First Trimester Recap!

Where to even begin?! It is such a relief to finally just chit-chat about everything going on now! I am securely into the second trimester, in my 17th week, so I want to document all my thoughts from the first trimester before I forget them. I bought a pregnancy journal and figured I would let it guide some of this post mixed with just some random thoughts!

Overall thoughts on the first trimester: I had never been more elated, grateful and… sick for such a long time. It was rough! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and would endure whatever it took for our baby- but even after doing an OB rotation, I did not appreciate just how much of a toll the first trimester can take. I also laugh at the idea of morning sickness. What a misnomer. Mornings were sometimes worse, and it was extremely hard to get going in the morning, but evenings could often be just as bad, if not worse. Beyond the nausea, the fatigue and lack of motivation was maybe my least favorite part. I felt like I was operating at 30% or less of my normal self, and since I couldn’t chug down my usual amount of coffee to compensate, you could find my on the couch most of the time. I actually found out I was pregnant a few days before we picked up Moose, and having him was such a good thing for me. Since it took so long for the job stuff to get rolling, having him gave me purpose, still forced me to get up early, take care of him and go on our daily walks. He also was the best cuddle bug when I really could not get off the couch.

I do feel much better now! I really started turning the corner around 14 weeks- nausea subsided greatly, I have more energy and much more motivation.

How I Told DJ: I surprised him with a cookie cake saying the news in icing, a card and the positive tests when he returned home from work! He was beyond thrilled. I know he’ll be the best dad ❤️ I’m so grateful I have him by my side every step.

Things I was nervous about: Everything. The first trimester was the greatest lesson in giving fears and worries to God daily. I was so afraid of eating something contaminated, exposing myself to chemicals unknowingly or doing anything that would harm the baby. It even felt like each day there was something new I’d learn (that I had not learned in school) to be anxious about. I realized at some point, I was doing my absolute best, and it was impossible to control everything. Now, I feel much better and less anxious, but it was pretty intense for a bit. I also would feel really anxious if I felt “normal” or better on certain days – it happened a few times, and I wished the nausea back to know everything was ok. Thankfully, everything was, and that was all just normal hormonal fluctuations (the nausea often came back with a vengeance!). With every ultrasound, every lab test that comes back without concern, and when I hear our little one’ s heartbeat, I feel that anxiety dissipate more and more!

Also, one of my best friends, Clair, was the first to know I was pregnant given I sent her my first pregnancy test for “line eyes”, even though I was a few days too early to technically take the test. When she said she saw a second line too, I took one of the early prediction tests, and it was clear as day positive. I was so grateful she knew because she was such a rock for me through the first trimester before we told everyone. I called her often, and she always calmed me down, as she’s been through this twice herself. I don’t know what I would have done/what I would do without her!!

Cravings: This is my favorite prompt. You will get a kick out of this. Apparently baby likes meat. I haven’t had meat in my diet probably since 2013, and all of a sudden I’m pregnant and, bam, I want a steak (I ordered it well-done, but still tasted amazing – I don’t even usually like steak). (My iron is all good too- I made sure about that). I also had a craving for biscuits and gravy, chicken sandwiches (hiiii Chick-fil-A) and Cane’s Chicken Fingers- can you have a craving for something you’ve never had? 😂 I’m listening to the meat cravings, especially because I gave up most of my protein sources from soy which was a big chunk of my diet pre-pregnancy.

Other cravings: COTTAGE CHEESE (Can’t get enough!), pizza (although I did have an aversion for a few weeks to it too), pumpkin pie, Cheesecake Factory brown bread, veggie delight subs from subway with provolone and avocado (I’ve had this more times than I can count, and it was the only way I could stomach veggies for a while), Thomas English Muffins, mini wheats, pistachio and banana oatmeal, pancakes, and Thai food (I have wanted all the spicy food, which is funny to me given how weak my stomach has been). Shout out, Papaya Salad Thai for satisfying those cravings every time!

