Happy happy Saturday, everyone! I hope all my American friends had the most wonderful Thanksgiving and everyone else had a beautiful week. Currently I am sipping on a cup of coffee with the OSU vs. Michigan game on in the background and DJ working on a project next to me. I have just been relishing in this long weekend. I can’t wait to share how my first time hosting Thanksgiving went- but I don’t want to pass over last Sunday November 18th! So, without further adieu, let us jump into the land of Candytopia!!

Candytopia is a pop-up interactive candy experience- basically a Candyland come to life! I loveee my candy, so when I heard about this I couldn’t pass it up. My sister in law, Amy, joined me!

Our tickets were for noon, so I drove down from Cupertino around 10 am to make sure we had plenty of time for parking, etc.


All the sculptures in Candytopia are made of candy. It’s pretty sweet!


Time to go inside!!


We all shuffled into a lobby-type room before starting the tour while they explained the rules, explained how to use the app, and gave a general intro. I was shocked at the creativity just in this room alone. I mean look at this dragon- entirely made of candy. They have a sign next to each piece saying what it is made of and how long it took to construct.. this took 542 hours!


Also in each room you enter there is a box of candy with yummies for the taking.


My candy corn lovin’ self was lovin’ this fox


We all congregated into the next room as Lindor Truffle’s propelled down on the other side of a clock from the ceiling! I LOVE these. Some of the yummiest chocolate.


We then took an escalator downstairs into another room…


This room was bright and playful! It felt like we were in Willy Wonka’s factory.


My favorite part of the room was this little toad stool.


The next room was a chandelier room with epic recreations of some prominent figures & just fun photos.


Then there was a little crossover area with large blow up balloons and a photo op!


Next room- the underwater room! This one may have been my favorite for the actual aesthetic effect.


But the room with the most laughs- the Unicorn room!


Yes- you are interpreting this photo correctly– there is a pig farting confetti. Only in SF, folks, only in SF. hahaha.


I am still finding confetti around the house even after vacuuming several times, hah!

And now.. onto the marshmallow pit! We had a hard time getting a solid picture.. oh well. It was SOO much fun. Talk about feeling like a kid again!


We ended in the gift-store with some fun, unique finds! We were gushing over how cool this Candy Sushi was!


Amy and I grabbed a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks, and then I headed back to Cup to meet up with DJ. Time to get our tree!!! We usually don’t get our tree until after thanksgiving, but this couple of weeks is crazy busy & I didn’t want to fight the masses that would be going to get them this weekend.

This year we went to a place in the mountains of Los Gatos called Tabacco Ranch.



We had an extra hard time this year finding the right tree, on top of my general indecisiveness. I don’t know if it was a bad year for trees or if the thick smoke damaged a lot of them, because there were many that seemed to be missing entire halves and branches. But finally- we stumbled across THE one! *cue angels singing Hallelujah chorus in unison*


Okay, time to go eat some leftovers & then work on the Thanksgiving post! 🙂

Questions for you:

  • Favorite candy?
  • Christmas tree- real or fake? Colored lights or white lights? I always love hearing what everyone prefers to do!

xo <3


99 thoughts on “Candytopia!

  1. I love that pic of you and a saw hahahaha! This is like Willy Wonka! I’m impressed! How do the critters not eat all of it? Maybe they’re sprayed with enamel or something…oh the places my mind goes! And fake or real tree depending…but I’m in Buenos Aires now so no tree for me! 🙁

    1. Thanks, girl!!! I hadn’t even thought about that- but SUCH a good point. I bet they do have some type of repellant? It didn’t smell super strong of candy in each room or anything, so I bet there is something on there! How is everything going in BA? I haven’t caught up with you in so long!! Still teaching?!

      1. You crack me up! 😀 Everything’s going well here. I’m still teaching. Maybe I’ll catch up on a few more of your blog posts soon!

  2. Wow – talk about a kid in a candy shop … well two kids in a candy shop. How fun! You brought confetti home – were you all sticky from the marshmallows. Your tree is beautiful – worth the long trek to find it – you wield a mean saw Mackenzie!

    1. heheh- ohhhh I should have used that 😉

      The marshmallow pit was actually not made of real marshmallows- I imagine they would have probably ended up melting with all the body heat in there, but they still gave us a giant mallow to take home 🙂

      Thank you so much, Linda!! Always love your comments. Have a beautiful Sunday!

      1. You know I was going to ask if they were real and they looked so real I figured they had to be … they’d be squished by people laying in them. It looked incredible. You enjoy your Sunday too Mackenzie … only late afternoon there … wish I could say that for here. Where did the weekend go?

