Happy happy Thursday, aka Epcot post day!! I am just sooo excited about this post. When we got to Epcot I told DJ I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this place’s existence until this trip…. it is literally a foodie’s paradise!!! I could have killed an entire week in this park alone.

We took the ferry over from our hotel to the park. I highly suggest staying in Disney (on one of their hotel properties) if you are going to visit because all transportation is taken care of, painless, easy and decently quick. You can take a ferry or a bus to the parks at almost any hour of the day. Saves so much time & money in dealing with parking or uber/lyft!


So the entire park is set up to take you from country to country. Each “country” is created so that it feels as though you are actually there. Its unreal (quite literally unreal, but they fool you well 😉 ). You get a taste of traveling across the world without actually leaving the US. My two favorite things were in one single place- “traveling” and foooood! At the end of the day, I told DJ it was one of my favorite memories/days of all time.

We briefly passed through the UK on the way to our first fast pass! I had to get the famous “telephone booth” photo, of course! One day I WILL actually visit. Where my UK bloggers at?! Holllaaa


Our fast pass was for Test Track. For this you get to design your vehicle and then “test” while competing against other cars. The car below is the one DJ, my MIL and I created. I mean getttta load of these hot wheels 😉


It was such a fun ride. We competed against others in our group which made it all the more competitive, naturally.

Now for Space Mountain! Unfortunately, someone had an “episode” on the ride right before us… so the clean up crew had to come in before we could ride. It stalled the ride for probably about thirty minutes. Finally, we got to embark! I am a bit claustrophobic and didn’t realize how enclosed the space was.. but I just tried to calm myself down and reminded myself I was fine. I am much better with the small spaces than when I was as a kid- I used to have a really hard time with even elevators. Anyways, that ride was in-stinking-tense!!! But totally worth it.


After the ride we ran into some friends from college (fun!), then went to Club Cool to sample coca colas from around the world.


The flavors were all super unique. I think my favorite was the Fanta Melon Frosty from Thailand, yummmy!


Now we trottin’ through Mexico. Although it felt weird not stopping for Mexican food when available (one of our faves) we decided to try all the unique food before going back to the food we have access to usually, ya know?.


Hence, a stop in Norway was absolutely mandatory.


We walked into the bakery there, Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, and were greeted by wonderful scents of sugary baking bread.


We tried the lefse, a norweigan flatbread stuffed with cinnamon and sugar. It was light & scrumptious.


We split an authentic Norweigan cider while we were at it. The pairing of the lefse and cider was fantastic; it was super refreshing and delicious on that hot day.


China time!


Oh my, was it beautiful. The intricacies, once again, took my breath away!


I have had my eye on bao for a while now. When I saw it on the menu I had to get it for us to try! Even though it had meat, I still tried a nibble, but mostly ate the bun with the sauce which was delish in its own right. I will say– I don’t think this particular bao is as good as they come, but I loved trying it out nonetheless. The bao bun I had in SJ was wayyy more tasty. I think we need to make our way to SF soon to try more.


Can you guess where next?


Germany it is! Here we tried an authentic potato dumpling, and I think this was my favorite thing we had all day. Man, was that ever tasty. I think it was the texture & savory mushroom mix gravy I loved so much.


When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie that’s amore!!! Welcome to Italy, my friends 🙂


If we had one more day here I would have LOVED to spend a day (or at least a full meal) in Italy. I bet the pizza there was delicious!

We did, however, split our first ever sangria. I gotta say, I wasn’t a huge fan. It was tripping my brain out… is this juice? Not quite! Is this wine? Not quite!!


Of course, we saluted the US as we passed through, but didn’t stop to eat anything. Gotta leave room for things our taste buds have never explored.


On to.. JAPAN TOWN! This past year I have grown a fondness and appreciation for Japan. Tokyo is easily #2 on my travel bucket list (after all of the Mediterranean). One day, one day…

We didn’t get any Japanese food because we actually have it quite often here in the Bay Area.


