Eggcellent eats, treats, and a SF retreat!

Elllooooo, beautiful people!!! This past week I have received a few questions about when the next update post would be coming up. Wellllllzzz here it is!! I was just so tickled that a couple of you actually anticipated them that much to reach out and ask about it. It’s been a few weeks.. certainly longer than I usually go without a new post. When I posted the last one I was not in a… good place. I think I hit a wall of emotional and physical burn out.

However, I can say I am in a much better place now, exhausted still, yes, but a manageable exhaustion. I finished up the application that is due December 1st (hallay- freaking- luyah), and now can just enjoy this weekend of celebration.

Starting next week, I am going to be diving head first into completing my research project (due January 8th- EEEEK!), but I am allowing myself at least this weekend to take a breath. I cannnot, CANNOT tell you how much your personal e-mails, texts, and prayers have meant. I know I sound like a broken record, but I mean it. This month I feel like I have been climbing uphill in quicksand, and would not have made it without some tough love (aka- Uhhh, Mack, you are not doing good- GET HELP) and all the tremendous support. I am feeling optimistic moving forward and after taking sometime to regroup the last few weeks, I am ready to face the new year full steam ahead with my mojo back.

SO- rewind to Friday November 10th, DJ and I both had a day off for Veteran’s Day so we decided to brunch it upp. We headed to the local Stacks in California- a place known for their pancakes.

We have been to the one in Menlo park before and DJ didn’t quite think the pancakes lived up to the hype (I disagree- their banana macadamia coconut pancake is easily one of the best pancakes I have ever had, but this was prior to blogging, so I’ll have to try them again sometime so I can share them).

Those little suckers were tempting, but I wanted to squeeze in an afternoon run and vouched for something a bit lighter. I tried the beaters scrambled which included egg beaters, broccoli, zucchini, onion, celery, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes. I ordered a side of cottage cheese and wheat toast to top it off. Mmmmm so good. I sometimes feel like cottage cheese just adds the perfect little extra creaminess to breakfast, especially with fresh tomatoes!


DJ tried their waffle and chicken, and he liked them. (PS. DJ wrote this last sentence, lol. I can officially say he helped me write a post).


In the afternoon we headed out for a nice run around the neighborhood together. It was a gorgeous day.


Saturday, November 11th we both had work, but Sundayafter church we were able to pack in yet another brunch. I feel like we go through seasons sometimes where we eat tons of breakfast foods for our dates vs. actual dinner date nights (gotta fit them in where you can, right?!).

We decided to visit Castro Street in Mountain View to sample their dive, Crepevine. I’ve been to the one in Willow Glen, but not to this one. Crepevine is one huckuvah . fun (and tasty) experience. It’s similar to a Panera in the sense that you walk up and order, but you get a number and they bring you the food. They are an all-out breakfast place- with everything from crepes to pancakes to scrambles….. you name it, they’ve got it. And they are known for having super unique options as well.


Annnnd per my Sunday brunch & bloody kick of late- I couldn’t pass up trying their’s. Now, I will say this is probably my least favorite of the three I have tried in my life. #1= FireFish Grille in Santa Cruz, #2- Left Bank, #3 This guy. I don’t think I would order it again though.


BUT what I would definitely order again for the rest of my existence is their egg white tofu scramble- mouth is watering thinking about it. The tofu was cooked to crispy perfection. I don’t know why I don’t think about putting tofu in my eggs more often.. it’s such a stellar combo.


DJ ordered their more… shall we say… sugar laden crepe. I think when we were ordering he felt a bit of pressure since the line was long and hadn’t had a good chance to thoroughly look over the menu. When he ordered and we stepped out of line, he goes, “I think I just ordered dessert on accident”. We laughed so hard. I told him to order something else, but he didn’t care that much… He just had a sugar high the rest of the afternoon from his vanilla crepe topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and syrup.


He’s channeling his inner Buddy the Elf a bit early this year I reckon.

(PS. He is upset that I deleted his sentence that said, “DJ ordered dessert for breakfast, and he liked it“…. so there it is, Deej).


After eating breakfast, we took a nice little stroll down Castro street. We passed by the pub we popped into when my Aunt and Uncle were here around this time last year. We realized we haven’t been back since then, and it made me miss um’ a whole bunch!!


