All the Cheese Please!!!

Hey everyone! This past week was really solid- just an overall great week. Saturday the 29th, I woke up feeling much better. Still not 100% up to par, but overall better (at least I could move!). It was sooo nice to have DJ home; we just lazed around while I worked on a school project, and DJ worked on apps. The applications are going to be submitted soon- prayers would be greatly appreciated! This decision will affect where we live and just our trajectory in life in general. It’s a biggun’. I never really feel anxious about these “huge” life decisions anymore because God has proven so faithful time and time and time and time again- even things that seem terrifying end up being some of the greatest (and formative) adventures- taking us to people, experiences and places we couldn’t imagine our lives without.

Okay enough sap, time to get to the sub!

I have wanted to try a dutch crunch sammy for a long time… it’s a type of bread that is pretty famous in certain places around the Bay. One of DJ’s favorites is Ike’s! He’s had it several times at work, but I have never tried one before. We had one right down the road and since I wasn’t feeling up for making dinner we decided to head there and knock something off the BL.


Doesn’t Deej make a cute Ike? Hahah.


The menu is massive, and they have an abundance of vegan options (so you know I was terribly indecisive).  When we were ordering the cashier asked if I would like sourdough bread, DJ said my eyes got super wide, almost in horror, when I said, “Oh no! Dutch Crunch!”. He said it was the most dramatic bread order ever. He ribbed me about that for quite some time after, haha. Look, I’m serious about my dutch crunch!


Since I was eager to get home and cozy up in my warm blankets, we decided to take our food back.


And this is what the lovely dutch crunch looks like!


I ordered the “Sometimes I’m a Vegetarian” (quite a mouthful, huh) which had grilled mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, pesto and vegan provolone.


It was super yummy- I give the dutch crunch a big ole’ two thumbs up!

DJ ordered his go-to- the Menage a Trois- a popular sandwich here. This has BBQ Sauce, Cheddar, Halal Chicken, Honey Mustard, Pepper Jack, Real Honey, and Swiss.


In the evening after getting some energy from Ike’s I decided I should try to get some fresh air after being cooped up for a couple days. I went for a short walk around the neighborhood, and saw this Lime scooter. These are everywhere right now. You can use an app on your phone, activate the scooter, ride it anywhere, then just leave it. Welcome to the Silicon Valley!


In the morning of the 30th, I tried to get up early for church but still wasn’t 100% and we had big plans in the afternoon. DJ said to just sleep a little extra and that sleep made alll the difference. I chugged some vitamin C and echinacea, then got ready for the day. I had a slice of avocado when I woke up then we met back at the apartment around 11.


Time to represent our home team!! Gooo CLE! DJ’s birthday is this weekend (October 6th), but to celebrate his birthday all he wanted was to go to this game. I gave him the tickets a couple weeks earlier to make sure he didn’t have to work this game day.


Right before getting to the game at noon(ish), I ate a salad I packed for the road to save on the $15 stadium meals (and since we wanted to get dinner after) & packed a No Cow bar for midday snacking.


We heeerreeee!


The energy was just spectacular!!!


NFL games are such a blast, and we loved every second (despite having a few hot/cold flashes & then witnessing the end when the Browns lost- womp womp). Happy early birthday, Deeeej!


After the game we were starvin’. Since we were in Oakland, we realized we were close to a place we’ve been wanting to try- a famous mac and cheese spot called Homeroom. What better way to cope with a heartbreaking loss? We put ourselves on the Waitlist on YELP and hungrily headed to the restaurant.


It’s set up with a school house feel- so cute with many small little touches.


While DJ was standing in line for the bathroom I couldn’t help but entertain myself.


And now— for some next level mac and cheese!!!

Like I said, we were hungry— so we ordered three. First, the Gilroy Garlic (with added breadcrumbs). Gilroy is a city near us that is known for their garlic. If you drive through the city you can actually smell the garlic! I couldn’t resist when I saw this on the menu, and it was my favorite of the three (especially after I lathered it with some hot sauce)!


Next: The Jalapeno Popper! Gosh, this one was great too. This was DJ’s favorite. I loved the spice and flavor combo of this one. It was a close second.


