Cookies, Curry Pizza & a Donut Bar!

Hey hey!!! How are ya?! This post is the beginning of highlights from the last couple weeks in between school and work, aka food pics. Let’s just dive right in, shall we? On January 20th we got back around midnight from the race and went straight to sleep just exhausted. On January 21st we luckily both had some time to recover. DJ had a day off work & I just worked on school assignments all day while also unpacking and doing laundry. I woke up ravenous and craving carbs. I made a big bowl of oatmeal with mini wheats and peanut butter. Mmmm!


In the evening we watched Bachelor, and of course, had to have our Tollhouse cookies accompany us!


Fairlife is hands down the best chocolate milk around. This & the cookies together is our favorite combo.


January 22-the 23rd I just did tons of school work morning to night and on the 24th I went to Boys and Girls Club in the afternoon. They had all their homework done already, so I helped one of the girls create a restaurant menu (they have popsicle sticks to pull with fun ideas to pass the time if they finish their homework up)- it was so cute seeing her thought process and preferences! She wanted it to be a Pizza buffet and named it “Pizza More”. We served gelato AND Ice cream.. she felt it was very important to serve both, hehe.

January 25th was the same, but I captured a picture of our dinner of scallops, brown rice, and roasted beets. I am on a roasted beets kick right now!


January 26th I completed my first run after recovering from the race! In the evening, DJ and I decided to have an easy date night. We went to Curry Pizza House to try some unique ‘za! Indian food & pizza combined- sounded like heaven to me!


We grabbed our pizzas and headed home. We were excited to see they included jalapeño ranch dressing. If ya haven’t tried it yet- ya gotta! I’m from the midwest, so pizza + ranch is a true delicacy in my book.


We put in an order for their their house Desi garlic sticks with red onion & green chilis. So yummy.


We ordered a large pizza- half and half: DJ tried the Chili Paneer with curry sauce, cheese, bell peppers, diced tomatoes, red onion, masala paneer, green onions, and fresh cilantro with chicken added. My half was Aloo Chaat with red sauce, marinated potatoes, mint, red onion, cheese, and fresh cilantro with mushrooms added. We weren’t sure what to expect flavor wise, but this definitely worked! Highly recommend trying curry pizza out if you like Indian food *heart eyes*.

We watched the movie, The Hate You Give while eating. I just finished up the book- and wow oh wow was it gripping. The movie was very well done & true to the story too. It’s one of those books that I think everyone should read (or at least see the movie)- it’s heavy, but so important. Thanks for the recommendation, Katy!


On January 27th I woke up around 6:00 am to make sure I had time to get to Starbucks before church.


And off we go, Cafe au Lait in hand!


This particular Sunday we set up a donut bar for the guests! It was so much fun!


I came back from church and decided I wanted to re-do my entire paper I had spent the previous week formulating. SO, I spent from about 11:30 am to 9:30 pm at night reworking the assignment. Good times.

In the evening I made some scallops with roasted zucchini, rice, and Koop’s Arizona Heat. This has been a go-to combo lately!


On January 28th, I submitted that paper and took a big ole’ breath of relief. For lunch I had a purple sweet potato with Fage, avocado, dolmas, hummus and red pepper flakes. I then started the next assignment for the week. Of course in the evening, we watched Bach!


January 29th was same ol’ same ol’.

In the evening of January 30th, I put together a super simple dinner of gnocchi with creamy tomato basil sauce and fresh shredded gruyere cheese.


This gnocchi was wonderful!! TJ’s for the win, yet again.

On January 31st I finished up some discussion forums in the morning then went to Boys and Girls club in the afternoon. On my way, I saw this adorable little bug, and the whole scene reminded me of a scene from a cartoon, like something you would see in Up.


In the evening I made a big salad for myself with all the veggies, hummus, and a bean burger and put together Garlic Naan with Lamb Vindaloo for DJ from guess where? Yep- you got it- TJ’s.


Friday February 1st I spent the whole day working on assignments, but I did get some blogging in I believe! On Saturday morning of February 2nd I woke up extra early, ran about eight miles, and then went with DJ to meet our campus pastors at Voyager Coffee in San Jose at 10:30 am. I’ve been here a couple times before, and I love their lattes. You can tell they use high quality beans for sure.


I just love spending time with our Pastors. We caught up and chatted a bunch about this upcoming year and just life in general.

After coffee we met up with some other close friends from church for dim sum! Woohooo!! Twice in a couple months! We went to Mayflower in Saratoga.


The menu was very different from the last time we tried it, but still got a bunch of good dishes to share. I tried jellyfish for the first time (first picture) and really enjoyed it! The Lazy Susan in the middle was fun to pass food around!


I really enjoyed their tea too. I didn’t get a bunch of pictures, but it was great to spend time with everyone & the food was pretty good. Not quite on the level of City View– but that place is considered one of the best in the entire Bay!


