Halston & Kevin’s Wedding!

Present Day: Hi all! How are you? I am popping in to toss up this post before heading to my on campus festivities. Festivities may be a bit of an euphemism–I am genuinely excited, just nervous ! I took my first exam of the semester yesterday- it went well so I feel immensely relieved about that. It helps to have at least one good grade under the belt. Every day has been sun-up to sun-down studying. We haven’t been out of the apartment in three weeks except for school (for DJ), studying in coffee shops here and there (for me), and Church. I let myself outside a few minutes a day (yes, like a dog 🤣) – I literally feel like a prisoner to these books- but it will be worth it! And this mini trip is probably going to be great for my mental health. Anyways- I am pulling out another post that I have archived. I’m only three months behind 🙈 Hope you enjoy! Back to the books for me..

Back when I originally wrote this:

It’s Wedding Time!!! This post is going to be a lot of blurry photos, but the best of memories. Since I wasn’t able to actually take a lot of pictures this weekend this is a conglomeration of captured moments from friends and family- so thank you to all who did take pics! When we get the professional photos, I’ll do a whole other post going into more details about the ceremony/decor etc. because my sister did a spectacular job–it’ll just be more fun to discuss with the pics too 🙂 On the morning of July 12th, Hal and I slept in and headed down to workout in the hotel gym around 10 am.

After getting some great runnin’ in, we went back to the room and enjoyed some breakfast snacks we had for all the bridesmaids. Then I met up with my older sister, Andrea, for some coffee at the Starbucks at Bayside across the street. It was a short span of time, but one of those special times I won’t forget. I value my time with my older sis so much. I’m very thankful for her <3

After getting ready for dinner in the afternoon, we all headed over to the actual rehearsal in a hotel banquet room. Even though the ceremony was taking place on a boat, we just made do in the hotel since we didn’t actually have access to the boat until the day of. After an easy peasy rehearsal, it was time for the the rehearsal dinner!

This was not your traditional rehearsal dinner… no, no.. this was an epic upon epic rehearsal dinner. It took place in the coolest Peruvian venue, called Candela Gastrobar.


On various screens across the restaurant, there was a slideshow of pictures from Kevin and Halston’s childhood up to present day. Many of those pictures I had forgotten about or never even seen before- they pulled at all our heart strings! After a beautiful prayer we had an authentic Peruvian dinner. Everything was phenomenal- but that ceviche in particular- yum!


Both families danced to all types of Latin music late into the evening…DJ and I practiced our salsa (I taught him what I had learned a bit from the day before). Although we did learn later that I, in fact, taught him all wrong- whoopsies! Good thing we had plenty of seasoned salsa dancers to help us out! Most of all, it was just amazing to have so many people we love in one place.

After the dinner, a big group of us went to the Bayside area to just hang out and listen to the live band. It was awesome to get to know some of Halston and Kevin’s friends a bit better. That’s something that’s so great about weddings- you get to know people you may not otherwise and meet these people that have been so formative in the couple’s lives. 282d159c-dfd2-40ae-8cc9-508c35c2a549

Even though this pic is blurry, I love the shot of these two! We had to separate them right before midnight to make sure they didn’t see each other the actual day of their wedding until the alter, of course! hehe. We’re not superstitious… just a little stitious.


In the morning of July 13th (wedding day!!!) all the bridesmaids gathered in the conjoined rooms around 10:30 am. We had all the snacks set out and Halston had bridesmaids gifts for us all <3 So sweet! She gifted us beautiful robes, sunglasses, notes, and engraved champagne glasses. Truly above & beyond!


Toasting to the bride <3


Halston received a gorgeous bouquet from Kevin unexpectedly as we were getting ready. Such a sweet little surprise. Annnnd did you actually get married if you didn’t get a coffee from Starbucks that says “Bride” as your name? 🙂 One of the bridesmaids’s husband so kindly picked up this order for all of us!


We all got our hair did and then our makeup done. I usually don’t prefer an “up do” but they were entirely necessary for the boat! After getting this particular up do though, I was allll about it! She did a wonderful job with it looking relaxed and not too tight. We also got our makeup done- which was a TREAT. I hardly recognized myself since I struggle to even put on mascara most days haha.


