Flights & a Sushi Burrito!

Aaaand let’s jump right into the better half of last week! Currently it is midnight, my neighbors are being loud per usual (But they are leaving within the next week!), and I am eating mac and cheese. No one can be mad while eating mac and cheese. Monday the 21st, I had my big ole’ midterm- It went really well! Deep breaths of relief all around 🙂 The rest of the day was horribly unproductive. I still received a whole new round of assignments for the week, but barely made a dent. Brain fried like an egg on cement on a hot July day in the south. Tuesday the 22nd to Thursday the 24th I chipped away at my assignments, but felt super off. I had a weirdly hard time focusing- my emotions were alllll over the place, and I had that “impending doom” feeling for no reason. I told my mom on the phone I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a full moon because this is how I get around them (aka off my rocker)… turns out it was! Hahah. All is right in the world now though- as soon as it started waning we were back on track. DJ thinks I’m nuts blaming my emotional crises on the moon- but it. all. makes. sense. I can palpably feel y’alls’ eyerolls- “there she goes…. talking in crazy Californian”. teheh.

Anyways, nuff of the hog wash. So, I am sooo excited to share that I received my first ever foodie invite!! You might remember Flights from here or here. I just love this spot! Everything, food and drink, is served in Flights of three. I received a DM in my foodstagram (*mackncheeeesy… subtle plug*) inviting me to “media” night at their new location opening in Mountain View. I have to be honest– immediately I was terrified by the thought of “media night”.. doubting my worth being there, worrying about the logistics, etc. But I have learned this last year the power of just saying “yes”. Any type of event that I don’t know 100% what to expect can be kinda scary- but usually the unexpected turns into some of the greatest memories.

Back to the fooood (important things)!

We walked up to the stunning entrance and had to give our names on the list- heart racing- are our names going to be on there?! They were. Phew! We were greeted with champagne and encouraged to take a seat wherever we wanted. We found a nice little table and then were given a menu. The CEO came over, shook our hands, and told us to indulge to our hearts content. I was floored- everything was FREE! Everything was complimentary. WHAT?! We ordered sooo much food- trying to avoid what we had already tried. And we still haven’t tried everything. My goal is to try literally every food item on the menu! At this point I think I have like 2 more dishes to try haha.


Oh, so this is a pretty fun detail— if you need service you press the “service” button, same with pay and dessert respectively.


They also had spreads for us to snap shots of too!


Now for what we ordered! We started with the hummus.. and holy smashed chickpeas… it blew me away. I never expect much from hummus after having Oren’s… but this was dang good! And the pita was warm and fluffy. The flavors they have are avocado cilantro, roasted red pepper, and roasted garlic. I truly could not pick a favorite!


We also ordered the veggie pizzas— this is easily one of my favorite things on the menu. They had blue cheese apple, pesto margherita, and mushroom teriyaki. I think I love the mushroom teriyaki best, but the pesto margherita was close behind as was the blue cheese apple. YUM!


We ordered their salad flight too- I would say they were just okay. The caprese was the best of the three!


The star of the show in my opinion, was the tuna! SO GOOD! My mouth waters just thinking about it- so fresh, so delish!


I went with my good friend, Sara, who y’all probably recognize by now! DJ’s new favorite video game came out that Friday so while he graciously offered to go with me I knew he’d much rather be gaming. Plus I hadn’t spent time with Sara in a while so this was a perfect excuse to hangout. Also can we have a moment to just admire her hair? Seriously the most beautiful hair in the woorrrrld.


We had to try at least one meat item- cause I gotta be objective for my carnivores out there! I tried one bite of each, as did Sara- and we agreed the truffle empanada was the best of the three. So tasty. The al pastor and ground beef were a bit too salty for our liking.


To top off the meal we had beignets!


I’ve beignet waiting all my life for a flight like this <3


HEAVEN! They surpassed all expectations!! facetune_31-10-2018-11-10-22

It ended up being just a wonderful event, so easy and fun! I am super glad we said yes. I will say the next day I started feeling insecure when I saw everyone’s gorgeous photos of the spreads from the same event. I started comparing myself to the other food bloggers, thinking of all the different shots I should have grabbed, but quickly remembered one of my go-to fave nuggets of wisdom “Comparison is the thief of joy”. I am not a professional, I do this for fun, and that’s exactly what it was! I am grateful to have been invited in the first place, and it was truly an unforgettable experience!

