A Perfect Wedding Weekend <3

AHHH! I am SO SO SO excited to share this momentous weekend, I cannot even contain it. But I will say.. it was one of those weekends that was just soo good, I’m afraid I won’t do it justice! I have an obnoxious number of pictures to share, so I’ll try to keep the typing to a minimum.

Also, I accidentally published the first post after only uploading a few photos- super sorry if you get an additional e-mail!


Let’s get started shall we?!

Clair is one of my best friends since sixth grade of middle school. We were inseparable, and still talk on a nearly daily basis even from across the country. This wedding was a celebration beyond compare.

With Clair’s permission, I want to share a little background with you all. Growing up, Clair has always been the life of the party, the “live in the moment”, nurturing, compassionate, beautiful, fun loving, happy-go-lucky, and all around amazing friend. However, she definitely has the give-everyone-the-benefit-of-the-doubt type characteristic, which lended to some not exactly great relationships.

Then a couple years ago, a tragic, life-altering event happened that would shake all our worlds. Clair’s little sister, her beautiful, perfect 16-year-old sister passed away in a horrible accident. Even typing this, tears come to my eyes. Gosh, I miss her, and it is still incredibly hard to believe this is still the reality we live in. But around that time, Clair met Robby- truly one of the most incredible men I have ever met and definitely the most perfect man for Clair. We always say that Kat pulled some strings in Heaven to make this happen. So, although this wedding day was super bitter-sweet without her little sis, seeing where Clair is now and who Clair is with brings us all more joy than I can possibly describe. I would desire nothing less for my best friend, my sister. I love you, Clair & Robby. <3 <3

The weekend began at SamWanna Salon in Akron, OH where the sweet bride treated us all to manis and pedis. Come on now, how stinking sweet is that?!


You guys know this girl never gets her nails did being a nurse and all that. What a treat!


In the evening, we got all dressed up and headed to the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. It was such a wonderful time.


Me with Momma Babak, mother of the bride (but also my second mom growing up). <3


The beautiful bride <3


After the rehearsal dinner, I stayed with Clair and the maid of honor (Clair’s sister, Elane) at the Residence Inn Marriott in Akron. It was a stinking blast to say the least (girl’s night!).


Annnnd cue the multiple snap chat photos!!


At 6:30 in the morning (3:30 am my time in San Francisco) I woke up to squeeze in a quick run. Can you tell I’m ecstatic to be up so early? Lol.


It was worrrth it, the line up from the hotel for breakfast was fab. So many delish options and the coffee was on point!


After breakfast, the other girls came by for mimosas and bridal party pamper time!


The stunnerrrr… <3 (I know I am using an absurd amount of hearts in this post, but it’s entirely warranted).


For lunch we had takeout Aladdin’s (a God-sent restaurant from above, amen, hallelujah, praise Him from whom all blessings flow). This Greek food is fabulous, and I could seriously eat it for dayyyyyyyyssss. Dat hummus, dem grape leaves, dat tabouleh, dat PITA…… do not get me started!


Post getting Hair Did. I cannot do my own hair for my life, so these moments must be documented.


Snap chat x2


All our makeup DONE!


Don’t mind us.. 😉


Clair and the maid of honor (who seriously gave the BEST speech of all dang time).


Here is a full on bridesmaid pic! Clair gifted us all these gorgeous robes for that pamperin’ process, and to wear in the limo on the way over. (PS. She ordered them from Etsy for any future Mrs. out thur)!


After many laughs, mimosas, and ratchet dance moves we jumped into the limo to head to the party center (fun fact: I worked at Todaros Party Center in high school with my Clair bug).


I meannnnn…


Aunt Mo also met this little nugget for the first time (Clair’s son, Jacob). Y’alll….. MY FREAKING HEART. I could not even handle it.



img_3955Naturally, I didn’t get any pictures of the ceremony being on stage and all that jazz *hair flip*….

But for dinner, there was a fabulous array of cheese, crackers, spinach dip, and then main courses of chicken, steak, and a vegetarian option (HOLLAAA!). This was ah-vegan-mazing! SOO Dahhh lisshhh ! I don’t know what they did to these veggies, but they were flame. (Potentially literally, maybe they were barbequed?!). Also, I quickly snatched my favorite rolls that I used to secretly eat while making bread baskets when I worked there and carb loaded for the dance floor.


OK. Someone bring me tissues.. have you ever seen anyone more perfect?! Stahp dis.


