A sorta different…but still tasty…Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone! Currently, Quinn is sleeping in her crib for her nap. Admittedly, I have become very lazy with doing crib naps after I realized she was just fine napping in the crib at daycare while doing carrier naps at home with me. But, with travel coming up here for the holidays, I’d really like to be able to put her to nap in a pack and play so I don’t miss out! I know, I know- a lofty goal to accomplish in a couple weeks.

Anyway, I’m skipping one recap that I have yet to write and jumping into our Thanksgiving recap, since it’s a bit more timely!  

November 20th, my sister, Halston, came to town! She was here for a few days before driving to Cincinnati to be with Kevin’s family for Thanksgiving. While she was calling me to give me an update on where she was en route, Quinn started pulling up to stand on our pouf in the living room. I couldn’t believe it!

My sister arrived later that evening right on the verge of us putting Quinn to sleep. When Quinn saw my sister, her eyes got very wide and she looked between me and my sister several times, clearly confused. I feel like she was thinking, “wait, which one is mom?!”. It was too funny and cute. We went to sleep shortly after, and then we all worked the next day (Hal worked from our home). After work, I was eager to drive home to pick up Quinn from daycare and see Hal! 

I’ve been trying lots of new recipes lately and have been trying to be more creative in the kitchen. I was getting into a bit of a rut making the same things over and over, but cooking always brings me such joy and makes me feel productive. The evening of November 21st, I made scallops with couscous and a veggie medley of zucchini, mushrooms and a broccoli slaw. 

Dancing to Christmas music with Aunt Hally <3.
Tuesday, November 22nd, was a chill day at home for me and Quinn. She slept through the night for the first time ever the night before! I got so much sleep too, I couldn’t believe it- I was actually more tired than usual the next day because I think my body isn’t used to that much sleep. Anyway, my sister still had to work, but she was able to sneak out for a walk with us. 

That evening I made one of the best recipes I’ve tried in a long time- these Buddha Bowls! Hal and I couldn’t believe how delicious they were. We made them with Japanese sweet potato rather than regular, and I think that made them even better (although we were then missing the orange “pop” of orange). 

Wednesday, November 23rd, we dropped off Quinn at daycare in the morning and had a sisters morning at home. I worked one day less than usual that week so I could prep for Thanksgiving, so I used half of the other daycare day she usually goes to get all our cooking done! We started the day with cranberry orange mimosas. Mine heavier on the cranberry, Hal’s heavier on the orange.

We had two Thanksgivings planned this year- one with my dad-in-law’s side and one with my mom-in-law’s side. With Hal’s help, we prepped the following dishes: 

My cranberry pistachio acorn squash

Vegan Cornbread (Holy moly, this is going to be a new staple). 

And vegan cauliflower mashed potatoes (I sorta winged this one, but we couldn’t believe how delicious they were, I’ll have to post a recipe for it soon, so I remember how I made them for next year). 

After listening to holiday music and cooking away, we hit the trail for a 3 mile run together. 

Then we picked up Quinnie from daycare and went to a nearby neighborhood to go for a walk and nap. Hal requested to wear the carrier, so I helped her put it on, and it was so special they had that bonding time while Quinn caught some snoozes. 

Then sadly, Hal had to hit the road. It was a tough goodbye, but I’m grateful I’ll see her for Christmas!

The morning of Thanksgiving, things took a wee bit of a turn. DJ woke up with a horrible case of hand, foot, mouth which, unfortunately, Quinn had battled over the weekend. DJ got it worse though- thankfully, Quinn had a super mild case. Due to how contagious HFM is, we had to cancel all our Thanksgiving plans.

We were determined to still have a good day and make it memorable for our family. I just wish DJ had been feeling better. We started out with an off-trail walk in the woods with Moose and Quinn. 

Then when we returned home, DJ kindly watched her while I actually “got ready”, a rare thing around here. Even though, we weren’t going anywhere, I still wanted to dress like a civil human being on the holiday. And then I got Quinn dressed in her outfit too :).

I whipped together an impromptu spread with whatever we had. It was an oddly fun challenge to see how I could make something that resembled a Thanksgiving dinner so last minute. We used a couple of the Waygu steaks that were gifted to DJ for his bday as our main course, cauliflower mashed potatoes, vegan mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuits, vegan cornbread and leftover of the quinoa mix to go over a spinach salad (I already had devoured a stuffed squash for lunch and wanted to save the rest to drop off at Gigi’s since I know they like it!). 