The rest of the evening, I finished up my application and decided to call it a day.

On Monday the 12th, I made a trip to Whole Foods and did some hard-core food prep for the next couple work day lunches. I discovered some goodies and can’t wait to share them in a Friday Faves!!!!


In anticipation of the next few work days, I prepped a giant tofu stir-fry, roasted peppers, cauliflower mashed potatoes (steaming in the pot before actually being made into mashed potatoes), and rosemary  multicolored potatoes. I usually pack a bunch of these veggies with hummus, almonds, boom chica pop, and no cow lemon meringue bars.


I squeezed in a nice little run and hit the hay early to get recouped for the next couple days.

DJ has been playing in a league on Monday evenings, and I am hoping one of these days it works out where I’ll be able to go! I usually work Monday or Tuesdays so it’s difficult with my bedtime being so doggone early.

Also, super random, but while doing a big clean out of the house, DJ discovered this rubber spider and has been hiding it ALL OVER in places trying to scare me with it. I’ve been hiding it back, but lemme tell ya… gotta be on your toes with this one.


November 13th-14th, workin’ workin’ workin’.


One of our patient’s sent in some Susie Cakes as a thank you– it was, quite literally, a nice treat! Any die hard Susie Cake fan lovers out there? The first time I heard about them was in LA.


On November 16th, I kicked it into high gear and officially submitted my application! I spent alll day finishing it up, but I cannot even put into words how great it felt to have that done. Those essays were intense… six personal statements. SIX.

November 17th, after that was done, it was time to focus on getting ready to go back to Ohio for my best friend’s wedding. I had to find a rehearsal dinner dress and just a few accessories. I always dread shopping when I absolutely have to find something with limited time, but this trip was a surprisingly a breeze. I downloaded T. Swift’s new album (I hate to admit it.. but I love it), put some headphones in, and found what I needed fairly quick. I don’t want to love her music, because it would simply add to my resume of basic, but I can’t help myself. Her new album is so. good.


Macy’s was having a giant sale on BCBG dresses (my weakness). I found the perfect dress, and cannot wait to share with y’all after tomorrow!

In the afternoon, I went for a leisure run with the stress of finding a dress and submitting the application behind me. I felt like I could take a deep, deep breath (at least in this moment).


In the evening, I received a text from a good friend asking if I was home. Luckily I was, and Tammy, whom I have mentioned many times before, dropped in with this GORGEOUS bouquets of flowers, vegan enchiladas, vegan spaghetti squash, and a journal. I was blown away… like who does this for someone else? She is such a good friend, and I’m thankful beyond words to have her in my life. She said she knew I was having a hard time, and knew this would brighten my day (She knew right!).


The enchiladas were FLAME, as was the squash.. and my heart just melts every time I look at the flowers. I don’t know what I’d do without her!


November 18th, 19th, and 20th I worked. I actually had some incredible shifts where I connected with my patients and wasn’t bogged down to an inhuman level (thank God for the weekend grind). On Monday I actually was offered the first eight hours off due to staffing census (praise Him from whom all blessing flow), and only worked the last four. The last four were pretty insane though… considering literally minutes before I came on shift one of my patients in the Neuro Close observation room removed their feeding tube, IV, was incontinent (both ways), needed an EKG, urine sample, stool sample, sputum sample, PVR, and q2 vitals and neuro exam. It was a big ole’ game of “git r’ done”. And it all did get done. It always does, and if it doesn’t, it gets passed on, and it isn’t the end of the world. This is something I’m starting to learn. I’ve really needed to shift my perspective in order to start having less anxiety on the floor… just learning to focus on one thing at a time and realizing I can only do what I can do. OK, jumping off my soap box now…

Tuesday, November 21st I used the day to sleep. After three days of waking up at 0430, I could barely get out of bed! Those three in a row whip my behind. I did end up doing a fantastic Insanity workout in the afternoon and cooked DJ dinner of Epic burgers and rosemary parm roasted potatoes, but my productivity basically ended at that.

Yesterday, Wednesday, was ah-may-zing!!!!! I got my little toosh out of bed before 8 and went down for a nice run on the tready. OH! And I’ve been back to lifting weights too! I love the way it feels to lift.. I am starting to advance my weight from 5 lb. to 10 lbs… so you know… basically a body builder over here. LOL! I’ll take a gains picture soon when it’s not tooo pathetic 😉 I realize how important it is to be strong with all the lifting I do in my job.

