A Super Quick Update!



Long time no seeeeee.

I have a sweet & short post about what we have been up to lately (well, relative to my other posts) . I received a text from my mom yesterday saying she was concerned since I haven’t made much contact with anyone the last week or so. NO WORRIES- all is well & good just busy, busy.

It reminded me that I haven’t updated the good ole’ blog baby in a while. I need to write an entirely separate post soon about what I have learned this past month in regards to nursing, faith, and dealing with some intense emotional battles. It’s been nothing short of a glorious, ferocious, awful, and beautiful rollercoaster.

That will come soon… I travel to Pittsburgh this weekend so I’m thinking the flight may be a good time to unravel that one.

But for now, for all our friends and family that are all, “How the heck are ya, where the heck are ya, and what the heck are ya up to?!” … this is my response!

I graduated from the FACC series class last week (Foundations of Acute and Critical Care Training). That means wayyy less online work, aka less free time sucked up, and more consistent 36 hour weeks in the hospital rather than sporadic classes mixed with shifts. HALLELUJAH! I learned so much through this series and while it was a major time leach, I am incredibly grateful for all I learned.

Alsoooo..come on now- this cake..


. Hahahahha. I know it’s bad, but I couldn’t help but share. Our FACC leaders definitely have a good sense of humor (which I have learned is entirely necessary in nursing).

DJ’s doing amazing at his job working with the SJ Giants in marketing. I admire him beyond words with the way he has handled this job and the integrity with which he also handles the challenges. He has been an outstanding leader in our small group through church as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to our small group because of work, but DJ has been leading a good deal of the sessions. I am just thankful I have him as my rock as we go through this hard, hard year.

We both are in such similar places of navigating the season of NEW. New jobs, new coworkers, new schedules, new responsibilities, new frustrations, and new memories! We still hardly see each other but soak up every second when we do.

Many evenings I get home and go straight to sleep after a 12 hour shift, and can’t do much the night before a shift considering I have to get up at 4/4:30. But some nights when I don’t have to go back the next day I try to just soak up that alone time.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy those quiet evenings are in my feng shui hangout eating sushi, drinking some wine, and reading or watching a reality show. Call me basic if you wish, but these sushi rolls are ANYTHING but basic.


A place near our apartment called Azuma can be delivered through GrubHub. I oscillate between the 49ers roll (eel, avocado, and other assorted fish), and the sunshine roll (lemon, tuna, eel, green onion, and avocado)…. with brooownn rice. Brown rice adds a texture and heartiness to the roll that I love.


It’s all so delish. Probably the two best sushi rolls of my life. But I have a problem. When DJ and I went through the budget/spending this month I embarrassingly replied “Sushi” when he asked what each purchase on my card was from. Whoops. Girl’s gotta eat. #sorrynotsorry. #sushinotsorry.

Speaking of eats! Here are our other recent ones..

I have been LOVING my turmeric cauliflower mashed potatoes with black bean burgers, hummus, and parmesan asparagus. You know I get on kicks, and this is the most recent! I also love topping it with basil.


Flat-out pizzas are always a good go-to. If you’ve never tried a good flat-out pizza, it’s definitely worth a try- especially if you are a lover of thin crust pizzas! Each flatbread is only 100 calories, and then I top with vegan cheese, tomatoes, basil, and oregano to make a mean vegan margarita.


It’s also been a while since I’ve made Indian. When we lived in our Toho in Indiana this was one of my favorite meals to make! DJ loves it too. For myself I make a vegetarian version with dosa, idli, and tons of curry laden veggies. For DJ I make chicken tikki masala with jasmine rice and naan. Who doesn’t love naan?! If you don’t know what naan is, you don’t know what life is, so please stop reading this and go try some naan.


Did you try the naan?!?

I’m serious.

Try it.


Since I am leaving this weekend, I made DJ tons of BBQ chicken, parmesan rosemary fingerling potatoes, fried okra, and wild rice.


Alsooo, I may have casually ordered a jillion gallons of PB2 on Groupon. It was a steal!!!! Pb2 is so dang expensive, so when I saw this Betty bargain steal I had to jump.


Ok, ok you caught me. When going through the budget and spending it goes like this … Sushi, sushi, PB2, sushi, overage data fees while blogging about sushi and PB2, sushi.

I’ve also been running a ton to deal with my stress. Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts rather than music. Just wait for the next Friday Faves, folks, and I will divulge some of my loooves. Anyone have favorites out there?!


