Friday Fave…. nots? Friday Fails.

Hello all of ya positive optimistic lovely people! Today I am going to turn that smile upside down!!! Say what? Jk, jk. (kinda). I am embarking on a Friday Fave.. Nots, or rather, Friday Fails. Not only have I had a series of self inflicted unfortunate events as of late, but equally a series of.. humorous…events, and I feel I can’t keep these gems to myself- that’d be selfish. So allow my misfortune (all very silly – I recognize) entertain you for a brief moment. ** I hope you are not eating for this one **

  1. Dropping my keys…… in a gas station trash can… on accident. Yep, this happened. I was at a gas station last week and while throwing away empty water bottles and gum wrappers there went my keys. The moment I dropped them was a big ole’ “ohhhhh nooooo, that didn’t actually just happen, did it?”. I had to tip the whole giant trash can over, and shake it until my keys came to the surface. Y’all… I have done some not unpleasant things in my life as a nurse… and this was one of the nastiest things I have ever had to do. The worst best part? As I was getting in my car, the gas station cashier started chasing me (as I was now driving away in my car) yelling “What are you doing?!”. I was too mortified to explain… so I just zipped out of there. I think he thought I was stealing something out of it? Cause robbing a gas station trash can would be first on the list. Lesson learned: I cannot multi-task as well as I think.
  2.  Leaking leftovers. After our yummy vegan meal in the last post, I decided to take the leftovers to go. Wellllll, I discovered when I came home that my entire giant bag was saturated in their “special house sauce”. I tried washing the bag, but it was left a sad droopy version of itself. Sorry, bag. Lesson Learned: Sauce + Gravity= a sticky situation. Also, don’t put faux leather through the washing machine.

img_8078-13. Unapproved Carwash. DJ occasionally will get coupons from sponsors for the Giants and one of them was a free car wash. It was about twenty-five minutes away, but worth it if it’s free, right? I drove in allll the traffic (I even scored an extra 30 minutes for an accident), passed a legit wildfire on the side of the highway, and finally arrived to the car wash. I was unclear of how to proceed- go through the car wash or go to the cashier first? Naturally upon being given a 50/50 option, I chose the wrong one. I went through the car wash assuming it would be clear how to use the coupon, and when I arrived to the payment options- I pressed for “help”. “System down, please go inside” is what the prompt read. Well, with 3 other cars behind me I didn’t want to be that person holding up the line, so I proceeded forward into the car wash paying in full (the money slot still worked). When I went inside, the cashier wouldn’t hear my explanation for a single second, and basically shooed me out the door saying I had to use the coupon first. Better luck next time. Lesson Learned: Don’t drive through a wildfire for a car wash- it ain’t worth it!

4. Dis’ popcorn. Let me tell ya. It it no bueno. I am not picky when it comes to popcorn, but this… oh this…. be away with your protein infused self!img_8083-1

 Lesson Learned: Just stick to the Boom Chica & Smartfood.

5. When your oatmeal does this….

img_8082-1#Monday in a nutshell. They say don’t cry over spilled milk. But can you cry over spilled oats?! Lesson Learned: Watch out for the “wave” in microwave.

6. Broken Headphones.


Yes, easy to replace- however I just bought these about a month ago (on sale from Amazon prime from a third party seller). Lesson Learned: Just buy the darn apple headphones, not the knockoffs!

7. K-Cup Shamed. Mmmmhmmm. At Trader Joe’s the cashier felt it his duty to remind me that it was more economically friendly to invest in the refillable K-cups at home, rather than buying actual K-cups. It is better, I acknowledge. I recycle, I try to take short showers (ok, that’s a stretch), I rarely use straws, but Trader Joe’s cashier, we can’t all be perfect. Just please scan my Reese’s peanut butter cups and let me live. Lesson Learned: You can always be more green. #conviction


8. Dis’ Moroccan Oil Shampoo. NEVER AGAIN. This stuff made my hair so tangly, greasy and heavy. Never ever ever again. No wonder it was on sale for like $6 haha! Lesson Learned: A pretty package doesn’t mean it’s a good product.