In the afternoon DJ told me their was a gorgeous rainbow outside- luckily I caught it in time! No matter how old you are I feel like rainbows are still exciting to see.


For dinner I made DJ a steak with birds eye veggies and brown rice. I had a salad out of my massive bowl, or trough as we joke, with pan seared tempeh, hummus, and tons of veggies.


February 3rd the hospitality team put together this fun Super Bowl breakfast. The brown dishes are shaped like footballs!


The rest of the day was school, school, break to do a blog post, school. I picked up DJ some Buffalo Wild Wings for the game- his tradition on Super Bowl day, haha. Even though I was working on some assignments, it was really nice just sitting next to DJ and “watching” the game (but really only commercials). I’ll make a part 2 for the rest of the recap!

Questions for you:

  • Feelings about ranch on pizza? I know you have a strong opinion either way 😉
  • Favorite kind of milk or chocolate milk?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!

xo <3


132 thoughts on “Cookies, Curry Pizza & a Donut Bar!

      1. I had seen them at the grocery store and wondered about getting them as I love seafood, but now you’ve convinced me!

  1. wow you certainly have been busy as well as eating a LOT of tasty foods. I don’t think I would ever have thought of putting Indian and Italian foods together, but they certainly did sound like interesting combinations

    1. Lol- true true- it’s our favorite past time in between all the hum drum of school & work!

      It was interesting! At first my taste buds were confused, but after a couple bites I began to reallllly enjoy it! So yummy. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I like ranch on pizza! Though I can’t remember the last time I ate it…and regular milk all the way! Though I rarely drink that either! Btw, I really need to borrow some of your veggie enthusiasm…lol…as I sit here eating chocolate cake. But hey, it’s valentines day right? Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Hey, girl! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      Haha- yesss if you aren’t having something chocolate on Valentine’s Day then you are doing it all wrong! I was right there eating some brownie cookies ! Have a great weekend, Savannah!

  3. I am always instantly hungry when reading your foodie posts Mackenzie. The garlic sticks looked so good and you’re more adventuresome than me in trying new foods, but that pizza looked wonderful. I am probably the only person who has (still) not tried avocado toast and I have never had Indian food. I must expand my horizons after seeing the sticks and pizza. Your own cooking looks tasty as well. That latte with perfect heart art for Valentine’s Day looked awesome as well. What a cute idea having the donut bar for church
    and that clever sign. You pack a lot of activities, plus school into your days … oh to be 25 again – sigh!

    1. Aww !! I’m glad the food looks appetizing to you!! The bread sticks tasted pretty traditional & with the jalapeno ranch was so yummy !

      Hehe- you know what type of bread it really good for avocado toast? Dave’s! 😉

      hehe- I think I’m getting sick so my body is screaming to slowwwww down. Even at 25 only so much you can do I guess 😉 And with your walking mileage I’d say you are doing amazing! xo

      Thanks for stopping in, Linda! Have a great weekend <3

      1. I must make avocado toast once I get to the store and get some Dave’s! I’m sorry to hear you are getting sick … school does hog up so much of your time and reading that you had completely re-done your paper from scratch – I felt for you, shared your pain. I remember those days … but I was not in grad school which would be doubly difficult. Take care of yourself Mackenzie – slow down a little and relax this weekend. Hope you have a three day weekend with no school Monday, though I know, you still have papers, exams and the like that need to be done … no rest for the weary.

      2. Aww I sooo appreciate your empathy, Linda. I brought the re-write on myself. I didn’t feel like the topic I chose was challenging enough, lol! I got an A on the paper, but my prof said the topic might be TOO hard for the course so I went back to the original- too funny. But I’m glad I gave it my 100% so now I know : ) DJ and I had a lovely weekend despite the cold creeping in (not the weather, the sick kind- hehe- I have to clarify knowing what “cold” means in your book, tehe)…. but we both have today and tomorrow off which is nice. I’m still going to try to get ahead of the game, but there is no pressure! Time to rest 🙂 How has your weekend been? Can’t wait to read all about it!

      3. Ha ha – you essentially overachieved, but that’s a good thing, but rewriting the entire paper – ugh. But, as you said, now you know. Glad you had a couple of days to yourselves to catch up on your favorite shows and maybe let a little schoolwork creep into the equation too. I did go out yesterday and today, but didn’t write a post today – I thought it might be too similar to yesterday’s and too much grumbling about the weather, so I gave blogging a rest. I intended to go a little further for my trek today, but they said the storm was coming earlier, so I decided to stick close to home … they were off by hours (and hours) as to the snow’s arrival. SMH

      4. Aww I hope the sun shines & the weather warms up to give you some new material soon 🙂 I love your persistence though despite the weather! Good thing you didn’t take what they said too seriously about the storm, I bet that would’ve been even more frustrating having passed up on the walk entirely when it never came until hours later!