Last Thursday I got my hair did! Wooohoo!!!! The roots were so bad. I am in the wedding Saturday, so I felt like I had to be somewhat presentable for someone else’s forever wedding photos.


After getting the roots all touched up and a nice (MUCH NEEDED) trim, I was craving me some boba. Luckily, next to the Aveda salon on Santana row there is an amazing Boba shop It hit.the. spot. Especially because it was way too hot that day. Raise your hand if you love boba?!


FINALLY one of DJ and I’s days aligned for a day off last Friday. We started our day off by sleeping in until the cows came home.


Then I was craving boba, … so… boba.

We also decided to try out Game of Thrones. Holy maloly- it’s entralling! Does anyone watch? Yes, it’s pretty dang explicit, but I know most shows are out of the gate to get more ratings. The story line is just insanely good. Any thoughts?! We love it.

For dinner we tried the newest addition to our little Cupertino downtown- Stein’s Beer Garden.


It was one of those places that just has pizzazz.


I loved the feel. It was beery unique! There is a literal wall lined with faux foliage in a modern, industrial environment.


The staff was super friendly off the bat. While there was a bit of a wait, it was worth it.

We started with complementary pickled veggies in a jar. I don’t know why more places don’t do this! It was such a great mini app. I didn’t even miss the typical starter bread (GASSSSPPPP!).


I’m not big on beer, but felt like I should at least try one, considering it’s in the restaurant’s name. The only kind I really like that I’ve tried are Sours. Their Mango Gose was surprisingly refreshing with the meal I had!


I tried the roasted beet & smoked salmon salad with arugula, chevre goat cheese, and spiced pecans. It was fantastic! (Also- PS. I just have to tell my Aunt that she would LOVE this place, it’s so up her alley, so ya’ll need to come back soon!).


DJ tried the Yucatan Pulled Pork Sliders with chili paste marinated pork shoulder with chipotle aoili chicharon, cilantro slaw, jalapeno, and roasted tomato salsa.


The rest of the night we flew through a couple episodes of GOT, then we both worked all weekend.

Fast forward…

It is currently Wednesday evening, I’m on the heels of 4- 12 shifts nearly in a row. I’m not sure my mind is all here and this post probably has a million errors haha. I’m haphazardly watching bachelorette and realizing I have a million things do before 10 am tomorrow. Oh well. It will get done, it always does.

I leave tomorrow for Pittsburgh and don’t return until Sunday. I plan during that time to catch up on blog comments and your blogs too (although, I’m not sure the 7 hour traveling day in the air will have wifi?!)..

Monday is back to work and then I won’t see DJ again until Tuesday, but he works most of the time too. Also- my best friend’s baby is due this week, and I can hardly stand it. This time of life is wild, and hard, fun, challenging, and rewarding. I know we will look back on this year and see it as one of the most transformative for the both of us.
What are you all up to this weekend?!

xo <3


52 thoughts on “A Super Quick Update!

  1. So happy to read another wonderful blog. Safe travels to Pittsburgh and have fun at the wedding. Yes a big transforming year for you and DJ but I am so proud of you both!!! Love love love reading these blogs so thank you for taking the time to write this, always makes my day to see a new one from you. 💜

    1. Awww thank you, Mom B!! <3 I am going to text you- I knew you would appreciate a small little update! And it makes MY day to see this comment from you! LOVE YOU!

  2. Love this post! Your hair looks so pretty, and all the food sounds absolutely delicious. I hope things settle down for you soon, but in the meantime, enjoy your trip and hang in there!

    1. Thank you, love!!!! You’re the sweetest. <3 I am currently sitting in the airport and taking a few deep breaths drinking my cafe au lait and anxiously awaiting the flight! Woohoo!! Do you have any big plans this weekend?!

      1. If the weather holds up, we’ll be going to our lake house on Saturday! I so need to swim & relax out there. I have yet to be able to swim because the water was too cold for me last time, & it’s almost July! Have a safe flight! XO

      2. Unfortunately, the weather was not good on Saturday, BUT we had a wonderful weekend! We used to spend almost every summer weekend of my childhood out there, but being an adult has made it more difficult to do so. :/ But we’ll get out there soon!

      3. Yayyyy! I cannot wait to read alllll about it!
        Ugh, being an adult sucks out all the fun…Where did the days of gel pens, dunk-a-roos, and AIM go?! lol! Always a kid at heart, amirite?! Hope you are able to get back out there soon!