And last, the vegan mac and cheese. I will say- this is a tasty mac and cheese IF you haven’t tried the other two. It’s delicious in its own right- and definitely tastes like cheese- but it has nothing on the garlic and jalapeno.


You are what you eat— and I am mac(k) & very cheesy #selfawareness. I know- It’s all a bit much to swallow, but also pretty darn grate. I couldn’t brielieve how delicious this meal was. No way you could feel blue after downing some of this goudaness.


And for dessert- their large oreo!


We returned home, did some laundry, and watched Dexter the rest of the evening. It’s getting to be a bit much! Season 6 is too disturbing- if it doesn’t settle down soon, we may need to find something else- I find myself covering my eyes and squirming through so much of the episode. I’m hoping it’s just this case they’re working on, we will see. But we just love our Dex! the struggle..

Anyways, it was just a wonderful day!

On Monday October 1st, I read & ran some then met up with my friend Kim from church at Peet’s in Campbell. This was the prettiest Peet’s I have ever been to!


The rest of the day was more just study, study, discussion boards, papers, Monday night football, then Dancing with The Stars! (A nice thing about being on the West Coast is DJ’s football usually ends right about when the 8:00 pm shows start!). Fall TV is the bestttt.

Tuesday October 2nd, I had some Ezekiel cinnamon toast with toasted coconut vanilla yogurt, apricot, and chopped walnuts with coffee for breakfast.


I went on a nice run outside and noticed these neighbors added a tree right in front of the street on Floral Row? I have walked this street a thousand times, and never noticed this— I’m 85% sure it’s new. It’s like the tree has a vase?! Lol.


This house amazes me with their green thumb- every year they have butternut squash that start popping up.


And the cute little peaches are appearing all over the place now too.


I finished up some tough assignments for the week this day, so that felt great.

In the evenings of this week, DJ and I have been having a rotation of grilled cheese and tomato soup, stuffed sweet potatoes, and for me- a massive salad. Unfortunately, he is fighting the cold now too, and mine is lingering just a bit. Needless to say, this meal has been hitting the spot. I make mine vegan his with regular cheddar (I even snuck in some leftover mac and cheese one of the nights which added a fun flavor!) too much cheese? nah. Too many carbs? no such thing.


Yesterday, the 3rd, we just were in work mode all day. I did make a pit stop to get some groceries at TJ’s and Sprouts.

Questions for you!

  • Favorite mac and cheese? (It can totally be homemade too 😉 ).
  • Have an NFL team you love?

xo <3


106 thoughts on “All the Cheese Please!!!

  1. SOOOOO many sandwiches on that menu that I’d like to eat. I’d probably go with what DJ had.

    Hot sauce on mac n’ cheese is a genius idea! I can’t believe I never thought of that. It’s never too late though.

    I think I’ve missed a few of your posts. Time to catch up.

    1. Right?!? I mean not eating meat helps me a bit with my indecisiveness – but even their vegetarian menu is massive! Have you had Ike’s before?

      Yesss so good! If you like that you probably would have loved their buffalo Mac and cheese too!

      No worries- I so appreciate you stopping by! Hope you are having a great week, Ralph

  2. Hello there, dear Sunshine Gal!

    Mac & Cheese is the best comfort food, and I enjoy it in every way people make it. Sometimes I treat myself with fancy expensive cheese, and make a very elegant version… Yummy yummy in the tummy!

    I’ll pass on the second question… I don’t watch baseball at all 😛 LOL

    Big hugs to you and DJ 🙂 Muuuah!

    1. Hi, Cyranny!!!!! How are you?! Agreed – Mac and cheese is truly hard to beat. Ohhhh Yummmmm – what kind of cheese do you usually use? Fancy expensive cheese is something straight from heaven- I only buy it when we have company or holidays, but it’s just gold. Hahaha – okay I feel better because I don’t know sports at all! (PS… NFL is football, but I’m sorta obsessed that you said baseball .. 😂💕… I have no clue what kind of sports Canada has 🙈). Thank you soo much for stopping by, Cyra! Hope your week is going just swimmingly 🐠

  3. Prayers and positive thoughts to DJ and his apps! Those sandwiches look amazing and now I’m starving…probably shouldn’t have read this before I had dinner haha. A coworker of mine was just talking about those scooters. What a coincidence.

