Easter Sunday on a Cruise!

OKAYYY, being super honest off the bat, I had a really hard time uploading these pictures because they make me want to go back SO BADLY. I guess that’s a good thing though, right? Always better to leave a vacay wanting more! (that’s what my momma always says!)

After our amazing time in NOLA, we headed to the ship around 2:00 pm in the afternoon on March 31st. Luckily, our Lyft driver came with a mini van that had the ability to tote all our overpacked typical how do I pack my whole life in a suitcase luggage to Port. Speaking of the port, when looking at where to go on maps, Rach asked me if we were disembarking from “Port of Call”. I recognized the name, and said, “Yep, absolutely that’s it!” with the utmost confidence. Our sweet Lyft driver, mother of five with a thick southern accent, kept saying, “You sure y’all want to go to Port of Call with all that luggage?! It’s a pretty tiny place!”. We were so confused until she halted the mini van in front of a burger joint called Port of Call with no body of water (or cruise ship) in sight… Uhhh whoops! The reason I recognized Port of Call was because I had seen it on lists of restaurants when I’d done research! After we all came to the epiphany that that burger joint was not in fact our cruise ship and had a good laugh, we headed to the REAL port!

And we made it!!!


The port didn’t provide the most gorgeous views around, but we knew soon the swampy bayou water was soon going to turn into a sparkling blue!


And here is the famous Natchez boat out & about, New Orlean’s only steamboat!


We boarded the Carnival cruise, Triumph. Carnival cruises are known as more low budget cruises, but I have always LOVED them. Sure, you face long buffet lines, rowdy crowds and youngin’s, annnnnd may have to fight tooth and nail for a beach lounge chair- but for the price the food is pretty darn good (and unlimited, hellllo!), the shows are magnificent, the people and staff are friendly, fascinating, and non-pretentious, and it truly is FUN. I’m a big advocate of Carnival, especially for younger crowds and people with kids!


We made it to our room!!!


We loved our room. It was more spacious than we expected and had a window facing the water. It only cost about $100 more to get an outward facing room rather than interior, and totally worth it. The views, especially at night of the water and the moon, were beautiful! (Also it helps with any disorientation and claustrophobia).


We unpacked a bit and Rachel’s momma snuck in THE SWEETEST little Easter basket for us in Rach’s luggage. It was soooo thoughtful & special. Even though we would be spending Easter on the cruise ship, this definitely helped us get into the Easter spirit!


She even included dark chocolate because she knows it’s my faveee. This was some of the best dark chocolate I have EVER had (actually probably THE best). Malley’s chocolate for the win. I literally carried it around in my purse with me the whole cruise so I always had my chocolate on me 😉 It didn’t last long as you can imagine!

Rach quickly opened the Peeps because she likes them stale, lol.. I have yet to try a truly stale one, but I could see it?! Side note- My Greek teacher in high school invented something called “Peeps wrapped in a blanket”… peeps wrapped in bacon. It’s actually a thing on urban dictionary , haha. Anyone have a Peeps preference?!


We finished exploring our Cruise Ship, which for food had a Guy’s burger joint (with all the burgers & fries your heart desires), a seafood shack, blue iguana cantina, the lido restaurant, and 24-7 pizza pirate & ice cream/frozen yogurt.


I adore this picture <3


The ship was stunning with an endless array of activities, particularly on the Promenade and Lido deck.


We headed down to the first show (they usually took place around 7 and again at 9).


We had the late dinner time at 8:15 pm, so we always went to the early show. I don’t have any pictures from the nightly shows because photography isn’t allowed- but they were one of my favorite parts of the cruise. The talent was just phenomenal. I have much more of an appreciation for the shows now that I’m older.

After the show every evening we headed to dinner. This is my favorite part of cruises. I LIVE for the evening dining room dinner. The tables were decorated elegantly.


We were seated with four other girls that were our age. Sometimes you are seated with other people for the fine dining meal, but we weren’t upset about it. The conversation flowed well, and we enjoyed their company! And just to clarify for those that haven’t been on cruises, you can literally order anything on the menu, and as much as you’d like (minus a small section where you can pay $20 upcharge for lobster tail). I mean can you think of anything better than that?! Some of the dishes weren’t great, but others blew our flip-flops off.

