Friday Favorites #4!

It’s FRIYAY, FRIYAY, Gotta get down on FRIYAY!!!

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It is 9:00 pm, I am home from work and happy to report this week was SO MUCH BETTER!!!!! I can’t tell you how IMMENSELY encouraging all your comments and texts were from my last post. It truly changed my whole disposition. I went in with a determination to face it all head on, learn what I could, and forgive myself (I think that was pivotal). And although I have endless learning and experience to be gained, I felt like I wasn’t totally lost. One HUGE thing I was reminded of that stuck with me was just the the Lord wouldn’t bring me to this point to leave me hanging. That gave me a whole new wave of confidence.

I also see now how no matter how rough the day is, that ONE moment sincerely makes it all worth it. Today that moment for me was making my patient laugh. Even if I’m not the best nurse in the world yet, don’t they say laughter is the best medicine? 😉 Tomorrow (it’s Thursday while I’m writing this) might be different, but for now, I’m basking in the giddiness of success not horribly, epically failing.

NOW, before I go to bed I want to whip up a quick post. I have been collecting pictures for a Friday Favorites post all week and can’t wait to share!

  1. Peets Coffee. I’m not sure that I have given Peet’s a proper shout-out in my Friday Favorites. Due time! My go-to is an almond milk cafe au lait. YURM. Also, my friends that I made while I was studying for my NCLEX still work there, and when I had to do some module work online this week I went back in. It was great to catch up with them!


2. Cereal Quest Bars! I’ve been sitting here for a minute trying to conjure up a description that does these little devils justice- but nothing will. They are beyond delicious. If you don’t believe me I guess you will just have to try for yourself!!! I’m OBSESSED. I love the chocolate flavor most, but all the flavors are terrific.


3. Safeway Monopoly. Our local grocery store has a monopoly game (like the McDonald’s one) that I have been participating in! They have tons of free products you can win by simply shopping at their store! Without boring you to tears, basically you get a board, you earn little “game pieces” when you shop, and then you enter codes online to win or get instant winning tickets for free products. So far I have won a cooking class, Shutterfly photo books, and all the stuff in the pictures below. FREE. Free as a bee!!!!! Now if I can only get those last few game pieces to win one of the big kahunas! DJ isn’t too upset about the free donut I seem to get each time 😉 And who doesn’t want a free 5 lb. bag of flour?! (I do have to say though, I was actually wayyy too pumped about the aluminum foil, because we were out, so perfect timing!)


4. Sprout’s Bags. My “Every Day I’m Brusselin” bag- which was discovered in my very, very first post from Sprout’s grocery store), now has a new friend named, “Turnip For What”. If you know me, you can imagine my minor, massive joyous freakout in the store that maybe borderline, definitely embarrassed DJ when I saw this bag. I was like the needy five-year-old begging their parent for candy at the cash register.


DJ: “We have so many bags at home, I think you’ll survive.”


DJ: **Handing over the extra $2.00 to the cashier for my bag of happiness**.

The heart wants what it wants.


5. Dear Mom. Our apartment building has this new vending machine that is basically a grocery store vending machine in our lobby. Plus it has these recipes that hang on the wall next to it saying how to make different meals with the ingredients they provide. I think it’s one of the most ingenious ideas. It has all your basics as well as desserts. Yup, they even have cheesecake (which is a food group of its own). And if I forget anything that I was supposed to get at the store, I always check to see if they carry it before I have to make a second trip!


6. 13 Reasons Why. This is a heavy one. Has anyone watched it or read the books? It’s a Netflix original series. While I was doing some marathon training, cooking, and working on modules, I had this playing and finished the series in about three days. It’s addictive- start to finish. It’s only 13 episodes, but every single one is gripping. But, like I said, it’s heavy. It makes you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts if anyone has seen this.