And the gorgeous couple after <3


One of the best parts of weddings is seeing people you love love love love. Here is my sweet Lynds, who you may remember had her absolutely incredible wedding in July! You can see throw back pics of all of us in that post- Clair wasn’t able to make it because she was due with Jacob!


Me and the perfect Maid of Honor (also a fellow nurse). <3


Me, ma, mo dinos. (No worries- you do not need to understand.. we don’t even understand)… jus’ three girls, tryna make it in this world. What is happening……… (once again.. see throw backs here).


This is I and another good friend, Kristen (Clair’s cousin). Stop growing up, please and thank yas.


The whole church gang all together <3


Uhm, yum? Need I say more?

Also yum… getta load of this arm candy!


Alien hand once again making a debut ^^^^^.

I also may have had a minor toe fiasco on the dance floor… resulting in a  bit of blood. What’s a good night without an injury?! One of the bridesmaids so sweetly helped me out .. we got that sucker bandaged up so I didn’t miss another second of dancing. 💕

Thank you, Clair and Robby, for allowing me to be part of your perfect day. (No- I am not over-utilizing the word perfect, it is entirely justified!).

After the wedding, we went back to DJ’s mom’s home (also my second home) for pumpkin pie, dirt pudding, and great chats. Oh how I miss the days of spending hours chatting in that kitchen <3

The next day, DJ finally got his ultimate pancake fix. Heck yah. There are OFFICIALLY no better pancakes (nor better pumpkin pie) than Mom B’s. The. BEST. Even on her birthday, she spoiled US with all the yums.


On the flight back I worked out my schedule for December and early January. My research project is due in about three weeks (EEK!). I will be devoting nearly every second of free time to it, but I cannot wait to share with y’all what we have been working on. I nibbled on pita bread, hummus, tabouleh, olives, and feta. Is there anything better?!


I hope you all are doing so well. I’ve been totally MIA on your sites, but once this research project is turned in I will be able to catch up a bit. Love to you all and a happy holiday season!!!

xo <3


54 thoughts on “A Perfect Wedding Weekend <3

  1. Clair’s husband sounds like an amazing man for coming into her life after the passing of her sister. I don’t think many people could help someone through that so the two of them must have a freaking amazing relationship! That weddings sounds like 1) an absolute blast, 2) filled with so many laughs and memories and 3) delicious eats! It sounds like you had a fantastic time girlie!

    1. Isn’t the story amazing? It was a brutal couple years and this marriage was pure happiness . I’m so happy for her ❤️ thank you for stopping by, Love! I always so appreciate your sweet words !

  2. Soooo loved having you both home!! Wedding looked amazing and yes I could have had days and days of you sitting here at the counter chatting with me! Thanks for continuing to blog as it helps me survive you two being so far away!!

    1. It was SO MUCH FUN even if for a short time!! Soon soon hopefully we will be chatting it up again here !!! ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for being one of the biggest supporters of this blog 🤗

    1. Aw, thank you, Kori!!! I’m not a big cupcake person but these were easily some of the best I have EVER had (and cutest) … I couldn’t stop! I’ll send her the well wishes ❤️

  3. Oh my goodness…so many thoughts about this. Firstly, her story brought genuine tears to my eyes; I can’t imagine losing your little sister, how absolutely heartbreaking. I’m so glad that her now-husband came into her life at such a good time.

    1. Aww, thanks, girlfriend. I admire her beyond words for her strength. She’s amazing. Thank you for your sweet words and stopping by.. I’ll pass them onto her. Have a great week ahead, love!

  4. Awh, I’m sorry for her loss, can’t imagine losing a sibling at such age. But I think it’s neat that she met him around the time, he must have helped her heal in a way.
    I’m glad it was such a great weekend for you! 😀 <3 You definitely looked like your had fun, I mean, look at you! You're smiling so much! 😀

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Rossy. I will pass on the kind words. He is amazing, and absolutely perfect for her <3 It was an amazing weekend, I've been reminiscing ever since! hope you have been well, girlfriend. Things are uber busy over here. tis' that time of year I guess. hope your holidays have been beautiful with your beautiful family <3

      1. <3 🙂
        No problem, the holiday season tends to be a busy one for everyone 🙂 I hope you're doing well too! Can't wait to see another update from you sometime soon? 🙂