I won’t include pictures of EVERYTHING we ate on the cruise, because that may be obnoxious… but I will certainly highlight our favorites!!!

I had the “Port Featured item” which was a cajun salmon. It was FANTASTIC!


For dessert I had a tiramisu dish, which I loved. We always called dessert time SUGAR TIME!!!!! (this originated on cruises with my mom & sister- making me very nostalgic for them at many points during the cruise).


Another part of cruises Rach and I both love are the comedy acts. They have a mix of family friendly and then some with more adult content.


We always sat near the front for the comedy acts (go big or go home, yo), and for the first one we went to we were picked on quite brutally by the comedian. We took it like champs though and weren’t actually offended. After, we decided to grab a picture with him, and as Rach crutched up to him, he put his hands in his face and felt horrible realizing he had thrown jabs at the girl with crutches without knowing it. Lol!


We were greeted by a cute little elephant when we got back to the room 🙂


We snoozed hard that evening. In the morning of April 1st, I hit the gym and read on the treadmill which became routine for the rest of the trip.


I LOVED the book I took to read on the cruise (highly recommend). When I vacation I like to read mystery/crime/thriller novels. Girl on the Train is the epitome of the type, which I read on our honeymoon. It definitely set the precedent. This time around I read Don’t Try to Find Me by Holly Brown. I still have a tiny bit left to read, but I’m savoring every page. It’s a pretty great mindless read. I also brought along The Book Thief in the flesh (or in the actual 3-dimensional book form) for when my Ipad was dying (I’m AWFUL about charging my electronics).

After we headed to one of our favorite memories from the cruise- The Easter Seaday Brunch (they know the way to my heart with that pun)! Rachel got us the CUTEST bunny ears to wear for the day. We put them on and headed to one of our favorite meals, and memories, of the trip.

Once again, you can order anything on the menu, as much as you’d like!


And somebunny was veryy hungry!!!

I tried the salmon benedict & the Frosted Flakes french toast.



I literally could eat this meal, including the french toast, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner forever and ever. This was some of the best & tastiest french toast I’ve tasted. It was the french toast of my dreams. Just take two of the best breakfast foods & mash um’ together! Any other frosted flakes junkies up in here?!


Rach loved their steak & eggs..!


We laid in the sun for a bit while reading our books, and then I heard over the speaker that they were having an Easter Sunday Service on board at 3 pm. I decided to go with no clue of what it would be like. Y’all it was soooo awesome, truly a memory I will never forget! I didn’t think it would feel like Easter at all, but between the sweet Easter basket, the Easter brunch, and the Sunday service it truly was one of my favorite Easter’s of all time. I was shocked how packed out the service was, there was hardly a seat open in the whole room.


They played some worship music and then opened up the floor for anyone to share any special testimonies, praises, or prayer requests. I was surprised how many people were willing to share. One testimony someone shared included an anecdote about a woman from their home church who was told she would never be able to have a baby, ever since she was 18 years old. Now currently in her 30s, she and her husband decided to adopt a baby. After going through the whole adoption process, the little baby was taken away and given back to his biological parents. However, at the exact same time of this devastating loss of the adopted baby, she found out she was pregnant! God is so gooood.

I was in tears by the end of it because the things people shared were moving, powerful, and awesome. Then we all sang Amazing Grace together. It truly was a special reminder that Church can truly take place anywhere, it’s all about the people worshipping the same God- not the place.

Easter evening the cruise hosted formal night, wooohoo!We glammed on up, took our fair share of pics, then headed to the evening show.


Everyone thought we were sisters, I mean we basically are <3 Was not mad about the assumptions!


Like I said, our fair share of pictures!


After the show we salivated toward the dining room. Yum yum yum!


That night we had some savory scallops (that I gobbled up before getting a good picture, whoooopsie), oven baked Japanese sea bass, and baked stuffed mushrooms. Mmmmm Mmmmmm mmm!