9. Beauty Fail. Confession time. This is actually a Flashback Friday Fave Not.. Remember those fake press on nails that I used for the wedding a couple weeks ago? Well have I got a story for you!! I haven’t told this to anyone yet; I think I was trying to block it out of my memory. While waiting in line to board my flight back, I was digging in my mess of a purse to find my boarding pass (Yes I realize non-mobile boarding passes are old school). Something goes flying and what do you know… it’s my nail… flying and then sliding under a suitcase of someone in front of me. I didn’t wanna be like, “Heyyyy, I dropped my fake nail under your suitcase, can you please move?”… So I waited until she moved a couple inches, watching her suitcase like a hawk, then snatched it before anyone could see. Although I’m pretty sure they couldn’t have cared less with it being 5 am. Lesson Learned: I am Murphy’s Law incarnate, and I need to get. it. together.

And this is where we meet our end. I am not going to list a number 10 because at the end of the day, the good always outweighs the bad…so I’ll leave a full 10 for my Friday Favorite posts. Life is gooood, and I feel cleansed, and I sound neurotic. Ahh. Have a wonderful day.

Xo <3


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  1. Oh no, your poor oatmeal! A month or so ago I purchased the OGX shampoo and conditioner, I’ve tried the sample size before and really liked it, sorry to hear it didn’t work for you 🙁

    1. Hi Chanelle! Thanks for stopping by, gf! Lol- those oats went on a wild ride. And I have heard great things about the OGX so maybe I just need to try a different one?! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh, Mackenzie! I wonder why that gas station cashier chased you?! Sorry about your bag! 😭 & the car wash! How rude that they couldn’t accept the coupon after! I love that Boom Chicka popcorn, will def never try that protein stuff now! Thanks for lookin’ out. 😉 I am laughing at #5, “crying over spilled oats” & the “wave” in microwave. 😂 You are hilarious!!! I see we both hate Argan Oil shampoo fails. I’m nervous because I just a shampoo in that exact brand but not the blue one! Yikes… I hope it works for me. I am dying at your last story. 😂 “I think I was trying to block it out of my memory.” Oh you!!! ♡♡♡ I loved this so much!

    1. bahah right?!? It was seriously so comical.

      Girl I gotchuuuuu. Do not try that protein crap. Yuck.

      So glad you get a kick out of my cheesy sense of humor haha. <3

      Ahh I thought of you when I wrote this about the Argan oil! I actually meant to hyperlink you to it, but I totally forgot as I was frantically trying to get the post done before traveling. But yessss so glad I'm not alone in NOT loving that stuff. I have heard that brand has awesome products though-so hopefully whatever you got is good stuff. Lemme know!

      XOXO . always looooove your comments. Hope you're having a great week, gf!

      1. Cheesy sense of humor is my favorite, I don’t care what anyone says hahaha. ;D & no worries about the hyperlink, all that matters is that you thought of me! 😉 <3 I tried the shampoo & it's OKAY lol not as bad as the argan oil at least!!

        <3 <3 Have a great week, too! Thank you!!

  3. Haha, you don’t sound neurotic at all. I don’t know how I’d cope if I had to stick my hands through a garbage bin. Thanks for a fun read and making me cringe just a little. Have a great weekend Mack. 😊 xx

  4. You suffer from what I like to call Black Cloud Life! Lol I have it too don’t worry! Basically it’s when you’re a walking lack cloud and the weirdest most strange things happen to you. Thanks for the laugh girl 🙂

    1. ahhahah that is such an accurate description! I love that, and will definitely use it. Glad you got a kick out of these 😉

  5. Oh no you poor thing! Girl I give you SO much credit for going through the trash can at the gas station! I don’t know if I would have been able to do that! Ughhh spilling stuff is the worst! your poor bag and poor you!
    Girl I have gone through SO many headphones! Not just knock offs you would think they would make those things durable…or maybe I am just to hard on mine?
    And WHA—-?!?! I would have been like dude shut it and ring it please. Okay I wouldn’t have but that is SO rude! I always feel I am going to get shamed when I ask for plastic (I always bring y reusable totes, but some how it never all fits in) WHICH I use the plastic bags for my trash. i have not bought trash bags in years because I just reuse my shopping ones.
    He doesn’t know you, maybe you decide to make a castle out of them when you are done? Lol.
    Oh my gosh I died at the nail story! That is to funny and i have had my fair share of nail debacles. At LEAST it didn’t fly int someones hair ;p Thanks for the Friday laughs beauty! <3

    1. LOL! I think I just detached from my body’s senses and worked with my mind (I had to do that with nursing often). Lemme tell ya- I Cloroxed the crap out of everythingggg from the car after that!!!

