Second Bar and Kitchen & Second On-Campus!

Hey all!! I am just spammin’ ya with these posts. I start classes next week, so I’m trying to get them out while I have the time. Then, hopefully I can just keep recent updates released during the semester. DJ and I have a date night tonight- we are going to sample a whole buncha cheese at a famous cheese shop in town. We were considering cancelling because we both have a ton we could be doing before the start of the semester (they gave us our reading for the first module early- WHY (?!). I would rather them not have done so because now I feel like I have to do it early. Even though I know they are just trying to help us out, I feel the pressure already! Maybe I’ll just read a chapter or two and call it a weekend. Okay, now I’m just externally processing.) ANYWAY, as I said we were going to cancel, but, we are held accountable by our commitment to spend that intentional time together, so no cancelling for us! I’m sure I’ll be documenting it on @mackncheeeesy if you would like follow along. The new Smalls will have to wait (and yes, there is a Smalls 2.0 this semester).


*Rewind sound* Going alll the way back to…

November 15th. This day I enjoyed savory oatmeal inspired by Kori with cottage cheese, a fried egg and everything but the bagel seasoning from TJ’s. I usually associate oatmeal with sweet due to the traditional combo of brown sugar and cream, but me oh my- this is incredible! I took one bite and announced out loud to myself, “This is soo good!”. Just writing this now, I can’t wait to have it again for breakfast tomorrow. #Teamsavoryoats


That evening I was running and studying in the workout room and caught a glimpse of this sunset. I had to sneak outside to get a full view and picture. The picture cannot do justice, but I love the way the lifesaver was reflecting into the pool.


November 16th we were craving some cookies. We usually go for Tollhouse, but the HEB we were at didn’t carry them, so we tried out the Pillsbury instead. DJ says he liked Pillsbury better, but I think Tollhouse still takes the cake, er, cookie! We did a poll on my IG, and Tollhouse won… jus’ sayin’ 😉


On November 17th we went out for our first brunch ever in Austin. We’ve passed this place several times, and it was recommended to us from family, so we had to give it a go. (P.S. there is actually a location in the airport, so if you are ever passing through keep an eye out).


The decor on the inside was neat, modern yet still warm. I find that’s a hard line for restaurants to navigate. Sometimes the modern look can be kinda cold and sterile. Even though we loved the interior, it was a nice and mild morning so we decided to sit outside.


I thought it would be busy at 11 am, but it was a ghost town! I did not mind one bit because them I can be less sheepish about getting my pics, lol.


Coffee first, always. I don’t usually add cream to my coffee at home, but for some reason whenever we’re out to brunch it sounds yummy.


The one item we had to try was their Autumn bread pudding french toast with apple curd, spiced pears, sage and whipped cream. We shared an order of it, and it blew away expectations- the flavor of this was absolutely tremendous. I think this surpassed the “best french toast” I’ve ever had from Nopa-— but it’s still a really close call.


I also ordered the SBK benedict with poached eggs, hashbrown cakes, tomato, kale and brie cheese mornay. It was also just packed with flavor. I feel like you can’t go wrong here.


And DJ’s choice was their pork belly benedict with poached eggs, pork fat biscuit, jalapeño hollandaise and charred frisee. He said the flavor was great, but there was a bit too much sauce for his liking.


We’ll definitely be back! They have a stellar looking dinner menu that has a truffle & blue cheese pizza I’m itchin’ to try!

On November 18th I chatted with a friend back from OH while doing my loop.


And November 19th was another walk in the afternoon. I’m telling ya- these walks are just the highlight of my day during the thick of studying. They really give my brain a nice break.


November 20th I arrived at the airport nice and early to head to my next on campus intensive. If you want to see how the first one went head here! I grabbed a calming cafe au lait from Ruta Maya. I’ve found the baristas there always do a lovely job steaming the almond milk, which is more difficult than other types of milk.


When I arrived, I was excited to return to the same no-fuss hotel I stayed in last time. I walked around the campus to calm my nerves. I had my major testing that weekend so the nerves were heightened even more than the last time.


I decided to Postmates food since it was getting quite dark out and walking in the area alone may not have been the wisest choice. I found a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom that looked absolutely delicious! They are known for their pizzas, but their vegan options particularly caught my eye. I decided to order a whole bunch of food so I would have leftovers throughout the weekend.


