Lucky Robot #2!

Hi, friends! I wrote this a couple months back and forgot about it in my drafts!- Lucky is a restaurant near and dear to me in Austin. Currently they have stopped all services including food delivery- I am dreaming of when they will open back up. This trip to Lucky was a special memory for me too! As always, I pray you all are safe and healthy- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. ❤️

Hey all! Welcome welcome to my second time at Lucky Robot which took place on January 27th. I didn’t think anything could top our last time at Lucky, but mannn oh man, we were in for a treat!! This time around we decided to try out their happy hour. This includes half price off all cool apps and select bites on the menu between $3-$5. 

Oh!!! I almost forgot to mention: My mom joined me this time since she was in town for work! It was my first time taking her on a “food shoot” with me, so tons of fun to show her that side of “operations” 😉 air quotes galore, ha!


First up we tried the Kanpachi Serrano with asian pear, coconut water ponzu and red curry oil. This was extremely refreshing and the coconut flavor was so beautifully contrasted with the hint of curry oil. I also loved the jicama- it added a nice texture to the entire dish and added to the refreshing experience of it all. Jicama is one of those things that I always enjoy at restaurants, but never think of buying myself at the store. I may have to sometime and try to get creative with it!


We also couldn’t resist getting their crisped brussels sprouts with lemongrass soy. These were delicious, but very sweet!


Off their small bites menu we tried the namazu maki with unagi style BBQ catafish, sesame, house pickles and lemongrass soy. It was okay, but with all the other awesome sushi rolls on their menu I’d recommend passing this one up and going for something else!


Another ATX food blogger recommended trying the karaage kama, which is a spicy hoisin glazed fried fish collar, togarashi, ponzu and lemon. I will try just about anything; this was no exception, but I had noo idea what to expect! It ended up being one of our favorites on the table. I would compare this dish to fried chicken, but it’s fish. Yum!


Now for a couple dishes not on the happy hour menu, but we had to try! …. First up- Maguro sashimi (tuna sashimi). This was great sashimi- super filling and tasty.

3bc0f6f4-55ef-48be-8255-a89f7682c0eb-1Now for my favorite dish of all- the tiger eye with smoked salmon, avocado, serrano, goat cheese, english cucumber, sesame, and pank togarashi. I will sing the praises of this roll to anyone that will listen! This is easily one of my favorite sushi rolls I’ve ever had- the goat cheese is what made it. As soon as Lucky opens back up, this is the first dish I’m ordering!


We left practically nothing left on the table. It was all absolutely delicious!

Thank you so much for having us, Lucky!!

After, we went back to my apartment and watched Bachelor together while eating ice cream. It was such a great evening!

Question for you:

  • What’s your favorite meal lately?

I hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend <3



48 thoughts on “Lucky Robot #2!

    1. It was all so yummy! This might change your mind- especially since they do have vegetarian options- thanks for stopping in, McKenz <3 I hope you are so well!

  1. I love your posts sweets! I don’t think their is a wrong or right way to post, and if anyone tells you otherwise then they need to check themselves! My mouth watered the last time you shared this place, but now I NEED to go here the moment I can travel! It loos so yummy! I love that your Mom went with you! I hope you are having in there sweet lady! Sending you so much love! <3

    1. Thank you SO much for saying that, Kate. <3 And yes yes, you would LOVE it. I hope you are too and staying so safe <3 Sending you allll the love right back too! xoxo

  2. Dear Meckanzye 🙂 How are you doing, my dear Sunshine Gal?? Are things really bad in Texas? You must be ultra busy lately, but I hope you still find time to take care of yourself and relax a little. Here, Chéri and I have been in our apartment for almost three weeks now (I only got out once for a quick trip to my neighbourhood’s little market) and things are fine, so far. I cook a lot more than usual, but I stick to comfort food, because that’s always good for the mood! I also had the chance to practice my bread-making skills… I can now bake pretty decent bread, although I’m going to run out of yeast soon and because of the crisis, it has become rarer than toilet paper. *sigh*

    1. Hi, Cyranny!!!! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 I will say- I think I could get away with spelling my name that way and people pronouncing it correctly, lol! Maybe I should consider a change- cause that one is way more fun! And Oh man, life is weird I will say- things are not too bad here in Austin, just hoping they stay that way. I’m trying to get back into the hospital right now to work since on site clinicals are cancelled for now… miiiight be going to New Orleans to help out, but waiting on the “ok” for that. I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing okay, even after three weeks of strict isolation! Ohhh I hear ya- I am with you on the comfort food too- my craving for it has significantly gone up in the last few weeks too! But bread making- YUM! Nothing is better than homemade bread!! That’s surprising about yeast running out- you’d think it’d be pretty unaffected… but I guess everything is affected right now! Hope you can hunt some down soon. Thanks for poppin’ in- so so good to hear you are doing okay & chat a bit <3

  3. I’ve been craving sushi like CRAZY lately! and my local shop has closed down as well for the unforeseen future 🙁 I’m glad you shared and hope you continue to share regardless of the corona outbreak! love reading your posts! We learned how to make Italian meatballs and that’s for sure my favorite meal lately!