      So glad I’m not alone in the headphones situation. hahah.

      Bahaha Oh my gosh I feel you on the plastic bags!!! Occasionally I’ll forget my reusable ones too- and they will be like, “It’s 10c for a bag” … and then I feel the need to defend myself and I’m like, “I use them as recycling bins!!” (which is actually true- but must we justify always?!?!) haha.

      I could give you like 5 other nail stories. Goodness gracious, I need to stop cutting corners, lol! Thanks for reading, gf! xoxoxox

      1. Bwahaha girl I would! Nope they hate me. Same hating with blenders.
        I am so glad I am not the only one! I am like WHY buy plastic bags when they give them out? But I feel SO guilty like they are going to send me to the plastic bag prison.
        Girl I have one of you, but I will text you since it isn’t completely PG ;p <3 Anytime sweets! <3

      2. Bahah all the plastic prisons WOULD be in Cali for sure. When I was in Michigan this past week there were so many plastic bags at a Meijer… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lol.

        YES PLEASE TEXT ME! I’m so excited to hear this lol. XO

  6. OH MY GOSH GIRL!!!!! First, sending a big interwebs hug your way! Second, good for you for seeing the humor in it all!!! I am surprised I have never thrown my keys away or even locked myself out of my car cause it’s a legit fear of mine. Dangit that totally stinks with your purse!!!! You need to go to tarjay and get yourself a pretty replacement! I am picky about popcorn but too love the Smartfood cheddah! mmm The “wave” in the microwave…that’s one of the best descriptions ever! I have also seen that wave a few too many times in my day….I highly recommend you writing to Amazon! I have had excellent customer service with them and they always refund if I have an issue. Ok TJ’s, we all try to be loving to our precious Earth but my gosh just scan the K-cups and move on. The whole point of K-cups is the ease of popping that sucker in, brewing and going. If you have to grind, fill, and wash the cup, just get a coffee machine with a mesh filter. sheesh Ok OMG this is so embarrassing but years ago I bought this all natural coconut mumbo jumbo shampoo and conditioner and they DESTROYED my scalp. Like it got so dry it was bleeding and scabbing. WTH?! I mean, I thought natural would be good. But I also recently tried some natural deo and my pits were on fiya (read: looked like fire ants had parked it under my arms….ouchhhhhh) Needless to say, I’m using good ole aluminum filled antiperspirant laden deo.

    Happy Friyay girl!! Sending super good vibes your way! xo

    1. Thanks for the hugs!! You da best.

      Thankfully, I think the purse is still utilizable, it just lost it’s UMPH. Poor thing. Haha.

      Isn’t smarfood cheddar the best?!?! It’s DJ and I’s FAVORITE! (white cheddar to be specific).

      Lol- thanks for appreciating my failing sense of humor 😉

      oOOooo that is SUCH a good idea with Amazon… I may just do that. I always have the best experiences with them too, but that didn’t even cross my mind to write them! Thanks for the suggestion!!

      Ahhh thanks for having my back with the Kcup situation!

      What!!! OK that experience is AWFUL!!!! Cah-ray-zzeeee. I always use Secret deodorant and everyone says it’s bad with the talc- but I guess ya gotta choose your battles in life, eh?!

      Always looove our chats! XOX

  7. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I’ve experienced something embarassing that I could hide, I always want to tell people, ha! Kudos to you for finding these things funny and for being will to share!

    I lost a ring from Kaci in our apartment trash compactor, and I asked for a broom or something from the front office to try to retrieve it. Sadly, it went to landfill heaven. Our mom once threw away her retainer with her school lunch and had to dig for it, clean it, and STILL USE IT. Yuck!

    As far as being yelled at by an employee, I’ll never forget this gem-of-a-memory. Kaci and I ate at Ruby Tuesday’s when we were maybe 16 years young, and back then, it was cash or bust. No debit cards or plastic in ze wallet. We finished and went to pay only to realize we had a whopping $0.25 left for tip. We discussed our options. That would be an utter slap-in-the-face. So giving nothing seemed the best alternative. We tried to casually make our great escape, and the guy came out of the side door screaming at us as we tried to drive away. I was horrified, ha!