Saturday morning of the 27th I went for a nice run in the morning followed by a riveting CPR class to renew my license. How does two years go by so quickly?!


I desperately needed to go to the grocery store, but wanted to work on school work in the evening… so I messaged DJ to see if I could pick up some food for us from the mall nearby (this mall has the greatest food options! I seriously go there just for their food sometimes). I was craving Sushirrito, and he wanted Panda. I grabbed him some orange chicken and I tried a BL item– the ultimate Sumo Crunch roll!


I was a starvin’ marvin’ at this point, so I also snatched some seaweed salad to tide me over. It literally didn’t even make it home…. I wonder what other drivers were thinking hahah. And yes, I ate it with the chopsticks. And yes, I spilled it all over myself (goes without saying).


And now for the epic Sumo Crunch roll!!! I will say I loved the amount of crab on it and the red tempura flakes – mmm mmmm. I still think I preferred some of the other rolls better. Some people say you should get it with tempura shrimp, so maybe that’s what I need to do next time.


But wait….. could it be?!?!? BAKED BY MELISSA! Halloween Edition!!! Thank you so much to my mother-in-law for this sweet halloween treat. Y’all know our love of Baked Melissa- so we were PUMPED! I think our favorite is the “eyeball” or the “bear-ied” alive hahah.


One day I’ll catch up on these updates. Hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween. I won’t be really celebrating this year (sigh- in the midst of the craziness we never really got anything together), but I am eagerly looking forward to seeing all your posts!!

xo <3


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99 thoughts on “Flights & a Sushi Burrito!

  1. First of all, your shots are amazing! I truly love your photography and how real you are. Sure, some photos can be staged to the nth degree, but your photos make my mouth water. All of the food sounds ah-mazing!! What an incredible event, and I’m so glad you said “yes”! Sometimes we all need to learn how to say “no” to things that may not serve us, but just the same can be said for pushing ourselves a bit out of our comfort zone. You were so deserving to be there! I don’t know that I could pick a fav, but the adorable pizzas would be a top contender. And the pun on the beignets – yes, girl! The test tube bottles of juice or something look so fun as well!

    The sushi roll looks killer! I’ve never had one like that. Sounds super satisfying. Hello alliteration. Ha

    Those cuppycakes – so stinkin’ cute and creative! They are so appropriate for your smaller flight food. 😉 Thank you for sharing, and I hope you can still have a wickedly good evening!

    1. Hi, Kori! Oh my goodnessss gracious- thank you so much for your sweet words! They are so encouraging to my heart.

      And yess it’s always about finding that fine line about overcommitting and then also pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. I think what I’ve discovered is I have a tendency to over-say yes to other people’s wishes, but no to my own (or no to going out of my own comfort zone). I am learning it’s fun though just to say yes for your own growth and to see what fun memory is right around the bend!!

      Teheh- I had a feeling you would dig that pun!

      Haha the Sushi Surely was Super Satisfying along with the Seaweed Salad. Kay I really could not help myself, you know this. haha.

      Love that- hope your night was wickedly amazing as well 🙂

      1. You are very welcome!

        There is such a fine line, but as we continue to be more honest with ourselves, we’ll tend to know exactly where it is and will take care not to overly say “yes”. <3

        Oh yesss, give me all the puns!

        LOVE!! Girl, you had to go there, and I appreciate that.

        Thank you!

  2. So much to love about this post, but you took one of my very favorite things (burritos) and combined it with sushi. I’m not sure I can get over it haha.

    1. BAHAH. I always laugh out loud at your comments. I had a feeling you wouldn’t be giving the sushi burrito a two thumbs up… BUT you can’t knock it until you try it!

  3. How exciting to get invited to a foodie event!! Flights would be such an awesome place to attend too since it seems like there are endless options. The beignets and hummus flights would probably be my favorites but they all look delicious!!

