Apparently… I Eat a lot of Green Cuisine!

Hey y’all– time for a little update, whaddya say? On Monday September 17th, I woke up early, looked at my new round of assignments for the week, headed to Peets and did school work with my packed snacks all day long. Obnoxiously large salad for dinner. Dexter in the evening. Same ole’ same ole’.

Tuesday September 18th, I woke up and immediately inhaled a buncha coffee and noshed down on a rice cake with Dannon’s vanilla yogurt, a sliced dried apricot, a couple raisins, and a chopped up walnut. Mmmm!


I went for a nice run in the morning (I prefer long runs on Tuesdays because it’s when all the new episodes for the podcasts I listen to are released!).

There are so many fruit trees in this neighborhood. I just loved how this apricot tree was cascading over this fence. 🍑


After making a dent in my schoolwork for the day and downing my massive salad, I decided to get creative with a dinner for DJ. I had tomato sauce, chicken, eggs, cheese, and leftover crackers.


I crushed up our cracker crumbs to make bread crumbs, basted the chicken in some eggs and then put the cracker crumbs on top. I baked it in the tomato sauce and put cheese on top too. I told DJ I made chicken parm, since that’s what it most resembled. It felt good to use up those cracker crumbs that probably would have gone stale sitting in the pantry otherwise.


I wasn’t home when he had it because I had already headed to SF to see A Simple Favor with my sister in Law, Amy. I was so excited when he said he loved the dish- it was definitely a shot in the dark without following any recipe.

I enjoyed a beautiful drive into the city. SF never gets old. I love the pastel colored apartments and the character on every street corner.


The sunset was stunning too with contrast of the clouds. Hard to capture, but I gave it a go!


I know I mentioned it in my FF post, but A Simple Favor was soo good. It’s a must see. Never have I ever seen anything quite like it.

Wednesday September 19th, I reverted back to my summer go-to of rice cake with avocado toast and hummus. And here we have green food #1.


I had an interview in the afternoon for a new organization I’ll be volunteering with then made DJ ground turkey tacos for dinner! He’s not sick of the different takes on tacos just yet! Haha.


I packaged them up so they would be ready for him when he got home.


Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st included more just cranking out school work, grabbing fill in groceries from TJ’s, and of course, cranking out more Dexter episodes right before going to sleep. However, we did have a wonderful date night on Friday night. We tried for the first time ….. GEORGIAN FOOD. Yes, food from the country of Georgia!


This restaurant is called Bevri located in downtown Palo Alto. It has a large menu- although it’s quite a challenge pronouncing anything on it!

Luckily, it has black boards across the restaurant explaining what everything means,  what the menu items are, and how to eat them.


They also have crayons on each table so you can draw on their paper tablecloths. Unfortunately, when we sat down we didn’t have any crayons. I was so tempted to steal some from another table- but our table was kinda small and we had to have a ton of room for all our food. ha! Anyways, if I had to give an overall definition of Georgian food I would say it is combined Chinese and Mediterranean food.

We started with eggplant rolls. They were pretty good! They are stuffed with a nutty spinach combo. I felt it could use a bit more flavor, but they were still refreshing.


And the presentation was beautiful!


I also had to try the khinkali with mushrooms. These are a lot like dumplings- and gosh freakin’ dang- they are delish! I have craved these since I tried them. Green food #2.


Now for the star of the show- DJ ordered their must try Adjaruli which is a boat shaped bread boat with cheese, butter, and an egg. It’s freaking phenomenal. It’s like pizza… but even better. (Which I didn’t think was possible to say, because pizza is forever one of the greatest things on earth).


Overall, it was a fantastic meal. The only thing I would say is if you go make sure to order all items to be delivered at the same time. I ordered essentially two appetizers as my full meal, but they were brought over a half an hour before DJ’s food came. My dumplings were a bit cold (but still good) by the time DJ got his food— although he did insist I didn’t wait on him– but I insisted right back that I would be sad when my food was gone and I would have to just watch him eat, so I waited. Anyone else just sad when you finish your food before the other person? Haha.

Saturday September 22nd both DJ and I had a run in the morning, but different lengths. DJ has been running a ton lately too!