    Now I also need mac and cheese this instant. Jalapeno popper mac and cheese sounds absolutely incredible!! I don’t know what my favorite mac and cheese is but Panera is pretty good. I’m trying to nail down a homemade recipe though but didn’t get it last year. Hopefully this year will end up with the winning recipe!

    Happy early birthday to DJ!!

    1. Thanks sooo much, Maureen! 🙏🏻

      Hahah I hope you had something yummy for dinner- and how ironic! I haven’t tried them out yet but DJ says they’re pretty fun.

      I am just secretly putting the best of SF on display so that you HAVE to visit hah. This Mac and cheese was out. Of. This. World. I wanna go back and try every single one. Panera’s has always been my favorite too! So good! How fun you are working on your own- no doubt you’ll get it this year 💪🏻

      I’ll pass on the birthday wishes- thanks, girl! Hope your day has been great 🙂

      1. You’re welcome!! I’m sure he’ll get into a great program.

        I knew you were just trying to get me to visit SF lol. But seriously they should start paying for posting all of the delicious food! At this point I’ll just be eating my way through the area and not even visiting any attractions or sits haha.

        You’re welcome! Have a great time celebrating his actual birthday this weekend!

      2. Lol! I feel like that’s all we do when we go into the city too 😂😂🙌🏻 it’s the way to do it really.

        Thank you tons, Maureen! Happy Sunday 🙂

    1. That sounds awesome!!! Homemade anything is just top notch. And many of my friends are hard core Steelers fans too! The rivalry runs deep haha. Hope you are well, Tony. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. looks like a fun and tasty time for you. that mac and cheese place looks tasty and fun. I like buffalo chicken mac and cheese. I haven’t made homemade mac and cheese in a while. my youngest only likes it out of the blue box and my oldest doesn’t like it all, so it is almost never on our dinner menu

    1. It was exactly that 🤤😋 I’m gonna be dreaming of this darn Mac and cheese till I can have it again.

      Ohhhh they actually had buffalo chicken on the menu! I was actually surprised my husband didn’t choose it.

      Aww sounds like most kids 😉 one day they’ll appreciate the goodness of homemade Mac and cheese! Thanks for stopping in!

  5. Mac&cheese is one of comfort foods…. your pics are droolicious! I like mine best with cheese baked on top, very basic inside (ie. pasta, cheese)

    Glad you are feeling better – sick is the pits!!!

    Keeping you in prayer as DJ’s Apps go forth!

    1. Agreed!! Awww thank you 🙂

      Oh my goodness cheese baked on time sounds like perfection- like broiled?! I need to do that! YUM!

      Thank you, thank you, Ju Lyn! So appreciated <3

  6. Wow, it has been years since I had homemade macaroni and cheese Mackenzie. My mom used to make it very cheesy with an au grautin crust made from breadcrumb topping which was to die for. All those mac-and-cheese meals look wonderful and I BRIElieve you they were good – I caught that. 🙂 All these lovely pics of gardens along the way, and in a few weeks, maybe a month we will put out gardens to bed for the year. You had me at that dutch crunch bread, as you know I’m a big-time carb lover and bread is my downfall. Since I just started following you around Labor Day, what is DJ going to be going to grad school for? And I gather his job is something related to sports – a stadium as you went to visit his work when your mom and Pete were here?

    1. Hi, Linda!!! Oh my goooodness- an au grautin crust sounds absolutely phenomenal!!! YUMMY! What a wonderful idea. Glad you appreciated the puns 😉 That whole paragraph has a few if you feel inclined to play where is waldo with puns lol. You would LOVE the dutch crunch!!!

      Thank you for being so invested! You have a great memory and thank you for truly reading– So DJ is going to school for a masters in business administration and right now he is working in marketing for the San Jose Giants 🙂 He loves his job, but has wanted to go back to school for a while now. And yup, you’ve got it! We were at the stadium he works at for Labor Day with my mom and Pete 🙂 Have a great weekend, Linda! Hope you get to enjoy those gardens a little bit more!