    Okay I can’t even use chopsticks when I’m sitting at a table so how you managed to use them while driving is so beyond me. I hope your midterms all went well 🙂

    Happy Halloween! I keep seeing adds for the Halloween package of Baked by Melissa and I have to say they look as good in “real life” as they do in the ad.

    1. Omg you would LOVE flights! I wish we could go together if we weren’t a whole coast away from one another haha. I literally had zero room when the beignets came, but the minute I took a bite that dessert stomach kicked in!

      hahaha- practice, practice. I used to eat salads all the time driving and those are real tricky!

      Oh, totally! They are too fun- and delicately and vibrantly decorated. It is just TOOOO good ! Have you ever tried them?! So much flavor packed into the little guys.

      1. Ugh I know! If we ever visit the other coast we will have to meet up with coffee or wine/cocktails! The dessert stomach is a life saver hehe.

        Dang girl!! I can barely eat a protein bar while driving without making a mess.

        I’ve actually never tried them but I’ve sent them as gifts twice and the recipients absolutely loved getting the package!

      2. Absolutely!!!!!

        I bet!! Ahh you have got to try ‘um. I am not a huge cupcake person when they are just regular size (I mean I’ll totally eat one, it’s just not like my go-to dessert ya know?) but these are just perfect!!!

  4. Girl, I can Sooooo relate to the social media comparison. So I randomly started watching more vlogs over these past few months, and it turned me off from doing my own. Everyone else out there has clean houses, and perfect hair and makeup, and bubbly personalities. They do exciting things and have clever comments. It instantly made me want to never do another vlog again (even though I just do mine for fun and for a change-of-pace on my blog).
    I had to remind myself that I’m not looking to be the next big sensation. I’m looking to record memories. Have fun. And maybe make my readers smile.
    I definitely want to start doing them more as the holidays approach, and I’m going to EVEN though there are soooo much better vloggers out there. Because I’m going to do things with a Nicole-spin, and I’m just going to stay true to myself.
    It’s SO easy to compare. But all I can say is, I wouldn’t want you to change to try to be like the others. 🙂 When I hop onto your blog, I’m excited to see pictures from Mackenzie and a blog post from Mackenzie. You rock, and many other bloggers could stand to learn from your realness! xoxo

    1. Oh wow, Nicole- I feel like you always just know the words to say. I’m not even kidding that I have soo many of your comments screen-shotted for encouragement, including this one! First, it is so good to know I’m not alone in feeling that way. Thank you for sharing your own personal processing through the whole social media/comparison thing… it can be a real challenge. It’s almost like “ignorance is bliss”… I was so happy and content with what I had to share until I started seeing everyone else’s foodie posts! But you said it so well- the realness is what is important. I LOVE watching your vlogs and reading your blog for the “Nicole spin” on things! I want to share in your joy, your realness and I learn from your experiences and thoughts each time. You are SO wise. Plus you don’t need all that makeup and blown out hair cause you are naturally stunning!!! But all that to say when you put it in that perspective the way you did, it helps me understand how each of our own unique experiences are special, relatable and worthy of sharing. Especially when I think about what I love about yours and the rest of the blogging community.. I actually don’t follow many curated bloggers because I simply do not relate. Thanks, girl for the pep talk. you have no idea how much this meant to me! xo

  5. Hey lovely! Just found your blog through my new blogger friend, Kori ^^ and oh boy am I happy ! Your posts are so fun and I love all of the photos you share! Keep it up and I can’t wait to continue following you!


    1. Aww!!! Kacey, thank you so much for stopping on in!! You are too sweet. I am gonna hop over and check out your blog right now too. So glad Kori shared with ya <3 Have a great rest of the week :)

    1. Hey girl! Hope you had some good nomz this week! Thanks so much!! I am so relieved it’s over. Thanks for stopping by! xo

    1. Hey, girl! Man the mac n’ cheese is easily one of my favorite things on the menu! And the truffle empanadas is where it was at! so good. Thanks for stopping by, Jess 🙂

    1. hahah I literally am down to eat it all at ANY time! Can’t wait to see what yummy eats you had this week! xo

    1. hehe- good thing at flights you get to try everything!!! Ooo you must try Baked by Melissa and have you ever had a sushi burrito? They are the bombbb. So good!!!