We walked out to the starting point together, but I decided a coffee sounded better than running for the time being. I found my SB cardholder card from 2014 (yes, four years ago) and discovered it still had a $10 balance on it. I decided to make it a goal to use this up before buying anymore Peet’s, even though that’s where my loyalty lies (lays? lie?). He went off on his run and I grabbed a coffee and walked for a couple miles before starting my run.


It was also the massive garage sale weekend in Cupertino. I had to stop by even though I wasn’t planning on grabbing anything. It was still fun to poke about though! I think I stopped by about 4 garage sales on my walk.


In the afternoon I was having a hankerin’ for a stuffed sweet potato. I nommed on a purple one with Fage, avocado, morning star vegan crumbles, and Daiya vegan cheese. I’ve been eating this on repeat this past week.


Sunday September 23rd DJ left for a business trip to Des Moines, Iowa. After dropping him off at 5:30 at the airport, I ran about nine miles, went to church, and then hit up Ozumo again with my friend Tammy for some yummy brunch!


I was ready to chow down.

First, we ordered jasmine tea to share. I tried to capture mid-pour with portrait.


But I spilled in the process, lol! Smoooooth.


Speaking of smooth- this tea was so smooth. I am not a huge tea guy- I really gotta be in the mood. But this was just so satisfying and delicious- it didn’t require any sweetener or anything (I usually will put a touch of sugar or stevia in tea).

We started with the Ozumo roll with salmon, cucumber, jalapeno, mango, yuzu sauce, and micro shiso. Their sushi is the definition of fresh. You cannot go wrong here!


This was followed by the Ozumo scramble with onions, bell pepper, sweet potato, kale, cauliflower, eggs and micro wasabi. I don’t know how they roasted these stinking veggies, but they were so full of flavor and complimented the eggs perfectly. I also loved the touch of green onion- this is something I’ll have to try to make at home.


And last, but certainly not least, we had the matcha pancakes with whipped cream, red bean, raspberries and matcha powdered sugar. The red bean was a nice touch!!! Green food #3.


I dare say they are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. It helps that I’m a matcha freak, but I also love thin pancakes that are nice and crisp. These. were. everything. I need to take DJ back to try them since he is the pancake king after all.


I cozied up on the couch in the afternoon to get some school work done.


The rest of the day was just the same- study, snack, dinner, blog a bit and then hit the hay!

Monday September 24th I ran on the treadmill reading a couple chapters for the week.


I hunkered down to “go to school”, but I was craving some roasted veggies, so I whipped up roasted eggplant to munch on with hummus while watching lectures.


I kept coming back for more pieces throughout the day and by the end of the day there were none left. Didn’t think it was possible to eat an entire eggplant in one day? I am here to tell you it is! 😂

Another snack I loved that day was a purple sweet potato with Fage and cinnamon. This is one of my favorite snacks in the autumn.


I’ll recap the rest of the week in my next post since this is getting a bit lengthy 🙂

Oh, and for those that are curious… here is a sound bite of our upstairs neighbors. Listen about seven seconds or so in, and you will start hearing it. We’re still trying to work things out, but all parties are in communication and aware of how frustrating this issue is- so we’ll see in the next few weeks what our solution will be. Management has been attentive and helpful as they can be.

xo <3

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63 thoughts on “Apparently… I Eat a lot of Green Cuisine!

    1. Hi Kalpana!! Thanks so much 🙂 That’s not the norm to run before church, but I was up and coffeed up so I said what the heck, why not? Haha. I hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. NINE miles? Well aren’t you amazing? As if we didn’t already know that?? I’m gonna roast an eggplant for sure…that looks so yummy and healthy. 🙂

    I’m glad things are being addressed with your neighbor. Fingers crossed. Our new(er) upstairs neighbor is still pretty good. Can’t complain after the garbage lady. The thing we hear the most is her dog doing zoomies around the house in the evening. It’s not for long and VERY clear what it is. It makes me laugh so that’s good. 😉

    1. Haha, it is not the norm though! I think I just was feeling extra ambitious that AM. Today is looking a wholeeeee lot different, teheh. You’re too kind, Nikki <3

      YES! I don't know why roasted eggplant isn't a traditionally roasted veggie? I crave it. It's great to dip in sauces and hummus too. Maybe sprinkle some cheese on top and dip in tomato sauce- then it's like eggplant parm.