I did my makeup and straightened my hair meticulously (usually my hair just gets thrown up and disregarded whenever I do anything), and I put on normal people clothes!). I told DJ it felt great to actually look like a functioning human being for once haha.

My best friend since diapers, Melissa, was in town with her family for a vacation. She was in my wedding party, so you may recognize her from our wedding pictures! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see her because of the timing of the wedding and my work schedule, but it worked out absolutely perfectly.

I zipped down to SF as fast as I could (Aka 10 mph… cause of that thing called traffic).


I gleefully strolled into the restaurant Melissa suggested on Pier 39, Swiss Louis. I had never been here, but passed this place more times than I can count, and was eager to devour some fresh seafood.


After exchanging big hugs we couldn’t stop bouncing from topic to topic to topic. There was wayyyy too much to catch up on (and I don’t think we even scraped the surface). The two of us could spend days chatting it up, talking about everything and anything. She’s one of those people I can just let my guard down with and tell the raw, honest truth about everything going on in life. It did good for my soul to have that time with her.

No worries, I’m not gonna leave out my “what I suggest you order based on what we ordered” segment, haha.

I saw a fish I have never tried before *gasp* (and I pompously thought I had tried it all!). This little critter below is called Basa. The meat of the fish was so tender and juicy and melted in my mouth like butter. It was topped with an orange glaze and caramelized onions with a side of fresh veggies. Everything was absolute perfection. It may have been one of the best fish dishes I have had on the pier!


Melissa tried their classic Chicken Sandwich and fries. Cannot go wrong with a good classic.


As we were walking out of the restaurant, we did a double take at their dessert display. Uhm, yuhm. That’s all I can say. May need to go back A.S.A.P, and leave more room!


We perused Pier 39 and then walked down the entire Embarcadero to the Ferry Building (hello blisters)…(but the best blisters, like the “really worth it blisters” that remind me of great mems, ya feel?).


Melissa and I popped into Peet’s so she could have her first ever Peet’s Coffee. Yes, you heard right, FIRST ever. It was actually surprisingly pretty warm out, so we both had iced coffees.


We had a little impromptu photo shoot- ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST?!


Last time I was here was to visit Kate from AnkhorYou! Miss you, Chica! <3


We soaked up the last of the views before the sun began setting and then sadly, I had to head home to finish up last minute laundry & packing.


This morning, Thanksgiving, I woke up early to run and lift weights.

I am totally out of mascara, and a couple days ago I ordered my favorite- They’re Real from Benefit on Amazon prime. I was supposed to receive it last night- but it never came in. When we were in the Uber on our way to the airport, I was trying to figure out how I was going to make a trip to Ulta before the rehearsal dinner. As soon as we made it through security, I saw a stinking BENEFIT VENDING MACHINE. Can we talk about serendipity of this situation?! Now, if you say you don’t believe in God..


After I settled down after the pure awe & elation, I announced that I was a starvin’ marvin’ and needed food now. DJ knows when this statement is made, quick action is needed before I become monster mack (ew, third person)..

I was stoked to see Mission Bar & Grill had a breakfast menu that we were still in time for. (Last time I was here was for my other good friend Lyndsay’s wedding in Pittsburgh!).  I was super hungry so I downed an egg white mediterranean omelette, wheat toast, breakfast potatoes, and a Bloody Mary. I think I’ll be full for like three days after that, but tis’ thanksgiving right?


Deej tried their mimosa, but wasn’t starvin’ since he had a pretty big brekky before we left.


This breakfast definitely kept the monster at bay. And their bloody may be in second place now in my book (definitely ahead of left bank!).


We chatted a bit, then I blogged (although I am still horribly behind per usual- I promise I’ll try to catch up soon on y’alls comments and posts!), and DJ kept up with the football stats until it was time to catch our plane.


Currently, we are sitting on the plane heading back to the OH … IO. We will be arriving this evening around 8:30 pm. I can’t even explain how excited I am to see some family and friends and celebrate Clair’s wedding. It’s gonna be one of the best weekends of all time, and I better go get some beauty rest so I don’t screw up her forever pics 😉 Sending all my love and, oh my gosh, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to eat and every one… wait, each and every one of you (freudian slip up in there). If you have a thanksgiving post up please leave it in the comments. Muah!