I laughed when DJ randomly yelled out during the meal, “Thanks for the rolls, Quinnie!”. 

It ended up being a great meal! The star of the show was the steak (thank you, Gigi and Gordie- you saved Thanksgiving!)- I don’t think I’ve ever had that quality of steak in my life. It was like butter. The flavor was so well rounded, tender- absolutely incredible. And I’m just glad I didn’t butcher them in the air fryer! 

For Quinn, we loaded up this vegetable turkey dinner we got from the store. She ate the whole jar and loved every bit. Girl LOVES turkey. I was hesitant to feed her much else from our table for this meal since it was all loaded with sodium, but she did not mind one bit sticking to her personal turkey dinner.

The next day, I put her in outfit #2 even though we wouldn’t be able to show it off in person. I still sent pics around to the fam. My mom sweetly gifted this to Quinn <3. 

Here she goes trying to stand again!

She is so intrigued by our little Christmas tree, trying to brainwash this girl early to LOVE Christmas! <3.

For dinner Friday evening, I made a leftover salad with the quinoa/cranberry/pistachio mix, leftover steak, fresh cranberries and vegan cheese with a balsamic drizzle. 

Our family so sweetly stopped by over the weekend to drop off food for us too, and we had a drive by hello <3. It was also a very productive weekend, and we just spent a lot of quality time with Moose and Quinn. As I write this, thankfully DJ is totally recovered- but woah, hand foot mouth in an adult is no joke!

Hope all my USA friends had a wonderful Turkey day!

Questions for you: 

  • Do you have any stories about turning a rough situation into an unexpectedly good memory? 
  • What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast? I will say I really missed Gigi’s pumpkin pie and my brother-in-law’s green bean casserole this year! And, of course, what I missed more than anything-seeing all our family.



Wrapping up Fall!

A Wonderful Wedding Weekend & A Flying Object!

Trying Oats, Burning Muffins, Eating Blue Habernero & Enjoying Fall! 🍁

Hey all! How are ya doing? I discovered a new way I can get some blogging in my life! I have my laptop propped up on a cake stand and am typing away while Quinn sleeps in my carrier. So far, so good! Also, I’m listening to Midnights as I write this- I really like it so far. 

Finishing out the first weekend in October- October 2nd, we introduced Quinn to some *quite soupy* oatmeal for the first time! This is the first time she’s had anything except breastmilk. She seemed uncertain but also seemed to like it as she kept grabbing the spoon from me. Although it was hard to tell if she just wanted to teeth the spoon, hah. I have to say- introducing solids terrifies me. Especially after the choking episode in the hospital, my blood runs cold any time she makes the slightest gagging sound. I do think we are going to try baby-led weaning, but I am nervous about this whole endeavor. At the same time, I’m very excited to introduce all these new foods to her. Our goal is to get her to try 100 foods in her first year!

We used a smaller spoon moving forward (I actually just bought some infant spoons on Amazon that she does great with) & have gradually thickened the oats with each feed. These are the ones we use!

That afternoon while watching the Brown’s game, Moose and Quinn bonded on the couch. Peep the corner of the couch Moose destroyed- SMH. 

I was craving a piece of pizza that day. I made some of the Daiya pizza- it’s fine, but wow, I cannot wait to have a REAL slice of pizza again!

October 3rd, I got my hair done at Shear Perfection Studio in Cuyahoga Falls! I tried to go a touch lighter, but still natural, so I don’t have to get it done often. I loved it. Will definitely be returning here!

October 4th, I took Quinn on a nice evening walk after work. As exhausted as I am after work, I really try to get outside if we can- she sleeps so much better after spending time outside & the fresh air is good for us both. 
She almost made the whole walk in the stroller, but not quite. 

October 5th, I busted out my ‘feeling wicked’ mug for my morning cuppa joe.

I walked Moose & Quinn on the hike & bike trail after breakfast.

That afternoon, I made some Banana Nut muffins for book club. I burned them. Since becoming a mom, I usually burn something daily- whether it’s toast, oatmeal or the coffee I’m reheating. So I wasn’t too surprised lol. Usually I’d order another box to make them again- or even a step further- I probably would have tried to attempt them from scratch with the droves of bananas I accidentally ordered. But I ended up just getting some pre-made ones from the store and took the time to cuddle with Quinn instead. My friend Nicole has a blog called The Mommy Strike, and it really inspired me to choose less than perfection in certain situations- it has made me more cognizant of where I’m putting my time and energy, and the mindset has allowed me to soak up more intentional time with my babies! (the human and furry one ;)).

