Meeting another Blogger, Golden Boy Pizza & The Emporium!

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend!

Jumping straight on into the recap…On May 29th and 30th, it was just study study, ya know the drill by now- but also, ya can’t get started without breakfast, right?! Breakfast time is one of my favorite parts of the whole day & I have been eating this one on repeat the last few weeks: an Avocado smoothie with PB toast & honey.


On May 30th I went to the local coffee shop to grab a cafe au lait and studied with Smalls in our apartment community office/study room. In the afternoon was Boys and Girls club. The kids are done for the summer & it’s been a bit emotional coming to that realization. I can’t wait to get plugged back in once we’re settled in Austin!


On May 31st I had a very lovely morning! I met up with a local blogger, Kalpana, from at Great Bear Coffee in Los Gatos.


We have been friends in the blog-o-sphere for years but have never met up before. It was absolutely wonderful to meet her and have such deeply rich conversation for a couple hours- I felt like we could have talked all day! And the coffee was fantastic as a nice bonus 🙂 It was certainly the highlight of my week. If you want some mouth-wateringly, beautifully prepared and delicious recipes, gorgeous garden pictures, and heart-warming family adventures I highly recommend heading over to her blog! She is a true inspiration of mine <3


In the afternoon I enjoyed a purple sweet potato with beets, artichoke hearts, hummus, and Fage.


I studied all the rest of the day and then while walking through our complex I realized there was something going down…. A hoe-down to be exact!


The management team had an entire western themed party going on for the complex complete with a petting zoo for the kiddos. I texted DJ to see if he wanted any food, but he had already had BBQ at the stadium for lunch. Still, so fun and a nice gesture for the apartment crew to put this on!


DJ finally had an evening to breathe from work, and I hustled on school work so we could enjoy a Saturday evening together the following day.

On Saturday June 1st we both were productive during the day and then around 5:00 pm we headed to San Francisco. I read Smalls in the car on the way down up (I always want to say down for some reason?!) and actually made a huge dent in my chapter- it makes me optimistic that I’ll be productive on our road-trip to TX. So where was our foodie adventure for the evening you ask? Welllll, lemme telll youuuu! I’ve been on a serious pizza kick lately and have been on a mission to find the best!


People swear by Golden Boy Pizza as the best in the city. The wait was about forty-five minutes, but finally we made it to the front to order. It’s a casual spot- you can technically eat inside, but it’s mostly standing room. People usually just take their pies to go.


They are famous for their clam and garlic pizza, so we tried that and a few other flavors: DJ had their pepperoni and sausage, and I had their cheese and clam/garlic.


We took our slices back to the car and blasted the heat while chowing down. This pizza was very good. DJ and I both prefer thin crusts, and this is more of a focaccia, but it worked! It wasn’t too dense or doughy- it was light, airy, and had a lovely crunch. The flavor of the clam and garlic was pretty tremendous and unique, but DJ preferred their meat-based slices. I don’t know that I would wait that long again for it- but I am so glad we finally tried it! I see why it has its popularity, but at the same time I’m not sure it’s 100% worth the hype.

After, we headed over to The Emporium to continue our date night. The Emporium is a massive arcade for adults. They have a live DJ, play a giant movie, and have countless of games that will make you nostalgic for the 80s and 90s.


It was a blast!!! Probably one of my favorite things we have done in SF yet.


DJ beat me at the basketball game, of course (hello, two time national basketball champion 😉 )…. but I held my own in ski ball, hehe.


When I was going through our pics on the way home I realized we were photo bombed by a cartoon painting who weirdly had similar eyes to mine?!


On June 2nd it was back to it! Smalls is almost too big for the treadmill reading/walking routine, but if the chapter is somewhere in the middle of the book I can balance him, ha!


June 3rd, same same, mixed up with my new favorite snack of a purple sweet potato, artichoke hearts, hummus, and Fage– can ya tell I’m on a kick?


I decided to make some homemade hummus with leftover tahini that evening. This is the best batch of homemade hummus I’ve made thus far, but I stilll don’t like it better than TJ’s quartet.