Questions for you!

  1. What is your go-to splurge designer/store in the mall?
  2. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
  3. Thoughts on the T. Swift album?

If you have a link to your Turkey day post, please leave it below!

xo <3


52 thoughts on “Eggcellent eats, treats, and a SF retreat!

  1. Oh my goodness so much good in one post! All the food looks delish – and all those brunch dates are adorable! I’m so glad you’re feeling better; you really deserve to be happy! And how ADORABLE is your friend please? Xx

  2. Hi Mack! I think we went to a couple of restaurants that were similar to the one you went to on Castro Street (when we went to San Francisco). I’m sorry to say this but I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan as of recently. I don’t like the new songs from her latest album. I like a few of her older songs. Maybe I missed it but what are you applying for? Guess what?? My boyfriend finished nursing school! His graduation is on Nov. 30. He still has to take the NCLEX in January. He passed all of his classes. Great pics as usual! I like Macy’s too. I have a credit card there! Lol. Take care Mack, talk to you soon!

    1. Hi, Lisa!!!! SOOO good to hear from youuuu! Do you remember the restaurants names?! I love visiting new places (as you know!) . I have never been a Taylor fan (I like a song here and there), but never a big fan. So I’m actually not pleased with myself for actually enjoying this new album, lol! I’ve always prided myself on not being part of that mainstream fan base. AHH! I am applying for Family Nurse Practitioner programs!!!

      EEEEK!!! I am so happy for him (and you!!) !! Wow, I cannot believe he is graduating already! This time has flown. Send on my big congrats to him. Macy’s is the bestttt, they have everything and there 20% coupons & sales are fantastic. XOXO

      1. Hi Mack! I did a little review of our trip. Here it is One was Honey Honey and the other was Kate’s Kitchen. I included some other places and restaurants in the post. Wow, good luck on the family nurse practitioner program! That’s really awesome! I’m so glad it’s over for him. He wants to work in home health or hospice after the test in January. We’ll see what happens… I’m praying for you!

      2. YAYY! I can’t wait to check this out!! * heart eyes all dayyyy!* . Thank you tons. Wow- home health and hospice are super admirable fields to work in- It takes a tender soul. I’m praying for you all as well! You have been in my prayers this past year, and I am still believing in that baby for you all. So much love to you, Lisa! Xoxo

      3. Thanks Mack! We just went to the doctor on Friday. I have to do a test this week. I’ll keep you all updated! 🙂 Don’t work too hard!

  3. I know we’ve never met in person, but I just love being blogger friends and reading your posts! You are adorable!! In terms of anxiety, work, etc., I finally accepted that I needed some help balancing it all and sought therapy November of last year. It has helped a ton, and I’m so glad you have that fabulous support system. That meal and those flowers are so precious! You’ll make it thru this season stronger than ever. Speaking of strength, I love that you’re weight lifting! When I was working with a physical trainer end of 2015 into 2016, I did deadlifts for the first time, reaching I think 130 lbs or there abouts. I honestly was so damn proud and loved the feeling/rush! I do a lot of Barre3 now, which uses small 1-3 lb weights. But small, isometric holds and repetition can be just as effective. You show off those gainz! 🙂 Looove all the food and the fact that DJ has now contributed to a post! (1) I don’t know of my splurge store! I seriously shop Tarjay, ON, and thrift stores most often. Haha (2) My grandmother’s dressing recipe! I make it every year, and it’s nostalgic. All of my grandparents and mom have passed away, so it makes it feel like they’re still with me on Thanksgiving. (3) I hate to say I am not a T Swift fan. 😉 But her songs can be catchy! I can’t wait to hear all about the wedding! Have fun!