I enjoyed their warm, pillowy pita with homemade hummus, a garden salad with feta, a spinach salad with mushrooms and red peppers, tofu with BBQ and tempeh with pesto. All tasty- although the tofu with BBQ was a bit lackluster comparatively.


I was up bright and early on November 21st, ate the complimentary breakfast offered with the hotel and headed to our lectures and learning opportunities for the day. We also had some time to practice our head to toes.

In the evening I took a little jog outside and then called it an early night since the next morning was my testing.


November 22nd was the big day. For the head-to-toe you get an “actor” patient. We all lined up outside the patient rooms, exchanged nervous glances, and when they said to, we all knocked and entered to greet our patients at the same time. We joked that it felt like the Hunger Games the way we were all lined up, haha. Then in the room there is a camera and a clinical instructor is watching you on camera across the hall. It was the most intimidating thing I have ever done in my academic career (next to the panel interview for the residency). It went really well though- I can’t express the relief I felt when that was over. It was a moment of “finally all this hard work is paying off!”.


To celebrate all of us passing our head-to-toes, we went out in the evening to Bull City Burger and Brewery in downtown Durham.


I cracked up when I saw this “Carnverted Vegetarians” on the wall, hah. I wonder if it’s accurate.


So thankful for these ladies <3


I ordered their Joan Jet Veggie Burger with three beans, goat cheese, aioli sauce, and lettuce. I also ordered a sweet potato on the side.


After dinner we explored the city a bit. Durham gets a bad rep, but we enjoyed our time there and were pleasantly surprised by the downtown area.


We also went back on campus to a spot that was supposed to have Karaoke, but it ended up getting delayed due to the basketball game. Once the game wrapped up, we found out it was Bollywood Karaoke night. We enjoyed a few performances, but figured we probably would do a less than stellar job if we attempted ourselves!


On our way back to the hotel we passed this gorgeous view of the chapel all lit up.


After some morning sessions on  I went to the cafeteria through the rain to grab some lunch.


That ended the second on campus intensive! I had to leave around 4 am the next day for my flight, so after the afternoon session I just went back to the hotel, took a hot shower to warm up from the chilling rain and then went to bed early. I tried to watch The Crown, but I fell asleep before getting through the first episode. Has anyone watched- is it worth getting into?

Questions for you:

  • Do you enjoy Karaoke? If so- do you have a go-to Karaoke song?

xo <3


52 thoughts on “Second Bar and Kitchen & Second On-Campus!

  1. Congrats on your head to toe exam!!!
    I think that TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning makes everything awesome!

  2. I feel you on the early reading – my Professor did the same thing for this semester and I’ve been itching to start at it! Monday, Monday, Monday.
    Regarding cookies, have ya’ll tried Tiff’s Treats yet?
    We love Second! I prefer the Domain location only because of parking, but downtown has that fun “constantly moving” vibe. Their happy hour used to be SO GOOD but I think they recently changed it..we haven’t been since the change so unsure on how it is now.
    I LOVE The Crown. Must watch. Maybe with a bit more energy though, or while working out! I can see how it would be an easy show to fall asleep to.
    Karaoke was a huge thing in Korea, accompanied by Soju (really expensive and popular liquor). I don’t think I’ve been to karaoke in the states!

    1. Yep! I am taking a small little 5 minute break from the reading- whhoooo-eeee it’s a doozy! Hope your semester is starting out on a great foot 🙂

      We still have yet to go to the Domain! I have heard great things about it though. And know, I haven’t tried Tiff’s Treats, but adding it to my list- yumm!! That’s good to know The Crown is worth getting into- I am definitely going to have to watch it- maybe in between semesters !

      Oh that’s so interesting!! i’d love to hear more about this & your time in Korea. Thanks for sharing, Alana!

