ALL. THE. FUN. In Fort Worth, TX.

HEYYY YAAAA’LLLLL! This past weekend was nuthin’ but good, Texan fun. It’s actually one of those posts that I’m nervous to write because I feel like I won’t do the weekend justice! Also, fair warning that there are about a million pictures on this post- I had zilch chill when it came to the snapshots. We all know I break about every rule in the blogging book: My posts are too long, I share too many pictures, I make horrible jokes, and I ramble like a middle school girl on the phone. BUTTTTT at least I’m honest about it, right? RIGHT?!

I only find out my schedule about four weeks before, so impromptu planning has forcibly become a newly acquired skill. It worked out that I had four days off in a row, and I had to make the most of it. DJ couldn’t make it with the uncertainty of work, so he was surely missed.

I haven’t seen my mom since the marathon and my step dad, Pete, since Christmas, so I though this would be a perfect time to pay them and my fave lil’ town a visit!

Real quick: If you want to read other posts about the fort worth travels you can check it here or here!

Last Friday (8/11), I worked all day, came home, scarfed down some food and then went to the airport to catch a red eye at 1 am.

I sat down to catch up a little bit on blogging while there. I thoroughly enjoy my “me time” while traveling alone, but man oh man, I was so tired it was hard to even keep my eyes open. I hate being tired- growing up I used to say sleeping is such a waste of time, and I never have really enjoyed it. But this was one of the top five moments of exhaustion in my lifeeeee. My body was like, “whyyy must you torture me like this,”. Needless to say- I have never longed for or appreciate sleep so much as I do now with this nursing gig.


I slept nearly every second on the plane ride. I didn’t even wake up for the snacks- yup, that’s how tired I was.


I had a short layover in Houston. When I arrived in Fort Worth at 8 am on Saturday, I grabbed my suitcase from baggage claim and felt such a great excitement/relief when I saw my mom pull up. I was ecstatic to see her, and also pretty darn excited to find a real live bed with a pillow instead of an airplane tray table. As soon as we arrived, I exchanged a hug with Pete and cuddles with my puppy.


I decided to take a “quick nap”. I ended up sleeping until one. I never do that. It reminded me of the days of coming back from nursing school and zonking out for hours on end. There is just something about being at your parent’s house that you feel like you can actually relax 100%.

Once I woke up, we went to The Keller Pointe– the local workout facility.

After working out, my mom and I chatted in the hottub (It’s actually so nice after those workout chills set in!)


And of course, what’s a mother daughter hangout without some sushi!


We then got ready for our family night out!!


Dallas/Ft. Worth was having it’s BIG restaurant week! It’d be a crime if we didn’t attend as self-proclaimed foodies. During restaurant week different restaurants create a menu that usually has a three or four course meal with a flat rate, which is way more reasonable than what you would typically spend. You get to sample several options from the menu, pair it with a wine, and get the experience for a decent price! We all haven’t been together since Christmas, so we joked that this was a combined birthday, Father’s Day, new job, and almost making it to the six month mark celebration! Any excuse to celebrate 😉

My mom blew up my e-mail with suggestions to view while waiting for my plane, which is perfect because one of my favorite past times happens to be researching the best local food spots in town. Eddie V’s caught my eye. Not only were they voted the BEST seafood restaurant in the US of A, they also are known for their wine selection– so there’s that.


The whole restaurant was nothing but class and elegance. The description on their site describes them perfectly:

Eddie V’s charismatic vibe draws you in and holds you close, invites you to be seen, or sit back and just savor. The finest seafood and steaks. World-class wine and service. And live jazz in the V lounge. Eddie V’s can be found across the country. While each location is unique in its setting, artwork and décor, they all share an unmistakable elegance.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate and need a great night out- this is your place. They have several locations in the US- you can see if there is one near you here.


Of course, for anywhere to be top notch, they served delicious warm bread and butter. The butter was topped with chives and paprika- I’m saving this combo for a rainy day.


We started with the Maine Lobster Bisque. It was flame. We thought it could have used a bit more actual lobster, but it was still fantastic.


My mom and I also split their season salad. It came with full parmasean slices and an olive brushetta marinade. It was the best compliment to the heavy lobster bisque.