7. PackIt Freezable Lunch Box. This is the best lunchbox on planet earth. It has built in freezer packs, so you just throw it into the freezer, and when you are ready to go you just toss your food in it. No messing with those awkwardly shaped freezer packs!! It’s super portable, lightweight, and basically I could talk about how much I love this thing all doggone’ day. Like, I have to get up in 6.5 hours, and all I’m doing is typing about a lunchbox. Ummm, #priorities.


8. 100 Calorie Pack Emerald Almonds. MMMM mmm MMMM. These are one of my favorite snacks when I’m on my shifts. I only have 15 minute breaks (and one 30), so these are a lifesaver for super fast energy. I usually pair it with a cereal Quest bar or No Cow bar and am good to go at least for a couple hours!!!!


9. Blogilates. Cassey Ho is the I’m telling you- if you want an insane ab workout, she is your girl. Even DJ is amazed at how hard her workouts are. I DARE you to try one. I think my favorites are

This one, this one, and this one.

She also has targeted workouts for all other areas too! And they are pretty short, but guarantee you will feel the BURN.


10. Dis’ bag. I know I have tons of pictures of this little guy sprinkled around my blog already- but I can’t help but give it a little love! It’s from Target and it’s HUGE and I don’t know how I went my whole life without this bag. I see the light.


I am horribly behind on reading and responding to comments in classic Mack-form (ew. is that third person? Wait, I’m too tired to care)- BUT I will be catching up this weekend. Orientation ends next Wednesday which means my days off are actual days off when I could do things like catch up on your blogs!😏 🤗🎉AH! LOVE YOU ALL. Have a wonderful Easter weekend 💕

XO <3



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55 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #4!

    1. Right?!? It’s SO good! Just very well done. And not predictable either. The vending machine is amaaaazing! I think they need those installed everywhere 🙌🏻

    1. Haha YESSSS! I am so glad you like the shopping bags like I do. And the vending machine grocery store has got to be one of the greatest inventions of all time🙌🏻 I hope you have a great weekend, Angela! Xo

  1. Hi Mack! I’m glad you’re surviving at work! I guess I should start saving those Monopoly pieces! I usually just throw them away. I usually get 10 or 11 of them each time. Ha ha, those bags are funny! That’s a VERY cool vending machine! I’ve never seen one like that! If I don’t hear back from you by Sunday, Happy Easter!

    1. LISA!!!! How is your boyfriend doing with nursing?!? I started messaging you back on my break but the 15 minute break was over before I could send this. Hahah. And you TOTALLY should do the monopoly game! You never know what “Instant wins” could be in those little pieces! Glad you like the bags too 😉 And the vending machine is Ah-may-zing! It is a super small start up (typical Silicon Valley), but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are big soon! HAPPY EASTER to you too <3!!!!

      1. He’s surviving :/ He’s really burnt out right now. I only see him like once a week 🙁 We’re still trying to have a baby. Please pray for us! 💖 I had some of those Monopoly game things in my kitchen. I was about to throw them away until I read this post. Lol. I won some giftcards and groceries. I also got an ebook and discount for a movie. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂 Take care and again Happy Easter! 💐🌷🐣🐇

      2. Aw, I bet. I know that feeling all too well- nursing school is so so hard. I am continuing to pray! It will happen, Lisa!!!! I can’t wait for the day for you to announce it! 🙂 and YAYYYY! I’m so glad you got something out of the monopoly game. Even if they are small discounts/freebies it’s just too fun! I hope you had an amazing Easter! 💕🌸🐰

      1. We do, about 20 miles(ish) away, but it’s to a part of town I go to a lot. So now I have a reason to hop on in there.

  2. We had Safeway monopoly in my town and my mom and I played it but after a while we kept getting duplicate tickets and it got so frustrating! Also, those almond packets are my favorite for on the go. They’re so easy to just take and throw in your bag! Such a lovely post as always!

