San Pedro Square Market & Sharks & Sushi!

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll (well probably Wednesday when you read this)!!!! This past week was pretty hum-hum except for a few fun highlights!!!

Last Monday (1/16) I went out with a friend I met at church to Bill of Fare in San Jose. This is one of my favorite breakfast/brunchy places. The options are endless, and the coffee is tremendous!!!!


My friend, Dani, ordered their famous French Toast. She loved it, and I think the picture speaks for itself!


I ordered their create-your-own egg white omelette. Technically, eggs aren’t allowed on the Daniel Fast, but I have been adding them in as a source of protein in my modified version. I had a ten-miler coming up that day, and I wanted to make sure I was nice and fueled up for that. I added garlic, spinach, artichoke, tomato, mushrooms, green onions, and avocado. It was a perfect veggie + protein packed breakfast to start the day. Next time I go back since I’ll be off the fast I will be trying one of their sweeter items- they all looked enticing!


For dinner, I made edamame burgers with hummus over multicolored baby potatoes. I put these in front of DJ and he shouted with wide eyes “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” (Referencing the famous vine for those that don’t know). Anyway, these burgers turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself! I was definitely unsure when experimenting, but we LOVED them! He said it was one of those meals he would eat outside of the fast. Once the interview process slows down and I have job security and all that jazz, I truly do want to share some of these recipes. At least I have a whole year until the next Daniel Fast to get them all compiled together…because it may just take that long 😉


Monday night we decided to give Deej a haircut, but we started the trimmin’ wayy too close to the start of the Bachelor. Must have been feeling overly ambitious. So even though his head was only half done getting cut when the show started, we ran out into the living room to watch, then would run back into the bathroom to continue chopping the hairs at commercials, then would come back out when it started back up.


I think we finished it up the whole cut by maybe five commercials? Ah, what we do to make sure we don’t miss a second of that show.Ha!

Tuesday I had coffee at B2 Coffee Shop in San Pedro Square Market with a friend. I thought I was getting over whatever terrible cold plagued me over the weekend, but I felt pretty wiped out again Tuesday.


B2 has more of an open, industrial-chic feel than many coffee shops, and their coffee tastes of hipstered (probably not a word) perfection and free trade yumminess. In the evenings, the “Garage” turns into a bar. I have yet to visit for that- but I love the concept. The whole “Gimme coffee until it’s acceptable to drink wine” mantra fits well here. I’ve noticed this is sort of the new trend for modernized coffee shops. These types are perfect to meet with a friend because you don’t have to compete for a table, but when it comes to getting work done, I like to be in a smaller, cozier  space…. like… let’s say Peet’s 😉 Ya’ll know I’m obsessed and not even ashamed to admit it.


I had an almond milk latte with cinnamon & honey. It warmed me right up- especially with not feeling great and all.


My friend who recently moved here from Australia, Danielle, ordered a caramel latte. Both of us couldn’t help but snag plenty of pictures of this beauty. She also had a scone to accompany it. If that’s not a picture perfect breakfast, I don’t know what is!


Even though I didn’t feel stupendous, we had such a good time chatting and I was thankful we both could spend this time together.

Throughout the week we were trying to use up the rest of the frozen fruit in the freezer. Breakfast was a fruit smoothie topped with chopped dates and coconut flakes many days. We also have been loving overnight oats!


Tuesday night I made us chickpea & corn grit pizza with organic tomato based sauce, veggies, and tofu to act as the “mozzarella cheese”. It was a nice pizza fix. This is another recipe I’ll have to share when time allows!


Lately I’ve been working at Peet’s on my interview questions/scheduling/meetings/misc. projects, and when I feel I need a break, I’ll do Postmates for a few hours. I LOVE it, and it’s an awesome way to make some extra money in your spare time! I will discuss it a bit more in my next post because I don’t want this to be outrageously long 😉 *Outrageously is the key word there. Just do not do Postmates in heels. Learned my lesson big time this week!


Wednesday was a blast- I worked some with CityTeam in San Jose. I love the people who work there- they have the most giving hearts and love people tremendously. In the evening we had our Bible Study group, and even though I was like a zombie by this point in the week (the sickness was really taking a toll), it was much needed conversation and time with friends. <3

Thursday I met with my friend, Amy, for lunch at Whole Foods. On the way out, I grabbed a few groceries, and I could not pass up a purple cauliflower head. I decided to make my cauliflower mashed potatoes with the little guy and they tasted the same- but they were PURPLE. How fun is that?!