That day, we received an awesome delivery of Snake River Farms Steaks from Gigi & Gordie for DJ’s birthday!! They offered to grill them up for us, and we are certainly taking them up on that! I don’t trust myself with such nice steaks, hah. One of these days, I really would like to get good at grilling. I haven’t the slightest clue how to do it & that feels like a plain crime being born & raised in the midwest…. and just being close to 30.

Time for book club! We read What Alice Forgot, which was one of my favorite books I think I’ve ever read. I was so excited to discuss it. It really made me contemplate my own life and made me very reflective. I could have talked hours about it- but the group didn’t quite feel the same! It was definitely mixed how people felt about it. Some didn’t even finish it. I heard recently “books are more personal than comedy”, and I have to say I’ve found this is true! 

October 6th, I put Quinn in the carrier and took her to Ledges for a hike. 

Parts of the trail were blocked off to prevent the spread of White Noise Syndrome from killing bats- I had never heard of this! So sad..It has nothing to do with noise but rather a fungal spore that causes the spread of the disease.  

Anyway-I just love this place especially in the fall! It’s gorgeous.

The overlook was beautiful- but I knew in a week or two the colors would be even more vibrant!

That afternoon Gigi stopped by and took this sweet picture of Quinn. She watched her for a few mins while I finished making DJ dirt pudding for his birthday!

That evening I made scallops in the air fryer, a veggie medley and brown rice for dinner. 

It was DJ’s birthday, but also this sweet girl’s five month birthday!!!

Also this just makes me laugh- this is our grass compared to our neighbors, can you tell who has the dog fertilizing the lawn all year? LOL. 

October 7th, we went to see one my younger sister-in-laws on homecoming court and the other cheer at the game! Quinn did incredible, as she usually does in public. Also it’s hilarious- this girl loves watching football. Whenever it’s on TV, she happily sits in DJ’s lap and watches (for a short time before I nip the screen time in the bud hah). For this game, she just sat on my lap and happily watched the two teams dual it out. 

October 8th, we braved the cold, wrapped Quinn up with lotsa layers and hit the trail! 

The leaves had changed even more by this walk!

That evening, Gigi and Gordie offered to watch Quinn while we went out for DJ’s birthday! 

DJ had wanted to try Blue Habernero for a while- so it was an easy decision when choosing where to go!

The decor was very much channeling Day of the Dead! 

And the food- ohhhhh my goodness. This was all SO good & fresh. We started with the trio sampler. The guac was particularly fantastic. (Although there was no salt on the table & I think a dash of salt would have made it 10/10). 

DJ also tried their chorizo fireballs and said they were his favorite part of the meal! 

They had some of the best margaritas we have ever tried- DJ got their pineapple margarita, and I tried their spicy cilantro- delish!

For our mains- DJ got their carne asada tacos- look at this presentation!

He said they were great. I got chicken fajitas. Mmmmm mmmmm! I was lovin’ the generous portions because I was especially hungry that evening. 

It was soo nice. We laughed a lot, and it felt really refreshing to have that one-on-one time. I see why prioritizing these dates and time together is so important. We admired the cute little downtown Brecksville area and then drove around town for a while looking at plots of land for sale before heading back.

Here’s a sweet pic of Quinn & her Grandpa Gordie!

And it’s not a date night without a car selfie, hah. 

October 9th we went back to Ledges for a hike- Couldn’t stay away!

We took a little bit of a different trail this time & found ourselves at the offshoot- Octagon trail. There was no one around so we let Moose off the leash to run around the open field. He loved it!

After, we went to wish a happy birthday to DJ’s Grandma, Mimi <3. It was so sweet watching her and Quinn together. We spent a wonderful time chatting and catching up. 

That evening, DJ took over so I could squeeze in my weekend run. 

Then my good friend, Melissa and her fiance, Michael, stopped by and asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year <3. Easy yes!!! 

How absolutely adorable is this bridesmaid box?! 

Thanks for reading! Quinn just woke up- what perfect timing. I got a whole post done! Have a wonderful weekend :). 