      5. I know, I tell myself I won’t listen to them, then they start with the dire predictions, etc. – I am a weather worrier. They said this was 1-3 inches statewide and some of the norther suburbs got 6 or more inches of snow. I just got 3 inches, but we have the ice event tomorrow night and another storm next weekend. Well, at least I’ll get everything for my taxes done.

      6. Oh no 🙁 I’m sorry to hear the storms aren’t over yet. I did see on the news more inclement weather is on the way :/ stay safe, Linda!

      7. Thanks Mackenzie – Reading about the rains this weekend was one thing, but now they are forecasting powerful winds … well, that just took me way out of my comfort zone when I read a headline like: “Metro Detroit weather: Powerful weekend storm looms after warm Friday.” Yikes!

      8. It sure is and right now it is 45 mph and I worry I’ll lose power, thought I should hop on here and look at comments in case that happens.

      9. Oh no- I hope you didn’t — everything settled down a bit? Did you keep your power?!

      10. Yes, I did, thank you for asking. The wind peak for us (Detroit Metro Airport) was 55 mph in the afternoon. I heard a big thunk outside, and checked this morning but saw nothing and no shingles flew off either. Thankfully I didn’t lose my power as it was a real feel in the teens – it is now as well. The wind raged all night – sounded like the end of the world out there.

      11. I cannot believe it’s that nuts there, but I’m glad everything is okay & the power stayed on! I bet it was a bit unnerving with that wind 🙁 Hopefully tonight you can sleep more soundly without the winds trying to break in!

      12. I know, I think it will be an early bedtime for me – I heard it all night long. Hopefully your family in Ohio was not subjected to this wind and after effects.

      13. They definitely are practically neighbors especially compared to out here ! Feels like another world!!

      14. You’re right – I just read your latest post and that sunset in SF and that evening you spent … how gorgeous and beautiful it is there. Picturesque and perfect.

  4. Curry & pizza definitely sounds different, but the pizza & garlic sticks look delicious! Also gnocchi is my all-time favorite pasta!
    I’m from Texas so ranch & pizza is 👍 but ranch isn’t a flavor they have here in Denmark…
    Also my favorite chocolate milk is Cocio (a Danish brand). They only use milk, cocoa & sugar. That’s it & it’s amazing!

    1. It was different for sure, but worked so well!! I highly recommend if you ever see it around. Girl, I’m with ya- gnocchi is soooo doggone yummy. The thought makes my mouth water!

      That’s so interesting they don’t have ranch in Denmark!! But that Cocio sounds delightful!!! I will have to remember that- we’d love to visit Denmark one day. Thanks for stopping in, Karalee <3

  5. I’ve only heard great things about Fairlife chocolate milk but I have this feeling I’ll become hooked and then have to constantly buy it so I haven’t tried it…yet 😉 Pizza More sounds like my kind of place!

    Indian food and pizza is not something I would think to combine but it sounds like it would be good! So I’m a bad Midwestern and don’t really like ranch…maybe that jalapeno ranch will change my mind since I do like spice!

    The donut bad and the Super Bowl breakfast are so cute! How fun your church does that every Sunday.

    1. It’s seriously addictive milk! I crave it with basically any sweet, it’s sooo yummy.

      Haha- I was dying to suggest “PizzAmore”… but that would be wayyy over a third grader’s head! Her creativity and thoughts were adorable. Like the type of pop she HAD to have on hand was Fanta. Ooops I mean “soda”… she didn’t know what I meant by pop. LOL. Too cute.

      Ya know, I grew up loving ranch, went through probably 10 years of not really eating it, and then this jalapeno ranch did change the game for me! It’s insanely good, I think you’d like it!

      They are so creative with all the different treats every Sunday!

      1. Ugh I want some of that milk now.

        Definitely over a third graders head but another great name! I say pop here too and people are clueless when I bring it up lol.

        Alright you’ve convinced me to get a hand on the small thing of that jalapeño ranch!

      2. It’s sooo yummy! I think you’d love it!

        lol! Ahh I love that you say “pop” too!! I sometimes feel like we are the only ones who do.

        Yay! Let me know what you think when you’ve had a chance to try 🙂 Have a great Sunday, Maureen!

  6. It’s not even lunch time here and I’m already hungry after seeing all of your wonderful food photos! Curry Pizza House sounds SOO good! One of my best friends grew up in Kenya and she is always introducing me to different foods so I need to tell her about this! Yummm that donut bar looks amazingly delicious! Your church sounds cute!

    Growing up, my dad always put ranch on pizza and I would try it to. While I think it’s tasty, I don’t always put ranch on my pizza when I have it. My favorite milk is vanilla soy milk! It’s so yummy to add chocolate syrup to because then it gets that vanilla and chocolately flavor! I want to try the Fairlife chocolate milk eventually! I bet it’s super good!