There was a fun drum recital that played while we were there. Definitely added to the whole authentic experience!


^^ Don’t know who those people are, but hope they had a good day ruining my perfect Epcot photo. JK JK.

Aaand we are off to Morocco! Oh my do I love Moroccan culture & food. We had it for the first time in Dallas actually, but have sought it out since. Remember our run in with the belly dancer a couple years ago?


Onto France! LOVED France <3 (ok, let’s be real, I loved every second of every single moment being there). Anyways, this is the place to go for the baked goods for suuure.


we had to try a delicious crepe, duhhh!


And this brings us back to the United Kingdom!


After exploring the UK a bit more thoroughly, we ventured into Canada


Then we split a shrimp & guac arepa from the Columbia stand right before Mexico.


Ok Ok, we gave in and had to have some Mexican cuisine 😉 We enjoyed some bombbb margaritas and tacos. I ate the salad and queso (such freaking good queso) & DJ had the tacos. mmmmm!


This is quite long- I’ll stop here! I’ll wrap up our evening and the rest of the trip in my next post (I think!). I have sooo much to fill y’all in on. I adamantly told DJ I am gonna stay up all night if it takes me to write up these posts before we leave tomorrow to head back to Ohio. Bring on the all-nighter!

Question for you:

  • Which “Country” would you be most interested in trying out?

xo <3


77 thoughts on “Epcot!

  1. The only memories I have of EPCOT from 10 years ago was performing there (my high school band played The Lion King, The Incredibles, and Pirates of the Caribbean-so fun!) and the firework show at night. I can’t believe I missed out on all the food! Another reason to go back!!

  2. Epcot is absolutely my favorite Disney park! When I lived in Orlando, it was always my first choice for where I wanted to spend the day. Thanks for taking me back, the food you tried looks really good!

    1. MINE TOO! I feel like most people say Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom is their favorite- but gosh, Epcot wins hands down for me. awww I’m so glad this brought you good memories 🙂 Thanks for stopping in, McKenzie, love your name 😉 Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos! I’ve never even been to Disney World so your photos are really giving me a good idea of what it is like! 🙂 I love the idea of going around and eating food from each country. I’m not a soda person, but testing out the different sodas sounds phenomenal!

    I think I’d personally want to go to Mexico because I love the food, but I’d probably be the same way as you since I eat it all the time. I’d do the same as you and end up there anyway because that food looks DELISH!! Germany would be second on my list. Wow it just all looks good, though!!

    1. Aw thank YOU for sharing in our adventures with us 🙂 I’m really glad you are getting a little taste of Disney through these posts! I’m not a soda person either, but definitely enjoyed that! Such a unique experience.

      Yaaaass haha. Exactly. We were like “let’s be smart and try stuff we haven’t yet” but secretly knew we would end back up in Mexico. Too good to resist 😉 I would love to try more of the food from Germany! They had this dipping cheese fondue bowl that looked delicious! We wanted to try a ton of food so we stayed away from the big dishes, but next time we will have to try that. Thanks for stoppin in, Em 🙂

  4. ok so if you go back to EPCOT, you need to go to the small french bistro in the back of france by the ice cream shop . that is one of my favorite places to get food in EPCOT. the pateries there are delicious. Also if you like to listen to music, you need to go into the American Adventure to listen to the voices of liberty. they are an acapella group that sings in the lobby of the american adventure, one of my must do things at EPCOT

    1. We actually did stop in there, but were so “sweeted up” nothing was screaming our names– but next time we definitely will make sure to stop there FIRST 😉 Especially in the morning I think it’d be amazing. Thank you tons for the suggestions- American Adventure sounds so nice! We didn’t even stop in there at all– so it’s nice to know that gem exists 🙂 Thank you tons for the awesome suggestions! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy!! I hope your travels take you to Epcot one day to try all the deliciousness 🙂 Have a very merry Christmas, friend!

