Friday Favorites #11!

Hey y’all! I feel super behind on blogging! Soo many awesome things have happened before and after the cruise, but I’ve been so busy and barely could get those vacay posts out alone. So stay tuned for recaps that are about three weeks late, lol, okay maybe four weeks honestly. But for now- I am quite excited to share a Friday Faves with ya!

  1. e.l.f. matte liquid  lip color. YOU GUYS, this is only $5.00 from Target and is my new obsession. I rarely ever invest in bold shades for the lip, but for vacation I thought it would be fun. I wore it much more frequently than I thought I would. Although it was bold, I felt like it wasn’t too much to pull off like a traditional deep red is.


Here are pictures of it on you might remember from the cruise posts!


2. When I came home from the cruise, I had some errands to run in the mall. Occasionally, I love to stop by See’s candies for a butterscotch lollipop after and they always offer free samples of chocolate 😉


3. Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer!!! This was a Fab Fit Fun included gift- and I just love it. It smells amazing and is basically a loofa that has soap built in. It is greatly exfoliating, and I’ve already used it probably ten times at least with it still sudsing up for each use!


4. I can’t forget Easter treats!!! Someone gets this crack away from me! Bahah. DJ’s fam sent us some awesome goodies for Easter starting with The Popcorn Factory popcorn & make your own cookies! This caramel corn right here is the most addictive stuff in the world.


We also received the sweetest Olive & Cocoa gift basket from… all the goodies are just too darn delish. You see those little pink puffs at the bottom?…. I took them on the cruise with me and they did not last long at all. SO GOOOD! I need to hunt down more!


I also wanted to include these here because these companies would make awesome ideas for mother’s day gifts too!

5. Trader Joe’s High Protein Tofu. Do any of you have a really hard time finding super firm tofu? I feel like sometimes even the super firm tofu in the grocery store still can crumble while cooking. This stuff does not crumble one bit and has a whopping 14g of protein! It’s my favorite tofu to cook with and throw in salads, sweet potatoes, or have for breakfast as a tofu scramble.


6. Cauliflower Pizza! Y’allll I have tried (and failed) to make Cauliflower pizza on my own many times. I finally pulled the trigger and just bought some from Sprouts. This stuff… life changing. So darn delectable. I could not tell the different between a thin crust pizza & this cauli pizza! You can actually buy it on amazon in a four pack 🙂 You is welcome


7. Korres body butter. Oh. my. lanta… talk about all the yummy smells. This also came in the FFF box! Whenever I put on this lotion I feel like I just rolled around in a coconut. You must try this for yourself! It’s a bit pricey, but seriously worth it, or makes for a great gift.


8. Zodiac. Well this took a hard turn in another direction. DJ and I recently watched the movie Zodiac, a movie based on the true story of a Bay Area serial killer. I love love love thriller/mystery movies, and this movie hit the spot. Fantastic movie with amazing actors too!


9. MantraBand!! My mother-in-law is one of the most thoughtful gift givers, and for my graduation she gave me this mantra band… it says, “Nevertheless, she persisted”. This meant more to me than I can even say. She was a pillar of support for me through the year, and this bracelet has such special meaning to me. (She also got me one that says, “Just Run”! Now if that’s not my mantra, I don’t know what is!).


10. The Hills! You might laugh at me, but I’m actually watching The Hills for the first time and loving it. It’s such great mindless TV while working on other projects, and the drama is pure gold for this reality TV junkie. Can you believe I’ve never watched it?! I’ve seen episodes here and there, but not all the way through! A bit late to the game… but what do they say? Better late than never 😉


Please leave your Friday Favorites links in the comments below!!!!

xo <3

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38 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #11!

  1. Hi there, Gorgeous!!

    Always a pleasure to read you 🙂 🙂 🙂 You know I am not the jealous type, but I’ll make an exception here… How do you girls manage to have such beautiful lips when you put lipstick on?? It looks so dang easy, and yet, whenever I try, no matter how expensive the dang lipstick is, I end up looking as if my lips have been painted on by a 5 years old with a bad case of Parkinson’s!! Even if I use a contour pencil, it looks messy. So I only where gloss, occasionally… Really, I envy you. Put that e.l.f. lipstick on as often as you can, Mackie! Wear it for me, pleaaaaase! LOL Jokes aside, the color absolutely fits you… Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend! And say hi to DJ for me 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Cyr!!!! AWWW! You are too sweet!!! wait , wait, I mean TOOO SWEET 😉 Thank you for your kind words, gosh, making me blush something fierce. But I have always felt that exact same way with anything like lipstick/gloss, but for some reason this one worked?! It’s the only really bold color I think I’ve ever worn in public, except for the times I tried read and am trying to block out of my memory haha. I will tell Deej you say hello too! Thank you again! XOXO

  2. I’ve heard amazing things about the matte liquid lip from e.l.f! The berry color is way more easy to pull off than a traditional red in my opinion! Good thing I’m going to Target tonight to get important things like soap and shampoo, now I may have to get that lip from e.l.f too 😉

    If you like popcorn, then go to Chicago and get Garrett’s popcorn. AMAZING! Seriously it’s to die for and the Chicago mix (caramel and cheese mixed together) is delicious. Talking about it has me craving some right now haha.

