A Prison, a Criminal, and a Lawyer

Friday, Friday, Friday! Woohoo! Well this past week just flew, didn’t it?! I have some interesting anecdotes to share from this past week, for sure! Also-sorry for the massive overload of recipes posted. I have had them sitting in drafts for a while and figured I should probably just post them already!

Real quick, last Thursday night I whipped up Blue Apron’s Curried Cod with coconut rice. You need this in your life. I promise. I talk about how Blue Apron works here, if you are curious 🙂


Last Friday we went to the Orioles vs. Giants game with our family. Ya’ll know how we love our Orioles. However, I still jump during the National Anthem when everyone screams, “O’s”. Even after four games this summer I somehow forget that’s the thing to do! It always makes me leap like five inches off the ground. Anyone who has been to an Orioles game knows what I’m talking about. We went to AT&T park with our family, and this baseball park is easily one of the best in the country. I still prefer Camden Yards for it’s retro, 100% your at a cracker-jack-and-peanuts baseball game feel, but this is a close second! It overlooks the bay and you can actually watch boats come in and out of the pier.


Our dad (DJs side ) got us all baseball caps for the game (Not sure why I’m not wearing it in the picture above?!). But I LOVE baseball caps, and now have a new favorite! I think I have more “bad hair days” than the average person, so a new baseball cap is  a big deal. Plus it represents our team! The Orioles won, just so everyone is clear. Also, walking around San Francisco at night is quite beautiful. The place is always poppin’ and the Bay Bridge was absolutely gorgeous.

DJ and I shared a wonderful breakfast at the hotel before heading out for the day. I have seen smoked salmon and a bagel on many breakfast menus, but usually salmon for first thing in the morning sounds off. That day I was feeling up for trying it, and it was monumentally delicious. The concept is pretty simple too, and I might need to get some ingredients to have this at home sometime. It is paired with dill cream cheese, red onion, fennel greens, and capers. I think DJ probably got annoyed by me saying with every mouth-full, *muffled* “Oh muh gushhhhhhh, its suh guuuuuuuuud”.

IMG_8423We then headed out to *dun dun dun*- Alcatraz!!! I have been so excited for weeks since we planned this trip to go here and it surpassed my expectations! If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, this is worth your time. We took a ferry over, and the views and weather were perfection. We could not have asked for a better day, especially because the temperature tends to drop drastically when you are right on the water. A light jacket did the trick!


We opted to do the audio tour, which is the best way to explore Alcatraz. It takes you on a journey using some of the real voices of previous inmates, guards, and workers. I don’t want to give much away because you have to go for yourself.


** Side note: DJ always makes fun of my hands in pictures because he says it looks like I have a claw or some alien signal, lol.

Before we left for the day we did one of those bicycle carts. It was exhilarating whipping through the city on those!!!!!! Nothing beats a weekend with family. Those two days packed in memories I will always treasure <3!

Saturday night consisted of unpacking, cleaning the house up a bit, and DJ studying away. It is so strange having completely reversed roles. Last year I was studying non.stop. every single day, and DJ was in more of a “transition” year. Now he is the one studying his tush off. However, as soon as I get that approval to test for my nursing boards I am going to crack down! Then we can just be a couple of study bugs together.

IMG_7931Sunday morning we went to Church and it was awesome, cause really, would it be anything else?! I wear workout clothes to run errands and do everything around the house about 95% of the time, so before I changed into said comfy garb, I had DJ snap a shot to prove that I do wear normal people’s clothes for about two hours each Sunday!IMG_8473

For dinner, we had some leftover coconut rice and so I grilled up a whole bunch of shrimp in BBQ seasoning and some pineapple to throw on top!IMG_8474

Monday- Oh, Monday. This day was eventful! It was DJ’s first official day of law school, and I had a hair appointment. The contrast is striking.

I have been trying to get my color back to a more natural state and believe me, up close it was evident I needed to get something done. The roots were pretty bad! We were in one of those salons where each room is separate and owned by one or two hair stylists, but it all makes up one giant salon. Typically on Mondays salons are closed. The hairdresser took me because she was going away for the weekend and wanted to get another customer in. The salon was very quiet. However, as we were letting the color dry, a hairstylist came running from the other side of the salon screaming bloody murder. It was absolute pandemonium. She was running all over the place screaming, “He took it, he took everything!” through hysterical tears. Well apparently, she had just went to the bank, went to her salon, placed her purse on a chair, and used the restroom. When she came out it was gone. She remembered a man following her in, but assumed it was a maintenance worker since they do maintenance on Mondays when the salon is closed. The poor thing, I felt awful. We couldn’t locate him or the purse anywhere around the salon. My heart was definitely pounding. We called the police and they came along with her sons to help console her. Anyways, the hair turned out good (That sounds so absurd to mention on the heels of this horrible situation!). I am also 22 and still have no grip on curling my hair, so I was pumped that I got to rock it curled for the rest of the day.