We Ubered in different cars to get to the venue. But to get to the boat we had to walk across the main downtown pier. So… what did we do? We walked across the pier in our robes of course, lol! People were probably like “What’s happening?!”. We definitely got some confused looks our way. I forgot to get a picture of the back of my hair after it was done, but you can get an idea in this pic.


Made it to the boat!!


The bridesmaids all went to the hull of the boat to get ready. We changed into our dresses and then got all weepy as Hal showed off her stunning gown. I have chills just typing this thinking back to that moment.


I mean holy cow… have you ever seen someone so gorgeous? I know I’m biased… but come n’!! How is this my little seeeester?


I can’t express how happy I am her for her, or proud of her I am just for the woman she is. The love of a sister goes deeper than is possibly expressible.


After pics and praying over Halston, we headed to the second floor to wait with the groomsmen to go up the stairs to the main deck where the actual wedding would take place. We won’t mention the fact that we realized last minute the rings and a groomsman were missing… but all that’s important is that they both appeared in time! LOL. Phew. What’s a wedding without a close call?!

Our beautiful Mom of the Bride & Pete <3


And here are my niece and nephew walking down the aisle! <3 They melt my heart.


Here she comes with our brother! Hal decided not do a first look, and Kevin’s reaction was priceless when he saw her.


Y’all, it was the most beautiful wedding. I could hardly keep my cool through it- it was so personal and they really made an effort to glorify God through the entire ceremony. I think my favorite part (besides the actual vows) was the worship. They played a worship song and had everyone face a cross at the stern of the ship while we sang together.

After the wedding, during the cocktail hour, the bridal party went down to the beach for pictures! Here are a couple preview pics we received from the photographer.


After the photography sesh, we did our entrance into the banquet room, gave our speeches, and then had an absolutely delicious dinner!! I had the salmon and salad- it was probably the best banquet salmon I’ve had. Everyone was raving about the food.


And of course, I have to share this cake! 😍


After dinner we went up to the deck where the ceremony was to dance the night away!!! It was an unforgettable experience- cruising along the Bay with music playing, the best energy and the warm, but perfectly breezy, Miami air. Time for the first dance- they had a medley of songs they danced to. Here is a snippet! Can they cut a rug, or what?!

And I was in absolute tears when she danced with our grandpa. Another favorite moment of the entire day.


Once we re-docked we grabbed a few more pics.


One of my best friends from childhood, Melissa, was able to make it too! I was so excited to see her, even briefly! ❤️


One more pic of the view of the city from the dock.


To both Kevin and Halston’s surprise, they had a Rolls Royce awaiting to take them away for their honeymoon! Talk about taking off in style!


Ok ok ….One more picture with the South Beach Lady 🙂


After the wedding we walked back through the main pier, this time actually dressed in societally acceptable clothing.


We decided to go back to the hotel to get changed and then come back out since the night was still young! (Well, I guess not that young, but it was our last night in Miami so we had to soak it up). On our way, I spotted this popsicle spot called Wonderfruits Bubble Tea & Pop Shop.


It caught my eye and it sounded so refreshing!!! I was craving something sugary, so DJ and I opted to try the Oreo flavor. Kinda goes against the “fruit” idea, but hey, it was perfect for what we were cravin’! I would like to try that Kiwi one if we ever return- mmm mmmm!


Picture of the city down the street as we were walking back. Miami is such a vibrant city!


Back to Bayside we go..


We hung out in the same place as the night before, and it was such a perfect end to the trip. We found a quiet and peaceful little spot on the stairs near the water and the band and talked allll about how wonderful the wedding was.


On July 14th we were up and at em’ to catch our flight back to TX. We said goodbye to our family and then grabbed a Lyft to the airport.