  5. It would be had to choose which country’s food … they all sound wonderful. I have heard that we have a different version of “real” Italian food here in the U.S. and that the Olive Garden is not authentic at all … I dunno, it always tasted darn good to me. 🙂 Safe travels to Ohio Mackenzie … don’t know if you’ll find any snow though.

    1. Hi, Linda! Haha, yes, even if Olive Garden isn’t entirely authentic I’ll take it any day! It’s so delicious- those breadsticks— yummmmy! Thank you for the travel wishes 🙂 We were able to see some snow so I was very excited about that 🙂 Have a very merry Christmas, dear friend!

      1. I agree with you Mackenzie – just the smell of those wonderful breadsticks and all their foods – yum!. Glad you got a little snow … we had some flurries this morning, but that’s all for us. You enjoy your Christmas with your family – make some more beautiful memories and I look forward to more chats with you in the new year!

      2. Thank you so so much! This was the sweetest note to read at the end of my Christmas day 🙂 I cannot wait to all our future chats too. I am very thankful to have met you in 2018!!

      3. You are welcome and I also feel blessed Mackenzie – all these miles away from you, and all the other bloggers, and making the connection through our writing … it is quite an awesome feeling, isn’t it?

      4. Truly is!! <3 I was excited to tell my mom about you when I was visiting her in Texas. She grew up in Traverse City!

      5. Well thank you for sharing our blogging experience and mentioning a fellow Michigander with your mom Mackenzie – when I first started following you, it was around Labor Day and I believe you were in Traverse City to celebrate your grandfather’s birthday.

      6. Agreed – my boss left for Mexico on 12/20 in the morning … it seemed I had a lot of “me time” that stretched out ahead of me. I had made a list … just ask me what I accomplished, but it felt good to just relax and catch up here, write a lot of blog posts, but where did that time go?

      7. AGREED!!! I was having this exact thought this morning. Thankfully I still have a tiny bit of time left before going back to school, but I have soo many posts to write & catch up on among just stuff on that to-do list. No time like a new year to be productive 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful evening.

      8. I am finally caught up here and going to turn off the computer shortly. It is almost 60 degrees outside – very wacky weather and still raining like crazy. Wouldn’t want to be dressed up and having to run around in it. I must be more productive in 2019 in other aspects … hard to do though. Enjoy your evening as well.

      9. Yay!!!

        That is strange weather for sure. I agree with you- I would like to be as well. xo

      10. We have freezing rain again right now – not so much in my part of town, but the pathway was covered in black ice again this morning, so I walked on the grass. I will likely just stay in the neighborhood tomorrow morning until our warm-up … getting to the 50s on Friday and Saturday. SMH over this weather.

      11. I’ve been walking next to the path every morning – too dicey the other way. I am no fan of driving in it either- I think you told me you had a bad car accident in the Winter. I take no chances – unless I have to go out, I won’t … I’m like a little old lady as to driving in Winter.

      12. you are right! I don’t like taking chances either, that type of thing can scar ya and scare ya! Glad you are taking extra precaution too 🙂

      13. [My first comment might have gone into cyberspace, so apologies in advance if you get it twice] … thank you for sharing the blogging experience with a fellow Michigander a/k/a Mom Mackenzie. If I remember correctly, when I first started following you, you were in Traverse City, scaling the dunes and celebrating your grandfather’s birthday.

      14. WP is sometimes a boogar!! Thank you, Linda! you have such a wonderful memory. It means a lot that you would share that space in your brain to store little nuggets from our little life! xo

      15. It helps that I’ve digitized all my pictures – I love looking at old pictures and this is a perfect forum to put them in from time to time. Glad you liked seeing them Mackenzie.