It made a refreshing snack through the week- Dave’s toast//purple cauliflower//avocado.


Thursday night I made the peanut crusted Tofu dish for dinner with edamame and refried beans.


Friday was pretty uneventful, but I was feeling much better finally. I had a lot on the big “To-do” list to get done and DJ and I both opted to have a chill night. DJ has a new found love of reading lately so we went to Barnes and Noble to look for a book. GUYS. We have reached a new level of nerd-dom. Who goes to Barnes and Noble on a Friday night?!?!? Anyway, we decided once we got back we were more in the mood to watch a documentary on Netflix. (Oh, so you back out of reading the book and watch a documentary instead.. makes sense). It all sounds even more lame now that I’ve written it out.  ** Eye opening documentary B T Dubs**

No worries though, Saturday we came out of our little hermy shells. First I went to a consignment store by our home that buys clothes and accessories on the spot. I love thrifting, and this one is so much better than any of the thrift stores we had in Ohio. While I was waiting for my turn to sell, I perused the shop and stumbled across these….


Now that deserves a ….


In the evening we went to a San Jose Shark’s game! This was my first hockey game EVER, and I loved it! I loved how little the game is interrupted in comparison to most sports, and I’m not gonna lie, the level of physicality is super entertaining. Now I want to go to an MMA show or something. Anyone ever been?!


We went with a friend who is visiting for a few months from Australia. Him and DJ work together in the church office, and I made us all get a selfie at the end of the game, because you know, it’s my job to make sure we get at least one selfie everywhere we go. He’s been telling us all about Australian lingo and food. Veggie mite anyone?!


After the game was over we ran to the Express Target by our home to stock up on alllllllll the junk food because Sunday the fast was over!!!


Also, what?!? Thin Mint Cereal?!^^^ HOW COOL!

Sunday when the fast was over DJ delved into a bowl of fruity pebbles for breakfast before Church.

We went to DJ’s little sister’s basketball game in the afternoon and she was BALLIN’! She has that basketball gene of DJ’s. Three 3s and a 2. I can’t help but brag a bit 😉 She scored more than I did during my basketball career in one game, and I played for eight years…. haha. (That’s why I stick to running ya’ll- my sister, Halston, stole all the athleticism).

For dinner we had a mish-mash of all types of yums, but then we made sure to get our fix of Sushi Monday 😉 This is one of the foods I missed most. We had a coupon to Kiku Sushi in Cupertino so have been wanting to try it for a while!

The waitress put us by the fish tank so that, “We would have something to talk about”. I think she thought this was a first date or something. Hilarious. She probably figured out we were pretty comfortable together once I took a big sip of DJ’s miso soup without asking him right when it was placed on the table.

Also, it’s a bit strange looking at live fish while eating sushi?! IDK. Maybe it’s just me. Hahaha. Overall, Kiku Sushi was delicious and the staff was incredibly friendly, but Yuki still is better in my opinion!


DJ was feeling more of a hot meat dish than sushi- I don’t blame him. Boy has been deprived of meat for 21 days.


Yesterday we both worked all day, had our sushi extravaganza, then came back and put our feet up for some Bachelor, cookies & mega-cookie, and wine (and ice cream that isn’t pictured 😉 ).

I tried to use my wine aerator for the first time that Halston gave me for Christmas. Apparently, you are supposed to put the aerator on the wine bottle. Whoops! Here’s a good laugh for your evening.


Today was humorously NUTS.

Just about everything that could go wrong with our apartment went wrong- the garage door broke, so everyone was stuck from leaving for work during rush hour, the workout room was closed for maintenance so that shot down my plans to look over my interview questions while I ran, maintenance turned water off from 10 am to 2 pm, so when I came back from my run outside I couldn’t have water (I resorted to chugging half a gallon of Cashew milk instead), our fire alarms would not stop going off- I think my ear drums are broken, and my phone has decided to randomly shut off at 60% battery now instead of 30%. BUT I have leftover sushi in the fridge- so everything is okay in the world.

Blog Birthdays:

JL from Hunt’s Clubhouse is TODAY! 1/25! Happy Birthday!!!!

Wishing you all a fabulous day,

xo <3


68 thoughts on “San Pedro Square Market & Sharks & Sushi!

    1. Aww thank you for stopping by!!!! <3 Actually, San Pedro Square Market is in San Jose—- a bit more North! But if you are ever up this way I can direct you to allll kind of good yums! I want to go to SoCal sooo bad soon. I hope you have such a great rest of your week, dear!