When we made it through security, I scoped out a Starbucks and grabbed a pizza from Pizza Hut for us to share. I just picked the pepperoni off my slices to make it a plain cheese ‘za. In recent years I feel like I have rediscovered a fondness for simplicity with certain foods. I used to think “vanilla” or “plain cheese” was lame (for me personally)…. but sometimes just simple is best, especially when you have that craving! For example, the vanilla bean cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorites on their menu, and a plain cheese pizza can really just hit the spot (especially if ya add a little crumbled parm and crushed red pepper 😉 )<—- does that defeat the purpose of the simplicity? 😆


Also, Jennie has blogged a couple times about her love of Pizza Hut’s pizza. I haven’t had it probably since I was nine or ten and grew up solely on DiGiorno & a local place called Georgio’s, so I was eager to try it again. It was so delicious. I know this probably isn’t revolutionary- but I was pretty wow-ed. I am all about trying the local gems, but when stuck in an airport with limited options it forced us to try it out, and it surpassed ALL expectations. This makes me question everything- what other food chains are all around me that would just blow my mind? Does truly no one out-pizza the hut? Gripping questions and the existential foodie crisis continues.

Question for you:

  • Are there any “plain” foods that you love?

xo <3

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57 thoughts on “Halston & Kevin’s Wedding!

  1. Omg I had forgotten you had an older sister!! So glad you got to spend time with her!
    So cool the rehearsal dinner was at a Peruvia place, super perfect and the food looks yummy! And cute that they had their childhood photos as slideshows on the screen!
    All those pictures with family are so adorable!!
    And lol at the “little stitious” line! Nice inclusion of The Office 🤣🤣
    Omg the robes you guys are wearing are super cuteeeee!!!
    You look so beautiful with your hair and makeup done!! And so does your sister, whoa! Beauties!
    She chose the perfect gown for a perfect day! Seriously stunning!
    My mouth dropped to the floor at the sight of that boat! 😦 it looks insane! Lol
    I’m glad the ceremony went well! And those professional photos on the beach look stunning!!!!!!
    Honestly everything about that day/night looks so perfect, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!
    I totally would have tried the kiwi pop for sure haha it’s the first one I saw 🤣
    Last time I had pizza hut was about two weeks ago or so with my dad. It’s good pizza but not that good to me anymore. I’ve tried other places around here that I like better haha. Its not part of a chain I dont think but we only have it here in Oregon, it’s called Pietros Pizza. I discovered it many years ago, almost 9 years ago and it’s been my favorite pizza ever since. Alex and I had our wedding get together there because we couldn’t afford anything more expensive or a venue. It was a very small intimate wedding lol.

    1. Oh my gosh that food was gooood- I just love ceviche sooo much!!!

      Hehe so glad you got the office reference 🤣

      Aw thank you- Halston got those for us- they were so lovely!!

      You are the sweetest! I’m gonna have to share this comment with hal ❤️

      I kinda wish we had just gotten the kiwi one too 😋 it looked sooo dang good too.

      Ohhh local pizza joints are always the best! I love that you had your wedding reception there- sounds really awesome and intimate for sure! Those are the best types- just a relaxed vibe with the people you love! Thanks for sharing, Rossy 🤗

      1. You are so welcome! 😀
        I honestly cannot wait to do my vow renewal, it won’t be all out but I will definitely try to make up for the kind of wedding I would have wanted. It will still be intimate with family and friends but I’ll make sure to give you guys an invite even if you can’t make it 😉

      2. awww I LOVEEE That <3 So excited for youu! And oh my gosh- I'm honored. I would LOVE if we could make that when the time comes.

  2. Oh my so fun to see all of these fabulous photos from the wedding.
    I just love Halston and your entire family so truly special to read and see this blog and feel like we experienced this beautiful marriage!! Thank you for sharing Mackenzie as I know you are so busy!! Also well done with your exam!! So proud of you and this truly was just the best to read!!! Feeling happy, much love from your Ohio Mom! 🙂

  3. what a beautiful setting for the wedding. It must have felt strange to be walking down the pier in your robe, I don’t think I could have done that. I love the prep snacks of all these healthy items and then a pack of double stuff oreos… you have to have some kind or chocolate!

    Colby would agree with you on the plain food idea. he likes vanilla ice cream, sugar cookies, plain pizza, pasta without just parm cheese or simple red sauce. For me it depends on my mood. sometimes less is more and sometimes less is less

    1. Aw thank you! It was so odd walking in our robes 🤣 luckily we had normal clothes on underneath- but still- the concept- lol!

      Haha you have to have the double stuffed Oreos around always! Never know when that sweet tooth may hit!