    1. Hey, Em!!! I’m glad the food looked so appetizing & I hope you were able to hunt down some great grub for lunch! I hope you and your friend can also find some curry pizza soon 🙂

      Vanilla soy milk is seriously so good! I love Silk’s chocolate almond and soy too. Highly recommend Fairlife if you are looking for a chocolatey indulgence- especially with some type of dessert- mm ! Thanks for stopping by , Em 🙂

  7. This post! <3 It has brightened my heart. I've been in a crabby mood, but I swear you and I have such similar tastes. It feels like you get me and vice versa, and I just love your posts.

    I will already apologize for my long comment, but I love it all. Starting with oatmeal topped with mini wheats and pb is an awesome combo! Your cookie tradition is the best.

    Your pizzas sound ahh-mazing!! It makes me want the tandoori chicken pizza from Cruze Farm again!

    The donut table is so adorable!! I know they're trendy, but I've seen this and donut walls being used at weddings, and I think it's so fun.

    I love your stuffed sweet potato, and gnocchi plus jarred sauce is such a wonderful weeknight meal. That VW Bug does look like a scene from Up! I just love that movie. Also, I enjoyed naan with that same exact TJ's meal recently! Heavenly.

    Give me all the fun coffee shops! I love trying different ones and detecting slight differences in how they make their drinks.

    I'm having serious jealousy over that Dim Sum! I will need to find some local asap. I've never had jellyfish, but I'd love to try it!

    Rainbows *always* make me feel giddy with excitement! They always will. <3

    I'm a huge ranch with pizza lover! We just finished a bottle of organic chipotle ranch from Aldi, and it was full of flava. I do like Fairlife milk. I have to go with our local Cruze Farm as my favorite, though!

    Girl, thank you for sharing this. I know it sounds silly, but I needed this jolt of Mack-positivity. I hope you have a phenomenal day and weekend!

    1. Aww Kori!! The irony is your comment just brightened my heart & made my day!! Wow- thank you so much for your kind words- I can’t express how much they mean to me! <3

      Do not apologize at all- I LOVE the long comments. Every time I see one I get SO excited- it’s such a joy to read them & I always really enjoy hearing your thoughts!

      OK!!! I thought someone had posted about Indian fusion pizza, but I couldn’t find the post, so I was afraid I saw it on Instagram or something & didn’t want to call it out wrong!! It WAS you that posted that pizza!!! That inspired us to really try it out, so thank you thank youuu!

      Aren’t the donut walls fun? And sooo dang easy!

      The TJ’s naan is too dang yummy & fluffy & flavorful! I love that y’all enjoy it too- It’s a staple in our house- we also eat it with meals that aren’t even Indian too, like a pasta dish

      It’s amazing how after you have drank coffee for a while you really do pick up on the intricacies of the flavors!

      Mmmm mmmm I do miss Aldi- That ranch sounds wonderful.

      Ahhh Kori mentioned Cruze Farm milk too! We have got to try that sometime. I wonder the closest place they sell it. Gonna go hunt it down and see if they ship lol.

      Aww thank YOU again for letting me know how much you enjoyed this. Your posts do the exact same for me too! I hope your weekend went well and you were able to rest some 🙂 Can’t wait to read allll about it! xo

      1. I’m so grateful that I could brighten your day and that we have our friendship! The internet can be responsible for some amazing things. <3

        Yes, I did!! Fusion pizza is so fun! I know you and Dj call it 'za, but whenever I think of pizza, I pronounce it "pitsa" from 'I Love Lucy'. Desi Arnaz's character, Ricky, has difficulty with his accent, so this is how it sounds. 😉

        I have a real goal, no lie, to create even a small donut wall for some event one day! I have to experience it.

        I ate Aldi's naan bread with everything! Drippy eggs for breakfast, with hummus for a snack, at dinner. It was so fluffy and delish.

        It is amazing how we can detect unique tastes in different coffees!

        I am not sure how far Cruze deliver! :'( But if you ever are in TN, then we would have to get together and hit up some of our fav local spots!

        I appreciate that so much!! I did have a fabulous weekend and even forced myself to take a bath and just sit and relax. Here's to us both getting off to a wonderful start this week! XO

      2. Aw me tooooo <3 <3 Very thankful for you! Aww I love "pitsa" that's too cute!! I feel like I missed out on a cultural staple by never seeing I Love Lucy... never too late though, right?! I'm sure an event will come along soon for that donut wall! Yesss- oh my gosh, Aldi's naan is soooo good. I actually don't think I've had it with eggs but goodness my mouth is watering at the thought. I'll have to try that with DJ soon- he'd love it too! And absolutely it will happen one day- we will make sure that Cruze is on the list or a place that serves it! I am so happy you found sometime to just relax. Hope this week has been great so far :)

      3. <3 <3

        NEVER EVER TOO LATE! I love Lucy and truly think she is amazing. Her show will live on and always be applicable. I so think you should start watching!