Questions for you: 

  • What was your favorite candy to get trick-or-treating? Mine was Three Musketeers. I was laughing at the debate in Stranger Things whether Three Musketeers is the best or the worst. 
  • Have any thoughts about Midnights if you listened? So far, Lavender Haze is my favorite song. Close second is Maroon. 



Fall Fun & Szalay’s Corn Maze!

Goood morning, friends!! It is a very chilly 40 degrees here right now (which I know will sound balmy in a couple months from now). But until now, it’s been a gorgeous fall!
Going back to September 27th, Quinn and I had such a fun day together! I put her in her new pumpkin onesie, and we ventured out to the Hike & Bike trail. I’ve discovered she falls asleep a lot faster in the carrier when I cover her head and eyes with a little blanket to block out the light.
After the walk, we went straight to Nervous Dog Cafe. She did great just chillin’ in her car seat while I sipped my au lait. I loved our little coffee date. I was even able to answer some blog comments while sitting there. 

After Nervous Dog we went to a place nearby our house (JLC landscaping) that advertises mums & pumpkins. I put Quinn in the carrier & started walking around the rows of beautiful mums. The owners came out and could not have been sweeter. They explained they recently renovated the inside of the house on the property to become a shop too. They have a year-round Christmas room & the lobby was set up with festive Halloween decor for sale. They also sell Szalay’s corn (famous around here- it is the besttt). I picked out a few pumpkins, mums and a ceramic pumpkin for inside. And some corn, of course. Quinn didn’t fuss at all- she loves being out and about!

They helped me load up the car, and then Quinn and I headed home to set up. Having the new decor inspired me to do a deep clean of the house. It felt good to have it all cleaned up even though I knew it wouldn’t stay like that for long!
I also lit the pumpkin candle which made the house smell so yummy. 
I even went into the basement and found our old pumpkin pillow that actually went so well with our current living room decor!
Feeling alll the fall vibes, I had salad and Amy’s soup for dinner. I like to add Kite Hill unsweetened yogurt as “sour cream” and some colby jack vegan cheese. I could really go for this right now actually… mmm. 
And it only felt right to put the cutest mini pumpkin into the mini pumpkin patch 🙂 
September 28th, I soaked up some cuddles with Moose. I still battle quite a bit of guilt not being able to give Moose quite the same level of attention I used to. DJ really has helped make sure he gets doted over constantly though <3. I know this phase is temporary, and I will be able to give him lotsa extra cuddles again soon (especially when she starts napping in her crib- but also not wishing away the contact naps either).
That day, a couple fun books arrived for Quinn from our Aunt Terry! We just LOVE the Bear Dunes in MI (probably in my top three favorite places I’ve ever been), so this book definitely is very special to us <3. Also Quinn adores this super cute puppet book- Itty Bitty Yeti!
Moose pretty much always plops right next to Quinn on the floor when she plays, it’s so sweet. He has become quite the guard dog since we brought her home. He growls and barks at people that come near the house like he never used to. The barking actually has become kinda aggressive- anyone ever deal with this? He will go ballistic if he even sees anyone out the window or hears the slightest sound outside. I so appreciate how protective he is of her- but man, oh man- not sure how I am going to get her to ever nap with the random howls! (And they are legit howls!).
On a funny note- I put her in her pack n’ play with some toys while I got few things done & Moose laid next to it trying to give her kisses through the mesh. When he realized he couldn’t get to her he seemed perturbed (he chomped his teeth at me)- I think he thought I had her in a crate and was insisting “let her out!”. Haha. 

The night of September 30th, I made some air fryer chicken breasts with corn, quinoa/brown rice and a small arugula salad. I cannot believe how juicy and delicious air fryer food can be. Also- I am on a real kick with arugula. My mom bought some when she did a grocery run here, and I’m not sure why I don’t buy it more often! I know it’s kinda like cilantro though- some people love it, some people hate it- how do you feel about it? I know you woke up contemplating your feelings on arugula, sincerely hoping someone might ask your thoughts- so don’t worry, I got you!

October 1st, we put Quinn back into her sweet pumpkin onesie (she is getting lots of use of it this fall!) and welcomed October with a trip to Szalay’s with Gigi, Gordie & Ender (our nephew). Szalays is the icornic farm & market. (I stole that from our Aunt Jean who used that on their recent podcast– too good not to include!). 
It was a busy day at the market!! Families gathered under the outdoor table swings, mingled among the pumpkin patch, waited in line for corn and navigated the annual corn maze!