      Oh yes! Colby knows less is more (haha- I just wrote that before I saw the rest of your comment!) but yessss, sometimes less is definitely less too! Thanks for reading 🤗 I hope you had a nice weekend!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! Felt like we were there!

    So happy you did well on your exam!

    As for plain… I think it just depends.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Your updo is so beautiful and your makeup looked gorgeous, too! Absolutely loved that lip color! Looks like it was a wonderful wedding 🙂

  6. “We’re not superstitious… just a little stitious.” – I love this so much. I think it’s a Michael Scott quote?

    My kids have really helped me appreciate “plain” things again. They are the pickiest of eaters, so when I “clean up after them” aka eat their food I eat plain burgers and cheese pizzas. A good cheese pizza can be tough to beat! 🙂

    1. Hahah yep you got it— Office quotes are pretty much the only ones I know 😆

      Ah that makes so much sense!! When I babysat growing up I loved enjoying those “kids foods” that are inevitably pretty plain- like fruit snacks or good ol kraft Mac and cheese. And I totally agree- good cheese pizza is always a winner!! Have a good week, Ralph!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Shan!! I will definitely pass on the sweet words to my sister 🥰 and yess yes! Peruvian food is soooo fresh and flavorful- it’s the type of food that everyone loves ! Hope you can hunt some down soon ! Have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping in . I’m so behind around here, but this comment was so sweet! ☺️

  7. Halston looks absolutely stunning and they make such a beautiful couple! What a great wedding and sweet moments ❤️
    I love a good cheese pizza, but I definitely need some chili flakes or hot sauce on it 🙂

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Jess!! I am going to have to share this comment with Halston 🥰

      I am the sameee way! I load up the chili, hot sauce, parm. on basically any pizza- once you try it, it’s hard to enjoy it without! 😋 🌶 🍕

  8. I just love love love everything about this post! Hal makes the most beautiful bride and it seems like her wedding was so dreamy! I never even thought of having a wedding on a boat!
    I’m just a smidge jealous that her Starbucks drink said bride on it haha. I took my girls to Starbucks the morning of my wedding to treat everyone to a drink and also get my bride drink and they used the little stickers instead 🙁 Plus we totally walked in there like a mini mob scene in matching tank tops and the girl at the register did not even acknowledge that we were a bridal party. So odd but hey, I still got my drink (minus bride written on it lol)!
    Those popsicles look absolutely refreshing! I probably would’ve chosen the oreo one, too! Pizza Hut is one of my favorite places for pizza! Or maybe I just like their bread sticks a lot. Either way, it has been years since I’ve been there!
    I am such a plain Jane when it comes to food! I like plain pizza and hardly put any spices on anything I make. I am trying to change my ways but I don’t see that happening anytime soon because John is just like me. I’d have to go with Pizza Hut as my favorite pizza chain pizza! Though we usually just make our own or order from a little hole-in-the-wall place near us 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m just getting around to commenting back on this now- but thank you for your sweet words and sharing in this fun day with us, Em!!! It’s those little things you look forward to as a bride- so you had every right to be disappointed ! But like you said, at least you got that caffeine☕️ 😋

      Oh my gosh- next time with Pizza Hut I’m gonna have to try the bread sticks- YUM!!!

      Nothing wrong with enjoying those plain foods- as many say “less is more”! That certainly can apply to foods many times too. It’s hard to beat a hole in the wall or homemade pizza 😋 have a great week ahead! ❤️

      1. I am still in awe at your thoughtfulness in sending that bride mug to me!!! 🙂 It’s perfect!!

        Pizza Hut bread sticks are the bomb!! It’s the perfect combo of crispy and doughy and cheesey! My fave!

        Enjoy your week as well!!

  9. Halston should print out this blog post and tuck it in the pages of her wedding album – the pictures and narrative were perfect. Her dress was exquisite as were the bridesmaids’ dresses – that was a great picture of you lined up with the bride! The after-wedding gala celebration – yes she can cut a rug for sure! Every woman should wish to have a man look at her the way Kevin gazes at Halston in front of the palm trees. And now Halston, too, is immersed in the books for her first year at law school.

