HEY HEY! How are ya doing? I am sitting here with a sleeping Moose snuggled up at my side. Nothing better! I feel like so much has been going on lately that I have had little left to devote to the blog- but today I woke up with a real craving for it. I have been really eager to share about my road trip from TX to OH this past summer with the highlight being a stop in Nashville!

I loaded up sunscreen and an under eye mask and hit the road. I know, wearing an eye mask on a road trip seems a bit extra unnecessary, but trust me, after that semester I needed it 😅

I took off toward Little Rock, Arkansas for my first stop. It was a lovely drive. I listened to medical podcasts and sermons by Tim Keller (thank you for the rec, Taylor!). It was a wonderful way to pass the time.

When I arrived at the hotel, Courtyard by Marriot, for the evening, I was exhausted. I didn’t get there until after 11 pm, so unfortunately I didn’t get to explore the nearby parks like I had planned to. Next time! Something kinda amusing- I accidentally packed up all my bags without leaving one for all my bath stuff (shampoo, conditioner, etc.), so I just used an old “bath tissue”  plastic bag to carry it all. Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

I fell asleep very quickly, and then was up and at em’ early the next day. I squeezed in a short little 20 minute workout to wake up a little and then chugged coffee and ate some Chobani, fruit and oatmeal. I had a great experience at the hotel, and the check-in staff to the cafe staff were so friendly!! The trip was off to a lovely start!

The leg from Little Rock to Nashville was shorter than the day before, and I mostly chatted with friends and family on this leg to pass the time. The drive went off without a hitch! While I was excited to explore Nashville for the first time, I was even more excited to see my friend Kelsey who I hadn’t seen since 2018. You may remember our adventures all over northern CA. I missed her (well I miss her now too) something fierce!

We stayed at the Best Western Plus Nashville Airport Hotel. We had tried to get an Airbnb, but they were mostly picked over when we started looking. This was the most practical in terms of cost and distance from downtown/different areas we wanted to explore. It was a great hotel! Somehow we got upgraded without extra charge?!? I mean, no idea how that happened, but we weren’t about to complain!

My favorite part was this mirror! Well, I guess, the Keurig definitely was very much welcomed too, of course ☕️

Something different about this trip vs. most I take is we didn’t have anything planned. Usually, I have at least a few places/restaurants to try or things to do- but Kels and I were both so busy leading up to the trip, we decided to just be spontaneous and go with the flow. It ended up being one of my favorite trips, and I might have to do more trips this way moving forward!

We chit-chatted while we unpacked (meaning my suitcase exploded all over the place). I tend to be a bit of a tornado when I travel, but I do eventually clean it up, lol.

Once we were ready, we headed out to a place Kelsey suggested- The Hampton Social!

When we arrived, the wait was late into the evening without a reservation (the rooftop was open though, but not for food). We had just passed a super adorable restaurant walking over, so we decided we would go to Hampton Social later and try the other restaurant instead.

Thankfully, Liberty Common (the cute spot that caught our eye) did have some openings. We were seated immediately and our mouths watered looking over the menu.

If oysters are on the menu, I can always count on Kels to share a half dozen with me! And these were goooood!

I ordered their trout salad- which was ah-may-zing. I didn’t realize it came with bacon, but Kels helped me out with that!

I also couldn’t resist a side of the truffle fries, which were divine.

Kels had their Liberty Hot Chicken Sandwich- cannot go wrong with a hot chicken sandwich in Nashville.

While we ate our amazing meals, we soaked up the adorable decor. It ended up being the most perfect unplanned dinner.

Even the bathroom was cute!

And back to The Hampton Social we go!!

The energy of this place was incredible!! It was super chill, yet fun at the same time. Possibly my favorite part was the view!

It’s very much what I expected when I picture Nashville restaurants/hangouts!

After sipping some Rose, we headed to Broadway. To take on Broadway, we both decided some coffee sounded glorious. We went to Mike’s Ice Cream & Coffee bar and were blown away by how good the coffee was! Next time, I’d really like to try the ice cream too- it looked really delicious.

We’re all just gonna pretend I don’t have anything in my teeth, K? lol.

Broadway!We walked up and down Broadway soaking up the tourist feels and energy. On our way, we stopped into a little candy and fudge shop, where we tried a sample of their pecan clusters which were… OH my goodness I can practically taste them… SO GOOD!! They tasted extra good with the side of coffee.