      2. Hehe- they did a great job making them look real, right?! I thought they were right till we were in them! And the weekends always go by far too quickly. I just turned in my major assignment for the semester so I am treating myself to an afternoon of blogging. Can’t wait to catch up on your happenins!

      3. I bet it feels good to be done with school and just relax your brain a bit. I used to work at the diner on semester breaks and holidays (besides my regular Summer stint) but my hours were from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., so I was out of work early enough to do things whereas most of my friends worked in retail while in school and worked 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. daily, so I felt lucky my schedule still gave me a break for my brain and free time as well.

      4. Absolutely!!

        Yes- rest for the brain is SO important. I had next to zero of that in undergrad, so thankfully doing school round 2 it isn’t quite as bad!!

    1. Tehehe- yesss, unfortunately!!! I actually have always called myself a Michigan fan, especially growing up. Mainly to cause a ruckus in my house. My whole Dad’s side is OH and my mom’s is MI. Since my sister decided to be a hard core OH fan, I had to choose the other. lol. It makes for fun watch parties since DJ is OH all the way. I do feel like a traitor at times since I really am from OH, but tooo late to back out now 😉

      1. There’s a “house divided” in one of the neighborhoods I pass and they used to have a large garden flag and it had both MSU and UM on the same flag and “house divided” on the side of the flag … and they always fly it the week of the big rivalry game … all in good fun!

      2. I just searched to see if I had a post featuring that flag but I did not. The flags go up the entire week before their annual rivalry game.

  3. candytopia looks like so much fun, OMG! there was a pop up ice cream museum down here in miami and i was so sad that i never found the time to make it there. i think the ice cream museum is now in san francisco though! love the christmas tree. 🙂

    1. Yes we do have it here now!!! I have been meaning to make a trip there. I’ll letchya know how it is if I ever make it! Thanks, girl <3 Have a great Sunday!!

    1. I’ll tell ya what it’s like- messy with an occasional ant and a constant fear of fire… lol! but we so love the tradition of picking it out. Candytopia was too fun- a unique experience for sure!

  4. Oh Mack, I love this! Firstly, where the heck is Candytopia? It’s amazing — you both look like you had such fun. And the pig farting confetti is precious. 🙂 🙂

    Also, congratulations on finding the perfect tree. It’s beautiful. I’m envisioning you and DJ having many joyful moments around it.

    I just want you to know how special your blog is. You truly have a wonderful and uplifting presence, and your photos are so great. I am such a cheerleader for you!
    Blessings, Debbie

    ps – my favorite candy may still be Kit Kat, even though I tend to go organic these days.

    1. Candytopia is right here in San Francisco 🙂 I felt a kid-like joy going through there!! <3

      Aw, Thank you! We had it up for our first ever hosted thanksgiving, so already such lovely memories made around our little tree!

      Oh my, you have no idea how much these words mean to me <3 Thank you SO much, Debbie. You have brought the biggest smile to my face! This is so encouraging. You are such a light always!! I could say the exact same thing to you and your blog as well!

      Ooohhh yes- Kit Kats are delicious!! I especially like mine after sitting in the fridge for a bit 🙂 Have a blessed Sunday <3 Thank you soo much for stopping by and brightening my day even more! xo

    1. Thanks, Kathy!! Sometimes after picking up all the fallen pines I wonder if we should get an artificial one too- lol!! I agree- I am always torn between colored or not. I think maybe next year we will get a mini tree with colored lights for our guest room or something, because I love them a ton too!

  5. That place looks so fun!! We put up our tree and decorated yesterday 🤗 We have a fake one which I like because we don’t have to buy and transport a new one each year! That’s my lazy side for you haha

    1. Ah how fun!!! haha – no girl, I get it! Lemme tell ya- you’re not missing much besides the ants, pine needles falling, and a constant fear of fire lol!

  6. Candytopia looks like it has to be one of the most fun places to visit ever!!! It truly does look like Willy Wonka’s factory. I’m in awe of the statues, the creativity, the bright playful rooms, and I mean the farting pig is amazing, ha!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    That tree is just so stinkin’ adorable!! We haven’t picked out a real Christmas tree in a long time. :'( It’s my preference, but for the sake of living in our town home with our cats, we go fake for now. Kaci’s in-laws are beyond kind and let us borrow theirs. I feel so festive now! It’s hard to choose, but I think for the tree, I love white lights, and for other decorations, I love pretty colorful lights.

    Favorite candy is anything silky chocolate! I love some hard candies, but chocolate is where it’s at for me.