    1. Awww I love that idea 🤗 she said it was really special to her. Blogging is so wonderful for that- isn’t it?! 🙂 thank you for your kind words! I am going to have to send this comment to Halston! She and Kevin are just the best! And you are right- your memory always amazes me! All four of us are buried in the books (Kevin is in school to be a dentist). We are all excited to see each other for thanksgiving though!!! Thanks for reading, Linda 🙂

      1. So Halston and Kevin don’t see much more of each other than you and DJ do – everyone is buried in books! Who graduates first … Kevin or Halston? How nice to get together for Thanksgiving and put the studies aside for a day or two. This will be at your Mom and Pete’s place? You won’t have to travel so far as in the past anyway.

      2. So true! Kevin graduates first!! One year ahead of her. yes!! It will be at my mom and Pete’s! So excited for us all to be together 🙂

      3. That’s great Mackenzie. He’ll already be in practice when Halston graduates and then they’ll celebrate having free time again, well most of the time, new associates often have to put in a lot of hours in their eventual track to make partner, unless in business for themselves. I thought of you today after hearing there was an earthquake in the San Fran area … not a significant one but still.

      4. That’s so true!! I am not sure how all that works, but you make great points!

        Oh my gosh 😱 I’m not too surprised- we felt quakes every now and again- so scary. I feel so bad for everyone now that is dealing with the massive power outage! Did you hear about that?

      5. Yes, I’ve been following those horrid fires – and not only being without power but there was a man on oxygen 100% and his power was cut off – but I was wondering why he did not contact 911 before the power was to go out as I know they warned people in advance. So that was a shame … my neighbor was on oxygen 100% of the time and she could no longer use her portable machine the last year of her life as her COPD progressed. I think if you depend on oxygen to sustain your life, you’d really have to have a Plan “B” or an instant-on generator as a contingency plan. I know a man died of a heart attack trying to fight the fire as well. Very scary – such a beautiful area and seeing the flames and destruction is so sad to see.

      6. Oh my goodness – that is all SO very scary.. I think about those with health issues or mobility restrictions in situations as this 🙁 reminds us of importance of community and the responsibility to have that plan B/ bring awareness to those that may not access news daily

      7. I agree – not everyone listens to the news, whether on the TV, AM news station or a smartphone app. It’s scary indeed to not be in the know.

  10. It looks like a fabulous wedding and Halston was a stunning bride!!
    I do like plain vanilla ice cream and cheese pizza, but they are definitely not my first choice. lol. 🙂

    1. Awww thank you so much for your kind words, Amy!!! Halston will appreciate this comment too ☺️

      I am with ya! I actually discovered I really enjoy a “blanco” pizza with white cheeses and garlic and such. So yummy! Hope you are having a nice week! 🤗

  11. You and Andrea have the exact same smile! It’s great you got some solo time with your older sister.

    A wedding on a boat is so unique!! I love the idea and now I’m like “maybe we could get married on a boat”. Lol not even engaged but a girl can dream ahead of time 😉

    Hal’s dress fit her so well! A gorgeous bride. That up do is beautiful! The back is so fun and definitely going to be referencing that if I need an up do in the future.

    Plain food is sometimes the best. Nothing wrong with the “basic” food if you will. Give me some buttered toast, cheese pizza or just Kraft mac & cheese.

    1. I’ve never heard that before- but you are SO right!! I’m gonna have to tell her you said that too 🙂

      Hahah you can TOTALLY dream! The boat was sooo much fun. My sister really beats to her own drum in the best of ways, so it so in character for her to choose that!

      Awwww!!! I’m going to share this sweet comment with her ❤️

      I agree!!! It’s funny- I feel like I’ve become more team basic food as an adult than I was as a kid 🤣 sometimes nothing beats the classics! Thanks for reading, Maureen! I miss being in blog community so much right now- but thank you for your comment! 🤗 hope you’re adjusting well to your new place!

      1. It’s such a unique venue for a wedding which is so fun! As long as it worked for your sis and bro-in-law then that’s what matters right?!

        We are loving the new place! I hope your semester is going well and you’re loving Austin!

