Recent Eats Roundup!

Hello one & all! I can’t even start this post without first discussing a very important matter: Did you watch the Bachelor earlier this week?!? Hooooly smokes, that episode… I dare say it was the most dramatic episode I have ever seen (WTA was nuts too). Would love to hear your thoughts. Our jaws were on the floor in disbelief… and I actually kinda knew spoilers (they were so hard to avoid this season), but watching it play out was just … wowza.

So since our little Staycation in SF, it’s been pretty hum-drum with work, school work, and general life maintenance. This post basically highlights some our favorite things we’ve munched on the past couple weeks with little random tidbits sprinkled throughout.

I mentioned how I wasn’t feeling 100% going into our best SF weekend, but just ignored the bug creeping in. Wellll, although I survived our time in The City, when I woke up on February 17th, I felt like a train had hit me. I think I overdid it a bit, but still wouldn’t have changed anything! I was basically bed-bound for the day and watched church online. Also if you are interested in our church’s sermons you can find them here. For breakfast I was craving something warm & comforting- so I enjoyed a purple sweet potato with Fage, avocado, boca crumbles, vegan cheese, hummus, and tzatziki.


On February 18th, aka Bachelor Monday, I woke up feeling much better. Not 100%, but definitely more like a human being. I started my day with oatmeal, blueberries, fage, protein powder, and a sprinkle of stevia.


February 19th, we woke up to no water in our apartment. A HUGE main water line broke on the second floor of the building environmentally evicting everyone on that floor & shutting down businesses nearby 🙁 We ended up having no water for about three days. I have told people it was like experiencing our very own Fyre Festival. I had to make a couple trips to the local Target to stock up on gallons of water. Let me say, I have never been so thankful & relieved to take a full shower when the water came back on. I will never take a shower for granted again. On that morning I was craving a cafe au lait, so I went to the Starbucks located inside the Tarjay where I stocked up on some water.

This is a new one to add to the list, Cyra! “Nancy”… “Mackenzie”….. Same diff.


When I got home I dumped my cup into an actual coffee mug to rewarm it- gotta have it pipin’ hot.  Also, I am back on my avocado smoothie kick . I paired this with some oats topped with granola. I love mixing these textures & flavors.


One of my favorite snacks during the day was a brioche grilled cheese with TJ’s vegan cheese & tomato soup. Mmm. Since I still wasn’t totally up to par, this was a great little combo.


In the evening I went to School of Leadership with my dinner packed in hand. I had to leave the house at 6 to get there by 7 because of traffic (even though it’s only 15 mins without). We are there till 9:30 ish so I had to make sure to pack my food.. otherwise my hangry Hyde would come out of hiding. No bueno.

On February 20th I woke up with the same avocado smoothie. Midday for a study break I concocted a snack of purple sweet potato, an over medium egg, hummus, more avocado with pink Himalayan sea salt and crushed red pepper.


In order to clear my head in the afternoon I got a quick run in on the tread & lifted some weights. I’ve been doing short little 10 min lifting workouts every few days and am loving how much stronger I feel in general. It’s not much- only up to about 5- 12.5 lb. dumbbells, but it’s an improvement!

After, I threw together my trough salad with alll the whole garden, vegan crumbles, cheese, and tons of hummus.


February 21st I baked us tilapia with brown rice and roasted zucchini with Koop’s Arizona heat all over it. That sauce is tooooo tasty. I know it’s a bit much to just slather the whole dish with it, but it’s that good & goes with everything.


February 22nd was more Avo smoothie for breakfast and this time I topped it with some granola.


So, here’s a picture of the second floor after the flood. They had to rip out the entire carpet and flooring. I feel awful for the people that live there.. our main elevators are broken because of it now too. Ugh, what a mess.


Anywhoooo, that evening DJ and I decided on a little easy date night. There is a new spot that opened on Main Street in Cupertino that looked like a fun vibe. We decided to give it a go.


We arrived around 6:30 pm, and basically had the whole place to ourselves. I loved the interior- I’d describe it as a chic sports bar.


We weren’t planning on having a full dinner, just a drink & an appetizer. We shared a platter of their house potato chips & dip. Okay, I’m not a big potato chip person, but these were ridiculously yummy. That dip *insert drooling emoji*…. mmmmm!


& It paired well with their beautiful paper crane martini. This was a tiny too sweet for my liking, but still good- I think most people would enjoy it. I just really don’t prefer mixed drinks- Every time I try to venture out I just end up wishing I’d ordered a simple glass of wine instead– they just taste “sticky” to me, lol. but hey, it was pretty!