    1. Hey girl! Okay- the duplicate tickets are SUPER frustrating. I totally get that!!!! But yes—- the almonds are SO good! What’s your favorite flavor?!?! Glad you enjoyed this <3 I can't wait to catch up on your posts- I have a couple days off (although I have a ton of online work), but I am using catching up on blogs as my motivation. Yours is one of the ones at the top of the list! XOX

    1. RIGHT?!? I’m obsessed! It is going to be my milk and honey since I can’t make grocery trips as much as I used to!!!! Hope you are having a very Happy Easter weekend!!! 🙂

      1. 24 hour grocery stores are great but at the end of a long shift that vending machine is a pretty sweet option. A rare quiet weekend here. It was lovely. I hope yours was as well. But I’m sure it wasn’t 😉

      2. RIGHT?!? I am so glad your weekend was so good!!!! (Although I am literally commenting back as it is about to be a new weekend *eyeroll* #slackin’). I actually can’t wait to share our Easter weekend! It ended up having a few nice highlights <3 Now, I hope THIS coming weekend treats you just as well if not better than the last 🙂

  3. I watched 13 Reasons Why in a matter of like 3 days tops- its so sad because its really a raw insight to reality in regards to how everyone in their own way is a bully. *Cringe* It really makes me sad because it’s an everyday real life issue, especially in high school. When you make it through, it’s definitely a “I wish I knew then what I know now” type of situations. On a lighter note; those Quest bars look SO good. I think I’m going to head to the grocery store today and pick some up. I’m hooked on Oat Mega protein bars also super good! My grocery store does that same Monopoly game except I don’t play because I didn’t realize you could actually win cool things! Oh my lanta, I feel like I just missed out on so many opportunities seeing as though I go to the grocery store like 4/7 times a week. #wifeystatus haha But I am so glad and relieved that you’re doing and feeling better about the job. It always always gets better 🙂 Have such a good weekend my love!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. I seriously could.not.stop watching! Any excuse to watch! I even would set my Ipad up while I was showering. It was so addictive- but you are SOOOO spot on about how it’s the raw insight into how we each can make/break someone else. WOW.
      Makes you think. So sad- but such a reality.

      And also on a lighter note- I have GOT to try the oat mega protein bars! I never have, but I’m ALWAYS down to try a new bar! Also, one of the cashiers I was talking to was saying how the Monopoly game was pretty lame last year but has stepped up a notch. I didn’t include the discounts I had off products, but there were so many $1.00/.50 discounts that really knocked down the bill!

      AND GIRL YESSSSSSS. Those 4/7 days a week grocery trips= #wifestatus if anything does! Lol. But seriously how does Andrew survive without you?!? I seriously cannot wait to catch up on your posts. I’m going through withdrawal! (You know that life!).

      Hope you are having such a great weekend, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!! Mwah!

  4. Ok I am sooo jealous of that vending machine in your building. How cool!! But what I really need to comment on is 13 Reasons Why because OHMYGOSH. That was one of the most intense shows I’ve ever seen. It was so freaking sad, but so well done. I hope a lot of people watch it and see how words and actions can affect others. I am so so glad this week was better for you. I hope it will continue to get better every day. You are smart, kind, and wonderful. You will do great things 🙂 XOXO

    1. GIRLFRIEND! Okay- first. I cannot wait to catch up on your blog. It’s been tooooo long. Stinkin’ work, lol! And RIGHT?! 13 reasons why was soooo enthralling, sad, thought-provoking…… but yes, like you said, SO well done! YOU ARE AMAZING! I can’t tell you how much your comment encouraged me. It brought legit tears to my eyes. Sending you big hugs, beauty ! XO

  5. Wishing you Christian Love and Blessings for Easter Mackenzie, we remember at this time the great Sacrifice Jesus our Lord and Saviour made for us and our Abba Father who allowed Him because of His great Love for us, just as a hatched egg brings New Life, so does Jesus bring Eternal New Life when we believe in Him.

    God’s Peace – Anne.

