Take me Out to the Ball Game!

HUMMPPP DAY! Happy Wednesday! I worked all weekend and yesterday, but right before the work grind, I had the awesome opportunity to FINALLY go to an SJ Giants game last Thursday!!! If you are new around here, DJ works for their marketing team, and I’ve been dying to go see him do his thang’. Also who doesn’t love a baseball game in the summer?

I whipped out my SJ Giants baseball cap and hit the road!

I briefly had the chance to say hello to DJ and meet some of his lovely coworkers finally! I still just can’t believe this was the first time I could actually attend. I invited my friend, Sara, whom I’ve mentioned in a few posts. She met me at the game and we were in for one heckuvah evening!


This night was “Christmas in July” themed. I immediately recognized the Christmas in the Park sign from when DJ and I actually attended the downtown festive filled event last winter.


I even spotted Santa, ‘magine that! You can catch the fella prowling all around San HO HO HOse, all year long.


I loved loved loveeeed the stadium. There is really something about a minor league baseball game’s energy that is invigorating. The food options lining the walkway are tremendous. The touches of detail are as enticing as the food choices. Even the walk area is marked by giant orange footprints of a wondering “Gigante”, the beloved giant gorilla mascot.


We watched the beginning of the game, but quickly the wafting aromas of barbeque and fried carbs beckoned to us from the bleachers. The SJ Giants are known for their fantastic food options- particularly their churros, garlic fries, and beer options. We found our way to Turkey Mike’s BBQ with our free meal coupons (thanks Deej <3 ). If you find yourself at an SJ Giants game, Turkey Mike’s is the ticket. Even the long line attests to that. SO worth the wait.


We nibbled, LOL . NOT. WE SLAMMED. I ordered a veggie hot dog (which might be my real draw to the game- I discovered these suckers in Baltimore at an O’s game and thought I was in actual heaven), cole slaw, and a marinated veggie sandwich with feta (yes, basically two meals, but it was all freeee!) Sara used her meal voucher and tried the chicken sandwich with a side salad, and we both split garlic fries and a couple of hard ciders. Not gonna lie to ya’ll, …. it was probs one of my favorite meals in a looong time.


I’m so thankful for this chica. She’s one of those people I instantly clicked with when we moved here. She also has the greatest laugh of all time- it’s contagious! Oooohhhhh and she’s super patient with me as I tried to stealthily sneak all my foodie pics for the *whispers* blog.


I  also snatched pictures of not one, but two, creatures in their natural environment!



Sara and I are still talking nearly a week later about how much fun it was. It was super cool for me to see where DJ spends most of his time. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, and I was thrilled to support him and our city’s team!

How were all your weekends?!



54 thoughts on “Take me Out to the Ball Game!

  1. Lol you always have so much fun wherever you go! And I always say my favorite part of a sporting event is the food :)) hockey games, baseball, football… The snacks always get me through! Also, it’s so cool you got to see your guy do his job <3

    1. I am just absolutely spoiled right now by your comments <3 And girl- I am so with you (as you can probably tell). Food = life. If there is food anywhere, I will go. What's your favorite thing you've had at a sporting event? I think one of my other most memorable are the GIANT ice cream cones from a Pittsburgh Pirate's game. So good.

      1. Lol you are so sweet!! I have not been to many sporting events, and I’ve always lived in small towns, sooo just the basic chicken tenders & fries have made me happy in my sports event past! Also nachos w/that gross nacho cheese sauce that is terrible for you. But I’ll only have those if jalapenos come w/it lol >.<

      2. Cannot go wrong with those though! And I am the SAME way with the nachos- must have the jalapenos and then 100% justifiable 😉

  2. I’m not a sports fan but this looks cool. Free food?! I’m all in lol. I love churros and that veggie hot dog looks sooo yummy!!! And how cool that you got to see him briefly and during! 😁

    1. I still need to try their churros!!! I hear they are legendary !!! And right?! It was so fun to see what he does daily. I hope you are having a great week, girlfriend !! ❤️

  3. Wow, even during the weekdays you know how to spend an evening right. I loved that video clip of you and Sara singing sweet Caroline. Nothing better than being a bit silly and goofy on Snapchat with your friends! Wishing you strength and love to get till the end of the week! Xoxo Steph

    1. Hehe now that I work every other weekend with the new job sometimes I have three days off during the week and treat them like my new weekend! It’s so interesting trying to get used to it! Aww isn’t Snap the best?! Wishing you the same, Steph! You are the sweetest!❤️❤️

      1. Wow gotcha. While it is never great to work during the weekends, having some days off during the week must be nice as there are less traffic and weekend crowds to deal with. Have a great rest of the week!!!! Xoxo Steph

      2. SO true! Especially around here- the traffic is just nuts!!!! So it makes grocery shopping and all that better.. plus the beach is way easier to get to and less crowded than weekends!!!! I can always count on you for helping me find that silver lining ❤️ I hope your weekend has been ah- may- zing!!!!