Aversions: Chocolate and ice cream were my two strongest aversions. Along with hot coffee. It’s funny how three of my previously daily staples suddenly made me gag at the thought. Thankfully those aversions have mostly subsided (except the hot coffee). I also had daily/fluctuating aversions to random foods- some days it felt like nothing sounded good, and we’d Door Dash whatever I could stomach. Sometimes whatever sounded good one day may sound repulsive the next. We used enough Door Dash in 14 weeks to suffice for the rest of our lives, lol. I also stopped stocking the fridge with my usuals because I had no idea what I’d be able to actually eat the next day.

Caffeine?: This is definitely a topic I’ve felt anxious about. I had a strong aversion to hot coffee, actually I still do unless it’s in a cappuccino or something with a lot of milk. Anyway, while I know there is a caffeine limit that is considered safe, I had always thought I wouldn’t touch the stuff just to be extra safe when I was pregnant. And I did give it up cold turkey. Going from 3 to 4 cups a day to nothing. I actually didn’t have as severe a withdrawal as I had expected- no headache or anything. Very surprising. But I couldn’t function. I literally could not function. Finally, Clair suggested I just add a little bit back in and see how it goes. I reluctantly tried adding in about 3-4 oz. iced coffee, and it made all the difference. I was still way under the limit, but I felt much better. In the second trimester, I haven’t needed it as much as my energy returns, and usually I just stick to straight decaf if I have any at all. Oh, and I guess I get a little caffeine from chocolate now too 😋 We do have a place nearby, Nervous Dog, that makes the best decaf almond milk cappuccino, so sometimes after cold walks with Moose I’ll stop in there and get my cappuccino and him a pup cup.

How I’d describe my sleep: I had some insomnia the first few weeks from pure adrenaline I think, but I actually slept great most of the first trimester- I would just wake up with some nausea here and there, but was able to fall back asleep. DJ is a saint and took Moose out for all his nighttime potty breaks- I kept offering, but he insisted. Anyway, now, in the second trimester, I am having more of a challenging time sleeping. I am not as tired overall, and I think I just have a lot rolling around in my head right now starting a new job, holiday plans and thinking about planning for baby <3 All good things!

Expectations vs. Reality: I thought I would not touch anything unhealthy in pregnancy. Let’s all laugh together. Those pregnancy cravings are strong! And overall, I have eaten healthy as possible- but when the cravings call, I answer. I am getting cravings for nutritious foods back in the second trimester, but in the first they were pretty fast-food based!

Exercise routine: I tried to exercise about 3-4x/week if possible for 30 minutes along with doing an arm workout (with very light weights) and pregnancy-safe abs a couple times a week. I often would go into a workout feeling miserable but would feel better after. The only time of day I found I could actually fathom working out was in the late afternoons/early evenings. I also had my daily walks with Moose, which helped a lot with keeping me active. The fresh air and movement often seemed to help with my nausea/mood too.

Pregnancy Dreams: Nothing specific- although I did have a dream I was pregnant about a week before finding out I was! I also had dreams about the gender- one time baby was a girl and one time baby was a boy- so that was not very helpful, haha.

Physical Changes: Besides what has already been discussed- I’ve had some restless legs, a very mini bump probably only noticeable to me, and my appetite notably increased (although sometimes it would be hard to get full with the aversions). I also am experiencing some sciatica- stretching and avoiding sitting for long periods helps a ton. Oh, and acne- I feel like I’m back in middle school, lol. When does that glow start? I also cry easily and the mood swings are pretty rough- sorry, Deej 😬❤️ He’s the most gracious and supportive with everything!!

App I’m Using: What to Expect. I love the May 2022 Babies Community group in there! They have some helpful articles too.