      2. Hey girlie! oh my gosh, I’m embarrassed at how late I am to responding to these comments! hope you had the most beautiful Christmas…I’m working on our Xmas update coming up soon. It’s been a crazy last week.. complete with gun threats in the hospital and patients rushed back to surgery. Gotta love the hospital life, huh? Sending big big hugs to you. I hope you had the best holiday season with your gorgeous little family. xo

  5. Ahhh from the moment I knew you were going I could not wait to read this.
    And why my lanta so many hugs to your friend. I can not only relate but empathize on so many levels with her. It is one of the reasons why I think I have put marriage aside because I honestly don’t know how I would do it with out my sister. So much love to all of you. Her husband is an amazing guy to help her handle the process.
    And Clair is so lucky to have you as a friend! <3
    Ummm girlllll one of my good friends lives in Akron!!!!!! Ahhh such a small world! And actually Sarah from Life With Lil Red is ALSO from there!
    Sorry just had to mention that connection and what a small world it is!
    Secondly you are stunning! Seriously! Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your dress! I love Clairs dress! Fashionistas all of you! 🙂 <3
    Okay you girls are just so stinking cute! Those snapchats I LOVE!
    I love your hair! And your dress!
    Have I mentioned you look stunning!
    And oh my gosh a lil nugget! He is just so precious!
    Ahhh seriously this post gave me all the feels. I can just tell how much you guys love each other and how important your friendships are despite time and distance. The joy and happiness is radiating out of every single picture sweets! I love it! I am so happy you got to spend Thanksgiving Weekend with such amazing people! Not that you need it but good luck on your research paper you are going to nail it! <3

    1. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL! I currently have NYC Housewives playing and thought of you and then I remembered I have this INCREDIBLE comment to read and respond to. I thought of you when I wrote this post…. I know the pain I experienced losing Katherine, and I can’t even fathom the pain when you grieve your own flesh and blood, your own sibling. I know what it’s like to lost a parent, but losing a sister isn’t natural. It’s not the way things should be or the natural course of life. But you and Clair are two of the strongest, kindest, most loving individuals I know. I wish you guys could meet.. you would be instant friends. MAYBE we should all meet up in Akron if Sarah is there too?!?! How did I not know this?!? I follow her blog too and never caught on to that! Thank you always for your sweet, sweet words! The research project is coming along… only a couple more months until I get somewhat of a life back!! Hope your holidays are perfection, Katie! XOXO Love YOU

      1. Awe a Mack comment just seriously made my day! I hope yo are doing amazing beauty! Haha yay for NYC Housewives! 🙂
        Oh my gosh this not only made me smile, but also made me tear up. You always have a way with words beauty and they mean so much to me!
        I wish I could meet her too! And yasss! I would love that! It is so crazy how connected we all are. I LOVE it! Definitely a reminder that God is always at work and we are all connected in some way.
        Huge hugs anytime sweets! Ekkk you have got it beauty! It is going to be amazing! Awe thanks beautY! Continuously sending you positive vibes! And I hope YOU have an amazing holiday! Love you mucho beauty! <3

      2. <3 <3 I'm only… what… 17 days late?!?! LOL. Thanks for being so supportive during this INSANITY of a year! <3 I mean every single word, chica. I admire you more than you know. I hope one day you two can meet. She's a hoot… never a dull moment with her. Haha. And you are SO right- God is always at work. I love that. Sending you the most positive vibes as well and hope you HAD a great holiday and HAVE a beautiful new year! Can't wait to see what amazing things you do this year! XO <3

      3. Oh mygosh no worries at all! I will always take your comments and replies whenever:) Anytime sweets! I am seriously so proud of you! Awe you are the sweetest. I admire YOU beauty! You are super woman! I would love that! He really is! Awe thank you beauty! I hope you have the best New Year as well!love you beauty!💗

  6. You all look so beautiful & happy…thank you for sharing your lovely weekend with us…I hope you & yours have a wonderful holiday season…good luck with your research project, I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. Wow, Mackenzie! Thank you for sharing! First of all, your friend Clair sounds amazing. It’s no wonder you two are friends. I am so sorry to hear about her sister. That must have been such a tough time and a tough memory to this day. I cannot even imagine. I’m glad she met Robby!

    The wedding looks like it was so beautiful, special, and fun! Those cupcakes are beautiful!!