      1. Well, I am Canadian (been here many years though, but still Canadian) and people tease Canucks for saying “cheesed off” (which is the equivalent to saying”ticked off”) … so I am cheesed off with myself that I never noticed the rest of the puns … they went right over my head. I just went back and counted 4 that I missed in that paragraph – I’ll blame it on too much screen time and my eyes running together at the end of the day. I work from home and start at 11:00 a.m. so basically I’m glued to a screen about 10+ hours/day.

        Thanks for explaining about DJ – I was curious and I couldn’t find anything – maybe I looked in the wrong place, but wanted to know after you said you visited DJ’s workplace. Maybe DJ can combine his two degrees and still work for the Giants. Maybe they’ll be amenable to it – even help out with grad school tuition perhaps?

        Unfortunately our weekend looks bad – we have some severe weather Saturday in the early a.m. and later in the evening too. Sunday is rainy as well. My friend and I were going to a Audubon trek tomorrow for 3 hours at Lake Erie Metropark, similar to what I did there two weeks ago. I booked this event back in early August. They’ll cancel if it storms, but not if it rains. Likely will be a tad muddy as well – ugh. No $$ involved this time (I’ve had at least 5-6 paid events get rained out this Summer) but I walk with this friend a couple of times a year, since she moved, so I was looking forward to it – we’ll see. Have a good weekend Mackenzie.

      2. Ohhh I see!! That’s right- I remember you saying this. And that’s a great saying 😂😂 cheesed off. Love it. Aww lol, I knew you would appreciate them – also this post was long so we can blame it on that too 😉

        I really should update my “about” page soon- it’s been a loooong time haha, so thank you for letting me know because a lot has changed the last couple years. These are great ideas about grad school! Unfortunately the schools he is looking at are out of state- so we’ll see what happens!

        I hope you can still go tomorrow- my grandmas that lives in MI was saying the weather has been extra bad lately too. Either way I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, Linda 🙂

      3. Oh, I didn’t realize grad school was out of state – I thought it was in state and the job might force a move. I know Evelyn spends more time out of class, than in class – one teacher has videos of her teaching or they watch videos online and they do have teamwork with other classmates.

        We did cancel yesterday – the event did not cancel but 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning we had torrential rain and got almost an inch of rain – the trails are mostly mud/gravel what aren’t the wooden walkways. But that wasn’t it – we had projected thunderstorms for 9 and 11 respectively – the event was 8-11 and we decided not to go and get caught in it. It’s about a 32-mile round trip to get there. We had a total of five torrential rainstorms yesterday and it is raining now but I will get out later before the second rain. Your grandma is right – we’ve had horrid weather lately and yesterday was 84,- today only 64 I think they said for our afternoon- up and down and tomorrow hot again … we have these 20-degree fluctuations … just crazy. I will just walk in the neighborhood again to get my goal met, but my neighborhood is not as nice as yours with the flowers and the “tree in a vase” … 🙂

        Enjoy your Sunday as well Mackenzie.

      4. Oh definitely- yeah it’s all a bit confusing, but we will most likely be doing a huge move when the time comes!

        Aw I’m so sorry you had to cancel 🙁 Glad you still got to walk a bit though… motivating me to go have a nice walk this afternoon 🙂 Gonna go say hello to the tree in a vase, hehe. Have a great week, Linda!

      5. It will all work out in the end and you’ll find a place to finish your grad schoolwork and transfer your credits, etc.?

        I did get a walk in today, but it started out raining again – this weather is so unsettled, like a roller coaster for temps. Enjoy that tree in a vase – it was unusual. Have a great week as well Mackenzie.

      6. Aw I agree 🙂 I feel that way too- I have seen that everything seems to work itself out in life. And I am doing Duke’s online program with locally based clinicals with some flights to NC- so as long as there is a hospital I will be in the clear!!! 🙂

        Oh man- this darn weather!!! Well at least if you don’t like it you can wait five minutes, right? 😉 Hope your week started off on a good note!!