    1. Ohhh no! Hopefully you can find another spot soon! And aww thank you so much, Amanda. That really means tons <3 Ohh yes, Italian has been our choice lately too! That's awesome you actually made the meatballs- sound just delicious!!

  4. What a great memory and sweet time to think back on! The food looks so beautiful too!! I just want to say that I don’t think there’s a right way or a wrong way to approach what you put on your blog. Being in the medical field, I feel totally enveloped in the situation and I find solace in content that is a break from what’s going on. I’ve also enjoyed reading about all the cooking and baking everyone is doing and the creative activities. I think the only way anyone can go wrong with content (anytime, not just now) is by being mean-spirited or unkind. Your posts are definitely not that!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful moment with your mom! I really enjoyed it 🙂

    1. Hi Jess!! Wow, thank you sooo so much. I can’t tell you how much this comment means & how reassuring it is. I think being in the medical field is what makes me hyper-sensitive about it all. I heard someone say they feel like they are simultaneously over-reacting and underreacting. It’s hard to find that middle in such a weird time! Thank you for empathizing but also affirming it’s okay to continue to post during this time! Blogging really does bring solace- that’s a great word. It’s a great way to connect with others during an isolating time too. Thanks for reading and always being so supportive! <3

  5. Dying for a sushi dinner outing! Also, side note, I am buying a friend of mine one of the weighted blankets you recommended – the super hero one – lol. I may have to buy one for myself too!

    1. Awww yayyy!!! I so hope you all enjoy! I can’t sleep without it at this point now. Have a great week ahead, Pam- thanks for stopping in!

  6. I would never see half the types of food out there if not for your blog Mackenzie – it has been several years since I’ve gone out to eat and I’m no cook nor baker. I’ve never had sushi (nor the sushi rolls) so I can vicariously try them out. You have a blessed Easter and stay safe tomorrow – I hear crazy weather is in the forecast for parts of Texas. Take care.

    1. Aw, glad that it brings some new eats into your world vicariously! I will eat allll the sushi rolls for ya- don’t you worry! Hehe. I will say, this place is a great starter place since they have some vegetarian ones. Often people don’t like the idea of the raw fish, so this is a great way to just try out the experience. I hope you had a blessed Easter as well 🙂 <3

      1. Yes, I’m expanding my horizons vicariously. I’d try raw fish, as long as there are no surprises and I know what I’m eating. Many years ago I traveled in Spain with friends of the family. She was from Spain and knew of small towns with small eateries and we went in a place for dinner. Try as I might, I could not eat the bouillabaisse. I do like fish, but when one arrived and was whole, with its googly eyes and not as a filet, I had some serious issues!! I did have a quiet Easter … the weekend always speeds by too quickly it seems. ❤

      2. Exactly !! I love that.

        I totallllly get not wanting to go for the bouillabaisse. I think I have yet to try that! I had something similar once (I don’t know that it had the eyes- but it was the whole fish fins and all if I remember right) , and it was delicious – but definitely took a bit of convincing myself!

        I totally agree- speeds by wayyy too fast! Have a nice day, Linda!

      3. I think it was the eyes did me in and the big shells floating around in the bouillabaisse as well. Normally I would try new things, but this not so much.

    1. Yesss I cannot wait for them to open back up! Been craving their food. Hope you are doing well too, Jamie! Thanks for stopping in.

  7. My mouth is watering just looking at all that food, especially the sushi! The presentation of the food is wonderful! John and I have been craving sushi like nobody’s business but almost everywhere around us that sells sushi is closed. 

    My favorite meal lately has been the baked oatmeal I have been eating for breakfast 🙂 It is made with blueberries and bananas. I heat up a piece each morning with some brown sugar, strawberries, and a splash of milk. Soooo delicious!

