Snow Capped Mountains & A Dragon!

This sounds like it’s about to be an episode of Game of Thrones, huh? Sorry, not quite that exciting 😉 I’m picking up where I left off from my last recap.

February 4th for breakfast I made french toast out of brioche from TJ’s. Y’all have gotta try this!!! The brioche from TJ’s is a game. changer. It’s our new obsession.


We were running low on groceries at this point, so I had to get creative for eats. I made a purple sweet potato with meatless crumbles, hummus, and pickled beets from TJ’s.


For dinner I made DJ a bubba burger with gruyere, and I had a mixup of eggplant, hummus, roasted peppers, and tempeh.


On Tuesday, February 5th we woke up to a sight I have never seen before…. snow capped mountains!!! In the almost three years of living here I have never seen snow where we live!


On Wednesday the 6th I chatted with my friend, Rachel, while out on a walk. Even though it was chilly it was a nice break in the day from the school work.


In the evening I made quinoa/brown rice pasta from TJ’s with basic tomato sauce and gruyere shredded on top.


Thursday morning the 7th I tried a new breakfast out! And while this post doesn’t contain a literal dragon, it does have dragon….fruit! Kori posted about these packs, and I forgot how delicious they are! I found a couple packs left in the freezer and mixed in a frozen banana, some coconut, peanut butter powder, and granola. Mmmm! It’s like ice cream for breakfast. I’m not a big Acai bowl person, but I love love love this.


I went to Boys and Girls Club in the afternoon & the kiddos were in rare form! They had a bunch of candy leading up to class, hehe. I didn’t mind though- I love their energy. Also, I got a text from Amy, my SIL, that there was an explosion in SF. It turns out it originated in Hong Kong Lounge II, a restaurant on our bucket list and one of the city’s premier spots for dim sum. She was sending me pictures and it looked BAD. She only lived a couple blocks away and the fire department was having a hard time getting the fire under control at first. She almost had to evacuate, but finally they stopped it once PG & E turned off the gasline. It’s seriously tragic- I feel awful for the owners of the restaurant and all the others that were affected. I don’t think anyone was badly injured, thank goodness.

On Friday the 8th I finished up some big assignments during the day and then met up with Tammy for happy hour on Santana Row.

We went to a new spot, EMC Seafood & Raw Bar.


I adored the decor & the general vibe. Such a fun little spot.


Their oysters for happy hour are $1.50! They were huge & really yummy! You can tell just how fresh they are. Wowza.


We then split some ahi tuna crispy rice. I’d never had crispy rice before, but Tammy explained it is a southern California delicacy! So good. Love the texture/flavor together.


We also had the truffled salmon sashimi. Good lawd, this was everything. I think it might have been my favorite thing we ate.


We also tried a few nibbles of the uni pasta. It was creamy and tasty..almost like alfredo! I haven’t liked uni when I’ve tried it in the past, but this uni wasn’t quite as bitter. I will say I think this dish was far overpriced. I probably wouldn’t order it again and would just stick to straight seafood dishes. But people rave about it- so maybe it’s just me! I took a dish home for DJ. He tried it and gave it an 8/10 which is a pretty good rating for him.


On February 9th for dinner I made DJ a chicken parm with garlic naan bread. I made the breading with frozen bruschetta that I had made about a month ago (I just defrosted it, put it in the food processor, then put it on the chicken once I basted it with eggs). Y’all know I am a freezing fanatic, but why waste food when it can go to good use?! He loved it!


I had cauliflower mashed potatoes, beets, boca crumbles, and pumpkin butter that did not photograph well, imagine a big ol’ purple thing of mush, ha!

Also, I just had to include how beautifully our Tim Cantor collector’s book fits into our home!


I’ll stop here 🙂 Hope you all are having a great start to the week!

Questions for you:

  • Have you tried Uni?
  • What are you looking forward to most this coming week?

xo <3


67 thoughts on “Snow Capped Mountains & A Dragon!

  1. Truffles Salmon! Oh my goodness… I know I would have loved that! And oysters tooooooooo!

    Snow capped mountains are always a delight to the eyes.

    We have had some crazy weather here in AZ. It’s been a longer winter then usual!

    Have a great rest of the week to you!