      3. That’s great that you can make something not so great into something positive. A lot of people would complain and constantly self-pitying themselves for not having a “normal” weekend, but I admire that you can find the good in everything. My weekend has been pretty low-key. The weather is so perfect – 80 degrees with just the right amount of sunshine and wind. I’ve been spending so much more time outside taking walks or going on a run! Hoping that you’re spending a great weekend with your family! lots of love, Steph

      4. Aww it sounds like a PERFECT weekend!! I’m so glad you’ve been able to enjoy that!! Any big plans coming up for summer vacation?! XO

      5. That’s crazy that it’s nearly back to school! WHAT! enjoy that R & R girlfriend! I actually am sneaking away to Dallas in a couple weeks here- I’m so excited to see my momma and step dad (and puppy!). So that’s the big thing I’m looking forward to right now!

      6. Haha I know! Only a couple of weeks until the madness of junior year starts! Ahhh Dallas sounds fun! I stayed in Dallas inadvertently when our family missed our layover flight. That one-star hotel provided free from the airline company wasn’t the best memory haha. Hopefully you’ll have a blog post from that Dallas trip? xoxo Steph

      7. What?!? How is summer almost over already- that is NUTS! This just flew. And oh goodness- I can’t even imagine. Ahhh, I’m glad you survived that though- sometimes the travel glitches can be awful but make for good stories! And yes- I absolutely will 🙂 XOX

  4. Wow, what an evening, right? 🙂 I’m glad to see that you girls had so much fun!! And, as usual, I gained 2 pounds watching your pictures…. LOL

    Have a lovely Wednesday, Beautiful 🙂 xx

    1. Hehehe- I think these posts might be putting a new spin on the term “weight watchers”. Lol. Thanks for stopping by! It was such a blast. Hope you have a terrific Wednesday too, Cyr! XO

  5. Baseball! Oh man, it makes me wish I could go to a Rough Riders game here. Always a good time. 🙂 And you are so talented at food photography. I don’t think I have ever seen park food look that enticing! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Katy!!!! You are too kind. I always say if nursing doesn’t work out maybe I could just be a good photographer ?! Lol! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. You totally need to take me to a SJ Giants game 😉 I love the SJ & SF Giants, my favorite hometown team! Looks like you had a blast. And so cool that DJ does marketing with them, what an awesome job!

  7. Hi Kenz
    Loved the game posting and ball game food. It made my am today . Your new friend looks like she is fun
    to be with and the kitty make up is so cute!! So sorry that I had to cut you off because we were lake to the church
    already. I love your calls and missed our time that we have on the phone. Hope the pressure is off of you for
    a while. God bless you and DJ and injoy your summer. We are finally getting some good weather
    Take care of yourself and stay happy. love you so much. Grampa sends his kisses and love
    Gramma and Grampa

    1. Gramma!!! Awww I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I loved our phone call chats. I miss being able to talk all the time though, too. Glad the weather is treating you all well! Sending you both all my love <3

    1. GIRL, the garlic fries were probably the star of the show. Plus we are have Gilroy not too far from us which is like the garlic capital of the world (They just had a giant festival, and the air actually smells like garlic as you drive through the city), anywho– the garlic fries here are to DIE for. Add it to your foodie bucket list- theyre a MUST!

  8. Ah I love that you spotted DJ from afar, you can totally tell that was full on zoomed up haha love it! Baseball games are so fun to go to, but really, I definitely go for the food 😉 Veggie dog though…why is that not an option here in Boston….smh I would devour that!!! The stadium is so nicely vamped out! Do they do themes for all home games? And hold on Sara’s hair!!!! She’s a long haired beauty, why does my hair not grow that long and luscious?!?!?!

    xo, JJ

    1. Lol! It was SUPER zoomed- not sure anyone was going to be able to make out a human with how pixelly it was. haha. And YASS- I go for the food 100% too (usually- this time there was a % or 2 in there to see DJ 😉 ). WHAT- you need to bring those veggie dogs to Boston!! AND YES- ahhh you are going to LOVE this- they do themes for a ton of the games and last night was “super hero night” . DJ dressed up as Recyclops from the Office! Do you remember that episode (it’s Dwight). DJ nailed it. I can’t wait to see pictures- he said he has some! And OMG I know- Sara has the best princess hair in the world. It’s sooooo gorgeous- she always denies it, but it is so beautiful! XOXO

  9. What a fun post! We’ve never been to a minor league game, but it looks like tons of fun! As a mtter of fact, we were at Angel Stadium this past week and I would agree the San Jose Giants have better food!! Fun to find your blog Mackenzie!

    1. Hi Rhonda!!!! Thank you sooo much for stopping by! It’s always so nice to meet someone new 🙂 I highly suggest trying out a minor league game! They always go above and beyond in the activities/promotional/atmosphere portion to engage the spectators. It’s a blast!!!

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