When we came home I made our dinner-dinner. For Deej: a Bubba Burger with french onion straws, gruyere cheese, and ketchup/mustard.


For me: fish, roasted beets, roasted eggplant, and brown rice. I was on a kick of fish that week. Also, I’ve been using the original Mrs. Dash which has been a total game changer in seasoning. Although I still have to mix in my pink himalayan sea salt 😉


February 23rd was a long study day. Then in the evening I made us another meal of tilapia, roasted zucchini, and brown rice.


Sunday the 24th we went early to serve at Church- I loved this idea from hospitality team! Bahaha. Their puns are on point.


For lunch I had some oatmeal with frozen raspberries, almonds, coffee protein powder, and Fage.


DJ enjoyed an after-Church snack of a caprese salad with pita chips, hummus, and salsa con queso. The pita chips from TJ’s are perfectly salty, crunchy & versatile- they go with basically any dip.


That evening I made DJ another burger & whaddya know I had fish with brown rice and tons of veggies (Don’t worry- I won’t post such a redundant shot).

804a889f-1177-4a12-ac22-e7b0f198d4bc February 25th I submitted a paper and took a big breath of relief. We were getting really low on groceries by this point, so time to get creative again. I mixed some cauli mashed potatoes with cottage cheese warmed up with black bean burger and hummus. Sounds a bit strange, but it was reallly savory and delicious.


You know at some point tacos had to be in the mix! Caprese salads actually pair pretty well because they are so light & refreshing mixed with the spicy tacos.


I had a stuffed sweet potato with about four egg whites with veggies, hummus, and cottage cheese (most of it is under the egg), and tabasco in lieu of tacos since I was out of boca meat. It was a surprisingly great combo.


February 26th I baked up some of my PB & chocolate oatmeal protein bites to have with avocado smoothies in the mornings.


In the evening we had our last school of leadership. I have officially completed the first session! There are three total. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do all three right now, but after a little break I may do #2 in a month…. we’ll see! I really enjoyed the first round & learned a ton.

In the morning of Wednesday the 27th I had to run to the store for a few items, and looked to my right greeted by a double rainbow. Not a bad way to start the day 🙂 There have been buckets upon buckets of rain here lately that I feel like I’ve seen more rainbows in a couple months than my entire life combined.


After being cooped up with school all day, I was ecstatic to get out of the house and meet up with some dear friends from my nursing cohort. I decided to walk to Santana Row to clear my head (it’s about a four mile walk). We’d be finishing dinner when DJ left work, so he said he’d just pick me up since it’s right on the way home. On my way I saw this license plate…. ha! Love this person’s sense of humor.


We met up at Pizza Antica again. You may remember the last time we met up back in September!


I had the goat cheese and kale pizza… one of my favorite pizzas I’ve ever had. It was actually way better than the pizza I had last time I was here too. Their homemade crust is realllly well done.


On Thursday the 27th, I was out of avocados, but I whipped up a dragonfruit bowl and had it with two protein bites.


For a snack at some point I had a stuffed sweet potato with hummus, cottage cheese, and tomatoes.


For DJ I put together two gyros with meat from TJ’s with vine ripened tomatoes and tzatziki sauce on fresh pita.

8248bf79-a6f3-4df6-a060-d717baf6f60a4d9f799c-36a8-4166-91f4-e1c4937c6ed3Friday morning of March 1st I did a HITT routine through Fitness Blender to start the day! In the evening I went to a food blogger event 🙂 Can’t wait to share that in another post.


Question for you:

  • Are you on any food kicks lately?

xo <3


70 thoughts on “Recent Eats Roundup!

    1. Aw glad you enjoyed this, Carly 🙂 I cannot WAIT for Monday & Tuesday… I’m counting down the days! Have a great weekend !

    1. Aww! I would LOVE to see your eats 🙂 thanks so much for the kind words & stopping in!

      1. Hehe- no no ! Usually everything I make is a hodge podge haha, but thank you, AJ!

    1. Right?!? I felt like we were watching high schoolers! That whole situation was ridiculous. And how she kept saying that Demi was immature, So ironic cause Courtney needed to check herself ! Thanks so much for stopping in, Charlotte! Have a great weekend… I’m counting down to Monday 😄

    1. Aww thanks so much for stopping in, Jamie! That chip & dip was maybe the best I’ve ever had 🤤 and they are making much improvement – I just feel so bad for the people that had to move out temporarily! We were actually lucky despite it all. Have such a great weekend, gf! ❤️

  1. Well, I can’t complain about the recipes this week, ha! Everything looked gorgeous and delicious to me. Thanks for putting so much love and talent in to making this food and photographing it so well. I agree, it tastes so good to is different foods and come up with new combos. More, please!