    1. Hi, Nancy!!! The truffle salmon was absolutely amazing! I was so excited about the $1.50 oysters- they were some of the best & cheapest I’ve had. Ah, hopefully this weather will calm down soon for all of us! Have a great rest of the week too, and thank you for stopping in 🙂

  2. The smoothie bowls looks delicious! I’ve never had a true acai bowl or even one made with dragon fruit instead of acai but I do love a nice thick smoothie that you eat out of a bowl. Tastes so good.

    Full disclosure I had to look up uni and if the results are correct and it’s sea urchin then no I have not tried it. I probably wouldn’t try it either since I’m so picky haha. But now you can say you tried it even if you didn’t like it!

    Yes to freezing anything and everything! I hate wasting food so our freezer is usually packed full of items. Plus you never know when you’ll need to quickly defrost something for a meal.

    I’m most looking forward to the Michael Buble concert on Saturday! It was my gift to Alex for Valentine’s Day and I’m glad it’s just a few days away.

    1. Hi, Maureen!! The smoothie bowl is so satisfying- almost like ice cream!! I have never been a big fan of acai bowls (crazy, I know!), but I just loveee the dragonfruit. Yes, uni is sea urchin!! The last time I tried it it was so bitter I nearly spit it out, at least this time it was edible!

      Love that you share in the freezing frenzy! It is so satisfying not to let anything go to waste, and make a meal last minute like you said!

      Ahhhh that concert will be AWESOME. I cannot wait to hear all about it!!! What a great gift- have soo much fun 🙂

      1. Girl props to you for having sea urchin! I could never.

        Wasting food is the worst because it feels like throwing money away! Someone told me how they are so bad about wasting food and I couldn’t comprehend how they don’t freeze stuff.

        Thanks so much! We’re both looking forward to it so I will share about it for sure 🙂

      2. I AGREE! I said those exact words to my mom the other day about feeling like I’m just throwing money in the trash can. I sometimes am like, “well there goes $2!”. The worst.

        Happy Thursdayyy!

  3. That brioche French toast looks life changing!! I need it in my life. Doughy, fluffy carbz. 😉 Mmmm mmm

    That’s incredible that you witnessed those pretty snow-capped mountains! They sure can be breathtaking.

    I’m so glad you got to enjoy your dragonfruit bowl!! I have a tiny bit left (I need to restock!), so I’ll be making a bowl soon. I need to get some more frozen beets from TJ’s because they’re my fav smoothie addition. The flavor is phenomenal as is the color!

    Wow, what a lovely dining experience and meal!! I’m unsure if I’ve ever tried uni. I assume Matt and I might have when we ate sushi (we haven’t had it in forever but used to go to Wasabi all. the. time.), but I’ll have to add it to my list of foods to try!

    Looove your book! Looks mahvelous. Have a great day!

    1. It truly is life changing!!! It’s easily one of our all-time favorite TJ’s find ever. Oohhh I need to try adding beets to my smoothie- that’s such a good idea & I am in a bit of a beets craze right now! So uni is sea urchin! You definitely could have had it as more of a sashimi type dish at a sushi place. I personally think it usually tastes sort of bitter. I usually like more “harsh” flavors, but this just doesn’t do it for me. I did think it was fine in the pasta, but wouldn’t really go out of my way for it. I don’t get peoples’ obsession! If try it you’ll have to let me know ! Almost fri-yay 🙂 Have a great day, Kori!

      1. Ya can’t “beet” a beet smoothie. Har har. Seriously, though, I’m craving them too!

        I certainly will try it the next time we get sushi and will let you know! I’m not a fan of mackerel or shark – too fishy. But I LOVE salmon, tuna, yellowtail…all types.

        Fri-yay Eveeee!

      2. Lol, love it!!!! Last night I was craving pizza super late at night, but then I was like wait… I have a craving that is trumping pizza… roasted beets haha. I made a batch at like 11:30 … turnip…. lol (had to).

        I am with ya!

        Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

  4. That French toast looks fabulous! I need to get myself over to TJ’s eventually. We have one within a good distance of me but it’s such a pain to get to. That picture of the snow-capped mountains is beautiful! What a nice surprise sight to see. Yummmm that smoothie bowl looks delish! I’ve actually never had a smoothie bowl, let alone an acai bowl but I hope to make one soon. I have a good amount of fruit I froze in my freezer so it’ll be perfect. Freezing food is the best because you always have something to defrost and eat plus no waste!