I also made Shakshuka from TJ’s. I heard about Shakshuka from Kori’s blog, and when I saw TJ’s had an easy throw-together one I figured it’d be a great way to start it out!


I served it with a couple eggs, brown rice, and naan bread. It was so stinkin’ yummy. This will be added to the lineup!


On June 4th I started the day with the uszh, yoozh? usz? (however you spell the short of usual).


In the afternoon, I threw together a little snack that I quite enjoyed of cauliflower mashed potatoes, tzatziki, artichoke hearts, beets, and chik’n tenders from Lightlife.


My sister was flying in that night! Before she arrived I had some errands to quickly run at Santana Row.


I marveled at this cozy sunset before heading to the stores.


After a happy reunion with my sissy, we went back home, I whipped up some stuffed sweet potatoes with tofu, hummus, roasted veggies, and green goddess dressing for us both, and we caught up while eating out on the patio.


I was initially planning on doing more school work, but I was so excited about my sister being here that I couldn’t think about focusing. Instead, I made DJ a big batch of his favorite chicken curry and naan that would be good for about three meals for the week.


This feels like a good stopping point.

Questions for you:

  • Are you having any food cravings/stages right now?
  • Have you watched Chernobyl on HBO? I hear it’s the new GOT, and DJ and I both are considering starting it after we finish The OA.

xo <3

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82 thoughts on “Meeting another Blogger, Golden Boy Pizza & The Emporium!

    1. Yay! Pizza craving twins- hehe! I could not agree with you more. Since I was probably 5 years old pizza has been my favorite food, and it has not changed a bit!

  1. I have never even heard of clam pizza! My taste buds are curious… Ha, ha! I agree with you on the crust though. I prefer a thinner crust as well. We actually had pizza on Friday night with my in-laws for an early Father’s Day celebration, and it was soooo good! There’s a Greek couple who owns a pizza place in town, and they make the best pizza! It’s simple but delish! 🙂
    Your cooking always makes me want to be more creative when it comes to tossing yummy things together. Sometimes I get too caught up in following a recipe, and that can be time-consuming (especially on the week days). Hopefully I can be a bit more spontaneous this summer!! 🙂
    That picture of the sunset is just too beautiful!!!

    1. Your curious taste buds would be VERY satisfied by this ‘za !! It was pretty darn good. I think the garlic balanced the savory flavor of the clam so perfectly. There wasn’t even a hint of “seafood”, and it all just worked very well!

      So glad you could enjoy some delicious pizza with the in-laws- is there anything better, really?!

      OK .. the fact that it’s a Greek couple that owns the place speaks to the fact that it’s bound to be tremendous pizza!! Greek food is my favorite. What’s the name of the place? I have to add it to my foodie bucket list 🙂

      Totally know what you mean about getting caught up with the recipes! As we are about to move it really has forced me to get in the mindset of creating unique dishes with what we have left- it’s kinda a fun challenge and feels great to use up so many ingredients. But all the food you cook always looks soooo darn yummy, so I wouldn’t change what you’re doing up too much! 🙂

      Thank you for stopping in, Nicole! <3

  2. That pizza looked DELISH. I just got back from Italy a couple of weeks ago, and the picture of the pizza from Golden Boy reminds me of the authentic Italian pizza, so it must be good! The Emporium looks like a lot of fun and it’s awesome you got to meet a blogger friend in person! 😊

    1. It was soo yummy 🤗

      Oh my gosh! I would love to hear allll about your trip! Are you posting about it?! Authentic Italian pizza is a dream- it’s #1 on my bucket list to go to Italy!

      The Emporium was so fun, such a little gem. And truly made my week meeting Kalpana! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      1. Yes I am! I’ll probably be posting today or tomorrow 😊 You HAVE to go to Italy! The pizza, pasta, pastries, coffee, wine, everything is DELICIOUS 🤤 I gained 6lbs while we were there but it was worth it lol

      2. Yayyy! I’ll have to go over and read, can’t wait!!

        6 lbs. doesn’t even sound like much, haha! I call that self control, lol. I think I’ll leave wiggle room for about 10.. there will be no stopping me the minute I step foot anywhere in Europe haha. Ahhh I am having Italian dreams! Sounds all just sooo magical.