    1. Awwww!! Thank you, Kori!!! Same to you- girlfriend!!! I am very thankful for you and our conversations <3 Therapy really does make ALL the difference. Thanks for sharing that with me– It's ok to not be ok and get some help at times.. I have learned that big time this year! And YAASSS, girl! 130 lbs. is amazing!!!! I still need to hunt down a Barre3 class! I think we have one in a city nearby where I work, but it's just fighting the traffic around here that is tough. Haha- I feel stronger and I know I am getting stronger… but not sure it's visible quite yet! I don't build muscle very well in anywhere except my legs. Haha. And LOLLLL DJ officially is a co-author here now I guess. 😉 YUMM that dressing sounds fantastic- any grandmother's recipe is bound to be the BEST. And I love that you keep that memory alive through making it <3

      OH my gooodness- soo I have NEVER been a Tswift fan, and I'm actually annoyed with myself for actually liking this album. Hahah. Can't wait to share about the wedding. Hope you are having a great week! XO

      1. Sometimes it *feels* like my muscle growth should be more visible, but I think it takes a little bit of time for me too. 🙂 Although when I was training, my instructor was so sweet and pointed out the positive changes in my upper body/back. It was really encouraging! I know you’ll continue to get stronger, and your hard work will show! I am so looking forward to your wedding recap! Hope you are having an amazing week too! <3

      2. So true!! Just gotta keep on keeping on, right?! I just shot up the wedding recap, and I woke up early this morning to catch up on a few of your posts! I am going through GypsyRD withdrawals! Hehe. Happpy Sunday to youuuuu! <3

  4. Yay a Mack update! First of all Happy Thanksgiving beautY! I hope you had an AMAZING day! Second woot look at you finishing up applications! You go girl! You have got this!
    And you have got this research project you are going to kick research booty!
    I feel like I sound like a broken record but sweets you are super woman you conquered this year and I am so flipping proud of you! You are going to conquer 2018 just like you conquered this year!
    Oh my lanta! That food! My mouth is watering! I love that leaf so pretty and fall!
    Oh my lanta (just going to say that on repeat!) Girl you know the way to my heart is crepes and that looks AMAZING! Ahhh So hungry! And way to go DJ dessert all day every day especially in crepe form!
    Bwahahaha oh my gosh I just choked on my coffee LOVE the Buddy the Elf reference!
    Also you two are so stinking cute!
    Also you are food prep goals! All that food is making me hungry! And uhhh I abhor spiders! Yuck! lol. What a sweet patient! I love that!
    Girl fashion goals! We NEED to go shopping I LOVE BCBG! Their dresses are the best!
    Awe I LOVE that! What a great friend!
    Oh my gosh I love you! You are the absolute cutest! Also you are such a beauty! And I saw your snaps of SF and am SO jealous!
    Girl I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat for the next week but your pics of that restaurant and their dessert display..Get in my belly!
    I love that you are sharing the way of Peet with her!
    I LOVE Benefits mascara! It is the best!
    Ahhh I love your pictures of your blog and the food! Safe travels and I hope you have the absolute BEST time in Ohio! I am so excited for you beauty And I miss you mucho! Happy Thanksgiving love! <3

    1. I totally wish Iw as there in San Francisco! I was going through pictures for Christmas cards (I need someones address;p) And that was such an amazing day! Love you sweet lady! <3

      1. Girl, me tooo!!! AND SF WISHES TOO. I think of you every single time I pass by the Ferry Building & Ghiradelli square! OH my goodness- I would be honoreddddd- I will send address via snap . Muah!! LOVE YOUUUU! XOXO

    2. Happy thanksgiving to you (VERY LATE), beautiful!! At least I snuck ya a text back if I’m responding to this super late, lol. THANK YOUUU! I am SOO relieved having those apps turned in. I can’t wait to start hearing back- EEEK! When I have more of an idea on where I will be going I can tell you the times I will be free to go to NYC!!! (trying to keep calm) All of your encouragement has meant EVERYTHING to me these past few months. I cannot tell you how much it’s meant to me, Kate. GIRL, next time you are here, we will get some bomb crepes, kay?! You always pick up my references, love it, my cinematic soul sister <3 Isn’t BCBG the best? I feel like they fit so well too and are always so flattering. The price tag isn’t always the best—but when there is a sale… LOOK OUTTT! Tehehe, I hope you had some amazing eats & thank you always for stopping by <3 Your comments always make me smile BIG time. XO

      1. Awe thank you sweets! Right back atcha! And I appreciated your texts! <3 Ahhh fingers crossed (and toes!) you are going to get accepted I know it! Yay so excited for New York! Hehe I do not know how you are doing it sweets! I AM not calm! Awe sweets you are making me have dust in my eye 😉 Seriously YOU are the best! I love you to pieces and am so lucky to have you! Yes girl yes! Crepes for days! Bwahaha yes! I love that we share that mutual love…or ahem obsession? ;p Lol. I am obsessed with BCBG they really do price tag aside they are such a great brand! Haha I am always there when there is a sale lol. Awe thank you sweets! I did! I hope you had such an amazing day and trip! Ae I LOVE reading your posts. And YOUR comments alway see me smile! So much love to you beauty! <3

      2. Thanks,sweet thang!! I heard from Admissions from one of the schools this week- not with a final answer, but just getting in touch! I can’t wait to update ya!