      7. Very interesting how you do your grad work Mackenzie – I will have to share that with Evelyn. Fingers crossed that it all works out – will DJ start his grad studies as soon as his application is approved since it is the off season now?

      8. Thank you so much 🙂

        So if he gets accepted he will be starting the fall of 2019! So we would have all summer to move if need be which would be nice.

      9. Well at least you don’t just have to pick up and move right away – that’s going to give you some time to get packed, moved and acclimated to your new place/city/state – then school.

  7. Give me all the mac and cheese especially the vegan flavor!! I love the little dishes that mac and cheese came in. I need to make a vegan grilled cheese with tomato soup sometime. Yours looks delicious! I hope you are feeling much much better! Have a restful weekend 🙂

    1. Yess! You would love this !! so tasty. Hope you get some vegan grilled cheese & tomato soup soon 😋 Thanks for stopping by, Shan! ❤️❤️

  8. Yaaasssssss that food looks so good, now I’m craving soup and a grilled cheese…despite it being 90 degrees outside (ugh). And Go Browns! I’m a huge sports nut and though I’m not a Browns fan perse (I’m a Falcons fan – please send help), I’m incredibly excited to follow the Mayfield experiment this year!

    1. What! 90?! Where do you live gf?! That is a scorcherrr. Hahah girl, we feel your pain. Gotta support our teams through the thick and thin (mostly thin on the wins, lol) 🏈. And yes we will see how it goes 💪🏻

      1. Girl I live in Atlanta and this southern heat has been killing me. I think we’re heading for a bit of a cool-down here soon though…fingers crossed!

      2. Eeek! That is nuts! I do hope this week has beeen better ?! I guess y’all are having an Indian summer, huh?

  9. (1) Your puns are on fire!!! I just love them! (2) You are gorgeous, and you and DJ are so cute together! (3) All the noms, they look in-credible!! The sandwiches and that bread certainly sound spectacular. I, too, would’ve been very animated and excited for the Dutch Crunch. (4) It’s hard to pick a favorite mac ‘n cheese! But I’d say I love a quality classic with creamy dreamy sharp cheddar, a smoky blue cheese version and Ellie Krieger’s four-cheese, and her recipe that include butternut squash and sage. Mmmm mmmm mmm. Have the best Friday, doll! XO

    1. Aww Kori! Your comments ALWAYS make my day. Glad you enjoyed the puns 😉 hehe-the Dutch Crunch was SOO good.

      Oh. My. Goodness. Those sound soooooooo good! You should post recipes sometime with that. YUM! The smoky blue cheese one particularly is making me drool 🤤 and butternut squash and sage?! That’s a perfect autumn dish if I’ve ever heard of one. Yummmmmy. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a nice and restful Sunday 🙂

    1. Hi Rosie! Hope you got some good noms after 😋 I actually love love love vegan cheese! Daiya in particular. Whatever they used what just phenomenal!

  10. Sorry you and DJ haven’t been feeling well. I just got over a cold from hell, it actually felt like a cold and flu combo. I tried to get into Dexter when I was home sick, but just the first episode was too disturbing. I love true crime podcasts/books/shows so not sure why I couldn’t stomach Dexter.

    I’ve never had an Ike’s sandwich, but dutch crunch – oh yeah! Good stuff. I have got to get to Homefront pronto because there is nothing better than mac & cheese! My toddler will be in heaven… I’m most interested in the garlic mac (have yet to go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival!).

    Favorite NFL team? Niners, of course!!

    1. Thanks, Susie!! We are both feeling much better 🤗 ugh those flu and cold combos are the WORST. I’m really glad you are feeling better too.

      And yeah- it’s pretty rough. We are so deep into it, I feel the need to finish it up but it’s getting to be just tooo much.

      You have got to try Homeroom! It’s a new favorite restaurant for sure. And actually the Garlic Festival is on my bucket list! I haven’t been able to go the last couple years, but next year I refuse to miss it! Nothing like that Gilroy garlic 😋

      Heheh- of course of course 🙂 🏈 have a great Sunday, Susie!