      Yes, except this morning they woke us up at 5 am. WHAT ARE THEY DOING haha.

      I'm so glad the garbage lady isn't there anymore!! I bet that is entertaining hearing the dog- especially when you can imagine it racing with that super serious look on its face that dogs get when they get into that mode--- so funny!! Know what I mean?! Lol. I hope your weekend is going beautifully!

      1. My eggplant is laying on the counter waiting for me right now!

        5 am? Please!! No thank you!

        Yes it is funny and she is an adorable lab. She is sweet so quiet most of the time. Now Sam who lives downstairs is a mess. He is a mix between a german shepard and a bear. ok not really…he’s a german shepard/bernese but he looks like a bear and he is still very young. He is dopey and looks at me with the most hilarious face when I call him by name. He is so totally confused by the fact that I know his name. He barks more than I would like, but honestly at this point I can block him out. But he has a big deep bark that’s easier to block out than a high pitched one.

        Plus my downstairs neighbors could never complain about us given their Sam situation. 😉 <3

      2. Hi Nikki!! How’s that eggplant coming along? Lol.

        I know- getting up that early was brutal- I don’t know how I used to do it allll the time. lol Sam sounds hilarious– or the interaction between you two does at least! Thank goodness he is downstairs and not up! I feel like that could be brutal!

    1. Aww thank you, love! You always have such kind words <3 brighten my day! Hope you have a nice rest of your weekend, love!

  2. Brains, beauty and a good cook too – no wonder DJ snagged you!! 🙂 All your meals look delicious – the ones you make and dine on. P.S. – Your hair looked nice!

    1. Yessss do it!! It’s so great with dipping in sauces or hummus. Or you can sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, roast, and then dip in tomato sauce so it’s like eggplant parm! I hope you enjoy 🙂

  3. Makes me want to move to California – great food, good weather, apricots hanging off the branches, authentic garage sales… what more can i ask for? 🙂


    1. Hehe- we are soaking up every second because we probably won’t be staying more than a couple years from now- but I highly recommend everyone live here at least once in their lives if they have the flexibility to! my favorite part is the foood options– soo much to eat, so little time!!! Thanks for stopping by, girl. Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

      1. Ugh, yes it is SO pricy– we probably won’t live here past another year, but at least you can ALWAYS visit 🙂 It’s an easy place to be a tourist and see a whole lot in just as few days 🙂 If you ever do visit I would be happy to give ya the grand tour or tons of suggestions <3

      2. What a shame to learn you’d probably won’t live here past another year – I feel there is so much Bay Area can offer and it’s an easy place to live. I wouldn’t mind a grand tour so will definitely get in touch when I next come over! 🙂


      3. I know I know 🙁 But we are soaking up every single second! And yes for sure- just holla, girl! I’d love that. Have a great week, Natalie 🙂 xx

  4. Girrllll, your posts & food are so amazing!!! I don’t know where to begin. The purple potatoes & all the ways you’re enjoying them, eggplant, tacos on tacos, & sushi. I just finished breakfast, & my mouth is watering!

    I’ve never had Georgian cuisine. It looks amazing! Matt eats fast, so sometimes I have to get a “running start” 😛 but we both don’t like to sit & eat while the other has already finished. So I understand that!

    Finding your ‘bux card was pretty awesome! I love discovering I still have some money on a gift card. 😄

    Soooo that video made me furious! That banging is absurd & obnoxious!! Last night was awful. Matt & I laid down in the 10 o’clock hour, & just as we were almost asleep, someone shot off fireworks. FIREWORKS. Like what the heck?! Matt got up & came downstairs because he was so irritated, & he heard them partying…outside. Thennnnn our idiot neighbor started up his Subaru & revved it multiple times. He starts it up every morning at 6:00 or 7:00, & it is loud. We live in a town home, & this community is therefore small. Some people legit have no concept of respect or common decency. I hope your issue is resolved soon! If this Subaru owner keeps on with this, I’ll have to say something too.