This was much longer than expected, so next post I’ll recap our Cozumel excursion! 🙂

xo <3

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63 thoughts on “Easter Sunday on a Cruise!

  1. It was so sweet of Rachel’s mom to send you guys an Easter basket! Also dark chocolate is the best! I’ve never been on a cruise but it sounds like a great time for just the first two nights and day on the ship. Also it’s 8:15 am and now I want tiramisu so thanks a lot girl 😉 You and Rachel are both gorgeous in all of these pictures. The glam dressed up look with Easter bunny ears is adorable. You should definitely print that out and put it in a frame.

    1. RIGHT?! Soooo thoughtful of her. Ahhh, have you had Malley’s Dark chocolate?! It’s next level. I’m practically drooling thinking about it. I HIGHLY recommend doing a cruise for a vacation- you save a ton of money too because the food is all included and you don’t have to pay nightly for a hotel or air bnb! Thank you for your sweet, sweet words. I think I will take your suggestion for that picture framing! Definitely one of my favorites of all time of us, just such a special memory!!! Hope you are doing amazing, Maureen! XO

      1. No I’ve never even heard of that brand before! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it from now on. Dark chocolate is delicious so I need to taste it!

  2. Girl. Girl. GIRL!!!!!! Holy guacamole! Your cover picture!!! Excuse me while I just drool over it. You are so freaking gorgeous! Seriously! I absolutely adore that picture!
    Huge hugs. I know what you mean. i had a hard time completing my Charleston posts because I didn’t want it to be over 🙁
    That is to funny about the name and something I would totally have done…Actually I have done it…(Did I ever tell you how Sarah and I attempted to break into the wrong apartment when we were in SF?)
    Your ship looks amazing. (confession I have NEVER been on a cruise!!!!)
    Also love that picture of you with the raft!
    Oh my lanta Rachel’s mom is the sweetest!
    That is to funny. I love Peeps in the freezer. They are so yummy!
    Girl your pictures are stunning! LOVE them! And you girls are adorable!
    I actually had friends who sue to perform on cruises and I have thought about doing it. It sounds like a ton of fun!
    That is to funny about the comedy show. I completely agree! Go big or go home!
    Oh my lanta girl I am SO hungry! That brunch looked amazing and that is SO sweet about the church service! I love that so much. It really is true that you can worship anywhere as log as you are willing and open.
    Girl you ladies looked stunning! Seriously obsessed with your dress and glammed up look! Work it! I am obsessed! I love those pictures you look so happy and care-free I LOVE it! I am glad you had a blast and that your cruise started off in such a fabulous way! <3

    1. Stoppppp you are the sweetest OF ALL TIME 😭😭😭 thank you, thank youuuuuu, love!!!! Truly just pure joy in every picture. I usually don’t like pictures of me straight on cheesin’ but these bring back the best memories. BAHAHAHHAHA I think you did tell me about that! So funny!! We did it in LA too and started panicking when we couldn’t get in.. then realized it was the wrong place too 😂 ooooooo that sounds sooooo delish- peeps in the freezer! Popsicle peeps some may say 😉 no way- you know someone who performed?! Oh my gosh I’d love to meet her one day and pick her brain. I have so many questions !!! Thank you again for the kindest words of all time. LOVE YOU! XOXOOXO ❤️

      1. YOU are the sweetest of all time and I meant every single word! Girl you OWNED these pictures! You are stunning, and glowing, and seriously absolutely radiant in all of these! I am so happy that YOU were happy!
        Bwahaha, What would be a trip if it didn’t have some funny moments? LOL. Haha I LOVE that! Popsicle peeps!
        Yup! I know several people! Yes girl! They all live in New York 🙂 <3 Awe Love you beauty! <3

      2. Thank youuuuu, Kate!!!! <3 <3 eeek, you're seriously making me blush!!! 🙂 I still need to find some peeps to freeze.. hopefully target has some in the sale isle. LOL. LOVE YOU ALWAYS!! xo