    1. Aww this comment made my night ! 🤗 so glad you enjoyed it all! I actually felt like this post was just soo random and didn’t know if it’d be of interest to anyone… so I’m really glad you found the meals appealing 🙂 the new combos that come out of necessity at the end of the groceries always end up being some of my favorites ! Have a great weekend ☺️

  2. Of all the food photos in this post, I want to have some of those lattice-looking potato chips – oh my and that dip. I have not had chips of any kind in years, as I gave up salty snacks and the other day when I went to the grocery store I bought Tostitos because a fellow blogger is always talking about them and how they are her downfall – when she is stressed out, she eats them for the satisfying “crunch” they give … I probably should have measured out servings (24 chips per serving), but I did not … oops! The pizza also beckoned me as well!

    1. I do have to say those may be the best darn chips & dip I’ve ever had! I do wish I could have shared them with ya!

      Ohhh Tostitos are certainly hard to beat for a good salty snack 🤤 I hope you enjoyed them- after giving them up for so long I hope you didn’t even consider the serving size 😉

      Have a great weekend, Linda! ❤️

      1. I was a little bad with them – still trying to remember to practice moderation after all these years. You do the same Mackenzie!

      2. Hehe – makes sense though! I bet you taste that flavor on another level after not having it for so long too- very understandable!

  3. Everything you make always looks so tasty! I always crave oatmeal with all the toppings after reading your posts! I am so sorry you weren’t feeling well – hopefully you are 100% now!!

    My FAVORITE food kick lately is roasted vegetables…which you know from reading my blog LOL I seriously cannot get enough! I am totally with you when you eat something you love and just keep eating it and eating it!! hahaha

    Hope you are having the most wonderful weekend ever. <3

    1. Hey, gf! Hehe- the fact that I make you crave oatmeal (when you already make the BEST looking oatmeal ever) seriously means a lot- glad you like the pics 🙂 I am back to 100% finally !! I had a lingering cough, but we all guuuud now !

      Oh YESSS- man, it’s hard to beat roasted veggies. I have been a roasted zucchini and roasted beet kick lately. I feel like this time of year it’s still too cold for raw or cold veggies all the time- so roasted is just perfect!

      Hope you do too, beautiful! xo

  4. That goat’s cheese pizza looks DIVINE. My boyfriend works at a pizzeria and they do a goat’s cheese, red onion and kale pizza- one of my FAVOURITES. Also love that number plate!! X

    1. Girl, who knew goat cheese on pizza was so DANG delicious?!?! I don’t know that I’ll ever order anything else now when we go back there! The red onion and kale are perfect compliments too! Thanks for stoppin’ in! Hope your weekend has been absolutely wonderful 🙂

  5. You make delicious looking food! I’ve never had purple sweet potatoes, but I love regular sweet potatoes so I should try them! & tomato soup + grilled cheese is the best combo ever!
    Also it’s hilarious how Starbucks decided to call you Nancy. They never know how to spell my name but the worst I got was Caroline.

    1. Thanks, Karalee! I highly recommend the purple sweet potatoes! They actually have even more nutrients than regular sweet potatoes, and I actually find them even tastier and more satisfying 🙂 (but I love a regular sweet potato as much as the next person too 😉 ). haha I could see Starbucks hearing the “Kara—–” and then just going with Caroline. Too funny to see what they will come up with. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  6. I wish I saw this before I went to the grocery store. The Kopp’s Arizona Heat seems like something I would be into so it’s going to go on my list for next weekend’s shopping.

    Protein bites are the best to add with a smoothie. Gives it a little extra something plus who doesn’t love a little peanut butter and chocolate?!

    I’m such a creature of habit when it comes to food. Pretty sure I hate the exact same lunch for years haha. Anyways, I’ve been really into my spinach salad that I’ve been making recently. It’s super filling and minimal ingredients.

    1. Ahh yess next time definitely try it out 🙂 I put it on e’rything! So gooood.

      I agree!!! I always feel like I need to eat tangible “food food” of some type along with my smoothies or smoothie bowls, and it’s such a yummy compliment!

      Ohhhh that spinach salad you make absolutely looks amazing! I’ve got to pick up some feta soon (I think it has feta in it- right?) Thanks for stopping in, Maureen 🙂

    1. Hi, Britney! I could have lived on that kale & goat cheese pizza— I officially have a new favorite “kind” of ‘za! And yesss tilapia is so yummy- it’s such a versatile fish that you can season in so many different ways! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  7. Oh my God, Mack! So much good food here. 🙂 I want to comment on a lot of it! The roasted beets look scrumptious, as do the cookies that you made. Yum! Question for you: what do you put in your avo smoothie? (I do a lot of smoothies and am interested to get new recipes.)