For dinner, I made our last Blue Apron meal of the package. This one was summer vegetable and quinoa bowls. The flavor was just bursting. I learned so many different ingredients to cook with through Blue Apron, and I definitely would love to try it again at some point in the future!


The next day for lunch I put some leftover on a salad.


On Tuesday, I had one of those “I need extra coffee” mornings.


I worked on several projects, and then made a meal I have had posted on the fridge since we came here. For a wedding gift, we received a subscription to Fine Cooking Magazine. This is a fantastic and unique idea for anyone who needs a gift for a couple that likes to cook! I try to clip recipes from there and put them on the fridge to try one when we are planning our meals for the week. It has been so much fun.


This recipe was a sweet and spicy shrimp stir fry with a raisin glaze. It was like nothing I have ever made and it was INSANELY GOOD. However, I may have made it a tad too spicy. That’s saying a lot because usually the spicier the better for us. I will be making it again, but with fewer jalapeños. IMG_8621IMG_8618

Anyone else get annoyed when there are always those one or two last bananas that go bad? Well I hate waste; you would think our mom raised us during the depression. I decided to make three ingredients banana oatmeal raisin cookies. I can post a recipe for them soon! They aren’t the greatest cookies of your life, but they are a great snack with all natural sugars and just enough sweetness to help with a sweet tooth. And they are only 46 calories each, which is pretty good for anything with the name “cookie”. A few are great in the morning with coffee too!

On Wednesday I prayed that it would be better than the one before. AND IT WAS! Guess who conquered the book shelf?! This girl! Uh-huh, that’s right!!!

For dinner, I jumped right on that Zoodle train. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to make these because they are incredibly easy and tasty!!! I wanted to make an alfredo sauce from scratch and also a vegetarian version, but was running late,  like really late, so I threw in a can of Progresso Alfredo Chicken! I added some shredded chicken, garlic, daiya mozzarella, and a bit of tapioca starch and BAM- zucchini alfredo. DJ loved it. He couldn’t believe that it was actually healthy. I scrounged up some quick leftovers for myself since I was running so behind.


What was I late for? Wednesday night is when our community group meets in Santa Clara. DJ, unfortunately, had to stay home. Law school is no joke, folks. He was feeling pretty overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, but I think is feeling better now. Figuring out exactly what to do, how to study, and what the professor wants is half the battle. He has the second half down (dedication and will), and I have no doubts that he will succeed!!

Here are a couple of projects that I finished up this week!

A. Guest Bedroom!

B. Our balcony!

Most everything is from Homegoods or Overstock.com.Woohoo! Start booking your tickets to come stay with us! **The balcony is attached to the guest room 😉

On Thursday, DJ has his long day at school. I have my hiking group, and have to leave close to, or before, he comes home. I did make sure that there was some dinner for him in the fridge. I made salmon from Monterey Bay with a Hawaiian protein rice blend,and steamed broccoli. I love seasoning the skin on salmon so it crisps up when you bake it.


The views on this hike were absolutely incredible. I love the bonds I am forming with these friends. They are amazing people. We also had a little (meaning a large and furry) friend join us! I have never seen a spider that massive in the states before. Hello, California!

After the hike my friend and I stopped in to a nitrogen ice cream place in Cupertino. They actually make ice cream out of nitrogen gas. Watching the process is quite entertaining. My phone was about to die so I couldn’t grab many pictures- guess I’ll have to go back 😉 The ice cream was sooo scrumptious! We split the Matcha and Salted Caramel. The flavor was vibrant, and yet the texture was incredibly light. It just melted right in your mouth, but was still creamy. We called it confusing, but confusingly delicious!


One last thing I want to share is our new method for prayer. Our dresser was brought in on this giant wooden plank. It sent my creative alarms off, and I didn’t want to get rid of it. I told DJ I would figure out something to do with it and he kinda smirked like, “Oh no, what now?!”. DJ is a trooper to always roll with my makeshift ideas. For example, I made a jewelry holder four years ago out of a cooking pan, and refuse to use anything else. With this plank of wood, I have decided to create a prayer board. With white marker I write a prayer request, and then when it is answered, white it out. Our goal is to have the whole board changed to white to show how awesome God is in answering our prayers. I don’t expect this to be a quick thing, it could take years and years, and honestly it may never be completely white. God doesn’t always answer prayers in our time, but I have no doubt that He is faithful and we should pray expectantly. If you have a request, let me know, I can put it on for you!


This morning I found out one of my my best friends, Rachel, passed her Child Life specialty exam. GO RACH!!!!!! So proud of you!

Tonight DJ and I are finally going to have a relaxing evening together, it’s his deemed “night off” of studying. We are going to try a new restaurant, but not quite sure where yet! Tomorrow I head to SanFran again to visit a friend from high school. (I don’t think I told you that, Mom- But Annie lives here!).

