Kenz and Kels Take on the Bay: Part 4! Santa Cruz

Hey ya, hey ya!!! Happy Friday to youu!

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This is a sort little post, but believe it or not it is still not the last in our Kels & Kenz take on the Bay series!

Aaand here are….

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After a deep sleep with happy tummies full of sushi, we woke up on Monday July 30th, did an Insanity workout together, and then packed our leftovers from the weekend in a cooler to take to Santa Cruz with us for the day.

Santa Cruz is forever one of my favorite places to go and take friends to when they visit. It’s the quintessential beach town. It also appeared in one of my very first blog posts! It’s so fun to go back to vintage posts and see how much has changed.


Anywho, we were starving when we arrived, but didn’t want to eat too much since we had packed our leftovers. We first went to FireFish grill, my favorite on the pier (along with Stagnaro Brothers!).


I love their bread they serve- mm mmm! A complimentary carb is the way to my heart. Oooooo we should put that on a tshirt.


We also decided to split their Bloody Mary- it’s my favorite bloody of ALL time. It was actually the first I ever tried when DJ and I escaped to the beach town last year 🙂


They put salt around the rim that looks like sand and top it off with a little shrimp.


And because we can’t seem to resist oysters when on the menu, we gave Firefish’s a go. SO slurpin’ good, but gone too soon.


After our little tide-me-over, we walked the famous Boardwalk.


Beach time!! We soaked up the sun while listening to Backstreet boys (let’s talk about that comeback!) and occasionally sneaking leftovers from our cooler.


At around 5 in the evening, we decided to head on back to Cupertino. DJ didn’t have a game that day so was done with work around 6! We were finally able to all get together and the three of us headed to Campbell to get some good grub.

We went to Flights, the unique dining experience where everything on the menu is a flight, you are given “in flight service” buttons, and the waiters/waitresses dress as flight attendants. Too fun!


We shared only two flights between the three of us since we still wanted to go to San Pedro Square for more food.

First, we tried their taco flight with Thai Tofu, Veggie Rancheros, and Mushroom Teriyaki.


The other flight we shared was the french fry flight with truffle, sweet potato, and garlic. These fries were SOOO good. I highly recommend the fry flight if you go.


We left Campbell and headed to San Pedro Square for dinner #2!


Also some proof that DJ isn’t always working 😉


I grabbed some food from Blush the last time we were in SPS , and I knew this is somewhere Kels would love. PLUS it had a bucket list item I knew she would knock off with me!


We made it just in time for the start of Happy Hour so everything was much cheaper than usual. Love when that happens!


We started with their $1 oysters-  I loved all the fixin’s they came with! I love horseradish, lemon, and cocktail sauce on my oysters I’ve discovered.


And now for the BL item… the tofu martini! It isn’t actually a martini- just assembled in a martini-esque glass. It is tofu, green onion, and soy sauce. Honestly, it was disgusting. It was saturated in so much soy sauce that it was repulsively salty. Oh well, at least we tried it!


Everyone around us was ordering sushi and it looked so dang good, so we had to order some of that too. We also tried the Rose Roll with spicy tuna, crab, avocado, and spicy mayo. It was tasty- a little heavy on the sauce again though.


And last, we split the sushi tacos- seared tuna, salmon, and a California taco. They were pretty tasty! This was a great way to sample food on the menu since it was way cheaper than it usually is.


Hope you have a great weekend all!

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Question for you: 

  • What’s your ideal “beach day”- Read? Boating? Games? Fly a Kite? Listen to Music? 

xo <3


46 thoughts on “Kenz and Kels Take on the Bay: Part 4! Santa Cruz

  1. You girls are so darn cute! This day sounds like it was so much fun.

    I can’t stand when a meal is ruined by too much sauce or salt – what a waste! At least you tried it. Everything else looked & sounded wonderful, though!