  3. I hope you guys have an amazing night! Or had? This post is from yesterday lol. Anyway, if you happen to blog about it, i cannot wait to hear how it went !
    I have literally never had oatmeal? Or maybe I did when I was little and didn’t like it. Still don’t. I think it’s a texture thing lol.
    Omg that autumn bread pudding French toast looks and sounds amazing!! I would totally eat that! My mouth is watering! Kind of reminds me of the time I had pears with a waffle for my bday in October lmao. First time I ever had any pear in my breakfast and loved it so I can imagine spiced pears was delish!! I must go there lol.
    The poached eggs always look so good but I’m not sure if I would dig the hollandaise sauce, which is why I have never tried it lol. I always think it’ll be how DJ felt, “too much sauce”… also, idk if I would even like the sauce? What exactly does hollandaise taste like anyway? I should look it up or at least look up the ingredients. I know I cant judge by just that but idk lol.
    Oh wow that fall foliage was coming in quite nicely! Love it! One of the reasons I love living in Oregon as well. It looks absolutely beautiful here in the fall.
    Yayyy!! Glad to hear the head to toe exam went well! I think you and I might have talked about this before, it’s always the nervousness before anything that feels overwhelming but once you get in there, and you crush it, you can’t believe you worried so much to begin with. 🤗🤗 so so happy for you!!
    I’ve never watched the crown but many people have told me to watch it. I’m always afraid all these shows are too hyped up. Idk. If you have watched the crown since then, let me know how you liked the pilot episode lol.
    I don’t do karaoke. I’ve never done karaoke. I can’t sing. Its embarrassing lmao.

    1. Thanks, Rossy! It was sooo much fun! I can’t wait to share about it. Probably will get that post published in…like March.. hahah.

      Totally could be a texture thing with oatmeal! I get that.
      That pear waffle sounds in-cred-ible!!!! YUM.
      Hollandaise sauce is hard to dislike! It’s really delicious- pretty creamy and savory!

      Oh my gosh, I bet Portland is GORGEOUS in the fall.

      Thanks for your sweet words about the head to toe. Now I just have to implement it into clinicals!

      I will let you know- I haven’t been able to watch lately, but maybe I will try to restart!

      hahah. I hear ya!

      1. LOL Well I can wait 🙂 you take your time, I know you’re busy with school.
        I will have to try eggs benedict at some point then.. wish me luck with it haha

      2. Hehe thanks 😊 and yesss good luck!!! Curious to hear what you think when you do! 🤗

  4. sounds like intensive is a good title for those activities on campus. glad you got to knock them out and move forward with the next steps. I think it is great that you take time to go for walks to break up your work/studies. it is a great way to restart the brain.

    1. Absolutely! It gives me something to look forward to all day too as motivation. Thanks for reading, Lori . Have a good day

  5. Congrats on passing your exam… that truly does sound like an intimidating experience but if anyone can ace it, it’s you, and I’m so happy for you that you’ve passed it and at least that part of your academic career is over for now 💖 Well done beauty!!

    Walks are soo good for mindfulness/ giving your brain a break etc! I find when I go for walks I become more connected to the present moment, and it’s like a breath of fresh air for my mind, literally! You just can’t beat being out in nature!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your date night and well done on sticking to your goal of making intentional time for one another!!!! You guys deserve it too <3 have a great week Mack, can’t wait to read more updates! Xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Jennie!!

      Yesss you said it so well about walks. They are theee best!

      Thank you ❤️ I hope you have the best rest of the week too! 😘

  6. Girl I LOVE that you are spamming us with all these posts! (even though I am behind in reading them!) Even though I just ate, now I am famished! That bread pudding French toast! Oh. Em. gee! Looks SO yummy! Also that Chapel is stunning! What a gorgeous place! <3

    1. Awww you are the best 🥰 I’m havin’ a hankering for this brunch again. We have hardly explored the brunch scene here which is quite tragic! But hopefully we can make up for it eventually! Thanks for reading ☺️

  7. I’ve never been a huge fan of oatmeal… until recently. Then all of a sudden, over the past few months, I’ve found myself enjoying a nice hot bowl in the morning. It’s just suddenly so satisfying, and I love how full it keeps me throughout the morning. I’ve been wanting to try overnight oats, as I’ve actually never had that before (and I know it was ALL the rage for awhile. Ha, ha). But now I’m intrigued by savory oats, and I think I’ll have to give that a try too!!
    That lifesaver pic with the reflection in the pool? Soooo pretty and calm! It made me think of a scene I saw while on a cruise ship, I think; because I’m having a bit of deja vu. Ha, ha. All the happy feels, all of a sudden. LOL!
    I’m pretty sure that French toast is the prettiest I have ever seen! Oh my goodness!! The picture shows how delicious it probably was! *insert heart eyed emoji*
    The -head-to-toe sounds absolutely terrifying! I feel as though there’s probably that fear of, “Do I really know my stuff” But also that realization that someone is watching your every move… That always makes my brain want to go blank! But knowing how hard you work, you were most definitely going to be awesome!!!
    And lastly, I’m so glad that you made date night a priority, even though you were busy. Sooooo important! 🙂