There were 8 pumpkins to find, and while I would like to say we found all of them in no time flat, we only found 3 over…well… way too much time. Ha! This maze ain’t for the faint of heart- these skeletons will tell ya. 
Ender loved seeing the different themes at each pumpkin!

Quinn looked a bit skeptical that we would ever find our way back out, and she had a right to be!

Before we turned into pumpkins ourselves, we escaped. We then meandered through the market (I could do some damage with all the delicious local honey, fresh fruits & treats they sell!), and then we enjoyed the various pumpkin displays.
Gordie so kindly offered to wait in the corn line to get us all corn. It was sooo yummy per usual!

She was so tiny the last time we were here!

We went our separate ways, and for Bachelor fans out there, Gigi and Gordie ran into Michael Allio!

That afternoon, I put in a grocery order. I meant to order three bananas but accidentally ordered three bunches of bananas. Hah, whoops!

And this feels like a good place to wrap! Have a great weekend all 🙂 

Question for you: 

  • Do you decorate for fall? 
  • Anyone watch Love is Blind Season 3 yet?! I see new eps are out!



A Day at Lakeside & A Birthday Brunch!

Hello hello & Happy Fridaayyy!! Spooky season has fully commenced & I am going to do my darnedest to get out these autumnal posts before it passes us by! 

I am fully invested in Stranger Things at this point (thank you all who endorsed that decision) & am currently listening to a Dateline podcast. I don’t listen to true crime stuff year round, but this time of year I tend to dip my toe in. 

Onto fluffier fall things! Saturday September 24th we surprised DJ for his bday. This was his big 3-0, so I was wracking my brain of how to make this extra special. He made me promise not to plan any surprise parties, so that was out of the running. But he said nothing about surprises in general ;). DJ has mentioned several times this year how he can’t wait for us to have more time to make it to Lakeside. This is probably his favorite place on Earth, and we were only able to make it there once this year for the 4th of July.  I organized with some of our family who have a cottage at Lakeside to use their home for the day for feeds. My mom and Pete also were excited to come along and help watch Quinn. 

I made him think since my mom and Pete were in town we were just going to have a family day (No studying allowed!)… Which was a partial truth- but when he found out where we were having our big family day, he was quite stoked! We were on the road by about 8 am with one mission in mind- to get there in time for Patio Donuts! These are some of the best donuts in existence.
We dropped everything off at the cottage and then followed the scent of fried sugar. Yumm. 
We got a smattering of nearly all the flavors & Pete grabbed a hot chocolate. Tragically, I couldn’t have any this time due to the butter- but trust me, I’ll make up for it when I can have dairy again! Y’all are probably so sick of hearing me mention this haha. 
This girl knows good food when she sees it!
We grabbed the donuts and went to the dock to enjoy the fresh lake air, the views of the water and the melt-in-your-mouth donuts. While I couldn’t have the scrumptious little things, I still got to hold this scrumptious little thing :).
Quinn is just so happy whenever we’re near the water. 
After grabbing donuts, we went back to the cottage for a feed and then stepped back out into the perfectly brisk fall day. The kind of ‘brisk’ that begs you to hit up the nearest coffee shop. My mom and I dove into Coffee & Cream to get a couple cafe au laits with one pump of pumpkin while the guys got more donuts. Yes, you read that right. There was a flavor they liked in particular, so they went back to get a couple more. When in Rome Lakeside!

This felt truly like the first day of fall with the weather & the pumpkin au lait! 
Are we in the Chessboard Chamber from Harry Potter or Lakeside, OH? Hard to know!
After walking around and admiring the unique and lovingly tended to decor on the cottages, we went back for another feed, tummy time & a short rest before heading out to the dock. 
For lunch before hitting the road, we went to a newly added restaurant- Slack House. 
It has a relaxed cafeteria sort of vibe with great quick options. Pete and I had their turkey burger, my mom had a salad and DJ got their chicken sandwich. 
Quinn did great with this meal out! She just sat on my lap the whole time. We really should try to venture out more with her. She does amazing in public (better than at home some may say! hah). She just loves looking around & I think the white noise of chit-chat calms her.

That night we had football on in the background & enjoyed an easy pizza night- meat-lovers for the guys and vegan for me & my mom. 

My mom and Pete insisted DJ and I have a date out while they were there, so we decided to sneak out for a brunch on September 25th to Cantine

I had been here once before with Rachel, and noted how yummy their brunch sounded! We actually had planned to go to another brunch spot that was closed, but this was a good back up plan. I designated this DJ’s bday brunch too (even though his birthday was still technically a couple weeks away). 