    1. It is SOO great!!!! Yay, I hope you find some of it 🙂 I bet it’d look beautiful on you! And YESSSS I have heard of Garrett’s, but have yet to try it. Adding it to the foodie bucket list right now. I’m due for a Chicago trip anyways. Have a great weekend, love! XO

      1. Yes you have to go to Chicago! Not sure if you’ve ever been but I think you’d love it! I’d be more than happy to give recommendations since I grew up there too 😊

      2. I have been one time, but I was pretty young and think I’d approach the city entirely different today! Definitely due for a trip 🙂 And YES PLEASE! I’ll be coming to you first when the time comes!!! How fun that you grew up there!

      3. I feel the same way about places I visited when I was younger too. Perfect! I’ll have so many suggestions. It was a fun place to grow up for sure.

  3. I love all of these! That lip color is stunning on you! I’ve tried to just have more fun with my color too. Those body wash & lotion mentions sound so luxurious. Love the lotion bottle – really eye-catching! I’ve been on a savory or sweet-salty kick, & that popcorn sounds ah-mazing! Matt & I really enjoyed that pizza too! I haven’t tried making the crust myself. I think I’ll just stick with this product. 😉 Can’t wait to read your update posts! I hope to put up a Friday Favs + Finds post today or next week. Have the best day, doll!

    1. Thank you soooo much, Kori! The popcorn makes my mouth water whenever I think of it. I can’t wait to get home from work everyday to get a handful! Isn’t this pizza so good?!?! I need to try other flavors too. I think trader joe’s sells the crust, so I’ve been wanting to try it like that and make my own fixins. Have you tried that one? I feel like I remember it in one of your posts! Hope you have a truly restful weekend 🙂

  4. The cauliflower pizza, extra firm tofu, and the elf lipstick are on my list to pick up this weekend! I too love, love mystery and thriller movies – I’ll have to check out the movie Zodiac. Thanks for the extensive Frida Favs list! Have a great weekend! ❤️

  5. Thanks for this fun blog! So happy you like the mantra bands as you did persist and you never gave up even though your last year was a tough one! You did it and so very proud of you. Also Seeing the See’s candy just brought me back to that wonderful afternoon with your mom and the three of us gals leisurely shopping after your graduation! Truly a fantastic day indeed. Love you! 🙂

    1. Hi Mom!!!! This band is too special to me <3 Thank you again! I thought of the SAME thing when I went to See's. I will always think of that fun day when I go in for my free sample now 🙂 MISS YOU and love you!!!

  6. Yay for a Mack Friday Favorites! 🙂
    That color is so pretty and looks gorgeous on you!
    Butterscoth mollies? Oh my lanta!
    That loofah sounds amazing! I love when products remove a step for me.
    Oh my lanta all the food! I still am working on my easter candy..My taste buds love it, my hips do not lol.
    Got to love TJ’s I was actually there this morning and got (okay bought the I’ve that were left…oops) their banh mi inspired bowl which has sirracha tofu in it!
    I LOVE Korres products! Some of the best skincare I have used!
    That Mantraband is so sweet!
    Girl you are throwing me down memory lane with the Hills! I was obsessed with that show, back in the day (oh my, I sound old!) I hope you have an amazing Friday and weekend beauty! <3

    1. Hi Beauty!!!!!!! Thank you so much. BAhahaha- I love how you said that “I love when products remove a step for me”…. SO TRUE!!!! Maybe that’s the reason I love it so much! GIRLLLL I feel you with the Easter candy. I can’t control myself! I looked for that Banh mi last time I was there but couldn’t find it. I also was short on time, so I need to give myself a bit more time to scour the place. I WILL FIND IT! HAHA, The Hills.. so funny… I felt like I was confessing a sin or something admitting I’m watching it for the first time. It’s currently playing right now.
      Everything in it is making me nostalgic- totally throwback clothes, music, etc. Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂 XOXO