  3. Your Dad is so proud of your Mackenzie <3 He may not be here but he is up above and with you every step of the way. I said a little prayer for you yesterday since I can imagine Father's Day is tough.

    How fun you got to meet up with another blogger! It sounds like you two lovely ladies had a great time getting coffee.

    That pizza is more Sicilian style which is good but I typically like thin crust pizza as well. Clam pizza is not the craziest pizza I've heard of. Funny story, in Germany we went to this local pizza place where only the manager spoke English. My mom accidentally ordered the 4 seafood pizza. We all just looked at each other wide eyed when the waiter brought it to us. I didn't eat any of it but the people who did said it was good.

    I can't wait to hear more about your sisters visit! I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. You are the sweetest friend- thank you so much, Maureen ❤️ I thought about your comment you left the other day alll Sunday- it really meant a ton as does this one!

      It was so nice to meet her! I regret not meeting sooner because we really had such a phenomenal time chatting away!

      The pizza was delicious, and if people prefer that thicker crust then they would be in heaven! It’s also hard when something is sooo hyped up because at that point you expect it to be life changing 😆 ok that’s too funny!!! I think I remember you writing that in your post! I am shocked that a restaurant actually had four seafood options- I did not realize this was so ubiquitous in other places! I will try a slice of each please 😋

      Aw thank you ❤️ the weight of everything going on is pretty heavy, but this comment brightened my evening!

  4. The Emporium looks like such a fun place! Never seen an arcade for adults, I might be prone to go into one of those instead of the basic ones filled with kids!

    I didn’t have any food cravings until I saw your curry dish, which I might need to fix by going out for someone, or even an attempt to make it for the first time! Any tips on making the dish?

    I love jalfrezi the most, but I could use a good curry kick! Hope your Monday is starting off wonderfully, Mackenzie! ♡

    1. Hi, Stephanie! It was so much fun 🤗 I was never a big arcade person even as a child, but gosh, this was just a blast.

      Ohhhhh I am so excited you want to make some curry! It’s a staple in our home. Hmm I would say as a tip- full fat coconut milk adds such a lovely creamy and sweet flavor . If you want less sweet, more creamy- Greek yogurt actually works very well (on top of less coconut milk… if I use reduced fat coconut I up the yogurt). Also tomato paste, curry, cumin, turmeric, freshly grated ginger, cayenne, and tons of veggies are some of my favorite ingredients to include- topped with some fresh cilantro, minced garlic, pink Himalayan sea salt and buttered naan. I’m drooling at the thought. I can’t wait to be settled in Texas so I can start making it again! This probably wasn’t helpful, but those are the ingredients I use most frequently! For DJs chicken based dishes I just use more chicken than veggies and make it a bit less spicy tehe.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Hope you are having a wonderful week, gf! 💕

      1. Thank you! I used to work in an Asian restaurant and I’d see it a lot, but I’ve never braved up to try to make it on my own! It sounds fabulous, I’ll have to work on the recipe for sure; you’re comment was super helpful. Thank you for taking the time to explain!

        Awh, I’m usually the one to want to ramp up on the spice, but Stephen can’t take the heat as well, oops. I hope your day is going great and your moving process goes smoothly!

      2. Ohh I bet you saw some yummy dishes being made! I have had a serious craving for all Asian food lately. Hope you enjoy cooking it up 🙂

        Haha- if we ever did a double date we’d have to make sure we kept the spice rack closer to us gals who can handle the heat!

        Thank you soo much, Stephanie! <3

      3. Oh yes, there were definitely some yummy dishes I need the recipes for! Haha, I agree. We don’t want to make them squirm too much with the heat! Thanks again, I hope to try to attempt it sometime this week or the next! 🙂 Hope your day is well and full of sunshine!