    1. Yessss, isn’t it so cozy in the morning?! I go through phases with it for sure and generally crave it in the winter rather than in the summer. I just loveeee the savory oats. The egg +cottage cheese + oatmeal + EBTB seasoning is a combo to die for!

      Awww I totally know what you mean about the cruise ship! 💞

      At the very beginning of my head to toe I was afraid I was blanking, but as soon as I got going I felt much better!

      Thank you thank you for reading & your comment !! Hope you are having a beautiful day 🥰

    1. Haha that’s okay! Karaoke is for everyone 🎤 😆 have a great rest of the week, Natalie!

  8. I’m so very glad you enjoyed the savory oatmeal!! It’s a game changer. 🙂

    All of your fall foliage photos are giving me nostalgia for fall already! I wish we could go back. I just love all of your nature shots!

    I’m seriously the same way about coffee when I eat out too! I drink and love it black, but when I go to First Watch or another brunch café, I often add cream. Just feels special or different. I’m tellin’ ya, we’re so similar! I also agree with DJ: eggs benedict is already so dreamy and creamy from the yolks that often I feel the sauce is overpowering. A little goes a long way because it’s rich.

    Girlfriend, I love Mellow Mushroom, but I haven’t had it in a long time! They have fun, unique combinations to choose from.

    The campus and city both look so pretty! I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it would be to have to complete a mock assessment with a preceptor watching, but I’m sure you far exceeded their expectations!

    Love this post!

    1. It really is a game changer!!! So stinkin’ good!

      Come to Austin- it’s still fall here 😆 🍁

      Ahhhh I thought that was just such a random quirk, but I’m so glad I’m not alone!!! We really are sooo similar! You are right on about the sauce too- we are alll about the sauces, but you want to taste the rest of the dish and not just the sauce!

      Ohhhh have you had their pizzas? I was craving the vegan sides and salads, but next time I wanna try their pizzas out 😍

      Thank you tons, Kori! 🥰

      1. I’m so glad you feel that way!!

        Gosh, I wish I could just hop on a plane & come visit!

        Yes, that we are!! That’s exactly it with the sauce – it’s usually so rich that it can overpower the other flavors.

        Yes, I have! Very delicious. I need to try their vegan sides now!

        You are so welcome! ❤️

  9. Maybe I live under a rock but I don’t think I knew Pilsbury made chocolate chip cookie dough. I’ve always associated the brand with the holiday sugar cookies!

    That testing sounds intimidating. I think I would prefer the person to be in the room watching me instead of through a camera. I hope it went well!

    I don’t go to karaoke often but a few friends and I went a couple months ago. It was actually on top of a sushi restaurant so a lot of the music videos were Asia related instead of the actual music video. So someone could be singing Beyonce and the music video would be people in Tokyo. So strange!

    1. Oh that makes so much sense! They are definitely known for their holiday cookies- but give the chocolate chips a go when you have a chance 😋

      I felt the same way! after all was said and done though I think having the camera was better because I didn’t feel like I was being watched after a couple minutes- you just go into your mode!

      That sounds like such a unique experience! But fun nonetheless hahah- I would love some sushi & karaoke! Thanks for reading, Maureen 🙂 have a great day!

  10. DJ ALWAYS chooses the food that I would want to eat.

    I laughed out loud at your use of “rewind sound”. I don’t know why, but that got me haha.

    Ohhhhh we do some karaoke for sure. My go to is probably anything by Creedence Clearwater Revival. I grew up on it and I do a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I sang Genie in a Bottle once after a marathon and some drinking though. There were requests for an encore haha.

    1. 😆 He definitely has an inclination to order the less bizarre items I’d say!

      Haha glad that gave ya a chuckle!

      Oh my gosh- that’s next level !!! 👏🏻 👏🏻 😂 how awesome. Thanks for stopping in, Ralph!