      4. Girl yes! I loved me some Dunk-A-Roos and gel pens! Both of us are definitely still kids at heart. Thank you, we’re looking forward to a visit!

      5. YES!!!!!!! I hope you get that visit soon 🙂 I finally have a couple days off coming up- can’t wait to catch up on some of your posts! Woohoo!

      6. I did, & it was amazing! Only I failed to apply sunscreen well to my back & burned. Hahaha Enjoy your days off! ❤️

    1. yeeeeesssss!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!!! Indian food is some of my favorite. I love love love it. I can’t wait until I can go back to India one day. Where abouts do you live?

      1. Kerala and Madurai are not too far away. Both of these places are a part of South India. Culinary culture is almost similar in South India. But there is a large difference in visual beauty. Kerala is known as God’s own country. Have you heard of Kerala before? If not please check this link https://www.keralatourism.org/ . 😍

      2. Ahh, thank you so much for the information! I haven’t heard much about Kerala so I will ABSOLUTELY check it out. It makes sense why you would be able to take such gorgeous pictures too. Thanks for sharing, Sijo!!

      3. I just looked through the site, and I am adding this place to my visit list right now! It’s GORGEOUS and there seems to be such a plethora of culture and events going on. Ahhh, maybe I can convince DJ for our next big trip there. I have been harping him that I want to go back to India soon!

  3. Mack, you don’t get to complain about hot weather! It NEVER gets hot over there! Lol. It’s 103-104 degrees here today! I’m glad all is well for you, even though it’s super busy. All of that food looks great! The beer looks even better! Have fun at the wedding and on your trip.

    1. Hahhaahahha. This made me laugh out loud. I guess you have a point there 😉 As I think I’ve mentioned DJ and I would like to move to Texas sometime, I can sense some Karma is in my future! lol. The beer was super tasty, and I don’t even like beer all that much! Hope you are having a fantastic Fourth! <3

      1. Hey girl! Today is just another day. We usually don’t do much on Fourth of July. I gotta get up early tomorrow anyway. Hope your 4th was funner than mine. Let’s see if you move to Texas! 😊 Take care!

      2. Hehe- actually it makes me feel better that you didn’t do a whole lot because neither did I! After getting back from the trip and working a 12 hour the next day I was out for the count today. I don’t think I’ve done one productive thing- except eat- and I guess that’s productive, ya?! And Texas has our name all over it! Give us a good three years, and who knows, we could be neighbors! 🙂

  4. Hey girl heyyy!!! Just snapped you that I’m super excited you have a post up! I need my Life of Mack fix 😉 First of all CONGRATS on completing the class WOOT WOOT! The cake is friggin awesome and hilarious, kudos to the leaders for their comic relief! Your hair is looking on pointtt- Let there be blonde!!! <3 And thank goodness, I didn't have to stop reading because I've had naan, and I love it too along with Indian food which I haven't had in ages! No one I know really likes it so Indian cuisine has come to a sad halt. Buttt if there's one thing I haven't had, it's okra, they look like pretty jalapenos! Oh gosh now that the heat is firing up these days, my mouth has been watering hardcore for some boba tea! Whats your favorite flavor to get? I usually just guess and get some kind of green tea flavored something but it always seems to be good! I'm sure every flavor is fantastic. Have so much fun at the wedding!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it <3 <3

    xo, JJ

    1. JJ!!!! Hey love! Okkkk that snap made my day. I don’t think you even know. You are the sweetest. Thank yaaaa for appreciating the cake as I did. I was like this whole class was worth it just for that cake! Hahah. And I feel like I just needed that extra punch of blonde in my life for sure. YAAAASSSS. I love that you love Indian food too. Well next time we are together we will have to get some since you haven’t had it in so long! Does Andrew like it at all!? Oohhh I love okra. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s so tasty. I just pan fry it with some olive oil and it makes a great veggie side. For boba I love jasmine or different types of green too! Ahhhh the wedding was insanely amazing- I cannot wait to hear. And I cannot wait to see your fourth of july post! It looked like SUCH a blast!!! <3

  5. Ok! I think we share some DNA! LOL I can’t get enough sushi! My only problem (or I guess maybe savior for my bank account), is that the only sushi place we have in town is not great. So, I don’t frequent it much. But, when we are out of town, that’s all I eat! And, PB2!! Yassss!! I love that stuff! Your hair looks great! It sounds like you have a ton going on, so thank you for taking the time to update us! I always love your posts! 🙂