How We Told People: We sent my mom and Pete a onesie in the mail and had them open it on Facetime. I told them Moose had a gift for them, and I wanted to see their reaction. When my mom opened it, she thought it was a onesie from Moose saying, “I can’t wait to meet you Grandma and Grandpa”. She goes,”It’s like the onesies people use to announce they are having a baby, how cute!”. Then it dawned on her when she saw the “See you in May!”. LOL. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her and Pete happier. For our local family, we had Moose walk out in a bandana at our get-togethers that said “soon to be big brother”. Very special moments <3

Pregnancy Brain Moments: I put a new tub of butter in the sink, I put several items in the freezer instead of the fridge. I misspell things that I know how to spell and have major moments of just blanking on things that I should not be blanking on! 😅

Interviewing While Pregnant: Overall, they went well. However, at one of my interviews, I was trying not to throw up seconds before they called me in (sorry if that’s TMI- I know no limits as a nurse). I didn’t eat enough before and had no snacks on me. Hunger is what always set my nausea off the most. The interview itself went well, thankfully the nausea stayed at bay during the actual interview, and then they invited me to shadow after. I hadn’t been planning on shadowing, and I was already starving. I agreed though- and it was a great experience… until I nearly passed out. I told one of the nurses I was shadowing I was about to pass out as I started losing my vision and breaking out into a profuse sweat. Thankfully, the nurse helped keep it discrete, grabbed me some orange juice, and I immediately felt better after chugging it down and sitting down. Thankfully this was at the very end of the shadowing experience, so I left shortly after. I called my Aunt on the way home, so I could have someone on the phone while I was driving to be safe. I felt fine, but I was super shaken up and embarrassed. A couple weeks later, I got this awesome gift package in the mail. It’s all the most amazing healthy snacks you can imagine. My Aunt wanted to be sure that I didn’t have any more episodes like that, and I can tell ya, I have not! It was so thoughtful, and this package has certainly come in handy! Seriously one of the best gifts if you know anyone who’s pregnant.

Well I think I have talked your ear off enough for a day. If you actually read this, thank you- I would never expect you to!

Question for you!

  • I’d love to hear about any of your first trimester experiences, cravings, etc.! I know they vary quite a bit.



31 thoughts on “First Trimester Recap!

      1. We all go through blogging seasons like that- I’ve certainly had my fair share! Glad to hear you’re doing well. Wishing you a great day too, Amitav!!

  1. So funny that you’re craving things you haven’t eaten before! Maybe your brain knows their smells from when DJ or your friends have eaten similar foods around you. So glad to hear it is all going well! And your reveal to your mom is too funny! She must have really not expected the news if her first reaction was to associate the onesie with Moose haha. Keep the updates coming! I’m glad you’re through the first trimester, and I can’t wait to hear about the growth of the bump and the nesting. And your new job! So many blessings in your life right now, thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I find it so funny 😂 I think you’re right with that, makes sense!!

      She was definitely shocked but so excited!!

      Aww thanks so much for sharing in our excitement with us 🥰

  2. Having never experienced pregnancy, it was interesting to read your impressions, including the cravings. Your love of fast food and meat after countless posts of healthy foods, (like fish, avocado toast, no meat), I had to laugh at those tasty-looking, fast-food fries. I am an only child and used to hear from my mom that she was so nauseous from daily morning sickness the first trimester that she lost weight. She lived on saltines and Arrowroot biscuits and water during that time. I was only 4 pounds 11 ounces when I born and my parents’ apartment neighbors saw my mom, who was wearing a coat, about a week before I was born and asked when they were going to start having babies. Enjoy this time Mackenzie and one day you’ll show these posts to your son or daughter along with the pregnancy journal.

    1. I find it so amusing what I’m craving too 😂 I don’t think DJ minds one bit when I’m the one that suggests we get Chick-fil-A or Cane’s for dinner!