    That is such a shame about the explosion! Thank goodness your SIL is safe! I have never tried Uni but I’m not opposed to trying anything new. My fiance is not as adventurous with food, however, so we don’t really branch out much.

    This week I am looking forward to some relaxation time! We had a pretty busy weekend in D.C. so I’m happy to spend a couple nights in this week and chill!

    1. Hi, Em!! I know what you mean about the distance- if there is a grocery store closer it’s hard to justify going allll that way. But definitely a treat once in a while for some unique & cheap finds!

      I can’t even tell you how shocked I was from the snow capped mountains!

      agreeed! I’m thankful for the option to freeze because we save soo much money especially just cooking for two of us, we can freeze big batches of meals before they go back & pull um’ out on a rainy day!

      If you ever do try Uni let me know what you think 🙂 I personally don’t think it’s something to go out of your way to try- but I’m with ya- always up to try something new !

      Ohhh that sounds sooo lovely, girl! Enjoy every second of that R +R . Can’t wait to read about your time in DC!!

  5. Looks like I will be going to TJ’s sooner rather than later because that French toast sounds amazing! I loveee French toast but rarely make it because basic sandwich bread just doesn’t do it justice.

    Those mountains are so pretty and what a fun surprise!

    Your dragon fruit bowl looks like it came from a magazine! Love the addition of coconut flakes on top.

    Oh gosh how terrifying and so sad! 🙁 I really hope the owners are able to bounce back, and I’m glad no one was hurt! Gosh how awful would that have been if it was full of people.

    That chicken parm with garlic naan looks like cheesy perfection. YUM

    Your book looks so perfect with your little setup!

    I have never tried Uni before. Is it a type of seafood put on top of pasta?

    This is a tough question! We don’t really have any plans this week aside from the annual Boy Scouts dinner on Thursday (it’s fun to go to in terms of dressing nice and seeing my mother-in-law and father-in-law! But the food always hurts my stomach…I think it’s from all the sodium and such since it’s your typical catering type food). This Saturday I have a friend’s baby shower though and a local event I’m attending with kor so that should be fun. 🙂

    1. You have and I mean HAVE to try this brioche!!! It is insanely good. The most perfect delicious fluffy loaf of all time. We also use it for grilled cheese which is a game changer- it’s like the sweet/savory combo- mmmmm.

      Aw thank ya! I need to restock on that dragonfruit soon; it’s gonna be my reward for finishing up everything we already have in the fridge!

      They have a GoFundMe for the owners, so it’s awesome to see how the city is pulling together to get them back on their feet. I’m sure they have insurance too- but gosh, the whole thing really is heart breaking. When it’s back up and running we will have to go support!!!

      So uni is actually sea urchin!! It can be eaten kind of like sashimi at Japanese restaurants often, but I personally think it’s too bitter. (and I usually love anything with a more harsh flavor!). I don’t really understand the buzz around it, but maybe it is an acquired taste. I’ll still give it a couple more chances, because I felt similarly toward oysters at one point & now I LOVE them.

      Oohhh that sounds like such a fun event ! Is D a previous Boy Scout or someone in the fam?! And that baby shower will be a blast I’m sure 🙂 Have sooo much fun!

      1. D & his dad are Eagle Scouts!! After a rough week (read: have cried twice 😭) it was nice getting out & seeing my mother-in-law & father-in-law. ❤️

      2. Awwww I am so sorry to hear that, Kaci! That means next week is bound to be a great one, but definitely just getting out of the house can sometimes be the best thing for those types of rough days. <3 <3 Hope this weekend has been great for you too & has provided rest & joy!

      3. I always struggle with anxiety (like crazy level of it) when I get a new job, and this one is really tough, so I’m just hoping I can pick up on some stuff sooner rather than later. The girl training me got frustrated with me and made a comment that really hurt my feelings so it just kind of ruined my week. 🙁

      4. Oh man I was wondering if it was mostly the new job… I am so sorry it’s still so tough! And comments like that are sooo unnecessary- trust me.. I get it- my mentors were so frustrated with me when I first started out in nursing because I was super slow to picking up skills. I cried countless times because of comments made. Just know it’s not about you at all- they’re displacing their own “stuff” onto you and making you feel like it’s because of you. Sending you HUGE hugs. Keep me posted on how everything is going.