  5. That pizza looks so good!

    Chernobyl is really good. Watch it!

    Questions: Are the beets ones you roasted yourself? In what form do you buy those pretty artichoke hearts? Fresh? Canned? Frozen?

    1. Oops sent my response too soon! But the pizza was really yummy, especially if you prefer an airy light slice!

      Ok we are definitely going to watch once we finish the OA! So excited to see what it’s all about. Thanks for confirming it’s worth it.

      I alternate between roasted beets or jarred beets .. the ones pictured here are jarred and marinated from Trader Joe’s.. really delicious ! I just restocked today. The artichoke hearts are canned from TJs too!

      1. Ha ha I hate when I hit the Send button too soon on my replies.

        Thanks for the beets and artichoke hearts info. It is very good to know that you use the jarred / marinated ones. Good to know it works with either roasted or jarred/marinated! I’ll never find a purple sweet potato in this tiny town but I am eager to try your concoction with a regular sweet potato!

      2. Tehe- WP can be such a booger, especially on the phone!

        Of course! It was my pleasure- it definitely works out well and is just soo very easy to throw it all together and I know it will taste just as great with a regular sweet potato too! Hope you are having a nice weekend, Jinjer!

  6. That PIZZA… it looked soooooo good! Yea… my new craving is PIZZA!

    OUR DADS are chatting with each other… “look at those girls… one young and one old… but great gals who like to blog and enjoy life.” Hugs sweet girl. He watches out for you.

    And I went right over to see another WordPress blogger, who you got to meet. How fun.

    Happy Week to you sweet girl. and to DJ too!

    1. Woohooo! I am so with ya on that, Nancy!! 🍕 😋

      Oh my gosh this warmed my heart more than I can even put into words. ❤️ thank you thank you for your sweet comment. I just love that thought! (Ps. I think the convo would go “look at those two young girls” … 😉 ) tehe.

      Thank you for stopping by Kalpana’s! You will love her blog- you two are very similar with your beautiful love of nature, flowers, and hosting the most beautiful dinner parties!!

      Thank you so much ! Same to you!! 💕

  7. Looks like things are continuing to smoothly chug along for you. Glad you are finding ways to study yet not stop everything else you love to do.

    I need to make homemade hummus again. I haven’t in a while. I love to make chocolate hummus too, have you ever tried that? ummm yum and healthy in one dish!

    I recently blogged about Shakshuka, it was easy to put together and very tasty. I used meat in mine, but you don’t have to, oh and I skipped the eggs because runny eggs make my stomach churn, yes I know most people would think that is strange.

    That pizza looks good, but I hate when you wait for something only to find out it was… ok. If I wait I want it to be fabulous… fantastic, the best thing I’ve ever had! Pizza crust should be crisp and crunchy IMO

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I will say this balance is hard to find. I did really well on the first exam and quiz, but this unit kicked my butt so we’re back to the drawing board to figure out how to make this work! In a month I have to remind myself the balance will be easier to find. The thing I miss the most is blogging right now for sure.

      Ohhhh I love chocolate hummus!!!!! I have only had store bought and haven’t made it at home. I definitely need to do this though- thanks for the recommendation!

      DJ would love to have the meat added- that’s such a great idea! what do you usually use? And not strange at all about the eggs- I get that. I go through phases with eggs for sure.

      I totallyyyy agree about the wait & how pizza should be ! I think the wait adds to the anticipation and very rarely does something truly live up to the hype because of the expectation. It almost makes it more difficult to be objective ! All in all if I had that slice any other time I would have thought highly of it… but the hype made me hyper critical for sure and it was not life changing.

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Aw how awesome!! This made me wonder since they have something like this in other spots I wonder if they have any in TX. Gonna have to go see… thanks for reading, Carly!!