    1. Aww, Anne. What an incredible weekend this is. It’s truly one of my favorite of the year. Our Lord is so good, so loving. I can’t wait to praise Him for His incomprehensible goodness in the morning. Thank you for your sweet love, I hope you have the most wonderful day celebrating our Savior. Thankful for you, Sister in Christ!

  6. Glad to hear this week is better! Always helps when you let it all out doesn’t it? Not to mention all the positive feedback you get from the WP community. Can’t get that anywhere else. 🙂

    And so many things in this post! Lol.

    1) that dancing grandmas gif at the beginning of the post made me laugh and it totally made the rest of my day lol.
    2) Peet’s Coffee: we had one in my grocery store but I don’t drink coffee so I never went. This drink looks SO good though I wish I had at least tried it once because they remodeled and got rid of the store. It has been replaced with a Starbucks. 😑
    3) Safeway monopoly: we played for a while and it was fun. Unfortunately we didn’t buy enough food from there to fill up an entire board but we did fill about 1/3 I’m so impressed that you’ve already gotten lots of freebies!!
    4) Grocery bags: best ones I’ve ever seen! Lol.
    5) Dear Mom: what in the world?! That’s like the greatest thing ever!!!!!
    6) 13 Reasons Why: BEST. SHOW. EVER. I was hooked IMMEDIATELY! I too finished watching it in three days. It is heavy but I thought it was so well done. I like how uncensored it was, especially towards the end in the bathtub. So hard to watch but I appreciate how real they made the entire show. It wasn’t so exaggerated like other shows. It was just REAL.
    7) Blogilates: will have to try her workouts. I wanna get back in shape lol.

    1. Hey Rossy!!!!!! Isn’t the WP community just the best?!? I’m so so so thankful (you are such a big part of that!). I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! OK- if you are ever here I am treating you to Peet’s!

      I definitely felt like I needed to shop for ALL my groceries at Safeway during this time (great marketing strategy) in order to get the tokens. I’m still holding out for one of the big wins! We will see!

      Also if you are ever here we will get you those bags too 😉 Haha! And The Dear Mom is soooo innovative. They are a super small start up- but I’m convinced they are going to be huge soon.

      I was hooked immediately as well on 13 Reasons Why! The story line is insanely captivating, but such a reality. It’s crazy! It was portrayed perfectly (unfortunately), but like you said- done so well! I agree- REAL is the perfect word to describe it. It tossed me back to high school in a way that made my stomach turn.

      Let me know what you think if you do a Cassey Blogilates workout! It’s nuts!

      I hope you’ve had a great week and an even better weekend. I can’t wait to catch up on your posts so soon, beauty! XO

      1. Awh! Thank you! I try my best to show love and support to blogs I follow. 🙂 glad to know that my efforts aren’t going unnoticed lol!
        Very awesome! Where are you from, if I may ask?
        And hopefully I can find the motivation to workout because that’s always hard haha.
        I saw this so late so…Have a lovely week!

      2. You are amazing, girlfriend! Your support truly means more than you know!!!! And originally my husband and I are from Akron, Ohio, but now we live in San Jose, California 🙂 Girl- I feel ya on that workout motivation struggle! Last night was the hardest it has been for a while to peel myself off the couch after work. Hope you are having a great week, love <3!

  7. Hi Mackensie, I am so happy you are having a much better week! Everybody has so much love for you as you radiate love yourself, and wanted you to succeed. It is good you can forgive yourself ( I need to practice it myself sometimes) The lord is willing you to succeed . I am sure your patient appreciated you making them laugh, I am sure your personality puts many people in a good mood. Peet’s coffee sounds so good, we dont have any here , but I hope to try it someday. I love the safeway monopoly idea , sounds fun and great savings! I was not around for your very first post , ( you need to repost someday!) but both these bags are so cute hanging up! I love the vending machine idea Mackensie!! there must be some great recipes to prepare. I want the cheesecake! please! I have not heard of 13 reasons why but maybe will get a chance in the future , when kids go to bed early. What an awesome freezer bag! No more little blue ice packs for you. I do need to feel the burn to get into shape for summer, I will look at the videos. The target bag is very chic and from what you say so functional, next time i’m browsing I will take a look. Its wonderful you will get real days off to do what you please. You deserve it Girl! Easter blressings to you Dear, Jesus did the ultimate act of dying for our sins so we could be saved. and 2 easter hymns for you to enjoy , Hugs Mackensie, Love Terri xoxo.