      Oh wow, it sounds like an extra tough pregnancy for your mom. That’s wild the neighbors made that comment only a week before you were born too! I lost a little weight in the first trimester from the aversions and nausea, but it’s stabilized, and I’m gaining now in the second thankfully. It can be scary when the scale goes down while pregnant. Im still waiting to see a definite bump- my mom said hers didn’t really pop until 20 weeks, and it looks like I’m following in her steps.

      Thanks for reading, Linda!

      1. Well that’s the best Christmas present for you and DJ and your extended family. I look forward to seeing and reading more of this journey Mackenzie!

  3. Hi Mackenzie! Many congrats again to you both !!! 17th weeks already , I am sure it is going fast. Elated grateful and sick can sum up the first trimester! I hear what you are saying about morning sickness . It must have been hard for someone like you who is always active to be more comfy on the couch. Having Moose definitely meant you did have to get out and walked even if you were not feeling it at the time. What a sweet ( well sweet on the double) surprise for DJ and realizing he was going to be a Dad ! It is so nice to have someone like Clair to be a calming influence when as a first time Mom you need people with answers and just being there for you to lean on. You never know what cravings you might have and it is interesting you wanted steak ! With coffee being an aversion , I am glad you are feeling better getting back on decaf. Mackenzie without coffee just does not seem right !!! It is so easy to have stuff rolling around in our head but its added to when your pregnant. Fresh air is good to be out in, and glad it helped dissapate your nausea. That’s funny you had a dream about a boy one time and girl the next ! I am sure crying comes easy , it is natural and I am happy DJ is so understanding ! It is such a special moment telling our dearest family members that we are having a baby ( especially the 1st ) I can imagine how happy your Mom and Pete were! I feel bad that you had issues while shadowing , it was sweet of the nurse to get you some juice before you passed out! That was a lovely gift from your Aunt , it will be nice to have snacks at hand when you really need them. Thanks for sharing your experiences , you have a support system of blog friends here so it will be good keeping in touch on your pregnancy journey , love to you all, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you so much, Terri! Haha I agree- coffee is part of my personality at this point 😂 I am glad I can stomach some decaf now too!

      DJ has been so supportive and understanding – more than he probably needs to be with those mood swings🤣

      We are so grateful, Thanks for reading!!

  4. I love hearing your experience! Some similarities and some major differences between us. I had very very mild queasiness also brought on by hunger, and then it subsided. I did have insomnia from the start that has improved, but I still wake up at least once a night. I really didn’t have any exciting food aversions or cravings. Ha! Though cottage cheese and salty/savory foods were absolutely my jam. Weirdly, I could not stomach the thought of an apple eaten out of hand, but I could tolerate them if I sliced it. So odd, right?! I also craved way more juicy fruits like grapefruit and grapes than apples and bananas. My appetite was increased so early on, and my bump was quite obvious. Most of it was food bloat, but I both loved it and also was surprised by how quickly it showed. It’s now very much there! I like you overly questioned some things in the beginning, but I started adding back my beloved UNMEASURED barre classes and had continued to walk and tried to stay active but in a gentle way. I questioned if I could get a pedicure, for which Kaci told me I was way too cautious. I just couldn’t help but worry! I didn’t do anything fun for Matt when I found out, haha! I went into our guest bathroom at 6:00AM on a Saturday for the first-morning urine, and I was convinced it was negative. I had taken a test earlier in the week that was such a faint line that I thought it was an evaporation line. When it said, “pregnant”, I just went into our bedroom and turned on my bedside light, and said, “we’re pregnant!” It’s been a fun and wild ride. Overall, I have felt wonderful and grateful. I do have some more GI issues we’ll say than Kaci did, but I try to not compare. I am taking it day-by-day. Still waiting for movement, and I am so anxious for that! I am 18 weeks 4 days today.

    1. Oh and I had those same fears when any symptoms would seemingly disappear! I had one afternoon when I felt incredibly anxious, but it all came to nothing. It’s strange that we want to feel slightly crummy or just off as long as it seems to mean all is well, or so we tell ourselves that. I’m right there with you!