  12. Hi Mackenzie, again, I will try to keep this snappy since I know you have so much to catch up with around here & I do not want to cause you anymore stress! I’m so proud to hear you’ve got that good grade under your belt, your hard work paid off!!! <3

    That Peruvian food looks outstanding & I cannot believe the restaurant had photos of them throughout on all their screens, that's such an amazing touch!! I AM superstitious but I love that you said you guys are just a "little stitious" LOL that's so cute, I had never heard that one before. Hal looked absolutely stunning in her gown, wowza!! The ceremony sounds & looks so beautiful. I cannot wait to see the professional photos!! <3 The fruit bars are making me drooool, the kiwi one is the one that caught my eye, for sure but Cookies & Cream always hits the spot, doesn't it?!

    1. Hi, love!!! You never could cause me stress- truly !!!! These comments make me so darn happy and feel connected even though I haven’t been able to catch up in the blog community in foreverrrr. Thanks for your sweet encouragement too ❤️

      Hahah I wish I could take credit for that line but I totally stole it from The Office 🤣

      Awww I am gonna pass on these sweet words to her 🥰

      Yesss! When it comes to chocolate vs. fruit I will pretty much always choose chocolate- but that kiwi one was SO tempting!! 🥝 😋😋

  13. What a positively stunning wedding! How unique to have it on a boat, and you all look absolutely radiant! Loved Hal’s wedding gown and your dress. What a wonderful recap, and the food looks incredible. Thank you for taking the time to share! xo

    1. Aw thank you, Kori!! You have such a way with words- your comments always seem to “shimmer” to me! Thank you tons for reading even though I’ve been soooo MIA around here! ❤️ have a great rest of the week 🙂

      1. I’m so glad my comment can bring some happiness to you! No matter the MIA, I’ll always read and enjoy your posts!! Take care of yourself and good luck with all of your studying! <3

    1. Aww you are the sweetest (as always too!!) … I’m gonna screenshot this comment to my sis! Thanks for reading 🤗❤️

  14. Aww I feel for you being a prisoner in your own home Mackenzie! it cannot be easy having your head stuck in the books but I know it will all good in the end. That was nice to sleep in and then go workout. aww I see the photos on the tv screen how nice is that ! I am sure they did pull at the heart strings and brought back many memories of a little girl who was now about to get married. These are some really nice pics at the rehearsal dinner and i love seeing that dress on you. It is nice to meet new people at a wedding and especially as it is for your Sisters. Good job on seperating these two before midnight, I am sure you had to tug really hard though ! How thoughtful is your Sis with the gifts and snacks , those robes are super cute !! Your make up and hair are just exquisite. This girl Halston is definitely very beautiful , and as you say the beauty is on the inside as well. Her beauty matches yours. Her gown is absolutely gorgeous and her veil . That is a cute sister pic right before she becomes a married woman. I love your bridesmaid dress too, what is the material? I suppose a missing groomsman and rings are a big deal (aaahhhh!!) Your Mom looks so happy and pretty in her dress. and your niece and nephew ! It is God who provides for us and brings people into our life that someday joins us to those people in friendship and in ultimate cases marriage. That is what happened for Kevin and Halston. They are great beach pics of the bridesmaids and Hal and also the married couple. Aww how nice that Halston got to dance with your Grandpa, it will be a treasured memory in years to come. Looks like a fun night of dancing. How nice to see Melissa and I love her dress! ( have i said that before in this post!) Its is a nice pic of you two with the south beach lady , the lady in blue is really pretty though…. ! I am sure talking of the wedding you were missing your sister already . It was nice to walk around Miami for the last time, I am sure you will be back. Thanks for this lovely post Mackenzie, I really enjoyed it as usual. I love cheese pizza too! Take care Terri xo.

    1. It all will be worth it is so right!!!! Plus we’re entering my favorite part of the year which lifts my spirits!

      The photos were so precious ❤️

      Hehe we did our best to get those two apart 🤣 now there is no chance!

      She was so sweet with the gifts for all of us- so thoughtful!!

      Awww these are just the kindest words in the world! Growing up people said we didn’t look alike, but on her wedding day people said there was no doubt we were sisters!

      Is it bad that I have no idea the material of the dress?! 🤣

      It was such a blessed day!!! Thank you for sharing in it with us! Your comment brightened my evening 🤗❤️

      1. It is not bad that you don’t know the material Mackenzie! I was just wondering. By the way you looked fabulous in it. I am glad I got to brighten your evening have a great day, Terri xo.

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