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Welcome! My name is Mackenzie, and I began blogging when my husband, DJ, and I moved to California from the midwest in 2016. Initially, I began this blog to keep family updated back home on our happenings and to record our memories. But blogging turned out to be much more than I ever anticipated; it is home to a community where I have personally grown, learned from people from all walks of life, been inspired by many and cultivated friendships.

I thank you for stopping by- however you stumbled upon this page. Around here you can find recaps of our time in Northern California from 2016-2019, Austin, TX 2019-2021 and most currently, our Northeast Ohio adventures since moving here in the summer of 2021. Posts tend to include a hodge-podge of recent life happenings with our baby girl, Quinn Rae, our pup, Moose, restaurant reviews, recipe ideas and travels near and far.

A few more details that feel appropriate for an “About” page… I’m a nurse practitioner with a specialty in endocrinology (but currently working in presurgery as a nurse and lovin’ it!), I have an unusual appreciation for puns, I probably use too many exclamation points in general, and second to being with family and friends, I am my happiest running. Most importantly, l strive to make Christ the center of my life each day.

Please never hesitate to leave a comment or reach out by e-mail on my contact page. I love to chat!

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  1. Mack- I love this blog! Your love, and positive zest shine through! I didn’t know you and DJ were such amazing foodies. Bring it on- we have to eat out again! Keep on having fun.

    1. Thank you for checking it out! A compliment from a true writer means a lot. We always talk about how much fun we had with you both and are ALWAYS up for another night out with you guys! If you ever find yourself around here please let us know! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  2. Hi Mack! What a sweet sharing, and I love the focus of your blog. We have a number of things in common, like running, love of ice cream 💜 , and a trip across the country. So nice to meet you, and looking forward to getting to know you. Blessings your way, Debbie

  3. That would be my 11 year old! 🙂 I used the term for her. And thanks! I wish you all the best. Watch out for the little things that build up over time. Don’t let them build up! All the best! I’ll follow along your life! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the advice- I appreciate it, and all the best to you as well! I like her style with the unbreaded calamari! All the best.

  4. Hi Mack, great to find you. We share a love of the good things in life – dark chocolate and red wine … amongst other things. Happy journeys and keep smiling. Cheers from Australia xo

    1. Thank you, Lisa!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to share our life with us! I’m glad you enjoy it! Have a great rest of your weekend! Xx

  5. Your blog would have been mine 40 years ago – my husband and I made the same journey but without the benefit of the internet. Thanks for following my blog and there is a shout-out to yours in a post on mine later today.

    1. Thank you for saying hello, Noelle!!!! How cool that we are taking the same journey! Thank you for the shout out. Have a wonderful weekend. <3

  6. Hi Mack,
    What a wonderful introduction and view of the world. You and your husband look not only beautiful together but happiness defined. The best of luck on your new adventures. Moving is always a bit stressful but can also be incredibly rewarding as you meet news friends, explore the world, and grow together. From a one retired nurse to you – I’m sure you will be a wonderful nurse. Thank you for following and welcome to the fence jumpers. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

    1. Thank you, Sheila, for the kind words! So far this move has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. I am beyond words thankful for this chapter of life. And your encouragement means the world. Fingers crossed as I take my exam in just a few weeks 🙂 Have a lovely week!

  7. Nice to meet another pescatarian who loves Jesus. (: I also married my high school sweetheart, but it was after 39 years of no contact! Thanks for the follow. Congrats on the nursing degree!

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog and I already love it! I study in the Bay Area, so it’s awesome finding another blogger from Northern California 🙂 Also, I love how your spontaneously spontaneous haha

    1. WHAT?! You are from this area too?! Girl, we are so meeting up. It’s inevitable…. Just letting you know now 😉 Thanks for stopping by and I cannot wait to check out your’s as well <3 I hope you are having a truly wonderful week!

      1. Ahh! For sure! I’ll be back in January, so we will have to sometime after then 🙂 Hope this week is going well for ya!

  9. Hey there! Pleasure to meet you! Love the blog so far–where did you go in Indiana? I graduated from Indiana University!!! Crazy how small the world is!

    Thanks for following me as well, and I seriously think your blog is awesome! 🙂

    PS: The move from the Midwest to Cali….man, you two are blessed haha.

    1. Hey!!!! It is truly such a small world we live in- crazy! We graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion. Thank you also for the kind words. For California- not sure we will be able to stay here forever, but we are certainly enjoying the sunshine while we can!! Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by!

  10. Wish you all the best for your future. Beware there are some obstacles. But definitely be always like this, happy, spontaneous and full of optimism for your future life. It works.

    1. Oh my goodness, Marie! Thank you so much! It is so lovely to meet you as well. I look forward to reading more of yours as well. <3 Certainly stay in touch. Have a wonderful week!

  11. Hello, this is a fun blog. I like the energy and bounce you put into your travelling and posts. You look like a lovely couple, so all the best and thanks for following mine: I’ll be dropping in here too 🙂

    1. So nice to meet you too, Ceayr! Sorry to just be getting back to you! Been a bit busy. Thank YOU so much for the good wishes- I should have some big updates within the next couple days! Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Oh my goodness, Anne! This is the sweetest note. Thank you so very much for your kind words ! Any good you see is simply Jesus 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful weekend !

  12. Beautiful blog! I love your spirit & zest for life. I found your blog via Debbie’s forgiving fridays. And I am grateful for that! Especially since I teach psychology in the BScN nursing program at a college in Canada. You are an inspiration to my students! And for me too. 😊

    1. Oh my goodness! WOW! I cannot tell you how much this comment made my day. These words mean the WORLD. I appreciate you taking the time to read and stop by, Dr. Dinardo! And anyone that is a friend of Debbie’s is certainly a friend of mine <3 Thank you for all you do and your contribution to education and forming healthcare professionals. I look forward to checking out your blog and following along as well. I hope you have had a beautiful start to the new year!

      1. Aw, of course! I was JUST thinking about your comment today. I hope you are having a great start to this semester, a new one you are starting perhaps?

  13. I can totally picture you as a nurse practitioner! Your patients will be so lucky to have you caring for them! We have family in Northern Cal. My hometown is in Southern Cal, Huntington Beach. I would like to travel more, but at the moment I care for quite a few rescue animals that take up a ton of my time. A few are in their senior years which require almost 24 hour care. Looking forward to following your blog and getting inspired by your words and walking away with a smile because of it! A little late, but, Happy New Year. May 2018 bring you so much more love and joy! Koko

    1. Oh my goodness this is the sweetest!!!!! Thank you!!! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. That’s beautiful that you care for rescue animals. ❤️ thank you for stopping by and your very kind words. I look forward to following yours as well!! Happy new year to you too, Koko 🤗 I wish you the same!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Mandi!!! <3 So very nice to meet you too. Cannot wait to check out your blog more!

    1. Aww thanks, Chica!!! So excited to be blog friends here. Can’t wait to read more of your posts too!

    1. Aw so nice to meet you too, Trina!!! I look forward to following along your blog as well 🙂 Thank you so much ❤️ Have a great Sunday!

    1. Oh my gosh, Maysa!!!! Thank you TONS AND TONS!! This just made my whole day. I appreciate this soooo much.

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