  6. Ahhhh girl that picture! I LOVE sushi burritos! They are the best thing ever!
    Ughhh stupid neighbors! Thank god they are leaving! I wish mine would! Ughhh.
    Yay! Way to go Mack! I am so happy it went well!
    Girl it is a very real thing! (It doesn’t affect me….I think. :p) This city gets so crazy during a full moon, I just want to hide and take shelter when it occurs. Lol.
    Wooot! Way to go beauty! You are amazing and your Instagram is beautiful and entertaining! So excited for you! And your pictures came out beautiful! I am so hungry now! You deserved t be invited and to have the bets time ever!
    I love Baked by Melissa! How did I miss their Halloween cupcakes? <3

    1. AGREED! I don’t know what took me so long.

      I am so glad they are leaving. They have been so obnoxious tonight. I am counting down the days till they are GONE.

      hahaha. YES, exactly! I bet the city goes wild. I know the hospital definitely acted up during the full moons too.

      Thank you so much, Kate. <3 <3 You da best. Oh, and the Baked by Melissa's halloween cupcakes were TOP notch! I hope you can find some, they are located in NYC, right? xoxo

  7. Ok that impending doom feeling happens to me SO randomly sometimes, and I never understand! I will have no reason to be stressed or worried but will suddenly feel that pit of my stomach anxiety and thoughts are racing for absolutely no reason. Maybe hormones? I love the full moon idea better than hormones though. lolz

    Ahhhhhhhh that event looks AMAZING!! Congrats on getting a much deserved invite! Your friend is gorgeous and her hair is perfection! Your photos are bomb! iPhone portrait mode FTW. I compare my photos too and see all these super styled super crisp photos on some blogs and worry mine look blah BUT like you, I so enjoy the writing, sharing, and connecting aspect and why I started blogging.

    Those.Cupcakes. Bear-ied Alive..I just can’t handle that! So so funny. They look deeeeelicious. What a sweet (pun intended 😉 ) gift from your mother-in-law!

    I’m so sorry you aren’t able to fully immerse in some holidays! That breaks my heart. Working in the medical field is not for the faint of heart for many reasons!

    I hope you are having a great Thursday doll! xo

    1. Seriously?! I am so glad I’m not alone in that. It wasn’t PMSing, but I would say it is somewhat that similar feeling! Maybe the hormones were just off in some other way- cause man oh man can they mess with ya! But traditionally… the crazy aligns with the moon- hahaha.

      Ahhh thanks so much, Kaci! <3 I'm gonna send a screenshot of this sweet comment to her!

      Okay, so I was talking to another blogger about this and I realized I often don't follow many "professional" bloggers because I simply do not relate to them. I LOVE your blog and your photos because they are relatable.. I love our convos, I love a peak into your tricks/tips/and just life in general! It's so fun to share and develop this community. It really brought me back down to earth having these convos here.

      And Baked by Melissa won me over with those puns (as if their cupcakes weren't good enough!). So goood!

      Aww that's okay! Always next year 🙂 I am just thankful I don't have to work Christmas this year- woooot woot!

      You too, girl! xo

      1. Crazy does align with the moon! Maybe why it was falling close to Halloween…ha

        Yes! I just can’t do the “professional” bloggers or Insta peeps for that matter cause honestly, I get so turned off by the overly saturated perfectly posed photos. I cannot relate to those images at all. I want real photos of peeps on the go or stopping for a quick photo op without making it look like it was edited for a magazine.

        Yes! Puns & delish cuppycakes is a great combo!

        True! I’d rather work pretty much any other holiday but Christmas! Nothing beats a slow morning with hot coffee in a Christmas mug, Christmas music and everyone being together.

      2. haha totally!!

        Ahhh yessss, girl, you are speaking my language! It’s refreshing that someone else feels that way too. <3

        Yes yes ! Christmas day is the absolute best. Ahh I am getting so excited for these holidays!

  8. That looks like a fun event–Love the idea of flights! Comparison is definitely the thief of joy! Your food pics look delish! I prefer real life pics to super staged ones anyway!