    Hmm ideal beach day…I’d say lounging & reading, splashing in the waves, & a walk all along the water. 🙂

    1. Thanks, girl! <3 Ooo that sounds like the most perfect day!! Have such a nice weekend :) Hope you get that latte!

  2. Haha let’s definitely make that “complimentary carbs” t-shirt because there really is nothing better!

    That boardwalk looks so fun, I’d love to walk/visit there!!! & holy crap, that flight restaurant! That is so up my alley! I love being able to try all different kinds of the same food. I am amazed that you guys were able to control yourself with just two different ones!

    I was not going to comment on that tofu martini, but hey you said it first lol it doesn’t even look appetizing. 😭 but you’re right, it’s better to try it once! Those sushi tacos do look delish tho!!!

    I never spend more than an hour at the beach LOL I get bored. I usually just take pictures, walk along the coast line, and head out! 😂

    1. Glad you are alll about the complimentary carbs too. I am not a judgmental person at alll, but I do judge a person when they don’t like bread. Especially free bread. Haha.

      SC is one of my favorite places- just so restful and the drive in and out is gorgeous too through the mountains!

      The sushi tacos were really good. I realized we had a sushi burrito and a sushi taco back to back. LOl. only in the bay area- right?

      Hahah- I get bored usually too, but after that bloody I was perfectly content. baha. Thanks for stoppin’ on in girlie!

  3. I love a good Backstreet Boys throwback!! You need to head to Youtube and watch James Corden as a BSB in Vegas for their residency. I forget the exact name of the video but it’s funny!

    A fry flight is the way to my heart oh my word. Yum! Have a great week Mackenzie 🙂

    1. I am just loving Backstreet Boys everything right now!!! AHHH I will definitely have to watch that- I love anything James Corden.

      Girl- dem fries were nothing to mess with. SO . GOOOD .

  4. Somehow I got beeeehind on reading!

    Please make that carb lovin shirt cause I’ll buy one! Carbs are life.

    What a gorgeous beach day and fun restaurants! I love how the restaurant Flights sounds. Fry flight seems like a real tongue twister. hahaha

    My ideal beach day is just plopping the ole behind in a chair and not moving. I always intend to ready but I get too distracted by people watching, my thoughts wander, napping, my niece and nephew, napping….haha I love me some naps

    1. Hahah, I think I posted like three posts in 24 hours. So it was a bit more than the usual 1 post every two weeks haha.

      Yessss. No truer words- carbs are life.<3 <3

      Bahah- it definitely is a tongue twister. As in lemme get my tongue twisted around one of those!!! *face palm* yikes that was so bad. I'm cringing at my own joke.

      YESS. I always get distracted too. I set out to read a ton but usually end up just watching everyone walking by.. trying to figure out their life story by watching the way they deal with sand on their towel. Normal things right?

      Cannot go wrong with a nap! Have a fabuuuulous week, Kace!

    1. I know!!! I have been one other time and we tried the mac and cheese flight which was phenomenal! I cannot wait to go back and try more too

  5. I have yet to try a Bloody Mary, but after seeing it so many times on your blog, I’m determined to try it one of these times, lol! Also, sushi tacos?! I love fish tacos, but I’ve never heard of sushi tacos and now it sounds like a must!! You have all the good sushi over there in CA, I’m sure! 😉

    1. Teheh- you either will love or hate it!!

      And you would love sushi tacos!!! I didn’t know they existed till we had them here, and I realized just the day before we had sushi burritos. bahaha. Sushi everyyyyything.

  6. Another whirlwind day and you had me at the carbs too – that bread looked so good. But (ahem) then there were those fries and I quickly forgot about the bread. I feel like I’ve gained five pounds with each “Bay” post.

    1. Hehe- carbs are TRULY the way to my heart. And yesss- these fries were just superb. Idk what they put in them or how they made them but I couldn’t stop eating them. SO good. And hahahahh you and me both (with the gaining 5 lbs. !) lol. Thanks for stopping in, Linda!

      1. I am enjoying your posts Mackenzie. I think I mentioned at the first post re: San Francisco, that at the first law firm where I worked many years ago, every time one of the attorneys went to San Francisco for a deposition or something else, he’d bring back a ton of sourdough bread “for the girls” … I think he liked all the attention he got. 🙂 It still tasted fresh, even though it was one day old – nowadays, you can get any type of rustic bread or specialty bread in a grocery store, produce store, but back then it was more just plain old white bread.