    1. Terri!!! You are just the sweetest.. I realized nursing is hard as they say (yet rewarding), but also realizing the support I have behind me I have hardly room to feel anything else but THANKFUL! <3 Also, I will have to remember what you said, “The Lord is willing you to succeed”… wow, I just love that. Thank you for saying that. It is one of those phrases I will cling to in those hard moments! I’ll definitely reconsider some re-posting 😉 I am rounding down on my big “One year anniversary” of blogging in July- so I am thinking of doing something big then! And I lol-ed about the ice packs!! Those blue ones used to be such the hassle! I am SOOOO excited to check out these Youtube videos! Thank you tons for sharing. What an amazing day it is. Words can’t explain the gift of Jesus’ love. <3 Happy Easter!!!!!

      1. You are welcome for comments Mackensie, we encourage and help each other in the wp family! I hope you had a lovely Easter day. Ours was busy but blessed . Chat soon Dear, hugs, Terri xoxo.

  8. I was so glad to see this post but I’ve been locked out of my WP blog for almost a week because of some issues with self-hosting! Im glad that you’re handling things well and that you’re taking on challenges like a champ! Im pretty sure I’ve commented this on one of your posts before, but the universe doesn’t hand us anything that we cannot handle!

    If you love those quest bars you HAVE to try RX bars. They’re my current obsession and they are so so good (maybe I’m biased because the company is based in Chicago!). My favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate, but they all taste so good! They’re packed with good ingredients too.

    If you’ve been on Netflix, Grace and Frankie is a really good feel-good show if you need something more light after 13 Reasons! Gossip Girl is always a classic too!

    I’m glad you’ve been doing well and I hope that DJ has been doing well too! Happy Late Easter!!

    1. Hey lovey!!! Ah, I am going through SERIOUS blog withdrawals. Next week is our last big exam, and then my days off will actually be days off that I can catch up on your blog! WOOOOHOOOO! I am dying to know what’s going on! But what in the world?!? Did your WP get hacked or was it a password issue?! So weird!!! Thank you for your words of encouragement <3 And I will DEFINITELY try those RX bars- YUMMM. I am always up for trying new protein bars. Those sound delish- especially mint chocolate- drooooling. I wonder if they sell them at GNC/ Vitamin Shoppe! Ahhhhh thank you for the Netflix suggestions! I needed some new ones!! I LOVEEEE Gossip Girl. I haven't watched it for years though so I would love to re-watch. Happy Late Easter to you too, love! I hope school and all is going well… I'm catching up on your posts as soon as I get that chance <3 XO

      1. I tried to move my site to self-hosted and it basically fell apart and was offline for like a week! But I fixed it and it’s back to normal now, as much as it can be after something crazy like that!

        They have so many flavors and I love how they write what’s in them on the packaging! They’re at Whole Foods and on the Zon for sure! I have no idea about GNC though! They’re perfect to grab and go and have replaced CLIF bars as my fave. CLIF bars were always sometimes a little too sweet for my taste but RX bars are phenomenal! Chocolate Sea Salt is YUM too! I know you said your hubs works late (and I know you do too) so they’re perfect for keeping in a desk or in a bag! I want to try to make homemade bars of my own but I still haven’t gotten the chance to try! I’ve made oat energy balls though but they kind of melt.

        I’m still waiting to hear back from some programs for the fall so my fingers are CROSSED. Hopefully good vibes are headed my way!! It’s definitely an exciting but nerve racking time! I’m in Dallas right now though!