    Anyway, I hope you have an absolutely beautiful day!! XO

    1. AWW! That means the world coming from my foodie idol!!

      Teheh- glad you understand that too- I think you would love Georgian cuisine.. It is so scrumptious. I’ve been dreaming about those dumplings and cheesy bread ever since.

      It feels soooo gooood to use them up!

      Ugh, it’s SO bad. Today was EXTRA horrible too. And girl- Fireworks?!? Isn’t that illegal?! Goodness gracious!! And that dang Subaru. What the heck- I don’t get why he feels the need to rev it too- like that’s avoidable. It’s absurd how disrespectful people can be. Ugh, well at least we can support one another in our neighbor woes. UGH! haha, thanks for letting me vent too- sometimes it feels good to just get it off the chest ya know? I hope it doesn’t come to that point where you have to say something- maybe someone even will before you do! But keep me posted <3

      Hope you are having a great weekend too 🙂 I've just been sooo looking forward to your autumn activity recaps at the beginning of each week!

      1. ❤️❤️

        I need to either make some Georgian cuisine at home or try to find a restaurant here!

        It is! Especially with the noise ordinance. Some people are just rude!! I’ll let you know how things go – I sure hope someone does say something!

        I have had a really lovely weekend, thank you! I just don’t want it to end. 😔 That means so much! Thank you for reading, doll!!

      2. yes for sureeee!!

        Yes please keep me posted too.

        I can’t wait to read about it! One of the fun parts about blogging is getting to relive awesome memories- (although bittersweet cause then ya just want to go right back!). XO

      1. Thanks. I have to drag Mickey out since I find many nice restaurants to try but we both are not well, as we have a cold now. Hopefully it is out soon.
        How is your week? Anything exciting?

      2. aw I had a cold this week too- not fun. Tis the season. I hope you feel much better soon & can get to finding some good grub!

        My husband and I went to an NFL game this Sunday and then had some of the best mac and cheese ever in Oakland, CA!! Besides that it has just been school work. How about for you?!

  5. I love listening to podcasts on runs!! Although I do leave any true crime ones for when I’m at home. I don’t want to freak myself out haha.

    Maybe I’m naive but I didn’t realize Georgia had specific food to it!

    Also all of these food pics are making me hungry…maybe it’s just the 20 miles talking but all of this yummy food isn’t helping! I hope you’re having a great Saturday!

    1. same!!! haha- I listen to the true crime ones when running, but have DEFINITELY been spooked before. I say it just makes me run a bit faster home lol.

      I didn’t know Georgia had its own cuisine either! But gosh stinkin’ dang, it’s delicious. I have legitimately craved it ever since. Especially those dumplings…. YUM.

      hahaha- I am so proud of you for TWENTY miles! That is just incredible- I admire you so much for your dedication, and am SO excited for you. You will slay this race.

      Hope you got alll fueled up after! <3

      1. That’s smart! If you need a little boost, true crime is always there haha.

        Dumplings are so good…I can never turn them down!

        You are so kind Mackenzie!! Thank you for the support <3

      2. Lol, right?!

        Same, girl, same. May be one of my favorite food.

        Of course!!! You inspire me!

  6. That chicken looks fantastic! I love how you got all creative with your ingredients!

    I’ve never even heard of the country of Georgia but the restaurant looks so nice! I woulda so stole some crayons while I was waiting. 😂 Those dumplings are adorable & everything else looks so delish, too!

    I’ve never finished my food before my boyfriend because he eats so extremely fast it’s almost scary! It does make me sad when he finishes first though and I always try to catch up!

    The garage sales look like so much fun! I haven’t been to one in ages. And I am drooling over those fresh sushi roll & matcha pancakes from Ozumo!!! Whoa!!! 😍

    Those pieces of roasted eggplant look so tasty!!! I’m definitely going to try that with some hummus. Thanks for such a great idea!!! ♡

    1. Thanks, girl! It felt good to use up all those ingredients.

      I think you would love Georgian food! I wonder if LV has any?! I feel like there is so much good and diverse food there- maybe they do!

      LOL that’s hilarious- I just pictured y’alls entire meal in my head. Haha. I did not expect to just love those pancakes as much as I did – like I thought they’d be good, but I got them more for the matcha flavor, but EVERYTHING about them was spectacular- they were my favorite pancakes I think I’ve ever ever had.

