound of those donuts! Whenever fall comes around I definitely get an extra craving for donuts. Can’t wait to dig into some this year!

    2. Wait- I just realized you wrote the walk/hike is “at the Detroit River”! Somehow I missed that entirely when I first read this- I think my brain has gone elsewhere since school has ended. lol

      1. Your brain needs a rest – or more RAM memory Mackenzie. You crammed a lot of material into that brain these past few years. Not just “Smalls”. 🙂

      2. Haha awwww good ol’ Smalls! You have a good memory. (No pun intended, but maybe intended a little! Hehe).

      3. WOAH, I have to share the craziest thing- so I was responding to this comment and in the song I’m listening to at random it said “you’re killing me smalls!”. How ironic is that? Anyway- yes, that was a really tough semester! I am very thankful school is behind me!!

      4. That’s ironic for sure – I always think it’s odd when I’m typing a word and the word comes up in a news story – not common words. I always think “hey, what happened there?” I don’t blame you. I think it was difficult going back to school to begin with. I have heard before that most people who finish school, whether they graduate with an undergraduate degree, or perhaps quit to find a job to pay for the rest of their schooling, never go back – you stuck with it.

      5. Thanks, Linda- I do understand why people wouldn’t want to go back after some time- It’s really nice not having studying hanging over your head 24-7- I’ve forgotten what it’s like! I put the doctorate portion of my schooling on hold to have a break/wait to choose a project I am very passionate about. Who knows if I will, but thankful to have the master’s portion done!

      6. Yes, you need a little down time to just enjoy yourself again. School breaks were just not enough time to totally unwind Mackenzie. I hope the respite from your school work will give you the insight to pick your doctorate project, another step toward your final career goal.

      1. Ohhh I see! Hahah! Spellcheck is always making me type the funniest things, so I get it 😂

    1. Aw!! Wait I thought I took the video off lol! but anyway- Duke is a sweetie, in that moment he was probably tired of waiting for his share of the coffee cup haha. I sure hope he wasn’t sad! ❤️

      1. I totally think you’re right on that!! Our dog growing up used to put on the saddest face you’ve ever seen, but mainly when it did something wrong or wanted food you were withholding, lol.

  4. Your hike looked amazing, loved that area with the stairs and Rest-Awhile shelter, beautiful area. Also I need that zucchini cake recipe, wow that looks delicious! And what is a trip without a stop at Buc-ees!! Fun read as usual, thanks!! love, your Ohio Mom

  5. That was very sweet of your Mom to have such a lovely and tasty lunch for you both Mackenzie . The zucchini cake looks so nice ! I make zucchini bread, if you ever need the recipe let me know . Duke does look like a fun loving dog to have ! Canyon Ridge looks like a really nice and challenging hike. I love the arch of the old shelter. It sure looks amazing the scenery , and I am glad you got to have Mother/daughter time there, another memory for you to have . (tell your Mom I say hi!) I am glad you were able to find an all vegan mexican restaurant , I did not know they existed! I have heard odf black rifle coffee! It was set up by two or three army veterans. I need to order some online as there are no brick and mortar stores here yet ! That is funny that he just wanted the coffee sleeve! Those breakfast treats will start making my mouth water! I like the layout of HG supply and those red chairs ! Looks like i need to start watching the Circle!!! Bucee’s does sound like a place i MUST visit ! There are lovely trails at Lebanon hills park, a good workout ! Lovely post as always Mackenzie, have a great day, Terri xo.

    1. It really was the sweetest thing!! Ohhh that’s good to know- I love any type of zucchini baked good! Aw, I’ll let her know you say hi- I’m sure she’ll say hi right back! I was just learning more about Black Rifle too- it’s amazing what they are doing to support veterans. HG supply was soo awesome, I loved the bright red chairs too-bold choice, but it worked- I can’t wait to go back there! Thanks so much for reading, Terri!! Have a great rest of your week- I hope you’re settling into your home well!

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