    1. Hey girl! Aw, thank YOU for reading <3 Clair is easily one of the most incredible people I know. i admire her beyond words. Thank you for these sweet words- I am SO glad she met him too. THANK YOU tons for sharing in such an amazing weekend with us. I actually thought of you with the cupcakes- I'm sure you could whip those up no problem! You are seriously one of the best bakers I know. Hope your holiday season is going beautifully, girlfriend and you are having a perfect start to the week!

  8. Hi Mackenzie , I really feel for Clair , I cannot imagine losing my sister in that way. I am sure Kat is looking out for her Sister. That was such a treat getting Mani’s and Pedi’s , yours look great, it is hard being a nurse and not being able to maintain polish on your nails. I see the dress you purchased, it is truly amazing , I LOVE the design , so cute. Great pics with you and DJ , Mother of the bride and the bride herself. Did you girls have too much fun when you went back to the hotel? I think so but would not have it any other way, and it helps the bride with any last minute butterflies! Love the pic of you getting ready for run, so full of life! Your hair and make up are are flawless so cute. What a great pic of all the bridal party in your robes. Look at you with baby Jacob …. dot dot lol ! He is very cute! The bride is gorgeous , such a lovely wedding dress and great pic of the happy couple. I remember Lyndsey from her wedding post you did. Your bridesmaid dress are so pretty . Funny pic of you 3 girls with the claw hands! The cake and cupcakes look so yummy ! The arm candy you got there is pretty good!! I am so glad you got to take part in Clair’s wedding Mackenzie. There is nothing like going back home and reliving old memories and making new ones. Have a fabulous day, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Oh me oh my I am so behind on responding these days. I hope you are so well. I am cozied up at my momma’s house in Texas and finally have a time to read these comments and I have been one eager beaver to get back to you!!!

      Clair is one of the strongest people I know after what she has been through.. Kat is definitely looking out for her.

      We may have had a bit too much fun 😉 Then again.. is that really possible?!?

      Thank you tons for reading and sharing in this BIG day for my best friend <3 This comment put the biggest smile on my face. I send the most massive hugs to you and yours this holiday season. I hope you had the best time with the little ones over Christmas and have a perfect New Year. I admire you tons & am thankful for your friendship here. XO

      1. Hi Mackenzie, I hope you are enjoying the start to the new year! I hope it was so fun at your Mom’s house, you deserved the break I am sure. It was great sharing in the wedding post , Thank you for the hugs, I feel their warmth in chilly Minnesota (-15 right now!) We had a lovely Christmas . The admiration is 2 way then because I am always keen to see your posts , it is so nice to have your friendship and hope to keep it up in 2018, Take care my Dear friend, Hugs, Terri xoxo.

      2. Hi Terri!!! It was an absolute blast <3 I could not have asked for a better time. Gosh, it was so needed. Thank you!!! OH my goodness- -15?!?! Please stay safe and stock up on those canned goods just in case! Thank you for your sweet words. This year will be a great one for us both <3 XOXO

  9. Mackenzie I love this post!!! OMG it sounds like a magnificent wedding celebration. Clair is beautiful, and I really appreciate you sharing her story. Please tell her (if you want to) that I’d be happy to do a free session on forgiveness with her, just because she’s your friend. Plus how cool is it that she treated you to a mani and pedi — lots of generosity, huh?

    Anyway, I’m moved, touched, and smiling from this post and from connecting with you again. Happy New Year, Mackenzie, and have a fantastic and grace-filled celebration. Love and blessings, Debbie
    ps – those cupcakes (and pancakes) look delicious.

    1. Debbie!!! Wow, thank you so much. I will definitely let her know. That is so sweet of you to offer. She is really a beautiful example of how it’s possible to take control of your life and turn it around. I hope your New Year was absolutely perfect. I know you will touch many people in the year ahead. Sending you so much love! (PS. I hope you were able to enjoy many goodies over the holidays too!). XO

  10. Man, I missed a lot!! Beautiful post as always Mack!!! I love reading about weddings! Makes me dream about my big day (some day, hopefully not too far away!! I love that dress you wore at the rehearsal dinner! And the bordeaux theme from the wedding is so classy! Those rose cupcakes were perfection! I just forgot how hungry I get reading your posts haha!! xoxo Sarah

    1. SARAH!!! OH my goodness- hearing from you makes my day, beauty!!! Thank you for stopping by and your super sweet words. <3 When it's your wedding day I will be super excited…. you will make the most beautiful bride! XO

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