        It's so. good! I need naan in my life again!

        I look forward to it!! It has been great overall, and I'm thankful that I feel much better! I hope your week has been spectacular!

      4. I will definitely give it a go!! I feel like it’d be a fun date night to plan a dinner at home and then a couple episodes of I Love Lucy!

        Yay! aw I’m so glad to hear <3 Thanks soo much, Kori :)

      5. Oh absolutely!! It may not be your cup of tea. But like The Office, sometimes you have to get to know the characters then become hooked. As an adult, I relate to so many episodes, and I just believe Lucille Ball was the greatest of all time. Her comedic timing was golden.


    1. Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed! I hope you had some yummy dinner 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words- means so much. Have a great Sunday !!

    1. Yay!! I hope you get a chance to try soon 🙂 It’s very delicious!!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend too, Kalpana!

  8. Ranch on pizza is delicious! 😉 So is BBQ sauce. 🙂 Also, that curry pizza sounds amaaaazing because Indian food is always incredible. I never thought about it as a pizza, though! That’s genius!!
    Oh and that donut bar is so cute and thoughtful for the guests at church!! Very Instagram worthy. 😉

    1. Hey, girl! Ohhh my gosh- BBQ on pizza- YES! Have you had the combo before?! Chicken barbecue ranch was a fave of mine before I went pescatarian. I should try it now and just use “chikn'”!

      Hehe- the hospitality crew is so creative & it was a fun Sunday helping setting that up! Have a great day girl 🙂

      1. Oh I haven’t have chicken bbq ranch pizza but that sounds amazing!! Yes totally try it with “chikn”! I’ve tried a lot of MorningStar “chicken” patties and nuggets lately and it’s so good.

  9. I love the idea to top oatmeal with shredded wheat! I will definitely try that soon.

    Gahhhh now I’m craving some ooey gooey straight outta the oven cookies! Mmm mmm

    I like that little girl’s thought process! Ice cream and gelato are very different so it’s great to have the choice!

    Oh man I would LOVE some scallops. They are so dadgum buttery good.

    I love that you said ‘za because D does too! It sounds fancy like Tarjay. 😉

    Your selections sound and look so delish! I love a good “whacky” combo because pizza dough is just the perfect vessel for allthesauces and allthetoppings.

    Shut.the.front.door. That doughnut setup for your church is sooooo freaking cute!

    Man that paper sounds like it was a beast! Glad you knocked it out!

    TJ’s is always rescuing D and me. I loveeee having quick on hand meals that still feel homemade and healthy but are quick and tasty.

    I love how you ran 8 miles and were ready by 10:30am. If I ran 8 miles I’d be dead and definitely not ready by 10:30am if I did survive. Lolz

    That’s such a beautiful rainbow!!

    “trough” hahahahaha

    The commercials is all I ever care about! Plus, the game and halftime this year was pretty underwhelming.
    Ranch dippies for ‘za is 100% the best combo!

    I love a milk from a local dairy farm called Cruze Farm. They have the BEST light milk and flavored milks (chocolate, coffee, pumpkin spice, egg nog, etc). They also have two locations that service their ice cream, and their main location has in-house made pizza and FREE ranch dippies!

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day! xo

    1. Yes try it!! It is sooo good!! Hope you got some great cookies too 🙂 Do you have a favorite brand to make or do you usually make them from scratch?

      Right?! She knows what’s up! I loved how passionate she was- it was adorable.

      I got the scallops from TJ’s! They were AWESOME & so reasonably priced!

      lol yessss renaming things is way more fun anyway 😉

      Yesss- pizza can be sooo versatile!! What’s your favorite combo?

      haha! I don’t usually have that much energy first thing in the morning, but was feeling motivated that day ! I think I had adrenaline from being excited about our plans for the day!

      agreed- underwhelming is the word.

      Oh my goshhh I need to try that milk!! DJ is the ultimate choco milk critic, so I especially would be interested to hear his opinion! We’ll keep an eye out for it for sure! Those flavored milks sound delicious too. And in house made pizza with ranch?!? This place sounds like heaven!

      Hope you had such a great Valentine’s day too, Kaci! Thanks for stoppin’ in! xox

      1. Surprisingly Sweet Loren’s Gluten Free cookies in the refrigerated section are the best pre-made cookies I have ever bought! I highly recommend them!

        Oh gosh then I can afford that! Ha! Putting those babies on the grocery list for next time. Mmm mmm

        My go-to pizza is almost always a veggie one. This past weekend, I ordered one that had mushrooms, red onion, green pepper, tomato, broccoli, artichoke hearts, and green and black olives. It was divine!