Now to get to the main course… I had the salmon with young vegetables and a mustard vinaigrette. I feel like the picture just speaks for itself. It was phenomenal.


My mom ordered the swordfish with lemon, olive oil, sea salt, and asparagus. It was pretty simple, but absolutely fantastic. I honestly don’t know if I preferred the salmon or swordfish. Both were scrumptious beyond description. They were not lying about good seafood.


No worries to those carnivores out there….Pete ordered the filet. It was cooked to PERFECTION.


And just when we didn’t think the meal could get better… then we had the au gratin potatoes…. it was consensus that this was the best part of the meal. Until…


…..we had dessert!!!!! Wow oh wow. I’m not even exaggerating when I say this was some of the most mouth-watering dessert I have ever tasted.

First, we tried the butterscotch panna cotta. This had salted caramel, walnut pralines, and biscotti. Not sure what it was about this dessert, but it was seriously some of the greatest flavor I have ever experienced. It was smooth, creamy, and full of such intensely pleasant sweetness with a light finish.


And last, but ooooh certainly not least, we tried the Hot bananas foster butter cake: flambeed table-side and served with small batch butter pecan ice cream. It was easily the tastiest bananas foster I have ever devoured.


On Sunday morning, we headed to church. Everyone is so friendly in Texas. It was a great service and nostalgically pleasant to attend Church together like the ole’ days!


When we got back from Church, I downed a piece of toast with better n’ peanut butter PB & honey. We then went to Keller Pointe to workout!


In the afternoon we went to one of our favorite places in Fort Worth, TX- the Stockyards!


The Stockyards has a rich western history, and still to this day has the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive! People line the roads like they are getting ready for the Macy’s Day Parade.


We didn’t actually attend the drive this time, but I’ve seen it before and it’s pretty neat!


There is a little gem of history with every step you take, a new story to be uncovered, a piece of the past to be explored. The boutiques and locally owned shoppes are part of what I love about it most too- #shoplocal.


My momma and I headed to Cowtown Winery to try a couple flights before heading to the premier event for the evening.


The people next to us were so friendly and immediately struck up a conversation with us. I miss the friendliness….. In California you’re lucky if the cashier at the grocery store acknowledges your presence…. ok ok it’s not that bad, but people just keep more to themselves around here!


And thennn for the main event of the evening….


We hit up the nationally renowned Billy Bob’s Texas. This is basically like a right of passage if you claim to know anything about the Fort Worth area.


This place is considered the world’s largest Honkey Tonk. Check that off my bucket list.


It’s MASSIVE. It is truly hard to describe. There are about four bars alone in the one massive room, a ring for actual bull riding (not even a mechanical one, a real one), and an energy that fills the whole arena.


We realized we were pretty hungry, and decided to split the portobello mushroom sandwich and sweet potato waffle fries. They were both so good. There was actually cole slaw on the sandwich, whichhh may be the best thing eva. If you go to Billy Bob’s do yourself a favor and try their sweet potato fries!


What was this epic event occurring for the evening?! The World’s Largest Karaoke Competition! This was the finals of three rounds. It was such a memorable night- my mom and I realized we were probably the only two attending that didn’t have any personal emotional investment in any of the contestants, but we soaked up every second. The tunes were amazing, the talent was incredible, and did I mention the sweet potato fries?



Also I had such a surreal moment where I actually put my hand in one of the actual cast members of the The Temptations. SWOON.


When we got home, we spent time chatting in the hottub, listening to the quiet, quiet night only with the gentle soundtrack of chirping crickets and basking in the warm embrace of sleepy, nocturnal wind. That moment reminded me so much of Ohio. I needed it – especially now… just the peace and solitude, the feeling that nothing exists except the trees swaying above you, the hum of creatures in the grass, and the quiet- the utter hush and white noise of nature, a symphony in it’s own right.

I slept so deeply that night. The next day, Monday, we headed to Seven Mile Cafe– a staple brunch spot in Keller!


They have a giant chess board outdoors… I mean… come on..


Plus, it’s basic as me, so naturally, it drew me in…..


The food is boss here. The service not so much, but I guess they can afford to be slow considering the food is worth the wait. Pete ordered their California burger, I ordered their create your own omelette, and momma Jill ordered their Vigas. The Vigas is hands down the thing to order!