      2. Thank you tons, Linda!!! Oooo that is sooo funny about the bread!!! Haha, It is some phenomenal bread!! Even just the plain old stuff there is elite to this day, I assure ya- you had the BEST stuff ! tehe

  7. Wow! What an amazingly fun day you had! Great people, great food, lovely day! How nice to be able to relax. Awesome for you! Hope you have many more! 🙂

    1. It was so very nice, thank you for sharing in our fun time with us, Koko !! 🙂 Have a beautiful week.

  8. ‘A complimentary carb is the way to my heart’ love that! 👏🏼 Have you been to Italy? You get free bread with everrything!
    What are those little cart things over the boardwalk? They look so cute!
    Backstreet boys ftw! Did you like 5ive too? I love all those old school boy bands!
    That Flights restaurant sounds really groovy! You know all the best places to eat!
    It sucks that you weren’t keen on the tofu martini and it wasn’t what you were hoping for! However like you say at least you tried it!!
    My ideal beach day would be reading and swimming in the sea!

    1. Riiiight?! Carbs are everyyything.
      Wait- really?!!? Ugh, Italy is #1 on my list and it just went to ##1 . How is that possible. Need. Italy.

      So on the boardwalk they have this “bucket ride” where you can get to one side of the boardwalk to the other by taking them. It provides a fun view of the whole beach and park!

      I don’t know of 5ive?!?! How have I been missing out?! I just you-tubed their songs and so fun. I have no idea how I don’t know of them!

      Girl, I don’t know much… but I can lead you to the fooood. Haha.

      And your beach day sounds like mine! I get too ancy without a book. Reading is the way to go 10000%. XO Hope your week is off to a lovely start, Jennie !

      1. They are! I swear I only eat carbs 😂 yes! Like with every meal they bring you out free bread kind of like as a starter whilst you wait for your food (obvs you can order a starter as well but like the free bread is extra) so yummy! Girl Italy is the best place I’ve ever been and considering you’re such a foodie you would be in Paradise!!!!
        Omg that bucket ride sounds so much fun! Looks so cute too and would be a great way to take in the views! Have you ever been on them? Thanks for explaining for me!
        Omg I can’t believe you didn’t know 5ive! To be fait though, I don’t remember growing up with their music but more so listening to them recently since they play their music in the clubs and stuff! I love that you went and listened to their stuff!! Glad you like them!
        Haha I love it! you are the ultimate foodie blogger 👏🏼
        Omg yes!! I like listening too music but I neeeed a book to get into! Thanks hun and yours too 😀 xx

      2. me and you both!!! Haha. I am convinced it would be my paradise too- yum yum!! We are thinking in 2 years we will take a trip for our five year anniversary- we’ll see!

        I have been on them!! They are fun- go nice and slow so they are relaxing and you can get some great pics.

        GIRL, oh my goodness- that is the ultimate compliment! What types of books do you like? I’m reading a mystery/thriller right now that I am just loving called The Passenger.

        You just made my day. Thank you, love!!! XOXO

      3. Oh my goodness I hope you get to go! You would love it and all your blog posts from it would literally be incred! I’d love to read your foodie reviews from Italy haha!!! I so hope you get the chance to visit! Where in Italy would be your top priority to visit?
        Aw that sounds lovely and so peaceful! A nice break from a busy day of being a tourist right!?
        It’s true! I love reading all your foodie posts! It’s so interesting! And you’re a much more adventurous eater than me so i can live vicariously through you 😂
        Ooh that sounds really interesting. I’ll check that out. I literally love all books. Mystery / thrillers are the best, they’re so exciting, but I also love easy beach style reads, comedy books or classic literature! Ooh and I adore romance!! Romance and mysteries are probably my favourites! I just finished reading a chick flick type of book called I heart New york. It was okay but not alot happened it seemed! Kind of dry but easy enough! I’m not sure what to read next, I have a whole pile of books tbr!
        You’re so welcome!!!! Thank you for brighteninng our days with your blog posts!