  1. Thin mint CEREAL?! Ummmmm, yum! Meanwhile Australia doesn’t even have thin mint cookies, haha!

    Boo to everything going wrong. I feel like sometimes you have those days where it’s like doom dominoes are falling down or something – but hopefully that means tomorrow will be AMAZING!

    1. STAAAHP! They don’t have thin mint cookies in Australia?!? That’s like a crime. Tell me you have at least had one!!! But yes- you are SOOO right, when everything is going wrong the only way things can go is right 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Kristy! Things have been a bit hectic, but I want to catch up on your blog ASAP!!! xoxo

    1. Awww thanks, Lexi!!!!! I’m so glad you enjoy them! And I cannot wait to check out your place!!! Wooohoo! You go girl- I really admire fashion bloggers <3

  2. You and I are brunch BUDDIES. That is EXACTLY what I would have ordered! I also cut my husband’s hair. And then he leaves the hair everywhere (he “says” he cleans up, but that is a lie…). What a fun week!

    1. YESSS!!!!! You’ve got great taste 😉 If you are ever in the Bay area we must brunch together!!!!! And hahhahha I totally understand about the hair! Too funny. Hope you have such a great week Suz and are doing so well! I hope to stop by your blog so soon and see what you are up to 🙂 <3

  3. OMG these delicious food pics! YUM! I haven’t watched The Bachelor yet this season but I hear it’s pretty racy! How funny about the haircut! Holy crazy shoe Batman!

    1. It is SO racy this season.. Idk why they have sexualized the show so much. It’s pretty sad. We have watched it together since high school though, so it’s like a bad habit we can’t give up!

      And right?! That shoe is just too much!!! How could anyone even walk in those?!? LOL. Have such a great rest of your week, Marcia!!!! <3

  4. Ok please tell me about these edamame burgers?!?!? They look so good!! Well, per usual, all of your food looks delicious and has my tummy growling. 🙂 And all those coffee pictures remind me that I need to go fill up my cup!! Have a great day girlie!! xoxoxo

    1. AHHHHH the edamame burgers- SOOO good- sooo easy. I want to make a full recipe soon (but soon is so relative in my world right now hahaha), but essentially they are .75 c edamame beans (I just took them out of the pods once I cooked them, but you can buy edible beans too), .5 cup corn grits, .5 cup zucchini, 1 tbsp of olive oil, and 1 clove of garlic. I put it all in the food processor with a little sea salt, formed them into the burger shape, then cooked them in a frying pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil. They are delish! Super good with hummus. And yesss- get yourself some coffee ASAP, I’m about to have a second cup too! xoxo

  5. Hope today was better than yesterday! Those shoes had me laughing! How are you supposed to walk in those??? haha And I had no idea they made Girl Scout cookies cereal! I need to find some!

    1. Hahah so far SO much better! Thankfully nothing too detrimental happened yesterday- just one of those days! And yesss!!!! I was so excited about the Girl Scout cookie cereal !!!! I haven’t tried it yet, but next time I’ll have to! Let me know if you do 🙂 😋 Have a great rest of your week, Niki!!!!! Xo

  6. When you make the crust on the tofu, what do you use to help the coating stick to the tofu? I’d like to try that! Looks like some lovely eats and friend time. Good luck with your continued job searching!

    1. Hey Heather!!! I usually toss them in olive oil or liquid aminos and then toss them again in peanuts (I put the peanuts in the food processor to get them super fine). I cook them at 350 for about 45 minutes, flipping once- sometimes I leave them in a bit longer. They taste like chicken nuggets ! I’ve been meaning to post a recipe for them! Maybe one of these days haha. Just make sure the tofu is extra firm and drained (I put a heavy book on top with the tofu wrapped in a towel on a plate). It’s strange, but it works! And thank you so much! I’m hoping to have an update in that realm within the next couple weeks!

  7. No you NEED to share that corn grits pizza recipe. The world (me) needs to know!!!

    Props for running 10 miles and not wanting to die right there on the spot! Running that much voluntarily is beyond me…I already hate forcing myself to run 3-4 miles! B2 reminds me of a coffee shop/cafe in Seoul I really liked–both are converted old garages/factories! Lends a really unique atmosphere, I think! The coffee looked awesome too!

    Glad to see you had such a good week!! Keep on keeping on Mack! 😀

    1. Hahha- OH trust me, I will !!! I was just thinking about how I want to make it again ASAP! Once I have it perfected and the measurements written down I’ll be sharing- I’m glad that it intrigues you! I feel like half the stuff I make sounds so bizarre, but I get excited when others think it actually sounds good too!