This is the vigas below- it has seasoned tofu scrambled with tortilla strips, jalapeños, soyrizo, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and served with black beans and a side of tortillas. It was veryyy vigalicious.


And of course we had to finish with one of their homemade cinnamon rolls. Can’t go wrong with that!


When we got home, my mom whipped up us iced lemonade and basil for the road! Time for the beach!


We went to a new spot my mom had been wanting to check out- Little Elm Beach. The City of Little Elm is darling, and the fact that they have probably one of the only little beaches in the state of TX makes it a perfect getaway spot.


Recently obsessed with La Croix- any one have a favorite flavor?! I love them all- but I think the coconut may be the best!


We walked the beach and took a swim in the comfortably tepid water. I love swimming, but haven’t in a while. It felt tremendously refreshing to be in the water again, especially in that Texas heat!


After we dried off a bit we went to the Little Elm Lakeside Trails to scope them out.


They actually reminded me a bit of the trails in Ohio, ohhhhh how I miss the CVNP!

When got back from our sun & fun filled day, I whipped up my stuffed sweet potatoes for my momma to try! We devoured these suckers then headed to, sadly, the last adventure on the weekend agenda..


PAINTING WITH A TWIST! I have wanted to do this for ages, and there was one basically right in my parent’s backyard in Keller!


If you don’t know what Painting with A Twist is, lemme inform yaaas. Basically, it’s a painting class, but the “twist” is you can bring in a bottle of wine, snacks, etc. and you paint while sipping!

You just register online and they have everything set up for you- the canvas, the paint, the water, the brushes- all you need to bring is yourself…. oh and your beverage of choice, ohhh and your chocolate of choice 😉


We also won the “selfie competition”- yes, so slightly cheesy (literally and figuratively- womp womp), but we won and got two painting with a twist tumblers so 100% worth it!




They have plenty of photo ops all over the place!


Tell me she isn’t just the cutest?!? Plus she had the best painting in the class- not even kidding!




I woke up at 5 am on Tuesday to head to the airport and head home. It was the hardest thing to say goodbye. I grabbed some Starbucks to help with the grief. They always misspell my name so that at least provided a sprinkle of humor.


Welp, this may officially be one of my longest posts ever. If you stuck through it I give you props! I hope you all had the best weekends! Anyone do anything crazy or fun?

Blog Birthdays:

Kristy from Southern In Law on August 12th. Guys, Kristy always has such yummmmy, healthy eats and her pictures alone will make your mouth water! She also is super candid about her life and such a joy to follow.

Dani Jane from A Beautiful Thing on August 17th. This lovely London lady blogs about literally everything, from fashion to travel to restaurants- you must follow her now if you don’t!

Happy birthday to you both, I hope it was wonderful 🙂 Sorry I’m a bit late!

xo <3


85 thoughts on “ALL. THE. FUN. In Fort Worth, TX.

    1. Aww! I am so glad you enjoyed, and I’m so psyched that you are an O’s fan! You from Baltimore?! Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by, Captain!

    1. Hahah- Kalpana, we will be running into each other one way or another- either Dallas or here! Too funny. I hope you enjoy the Stockyards- definitely an easy couple hour visit or an all day thing if you choose!

      1. Yes- once in high school- and I was IN LOVE! I have wanted to go back so badly since. One day!!!!!!! It’s such a cool city, and I love all the history there too <3

  1. I had Eddie V’s on business in Houston. That butter cake is bomb! And the filet mignon and the wine. NOM!

    If you were Pedro I’d def vote for you hahaha!