Next up, we wanted to make sure to go to one of the rooftops on Broadway before calling it a night. We decided on Jason Aldean’s and waited probably over an hour to get in.

It was worth it though- it was such an awesome rooftop, they played great music, and Kels and I had the best time!

We headed back to the hotel and had worked up an appetite for a second dinner, so we ordered a stellar margherita pizza to share from Florence Pizza East Nashville.

In the morning we both woke up very much looking forward to the hotel breakfast. I just love a hotel breakfast- I don’t care what it is, there is just something about I so enjoy. This all tasted great- and most importantly we felt fueled up for a long run that morning!

Kelsey was training for a full marathon and that Saturday had an 8-miler. I will recap our run and the next day in part 2!

Question for you: 

  • Do you like to plan your trips out to a T or are you more go with the flow? Somewhere in between?



19 thoughts on “NASHVILLE PART ONE!

  1. Always love to read a new blog, especially one about Nashville! Across the street from Jason Aldean’s rooftop is where I think we were with DJ, such a fun place. Liberty Common looked great, also love truffle fries. And love your little white boots, so so cute!

    1. Ohhh I wonder which spot it was! Maybe Dierk’s Bentley?! So fun! And thank you 🤗 They felt very Nashville to me for some reason, not sure why LOL!

  2. You made your road trip so fun! I’m so impressed that it sounds like you managed to have a few small vacations built-in on the way home. I can’t wait to see a recap of your first road trip with Moose 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Taylor!! It was a really great trip 🙂 I can’t wait to start traveling with Moose too, he definitely has an adventurous streak- right now his little stomach is a bit weak for long trips, but I’m sure over time it will get better- he already is able to do longer and longer car rides!

      1. One of the advantages of getting a puppy (as opposed to a grown dog) is you can ease him into car rides 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to Nashville – how fun and I remember Kelsey going to visit you in San Francisco and you went on a winery/wine-tasting tour if memory serves me right. I think that’s right around the time I started following you. No wonder the two of you look so fabulous and like “twinsies” in your black dresses, from all the running both of you do. This looked fun and I’m sure Moose is wondering when he will be the star of the next post.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Linda! Wow- you really always impress me with your sharp memory!! Aw thanks for the kind words! I laughed out loud to Moose wondering when he’ll be the star of the post next- because that is SO Moose. He has to be the center of attention, always! LOL.

      1. I remember watching you two ladies going on the wine tour – it looked fun. Good thing you did those fun things while you still lived nearby to wine country (not to mention before all the fires and other weather events that has wreaked havoc on the wineries in Napa Valley). Yes, Moose is already spoiled – he’s an “only dog” and aims to make the most of it!

      2. Absolutely!! I feel so thankful for our time in California and those memories. When I think back to it all, it felt very magical. It makes me so sad when I hear of the devastation from COVID and the fires/weather. It will be a place always near and dear to my heart!

      3. Yes, lots of issues in California since you departed there – now there is this bomb cyclone ravaging California. Nothing is just plain normal anymore – it is extreme.

  4. I love planning out trips because the anticipation leading up to the trip itself can be just as exciting, but I also like trips that are unplanned and more spontaneous. I just love traveling and adventure!!

    I also went to Nashville not too long ago. It was my Christmas present from my husband last year; he really knows my love language. 🙂

    1. Hey, Bex!! I SO agree about the trip planning anticipation! It is such a blast. Ohh thank you for sharing the link- can’t wait to read it! Also, what an amazing Christmas gift!!

  5. Hi Mackenzie, it sounds wonderful snuggled up to Moose ! I think podcasts are wonderful, you can listen to what you want to not only what the radio stations offer on a road trip. I love your bathroom bag ! You can look back on the post and have a laugh about it in years to come. Nice healthy breakfast ! That was something to really look forward to visiting Kelsey in Nashville ! I took a sneak peek at the northern California post and remember it now ( I even checked out both our comments,( thank you !) The lobby is beautiful. That mirror is something I would like ! You both look so cute in the pic and I love your little black dress ! The decor is amazing in liberty common. and I love those bathroom walls! That glass of Rose looks sooo good Mackenzie ! How many of the 99 did you get through ? It is good to try new coffee shops , especially on a trip . I want to go to the candy and fudge shop !! I am sure it was great feeling the energy of Nashvile by night . Yummy Pizza to end a great evening . I always look forward to hotel breakfasts too ! WE are in between on planning stuff during trips. I think it is a good way! Thanks for taking us to Nashville, take care , Terri xo.

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