      3. Aweee huge hugs! Bwahahah if all else fails their is always Christmas Tree Shop…Somehow they have Easter Peeps in December! Lol. Awe so much love to you! <3

  3. Looooove this post!! I read it while sipping on my coffee, and it’s one of my fav starts to the day! I love seeing your sweet face and reading your witty writing. I’ve never been on a cruise, but you make it seem so fun! I was just telling my sweet dietetic intern how they make me nervous, but this seemed so perfect. You and Rachel are STUNNING!!! Love your dressy outfits. All. The. Food. Yummmm. Thank you for sharing! And I so understand what you mean about recounting a vacation and missing it. XO

    1. Aww, Kori! I can’t tell you how much it means that you would share coffee time with me!!!! ❤️ you always boost my confidence and encourage me tons. Thank you for your sweet words & Id highly recommend cruises for a vacay 🙂 just love um! XO

      1. As you do the same for me!! Maybe one day Matt and I will venture out and take a cruise, all thanks to your amazing recap! Have the best day and weekend, doll! <3

  4. I’m glad that you all had a lovely Easter. The cruise looks like it was a lot of fun and your photos are amazing.

      1. NO WAY!!!! Oh my goodness, I just popped over to your blog to see if there is a post about it & THERE IS! I can’t wait to catch up!

  5. Wow, this post made me nostalgic for the first cruise my family and I took a couple years ago. We sailed on Carnival too and a few people turned up their noses when I mentioned that, but we loved it! I appreciate your opinion on Carnival and I agree with you. We had wonderful service, great entertainment and SO. MUCH.FOOD. I think I gained 6 pounds on that cruise (oops! Too much “sugar time” lol!). So glad you enjoyed your Easter cruise – you and Rachel are so cute- such great pictures as usual and you look just gorgeous! How does DJ let you travel without him? Haha, just kidding!

    1. Hi Susie!!!! Awwwww where did y’all go on your cruise?! Thank you for affirming my feelings about Carnival too- the cruise line holds some special memories & I always feel defensive when people turn up their noses too! LOL- no such thing as too much sugar time 😉 That’s what cruises are for, right?! Thank you for your sweet words! HAHA- I don’t tell him, I just leave. JUST KIDDING! Lol- DJ is a trooper, he knows I have the travel bug & since this lined up with his busiest time of year at work it worked out great! I brought him back a souvenir cup even. 😉

  6. That Easter basket in the luggage thing is totally something my mom would do! How fun I’d love to go on a cruise someday! But I enjoyed vicariously taking this cruise through your post!

    1. Awww! Aren’t moms the best?! Such a fun surprise! Thanks for sharing in this adventure with us 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by, Savannah! xo

  7. Oh my goodness,I love cruises sooooo much. And I`m having SO much fun experiencing this through you. You give the best recaps! I can`t wait to start traveling again one day!!

    1. Nicole!!! how are you, girlfriend?! Thanks for sharing in this fun memory with us 🙂 You have no idea how much you made my day with this comment. Thank you, love! I hope you get to travel soon too 🙂 If you are ever in the northern Cali area I have a guest room for ya! XOXO

  8. What an awesome cruise. I don’t think I could ever go on a cruise myself but it looked like a lot of fun and as always the food looks delicious. I can craving some tiramisu after reading this post. And you look gorgeous in that black dress.

    1. Rossy!! I miss ya, girl! Sorry I have been so MIA… things have been insanely busy with graduation then vacation, but thanks for stopping by! I am so excited to see your icon pop up in my notifications 🙂 If you ever need a girls trip- this is how to do it! I know it’s hard with the little one, but maybe when he gets older 🙂 And girl, get some tiramisu !!! You deserve a piece (actually two!). Thank you for the sweetest words. XOXO

      1. That’s okay no worries. 🙂
        And yeah, we did take a short vacation to Seattle over spring break and that was all fun (I already wrote out two posts if you want to quickly look at all the photos, they’re terribly long posts lmao) but we had fun and I feel that as he gets older it will be easier, we are already planning a few day trips as well as a vacation to Mexico because Alex just wants to “get it out of the way” 😂😂
        I may have to go to Olive Garden for it because I haven’t seen it in grocery stores in so long and let’s face it, not nearly as good as olive gardens tiramisu! 😉 no problem have an amazing weekend!