    1. Ahhhh, it’s SOOOO GOOOOOOD. I’m glad you can attest to that too! And shucks, I am so honored <3 Hahah. Hope you have a great weekend ahead, Kristin!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your outfit you wore to the stockyards- those boots yesss! You look amazing. Painting with a twist sounds like so much fun, totally something different to do which is always nice but seriously, both your paintings are so so good. The karaoke competition event sounds like so much fun, anything with live music is always a good night. Glad you had a lovely weekend hun! I also spent the weekend with my family as we stayed the night over in a town by the seaside. It was lovely x

    1. Girlfriend, you just made my day!!! So sweet of you- I think the boots were from Macy’s when they were having a big end of the year sale last year! Is there a post about your past weekend? If so- can’t wait to read!!! XO

      1. Aw you’re more than welcome! Ah a sale bargain is always a good’un, especially when they look that amazing! Yes there is, it’s called ‘A Weekend In Oulton Broad’, hope you enjoy! Thanks hun <3 Hope this weekend is just as good for you X

  3. Ok, so many things. First, I want to try Eddie V’s. I think I heard about the restaurant week, but there was something that kept us from doing it, not sure what… Second, I took my parents to the Stockyards years ago when they visited. It is so much fun to walk through all of those shops! And third, I need you to come back and give me more restaurant suggestions…ha!

    1. Hahah- Katy, I would go back in a HEART BEAT if I could. DJ and I want to move there some day (hopefully within the next couple years!). Also, restaurant week is SUPER worth it- sooo delish. Isn’t the stockyard the best?! I don’t think I realized you lived that close- next time I visit I would love to get a cup of coffee with you! Hope you have a great weekend <3

  4. Loved this one too! Always was curious about Fortworth. I knew a couple who had lived there. So, now I got to see how it is. This post was full of so much energy. Your mum is gorgeous, and full of life. You two have a great relationship, I can see. It is so great. The food, the painting and the fun and frolic. Loved it all. You took your readers along and kept us in mind through it all. Thank you so much. 😊you are awesome.

    1. Awww! Thank you, Shireen!!!!! These are such kind words- I’ll certainly pass them on to my momma too 🙂 I am so very thankful for her. Thank YOU for stopping by and always making my day with your sweet comments <3

  5. My dad & step-mom live in Plano, so not too far from Fort Worth. What a fun visit! You look so pretty, & your mom looks young & full of life. 🙂 I love that turquoise door! Give me all the vintage, rustic things & anything turquoise. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Awww!!! Thank you TONS Kori! You are so so kind. My mom blows me away with her youthfulness and zest for life- we always say we don’t know where she gets all her energy from (she works full time and is plugged into a bajillion church/community clubs). And yaaasss- anything turqoise- agreed! XO

  6. Seriously Mecanzi 😉 I swear you get prettier and prettier by the minute!!! You definitely look like a born and raised Texan with those boots and jean shorts, LOVE that outfit!! I also love your mom and her cute dress and cowboy boots too, she is workinnn’ it!!! This post is getting me sooooo excited for my future Texas living lifestyle!!! I can’t believe I haven’t even visited Texas yet, but I mean, I feel like I don’t even have to at this point, I’m already sold 100000%. Not to mention I am soooo relieved to hear that there is a notoriously good seafood restaurant down there- I was having semi panic attack knowing I was leaving sushi and seafood by the coast but phew, I’m feeling better about the situation now lol And to be fair, I love your long posts filled with pictures, and pictures of food, and pun it makes us feel like we’re right there with ya and as your showing us everything with your fun personality! Entertainment at it’s finest 🙂 Have a fabulous week chica!!! <3

    xo, JJ

    1. OMG 😭😭😭 you are the sweetest human being there ever was. Thank you so much, JJ! And girl I can see you rocking the cowgirl boots any day- oneeee day we will both be owning that Texas life ✌🏻. And girl- this seafood was phenomenal. I’m so serious- when we both are settled there we will have a big double date to celebrate at Eddie Vs! Sound good?!?? XOXO

  7. Yay for family time! Your mom is beautiful, just like you! I always enjoy the pictures in your posts, and I love that you have your own style of blogging! Your fashion sense is beautiful and the food scene in Fort Worth seems AMAZING!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you, sweet Ali!!!! This means the world to me. Your comments ALWAYS brighten my day. I feel like you would just love Texas- ya’ll should take a trip sometime, especially with that cute new pup of yours 😍

  8. Um wow! What an amazing time – and who says long blog posts are bad? I love reading long blog posts – and all these images were gorgeous, they really added to the post!x

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Mia!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so excited you stopped by so I could find your amazing blog ! I can’t wait to follow along. Thank you again for leaving such a sweet comment! XO

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Nikki! That means so much ❤️ I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave such a sweet comment! I hope your summer has been wonderful. And yummmmm! I haven’t tried that one yet, but definitely will have to soon! Sounds so good!