      Yeah, girl! I hope you enjoy. I always roasted them in olive oil with some salt and pepper. Makes for a nice snack for sure! They hold up better than zucchini I’ve found for dipping!

      Have a great week, Hunida!! xoxo

      1. I’ll have to see if we do have Georgian food! Hahaha you would probably have wide eyes if you seen the way my boyfriend eats. It’s way too fast!! & mmm you’re making me drool, the way you’re describing those pancakes! GIMME GIMME!! <3

        OOH!! Zucchini sounds like a good idea, too!! 😀 Thanks, Mack!! Hope you have a great week, too!

      2. Hahha- yessss. I think I’m gonna take DJ back soon to try them- they are sooo yummy!


  7. Wow Mackenzie , you have been busy Girl!! The chicken parm meal looked so good and I am glad DJ liked it. Great photo of the apartment buildings and streets of SF. I will have to check out a simple favour now! That is cool you got to a Georgian restaurant. It is always best to wait for everyone at the table to get their meal. It is good to find old giftcards to use up. Now you got me thinking! You never know what you might find at a garage sale. We have got kids clothes a lot and some great toys too. Ozumo looks like a place to go with an appetite! Yummy food for sure. Great photo of you on the couch. Is’nt it great to cosy up with a favorite blanket? I am so sorry that you still have trouble with the noisy neighbors 🙁 I hope it is resolved soon. We went to perkins on saturday and I had the pumpkin pancakes, so good! Also if you are at the mall check out bath and body works ( If there is one in your mall) they have pumpkin apple all in one handsoap it smells so good! Thanks for post, Terri xo.

    1. Haha it has been a whirlwind- I’m not really sure where this time is going?! How is it October 1 already?! This is one of my favorite months of the year though!!

      I love garage sails- it’s the ultimate treasure hunt!!

      YES- definitely have an appetite for Ozumo’s brunch. Gosh, it was so yummy.

      Oh pumpkin pancakes?!?! YES PLEASE. That sounds absolutely delicious- I totally see why you love Perkins so much especially if they have those! The thought is making my mouth water.

      I loveeee Bath and Body Works seasonal scents- I will definitely be on the lookout for that. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m so excited!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Terri! <3

      1. Hi Mackenzie, maybe a local restaurant will offer pumpin pancakes for you! You are welcome for the recommendation, I thought you might like it, hugs, Terri xo.

      2. I am gonna try to scour some out 🙂 I’ll let ya know if I find some! I absolutely did- if only we had a Perkins nearby. Have such a great week!

  8. Great job on winging that recipe! It sounds and looks delish!

    I love the sunset photo! I love that contrast, and sunrises and sunsets are two of my top fav things.

    DJ is the pancake king and you are the running queen! If I run a 5k I feel like I have accomplished something major….you rock out 9 miles like it is a breeze. ha!

    That’s so exciting to try new cuisine! That does stink you had to wait so long to eat! I’m the same way in not wanting to start before anyone else cause then you are full but stuck watching everyone else eat.

    I always tell myself that I will scope out nice (read rich ha) neighborhoods to find garage and yard sales, but I never take the time to do the research.

    That noise is terrible!! What the hell are they doing?! Do they build furniture for a living?! Who moves into an apartment and takes weeks to setup their stuff by hammering and banging for weeks on end? Also, how many times do they have to be told by management to quiet down? I am livid for you, that’s absurd.

    1. Thanks so much, Kaci 🙂 I was psyched that it turned out ok! Agreeed! In SF there is a ton of that contrast with the bright sun and then the dark clouds, it’s so beautiful.

      Awww! Well I always say my sister stole ALL the athleticism, so all I was left with was to run so that’s what I did ! tehe. But do not give me a glove or a soccer ball or a racket of any kind- it will be brutal. hahah.

      SO glad I’m not alone in that feeling!!! DJ couldn’t get it but I was like, it would make me sad the fun is all over for me! Haha.

      Oooo i used to do that in OH! There was a terrific neighborhood I’d go to and actually got a couple finds. We also loved trick or treating there for the massive candy bars – lol!