    1. Hi Em! I hope those places can open up soon!!

      Oh my gosh that sounds SO good! Will have to try that out 😋 thanks for stopping in – hope you are doing well! 💞

  8. I absolutely love your posts! Reading about some normalcy honestly makes me so happy. I also haven’t had sushi in so long, but it sounds SO good right now! 💗

    1. Aw, Carly- thank you!!! You have no idea how much that means 🥰 I agree about the sushi too- might need to hunt some down this weekend!

  9. Thank you for sharing this lovely spread! As always, a feast for the eyes & soul.

    One of the upsides of having to stayhome is lots of time to bake & cook with the girls. So we have been enjoying the fruits of their hands – we have so much and have started a little food sharing group among our neighbours in our apartment block. 🙂

    1. so glad you enjoyed 😊

      Awww I just love the cozy memories of family baking and cooking- glad you are enjoying that time together 🙂 a food sharing group is such a fun idea! What’s been your favorite dish you’ve made so far?

      1. You’ve just asked a tough question …. so many yummy things have crossed my table these past couple of weeks.

        I think the most purposefully made one is a Basque Burnt Cheesecake. A friend gave me a slice and I was totally taken by it (I love all cheesecake, incidentally, so this comment must be taken with a pinch of salt).

        It took a while to get hold of cream cheese but I finally did. The recipe is fairly simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of ingredients. It was soooooo delicious! Here’s the link in case you want to try making it, or just drool over the photos:

      2. This is too funny you would share this recipe! I just tried basque cheesecake for the first time a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it! I am very excited to try this out myself sometime. Thank you for sharing, Ju Lyn!

      3. That is good to hear because baking does not come naturally to me! So excited to try it out!☺️

  10. It is always so funny bringing family along to blogging behind the scenes haha! I adored this post so much and reflecting back on happy and healthier times is so comforting. Hope you are well and staying safe xxx

    1. Hehe- right?! 😝 awww so glad you enjoyed this Chloe, and that it brought you some comfort ❤️ I hope you are well, love!

  11. I really wonder what that Kanpachi Serrano with Asian pear, coconut water ponzu and red curry oil tastes like. I have never heard of anything like it, when lockdown is over I may just have to drive to Austin Texas to give it a try 🙂

    1. Hi, Debby! I am so sorry to just be responding to your comment now. Somehow it found its way into my pending folder. I hope you get to try this dish someday- it really is so delicious! Hope you are well! Thanks for stopping in.

  12. Mmmm, that serrano dish is popping the heck out at me. It looks so fresh & wonderful! & I know what you mean about jicama, it’s always nice when added to a restaurant dish but have no idea how we’d ever use it at home! My mom would put it in different khmer soups sometimes though. 🙂

    I had high hopes for the catfish roll! What a bummer it wasn’t the best! I’ve never had goat cheese in a roll before either. Interesting!

    Everything else is making me drool. Glad you got to try the fish collar & that you enjoyed it so much, too! Yay! I miss having sushi SO much & you look so cute in that last photo! What fun your mom got to join you this time! Mine would be, like “eat!!! What are you doing letting everything sit on the table & taking pictures!?” LOL.

    1. Yessss so glad you get the jicama dilemma ! I didn’t even know you could use it in soup- but that sounds sooo yummy !

      The goat cheese was a game changer!! I need to reorder it soon 😋

      Hope you’ve had some great sushi since this comment !! And thanks gf 🥰 and thats tooo funny- your mom is just like my sister 😂 she gets so annoyed with me hahah. I have my mom a fair warning so she knew what she was getting into lol. I’m big on the proper temp of foods so that’s been the biggest struggle in the food blogging life- but as you know, we learn to do it quick 😄 miss u girl! This semester is kicking my butt, but hoping to pop over to see what you’re up to soon ❤️❤️❤️

  13. hi Mackenzie, I am finally getting to look at your blog! I am glad you got to have a nice experience at Lucky . And also that your beautiful Mom was able to join you, how nice you are both in the same state or same side of such a big state! Everything look so yummy ! If i ever get to Austin…! Ice cream is always a good way to end a great day. I hope you are doing well and keeping safe in these times we are in. Best wishes to you and DJ, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!! Oh wow it is soooo nice to hear from you. I have been MIA from the blog for months now, but finally have a second to jump back in being between semesters. Thank you tons for stopping in! I’m so glad my mom was able to come by for that delicious food tasting! How are you doing? We are okay- it’s been a very tough summer, but we have a bit of time to catch our breath before next semester begins. Sending hugs!

      1. Aw entering into the teenage years-how exciting! Thanks for sharing your post- can’t wait to check it out. So nice to chat with you, Terri ☺️

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