  8. Hello Mackenzie! Yes, indeed it was the highlight of my week to meet you and grab coffee! Did we really chat for 2 hours! Seems hard to believe it went by too fast!!! I had a wonderful time meeting you and learning about you and sharing mutual life stories, I’m so glad we got to see each other before you move to Austin. You really are an inspiring young lady and filled with so much wisdom for someone so young. I wish you all the best in Austin and wherever you take your life adventures.❤️ Lets stay in touch in the blogersphere and maybe we can even grab coffee the next time I visit Austin!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment and words, Kalpana! I learned so much from you and have thought about your convo sooo much since. I was biting at the bit to share this post and finally had a couple spare moments to write it up 🤗 it will always be such a fond memory meeting you, and I so look forward to seeing you sometime again in Austin (or if we make our way back here 🙂 ). ❤️ ☕️ ❤️

  9. The Emporium looks like such a cool place!!! And that pizza- wowzers!!!! I want in on some of that!!!! Shakshuka sounds so interesting- I’ve never heard of it before! Looks delicious!!

    1. It was such a blast! I wish we had more time to go back so badly! If you ever go to TJs definitely get some Shakshuka! It’s so tasty & easy!! Thanks for stopping in, Shan 🙂

  10. Ahh, meeting others bloggers is so much fun! Especially when you’ve known them in the blog world for a bit! It must be bittersweet that the boys & girls club is over for the summer. What a great experience, though!

    1. It was so much fun 🤗 I am soo thankful for my experience with B+G club— I cannot wait to get plugged back in when we get settled in Austin !

  11. Well as to cravings … I’m carving any one (or more) of those squares of pizza you have shown in their tomato-y and cheesy glory, not to mention the clam and garlic that is sprinkled on top. Smalls on the road, the well-traveled textbook and isn’t that two cells on the front cover – blown up to that size, they look a little harried to me. 🙂

    1. Yesss I so wish I could share a slice with you! I could go for it again- I guess that means it really is good if you find yourself craving it again!

      And yess it is a couple cells 🤣 they certainly do look harried- warning all that dare enter Smalls’s world!

    1. It was incredibly nice to meet her!! <3 I was so thankful we were able to find time before this big move. Thanks for stopping in, Mia <3 xo

  12. So I have never tried an avocado smoothie, but I have some leftover avocados from dinner last night so I’m tempted…
    That’s so great you got to meet up with Kalpana! I would love to meet up with other bloggers but I haven’t met any in the blog-o-sphere that are from Denmark.
    The animals at the petting zoo are so cute!
    It looked like you had a great date night with DJ & The Emporium looks so fun!
    & I’ve been hearing a lot about Chernobyl so I should ask my bf if he wants to watch it together.

    1. Hi, Karalee! I so hope you get to try an avocado smoothie out soon- they are quite yummy and refreshing- especially in the summer 🙂

      I hope you get to meet another blogger one day! It’s such a fun experience. If you are ever in the states or if I am ever in Denmark we’ll have to meet up!

      And the date night was so needed & amazing. I am thankful for those times we can get together right now because they are few and far between. Thank you for reading & stopping in!

      1. I ended up using the avocados in a different dish, but I’ll have to try making one! I made a cucumber & blueberry smoothie for me & my daughter & she loved it!
        You should definitely come to Denmark one day since I have no idea when my residence permit will be approved. My parents moved to Montana, but the rest of my mom’s family still lives in Texas so it would be nice to visit them.

      2. Ohhhhh a cucumber and blueberry smoothie sounds incredible !!!!! Yum!!

        I would love to visit Denmark! Definitely planning on it- just a matter of when 🤗

        Ohhh I sure hope you visit Texas one day! We just arrived a couple days ago but are already loving it! Where in TX is your fam?

      3. That’s great!!!
        They live near Houston & one of my mom’s cousins & his family lives in Austin 😊

  13. Gosh, I just love your posts! It’s definitely a bucket list item to meet you one day!

    I love stuffed sweet potatoes, and you’re reminding me that I need to make one soon!

    Your date night looked epic and oh so fun! That photo bomb is hi-larious!

    I’m so glad you got to try Shakshuka! Isn’t the warm tomatoes with eggs quite heavenly?