    1. HEATHER! oh my gosh, so excited to hear from ya!!! Flights was so much fun.

      Thank you SO much for your sweet words. This is so encouraging. Thank ya tons for stopping in!

  9. Your first big foodie event and you aced it! So many treats to pick from and hard to choose – I think those are the same brand of cupcakes that your mother-in-law sent for DJ’s birthday? How sweet she is and how sweet they look!

    1. Hi, Linda!! Awww thank you SO much! That is soo encouraging.

      And you got it! Wow, great memory 🙂 She is just the best! And hehe- they are the sweetest gift 😉

  10. Delicious delectable post! I am munching on peanut better banana toast and positively drooling & lapping up your wonderful photos! Must say my favourites are of you & Sara enjoying the donuts …. you make enjoying food so very glamorous!

    It’s crazy that mid-terms are just over, and you are swamped again!??? Goodness!

    It was a quiet Halloween for us too. Sang at a sunset All Saints Day mass and then dinner at home with Vince & the girls. Not a bad way to spend the evening!

    1. Hey, Ju Lyn!! Thank you so much 🙂 Oooo PB banana toast sounds incredible!!

      Awww! We definitely couldn’t help but have pure joy enjoying those beignets!

      Yeah– it was a super intense load last week and this.. but I finally feel like I’m getting caught up!

      Aww sounds like a lovely lovely time! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend, Ju Lyn! Always appreciate you, my friend!

    1. Hey girl! It was such a fun event. The cupcakes were too good– didn’t last long at all. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. Literally everything in this post has my mouth watering right now! I’ve never had a sushi burrito before, but that one looks really good.

    1. Hehe- it was a tasty week for sure!!! Sushi burritos are such a fun concept and I love how much crab they have stuffed in there. Thanks so much for stopping by, Britney <3

  12. So good to hear that your midterms went well, Mack! ♡ The full moon thing is so real. It makes all kinds of people act funny! Seriously. All my co-workers & I can tell when it’s a full moon out just by our weirdo clients lol.

    I’ve got many foodie event invites on my foodstagram but have never gone because I worry my photos aren’t worthy compared to all the other LV foodies out there & also, so worried about having to socialize with them all, but one time I did get to a Yelp Elite event because writing reviews seemed easier for me. Congratulations on your first one!!!! Your photos turned out absolutely amazing!!! That tuna is most beautiful. 😍

    I agree about Sara’s hair!! Love it so much!! & can you believe I’ve never tried a beignet?! I’m droooling over here!!!

    The Halloween cupcakes are so cute. I love the punny names. 😄

    1. Thank ya, thank ya, girl! hahah yes exactly! We said the same thing with patients.

      That’s AWESOME you got invited to a YELP elite event. I think I need to start doing reviews- I didn’t realize there were any perks involved for reviewing. Are there any other benefits? Girl, the tuna was the best thing we tried. SO good.

      Ooo okay beignets are too delish when made right. Have you ever been to New Orleans? That’s where you can find the best!

      I know, right?! As if I didn’t love them enough already they had to make them all punny too! xoxo

  13. That is so cool you got invited and you totally deserve to be there, though I get your nerves too.
    It is totally true about the full moon affecting people- we see it a lot with the kids! Who needs a calendar?!🤣

  14. That’s amazing you got invited to a media event at Flights! The food looks delicious & your photos are great! 😄
    The Halloween cupcakes look cute & delicious too!
    I hope you did well on your midterm & it’s good you’re back on track after the full moon haha 😊

    1. Hey, Karalee! Thanks so much for your encouragement! The food made it easy to photograph- everything was so darn photogenic 😉 Lol!

      Thank you so much girl! All is much better now haha. Hope you are having a fantastic week, love!

      1. You’re welcome & that’s great! 😄
        Thanks! My week is going well but I’ve had a ton of reading this week for my course which isn’t that fun ha

      2. Ahh I feeel you. I was just thinking today that this has been the most reading I’ve been assigned all semester. I feel like I can’t read another word. But we got this! haha. You go, girl!

  15. Yay for free food and beignets! I’ve been wanting to try those ever since I saw the movie The Princess and The Frog lol!!