      5. Gosh you are such a God send! Saying that hits the nail on the head exactly, and 100% explains my predicament. I think I worked hard on keeping the anxiety at bay for the first month and a half but after the few remarks, I now have that dread in the pit of my stomach when I think about going back. However, I keep telling myself that all I can do is one day at a time and know that this feeling never lasts forever. Thanks so much Mack, you are so sweet. ❤️

      6. Aw oh my goodness, I’m so glad I could help in some small way- It’s hard to know what to say because sometimes it stinks when ya just have to ride out those hard transition seasons, but it does help to know you aren’t alone & it’s so normal! Truly truly it will get better- just keep being YOU. you will gain their respect in no time at all (not that you even need it- you know you are doing your best!)… keep me posted! Praying for a good week ahead for you <3

  6. Such beautiful mountains!!!! I would love to wake up to that every day! Your dragon fruit smoothie bowl looks superb and what a beautiful color it is!!!! I love TJ’s pasta and tomato sauce. I could go for a big of bowl of pasta right now. Hope you saved some for me 😉 The chicken parmesan and naan looks incredible!!!!

    1. It is such a treat- there is still a teeeeeny bit of snow left & it makes me happy to see whenever I’m out and about!

      Dragonfruit makes breakfast fun & delicious for sure! hard to believe that bright neon color exists in nature like that! Hope you got some yummy pasta & definitely try the garlic naan from TJ’s if you get the chance- a tiny bit of butter on top & ahhhh pure delish bliss! Have a great rest of the week, Shan & thank you so much for stopping in 🙂

  7. Even when you’re low on groceries you somehow come up with elaborate, creative, and delish-looking food! Yay for bubba burgers! I better not tell Jimmy DJ had one or else he’ll be begging me to make him one STAT, haha. How crazy you had never seen snow capped mountains where you live! It must have been such a treat (unless you hate snow, lol).

    So glad no one was injured in the explosion. How scary!

    Your breakfast with dragon fruit is fire! (See what I did there, haha).

    Truffled salmon sashimi sounds divine!

    1. Awww thank you, Allie!! So sweet of you to say 🙂 lol- sometimes when we have them I won’t mention it to DJ because we’ll need to use up other groceries first, but if he knew we had them I know he’d want me to make one! The snow capped mountains were truly a treat- I honestly didn’t even know it was possible to snow here.

      LOL- oh my gosh, yesss hahah!!!! That pun was on fire!

      I am dreaming of the truffle salmon sashimi- I cannot wait to go back… I told DJ we need to go together sometime. Thanks for stopping in, Allie 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

  8. The scene of the snow-capped mountains is so picturesque! Did you feel smart after vising the EMC Seafood & Raw Bar and eating all that seafood? We used to have a raw bar in downtown Detroit many years ago. The bar area with stools was circular and a smaller circle had this tunnel of chipped ice and all the raw bar items were sitting on ice in dishes. Very cool – first time I had ever been in a raw bar before.

    1. LOL – I see what ya did there 😉 That raw bar in Detroit sounds awesome!!! I love the idea of them serving everything right on ice like that. Thanks for stopping in & sharing, Linda 🙂

  9. This week, which is almost over at this point (ha!), I’m looking forward to a little bit of sunshine. It was gray all weekend, but I see the sun poking through the clouds so we are planning to go out today and enjoy it!

    1. Ah yay for sunshine!!! It makes all the difference-doesn’t it? Hope there is lots for you to enjoy today & this weekend!

  10. HIIIII! LOVE this post and want to taste everything you took pictures of… mostly that ahi truffle tuna. OMG! You and I have the same taste buds I think.
    What beautiful snow capped mountains, I love it!

    Uni… hmmmm… I’ve always been a bit scared of it so I haven’t tasted it.

    I’m looking forward to Saturday as we are both trying on wedding dresses for the first time, and Lynn’s Mom is coming into town to go with us! Will be so much fun 🙂

    Have a great week!

    1. Hi, Taushah!! I really do think we have the exact same taste buds. I am craving that salmon again & keep telling DJ we need to go back soon so he can try it!

      haha I will say I don’t think you are missing much by not trying uni- it’s so bitter in my opinion!