I started with some sparkling water with a little lemon and lime. 

For our mains- DJ got their Rise & Shine burger with an 8-ounce brisket and short rib burger on brioche bun, bacon, American Cheese, fried egg, and pommes frites. We both agreed the french fries were maybe the best part of the meal!

I had their veggie omelette which was very much… a veggie omelette lol. The side of potatoes left much to be desired. But overall- even if the food was not the best, it was still sustenance, great company and nice to get out together :).

Once home, Quinn continued to sleep on my mom while I finished laundry and prepped everything for work. Usually this would take all day, but it only took about an hour or so with that uninterrupted time. 

For dinner that night, I made air fryer filets with lemon garlic broccolini, sautéed mushrooms, mashed potatoes for the guys (I cheated with the mashed potatoes and used Bob Evans) & sweet potatoes for my mom and me.

Unfortunately, this day my mom got pretty sick with a gnarly cold so she went to bed early. They left the next day & it just felt like the time wennt wayyy too fast. Great memories as usual though <3. Can’t wait for them to come back!! 

Questions for you:

  • Does your coffee order change with the season?
  • Do you like surprise parties? 



Book Club, Recent Eats & Family Bonding ❤️

Hi everyone!!! How are you enjoying this fall? Let me tell ya, mine is night and day from last year. I was so sick in my first trimester, I don’t really remember enjoying it- I just remember one long wave of nausea & cuddles with Moose (I did enjoy that part). This year I am living for it allll. 
When we returned from Michigan on September 5th, we unpacked and ordered in some Piada for lunch since I hadn’t restocked on groceries yet. I finally enrolled as a Piada member, which I should have done a loong time ago considering how much we order from there. I went for the build-your-own bowl with all kinds of yums and a side of the apple cider vinaigrette and vegan harissa. 
On September 6th I had my first book club meet-up! The book we read was The Last Mrs. Parrish which I included in a recent Friday Faves. We all brought a different snack, so I made a cheese board with various cheeses (including a couple vegan ones so I could indulge), hummus, chocolate covered cherries from Michigan, salami and a side of pretzels and crackers. 
It was so much fun!! After Quinn was born, DJ and I talked about how important it is to take time to prioritize our hobbies and friends because we realized how quickly those could fall by the wayside. Monthly book club, a weekend run and a monthly brunch with a friend are my “things” for now and DJ tries to get out golfing whenever he can and tries to meet up with friends here and there too. It feels really good supporting each other in making these things a priority. 

September 7th, we went out for a morning walk with Mr. Moose on a new trail. The trail was a little noisy being right next to the highway, so we probably won’t frequent it, but it is convenient if we ever just need to get a quick walk in with him.  

September 8th, I grabbed a Cafe Au Lait from Nervous Dog and worked on modules for work at the hospital. 

When I picked up Quinn from daycare, she surprisingly still had some energy so we did a bit of tummy time before a long nap. 
September 9th, she had her four month appt. We went on a walk on a trail on the way to the peds office to get some fresh air to start the day.
I was sorta dreading the appt. with the next round of vaccines, but it went well enough. This round she seemed a bit fussier/more uncomfortable than the last, so it was lots of carrier naps and cuddles. On top of that she was teething a lot that day. My girl :(. The nurse did give a great tip to put frozen breast milk in one of those fruit strainers to help with teething & Quinn loved that! 

That afternoon we were low on groceries, so I was forced to get creative. I threw together this Lavash wrap with sardines, mixed greens, tomato and mustard. It sounds kinda gross, but it was so satisfying. 

Aaand it was around this week my hair started falling out in droves. That postpartum hair loss hit hard and fast. No fun! 

That weekend was a nice, chill weekend with walks on new trails, watching football (or enjoying the white noise of it in my case), getting the house in order & quality time all together.

Quinn has been so eager to sit up and stand. She loves when we hold her up like this! I feel like sometimes she thinks, “this baby stuff is for the birds!”. She just wants to moveee <3.

I’ve been on a pizza kick lately, but good dairy-free/soy-free pizza can be hard to find. I tried the meatless lovers from Daiya that weekend, and it was definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried! 