    Your mother-in-law is a gem! What a blessing!

    1. Hi, Allie! Oh my goodness- I still haven’t seen that movie!!! I need to get on that asap- I have heard great things. And she really is- I am sooo thankful for her . She is the best! xo

  16. Congrats on the mid-term going well!! I think if the moon is strong enough to affect the tides in the giant ocean, then surely it can affect us! Free food! And delicous looking food at that!! How awesome! That’s so great that you were invited. Everything looks amazing. You are right “comparison is the thief of joy” and it was good that you were able to stop and remember that. However, I think your photos are just great and they make me want to always eat everything in them!! Those cupcakes are so adorable! We didn’t do much for Halloween either…time got away from us. xx

    1. Thanks so much, Amy 🙂 I AGREE! DJ thinks I’m off my rocker when I say stuff like that, but I stand by it!

      It was such a great event- and I realized when I first started blogging/instagram I had such pure innocent joy. It was only after I started seeing there was this realm of “pros” that I started feeling down on myself. I try to remember that joy is not defined by success, but by the work itself. The writing and the art is what brings joy, not the response/exposure. I didn’t mean to go on that tangent… but I think you understand my ramblings 😉

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! I feel better that we’re not the only ones Halloween escaped from. Always next year I say! Thanks so much for stopping in, Amy!

  17. My goodness, what an amazing event!! I am just shocked that all that food was free! How awesome of them to host such an event. That’s definitely a great marketing tactic for getting some hardcore loyalty lol. Also I am soooo jealous you have a sushi burrito place there. If I ever go to CA again, I have to find one!!

    1. I know! I still have to pinch myself when I think about it. I actually regret not ordering more even though I couldn’t take another bite! Lol.

      But yes- the marketing was on POINT! So many awesome food-grammers were there- I was honored to be among um’!

      Hehe- if it makes you feel better I still way prefer regular sushi over the burrito, but it is a fun experience. Definitely one to try when you visit 🙂 xo

      1. Looks like such a wonderful event!! Social media really is amazing with all the opportunities it can present for people!

        Oh yes that does actually make me feel better haha. I guess that makes sense though, is the quality of flavor just lacking a little since they are more focused on the size?

      2. It was so nice! I am so thankful to have gotten to go– and I agree. I’ve always kinda had a chip on my shoulder against instagram, because I felt it was so “fake” but I’m coming around to it! wait do you have one?! I need to make sure I’m following you if so!

        And I think it’s the whole experience- I love just the little bite sizes into wasabi/ginger and just savoring every nibble. With the sushi burrito it’s a bit harder to combine all those flavors in a single bite!

      3. Instagram can definitely come across that way! I feel like it’s easy for bloggers and ‘grammers to fall into portraying their lives differently on Instagram than how their real lives are, simply because certain things drive more likes and follows haha. I’ve heard so many bloggers talk about how easy it is to get caught up in that! I do have one! I think I requested to follow you, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve seen your posts. Anyway, mine is @courtneyslifestylecorner 🙂 Let’s connect girl!! 🙂

      4. Totally !! It’s definitely what you make it and who you surround yourself with on those platforms! I’ll go find ya now! 😘

  18. Hi Mackenzie, I guess your neighbors were thinking “why break with tradition and be quiet now” at midnight! By now I am sure they are gone and I hope they are moving to a ranch and are 3 miles from their closest neighbor! It is ok to cry , it is a good release sometimes and you can be emotional anytime as far as I am concerned! How cool is that to get invited to flights! It was nice to go with Sara I am sure and her hair is amazing! Your hair is too btw and I love that top on you! Such a fun event and Comparison is the thief of joy! I love the treats from Melissa, what a Mom in law you have. Take care , Terri xo.

    1. Oh man oh man do I have an update with that. I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog- but apparently they changed their mind or something and aren’t moving out anymore. I sobbed when I found out. They are having issues with management and lawyers on getting involved. This is all just a mess. But just another excuse to live at Peet’s this week, hehe.