      And thank ya, thank ya.. like I said, I do not have an ounce of athleticism, but I can run, so that’s what I do. Haha. And hey, even if you don’t like running, you can dance like nobody’s business, so I’d say you’re all set!

      That’s so cool they have something similar in Seoul!! Do you go there often? One of my best friends is from there. I wonder where the whole trend started. Either way, it’s really neat!

      Thanks for stopping by!!!! I hope your week has been fantastic and that your weekend is even better!!!!

  8. When I saw the cover photo for this post I was like oh my god I need that to be real! That latte looks so yummy! And that photo you took of your coffee at Bill of Fare! Oh my gosh I love how you captured the steam from that caffeinated goodness! And B2 sounds amazing! I love love the vibe. And those edamame burgers! Oh my lord! I love a good bean burger and have a really good recipe for one made out of lentils that is spicy. Oh my gosh yay!!! I love that you went to a hockey game! I am obsessed with hockey! Rangers girl here though! I joke with my man friend I don’t need Tiffany’s just tickets to the Rangers. Oddly he is very agreeable to that…Hmmm. ;p I am so sorry to hear you were sick and so happy you are feeling better! And yay for finishing the 21 day fix! You are a rockstar! I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead! <3

    1. Oh girlfriend you BEST believe it’s real!!! And it’s REAL good too! AND thank you for liking the Bill of Fare coffee photo—- I was sooo excited when the steam turned up so well in the light like that. It captured the moment pretty well too, just a really lazy nice brunch with a friend. GIRL- send that lentil burger my way please! That sounds SO good, anything spicy too— yum. I can officially say that I LOVE hockey! I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to go to a game, but they are way fun. And the crowd is incredibly passionate which makes the game even more exciting. LOOOVE it. And you are like any guy’s dream girl- “Don’t need the jewelry, let’s just go to a sporting event”… hahaha. If I said that to DJ he might have a stroke. But that’s so awesome! If I’m ever at a SJ Sharks vs. Rangers game you will be the first to know !! And the fast was truly a great growing time for us, we learned so much through it, but I’m not gonna lie I missed my wine & ice cream so much. I eat an ice cream cone every single night… so that routine was thrown off a bit! My friends all laugh at me about it. But any whoo- you are the real rockstar and I soo appreciate you taking the time to stop by, I know life is super busy for ya, but your comments make my day! MWAH! Have such a great weekend, K! xoxo

      1. Oh my gosh I am obsess with coffee!
        And of course! It is such a great photo! You captured it perfectly! You got photography skills girlfriend! Yes I definitely will. It is so yummy. I use to eat it all the time when I was Veg.
        Yay! yes they are! It is probably my favorite sporting event to go to life AND to watch at home. Bwahaha. I am. The first time my man heard me curse was watching a hockey game and he just looked at me like who are you? I get very passionate when it comes to football and hockey. 🙂 Yes! I will look for you! ;p
        Yay I am glad! Oh my gosh I love you! That is awesome you go girl! I love ice cream. It is why I could never be vegan (that and cheese and creme brûlée and pretty much dairy in general)
        Awe you are so sweet! Of course! I love reading your blog! Awe you are the sweetest! I am glad <3 Thanks beauty I hope you do as well! <3

    1. Thanks girl!!!! I actually hadn’t either but we were running low on groceries so I was forced to get creative and they turned out surprisingly better than expected! I am hoping I can recreate them well enough to make a recipe to share soon (ish) 🙂 And YES! I am LOVING this planner. I usually just get the cheap lame planners, but we had a giftcard so I figured why not! It’s the best. Thanks for stopping by, dear! I am SO excited to see what you are up to soon. I have your blog written down as one of the first to go to as soon as I have the chance! Happy weekend to you, Rach! xo

    1. Awww thanks, girl!!!! That’s one of the highest compliments someone could give me! I appreciate you stopping by so much. I can’t wait to follow along on your blog too, lovely! Have such a great weekend <3 xoxo

  9. Wow to the French toast, wow to Dj’s haircut (you’re quite the artist) and also wow to peanut crusted tofu. I definitely want to make that. Thanks for a great post Mack you always make me smile.