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed your post! I lived in Texas for a little while some years back, and visited Ft Worth quite a bit. It was wonderful to visit through you post.

    Love the pics of you and your mom! You are such beautiful & strong women!

    Your stuffed sweet potatoes look so fabulous! Now I want to make me some too!

    1. Thank you so so much, Ju Lyn! You always have the kindest words ❤️❤️ where in Texas did you live?! If you ever get the chance to make those potatoes I hope you enjoy 🤗

      1. Waco, of all funny places. Went to school there for 6 years (took my own sweet time to get done!).

        My godparents lived in Arlington (just outside Ft Worth) at about the same time, so I visited them LOTS during holidays and weekends. So, you post brings back good memories!

  10. Hey there Mecanzi!! Now that’s the work of an Olympic spelling bee!! I just burst out in laughter when I was the butchering… LOL My best guess is that they do it on purpose… I mean, COME ON! Mecanzi? Really?

    You also made me smile with your blog rules breaking! Hey! At least your readers know what to expect when a new post pops in their Reader. I’m a time bomb blogger! Mouahahahaha

    It was really nice to follow you through your little gettaway, as always 🙂 You and your mom are the cutest!! And for once, I was clever, I ate BEFORE reading you, so your pictures only had a mild impact on my stomach 😛 I took notes, I’ll pack up on sweet potatoes if you ever travel to Freezingland!!

    Now that paint & sip class looked like a looooooooot of fun! Never tried to mix art and wine… I did try with blogging, but that doesn’t usually turn out well 😛 Mouahahahaaha

    I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend!!

    *hugs and kisses*

    1. Hi CYRR!!!!!!! I am so sorry it took me oh so long to respond to this sweet comment <3 Isn't that the most epic butchering of ALL time?! It gave me a chuckle on a hard day of leaving momma bear! And hey,I speak for everyone when I say we love your time bomb blogging! It's the bestt. I am SO impressed by your constant creativity too.I am veryyy glad that you came with a full tummy and the post didn't send you away too ravenous 😉 Ahhhhhhh you are SO sweet, sweet potatoes are actually the way to my heart <3 Lol.

      Hope you had the BEST weekend! I actually had a down day yesterday, that was nuts. Haven't had that in a while! XOXOX

      1. No need to worry Sunshine! You are a busy bee, and we all know it, and I welcome your replies when you get the chance to write them 🙂 🙂

        I had a very nice weekend, my parents came to Montreal Saturday for a nice family gathering to celebrate our up coming departure to Vikingland. That was pretty nice 🙂

        I’m sorry to read that you had a down day… It happens, of course, but it is always a shame when it does. I hope you’re doing a lot better now 🙂

        Happy Monday, and have a lovely week!!

        *hugs* xx

      2. Oh my goodness that sounds like a WONDERFUL time! Do your parents live far?! Waiiit where is Viking land?! This is a new one! Once I was thrown back into the nursing vortex I don’t have time to feel much anyways, so that helped snap me out of it. Hahha! I have a couple days off now and that brightens my spirits big time! <3 Hope you are having the best week !

  11. Ahhhh!!! Puppy!! Cutteeee!!!!!
    And curious, what kind of sushi do you eat? Raw fish is one of the things I won’t allow myself to eat no matte how prestigious and reputable the restaurant is lol.I only get what they call the Oregon roll. It’s crab, cucumber and avocado. So I’m open to recommendations except asparagus, that was my first sushi ever and I hated it I wanted to puke lol.
    And your mom is gorgeous! I totally see the resemblance! <3
    OMG all that seafood actually looks delicious!!!! The potatoes look scrumptious too!! I love potatoes ahaha
    Fort Worth looks really awesome! 😀 And I love the outfit that youre wearing for sunday! Gorgeous!!! And your mom is adorable too!
    We have a giant chess board downtown too 😀 It's awesome lol
    I'm gonna have to steal your stuffed sweet potatoes recipe! I can't believe I never thought about putting avocado on them!!!
    I would also love to try a painting event, they look like so much fun!!!
    Your weekend in TX looked super fun!!! I'd definitely love to visit Fort Worth in the future! 😀