      Thank you tons and tons, Terri!! I am so thankful for my mom in law- I actually sent her your blog a while back because I feel like the two are so similar!!! She is a big fashionista too 🙂 xo

      1. I feel so bad for you Mackenzie 🙁 I will wait for the update. You are so welcome Dear, anytime ! You need to send me your Mom in law’s blog link! Take care , Terri xo.

      2. Hi Mackenzie your mother-in-law’s website is fabulous! What a great idea she had in thinking it up. I have registered and voted on it already! Thanks so much for sharing Terri XO.

      3. yay!!! 🙂 She is getting it off the ground and running, so you can consider yourself one of the OGs 😉 thanks for signing up! xo

      4. And I didn’t know what it meant till like a year ago! It’s a trendy term I think 🤔 I have a hard time keeping up with the logo so I’m surprised I ever know that one 😅

  19. So… where do you hide during the full moon? 😉

    The pictures look amazing. My mouth is watering so much right now it’s embarrassing. The strawberry cheesecake looks amazing, I love how they’ve turned the strawberry into a rose, that’s such a cool idea! Bear-ied alive looks delicious, fruity dessert is the best dessert! I’m curious about the green cupcake as well, I would love to try it out one day. ☺️

    Both of you have amazing hair. 🙂

    1. lol!!! Under a pile of chocolate & mac and cheese 😉

      Isn’t it all so creative?! Baked By Melissa was next level yum!

      Thank you, love! your comment just made my day. xo

  20. Glad to hear your mid terms went well. And hey, about feeling odd, I wouldn’t say is too far fetch’d. (I wrote it like that cause that’s a pokemon, lmao OK moving on…) as I was saying, it kind of make sense that you were feeling that way, I mean, they say that women’s menstrual cycles essentially follow the moons phases, I’m probably butchering it lol.. you should look it up because I am not explaining it well lol. It just reminded me of that. 😅
    OK how awesome that they invited you and it was all complimentary!!! That’s amazing and I’m glad you had a blast! And hey, I think your food photography is amazeballs and great all around! Better than mine that’s for sure lol. I think you did great with the photography! Sometimes worrying about getting the “perfect shot” is more hassle and if you would have focused on that, you wouldn’t have had much fun and enjoyed yourself.
    OMG that sushi burrito I must try!! Looks insanely good!!!
    And how cool you got those cupcakes!! 🙂 they look yummy and I love the named lol

    1. lol!!! Too funny.

      And yesss that makes SO much sense. I totally believe that stuff is legit. DJ thinks I’m crazy when I blame stuff on the moon/hormones- but I swear it alllll plays a huge role in our moods.

      Aww oh my gosh, thanks so much, Rossy! You are too sweet- this is really encouraging. It was a strange mindset to be in because the reason we were invited was to take pictures to promote them, so I felt a pressure to make sure they felt like I was worth the invite, ya know? But I realized it isn’t even so much about the perfect shot, as much as the promotion of the restaurant, so that was assuring to remember.

      You would loveeee the sushi burrito. I hope you get to try one sometime! I bet they have a sushiritto in Portland somewhere?! Thanks for stopping by, Girl! xo

      1. It does. What do you think about retrogrades? We just got out of the last Mercury retrograde I think? LOL
        Yeah, usually the promoting is mostly for the restaurant, because if you liked it enough to put it on your social media, people would be inclined to go, so in a sense, you’re driving customers to go eat there. : )
        I’ll look for one around here, we must have a lot of these things just different restaurants lol. Otherwise, I’ll wait until I go to SF. I know I keep saying that, but I will* go!

      2. OH my gosh… okay this is SOOO weird. I was talking with DJ literally a minute ago about this and I think it could have legitimacy. He thinks I’m nuts. hahah.


        YES girl you have have have to!! ah, you will love it. We are going to go HARD on the eats leading up to new years once we are back from traveling, so stay tuned for more suggestions to add to your list! lol. xo

      3. I’m still a bit skeptical on all of that but when you look into it, it certainly explains a lot. Honestly, I don’t know what to think anymore lol.
        Oooh yay!! So excited to read those!!!

      4. Hahah I feel the same way. It all really could be hog wash, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was validity in it either! Yay hope you enjoy!! Merry Christmas, girl! xoxox

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