    1. Hi, Kori! it was such a blast!! I haven’t felt like a kid like that in a looong time. it was just pure fun.

      Oh my gosh- when we had our cat growing up we definitely had a fake one too- you have to! They are so funny how they climb them, but can be disastrous when they knock over a real one with water and flammable pine needles! I saw a picture of your tree on Instagram- it looks sooo beautiful.

      yesss, chocolate is hard to beat. I have been craving it in the evenings lately. Have you had dove promise chocolates? Those might be the silkiest- yumm.

  7. I want to teleport to Candytopia! When I see of the wall things like this I always wonder how people stumbled upon a talent. Like one day someone was eating a huge amount of candy and was like “huh, I wonder what will happen if I glue it together?” hahahaha

    Oh man poor trees! It looks like you got such a cutie tho!

    I love real trees but in terms of our house, we go fake. It’s just easier and less money since we can use our tree for many years to come. We actually bought our first Christmas tree as a married couple! Last year I borrowed a tree from my mother-in-law but wanted to get our own starting this year. Growing up I loved colored lights but now I love white lights. They are beautiful and classic looking while also being neutral so you can use any ornaments you want! I decided on a classic red and gold theme that I am very happy with. 🙂

    My favorite candy is Reese cups! I don’t eat candy unless chocolate is involved so that narrows it down. lolz

    1. It was just soo much fun! LOL- right?! How do people think of these things?! We said we need to create a cheese museum next!

      There are so many pros to having a fake tree- I don’t know how many years we will keep it up. We keep finding an ant here and there, and I’m like, “Why did we get real, again?!”. haha. We love the experience of picking it out, but I wish it would just transform into a fake one once we were home. Oh I was the same way- I always thought our tree was “boring” with the white lights growing up, so my mom let us decorate a smaller one with colored lights upstairs— but I have definitely grown fond of them!

      Oh yumm- you cannot go wrong with Reeses cups. Oh no, now I’m craving one! Hahah.

      1. Yesssss I LOVE cheese!!

        hahahaha I think that’s exactly how I’d feel! I would worry about bugs and constantly be vacuuming the needles (which consequently still fall off a little from a fake tree, ugg). Maybe next year D and I can find an itty bitty teeny tiny real tree to put on our porch to decorate. :))

        Right?? Also Reese Pieces are delicious!

      2. Aww I love the idea of putting a tree on the porch! That is a perfect idea!!

        they are soo good- one of those candies I crave for sure

  8. Oh my gosh, that place looks like so much fun!! Your tree looks beautiful. We always do a real tree, but last year was our first time going to a farm to get the tree. I like lights done both ways, but we do the colored ones. Ferraro Rocher used to be my favorite candy, but now I’m a little more indecisive. But chocolate! xx

    1. I agree- we like the lights both ways too, maybe next year we will change it up to do colored since we have done white the last couple! Oooo you cannot go wrong with Ferraro Rocher!!! Anything chocolate- yes pleaseeee. have you had the Lindor chocolate truffles? I bet you’d love them!

  9. Oh my gosh Mackenzie such an amazing place Candytopia is!!! The sculptures ( I don’t know if that is the right word!) are amazing and the time put into them. Before I seen your Willy Wonka reference I was thinking how it reminded Me of the Movie! Some cute pics of you Girls and memories to have in the years ahead. How nice to go get your own tree! Look at you with that sharp saw!! Be careful young Lady! Its good you found one you liked and you have it decorated beautifully. I love chocolate , hershey is a favorite all kinds. We have a fake tree at the moment but my favorite is real, Maybe when kids get older we will have real. We do colored lights on the tree along with some white. I will have to get a photo when we put it up . Have a lovely Tuesday, Terri xo.

    1. Isn’t it cool?! I was blown away by the creativity!!! — I agree- I had a hard time finding words to describe it all!

      Tehehe- I don’t know how DJ trusts me with that saw each year!

      Ohh Hershey is such a classic <3 I get nostalgic when I have a little kiss.

      I had a fake tree growing up most years too- definitely so much easier (and you don't have to worry about the needles everywhere, the ants, or a potential fire!!). I was telling someone else I wish we could have the fun of picking out a tree, but then it would turn into a fake one as soon as we got home. I can't wait to see your tree- the combo sounds beautiful!!! Have a lovely rest of your week, Terri 🙂

      1. Well yours is so pretty, I got my work cut out decorating to your standard! Enjoy your week too! P.S. one of your/our blog friends got engaged!!

      2. Awww!! Ahhh I saw!! Steph! I am so excited for her 🙂 My first thought was I can’t wait to see what dress she chooses, hehe!