      1. Yesss, exactly- you get it!! Grateful our little ones are doing well 💕 I think next pregnancy (God willing), I will be much more chill. Everything is just so new and scary, even though I’ve technically been trained in it- it’s so different when you’re on the other end!

    2. I so love hearing about your experience! I am very grateful you didn’t go through the terrible nausea, but oh yes the hunger definitely made my nausea worse too! Even now I still will experience that if I go too long between meals. YES TO COTTAGE CHEESE!!! I love that even in pregnancy we are still loyal to our beloved cottage cheese. I’ve been meaning to make the egg & cottage cheese oatmeal, and think I will tomorrow now that I’m restocked on both 😍 oh so funny about the apples! I was similar with ice cream- couldn’t stand the thought, but I craved milkshakes hear and there- made zero sense. I’m so glad you were able to make it barre still! I bet that was an amazing exercise for the first trimester. I love how you told Matt! What a way to wake up at 6 AM lol! 💕 I am also slightly jealous you showed so early 😍 I am still waiting to pop- maybe a good thing with starting this job. At least my scrubs fit 😂 I hope those GI issues improve soon!! I am exactly 18 weeks today- I love that our due dates are so close 🥺 Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me ❤️

      1. I don’t handle nausea well, so maybe God was sparing me. Haha! The queasiness was enough. I commend you for persevering and even through a job interview! Yessss, cottage cheese cravings are only that much stronger! It’s the best.

        I’ve been wearing maternity pants since before I announced. Ha! My belly/bloat was very eager to show. I just welcomed and accepted it. I had someone close to me tell me my 12 wk bump was so big and asked if we were having twins when she *knew*’we weren’t. But I refuse to feel that my body is wrong in any way. Yours is perfect too and will show in its time. It’ll be so exciting and beautiful! In the meantime, yes, thankfully your scrubs fit! Maternity shopping is tricky, and I’m so thankful I could borrow from Kase.

        Love love that we’re so close together on this journey!

      2. Yess, you’re so right! Everyone is very unique in how they show, and it’s all wonderful and beautiful like you said 🙂 I do feel like people have their judgements around pregnancy and raising kids more than most things though- Very early on I had to say I wouldn’t let anyone’s opinions bother me because we are only doing what’s best for our family <3

        Ohh that's perfect you can borrow from Kaci! Both my sister-in-laws recently had babies and gave me two big tubs full of maternity clothes, so I'm grateful to have them when that time comes!

        Me too!! 🙂 <3

  5. I wonder what kinds of things people in the “olden days” craved and what they did about the cravings. Like, in Little House on the Prairie Days. They had nothing but basic foods, right? Whatever they could hunt and grow themselves? Where can I get my hands on the diary of a pregnant woman in the 1800s or earlier? lol

    But let’s get back to YOU!!! I’m just so excited and happy for you! It is really, really weird that you, such a healthy person, eating mostly veggies, craved meat and fast food. So what is that…salt and grease? So maybe Ma Ingalls on the Prairie said “Pa, Imma need you to go out and hunt me a bear. I need to fry me up some bear fat with a good seasoning of salt on it.”

    I’ll bet your Mom was so cute when she figured out the onesie. lol

    Interesting that you can drink iced coffee but not hot.

    That must’ve been a nightmare going to interviews and doing shadowing while feeling pukey.

    So glad you’re feeling better now and hope that continues!

    1. That is so interesting and such a good point!!! I wonder now too!

      Hahah I’m cracking up at Ma Ingalls request 😂 Even tonight I had to have ground beef . I was salivating at the thought and made a big batch of tacos. It’s so funny- I don’t know who I am anymore 😂

      It was adorable when the lightbulb went off for her!! Just pure joy on her face!

      Oh yes I am glad to be out of that terrible nauseated phase.