        Also, at least we are obsessed about the right things, right?! GOT & BCBG.

        LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!! <3 Happy Sunday, love!

      3. Eeeekkkkk ahhh that is so exciting! They BeTTER be taking you! Or they will be missing out on what a fabulous person you are! Haha right? I so agree! Love YOU to pieces beauty! I hope you have an amazing week ahead!😘💗

  5. Loved this post! My husband and I LOVE brunch! I would 100% pick brunch dates over dinner dates any day….or morning should I say? haha Glad to hear you’re checking major items off of your to-do list and getting to spend fun times with friends! Safe travels!

    1) My favorite store is called Val’s Boutique located in Knoxville, TN. They have a website too so you can check them out if you want!
    2) dressing and cranberry sauce!
    3) not a Tswizzle fan ha!

    1. Aww Hi, Kaci!!! So excited you stopped by. Isn’t brunchin with the hubby the best?! Do you live in TN?! There is a small chance we will be living there next year! Thank you for leaving a comment, and girl- I have NEVER been a tswift fan and am actually annoyed with myself for actually liking this album. I reluctantly cannot stop playing it. LOL. Annd dressing & cranberry sauce is hard to beat!

  6. So happy to see you back on the blog again! There’s a place similar to your Crepevine here in Davis, it’s called Crepeville and it’s amazing! It even looks similar to the pictures, although I’m pretty sure ours is independently owned! I’m heading to SF tomorrow, too bad our trips didn’t overlap! Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving Mack!

    1. HI LOVE! I was actually just thinking about you yesterday!!! OooooOOooo crepeville sounds right up our alley! We go to Sacramento for games occasionally and will have to stop through Davis to try it! Girl, I would have died if we were both there at the same time. We need to make that happen! XO

  7. Sometimes dessert for breakfast is necessary, you only live once right?! I would die if my boyfriend starting hiding a fake spider around our apartment because I know it would scare me every time. How sweet (get it 😉 of your patient to bring in baked goods as a thank you to you guys! Best of luck on your research project girlfriend! <3

    1. Hi Girlie! HECK YESS if yolo applies to anything… I would hope it’s dessert 😉 OKAY funny story- as soon as I published this post I was putting my laptop away and found the stinking spider in my book-bag. WHAT. THE. HECK. He got me good… but I have it hiding somewhere great, just waiting for him to find it. Hahha. Thanks for your sweet words. I hope you had a fab thanksgiving and are having a great week, Maureen! XO

  8. Yay you’re back! 🙂 I’ve been kinda away too but still posting lol. I’m barely catching up on reading, and I came across yours on my feed, so of course I had to stop and read 🙂
    I’m glad that you’re done with your application, should be smooth sailing from now on? Hopefully. *fingers crossed for you* And sounds like you had an amazing week, you got to spend a couple breakfasts/lunch/dinner with DJ (that’s always fun seeing you guys going out together).
    Of course all the food looks very delicious, i think I would love to try the second breakfast place you went to, I love how diverse (for lack of a better word) their menu is, they have crepes, pastas, pancakes, omg, my mouth is watering! Breakfast foods are my all-time fave. And also, I really need to try more seafood, besides imitation crab, shrimp, salmon, tuna, tilapia and cod, I don’t know of any other fish LOL
    Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving girl!! xx And I hope you have a great week this week! 🙂

    1. Awww! It means tons that you are excited that I posted! Girl, life is BUSY right now, isn’t it?! Holidays are such a whirlwind! But yes— things should definitely be a whole lot smoother, just have to finish up the research project and then things will be TONS smoother! It was nice getting to go out for a couple dates—we don’t have them often recently, but when we do we definitely take advantage! I can’t imagine what it will be like in a couple years with kids. How do you do it ?!?! Rossy, when you visit (YES, WHEN) I will treat ya to Crepevine. MMMmmm MMm mmmm! You’d love! Hope you had the best thanksgiving! I am back to work in the AM after a couple crazy days, but hoping to catch up on your happenings this weekend! XOXO