      4. Ahhhhh it is my DREAM to blog about Italy. I will let you know when I finally book some tickets. *sighhhh*. I particularly want to visit Rome, Florence, maybe Venice, Positano, Milan…. ugh I want to go everywhere! Where is your favorite?

        Thank you for brightening my day with your comment!!! XXOXO

  9. Or you just might have bloggers who are horrible about responding to their comments…..Ahem not talking about me or anything ;p <3
    I NEED to go to Santa Cruz!
    I LOVE that quote! We just need to open a T-shirt store with quotes I think! ;p
    Oh my sweet Mary the best bloody mary? That is saying a lot!
    LOVE that you were listening to Backstreet Boys! (Backstreets Back Alright!…Sorry couldn’t resist!)
    That restaurants sounds SO cute AND yummy! Those fries! And you know I love a great taco!
    Haha Hi DJ! You two are so stinking cute!
    OOOO I LOVE those fixing too! They are a must with oysters!
    A tofu martini? THAT is interesting!
    Ahhh girl seriously I NOW want sushi sooo badly right now! <3

    1. Oh really?!?! They weren’t in your spam?! I was sure they all were! Ok well phew, glad you got them haha. I can’t believe you haven’t been to SC- it is one of my fave spots in California. I agree – we seriously could have a greatttt t-shirt line! We need to start a running list.

      I have a renewed love for backstreet boys since they came out with these new songs!! So nostalgic too.

      Awww I’ll tell him you say hi! And agreed- the more fixin’s the better.

      I want sushi so bad tooo though. Ugh, It’s so late but if there was a delivery place I would genuinely consider it haha.

  10. Ok, this post was definitely MUCH shorter than the last few I’ve been reading lmao. AND, I did add Santa Cruz and FireFish Grill (to try that Blood Mary) as well as the Boardwalk to my list of places to go. BUT, I do want to ask, how far* is Santa Cruz from SF? :O Fun that DJ was finally able to join you guys! 🙂
    My ideal beach day includes a little bit of everything, picnic (provided it’s not windy–I don’t want literal sand-wiches), music in the background of course, some time to read a bit as well, a dip in the water, some sand castles and definitely a kite for Ciel 🙂

    1. Hahah, and can you believe that I still didn’t put everything in these posts that we did? There was one night we did karaoke, another night we walked around SJ.. so funny. I tried to give y’all a break with this post !

      So from Cupertino (where we are) Santa Cruz is about 45 minutes without traffic. Not too bad! And from SF it’s about 1.5 hours.

      Love your ideal beach day!!! I hate when it’s too windy too, that’s the worst! bahahah literal sand-wiches…. you know that made me lol.

      1. Lol I’m sure that even though you thought it wasn’t as important to add your input would have still been great to read 😃
        Gahhh! I’ll have to stay somewhere in the middle the , i bet the city would be expensive anyway lol. I don’t mind makin the drive haha. I think what I mainly want to see in SF is the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard Street as well as a few touristy sights like the cable car haha

      2. hahah well for instance we did karaoke one night and that was a disaster and best left as a distant memory!! Hahha.

        Girl, you could do all of those in a day plus so much more! Seriously.. when you come I can give ya the tour… I know the good parking garages and how to navigate pretty well 🙂

      3. although I NEVER EVER thought I would say that upon moving here haha. I think twentieth time in the city was the charm, bahah

    1. Oh for sure! I checked mine and found a whole bunch of non-spam a couple days ago- what is going onnnn WP?!

  11. Hi Mackenzie, Santa Cruz beach looks amazing, a great place to take Kelsey, she had to go to the ocean, right? There is DJ live and in the flesh as you hold him tightly! Cute pic , Terri xo.

    1. Yesss! It may have been my favorite day of the whole trip (although it would be truly hard to choose). Tehehe- he does exist! I have to drop a picture in here and there so people believe me 😉

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