        I think the milk is only sold here in TN since it’s local. 🙁 But you have to put it on your TN bucket list for sure!

      2. Oohhhhh I see those all the time but haven’t tried them- I love trying new cookies, so I’ll pick some up next time!! And gluten free? Bonus! Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

        Right?! I had always been under the impression to make good scallops you had to spend an arm and a leg- nope, TJ’s FTW!

        That pizza sounds insanely goooood. I love artichoke on pizza- it is such a compliment to the cheese!! I need to try broccoli, because that sounds like a great addition too!

  10. Ranch doesn’t belong anywhere near pizza.

    I had a chocolate milk in Montreal called “Que Bon” and it was MAGICAL. Nothing compares.


    1. hahah….. I knew you’d have a strong opinion one way or another!

      Okay, adding Que Bon to my foodie bucket list… that sounds insanely good. DJ is the pickiest chocolate milk drinker, so I’m especially anxious for him to try that! He’s always on the hunt for the BEST chocolate milk that exists. I may have even just googled to see if I could have it shipped, but no luck, lol.

      Yesss finally something that sounds appetizing to you around here, bahah. It’s so simple & soo delicious! Have a great Sunday, Ralph & thanks for stopping in!

      1. Strong opinion? Me? Now I feel like that old man with his lawn. 😂

        I hope I didn’t build Que Bon up too much. I’m confident DJ will like it though.

        I love TONS of the stuff you post. Don’t make me sound too picky. 😉

        Sushi, pickles and olives are about the only things I don’t get into.

      2. hahaha!! no no it’s a good thing- your honesty is refreshing & I always look forward to your thoughts !

        I mean chocolate milk can never be bad, and with a name like “Que Bon” it even sounds delicious!

        hahah- Ah I appreciate it! I do have a tendency to post some strange combos and harsh flavors, so I totally get the aversion!

    1. Hey, Jess!! They were just sooo yummy! They tasted like traditional yummy garlicy breadsticks, but with an extra little kick. The caramelized onions were a great touch 🙂 Hope you’ve had the best weekend !

    1. Ohhhhhh it’s so good! I hope you get the chance to try it out soon !!! Especially the jalapeño ranch- that’s the way to go!

  11. Ooh that chocolate milk sounds yummy, I need.
    Boys & girls club sounds too cute, it’s so fun you helped make a restaurant menu, that literally sounds so enjoyable omg 😂 I love it! It’s fun to get a little creative isn’t it!?
    That pizza looks so yummy, and I really want to watch that film ‘The hate You give’. I have heard of it before but no idea what it’s about?!? But it sounds really great and worth watching judging by what you’ve said!
    Ooh, and that gnocchi looks just perfect too!
    I love rainbows! They are so incredible and magical, thank you for sharing the picture you captured with us!
    Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day hun! Xxx

    1. Hi, Jennie!! Definitely try the choco mik if you see it around 🙂

      Haha it was SO much fun. I usually just help them with homework, so this was a nice change of pace for sure 🙂

      The Hate You Give is about racism and challenges allllll presumptions you may have yourself/someone you know may have. It is real, raw, difficult to watch, but so important! I’m on a mission to get everyone to read the book or watch the movie. It makes you think & want to take action!

      Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day too, love! xo

  12. This whole post made me hungry, from the cookies to the donuts and the naan. I love naan and the one you had looks really good. I hope the paper was better the second time around.

    1. Hi, Mariam!! Thank you so much for stopping in! I am so glad you enjoyed this 🙂 Thankfully the grade made taking allll that time worth it! I am happy with my topic since I’ll be working with it all semester. Hope you had the best weekend!! xo

  13. Okay – the Indian style pizza has me drooling! Looks absolutely incredible!! I LOVE Indian food!

    It looks like you had a busy and productive week filled with amazing food – always good. 🙂

    I love spending time with my Pastor too! Always makes me feel better about what life is all about. I love the donut idea! That’s adorable!

    Keep pushing on through the school work girl, you’ve got this!


    1. Hey, Anastasia!!! If you like Indian and Pizza (which I know you do), you will LOVE this!

      Sounds like such a great week, love.

      I agree- something so nice about spending that time with them- just heart to heart!

      Aww thanks, Chica! You too! Thank you for your sweet comment this 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping in, beautiful! They were soo tasty. I loved the combo they picked up too 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

  14. That donut bar looks incredible, my mouth is literally watering. Also, Fairlife is the BEST; I use their regular milk as well as their chocolate milk and have ZERO complaints! And as for ranch on pizza, I love it. I tend to dip my pizza in ranch dressing 75% of the time; it’s a weird cooling sensation for me and the flavors work so well with the toppings I choose!