    I’m sorry the pizza didn’t quite live up to the hype, but it looks so amazing! I love fluffy crust. Mmm

    Those sunset photos are breathtaking!!

    I can’t wait to hear about your sister’s visit!

    I have frozen avocado that I’ll be adding to a smoothie later this week! Your’s look so creamy and dreamy. Have a fantastic day!

    1. Aw! Okay I was in such a cranky mood & this comment along with our convo on your post just totally turned it all around! We will definitely meet one day, just a total matter of when. I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ and I end back up in the midwest in a few years, so then it would make it much easier!

      Yesss! Ok so my favorite stuffed sweet potato lately is beets, artichoke hearts, hummus, tofu, and tzatziki!! You would looove. Sometimes I throw a stuffed grape leaf in too!

      Oh my gosh, Shakshuka is wonderful… it’s one of those “comfort food” type foods that actually is nutritious! I can’t wait to have it again!

      While the pizza didn’t live up to the hype it was still great pizza (I think the hype ruined a totally objective opinion of it because you expect it to be life changing, which it’s hard to put that pressure on just any one food-haha).I think you would LOVE this especially because it was maybe one of the fluffiest pieces I’ve had without being too “bready” and still maintaining that crisp crunch!

      I loveeed seeing that you enjoyed that smoothie!! I was so excited- and I need your recipe with all the fixins because it looked bomb! Thanks for reading & stopping in & turning my mood around! haha. <3

      1. I’m so glad I could help, & yes, we so will meet!!!

        I’ll be making this combo stat!

        It is such a comfort food! Warm, spicy, & very nourishing.

        I absolutely know what you mean. If I work up my expectation, then I’m sometimes bummed rather than just going with an open mind. That description sounds exactly like what I love! Kind of like a gooey brownie but still with that crispy exterior. 😋

        That smoothie was just what I was craving! I topped with Kashi Go Cereal & Grape Nuts, our fav! 👵🏻👵🏻 Pb “ribbon” was a must too.

        You are so welcome!! 🖤🖤

      2. Ohhh YUM!!! I love the idea of topping it with that type of cereal & you know anything PB I am alll about. Thanks for sharing your foodie secrets always with me 🙂 XO

  14. I love avocado smoothies!!! My favorite! just curious, what are you studing? And how cool is that meeting up with a fellow blogger and having a sparkling conversation! HAHAH a hoe-down and a petting zoo!? HOW CUTE IS THAT! Oh, Saturday sounds wonderful and that pizza, clam and garlic sounds so damn good NOW IM SAD I CANT TRY IT WITHOUT A PLANE TICKET AND A WHOLE LOTTA MONEY HAHA. How cool is America, complexes that hosts such fun things and the emporium, wow. I love shakshuka too, its so good! Your days sound so wonderful.
    I’m definitely having a pizza craving right now. And nope, havent watch Chernobyl, i do hear how good it is!

  15. I made the mistake of reading while hungry again! Lunch is in 14 minutes though. 🙂

    Chernobyl was awesome! I’m in that line of work and I can tell you that did an amazing job of realistically portraying the event and explaining it all. Now I can cancel HBO haha.

    1. Come n’ Ralph haven’t you learned by now?! Lol. Hope you had a great lunch though!

      Ohhhh this just got me so psyched to watch, especially coming from someone who actually knows what’s up. When I watch medical shows I spot tons of inaccuracies which makes it a bit less enjoyable- so the fact that you aren’t just calling out things as unrealistic or inaccurate is huge! We are watching OA right now so when we finish it up we are definitely starting it. Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Hi, Diane! I was so thankful it worked to get coffee with her- seriously a time I will never forget. Thanks for stopping in & your kind words 🙂 Hope you are having a nice weekend!

    1. Aw thank you soo much for stopping in, Chelsea, & your sweetest words!!! <3 Hope you had a wonderful weekend so far hopefully accompanied by some good pizza :)

  16. I love that you were able to meet another blogger!! How fun and I’m so glad it worked out for you!
    What a great event for your complex to put on! I always liked the community events our first complex put together — they were so creative sometimes and they were super helpful for students. 🙂
    The Emporium looks amazing!! I know my husband would have a blast there. Total 80s and 90s feel but that’s PERFECT.