    I acknowledge you for completing the first session of your school of leadership. That is quite an accomplishment. Yes!

    Much loving to you—give DJ a hug for me.

    1. Hehe- so glad you are enjoyed all the nomz in this post 🙂

      Ohhhh so I have a recipe for the avocado smoothie!! I will attach it:

      You can replace the yogurt for whatever you choose- just may want to add a little extra raw sugar or stevia 🙂

      Thank you tons & tons!!! I will ! Your comments are always such a joy. Thank you tons for your sweet words! Blessings to you too my dear friend. xo

  8. So much tasy looking food. I’m not on any recent food kicks, but it is time for me to clean up my choices again as I’m feeling a bit sluggish. I’ll be taking notes from this post! That rainbow is just stunning!! Congrats of finishing session 1 of the leadership school. 🙂

    1. I love that you said that about the food choices— it’s all about how you feel, right?! Not the “should do” or “should weigh” but the “should feel”!! I hope you start feeling more energized in no time 🙂

      Glad you got some ideas from the hodge-podge ideas around here! And thank youuuuuu— I am still trying to digest and apply all the amazing information we learned!

  9. Oh my GOSH, I can’t believe you were without water for 3 days!! I wouldn’t even know what to do. You can pick up water jugs, but like, what about using the restroom, lol?! Real talk haha. Our complex gave us a 48-hour notice to shut our water off for two days during business hours a few weeks ago for maintenance and it was stressing me out since I couldn’t just go to an office to work lol. It only ended up being for like half a day, though, thankfully. I can’t imagine emergency water shut off for three days straight. Ugh you poor things! O.O

    1. GIRL.. I’m actually so glad you mentioned that lol. Real talk for REAL. It. was. rough! Think porta potty style?! Thankfully we have bathrooms in coffee shops nearby that I camped out at most of the day (and DJ at work) oh, & it worked for one flush per toilet. I also bought wipes to do “mini baths”. Is this TMI? Lol!!

      That would be sooo stressful! Ugh!! That old complex sounded like such a pain-really glad y’all are out of that- but ya definitely feel out pain!

      Thanks for the sweet empathy. You’re the bestttt. Have such a great week, gf! xo

      1. My goodness, that does sound so rough! At least you did have those coffee shops nearby to hang out in, but boy, that would be SO stressful. Doing sponge baths like that reminds me of camping, oh that sucks! Haha not TMI at all, these are the things that matter lol. I bet those were like the longest three days of your life! O.O

        Oh of course!! <3 I hope you have a tremendous week! Is next week spring break for you? I haven't seen anything for my college yet on the calendar, but I know my sister-in-law has spring break next week.

      2. Definitely- soo glad it’s over. Seriously was like our own Fyre Festival, lol. Glad you didn’t think it was TMI too, hahah.

        Our spring break is actually this week!!! I’m not doing anything for it, but I am going to try to get ahead on assignments which will be soo nice. How is school going for you?!

      3. Oh yay, how fun it’s Spring Break for you!! I’m beginning to think my college isn’t going to have spring break because I have assignments due the next three weeks… Kind of a bummer. It’s going well but I’m ready for the end of the semester for sure lol.

      4. That is such a bummer! Hopefully they aren’t too intense at least?! I feel ya on that. This semester has gone by so fast, and yet I still have a lot due before the end of April rolls around 😬😬

      5. The upcoming assignments aren’t too bad and maybe it will be better to keep going than to taste freedom for only one week haha. Anyway you totally got this! You have already done amazingly so I know you will get it all done!

      6. Haha LOVE your optimism!! If it makes you feel better I ended up working basically every day of my “spring break” cause the work right after it’s over is cah-ray-zay!! You’ve got this too, girl!! I’m glad to hear it doesn’t seem too insane! <3

      7. Honestly, I think it was such a great idea for you to work on getting ahead of assignments! That was super smart and I’m sure it will help you not feel so stressed as the semester continues. Good job!! <3

  10. Are your obnoxious neighbors on the 2nd floor? Gosh that would be SO terrible to be without water for 3 days! I know it’s probably terrible to say since there are people that would find it a luxury to *only* go 3 days between showers, but it’s hard when you are used to having water. I hope your building is able to fix everything soon if they haven’t already!

    Looks like you had some delish eats and some good down time sprinkled in!