      1. Yeah no kidding, I feel like I haven’t gotten a break in weeks! LOL..
        Well I’ll tell you it’s definitely not easy with kids (or kid), but you eventually start getting into a routine that works for everyone 🙂 I remember thinking how difficult it was to go out and enjoy a night out with Alex (still is–alone, because of no babysitter) but even days when Ciel comes along, they turn out to be great! 🙂

        Sounds great! I can’t wait! I hope you’ll be proud of me, we’ve been saving up both money in our savings every paycheck ($20) and any loose change we get, lol. It will take a while to get the amount we need for our plane tickets as well as for spending money, but we will get there, and it will happen lol.
        Oh have a great work week then doll! 🙂

      2. I bet!!! You are doing amazing, Rossy. I guess it’s like anything else in life right?! Just have to adapt and adjust, and take the curve balls as they come (but worth it for those you love!). And YAYYY! Oh my goodness- that makes me SUPER excited. Yes, yes, one day it will happen! XOXO

  9. Hi Mackensie, good to see you back, I figured you were busy, so wanted to leave you be. We all get emotional and physical burnout, and in your job it is so easy I am sure. breakfast date mornings definitely count , even though I rather it at night you got to take it when its going! The vanilla crepe looks so good ! DJ – stop trying to scare your wife!! We need her here to keep blogging for us. I am glad you got your application done, a weight lifted! Looking forward to seeing your BCBG dress! I love the flowers your friend brought , so nice of her! I got to finish later look for part 2 ! Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri!!!! Awww, you are so sweet.. thank you for your empathy. You have such a beautiful heart. I am thankful to know you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!!!! LOL- DJ gets me every time with that dang spider (BUT I have it hidden somewhere great this time for him to discover it. mwahaha). I just posted the wedding post and it is the black dress if you have any time to take a look. Awwwww!!! I get a part two?!? <3 You're the BEST! XOXO

  10. Part 2! The kids woke up early when I was commenting in part 1! You can only do what you can do and the time that your shift lasts. I know you always work to the best of your ability! I love your hair in the picture for going to San Francisco, also the scarf. That must have been so nice to meet up with your friend Melissa, having her in your neck of the woods! She definitely is cute but I see two cuties in the picture! I hope you had a nice trip back home for the wedding and meeting up with family. I like Charlotte Russe. Mashed potatoes with the gravy for Thanksgiving. I have not got a chance to listen to that TS album yet . I don’t have a Thanksgiving Day post but please check out my November 25th Post. Take care, Terri xo.

    1. Yay! Part 2. This is too sweet of you to even take the time out of your busy day. I can’t tell ya how much it means to me! Those kiddos have one wonderful momma! Thank you for the kind words <3 YESSS- Charlotte Russe is one of my favorites too. There is a sweater from there that I have had for about five years, and it's stillll my go-to after all this time. They make great stuff, and at a decent price too! Cannot go wrong with mashed potatoes and YAYY! I cannot wait to check out your post! Heading over right now 🙂 Have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday, Terri! XOXO

  11. I’m so glad to hear you’re in a much better place physically and emotionally! I mean, aside from exhausted. But if it’s manageable, that’s good! I want to hear all about your research! Also, that spider picture freaked me out at first! Totally thought it was real!

  12. Lovely lovely selection of food pics to drool over! especially all those pancakes, waffles and brunch food (my favourites!)
    Am so glad you had time to have a bit of a break before the rush starts again. Sleep, recreation, rejuvenation … all so very important!

    1. AWW! Thank you, Ju Lynn! I knew you would love the brunchy eats 😉 I agree- it is all SUPER important. I have learned that this year more than ever. How are you? Did you have a good weekend? Hope it wraps up well! <3

    1. Hey girlfriend!!!! I am embarrassed at how late I am responding to this comment… lol. This just made my night though <3 Breakfast issss the best meal of the day so the fact you included me just means e'rything! Hope you are so well.. had the best Christmas and have a BEAUTIFUL new year, Kat! XOXO

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