    1. Aw thanks, Courtney- It was such a joy to spend time with her!! <3 I hope you and I can grab coffee one day too!

      I love to hear that the complex was helpful for students too! that's really neat. It makes all the difference in a sense of community when the Management team orchestrates stuff like that! Hoping our new apartment has a similar type feel!

      YESSSS. The Emporium is incredible. I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city. It was made for us 90s kids!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  17. Now I really want some pizza!! 😉 The Emporium looks like a blast! I haven’t watched Chernobyl but I keep seeing the ads for it. I just started a quick 5 day detox yesterday and discovered that a wrap made with a giant collard green is SO tasty!!

    1. Hehe- it was some good stuff!! I am definitely going to miss the pizza options here, I’m hoping TX can deliver (literally and figuratively) 😉

      We started the first episode and it was tremendous!!! Not sure if we’ll be able to get through it right now with how busy life is, but can’t wait to keep watching.

      Oh my gosh, yes!! A couple years ago I went through a phase with the big collard green wraps- I love how secure they are too! YUM! What do you like to put in yours?!

      1. I seasoned up chicken or shrimp and then added cucumbers, shredded carrots, and avocado. I can see how many options there could be though!

  18. The avocado and PB and honey toast is so good! I added banana to my toast as well and it was delish and very filling!
    How cool you got to meet another blogger?! Love that! I can’t wait to meet someone else, lol
    A petting zoo??? Omg fun! I’d love to pet the goats! They’re my favorite!!
    Okay the pizza looks amazing but man the wait!! I think that’s one of the cons from the popular places, like yeah the food is good but not super out of this world but still worth a shot once lol.
    Okay the arcade sounds like something Alex and I would do. We actually have ground kontrol over here but we’ve never been because ciel would never let us have fun in there without a meltdown or two lol. Hopefully we can have someone watch him and then we can go haha
    Omg idk how you can run and read at the same time. I could never haha
    And lovely that your sis dropped by! Did we already talk about her being there in a different post? If so, then I cant wait to hear what you guys did! But also, arent you moving at the end of this month (June)? Or is it July? Again, I apologize for forgetting. So many people moving this summer. My neighbors found a house they liked and bought it so they will be leaving too next month 😭 lol

    1. Ohhh yes- did you know that’s called “Elvis” style?! With PB, toast, and honey? SO good!! It was my favorite type of sammy growing up too- mmm mmm!

      Hehe- the goats were so cute!! I loved seeing how excited all the kiddos were too. It was a special event.

      Totally worth the shot one time! The issue is, in SF (like in Portland) there are soooo many good options, that sometimes the wait just doesn’t seem reasonable.

      YESS! Y’all would love this arcade. it’s so awesome. In a couple years I hope you guys can go to the one near you when he’s a bit older!

      Haha we may have- girl, no need to apologize, my brain is sooo scrambled right now too! I can’t keep anything straight! We actually leave Sunday!! CRAZY.

      Awww – do you actually like your neighbors?! lol. Hope they aren’t moving too far from ya!

      1. Lol is it really? I’ll have to remember that and tell Alex I’m eating an Elvis toast haha. So much better than telling him toast, with PB & honey! 🤣

        I know right? I feel like that’s one of the reasons Alex and I cant go out to eat to places we may really want to try because their wait times are insane at all hours of the day. And CL is not very patient either and usually places that are super crowded tend to be REALLY loud for him so we are forced to skip it. I cannot tell you how many places we have chosen to go to, we get there and it’s full, so we are forced to have a back up plan and its usually our favorite japanese restaurant because its empty when they reopen for happy hour lol.