      2. Oh my goshhhh!!! Yes, I cannot wait to catch up on those!!! Girl, I am all about the long posts 😉 AHHHH MEXICO!!! Where?! WHAT, get it out of the way?!?! What kinda reasoning is that. Lol. Wait.. I’ve never had tiramisu from OG’s. Adding it to the food list. Sooo good to know! XO XO

      3. Because we’re not going to those pristine beaches like Cancun or Cabo lol. We’re going to Sinaloa to visit his family and well…it’s such a small town with virtually nothing exciting. And he wants to get it out of the way because he says we can see it all in one day and he doesn’t want to stay there longer than necesary. In all honesty, we’re only going so his dad can meet our little one lol.

      4. Ahhhh, that makes sense. Hopefully you can still get some R &R and find some awesome eats too. That’s sweet that you are making sure Ciel can meet his grandpa! <3 <3

  9. That’s too funny that you guys accidentally went to a burger joint at first but I’m glad you guys were able to find the cruise on time still!
    I’ve never been on a cruise! I honestly had no idea you could have a room & stay on such an extravagant boat for more than a day. And unlimited food?! You can go to all of those restaurants & just order whatever you want?! That’s so freaking awesome!!! I wouldn’t have thought it was obnoxious at all if you shared all the food you ate with us haha, food is my favorite & that Frosted Flakes French toast looks killer!!!! Yum! Can’t wait to read about Cozumel. 😄

    1. Haha, right?!?! Oy vey!! Leave it to me, lol. GIRL!!!! YESSSS, cruises are the BOMB. It seriously still amazes me that you can get all the unlimited food, such nice service, stay in such a nice room at SUCH a great price! Add it to your list right now!! Food is my favorite too 🙂 So glad we met here, girlfriend. I just adore ya! Have a great rest of your week!

  10. Ahhh Mack, always such amazing pictures! The fooooood… the food is always a joy to see haha :p. I’ve never been on a cruise before, it’s definitely on my bucket list! That black evening dress looks amazing on you! xoxo Sarah

  11. Holy cowwwww the food looks & sounds phenomenal! I tried my 1st all-inclusive vacay for my honeymoon & can I just say when there is no limit to the amount of food or no added price, somehow my stomach gets much roomier. ha! Also, how do you look SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS even with the wind blowing your hair all around?! You look like a model with that perfectly placed hair! I’d probably be squinting so much with my hair whipping me in the face. lolz That truly looks like a dream girls vacay, & I’m so glad y’all had a safe & fun trip!

    1. The food was just too darn good! Aren’t all inclusives the BEST?! I agree 100% I still reflect on this trip like, “how the heck did I eat ALLL that?!” too funny!! You are TOOO sweet, although I have no doubt you would look gorgeous despite the wind 😉 ! Thank you for making my night with your comment, Kaci. I just told Kori I’d love to plan a Nashville trip but stop by Knoxville sometime soon. Girls date for some coffee?! XO

      1. Oh my gosh yes please!! Nashville has some of the best food around so you would love it & Knoxville has my all-time favorite coffee shop that I’d love to introduce you to!

  12. I am so behind Mackenzie! The cruise ship looks amazing and I love all the photos! I am glad you caught an Easter Sunday service! Praise God! You Girls look amazing in your Formal dresses, Rach’s is very cute white with lace and your long dress is so elegant! So nice to get the treats from Rach’s Mom too! Dark chocolate is the best! Thank you for this post, hugs, Terri xo.

    1. Hi Terri! Oh my gosh, no worries- I never expect anyone to keep up with everything 🙂 I appreciate you even stopping by when you do! Coming from the ultimate fashionista thank you for your kind words about our dresses ! Hope you are having a beauttttiful week! XO

  13. This totally makes me want to go on a cruise during a holiday! It sounds like so much fun. Also, yay for having time to read! Isn’t it the best?! You look BEAUTIFUL in the dress!

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