    The wave. Ohmygosh it sucks! I’ve been known to scrape all of the glorious oatmeal right back into the bowl and salvage all I could. It is an awful sight to open the microwave and find said bowl contents on the microwave turn plate, ugh!

    Alright, Matt and I love to recycle and be careful of our usage. That said, we still are not totally “green”. I use old hand towels to clean but still use paper towels. Humans create waste. There’s no way around that. I love me some TJ’s, and their employees have all been so nice! But c’mon, dude. Just scan and move along, soldier.

    I’ve tried that brand and don’t remember much problems, *but* I have short hair. Maybe it’s different? I’ve used their lotion and love it, so that stinks it didn’t serve you well!

    I’ll leave you with this: I tried to DIY our coffee + tea cart myself on Sunday. Was so proud until the spray paint dripped like crazy from the can and made a mess. Matt comes home and discovers the problem: they forgot to include the spray nozzle! Actually, no. Yours truly removed it because I thought it was a stopper of some kind. Bahahaha. He helped me finish the project, which only took five days. Lol! Also, anytime I think I have my ish together and am hot stuff, that’s when I will either trip or hit my head on my car trunk. Like a big ole slap from reality. All ya can do is cackle!

    1. Bahah- yesss– What is it about the need to share?! I just thought this was all too funny to not share.

      Ahhhh that is such a bummer! Oh my gosh- I can’t imagine the retainer—but thank goodness for bleach to get destroy every germ in sight right?!

      Ooooh NO that stinks with Ruby Tuesdays! Oh well, hopefully he got a nice tip from someone else later to make up for it. I hate when things like that happen! I was on a toll bridge without knowing it (derp derp) on my way to Napa and had zero cash (only debit) so I held up the long line until the guy behind me had to pay. I was mortified! We live & learn, and have great stories for later haha.

      Ok agreed- TJ employees are always SO kind, and even this guy was super nice so it took me a minute to realize he was even reprimanding me lol!

      I have heard that brand is great—I haven’t tried anything else from them and I don’t think I respond hair wise very well to Argan. So maybe that’s what it was?!

      Ahh okay I chuckled at that paint story and sounds like something I would totalllly do too. Bahahah. At least you got the project done- all about persistence!

      Thank you for sharing these with me & giving me some laughs (And making me feel not alone in my lil’ fails (aka great stories 😉 ). XOXO

      1. When I stayed with my dad and step mom in TX summer of 2013 to complete my public health internship, my biggest fear was getting on a toll road! Even though they had their tags, I still was not comfortable with the whole shebang. That so stinks for you, but at least the guy paid!

        I have been loving Love Beauty & Planet shampoo and conditioner! Maybe you could try their products, and hopefully they will heal your scalp and hair troubles caused by Argan!

      2. The toll roads really can sneak up on ya- can’t they?!?

        Oooo we have a planet beauty in the mall I have never been to but pass all the time! I’ll have to stop in there. Thank you for the suggestion! Right now I’m using R & Co and it so far is working pretty well- but is pretty pricey, so I may need to find something more long term realistic!

  8. Oh my god, this post was amazing. I have experienced many of these as well. The oatmeal situation has happened to me more times than I can count. I when to fill up my water cup at work today and in my wedges slipped and my water flew up in the air and left me soaking wet. I ran away quickly and hoped no one was watching. haha but hey it is Friday and it’s going to be a good day!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

    1. Haha, I am SO glad you enjoyed this. I was praying people wouldn’t hear it as one big “woe is me”. Haha- awwww that has happened to me before (In front of patients) . But kudos to you for not falling!! Hope you had a great weekend, heck it’s almost the weekend again at this point. Thanks for stopping by, gf!

      1. Thanks girl, now that it is about to be the NEXT weekend, I hope the last one and this coming one is great for you too- lol!

  9. My oatmeal spilled over in the microwave 4 out of 5 mornings this week. By Thursday, I had half a mind (maybe more) to give up and stop for a bagel on the way to work. The absolute worst! Never getting the oatmeal I currently have again cause I’m pretty sure that particular type of oatmeal is what’s causing it.

    My dog also chewed up the wire from one of my headphones, so we’re having twin fails this week.

    Hope your weekend goes better than your week did!!