        Omg how exciting!!!!! That is much sooner than I realized! Holy moly! Well if I dont have a chance to talk to you before now and tomorrow, I hope you guys have an amazing and safe trip to Austin! (Did I get it right this time? Lol)
        Yeah only the neighbors living across the street from me, though technically the ones living to our right are their family lol. We’ve known them for 10 years. When they first moved here I met their daughter in my freshman year, because she was in my classes. And when she explained to me her mom was looking for a job I told my parents and my dad hooked her up with a jon at his workplace so our parents started working together and we were friends so we all got pretty close. My mom bought the house across from her because it was on sale when they were looking and since she ended up moving to Utah, I stayed here with my brother. So anytime they had a little get together or bbq or for a holiday like Thanksgiving and xmas, we usually spent it with them and still sort of do. Lol. She said they weren’t moving far but she definitely wont be walking distance anymore which makes me sad because I’d go over to her house randomly at times just to say hey and I’d stay talking to her and her telling me stories of her grandkids for an hour or so lol. I’m gonna miss her. Lol.

      2. Haha definitely a lot easier to say 😆

        Ohhh that makes total sense why you’d avoid them! But having a good back up plan is key and something we failed to have too many times haha

        Thank you so much!!! You did get it right 🙂

        Aw that’s so sweet how you all got to know each other. Such a special friendship. They sound like family. I’m sure that’s a relationship that will continue despite the distance! 💕❤️

      3. Yes, we always have a back up plan, and you can’t go wrong with happy hour ramen LOL

        Yay! 😀 And I bet you guys are already at your new place, maybe waiting on your furniture. Well I hope you’re settling in fine!

        Yes, they’re definitely like family! <3

      4. Aw thanks, Rossy!!! Everything comes on the 9th, so we are spending a looot of time in the lobby using chairs & wifi lol!


  19. Girl your posts always make me so hungry and I am not mad about it at all!!! Also that looks like the cutest date night ever!!!! Also the set up of reading whilst on the treadmill is dedication – woo! xxxx

    1. Hehe glad you enjoyed this, gf! Hope you found some great noms right after 🙂 ❤️

  20. You got to have your breakfast Girl!! It is important to eat in the morning, so many people do not start the day right, I am glad you take time to. lol I had forgotten for a minute who smalls was but remembered then!! Aww it is sad the Boys and Girls club is coming to an end , I know you will find a club in Austin. I will have to check out Kalpana , she is a beautiful lady , that makes two beautiful ladies in the photo:) How nice especially for the kids to have a western theme with animals at your complex! The pizza looks very good, you can say you tried it even if it was overhyped. The emporium is a cool place! I am sure it is hard to concentrate on the movie while playing games! I love the mountain view from santana row and the one with the sunset! I am so happy you got to have Halston visit , maybe her last time as a single Girl (single not married I mean!) I don’t have hbo but it sounds a good show. Have a nice day Mackenzie, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Absolutely!!! I cannot function without food first thing!!

      I can’t wait to find a new club in Austin 🤗

      Yes!! Aw thank you! Kalpana is beautiful inside & out!! Such a wonderful convo with her.

      Hehe we definitely had no idea what was happening in that movie! The games were so much fun.

      aw yes exactly- last girls time with her as a single lady! The wedding is in less than two weeks- so exciting 🤗

  21. How fun that you got to have a real life coffee chat with another blogger! Totally followed her now. 🙂

    The little apartment party looks so cute & the Golden Boy Pizza looks delicious!! I would so love to try the clam & garlic one. Sorry it wasn’t worth the 45 minute wait– nothing ever is unless like there’s absolutely nowhere else to get it!

    I am screaming about Emporium. Oh my gosh. Boyfriend & I would have an absolute ball in there. Looks & sounds like so much freakin’ fun!! LOL about the cartoon photo bomb. 🤣

    So nice that you got to spend all the quality time with your sister. ♡

    1. You will LOVE her recipes!!!! They are all sooo yummy!

      I totally agree! I will say I have had cravings for it since… and so I’m wondering if I was a bit harsh first time around with the expectations. If it was a fast wait then I’d totally get it again!!!

      The Emporium is probably one of my favorite things we did there! so SO much fun!


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