  11. I hope you get back to feeling back to normal very soon! I haven’t felt great this week either.. ugh! As always all your food is making me soooo hungry. That mac and cheese place looks amazing. I didn’t know (or maybe I forgot?) that you guys were Cleveland fans. We are big Cleveland Indians fans over here… my parents are from there. (wait maybe I did know you guys were Cleveland fans…). I’m so forgetful. Anyway… hope you guys have the best weekend and get to feeling better!!! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Taylor! Tis that time of year- hope you are feeling better now too.

      Yes we are from Cleveland originally too!!! That’s so fun – I think I do remember you posting once about being an Indians fan too! Wooohoo! (And no worries- so hard to keep everything straight- I can’t even remember things in my own life sometimes 😂) but such a small world. Hope you are having a great weekend too, girl 🤗

    1. Yayyy! Oh how awesome ! What a small world 🙂 thanks for stopping by, Diane! Hope you are having a great weekend

    1. Girl- they were next level 🙌🏻 The bread made it 🤤 And aren’t they?! I’ve only been to a couple, but they’re a blast. Do you have a team you cheer for? Have a great Sunday, Jamie!

      1. Ooooh ok ok- not a bad team to be behind for sure! Our poor Browns haha. Have a great week, girl!

  12. Sending all the luck to DJ!!! Hope he gets the job he wants & everything works out for you guys!

    I lol’d at the photo of DJ behind Ike’s door & while he was waiting for the bathroom! 😂 The sandwiches look amazing– I’ve never tried dutch crunch bread but I see it all over IG all the time, I wanna try! I am glad they didn’t give you that sour dough bread though. 😉 hahaha.

    Ooo Mack & Cheesy you’re killing me lol. I want all the mac & cheese so bad!!! & your puns hahah. 😂

    What is that tree?! It’s super cool-looking! I wonder how they just planted it there?! Their butternut squash & peaches are so cute. I wish I could have a green thumb like that.

    Hope your colds go away soon!!! ♡♡♡

    1. Thanks so much, Chica! Haha -glad you caught that. I couldn’t help grabbing that shot. And it would have been mayhem if they dared give me sourdough 😉

      Hahah- that stuff was just too darn delicious. I’ve been dreaming about it every day since *Sigh*.

      I have no idea where the heck that tree came from!?!? It was so random, and I’m sure I would have noticed it before… so funny! These people on Floral Row take their landscaping very seriously.

      I know me tooooo- wahhh- I can’t even get basil to grow. Haha. Thanks girl! I am 100% back <3

      Have a beautiful week, Hunida!

      1. I’m so curious about this crack bread! I need to seek it out ASAP. It sounds serious!!

        I’m still wondering what kind of tree that was, I have never seen anything like it! What a dream it would be to be able to grow my own veggies & fruit!!

        So glad to hear that you’re all better now!! Hope you have an amazing week, too, babe!!! <3

      2. Heck ya! I bet they have an Ike’s in LV?! They should!

        Me neither- but agreeeed, girl.


      3. But also that is really bad business on their part- they would make bank in Vegas right?! Just replace all the subways with Ike’s haha.

      4. Ahh yeah, I hate Subway but they’re all around here!! We also have this Port O Subs I’ve never been to. 😛 I used to love this one called Potbelly’s in MN, have you tried that before?!

      5. OOooo I have never heard of Port O Subs??!! I don’t know if I’ve had potbelly’s but I’ve definitely seen them around! I think we have one not too far from here… we’ll have to check it out! Their menu looks great.. I’m peaking at it now 😉

      6. I had never heard of Port O Subs either but I see ’em all around. I’ll have to get a sammy from one & see what it’s all about soon!

        I’m so jealous that Potbelly’s is near you. Their sandwiches & toppings are the best best best.

      7. So interesting! I’ll have to keep an eye out! Aww I feel bad now that I am wasting my time NOT eating there- gotta change this ASAP!! Potbellys here I come!

  13. Everything looks amazing, but I have to say that the sandwiches from Ike’s look the best! I’m a big sandwich lover. I wish we had one of those here.