    1. Hey, Brittney! The donut bar was so fun (and delicious!!). I wanted to sample one of each they all looked so yummy.

      yes yes!!! I am so excited to hear you are a fellow Fairlife supporter 🙂

      Are we the same person?!! Amen to the ranch & ‘za! I totallly know what you mean about the cooling sensation too.

  15. I always get halfway though your posts and my app crashes on my phone. I need a new one. I always have to read your posts on my computer. 🙁 That Curry Pizza house seriously looks amazing. That donut bar is too cute! And I’m glad you thought that beetle made you think of a cartoon. I’m a weirdo who studies serial killers so I would have thought about Ted Bundy hahaha….

    1. Oh no girl! I’m so sorry about that!! Hmm it’s probably all the pictures. But thank you for reading anyway. I just lol-ed about the beetle making you think of Bundy!! Tooo funny. I just finished the documentary so I’m shocked I didn’t think of that too! have a great rest of your week, Cadie 🙂

    1. Hi, Pamela!! Thanks for stopping in 🙂 yessss she knows what’s up ! Ice cream & gelato are both essential! Have a great rest of your week !

    1. They were sooo good! I wish I could have tried one of every flavor because there were sooo many great choices!

  16. Whooooooa that half & half pizza sounds out of this world, Mackenzie. Great choices!!! I read The Hate U Give last year and loved it. I hope they put the film on Netflix soon lol, so glad to hear it is true to the book & that you enjoyed both. <3 The donut bar looks fantastic! & so do those scallops. When you cook them at home do you grill them, bake them, or fry them? & do you buy them fresh or frozen?

    I love that old school red bug photo, you are so right about the whole scene looking like it came straight out of a cartoon like UP. Especially with the Beware of Dog sign!!

    When I used to eat pizza, ranch was a must for me, too!!! We are midwesterners at heart for life, aren't we?! <3

    1. It was really good- I know you would have just loved it!! If only they had vegan cheese options *sigh*!

      Oh yesss they need to get that film on Netflix ASAP… I feel like it’s so well done & so powerful.

      So with scallops- I buy them from TJ’s frozen and then defrost about 4/5 at a time in some water before I cook them, then pad them with paper towels to soak up the moisture, put on a little olive oil, salt, & pepper then sear in a pan about 3 mins per side!

      Yes exactly! Glad you’re on my wave length 🙂

      Girl, yesss we are!!! <3

      1. Ooo!! Those scallops sound totally doable. I maybe wouldn’t even need to ask boyfriend for help lol. Thank you!!! I’m gonna try it out. 😀 <3

  17. I’m so glad you liked the book! I’m reading her new book, On the Come Up, right now. I love how she builds her characters. It’s definitely a good read so far.
    Also, where do you get your scallops? After seeing picture after yummy picture, I’m wanting scallops for dinner. 🙂

    1. It was one I will always remember! Ohhh I need to check out her other books – she has a gift for writing in such a relatable, yet profound, way!

      I get them frozen from Trader Joe’s!! They are super reasonably priced & easy to whip up!!! I actually was just thinking I need to restock because I’m craving them again. Have a great Thursday, Katy & thank you for your comment 🙂

  18. I loved that half – half pizza..I didn’t know that we could order that way…I so glad that you chose aloo chaat as topping for your side of pizza..haha…I wish I could had that…I don’t see those options here.

    1. Right?! I only knew you could order that from looking on YELP before! So good!!! Aloo chaat is one of my favorite dishes in general, so I had to try. Thanks for stopping in, Lathiya 🙂 Always a pleasure to see a comment from you, dear friend!

  19. You were exhausted Mackenzie?? I am shocked , haha!! I bet it felt good to put your head down that night. I have never had mini wheats with oatmeal before but seems like a tasty combo. Ooh the tollhouse cookies look so good , do you have any left? You are so awesome making time for the Boys and Girls club! That sounds like fun creating a menu and pizza more is a great name. I have never had scallops but I know from watching hells kitchen it is an item the young chefs need to complete on the show with some( I mean most!) not reaching Gordon Ramsay’s standards!! I have not heard of curry pizza but want to try it! Have you ever had curry fries, so tasty in the sauce. I love the donut bar! I am used to serving coffee and donuts at church so you did a great job! God does love us a hole lot, and wants to make us whole!! That is a lot of work reworking your paper but it was worth it for you to know it would be better. I love the volkswagen beetle, when I was really young it was the first car I remember my parents driving. How nice to spend time with your campus pastors! The superbowl presentation looks really good! I am glad you got to relax next to DJ on superbowl Sunday, take care , Terri xo.

    1. Lol!! I think I might live in a perpetual state of exhaustion and just am used to it, haha! Oh and the tollhouse cookies did not last long at all 😉 Boys and Girls club is a highlight of my week for sure- I just love those kids! Ohh scallops are so tasty, I crave them! I need watch that show- I know it’s a famous one! Aw thanks for the kudos with the donut bar- I love that you usually organize it too 🙂 That’s so sweet that your parents had a beetle!! Thanks for stopping in, Terri! Have the best week ahead!