    1. Hahhahaha thank you, Myra! I can’t believe DJ trusts me with his hair, but hey it’s pretty fun! I am planning on sharing that recipe relatively soon, once the interviews are over. They actually taste like chicken nuggets, we looooved them and will definitely keep making them even though the fast is over! Also- I am still so excited to try out your falafel recipe!!! We had wayyyy too many groceries stock piled, but once we get through them I am going to grab some dates and pine nuts and make those delicious little guys. Those are something I would eat ANYDAY!!!!!

      It also makes my day to hear that it can bring you a smile! Seeing your comments bring me a big smile too!!! Also I lovvvve your new gravatar picture! So gorgeous!!!! Have such a great weekend, and I so appreciate you popping in!

  10. Okay totaaaallly not nerdy going to Barnes and Nobles on a Friday night!!! You can catch me there any day of week/weekend, I just love that place!! Although I’m so sad because there’s no easily accessibly B&N near me other than the city and sometimes city life is just too much work lol But anyways, DJ’s haircut picture omg, hysterical (almost as hysterical that DJ loves the Bachelor?!?! What?!….Best Boyfriend Award) That is too good, but what’s even better is that thin mint cereal- Did you get it? I need a yay or nay on it. I’m sooo happy that you finally got your sushi fix, yassss. I’ve recently been craving it so badly….I’m foreseeing some sushi delivery in my very near future. I have zero words on those shoes!!! What is that??? Is that what people are wearing out in Cali these days? Lol how do they even walk in those, I feel like that’s a terrible accident waiting to happen haha I’m feeling better about my week and life now that I’m caught up in the Life of Mack! Phew!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. Girl how in the woooorld do you have time to stop by here after all your traveling?! You are the sweetest- I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be!!!!! But THANK YOU for supporting our Barnes and Nobles adventure. There is something about being among a sea of books like that that is just calming. And when DJ said he was interested in getting a new book I pounced! It’s like when he went through his very short-lived desiring to cook stage, I soaked it up for all it was worth. Lol. AND YES!!!! Him and I have actually watched Bach together since high school! He isn’t ashamed to admit it either- we LOVE our bachelor nights. I haven’t tried the thin mint cereal yet but I will DEFINITELY let you know when I do! Tell me you got your sushi fix.. I swear sushi cravings are the most intense. Also people in Cali wear INSANE things or nothing at all. It’s quite the sight. Guess you’ll have to come out soon and see for yourself 😉 Have suchhhh a great weekend, JJ. Sending massive hugs to you from across the country! xoxo

    1. Aww thanks, girlie!!!! That just makes my day!!!!!! you are too sweet!!! I’ve missed seeing you around here!!! How is life and wedding planning and everything going ?!?! <3

    1. Hahhaha- that’s the highest compliment I could receive!!!!! I am still determined to make that asparagus pizza as soon as we get through the groceries currently stock piled in the fridge! It’s my motivation to use the rest up. Lol!

  11. Your haircut technique during the commercials–hahaha! That’s totally how Jimmy and I would be during some of our favorite shows! Isn’t it the best to be able to cut your man’s hair?! I just love it. It saves us money and we can do it any time we want!

    1. Glad you liked the haircut 😉 And YESSS! It saves sooo much money and it’s fun too. I am a little surprised he let’s me though (especially in lieu of the times that I have REALLY messed up, cause that has certainly happened). Hahah.

  12. If that’s a ho-hum week, what’s a crazy one? And the only thing weirder than sitting next to the fish tank is having to pick the one that will be your sushi…how’s that for awkward?

    1. Hahhaha. Oh man, if you check out some of my earlier blog entries I promise you will find some CRAZY ones 😉 And ohhhhh my gosh- I can’t imagine-… I guess the phrase “ignorance is bliss” has stuck around for a reason. But wait… have you ever had to do that?!?!

      1. Oh I remember a few of those crazy week posts. Left me exhausted just reading about them. Fortunately most of the tanks had goldfish or koi so not menu items. There was one place that had shrimp and you could pick your own. That was a bit weird because they all seemed to stare at you after one disappeared.

  13. Hi Kenz You make me tired in just reading your information and where you have gone and the food you ate and also prepared and all this when you did not feel good, Hope you are now back on track and feeling better. Tell DJ that ​he really looks so handsome in his pictures. Thanks again for the huge basket. You guys are so great and enjoying everything. Hope your interview goes good and am sure it will. Keep in touch. Love you and Miss you Gramma

    1. Miss you so much, Gramma. I will let DJ know 🙂 You are so welcome. It’s the least we could do for you guys. We love you so much and send massive hugs. Hope you are staying warm! I should have big updates for you soon!

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