I worked September 12th & 13th. The back to back shifts are exhausting for Quinn since we get up so early to get her to daycare. But she handled these long days like a champ and seemed to have so much fun with the activities over those couple of days! She has had pretty consecutive colds since starting daycare (which sucks), but I try to see the bright side that she’s building immunity. I also learn a lot from her teachers and implement a lot of the activities they do at home. 

September 14th, we went on a nice morning walk. As we trotted along, I admired the yellow blooms on the side of the trail. The next day when I returned they were gone, so I was probably just admiring some weeds, hah. I know nothing about flowers. 
That day, Quinn was soaking up just chillin’ and kicking this little ball on her playmat. We Facetimed with my Aunt Terry, and she just dribbled the ball the whole time. Maybe future soccer player? 
Quinn LOVES her Sophie the Giraffe, and we take her everywhere with us. With her teething, forget me, Soph is her best friend hah. 
Also my baby has turned into a crab. She’s been pinching me like crazy lately lol. I just think, “girllll I gave you life, why must you hurt me like that?!”.
One of the activities I stole from daycare was putting water in different containers. I improvised and put them at different temperatures so she could feel a warmer bowl with water and one with cooler water. This girl loves water. I’ll take her to sinks in the house and she gets the biggest kick out of turning the faucet and running her hands under it. 
Aaaand my first dive into embracing fall on September 17ththis candle 🙂 . 
September 18th, I had plans to meet with a friend for brunch, but unfortunately, they fell through last minute. I was so looking forward to brunchy food, so I decided to make my own at home. I took a little extra care making a veggie omelette with vegan jalapeno havarti cheese and a side of Dave’s bread with raspberry Crofter’s jam. I added a dollop of hummus on top for kicks.
Quinn was just stunned to see I was wearing a. real clothes, b. makeup and c. no baseball cap.
We made the most of the time I was going to go to brunch and instead DJ linked his computer up to the TV, and we planned and dreamed up some weekend trips for next year & one family vacation. We are so excited to travel all around with Quinn! 

Moose really relished that chill weekend energy. In a world of nervous dogs, be a chill Moose. 

Speaking of! September 19th, I stopped into Nervous Dog Cafe for a cafe au lait. I also finally signed up for their reward system. 54987 cafe au laits later…
September 21st my mom and Pete arrived in town!! My mom hadn’t seen Quinn since May- can you believe it?! 
I worked the day they got in town, so to keep things easy, I ordered in for all of us. Can you guess from where? 
Ding ding if you guessed Piada, you guessed right. 

My mom and Pete unpacked while Quinn napped in my carrier, then we all caught up while enjoying our meals. We go to bed fairly early (730/8ish), so the evening was short, but thankfully we had more to come! 

Every morning, I put Quinn in her bouncer in the kitchen while I make breakfast. She seemed especially chipper this morning of the 22nd; I think she was looking forward to a morning with her Grammy and Grampy!

While letting Moose out, I witnessed this gorgeous sunrise. We are in that time of year where the sunrises and sunsets are just spectacular.
That morning, my mom and I zipped to Nervous Dog and grabbed au laits for us and a pup cup for Mr. Moose. This time of year I like to get one pump of pumpkin for a little pizzazz. 
We then headed to the trail for a walk. I realized once we got to the trail that I forgot my carrier, and girly girl never makes it through the whole walk just in the stroller anymore. My mom offered to just sit with Quinn while I zipped home- so I went back with Moose, grabbed my carrier and then we drove back to the trail. 

When I pulled back in, Quinn was all cozied sleeping on my mom’s chest on the park bench. It was so sweet. Ok, time to get on with this walk!

It was gloomy with ominous clouds looming, but I just love that kind of weather. 
We had a wonderful walk and only had to dodge one little drizzle. We also had really interesting conversation. My mom and I love the podcast Cultish and reflected on some recent episodes. 
The rest of the day was just lotsa playing and spending time with Quinn <3. 
How cute is she with her Grammy and Grampy?!
Quinn has been rolling over from stomach to back for quite some time, but this week I was really working on getting her to go back to stomach. My mom was watching her while I went out on a run, and caught her first time rolling back to stomach on camera! We were sooo proud! You can see how proud of herself she was too 🙂 
That evening I made air fryer shrimp tacos for everyone with all the fixin’s. We got your cilatro, we got your lime, we got your fajita veggies. I made ones with vegan cheese for my mom and me and ones with queso fresco for the guys. 
Quinn was a trooper through the whole dinner! By the end of it though, she was over it and ready to go to sleep.