    1. YESSSS, okay thank you for not making me feel alone in that haha. I totally think it depends on the brand of oatmeal! Some of them overflow EVERY time and some don’t. So interesting. But a bagel is never a bad idea!

      Twin fails is right! How funny. I hope you had a great weekend and a better week this week too! Thanks for stopping by, Rachel 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, MACK! So sorry you had all these things happen. <3 It sounds like you have a humorous perspective about it all though, which is soooo great. My spiritual mentor John-Roger says, "If it's going to be funny later, it's funny now." Sometimes easier said than done!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Lots of love! 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie!!! Hehe-first thing I always think when these things happen, “Well this will make a good story!”

      I love love love John-Roger’s perspective. Brilliant. I will be taking that with me!

      Thanks for your love & stopping by. Have a wonderful rest of your week 🙂

  11. This is my new favorite series (hopefully you make this a regular thing!) While I of course wish all these things didn’t happen, (as everyone else said) love that you put a fun, positive, spin on it and it’s so REALISTIC – this is life and little crappy things happen all the time! The best we can do is recognize them, try to laugh at them & move on!

    1. Thanks girl!!!! I wasn’t sure how it would be received or if anyone would find these things as funny as I did… but I can guarantee you, I could write a post like this probably once a day, lol. Sooo many things happen constantly- especially because I’m not the most graceful 😉

      Thanks for your awesome comment- made my day. Have a great rest of your week, gf!

  12. Ohhh dear, sweet girl. How alike we are haha. This was like reading a series of unfortunate events in my own accident-prone life :’) I am so sorry all of these annoying things happened to you though. The cashier k-cup shaming in particular struck a very sour note with me. I can. not. stand. when people shove their opinion at you when you didn’t ask for it. Especially in such a rude, weird way. I hope this week is waaaaaay better for you! XOXOX

    1. Tehe! I think we are all less alone than we think in these things, right?! Hah.

      I knowwww ! It was such a strange experience with that. Still have nothing but love for my TJ’s though <3


  13. Hey Kenz!

    One thing I am realizing from reading all the replies is that we all have our horror stories to tell. And when we share them, it reminds us that we are not alone – Murphy’s Law applies to us all.

    And if we learn to laugh at ourselves, we discover an endless source of entertainment!

    My embarassing story: Locking my keys in the car the day I was going to be a substitute gym teacher. The worst part was that I was still wearing my sunglasses. 😂

    1. Tehe!!! Exaactly!!!!!!

      Ohhh no! Locked in keys are the WORST. Thanks for empathizing sissy . XO

  14. My goodness girl, what a week!! I really loved this post because we all have these weeks and sometimes we just have to laugh about it. 😉 It’s so relatable!! Joshua & I use the refillable K-cups, but I must admit…not to be green. We use them because it’s cheaper for us to just get ground coffee & fill them than to buy K-cups, lol. XD But hey, it works out for the environment too!

    Also, that is so surprising to me about the Moroccan Oil shampoo! I’ve only heard good things about it and it seems kind of pricy for the smaller size, so I always thought it would be great quality. Good to know!

    That is simply hilarious about your press-on nails. I’ve put them on recently too and I currently have two missing, lol. I’m just waiting for the others to come off because I hate the feeling of pulling them off haha. Any tips for removing them?

    1. Haha- thanks for reading, gf!! And I was about to do the refillable for price too- but then found the ones at TJs that are so much cheaper (and I love their flavor most too) haha.

      The brand in particular I think is very good usually! I think maybe just that exact shampoo with the argan oil didn’t click with my hair chemistry so maybe that’s why?!

      Hah, girl I feeel you! YES! There is an acetone remover you can buy at CVS or a drugstore that you just dip your finger in it, scrub, and then can pretty easily get them off. I’ll have to check the exact name… I’ll let you know!

      1. I wish we had a Trader Joe’s! The closest is like two hours away, ugh. It’s a struggle haha!

        Oh that is so good to know about the acetone remover! I tried the bottle that you use with a cotton swab but it really didn’t work that well. I will have to look for this!

      2. Yes for sure! It is called up&up (the brand) 100% acetone nail polish remover dip it !

  15. Oh my did this have me cracking up! The trash can key story had to be the most intense thing! Ughhh!! I don’t know if I could have done it. That’s the nurse in you, girl!

    Also, so surprised by the TJ’s employee!!