  20. I know I’m in the odd camp of not loving ranch dressing. I go through phases of liking it and others of not liking it at all. My son loves it and uses it as his dip for fries. I also don’t do milk, but I used to like strawberry milk. In the end, the stomach issues and aftertaste of milk just weren’t worth it. lol. I haven’t heard of curry pizza. It sounds interesting and like something I’d be willing to try. Love that donut bar!! That bug DOES look just like it should be in a scene from UP! I’ll have to check out that book and movie. xx

    1. Oh I totally get that! I go through the phases too! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed my ranch in over probably five years, but last year I tried it with pizza again and now I’m back on the train. I used to do fries & ranch when I was little too!

      Ohh strawberry milk is delicious- do you used almond milk or soy milk? I love all of Silk’s products! cashew milk is my recent obsession!

      I bet you’d love the curry pizza & glad you think so about the car being from UP too 🙂 Have a great week, Amy ! Thanks for stoppping in!

      1. I usually do almond milk. I have tried their coconut milk, but I don’t think I’ve tried cashew yet. Def need to add that one! I hope you’re have a great week!! 🙂

      2. Thanks, Amy!! You too 🙂 OH, and this just reminded me– the coconut/almond blend might be my favorite, but I only pick it up when I see it (I don’t see it sold at most stores).

    1. It was delicious- and I had no clue what to expect! I’m actually craving it again.. could be dangerous having it so close. Haha. And the donuts were great- they chose a great variety 🙂

      1. I was laughing because they are considered a limited run – so will they be a collector’s item one day? If they are not a collector’s item, they might end up as one of your Friday Favorites. 🙂

      2. hahah totally!!! Oh man- they are tooo good!! I need to send them to DJ- he’ll get a kick out of them (pun? intended?) lol

      3. LOL!!!! Ohhhh that was a good one!!!! I think I need to STEP my game up 😉

  21. Can’t believe they do curry pizza and such a great selection, I’m quite surprised I haven’t seen more choices in the U.K., we usually just get a tandoori feast, but the chilli paneer and aloo chat options look amazing – I’ve literally just ordered aloo chat just half an hour ago lol! Okay, I’m going to stop there before I start dribbling lol, hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

    1. Hahah that’s too ironic that you just ordered some!! Enjoy!!! That sounds so yummy- this convo is making me hungry now! Might have to make some Indian food tonight now 🙂 Or pizza 😉

  22. Lol those cookies!!!
    And those garlic sticks!!!!! I didn’t know Indian food and pizza was a thing. Learn something new everyday lol.
    Omg the donut bar!! Genius lol. Love the pun btw!
    I wanted to ask, when you use hummus in your meals, is it the classic one? I’m having a hard time figuring out what I should do with mine lol.
    Ah that latte! I miss the ones I used to get. I’m trying to cut down on coffee lol. I was drinking so much of it in a short time.
    What a great recap! I haven’t done much so have nothing to update people lol. Cant wait to read the rest of your posts.

    1. We just recently heard about the Indian inspired pizza too! It’s sooo yummy- on the first bite my mind was like “What is this?!” but once I knew what to expect with each bite I realllllly enjoyed it.

      I use alll types of hummus- mainly depends what is on sale or I’ll pick up the hummus quartet from TJ’s that has garlic, spicy, original, and tomato basil!

      Girl, I’ve considered cutting back too, but each day I’m like “I’ll start tomorrow” as I reach for my second cup haha.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      1. I would actually want to try it just to see if I would like that combination lol.
        And i have the classic hummus at the moment, but I’ve started to feel like I dont like it the more I eat it. The taco inspired one has a especial place in my heart. I’ll be trying a new way to eat it today when I come back from school with CL. I have pita bread, so I’ll be spreading some hummus, sliced avocado and an egg on top. Hopefully it turns out to be delicious lol.

      2. It was!!! I doubted myself for putting all of that together at first but when I took the first bite I was amazed. It was even better when I got to the egg lol. I made it fried with a runny yolk, so delicious! I’ll be making that again to use up my pita bread and more hummus

      3. Yayyy yay yay! I am so glad you liked it!! The runny egg is the BEST. I may have to make that again soon– you have me craving it now!

      4. Omg if you try it you’ll have to tell me if you liked it. Lol. You have honestly inspired me to get more creative with my foods so I’m really trying over here 🤣

      5. Awww! That makes me so happy! You’re doing awesomeee! Did I tell you they opened up a taiyaki ice cream place near us?! Forever one of the greatest things we’ve ever been introduced to, and I think I originally heard about it from you!!!

      6. haha, it’s pretty stinking delicious. It does melt fast, but that’s not an issue considering it is soo good you just wanna scarf it down, lol

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