    1. Hey, Liv!! Thanks for stopping in, girl 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this post. hope you get a chance to go back soon- definitely need to try out some sodas 🙂 When you do one day you’ll have to let me know which is your favorite! xo

  6. I saw someone post about the Tokyo marathon and now I want to visit Japan because the pictures they had were awesome! Let’s just find a way to get into the race and then we’ll be forced to go 😉

    A part of me really wants to say Germany since I’m going there so soon but then again Morocco seems like an incredible place so I’d probably want to try that food. Then I’ll be prepared if I’m ever lucky enough to go to the real Morocco.

    1. Waaaitt, I don’t know why I didn’t even know there was a Tokyo Marathon?! I’m looking into this — I haven’t really considered running marathons in other countries because I guess I didn’t think about them having them.. This is a whole new world to explore- thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      Yesss! I would love to visit Morocco too. Have you ever had authentic moroccan? I would say it’s easily one of our favorite types of foods. so yummy, and actually pretty healthy too. I bet one of the bigger cities in NJ would have some options. Have such a merry Christmas, girl, and thanks for stopping in 🙂

      1. Yes there is! It’s one of the 6 world majors too.

        I don’t think I’ve ever had moroccan food at all! I don’t even know what it consists of to be honest. You’re probably right though that a bigger city here would have it.

        Merry Christmas Mackenzie 🙂

      2. This is seriously a whole world of racing I didn’t even really know existed! So awesome.

        Soo Moroccan I would describe as spanish cuisine (think like paella) mixed with an mediterranean/thai twist. So saffron spices, couscous, really thick good cuts of meat and seafood, and lots of veggies! It’s pretty simple mixes of food, but the way they season it all is just spectacular.

        Hope you had the best day, girl! Can’t wait to see all ya been up to! xx

      3. That sounds good! I’m a big fan of lots of spices and seasonings for my food.

        I’ve been the worst blogger this week with the holidays and now we’re actually in an Uber to the airport. Maybe I’ll steal Alex’s laptop in the hotels to post an update or two while on my family’s trip. I hope you had a great Christmas!

      4. Oh girl do not worry about it!! I have been the exact same- sometimes I try to blog here and there when traveling, but it’s always incredibly difficult to do. Don’t feel any pressure, and just enjoy every second of your trip! Cannot WAIT to hear all about it 🙂

    1. YESS. I felt the same exact way. If I went back that is for sure the country I would spend the most time in. I know you would just love Epcot being a foodie like me 😉 Hope you get to try one day, girl!!! Thank you tons for stopping by <3 Happy Holidays, love!

  7. I adore this post! It’s funny that even after going to Disney on three separate occasions, I still read this & feel like I barely scratched the surface. I remember the different countries but want to explore now that I’m older & way more into cooking. I’d be so excited to learn about all the different cultures! Italian sounds fab-u-lous, but they all really do. 😋 I love all of your photos!

    1. Yesss I know you would just adore everything about Epcot! It’s definitely my favorite 🙂 I think I could spend a whole day in Italy alone! If we go back I’d love to at least do a full lunch or dinner there instead of just tapas everywhere. Thanks for sharing in this fun experience with us 🙂

  8. I love Epcot! We have so many fun memories from there. And lots of new and interesting good foods! When we had annual passes we’d also try to make it up there from some of the festivals.

    1. I think Epcot was my favorite- so yummy, so fun!! Do you remember any of the actual places you ate at or anything? Oh my goodness.. I can imagine their festivals were tremendous!!

      1. I don’t remember the actual places that we ate. When the kids were little they only really liked chicken tenders and pizza, so our choices were limited. lol. But my husband and I would go up for the Food and Wine Festival and there are more kiosks in the countries that offer smaller versions of the “well known” foods and drinks of that country. It was a fun way to get to try new things that you might not have committed to trying in an entire meal. I love listening to the Taiko drummers in Japan and always tried to line up our time in order to be there for one of those shows!

      2. Hehe that makes sense, but at least I’m sure it was still very good chicken tenders & pizza!

        That food & wine festival sounds absolutely amazing. Gonna have to do that one day- thanks for telling me about it!