    1. Oh no, girl! This just popped up in my spam, but no worries- I rescued the little comment. Darn it wordpress.

      Oooo it really is hard to beat homemade mac and cheese! And yesss- me too, sandwiches are just good at any time, any day. Thanks for stopping by, Mia!

    1. Girl, they were nextttt level!!! Gotta try one sometime. Hope your week was off to a great start, beautiful!

  14. This post has made me so hungry, haha! I am now definitely craving subs and mac & cheese. Honestly, I would probably eat mac & cheese on the daily if I could. Whenever a restaurant offers it as a main entree, I always have to try it lol. There’s just something about a great mac & cheese that I can’t pass up!

    1. Teheh- girl, I hope you got something tasty!!!! I agree- I actually was HARD CORE craving it today. I probably would have grabbed some but decided to use up what we had already. ugh, the burden of trying to be responsible. Haha. But you better bet when I go back to the store I’ll be picking some up. Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food & autumn was MADE for comfort foods! Thanks for sharing in your love with the magic mac with me, Courtney! Have a great week, chica 🙂

  15. It must have been good to have DJ back Mackenzie! I will offer up prayers for The application process. DJ makes a great IKe. You hold strong on your dutch crunch Girl! Such a nice sandwich ! How cool to see the Browns in Oakland!! Cute pics of you two and I do like your shirt for the game and DJs too. The mac and cheese looks SOO good! I dont watch dexter but I find myself watching shows through my fingers too sometimes! That is a really cool Peet’s ! I love those peaches. I am a big cheese fan too. I like Schwans Mac and cheese, a minnesota brand. I dont have a team but i could be persuaded by the browns, I like their colors! Take care and feel better, Terri xo.

    1. Absolutely ! Unfortunately he took off again for another trip- but I always get a lot of school work done when he’s gone so we can hangout when he gets back. 🤗 this one is shorter too. Tehehe- no Dutch crunch is gonna escape my clutch! I actually am really craving one … I still have some groceries to finish up but may need to get another soon 😋

      Thank you so much! I ordered that shirt on a whim and really ended up loving it. Never know how those things will fit.

      Oohhhhh I wonder if they sell Schwans in grocery stores here?! I’d love to try!!

      Hehe the dawg pound has your name on it! (That’s what the browns fans are called 😉 ). Thanks for stopping in, Terri! Have a wonderful evening!

      1. I am sure getting school work done is a small consolation when Dj is away. I dont think Schwans are in stores, they come around in a frozen food truck selling a lot of dinner breakfast items and a variety of ice cream! I see they are in the LA and SD area just not SF ! Lol I can be a dawg pounder then!! Take care, Terri xo.

      2. He comes back today, and I finished everything up already this morning so we can maybe have a date night of some sort! woohooo!!!! 🙂

        Oh I see I see! We are going to SD in January- so I’ll have to keep an eye out 🙂

  16. What an incredible birthday gift and such a fun game! Sorry they lost though! I just love your bib napkin with your salad. 😉

    “You are what you eat— and I am mac(k) & very cheesy #selfawareness. I know- It’s all a bit much to swallow, but also pretty darn grate. I couldn’t brielieve how delicious this meal was. No way you could feel blue after downing some of this goudaness.” STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!! Best blog blurp EVER! hahahahaha

    That tree is really bizarre! I mean what the heck is happening?! haha

    Dang colds that linger and are just there enough to make you feel crummy but not actually sick is the worst. It’s like you’d almost rather have 1 or 2 bad days and then the cold to just move on rather than be a thorn in your side. I hope DJ is feeling better!

    1. Oh & fav mac n’ cheese is tough! My mama used to make a mac n’ cheese casserole type dish that was incredible, but I’m not sure of all the ingredients!

      I don’t really have an NFL team as I love college football more but football is fun in person regardless of the team!

      1. Ooo a mac and cheese casserole sounds wonderful!!! The thought it making my mouth water!

        Agreed!! I have only been to a few big games, but the college ones are especially a blast because everyone is SOOO invested. I love energy!