      3. Yes, it will be quite the task I am sure for Steph to pick her dress but it will be stunning! I am waking to 2 inches of snow,do you need some ❄⛄! Take care Mackenzie, Terri xo.

  10. Looks. So. Friggin. Magical. 😍 I can’t believe there’s an actual place dedicated to candy? And the unicorn room! San Francisco clearly has so much to offer!

    1. Right?!? I seriously felt like a child again going through there <3 SF is always poppin' up with these crazy things- never know what will roll in next! Trying to take advantage of the time we have left here :)

  11. Whoa whoa whoa! Candytopia is a literal dream come true. I can’t believe all of those sculptures are completely made out of different candies! & chocolates were falling from the ceiling?!? So freakin’ fun!!! & that pig!!! LOL! Were the marshmallows real ones?!?

    My favorite candy is Nerds Rope and Hi-Chews!! What are your favorite candies? 😄

    1. Hey girrrrl! Isn’t it too fun?! We really just felt like a couple of kids again. The mallows were fake! They looked so real though- I couldn’t really tell if they were real or not until we were in the pit. And ohhh my gosh, I used to live on nerds ropes- they are soo gooood. Hmmm I am usually either in the mood for something chocolatey, caramelly, or sour! But if I had to choose a fave- hmmmm, maybe twix!

      1. Hahaha I would have had a blast there, too! I should have known those mallows were fake. Imagine the mess they would have made if they were real. 😛 Twix are so good, great choice! I used to live on their ice cream bars! Mmmm, you just made me crave one! 😭

  12. Oh my! What a wild & wacky outing! Those sculptures & artwork recreations – incredible!

    What fun! You cut your own tree! That must have been so much fun!

    I’m not a huge candy fan (I am a cruncher, a habit not conducive to candy I think …. too much stuck in the teeth), but do Snickers count?

    We used to always have live trees; I LOVE the smell … until I realised I was allergic to them. Sad, right?

    1. Hi Ju Lyn!!! Isn’t it wild?! That’s the exact word I have used to describe it so many times!

      We definitely love the tradition of cutting down our own tree, although a fake one would be so much easier! Haha.

      Ohhhh I am a cruncher too (I love that!!!) and heck yes ! Snickers do count! One of our favorites- we always have a snickers on hand in the home 😋

      Oh no ! I have heard of that before- at least you can enjoy the scent in a form of a candle maybe?! Hope you have had a wonderful week 🙂

      1. I am having a wonderful week, thanks so much! Still a little jet lagged and sleep deprived. But there is just so much to enjoy and to be thankful for, so no complaints!

        Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    1. Right?! I had to look up marzipan candy- it sounds so yummy ! I had heard of cake before, but I have to try that! And yess- have to soak up as much Christmas as possible! Thanks for stopping by, Carmen! Joy to see your comments 🙂

  13. I have so many thoughts! What? How? Why?! Candytopia does look like a lovechild of the Wonka chocolate factory and Lego land! Amazing but very strange. I don’t even know where the begin on the confetti farting pig. I guess it’s one of those places where going in with logic just would never work. Looks brilliant though!

    1. Right?! That’s how I felt the whole time 😂 “amazing but strange” is a perfect way to describe it! thanks for stopping by, girl! Glad this provided some entertainment 😆

  14. Candytopia looks like a fun place to go to!!! I’m not a fan of candy but I’d still love to visit. Everything looks so colorful and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hi, Mariam!! It is oh so fun- and yes even if you don’t care for Candy the experience is just a blast. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. RIGHT? It was wayyy too fun. I was laughing like a child. The whole concept is too cute. Have a wonderful New Year, Dom 🙂

  15. Omg that looks like such an incredible place!! I’ll have to go there someday. I love the underwater area the most as well, so cool!!
    And I wanted a real tree but didn’t get the chance to buy one so we used my dad’s fake one as we have been for the past three years. I don’t think he’s taking it back lol.
    And I also love white lights, even though the ones I have are warm, colored lights were not really my thing lol.

    1. it just blew my mind with the creativity!! So much detail.. it was just …. WOW.

      hahah that’s kinda fun though that you are getting so much use out of the tree!

      I like both- so I can never decide. I think with how we have our home decorated the white just go so much better, but I always loved the multi-colored lights growing up more!

      1. I can tell from the photos, the huge structures look amazing!! Like that dragon! Wow!
        Yeah I remember liking the colored lights growing up I may have to switch it up next year for Ciel, maybe he’ll like those too lol.

      2. Yesss exactly!!

        Aww that would be fun 🙂 can’t wait to see what you decide. Is it Christmas again yet?! I miss itttt

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