        So we actually were in there when they started playing & were just lucky with the timing! It was amazing! Love the real immersion of culture in each country. Have a great Sunday, Amy!

  9. Oh my gosh, I totally love that Epcot showcases so many different countries and their cuisines!! What a great way to get a feel for all those different cultures! I am totally enamored with England, so I would probably fall in love with the U.K. the most! I think my heart is in England lol.

    1. RIGHT?! I was in utter heaven!!! They have a lot of informational exhibits too. If we had more time I would have loved to do some of the more educational aspects… but food trumps all, lol.

      YES! The U.K. was awesome!!! Have you been? It’s so high up on my bucket list

      1. Hahaha food does trump all! I’m right there with you. But I do think it’s really neat how they have all the information so you can learn more about each place as well! It sounds like such an immersive experience!

        I haven’t been yet but it’s my #1 place for when we vacation out of the country. I told Joshua that we really should just plan that as our next vacay or we’re likely never to do it. 😉

      2. Exactly!!

        Oh I hope you guys get the chance to visit!! I would love love to hear all about it!

  10. Hi Mackenzie, I love that teapot pouring into the cup! Cute pic in the phone box, Steph will appreciate it if she sees the post! The space ride I am sure was fun . Lefse is a favorite in MN , lots of norwegians here from years back! I love the German and Italian photos! Morocco is interesting too I am sure. I would be interested in Italy, I have never been so someday! I just found out my cousin from NY was in epcot over Christmas with her husband and 2 sons! Happy new year Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Thank you, Terri!

      Oh how fascinating you have lefse in MN! I had no idea!!

      I am with you- Italy is at the top of my list for sure!

      Awww! I bet they had a blast celebrating NY there. Happy New Year to youuu! xo

      1. Yes a big Norwegian population Mackenzie! Lutefisk is a tradition at Christmas , it is a right of passage into a family and I had to try it when visiting Mn from New York before we got Married ! It was ok but not a favorite https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lutefisk We had friends visit with their two Girls , they left at 10pm , I put the little guy down , fell asleep and awoke at 12:20am ! I got my new years kiss then ! Take care, Terri xo.

      2. I just loved learning about this!! Thank you for sharing!!

        Sounds like such a wonderful New Years <3

      3. I’m glad you liked it Mackenzie. If it didn’t get your taste buds dancing that is quite ok, mine did not get activated either! Happy friday, Terri xo.

      4. Heheh I never say no to anything I haven’t tried so I would definitely give it a go! I’m not all that picky either 😉 one day I’ll definitely have to try! 🤗

  11. Omg I love epcot and hope to one day be able to visit, though it would be better to visit the real country instead 😉
    So cool that you got to see pretty much everything and try new kinds if foods, I would probably do the same. Get me some crepes because those are my fave lol!
    Gotta love Japan, of course that’s my favorite lol.

    1. Haha- totally would be better to actually visit each country, but for now this will tide me over 😉 Lol, quite literally with all the food.

      The crepe was wonderful! We would have had the Japanese food, but there is soooo much near us, that we figured we’d just try stuff we couldn’t get as easily around here. It is an absolute favorite of ours too though!!!

      1. I think that’s what drew me more to it the most, the fact that there’s food from each country just seems to great.
        Yeah no kidding I would have done the same. It’s what we do anyway lol there’s no point in getting food you already have access to lol

      2. Definitely!!

        haha yess- okay no shade to people who do this, but whenever we see people eating at restaurants like TGIFs or Applebees in touristy locations, I’m like what are you doooin’… got to try the local gems, ya know?!?

      3. YES!! EXACTLY!! I enjoyed trying different things when I was in Seattle. That was so fun and cannot wait to try more new places whenever we travel.

      4. yesss- I love seeing all the foods you guys try too- it’s so fun to see what eats people find, especially when they travel!!

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