      No idea. It’s just nuts. Thanks sooo much- I am kinda at a loss of what to do. I am just so so so thankful I’m not doing nursing right now or I would lose my mind. Have a great week, gf!

  9. I think it’s so great of you to cook food for your husband that you don’t actually eat yourself – what a wifey! Good job on winging that chicken dish!

    OMG, you made me laugh at your comment about being the first to finish your food and sadly watching others eat! I try to pace my eating to that of my dining companion to avoid this. Although my husband eats a lot faster than me so it’s really only something to be mindful of when I dine with others than him.

    I wish I loved eggplant, but I find it mushy and just yucky. And I’m so copying your rice cake snack with yogurt,dried fruit and walnuts – yum!

    1. Aw, thanks, Susie!!! I love cooking so I don’t mind at all. It’s a nice mind break during the day from school too.

      hahah exactly!!! You get it!

      I understand that- the texture definitely gets people with eggplant.

      The rice cake is quite yummy- I actually just had it a few hours ago but on toast rather than a rice cake! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Have such a great week!

  10. Yes I am spamming your blog right now! (While also texting you..because why not communicate on multiple platforms! :p) I LOVE that! I usually tend to do my runs on the weekends because new music is released on Friday:)
    That is SUCH a great idea! I love that!
    Haha I LOVE how you were counting your green foods!
    Bevri sounds amazing! Oh my lent I LOVE pizza with eggs on t! (Actually really adding egg to anything just takes a dish up a notch including salad!)
    Awe that is awesome that DJ is running too! You need to come back to NY and we can run along the reservoir!
    I love that you decided on coffee over running past first…YAS girl! I mean coffee gives you fuel of course!
    Oh my gosh matcha pancakes? YES please! I am so hungry now! And I just ate!
    Girl you are the cutest! Please share your selfie taking ways with me please! <3

    1. BRING ON THE SPAM! I am loving every bit of this. Seriously making my night. Bahah – I am a couple days late to this-but I love that you were blogging & texting at once…. be careful— you’ll get sick of me! LOL!

      Ahhh yes yes yes! Do you listen to New Music Friday on Spotify?! It’s probably my favorite playlist!

      And amen sista to the eggs on anything. I could not agree more!

      Yes, please to the run on the reservoir! I didn’t even know that was a thing until you posted about it- all your pictures look sooo dreamy too.

      Daww! I think it’s the other way around! XO

    1. Exactly!! anything in the “dumpling realm” is gonna be good!

      Oh my gosh, thank you, sweet thing!

  11. Your chicken parm with cracker crumbs looks scrumptious! Lol. I’ll have to give it a try like that. A good friend of mine once made something like that but with the corn cereal? It was good too lol.
    And those matcha pancakes are calling my name!! I tried a matcha latte for the first time at SB and was hooked on it, so I’ve gotten ice cream and now I’m missing matcha donuts or cupcakes to try haha. Pancakes will be my next ones if I can find them lol.
    Anyway all the food you made looks amazing!# I’ll have to try avocado on rice cakes too for a nice quick lunch

    1. Ohhhhh that sounds so yummy with corn cereal too! I bet it added a nice flavor!

      Isn’t matcha anything the best?! Matcha lattes are my favorite 😍 they’re just hard to find.

      Thanks so much girl 🤗 hope you had a great thanksgiving !

      1. Alex doesn’t seem to like the matcha flavor, he doesn’t get it haha
        By the way, speaking of lattes, my son disabled my ipad so I was forced to restore it completely, therefore losing all of my screenshots lol. In my ipad was a recipe for the turmeric latte you once made. I wonder if you mind sending me that again? Lol or send me the link to that post if you know which one it is I’m sorry 😢😢

      2. Oh girl- I’m so sorry that happened to you! I hope you didn’t have anything too terribly important on there!!And I’m more than happy to share again- just steam milk (I like almond, but regular foams up better) with a sprinkle of turmeric (you don’t need a lot), and top with cinnamon and honey!! xoxo

      3. Luckily nothing too important but I did have a few photos of ciel in there from when he opens the camera. He would take selfies and I’d saved whichever I thought were cute lol. Oh well haha. And thanks. I made sure to screenshot this on my phone 😊

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