    1. No, unfortunately haha. JK that’s so mean to say… maybe…lol.

      ah I know, I know :/ I thought the same thing about the showers.. I will say it made me not take for granted the true luxuries we don’t even consider on a daily basis. Hope you are so well! I saw you put a post out- I’m stoked to read it! Thanks again for stopping in and taking the time to read 🙂

  11. Wow lots of yummy eats despite the water crisis!!!! You are right, we need to not take water for granted! Those potato chips and dip are calling my name!! I could eat that whole plate mmhmm!! I love mixing hummus and avocado like you do along with eggs! Great combination!!! 🙂

    1. Totally! Could not agree more!!

      The potato chips & dip were next. level.!!! I wish I could share them with you- they were the best chip & dip combo. And yesssss,hummus +avocado + egg- such a winning combo for sure! Thanks for stopping in, Shan 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh- that is SO sweet of you to say!!! I always say the greatest compliment is when people like my cooking! Thanks for stopping in, Rosie 🙂

    1. Haha, love it!!! Oohh yes those are all so great. I had a cutie on Sunday for the first time in a long time and wondered why I don’t usually buy them- they are sooo tasty! And Cauliflower mashed potatoes are a kick I go on from time to time- so good. What type of cookie? Any in particular? Fun fact: Cookie was my first word as a baby, and I’m still convinced they should always take top prioritization 😉 Currently we are enjoying some keto double chocolate cookies!

      1. I love a good roasted cauliflower…honestly any roasted veggie! We have been in the process of trying a few different ones-I have a feeling you will like this post I have coming up. It’s aaaalll about the cookies 😁

  12. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you guys were without water for three days. I am so glad everything is all back to order & you’re feeling much up to par now, too!! The bottom floor of your apartment is so sad, I am so sorry that happened!! How terrible for those who lived down there, I hope they fix it all up quick & better than before!

    What was that Starbucks barista thinking? Nancy? LOL that’s not even close to your name… & I don’t know what this Koop’s Arizona Heat sauce is but I need it in my life. Looks & sounds yummy! So do the potato chips & dip at Gentry. Mmm, mmm!! Your roasted veggies in your dinners look so perfect, Mackenzie!! YUM!! Those bundt cakes at your church are adorable & yesss!! Always love a good pun hahaha.

    This was such a fun post!! <3 Thanks for sharing your recent eats with us!!

    1. Thanks so much, gf!! I think they are making progress- slowly but surely.

      LOL. Right?!!? NanCY.. MackenZIE? I am guessing they just heard the somewhat similar ending and made up the rest bahah.

      I think you would love Koop’s ! It’s so yummy!

      So glad you enjoyed this post, Hunida! I felt like it was soooo random, so means a lot that you liked it 🙂 Have a great day!

  13. The food all looks amazing but that avocado smoothie is all I can think about now! Hahaha and Nancy and Mcakenzie are no where near close! Still, it makes for a good laugh!

    1. Lol, right?!? Too funny… and then I was like wait.. I hope I didn’t take Nancy’s drink.. but there was no one else around 🤣

  14. Omg that sucks that you guys didn’t have water for three days! I’m way under prepared for things like that lol.
    I still wanna get the brioche bread. We went to whole foods and missed out on going to TJs. Whole foods is soooooo expensive! I found things there that I can purchase from my local grocery store for half the price. Maybe this weekend I’ll give TJs a shot. I need* to get that brioche bread lol.
    Omg that origami crane is cute! And I love fruity mixed drinks. Some can be really sweet but when done right they’re delicious. Good to know you’re a wine drinker because I’m not lol.
    Seriously those puns are the best!
    I might have to make some protein bites or something similar to have after workouts. I dont have anything lol.
    I’ve told you this again and again but I love your creativity with your foods and leftovers. Genius!
    Can’t wait to read about that food blogger event!

    1. Girl it was rough. And it happened one other time after this post. Whole foods pricing is absurd. I still cannot get over their prices. I’ll go maybe once a year for special items, but can’t justify it outside of that! Do you guys have Sprouts near you? It’s a great alternative to Whole Foods! As is TJs of course 😉 I can’t wait for you to try that bread. Ok ok next time you can have my fruity drink, paper crane and all- and I’ll just grab some wine- lol!

      Hahha- glad you like the puns!

      AWWW! This seriously is the best compliment—I just told someone my favorite compliments are culinary compliments. <3 Thank ya thank ya!!! xoxo

      1. Omg that’s terrible! Is everything good now? I can’t imagine going without water, we use it daily!
        I agree! I’ll stick to my local grocery store, they have lots and lots of organic brands 🙂 and I don’t believe we have Sprouts here, at least I’ve never seen it.
        Oh lol you’re welcome!

      2. yes all good now! The only thing the water doesn’t get quite as hot as it used to, but that’s ok- i just prefer it scalding, lol.

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