    1. Tehe! SO glad it gave you a laugh & didn’t just gross you out hehe. It was so strange- TJ employees are the BEST and this guy was actually super nice, so I was extra taken off guard when I realized what was happening. LOL.

  16. It’s nice to know we all have those kinds of days (or weeks!) Mackenzie! (And I can’t believe the Trader Joe’s checker gave you a lecture!) Hope this week all goes nothing but well! hugs!

  17. Haha LOVE this! I need to write a fail post sometime! I feel like I usually struggle at least once per day. On the brightside, it’s always fun looking back on them 🙂

    1. Girl, I would LOVE to read your fail post! Ever since I wrote this I am even more aware of my fails- and I have multiple per day. LOL. It is fun to make light of them. Life’s way too short to take ourselves too seriously 😉 Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog. XO

  18. This is hilarious! 😂 that gas station one… oh my goodness. I’m dying that the cashier guy tried to chase you out! Honestly, what did he think you were doing 😂 or stealing for that matter, it its in the trash can anyway… 🙄😂 that’s so funny! I would have driven away super fast too, no need to explain 😂 bless you! At least you managed to get your keys back though and they weren’t lost forever.
    Lol at the press on nails! Mine are forever coming off I give up with them now. Bless you!
    I’ve tried some shampoos from that brand before and I really liked them, I think the purple one not the blue. Interesting! I guess different products work for different hair types.
    That is the worst about what happened to your bag 🙁 how annoying and what a waste of leftovers too!
    Thank you for sharing your stories with us, I know they probablt sucked for you but they definitely gave me a bit of a giggle, so at least some good cane from it! Happy august lovely! X

    1. Hehe- so glad you enjoyed it and saw the humor in these situations as much as I did !!

      LOL- I know I still chuckle when I think back to him chasing my car down. But exactly- what was I gonna take? Chewed gum!?!? Yucckk. haha.

      I am so inpatient when I apply the nails to begin with so I don’t think I do a very great job anyway. But I have just been painting lately after that incident- ha!

      I have heard awesome things about that hair brand– I think it may just be my type of hair and the argan oil. Sometimes argan oil can be super heavy on long hair.

      I am SOO glad they gave you a chuckle. That’s totally what I was hoping <3 I already have some great stories saved for next time. bahha.

      Thanks for stopping by, girlie! Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

      1. That’s so funny. He must have been bored at work, thinking oh this is an excuse for me to get some entertainment, chase that poor innocent girl down for looking through the garbage haha. Really though, what did he think you were going to find!?
        Oh my gosh I’m the same!! I am useless at applying the nails – last time I got clue covered to my hands and my fingers stuck together LOL so same, I’ve just been painting mine too!
        Ooh maybe – because I really like it! That’s such a shame you don’t benefit from the products but at least there’s something for you!
        Thanks hun, at least you got a good blog post out of your incidents haha! & brightened up lots of peoples day! I can’t wait to hear them!
        You’re welcome. Thanks so much lovely, have a great weekend xx

      2. Hahaha yesss I have had my fingers stuck together too- so glad I’m not alone in that!!

        <3 <3 That means so much, have a beautiful weekend yourself, Jay! xo

      3. Hey girl ! I think my comments are going to your spam 🙁 Do you mind checking when you get a chance?!

      4. Aw bummer, I had a feeling. Thank you again for taking the time to look. It has happened one other time, so hopefully I’ll be in the clear for a bit now. Haha. xo

      5. Thats okay! I’m glad you told me otherwise I’d never have checked! I forget about the spam folder and actually had to google how to find it 😂😂 hopefully! It’s so odd that it’s happened! Xx

      6. Haha I never check mine either- thanks again, beauty! Have a great week 🙂

  19. Omg this post was a whole lot of “ooooh noooooo!!!!” lol
    Ugh your keys and your poor bag! I’m so sorry that happened to you!
    I do like this post because it’s refreshing and a reminder that things will not always go our way and they can also be good laughs in the future lol No? 🙂

    1. Tehehe- I agree!! I always find so much humor in the things that go wrong. I am such a clutzy creature that my friends always say, “That’s so kenz” whenever I drop anything or do something super clutzy or embarrassing. baha. I don’t get offended cause it’s just so darn true!! And whhy not let everyone else get humor out of it too?!

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