    1. Awww hey girl! I loveee raw fish, so I usually do have some type of salmon or tuna in it. I totally understand your reasons for staying away from it though- I try to limit myself to just a couple days a week if that, but mostly plant based besides that. I think most sushi restaurants have a vegetarian menu!!! I would check that out! Usually cream cheese mixed with veggies and yummy sauces! When I’m pregnant I’ll have to go that route haha. Thank you for all your sweet words- wanna know something kind of funny?! The shirt I was wearing was actually a dress, but I just folded it up and stuffed it in my shorts. LOL. GIRLLL avocado in sweet potatoes is a game changer! Let me know what you think! I hope you get to visit soon. <3 But first.. cheeesecake… XO

      1. I’ll have to try it sometime, I always tell myself that I must be missing something when I don’t eat raw fish LOL. Cream cheese on sushi is the best! 😀 LOL I’m hoping my hubby will make me some sushi this week *fingers crossed*
        Oooohhhhh, nicely done!! Totally had me fooled! Would have never known it was a dress unless you told me, which you did, so thank you! XD I have an olive dress that fits me kind of skin tight but I still have my mommy tummy and I don’t like how it fits (yet) so I’ll try something with that, see if your trick works! 😉
        OMG, you just gave me another dinner idea for the week! I’ve been thinking what we should eat for dinner and baked potatoes is definitely easy and yummy!

      2. Cream cheese for the win alwayyyys! And seriously! Try it with that dress- that’s how this one was for me, pretty skin tight and easy to just fold up into some high waisted shorts! Oh, and can never go wrong with potatoes 😉 <3

  12. Loved this Mackenzie! Nothing better than mom and daughter days– we have two girls who live in SF and Madison, Wisconsin– and spending time out & about with them is the best!! You have the cutest Mom– and so fun to see how much you enjoy being together!! Thanks for the fun post!! xo

    1. I agreee! Mother/daughter days and weekends always go down as some of the best <3 How awesome that you have a daughter here! But wow- so spread out! I hope you get to see them often?! I popped over to your blog and saw something about a Wisconsin wedding- I cannot wait to read! I will pass on the sweet words to my momma too, she'll appreciate that <3 Thanks for sharing in our weekend with us!

      1. Hi Mackenzie– We have 2 kids and their families in SF. So we get up (or they come down) about once a month! It’s such an amazing city–great walks and great food! Has your Mom gotten to come visit you there yet?? hugs hugs!

      2. Hi Mackenzie– Read your post of the visit from your Mom– so much good food and great time together!! I’m up to SF on Tuesday to see our kids there. take care. xo

      3. Thank you tons! You are so kind to take the time. I hope you have the best time with your kids! Happy & safe travels💕

  13. Hi Mackensie, just a quick comment on your trip to Texas. As always you packed so much into your trip which I cant get over how much energy you have! It was wonderful to get time with your Mom and stepdad. your Mom is gorgeous in pics (as are you!) and you can see how happy she is to be hanging out with her daughter. Thanks for all the great pics , bug hugs Dear, Terri xoxo.

    1. Hi Terri! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! I will pass on the sweet, sweet words to my momma. she will so appreciate that! <3 <3 Have a beautiful week ahead!

  14. It looks like a fun trip! That food all looks so delish! My aunt lived in Arlington for many years and tried to get me to come out there to go to college at University of Texas. My mom and I visited out there after I graduated from high school. We did visit Billy Bob’s. My aunt had worked there as a shoeshiner while her husband was in college.

    1. It was such a good trip, and so so needed!! Wow- what a small world! That’s really neat that she worked there! Have you been back to TX at all recently?!

      1. I have not been back recently. The last time I was in Texas was for a MOPS convention when I was on our local steering committee in 2005 . It was held at the Gaylord in Grapevine. I’m pretty sure that was the year where Hurricane Rita was bearing down and numerous groups of us were praying in the hallways trying to decide how we would get back to our babies. The flight back to Florida felt a little iffy so our group opted to stay an extra day.

      2. I love the Gaylord !!!!! Such a cool place. Did you stay there ? That’s so scary about the hurricane though- sheesh!!!! I am so glad you made it back ok!!!

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