Wishing you an answer to prayer this week,

xo <3


28 thoughts on “A Prison, a Criminal, and a Lawyer

  1. Another awesome read and so well narrated. I hope you won’t mind pointing out these two lines from the write- ‘*muffled* “Oh muh gushhhhhhh, its suh guuuuuuuuud”. I chuckled here

    ‘Side note: DJ always makes fun of my hands in pictures because he says it looks like I have a claw or some alien signal, lol.’ – Hmmmm… still wondering 😀

    Sending you best wishes and lots of happiness. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, Amitav! I’m always glad to lend a chuckle :). Thank you for reading our story. Best wishes to you too. Happy weekend, friend!

  2. I just found your blog from the comments of Simply Taralynn, a blog I love. And guess what? I love your blog too! I’m from the Bay Area and it’s so cool to see your pictures as you and your hubby explore our wonderful city. I also enjoy your recipes and your relationship with God. So glad I found you. I will be back regularly!

    1. Oh my goodness, Susie! Thank you for the kind words and stopping by. How exciting that you are in the area too! If you have any suggestions about places to go or restaurants to try I would love to hear 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! <3

  3. Ooh San Francisco! I love that city SO much! I still want to move there two months later after visiting! Lol. I left a part of my heart there! 😊💖 You’re quite the cook there!

    1. It is a truly wonderful, unique city! I told my husband today that I didn’t expect to actually fall in love with it the way I have. I can’t imagine leaving now!! And thank you, marriage has definitely opened the door to a new hobby (cooking) for me! Have a wonderful week, Lisa! xx

  4. Great read, Mack! I didn’t get to visit Alcatraz when we were in San Fran, but I’d really love to one day. Your foodie pics look so delicious, they make me feel quite ravenous. Your hair colour looks awesome. What a shame about the lady who was robbed. 🙁 It’s difficult to know exactly what your hands are looking like in photographs when you’re so busy smiling, so don’t worry about the ‘alien claw’. 😀

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 yes, if you ever get to go back, do it!!!! It’s a great experience! And thank you so much for all your kind words- you are too sweet!!!! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend! Xx

  5. 1) LOVED San Fran. Hubby lived in CA for a short time due to work and loved San Fran. Didn’t care for some other areas, but loved that city! 2) Have wanted to try Blue Apron because a lot of my friends have tried it and rave over it. It looks really good! 3) You guys are too cute! Tough to go through studying periods for school, but so worth it in the end!!

    1. YES! San Fran is ah-may-zing. I agree surrounding areas are maybe not so great, but the city itself is a spectacular place!

      DO BLUE APRON! It is amazing! Usually they give a discount the first time you try, so why not?!

      And lastly, thank you!! He is my better half 😉 And thank you for the reminder that it will be worth it! We hear the first year of law school is the hardest, so I keep reminding him that it can only be uphill from here! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week 🙂

    1. Thank you, Myra!!! You are so encouraging! I am going again next weekend for the Eat and Drink San Francisco festival, so I will have TONS of suggestions after that for when you make a trip 😉 Have a wonderful week!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing, loved your post! I am really starting to consider Blue Apron — literally every single recipe I see made looks AMAZING!!

    1. Oh, you totally should! Especially since they usually have some discount for first-timers! Let me know if you end up doing it 🙂 Thanks for reading !

  7. I so love reading through your posts. I love all of your pictures and descriptions of things! ALSO I went through the recipes you posted last week and holy YUM can’t wait to try them!! I love how many veggies you use as I’m trying hard to eat more (and less ice cream 😉 )

    1. Hey girl!! I am so glad you enjoy the posts (and the recipes!) woohoo! And hey I feel ya, I have ice cream every single day (truly not kidding), but I do love my vegggies too! Let me know if you try any of the recipes! <3 <3

  8. Love this! I was in SanFran a couple of years ago for the first time and LOVED it. It’s such a fun place. We even saw a Giants game when we were there as well. I’m OBSESSED with AT&T Park, and how you can see the bay from the stands! It was incredible and so beautiful!

    1. AT & T is amazingggggg!! You almost forget you are at a baseball game because the surrounding views are so distracting! San Francisco is truly neat place. Living here I continually love it more! This weekend we are going to a “Eat Drink SF” festival, so I’m sure I’ll have some great suggestions to share for when you make your next trip 😉 Have a great day, lovely!

  9. What an eventful week! I enjoyed reading your post a lot. : )

    Blue Apron: Wow, I didn’t know that they’d send you such good portions! I’ll have to rethink this, haha
    Claw hands: I have the same problem! Looks like DJ just always hides his hands, so whatever. :p
    Prayer board: Such a good idea! So easy to adapt to track progress on anything important in life!

    P.S. I love how the photo filters make your photos look vintage. : )

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 I thought the same thing about Blue Apron!! It says it is technically for “2” people (at least the one I ordered), but we had leftovers every night!! And Yesssss, I am SO glad I am not alone in that with the hands, haha! Thank you for your sweet words <3 Have a wonderful rest of your week. I am so glad you stopped by!

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