      Thank you so much, Jinjer!!! I appreciate you reading friend! I’ll let ya know if I stumble across a journal of a pregnant woman in the 1800s 😉

  6. I ate Chick-Fil-A with all my pregnancies. And I was notorious for forgetting to eat! What a sweet care package! That should be a staple gift for pregnant women during their pregnancies!

    1. Yesss! What is it about chick- fil- A specifically that we must have?! It’s so good 😍 glad I’m not alone in that craving! and I agree- that box has been a lifesaver!! I forgot to pack a good lunch for today and thankfully was able to get some snacks from it in my car!

  7. I was very lucky to have very little symptoms while pregnant! I had the major fatigue in the evenings during the 1st trimester, & then it was pretty smooth sailing from there. I love Chick-fil-a, & I actually ate that for lunch the day I gave birth. hahahaha I miss having a bump & being pregnant. It goes way too fast! hope you are feeling well now!

    1. I’m so glad to hear you had an overall smooth pregnancy! That fatigue can be pretty crazy though- I’d say the intensity of it was my most unexpected symptom! I may need to follow your lead and have chick fil A when I give birth too! If I don’t burn myself out on it before 😂 I am feeling much better! thanks so much, Kaci! So sweet of you to stop in 😊

  8. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! This brought back a lot of distant memories as my daughters are now 31, 28 and 25. I always tell people that nothing will change your life more than having a child and yep it starts with the pregnancy. They will bring you your greatest joys and cause your greatest pain. When they hurt – you hurt.
    I got a good laugh out of your meat craving especially since during my first pregnancy I had an aversion to raw meat. I couldn’t walk down the meat isle in the grocery store without becoming nauseated and cooking meat during the first trimester was out.
    During my second pregnancy I craved spicey salsa and when I ate salad I vomited. I remember having to pull over while I was driving to work to throw up. I also ate a lot of quarter pounders with cheese.
    During my last pregnancy I couldn’t eat cold cereal with milk for breakfast. It just came back up.
    With my first daughter I developed pre-eclampsia during the last trimester so was put on bed rest and the I was induced 2 1/2 weeks early.
    Thankfully this condition did not repeat during my other two pregnancies.
    I don’t remember having pregnancy brain during the pregnancies but after the first there were a couple of things that happened. The first time I left her with a sitter I remember driving along and running a stop sign. I didn’t realize what I had done until after I was through the intersection, then I was kicking myself for not paying attention and for doing something so dangerous.
    A few weeks later I went shopping and lost my car in the parking lot. it was a scary feeling being so disoriented.
    What I remember from the emotional roller coaster is crying while watching the nightly news. I didn’t realize that I was moody but my (now ex) husband kept telling me he was going to send me home to my mom’s. He was not very understanding. Thank God you have DJ!
    I did see your next post that It’s A GIRL! (then I backed up to this post to see what I had missed). I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey and praying that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. God Bless and Merry Christmas!
    P.S. Moose is adorable. What breed is he?

  9. Your first trimester sounds sooooo similar to mine! I was sick a lot and craved MEAT something fierce. My husband said it was the best summer ever! Ha, ha, ha!

    1. Hahah too funny!! think DJ would say the same 😂 I think most women have an aversion to it, so that’s funny we both craved it! The craving is still going strong for me! 😋

  10. Eeeeek Congrats again beauty! I loved reading this, though I am so sorry you were so sick! My best friend is also pregnant and I was one of the only people to know(actually I know when she “conceived”😜 they did IVF, which is why 😊) until she announced it. and I am in absolute awe of her. You Mama’s to-be are a fierce lot! That is so funny about the coffee! I always joke that if I am blessed with a lil babe, that that will happen to me and I don’t know how I will function! But if you can do it, I can…I think. Your babe is so blessed AND loved already with the best mom! Sending you so much love! <3

    1. Aww congrats big time to your friend!! 💕 I am SO happy for her!! it means so much you think I’ll be a good mom too 🥺❤️ Your comments made my day!

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