    1. Agreeeeedd- I swear we are the same person. And ughh unfortunately my favorite sushi place is like 5 minutes away walking distance. It creates big issues for my bank account hahah. And AHHH you have to look on Groupon for your PB2. It’s so expensive at the grocery store, and I go through it so fast, so buying it through Groupon in bulk is definitely the way to go! Thank you for stopping by and your love as always. I hope your Fourth was absolutely wonderful <3

    1. Hehe- especially lately I feel like I work and then cook and take pictures of food, repeat. Glad you enjoy! Can’t wait to share about the trip 🙂

  6. Sushi, peanut butter, and blogging about them… pretty much sums up my life half the time, haha!!

    Enjoy Pittsburgh!! I’m happy knowing we’re probably just miles apart right now!

    1. YESSSS. We are so very similar. I love it! Ahhh I didn’t even think about that! Shoooot. The wedding I went to was in Cranberry! Close to you?!

  7. Hey, thanks for the lovely update and I’m so glad you’re enjoying GOT, I absolutely love this show and just like you, I am slowly making my way through the Harry Potter books! Hope you have a blast in Pittsburgh!

    1. Hi Kim!! Thank you tons for reading 🙂 ISN’T GOT THE BEST?! There are some scenes that maybe are a bit too explicit for our taste, but hot dang, the story line is tremendous. Which HP are you on right now? Ahh, Pittsburgh was amazing! I can’t wait to share about it. Hope you are having a great week so far!

  8. Hi Mackensie, I know how it is when you don’t have time to talk to family members too! As you say you do get busy sometimes. Congratulations on graduating!!! I can only imagine how tough it is , but not really know. Having a sense of humor is important in a hospital setting, there are so many emotions involved with each patient and their family members too. I am glad DJ is doing good. Do you go to many games? It is great he is involved in Church leading your group. I feel bad you don’t get enough couple time, it will get better! You know I am with you on the wine and TV shows! I must try the flat out pizza , looks so good! Its sweet of you to prepare extra meals for DJ , I am sure he will appreciate them. You got to get a good deal when it is going Girl!! You will have enough pb2 for a while now. I have to get back to podcasts, I used to listen more to them a few years ago but kids times 4 will stop that! Your Hair looks gorgeous Mackensie! I like the beer garden pics where you went . We recently went to a local brewing company with outdoor facilities where the kids could play. 4 twelve hr. shift is a lot to do. I don’t see any errors btw! I am glad you got away to Pittsburgh for the wedding. You are back at work by now. That will be fun getting to see your friends baby , Is she near you? You have a wild life right now. Thanks t these posts you will always relive this time in the future. Happy 4th of July to you both Dear, we are going to a parade this morning and fireworks tonight, take care and best wishes, Terri xoxo.

    1. Hi Terri!!!! I love seeing your gorgeous flower icon pop up on my feed Reminds me of my wedding bouquet! Thank you for the congrats I am so relieved to be done with that class so that my free time will open up at least a TINY bit! I unfortunately have not been to any games yet, but am going to try to make one in the next couple weeks! The fourth (today) is one of their biggest days of the season and so I was going to see if I was up for going after the traveling, but they were sold out fast! (Made my decision easy though to rest haha). The flat out pizzas are some of our favorites, I’d love to share the recipe! And cooking is definitely one of my favorite therapeutic activities, and DJ is the least picky eater ever so it makes it easy for me to experiment!

      Aww thank you (about the hair!). It’s such a relief to have those deep, deep roots filled in now! And that brewery you went to sounds like a blast! What is the name of it? I love learning about new restaurants/dives.
      Oh PHEW- I am so glad you didn’t catch any errors. I whipped this post out fast, and was almost sure there would be tons. I can’t wait to share all about Pittsburgh! And she is actually back in Ohio (where I grew up). But I am going to be Aunt Mo from far away- (My friend has called me “Mo” since middle school- not sure where it came from, lol).
      I hope you had the best time watching the fireworks and enjoyed the parade!!!! <3 XOXO

      1. Oh how fun!!! I am going to a SJ Giants game tomorrow and it’s their Brewery night! I’m doing better!! Thank you for asking 🙂 Hugs!!!!

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