New York, New York!

Following the Baltimore trip we decided to hit up one of the greatest cities in America. I have never been to New York, so before we did the big move, we thought it was pretty essential. DJ was a trooper and drove the whole time in his GMC Canyon (pickup truck). He did great, besides getting stuck in the intersection one time. The cars just swerved around him like a rock in a stream without getting upset, like, “Oh there is an Ohioan driving his pickup truck in New York, we won’t even get mad”. We stayed in the beautiful Grand Hyatt right by Grand Central Terminal. It was great to be able to walk among the hustle and bustle of the city as soon as we stepped out our door. I LOVED the fast pace of the city. In the mornings I would walk to Starbucks after my morning workout and get breakfast for DJ and I. I was right among the commuters. For a people-watcher, like myself, New York City is a gold mine.



^ I have a tendency to stand awkward in most photos.

We also spent quite a bit of time in Times Square. I was obsessed. I loved all the hubbub, places to eat, and unique shops. The first evening we were there it absolutely downpoured on us. We stomped through the puddles like a couple of midwesterners while the rest of the people were huddled under canopies, glued to the buildings. Okay we aren’t that good- we may have purchased umbrellas for $5. When we were passing Grand Central we hopped in and grabbed some delicious goodies from a bakery right near the entrance. DJ ordered a flourless chocolate cake and I ordered cheesecake. We may or may not (meaning most definitely) have gotten another cheesecake in the lobby, because the one from Financier just seemed too small to share. We agreed the cheesecake from the Hyett lobby store was actually better. We took them back to the room to watch the Cavs battle it out in game 5. Do not get me started on how proud we are of Bron’ Bron’ and our city. #CLE.


The next day we made our way to Central Park. OK- call me crazy but I imagined Central Park to literally be a small park including only the area in Home Alone. Man, was I ever wrong. Central Park is MASSIVE and very scenic.

We found Balto!

After exploring Central Park, we walked around the city a little bit. We went down Sak’s Fifth avenue and down some side streets. Highlights from walking around included:

  • Finding Lindt store. Lindor truffle balls are our obsession. I particularly like their dark chocolate or white chocolate and DJ prefers the milk. When we saw all the flavors, we could not control ourselves. We decided to each get one flavor we have never tried. I am having a hard time remembering what we chose, but I think I got a cookies and cream and DJ tried white finally.
  • We found Carlos’ Bakery. It is not the original, but we HAD to try the famous cannoli and eclair. THEY WERE LIFE CHANGING.
  • More Time Square…Can’t get enough.
  • The following day we decided to do the Empire State Building tour. It was fun to try to find certain landmarks from way up high.

After our adventures of the day, we had worked up an appetite. We found a scrumptious steakhouse. Even though I do not eat meat, I love steakhouses. Mainly because usually they have amazing seafood options and sides. I ordered tuna tartare and DJ got steak (duh). We shared the lobster mac and cheese and creamed spinach to boot. If you are a creamed spinach lover, try putting it on your bread. It is 10291498x better on bread. I do not know why, but it is!   Ben and Jack’s was the name of this delicious jackpot. We ordered dessert consisting of coconut cream pie and more flourless chocolate cake. It was delicious and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice night out in New York.

The rest of the night we spent in the room to watch Bachelorette. Yes, yes, I know it is pathetic. We were whipped by this point, and while we probably could have found something to do (It’s New York, hello), cozying up with a glass of wine, our stock pile of desserts, and watching our bae JoJo slayyy sounded so inviting.

The next day we decided to walk to South Manhattan. It was about a 10 mile walk roundtrip. I also stopped us every few miles to reapply sunscreen- WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN BOYS AND GIRLS. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and the Brooklyn Bridge (sort of).

Story time.

Once upon a time Mack and DJ had plans to go to Broadway to see Wicked. They did not have a hotel for said night of Wicked and had to carry around their clothes with them all day before the show. This bookbag contained not only Mack’s favorite dress and DJ’s favorite pants, but a new watch DJ had gotten Mack for her birthday, all Mack’s makeup, and her passport. Yes, passport. They stopped at a small little convenient store to grab snacks and use the restroom (which is tricky  to find in New York!). They casually walked all along Wall Street and then headed to the notorious Brooklyn Bridge. While entering Brooklyn Bridge, Mack looked to DJ and realized there was no precious bookbag upon her hubby’s shoulders. “Where is the book bag, sweet husband”, she said calmly (NOT). “Gone” hubby replied. (Really- that is how he responded, in a monotone voice). *INSERT MACK HAVING A MAJOR TEMPER TANTRUM*. They did not fully complete the Brooklyn Bridge but turned back and between the tears and angry outburst and each realization of what was in this bag, they brainstormed where the bag could possibly be. After retracing their steps they found that darn little convenient store and sure enough- right in the chair they had been in- was their precious little bag. (This is crazy considering there were five times more people there than when they were there about two hours prior). Mack has never felt such great relief in her whole life. DJ was still glad to have his life. The happy, relieved couple maneuvered New York happily ever after after that.

**Side note: I felt horrible about freaking out to such an extreme. Many apologies were exchanged after. Good learning experience, am I right? We just said it will be an excuse to go back to New York in the future so we can actually complete the Brooklyn Bridge.