      1. Hehe….I think I just revealed that under all that Type Aness there is some laziness! LOL.
        I can’t either! I am shocked I still have some left!
        It is in the remade section, BUT I almost had a temper tantrum (okay slight exaggeration) because I was there a couple weeks ago and they were, gasps, SOLD OUT! The horror! And then I found it a couple days ago and may or may not have bought the five that were there…Oops! No I do not have a Banh Mi problem….Much! Lol.
        LMAO. Yes you were! How have you not seen it before?;p I was actually thinking of television and movies that I haven’t seen that people would be horrified at. Breaking Bad comes to mind, Though I did see the first episode so does that really count? lol.
        Awe I love when I watch 90’s and early 2000 shows, kids these days don’t know what they are missing! ;p
        Thanks beauty! I did! FINALLY warmer weather! I hope you are had an amazing weekend a great start to your week! <3

      2. Haha, nothing wrong with that!!! Ahhhh no! They cannot be sold out!! Which other foods is it by?! Oooo Breaking Bad is actually on my list- DJ and I still have to finish up Dexter, but I’d like to watch that one with him too! And AGREEEED. The 90s and early 2000s were the BEST times. Have a great weekend! woohoo!

      3. Right?!?! The horror! Lol. The pre-made salads and soups, all the refrigerated food. You have to find it! It is now a life or death mission! (actually it really is because you do NOT want to see me hangry! ;p ) I am so happy I am not alone in not having watched Breaking Bad. Lol. They really were! The television was so on point! (and now I just sounded like the basic millennial I am lol) Thanks beauty! I hope you are having a fabulous week! <3

  7. I meant to ask what lip color you were wearing on your cruise, it’s so pretty! I’ll hunt it down in Target. I adore See’s! So much better than Godiva chocolate, in my opinion. Oh, and I never watched The Hills either, or The O.C. for that matter.

    1. Hi Susie!!!! Awww, thanks so much. I hope you find it soon 🙂 Isn’t see’s SOOO GOOOD?! I agree. It’s phenomenal. Baha, you aren’t missing out too much — It’s such a guilty pleasure, but great after long days at work. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

  8. I would have never guessed that lipstick was Elf. I know I told you already but that shade is so pretty on you!!! I love going into See’s Candies for free chocolate samples, too, hehe. That popcorn and the treats from Olive & Cocoa look SO YUMMY!! & OH MY GOSH, yes, ZODIAC is such a crazy movie… I love it so much, I’ve got it on DVD!! I’m glad you liked it, too!! 😀 I used to watch The Hills when it was on TV, no judgement here!! It’s a great show, haha!

    1. Hey Hunida!!! Thank you, love!! What are some of your favorite lip brands? YESSS- I mean the free samples ARE the reason I go in there. LOL. Isn’t Zodiac awesome?! I wish we could hangout girl, so much in commmon. Haha. Have a great week, love! XO

      1. I hate lipstick on myself most of the time. I like gloss better and my favorite is Carmex LOL.
        I wish we could hang out too!!! ♡ we don’t live so far away from each other so maybe someday! 😄

      2. I feel ya! I’ve always been the same way until I found the matte one. And girlll Carmex is always a good one, can’t go wrong, that stuff could protect your lips in a blizzard! Hehe

  9. That lip color is so great!! Drew & I are always so late to tv shows…we watched all of Friends last year & are currently making our way through The Office. The Office is SO freakin hilarious! We are pretty addicted & have to watch at least 1 if not 2 eps per day. lolz

    1. Thanks, girl! YESSS, oh my gosh the office is the BEST. I tried to watch Friends last year, but I couldn’t get past the background laughing the whole time. I grew up watching Full House so I don’t know why it was so hard for me, but all I could focus on was the next bout of audience reaction and not the actual show. What’s wrong with me?! LOL

      1. I am sooo sensitive to sounds (like it’s borderline no bueno haha) so I totally understand!

      2. OK you have no idea how much better this makes me feel… its absolutely no bueno for me too. Hahah. Thanks for sympathizing.

  10. I totally thought I was the only person who had “firm” or “super firm” tofu crumble on them! I need to go to TJ’s and check out the high protein kind now! The lip color looks so beautiful on you! I think you could pull off any color, though 🙂

    Love the companies you shared… you’re giving me lots of Mother’s Day ideas! Thanks!!

    1. Oh my gosh, yessss, thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one either!! Even when I would drain the tofu with giant nursing books sometimes it would still crumble!! Thanks for the sweet words, lovely! XOX

  11. Elf is an amazing and affordable brand 😀
    And I still haven’t tried tofu scramble, I can’t believe I keep forgetting about that.
    And I’ve never heard of the movie zodiac but I am interested now, I’ll have to find it on my fire stick lol.
    And the hills, I never watched it completely either but I do remember it haha. Everyone used to watch it lol

    1. RIGHT!? It’s my new obsession! Yesss, definitely watch it. So so good. Haha, the Hills is SUCH old news, but can I call myself a reality junkie if I haven’t seen it?!

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