      Ahhhh oh that will be a blast! Have so much fun- can’t wait to hear about it! Thank you for stopppin’ in! 🙂

  11. Wow! The mountains look so pretty 😍 and that breakfast with the dragon fruit looks Heavenly 😍😍 what a delightful way to start the day!
    It’s awful to hear about the explosion, but thankfully nobody was badly injured, that’s the most important thing ❤️ Sending everyone affected my love!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week Mack ❤️

    1. Hey, girlie!! It was sooo darn yummy. I’m craving it again so I need to go restock at the store soon.

      I am soo thankful too- the pictures looked awful.

      Thank you sweet thing!! You toooo! <3

  12. That dragon fruit bowl is so beautiful! We’ve been wanting to try EMC and now seeing how incredible the food looks it may have to happen. I won’t lie I’m a huge fan of the tuna rice cake things and theirs looked bomb!

    1. Thanks, Jess 🙂 Ahhh I hope you enjoy- the rice cake was soo yummy. I am eager to go back because I’m craving it allll. Thanks for stopping in & can’t wait to hear what you think when you have the chance to try EMC out!

  13. Hi Mackenzie! The french toast Brioche looks so good!! It is good to get creative when running low on supplies. And you force yourself to use it all up. How nice to see snow capped mountains! You must have been excited! Have you been up in those mountains hiking? It is nice get a walk and chat in all at the same time! I love the pic of the white flower in bloom. Ice cream for breakfast sounds good to Me ( Please don’t tell anyone!) That is a pity about the restaurant , it is good no one was injured too badly , that is the main thing. Recently a restaurant we loved in New York called Sidetracks burned down also after an explosion at a business 2 doors down . It must have been nice to meet with Tammy. Some of dishes look so good but some I would be afraid to eat! It is good to freeze food, I do not not like wasting good food. The affinite book looks good , The cover picture is so unique . I have not had uni. I am looking forward to no snowfalls (were at 32 inches for the month so far) and some warmer temps. Take care Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Yes it always feels so good to use up absolutely everything possible before going back to the store!! I actually have been in the mountains! I have ran a couple coastal train runs & also have hiked in them in general. The time that I had a close encounter with a mountain lion or bob cat (Not sure which, I just heard it’s snarl really close), so I stopped doing that on my own lol. Oh my gosh! So sad about the restaurant in NYC too . 🙁 It’s gotta be so devastating for the owners- especially when it happens sooo out of nowhere! Hoping those warmer temps find you soon, Terri <3 Have a great Monday & thank you for your comment!

      1. Oh my gosh, mountain lions!! Be careful Mackenzie. Yes it is hard for owners of businesses when something like that happens. With faith God will provide. It was 5f today a little cool. I will have to e-mail you snow pics! Take care, Terri xo.

      2. Absolutely- He will!

        Yes please send the snow pics!! It’s hard for me to even imagine considering the most we are getting here is rain and some snow on the mountain tops!

  14. hmmmm that looks so gooood! I love seeing your creations! The best things are often so simple to make! Oooh, and I love me some oysters. If you ever get the chance to go to Japan, you need to try kaki furai (which is fried oysters): maaaan, that’s so juicy and pure goodness! xoxo Sarah

    1. I totally agree- sometimes simple is just the most satisfying!! Oh my goooodness kaki furai sounds INCREDIBLE. Tokyo is high up on my bucket list, so I’ll make sure to try that when we do go one day. Thank you tons for the suggestion!! & thank you for stopping by 🙂

  15. Mmm I love me some brioche bread!! 😍 & the color of that dragonfruit is too pretty!! I’ve never tried an acai bowl before.

    I can’t believe there was an explosion, how terrifying. I’m so glad your SIL was okay & that no one else was badly injured either. Phew!!

    I am drooling over the Salmon Sashimi, mmmm. I tried uni once & thought it was wonderful but wouldn’t pay for it if it was overpriced, if that makes sense??

    That chicken parm looks out of this world, Mackenzie. DJ is so dang lucky! I really need to start freezing food more like you do!

    1. Isn’t it SO good? It may be my favorite type of bread. It’s dang yummy. I actually do not really care for acai bowls all that much, but I do love the dragonfruit ones! Acai are just too sugary and make me feel bleh where the dragonfruit is more satisfying & still delicious! AND you can make them dairy free 🙂

      Thanks so much, Hunida <3 I was sooo thankful she and all her pooches were okay too!