  11. Your sunsets are just gorgeous Mackenzie – I know you said they were in a recent comment to me. And Fall – oh how beautiful where you go on your runs and those lovely trees and water. Our Fall was so fleeting that we did not get the usual nice Fall weather … at least it was nice in December. Smalls is resurfacing – oh what bad news is that?!

    1. Hahaha Smalls 2.0 definitely is emerging! I think I’d take him over the several textbooks from last semester though. Sometimes nice to just have to know one really well then juggle multiple!

      And if you want to experience fall right now, come to Austin! DJ and I were laughing how it 100% feels like Autumn more than ever in January. Weather is weird! Hope you are having a good day 🙂

      1. It would be hard to run on the treadmill with Smalls or a similar book, but since you are enjoying such beautiful Winter weather which feels and looks like Fall, you can run outside which is a plus and ditch the book(s) and just enjoy the scenery instead. We had freezing rain last night and it was like a washboard on the cement – no walk, except to shovel a little snow on top of the ice (which I should have left in place).

      2. Haha there was a maintenance guy in the gym yesterday that was laughing at me using my book on the treadmill 🤣 but I love your thinking of ditching the books too- I went on a walk yesterday when I was very overwhelmed, and it was so nice ☺️ 🍁

        Oh man, be safe in that freezing rain! That’s how I totaled my car in high school. Have a great weekend, Linda!

      3. Yes, get out and enjoy the sunset or the mild Fall-like weather you are having and clear your head for a while … hope this bad weather does not reach you in Texas as it is widespread across the U.S. I’m already worrying about this freezing rain and 2-4 inches of rain this weekend. Yes, freezing rain is treacherous for walking and driving – hope you were okay afterward.

      4. I was shockingly okay after that accident. I just had some stitches in my head. The doctors were shocked when they saw the picture of the car that I was okay- I even had a dent in the car door from my arm hitting it and all I had was bruising- no broken bones or even fractures. Crazy! Stay safe out there. We are just getting lots of rain right now (some thunderstorms this past weekend), but I don’t mind it- great study weather!

      5. You really did luck out Mackenzie. We got rid of the ice today after it warmed up so I’ll resume walking and return to the Park as we have another ice/snow storm coming in the end of the week – sigh. Rainy weather encourages you to stay indoors and study, that’s for sure.

      6. Oh good!!! Oh wait.. I guess since I’m reading this now, did you get that ice storm? Hope not!

      7. We got rid of that storm and now had a snow storm yesterday – we were part of the storm that hit the MIdwest and Northeast.
        Freezing rain happened before I went out to shovel yesterday. That snow was so heavy! It is a “real feel” of 8 degrees right now – going out to run the car and sweep the snow we got overnight. Winter = ugh!

  12. Wow that bread pudding looks sooo delicious!! I am always so jealous of your food choices. I am the same when it comes to quiet restaurants, I love having the chance to take good pictures!! Fabulous post as always chick!xxx

  13. Ugh! I am the same way if something gets posted early I feel like I NEED to do it NOW or else. I’m a super non-procrastinator and stuff like that stresses me!
    Congratulations on passing your head to toe! That definitely sounds so intimidating, but it must have been the best feeling to know you were done and passed! Great job!!

  14. I totally agree that a lot of restaurants are styled modernly but feel cold & sterile. The french toast looks out of this world– it’s so thick! & that hummus with the pillowy pita looks fantastic, too!

    Congratulations on completing your head to toe!!! That really does sound intense but woohoo!!! Your hardwork is absolutely paying off. 😁

    Hope this semester is easy, breezy for ya!!! ♡

    1. I’m really glad that you understand what I mean about that with the modern restaurants! The french toast really was. I would love to go back and have it again soon!

      Thank you thank youuu! So far this semester looks like it is going to be a bit better- fingers crossed!! <3

  15. Congrats on the head-to-toes!! That SBK benedicts looks scrumptious. I love seeing the fall colors since they’ve all fallen away now. 🙂 That chapel lit up is just beautiful. We have a Mellow Mushroom here. My boys work there. Their pizzas and calzones are really good.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! And oh my gosh, how ironic your boys actually work there- I was so tempted to get a pizza too, but the vegan sides won me over. Next time I’m going for the pizza or calzone 😍 thanks for reading! Have a great day 😊

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