My First Giveaway! Lightlife and Nasoya

Hey guys! Today I am teaming up with two of my all-time favorite veggie-based brands: Lightlife and Nasoya!

I love them for several reasons:

  • Their mission: “Our mission is making eating better accessible and deliciously easy, because the more people love our food, the more good we can do together.”
  • Their products are vegan or vegetarian and prepared in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • You do your body a favor without sacrificing the flavor. They have a substitute for just about every meat product you can imagine! My personal favorites include smart bacon, ground crumbles, buffalo wings, tempeh, tofu vegetable dumplings, and smart dogs! I have never been disappointed!

In “light” of the Super Bowl happening on Sunday, I thought I would share some awesome Game Day Recipes with you all to keep you focused on the yard line and less focused on the waist line 😉 

Here are some links to the most epic game day recipes by Lightlife and Nasoya to kick off a healthy and delicious Super Bowl party:

Smart Dog Tater Tot Skewers

Sweet Potato Chili

Loaded Nachos

Tofu Vegetable Dumplings

Trust me- each and every one of these are going to blow your lucky game day socks off!!!

The best part- I’m giving away FREE product coupons! To enter, simply answer these two questions in the comment section on this post!

  1. What is your favorite part of the Super Bowl?
  2. Who are you cheering for?

**One very lucky winner will receive FREE product coupons for Lightlife and Nasoya products. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter and live in the United States. Giveaway begins 2/3/17 and ends 2/6/17. Winner chosen through All winning entries are verified.**

I will randomly choose a winner on Monday! 

Good luck and happy Super Bowl weekend!

xo <3


**This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I have been compensated for this post with a sample product and/or payment.**

46 thoughts on “My First Giveaway! Lightlife and Nasoya

  1. My favorite part of the super bowl is definitely the snacks! I’m rooting for the falcons (but GO BROWNS)!!!

  2. My favorite part of the Super Bowl… well if my team is in it (hasn’t happened in a million years) then I like watching. Otherwise I love the halftime shows if there’s good performers and the commercials are always great too 😉

    Go Falcons!

    1. Who is your team?!?!? So far I think EVERYONE here is Falcons! And halftime show is always entertaining! Thanks for stopping in, girlfriend. Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. 1. Favorite part of Super bowl- post game interviews with players
    2. Who do I want to win- the Patriots of course

  4. Favorite part is.. as you already know.. FOOD

    Cheering for the falcons simply bc I saw mom was cheering for them LOL

  5. You know, I grew up vegetarian–and even though I eat meat now I’m so glad I was because I have so much more of a veggie love/tolerance than a lot of people I know. But one thing I found really interesting is that a lot of my raised-meat-eating friends actually liked the vegetarian substitues, in some cases even better than the real thing. Me on the other hand? Puhlease, keep that tofu away from me you have no idea how much processing those poor soy beans have been through, lol – I don’t like tofu, I don’t like gluten steaks, I don’t like most veggie hotdogs (but BigFranks are of course unbeatable even by real meat) or veggie sausage or stripples, and of course coming from a very traditional vegetarian background where things like tofu and gluten steaks were pretty much the staple meat substitute well nooo thank-you, lol. So imagine my surprise when my friend who gave me a good hard time about liking being a vegetarian starts talking about how much she loves tofu and I was just like, ‘ew.’

    So this was all going somewhere but I forgot so now it’s just a big long rant 😉 but quick question; did you grow up vegetarian or did you change to it later?

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Carson!!! I switched to vegan about 4.5 years ago, then slowly added some yogurt/eggs back in then other dairy, and now also eat seafood. BUT I totally hear what you are saying! As much as I love these products, I don’t think they are realistic to live on for breakfast/lunch/and dinner because, like you said, they are still processed. However, if you are trying to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, these can definitely help in the transition or when you have those cravings- ya know? I am a STRONG believer in a life of balance- and I think each person is walking that tight rope and figuring it out! I SO appreciate you opening up this conversation. I’d love to hear any additional thoughts you have!!!

      1. Awesome! I just find more and more that really, even though I don’t LOVE a lot of veggies, I still get a lot of satisfaction from eating a lot of veggies, ya know? Lol. Whereas the majority of the substitutes I’ve tried over time just aren’t very appealing to me, so I don’t mind never having needed that little bit of extra puzazz. And being raised just on staples–literally we’d have cooked oatmeal, cornmeal mush (*shuddergag*) or on occasion rice for breakfast (and of COURSE pancakes every sunday!), rice, beans, potatoes and salad in some form or another for lunch and bread and fruit for supper most nights and substitutes were never a huge part at all. Now my wife and I usually have some chicken in the house or maybe ground beef (because who doesn’t like a good hot skillet that goes moo xD) and every now and then we’ll treat ourselves to some bacon, it’s been quite a change for me over the last few years and there still just aren’t dishes quite like the vegetarian classics I grew up with 😉 But coming out of a denomination that made vegetarian diet an almost salvation-level issue, it’s been fairly liberating to expand my diet a bit and figure it all out for myself.

        I see people on both sides of the fence but more vegans than otherwise, and people can get really passionate in a bad way (maybe I should say dispassionate) about meat-eating and making it a huge animal cruelty issue and maan..people can get pretty nasty about their veggies, haha.. I just think about what Paul said about keeping things like that a personal matter and having tact about it in social situations because not everybody is gonna be comfortable with everything you might be comfortable with.

        Anyway, that’s more than my two-bits xD I could probably keep going but I don’t like just rambling on so much, haha.

      2. I LOVE what you said about Paul!!!! Yes- I think about that often! We all have such personal convictions, our bodies operate and handle food differently, and even when we might disagree with others about how to eat, at least it opens up great conversation about why! It’s always good to be open minded! Also- all the food your family makes sounds DELISH!!!!! It’s a unique perspective you have growing up vegetarian so I greatly appreciate you sharing it with me!!!! Definitely makes me think too! Have a fantastic week, Carson!

  6. My favorite part about the Super Bowl is definitely the food and the people I get to eat it with! I love the energy on game days.
    I’m rooting for the Falcons. I’ve got a lot of family in Georgia, so I gotta support them!

    1. I’m so glad you stopped by!!!!!!! 🙂 it’s amazing what is all out there now! Have a great rest of your weekend! Nice to “meet” you here! 🙂

  7. The food looks so good Mackensie! ! I love the commercials and half time show, also chatting with the girls when we go to a party as the men get into all the plays and replays! I will go for the patriots. Big hugs, Terri xoxo.

  8. My favorite part about the SuperBowl is the commercials and half time show! I look forward to seeing which crazy commercial is going to be the talked about one from the night. I’m cheering for the Cleveland Browns! (Just kidding) I will be rooting for the New England Patriots.

    1. Yesssss! I agree that it’s so interesting to see what commercial will be discussed- people are very opinionated hahah! I wish we were cheering for the browns! And woohooo go Patriots!!!!!!! 💕

  9. I have to say that my favorite part of the Super Bowl is the FOOD! Also, talking to my friends while the guys watch football…
    I’m rooting for the falcons!!

  10. Hope I’m not too late since it’s still 2/6!! But I was rooting for the Pats (Victory!!!!!) and I’m all about the half time show!

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