We tried to get a picture with the famous Lady, but no luck. Also just realized there is something in my tooth lol.
Lady Liberty looking mighty fine


Incredibly relieved after finding the bag

I also have to mention the profound experience we had at Ground Zero. Seeing the memorial opened my eyes to the exponential number of people personally touched. I know it affected our entire country, but when you see each of those names, it pulls on the depths of your heart. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those that lost loved ones.

After the New York walk, we went to a delicious burger joint called the Counter. GOSH DARNIT, we got caught in the chain trap. Once again we did not know this was a chain either, but holy moly was it good. The way The Counter works is you design your burger. They have endless options of breads, toppings, sauces, etc. We discovered it was chain when we saw one right down the road from us in Cupertino. LOLZ. I ordered the most epic vegan patty burger with smoked gouda and tons of veggies. DJ had the famous burger with a fried egg. Lastly, we split their perfectly made coleslaw and delved into their heavenly sweet potato fries. Oh and their milkshakes are to.die.for.

Now it was time to get ready for Broadway. We went to a little cafe where I ordered a decaf coffee just so we could use their restroom. There was not much I could do about the hair situation, so we just bunned it hardcore. Broadway blew us away. The talent was indescribable. Wicked will keep you fascinated and enchanted for the entire length of the production. If you find yourself in New York, make sure you carve out a chunk of time to see it.

Next stop: HOME.

Wishing you lots of juicy burgers,

xo <3


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  2. This trip looks amazing!! I really want to go there now. I want to try all of the food and I definitely want to visit all of those places! So glad you found your bag! I did that on our honeymoon and accidentally left the camera (with all of our honeymoon pics on it) in a cab in Cozumel. We didn’t realize it until an hour later and had to go back to the beach where the cab had dropped us off and luckily he was still there and had our camera. (That was not without a full on panic outburst and lots of tears!)

    1. Hi Tara!!!! So good to hear from you <3 NYC is so worth the trip- definitely go at least once!!!! And girlll, it's the worst feeling of panic in something like that. I can't even imagine…. HONEYMOON PICS?! In my opinion that would be 100x worse than losing a passport and replaceable items. SO SO SO glad you found it. Thanks for stopping by- I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved reading this! I am so happy your bag was still there! That actually happened to a friend of mine who was visiting me. We went to one of my favorite coffee spots and she left her jacket there. Eight hours later (when she remembered it) we went back it was still there! New York might have a reputation, but it is filled with predominantly great people!:)
    Bag aside it sounds like you had an amazing time I am so glad!:) So happy you got to see Broadway! Wicked is incredible and definitely one of my favorites!
    Next time you visit (and do a Brooklyn Bridge redo;) let me know. I can give you some great places to go including my favorite place to grab coffee! <3

    1. Thanks, girl!!! That’s crazy that the same type of thing happened to your friend! I was always under the impression that New Yorkers were cold and unfriendly and that you can’t trust anyone, but every experience I have had has been totally opposite.

      Wicked is amazinggggg. I want to see another show ASAP! Have you seen any others?! I would love suggestions.

      And yes- we will definitely re-do the Brooklyn Bridge. Just a great excuse to go back 🙂 Can’t wait!! And I will certainly be taking your suggestions for coffee! AHHH now I need to plan our next trip!! xoxo

      1. Lol yeah we get a bad rap. We tend to be crazy busy especially walking down the streets, but if someone needs something they usually tend to stop. I have been surprised many times. Y the goodness of New York Strangers:)
        Oh yes I have! Lol. I am a. It addicted to Broadway and have written quite a few reviews about the shows I have seen. Currently I would say my favorite is, Paramour which is the first Cirque du Soleil to be on Broadway. It is amazing and breathtaking and literally suck the breath out of you. I don’t want to give anything away but the Lyric Theatre is much smaller then an arena or big top so skme of the acts I was shocked they didn’t crash into the seats or the ceiling!🙈 Yes it is! There is always so much to do here! 💗

      2. Oh wow!!!!! You know your STUFF!!! I am definitely consulting you the next time we are going to a show 😍

      3. lol I do. I love Broadway so much. Despite the fact I can’t sing a single note. LOL. Please! Anytime you need a suggestion let me know. <3

    1. Hey girl! I am so excited to see a new face around here. Hmmm I would say Central Park, having some street food, going to Grand Central Market, Time Square, and Broadway (Wicked is amazing)! Enjoy!

  4. I’m just reading this now and I hope you spend more time in our city. There’s more to New York than Manhattan, which is what the city is. You hit all the tourist places. Visit the outer boroughs like Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and even Staten Island. Ride the Staten Island Ferry , which is free, runs 24 hours and you get a great view of Lady Liberty. Also, don’t be afraid to take a subway ride. It’s not as scary as movies make it out to be.

    1. Aw, I would love to spend more time! Since it was my very first time ever I wanted to do all the touristy stuff- but next time I will branch out. Thank you tons & tons for your suggestions! I soooo appreciate them. I cannot wait to visit again 🙂

      1. I hope you do. Christmas and Thanksgiving in New York are beautiful. If you come earlier or even in the summer, you guys MUST really do a 30 Plus Teams Tour by going to a Yankees game at Yankees Stadium . Hopefully you’ll see a Indians or Orioles game.

    2. Thank you so much for your input!!! I think a Yankees game would be a lot of fun- especially if they were playing one of our teams!! I know the holiday season is just incredible- it is my dream to go over Christmas time 🙂

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