    2. Teheh- thank you for appreciating the bib 😉

      Andddd appreciating my little jokes. I get on that pun train and there is noo stopping it.

      hahah- I know! It literally popped up there overnight. I’m so confused by it haha

      yes, exactly!!! Thankfully we are both back to 100%. I have had some colds in the past that linger for over a month. So glad that’s not this!

  17. Girl I am already loving this post! Anything with cheese gimme please! ;p (See what I did there? ;p)
    And sending tons of positive vibes and prayers! It will all work out! I know it sounds scary and vague right now, but it will! 🙂
    Bwahaha that pic is hilarious!
    That sandwich looks SO yummy! OO vegan provolone, I bet that was interesting!
    They had those in San Diego! So interesting!
    Ahhh Happy WAYYYY belated Birthday DJ! What a fun way to spend it!
    Oh my macaroni! The Homeroom looks amazing! And vegan AND Gluten Free Mac and cheese! YES please!
    Oh my MACaroni I love you! Your jokes just made my day!
    It is so funny how coffee chains will change from location to location and there are those that just hit the spot 🙂 And Dexter can be so disturbing! Oh cable pushing the envelope Lol.
    Ughhhh I LOVE football, but my team (the Giants) is not doing so well. Ughhhh. The struggle the last few seasons!
    Soup is the best cure for fixing the creeping crud! <3

    1. LOL! YESSS. omg I love u.

      Ahh thanks so much 🙂 We will know by early December – I am so excited/ anxious about it all. But I do know whatever happens will be meant to be!!

      I’ll definitely pass on the sweet bday wishes to deej!

      hehe- I can’t resist a good cheesy pun 😉

      ahh totally. The story line is great, and I am thoroughly invested. we love our Dex, but this season is just ROUGH!

      Agreed! XO

  18. Gosh, darn, you’re pretty!

    Thanks for always serving us pics of delicious food… jalapeño Mac & cheese is the way to go and yes, omg that Dutch crunch looks amazing & is halal, awesome. 🙂

    1. Ahhhh your comments are making my night. Thank you, love. Right back atchya, beautiful!

      The jalapeno mac and cheese is certainly hard to beat! And yes it is halal!! Most things on their menu are I believe. Have a great rest of your weekend, Sophia! Xo

  19. That ike’s sandwich looks great! I love subs like that too, right now my fave place is jersey mikes, used to be jimmy Johns lol. Not sure if you have either place over there.
    Those stupid scooters are everywhere here too. My neighbor told me there’s a petition to get rid of them lol. No one wants them here apparently haha.
    I’m incredibly late but happy belated bday to DJ! 😁
    Mac n cheese is one of my favorite dishes next to pizza!!! All three look to die for!! Especially the jalapeño one!! Ugh. I must try that too. Brb, adding it to the SF BL!
    Whoa that tree looks insane!!! It literally looks like a giant plant pot hahaha I love it!!
    And I must make tomato soup with grilled cheese. That would totally hit the spot on these cold cruel months lol.
    My favorite mac n cheese? I guess the Annie’s one lol. I haven’t tried one that has blown my mind at restaurants yet but I hope to find a good one somewhere. I’ve also tried making them at home without the velveeta cheese and they taste like they’re missing something. I can’t figure it out lol. As far as NFL teams, I’m not really into sports?! Lol.

    1. Ooooo yes Jersey Mike’s & JJs are sooo good! You cannot go wrong with a fresh sub- it’s one of those things I crave from time to time.. especially after a long day of traveling!

      Oh no! People aren’t liking the scooters? That’s so funny- here people are so excited about them, probably because they are so new!

      The jalapeno one was just next level… so was the garlic one.. uh oh, now I have a massive craving for mac & cheese! You cannot go wrong with Annie’s!

      haha- to be honest neither am I (except basketball).. but DJ keeps me in the loop with football, and I don’t mind going to the games! Have a beautiful Saturday, Rossy!

      1. Subs are my favorite thing to eat lol
        Well the scooters are literally left everywhere so it’s become an annoyance. Luckily they don’t make them all the way out to where I live but if I go towards the city you’ll see them off the sidewalks everywhere lol
        I need to eat mac n cheese now too it’s been a while..

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