        Have a great rest of your week and good luck on your next exam!! Walks always help me distress and I find that I can go over what I’ve learned… but I also know that you’re a runner! I’m sending good vibes your way (and of course Deej can have some too!) Good luck!!!

      2. Girl, that’s nuts !!! I’m so glad you were able to fix it- we need our Unabridged Sass!!!!! And next time I’m in Whole Foods I’m definitely grabbing some! Chocolate sea salt anything is like a dream come true- so I’ll snag that and the mint! Ahhhhh! I’m excited 🙂 and I would say good luck with waiting to hear back – but you don’t need it- you’ve GOT This!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear ! Who wouldn’t want ya?!? Also I am super jealous that you are in Dallas! Soak it up for me- one of my favorite places 💕 Enjoy the weekend, love!

  9. Good morning, Mack!

    I am sooo glad your last work week went better than the one before…hopefully each week continues to improve as you become more comfortable and confident in what you’re doing. And, honestly, I love the fact that you made your patient laugh–it truly is the little things that matter. 🙂

    Wow, girl, you are scoring big time with the Safeway Monopoly! Nice bargain shopping! 😉 Also, I agree that Blogilates is amazing! I’ve been doing her workouts for several years now and I really appreciate how much variety she has on her site; the day-after workout burn is typically pretty impressive, too

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, Mack! I pray that you’ll see the little ways God is using you each and every day, even when you feel like you’re not succeeding as well as you’d like to be.

  10. Hi there! First time visitor.
    The Dear Mom vending machine looks amazing! I need something like that in my life…
    The shopping bag and your purse are adorable – I love them both!
    I hope you’ve had a good week.

    1. Hi Jen!!!!! Thank you for stopping by here so that I can now follow along on your amazing blog! I am having fun checking it out! I was so excited to read this comment!!!!! The vending machine is incredible- I bet it’ll be big in no time! I hope you have had a great weekend ahead 🙂

  11. Oh my, I have so much to comment on!! The grocery bags are SO CUTE! I would have to have them!!! I have watched and loved 13 Reasons Why, it’s a great show. A bit of teenager drama for my 25-year-old self but I loved it anyway. Don’t say you’re not a good nurse. I have so many bad experiences with rude, negligent, stupid nurses. Just the fact that you’re nice and sweet makes everything better. Sometimes the patients just need a little support and care that doctors don’t usually provide. If you’re there for your patient you are an amazing nurse! xx

    1. I knowwww! I cannot get over the bags lol. I agree the teenage drama is a bit much, but at least it’s accurate! Haha. And you are SOOOO sweet, Cheila!!!!! You have no idea how much this just encouraged me! Thank you tons, love ❤️ Have such a good weekend!

      1. You too my dear!! Please, let me know when you have a few new posts and I have not notice them. It’s probably because they don’t show up in my reader!!

    1. NOOO WAY!!!!!!!!! Costco does?!? Okay – I will definitely be making a trip. That’s awesome. That’s the one thing that drives me nuts about the bars (the price). Ahhhh thank you for telling me this, Abby! Have a great weekend!

  12. Yay! So happy this week was so much better for you! This made me so happy! And oh my gosh girl yasss Peets!!! <3 <3 <3 I don't know if I told you but their is a Peet's in Union Square. One. Lone. One. In all of New York City. I have yet to go but I NEED too soon or I will wither into nothingness ;p
    Those bags are so stinking cute and I love that vending machine! What a cool idea!
    I hope you have an amazing weekend beauty! And yay for almost being done! You got this! <3

    1. ONE PEETS?!?? I think I would die – considering I know and have visited like every Peet’s in northern Cali. But at least it’s in union square and at least there is that ONE! Haha. ☕️ . I hope this weekend treats you so beautifully! XOXO

    1. Awww! This made my day!!!! I’m so very glad you loved the gif hehe 😉 have a great day, and I look forward to following along your blog as well, Ashlee!!!!! 💕

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