      Ohhhh I have to ask - what did the uni taste like to you if you remember?!?! Every time I have tried it it tastes too bitter. Like I almost want to spit it out. This time it was fine- but I just don't get how people enjoy it? And I really do love most everything! Maybe I just haven't had really good uni.

      Awww!!! Lol- I freeze TOO much, it's become a running joke in our house. Thanks for stopping by- have a great week ahead 🙂

      1. Oohh! I will probably steer away from the acai bowls then! I would def be willing to try a dairy-free dragonfruit one made by you though. 😀

        When I tried the uni, I thought it was like fishy and salty. I had it mixed in white rice and thought it was pretty tasty. I don’t remember a bitterness but a lot of foods taste different to different people!!

        I told my boyfriend that you told me we could freeze soup in a gallon freezer bag & he looked at me like I was crazy LOL!!!

      2. Hehe- I would happily make you one :)!

        That’s so true.. I think I need to just try it again, I think with just some rice is the way to do it so there aren’t a bunch of other competing flavors!

        BAHAHA. That just made me laugh out loud! It works though 😉

  16. Those snow-capped mountains look gorgeous!! I heard about the snow out that way. That seafood bar looks like it has awesome vibes. Raw oysters are still on my list of things to try. I haven’t tried uni. More things to add to my list! xx

    1. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in person and, wow, it truly is a spectacular sight!! Thank you for all your sweet comments & readying, Ashley 🙂

  17. I say this every single time but I am so jealous all of this food looks SO yummy!! Also how instagrammable is that Acai bowl?! Fab post as always girly xxx

    1. Awww thanks, girl! I never get sick of hearing that 🙂 Means so much! Thanks for stopping in, dear. xox

  18. Such a shame the cauliflower mashed potatoes didn’t work out well enough for a pic, cauliflower and mash sounds like a great combo. I’m trash for seafood so this post was great, the salmon looks amazing 💖

    1. It was wonderful!! 🙂 Such a simple little meal. And I love the expression “I’m trash for..” I am going to use that! Is that a UK expression? Thanks for stopping in- your comments made my day 🙂

  19. Omg I’ve been eating French toast a lot lately. Just out of whole wheat bread and a few times the Texas French toast because I bought it lol. I need to try brioche though.
    Between this post and last, you seem to add hummus to pretty much anything. I don’t know that I can do that haha.
    Snow capped mountains look beautiful. We can see Mt. Hood from where I live, it looks gorgeous year round with and without snow.
    What exactly is an acai bowl? I’m pretty sure I’m not even pronouncing it right. 🤣
    Omg an explosion?!! Did they say why it happened?! How terrible. Glad no one was hurt.

    1. LOL I just took a big bite of my salad with hummus as I read this! I will put hummus on almost anything.. It’s a bit of an obsesssion… even the Trader Joe’s guy was like “are you having a party” and I was like, “Nope! Just like hummus.. a lot” LOL. Anyways- making french toast out of Texas Toast sounds oh so yummmy! Ahh I think we sound Mt. Hood (it was one of the huge mountains) when we were in Portland from Portland City Grill!! it was sooo stinking beautiful!! I can’t imagine seeing that year round!

      So an acai bowl is basically made from a base of acai berries (considered a super food) and cane sugar. They are usually too sweet for me, so I prefer the dragonfruit!

      Apparently there was a gas leak with the explosion 🙁 SO scary! I’m really glad (and also shocked) that no one was injured when you see the damage… here is a pic..

      1. Hahaha omg I’ll have to experiment with hummus a bit more. I’ll try it today in my breakfast.
        Ah yes you might have seen Mt. Hood. It looks so gorgeous during the winter (when it’s not actually cloudy, lol). Right now we can see it and we’ve had really gorgeous weather lately up to low low 70s which is shocking for this time of year.
        Oooh that sounds really good. I’d have to taste it but I bet it would be too sweet for me too. Can you substitute for dragon fruit everywhere? Or is that something you make at home? Because I know some places do sell them.
        Omg it looks like it was really badd!!! I’m glad no one was hurt.

      2. That just sounds SO beautiful!!

        Hmmm I actually am not sure about the dragonfruit- I think most people just use acai- everytime I’ve had the dragonfruit it’s been at home! It’s really easy- I just buy the frozen packs and whip it up with some milk and banana!

        Ah me tooo <3

      3. yeah! It’s definitely a “fad” for sure. Let me know what you think if you try!

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