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Hey guys! I am in a fuuunk tonight and won’t be sleeping for like the sixth day in a row. We have new upstairs neighbors and they are making their presence known. They like to assemble furniture very late at night and don’t shy away from hammering and dropping and banging and anything else at 11 pm. OH, and they have a dog that incessantly barks all day long. I’m genuinely sick to my stomach about this situation. We stinking love our apartment, and this is gonna be a serious issue if it continues. A girl needs to sleep! I hope it calms down soon. I did talk to them once and they were aggressive (well the guy was nice, girl not so much) and denied that they were the ones causing the noise (although she greeted me at the door with a screw driver, lol!!!)….. come onn… I was super nice to them and told them I understand moving in is a loud process, but it’d be appreciated if it didn’t take place at 11 pm 🙁 Has anyone else had issues like this? I totally did NOT plan to go into a full on vent sesh.. but there ya have it.

I am gonna do a quick little catch up post of the in-betweens since our anniversary in the city 🙂

On August 10th, we drove back from SF, and I took a nice little walk around the neighborhood. I just love how the blooms change so frequently here- this massive purple tree really caught my eye.





ohhh.. there they go….. *bang bang bang* like seriously how can someone make so much noise?! humph. I’m investing in noises cancelling headphones.

Back to the post… I am fuming right now.. can you tell?

On August 11th, we met with Alexandra, one of my dear friends from the residency program, and her husband Daniel, (from Denmark) for dinner at Eureka. It was such a blast and we really enjoyed hanging with them. Can’t wait for another chance to all get together. (Also, HIGHLY recommend Eureka’s sweet potato fries- yum!).


STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. It’s like they are trying to be this loud. My gosh.

Anyyways, August 12th was church and then grabbing some “fill in” groceries from TJ’s for the day. I was honestly a bit tired from eating out which I didn’t know was even possible. I couldn’t wait to just eat at home and cook again! In order to save, I tried to plan our meals for the week around what we mostly had. The TJ’s trip basically was to stock up on just random little ingredients to make the full meals.

August 13th I whipped up some salmon with wild rice and roasted veggies for dinner. A favorite!


August 14th was pretty uneventful, just house chores, knocking things off the to-do list and a beautiful run in the afternoon. These flowers were spectacular.


DJ and I watched BIP in the evening. I stole his Oreos teheh. These mixed with Fairlife chocolate milk is an unreal combo.


On August 15th, I read a bit and then sifted through grad school e-mails. I kept holding my breath every time I logged in- I was so irrationally nervous I wouldn’t be able to start for some unforeseeable reason or i’d be notified my acceptance was a mistake. #imposterssyndrome. It’s like I couldn’t believe I was actually in this program until the first day! And what is paranoia best solved by? Quesadillas with tomato soup, of course! I make mine vegan cheese and DJ’s with regular cheese.


August 16th I had a weird medley of foods… I started the day with my go-to avocado and egg toast


After snacking throughout the morning, I decided I wanted carbs… but I wanted veggies too. Solution? I put kale and hummus on a sandwich and it hit the spot. DJ thought it was disgusting hahah.


Another snack kick I was on this particular week was Fage, peaches, and shakeology powder.


August 17th, I made an acai bowl with oats, vegan chocolate chips, and peaches! I was just loving these TJ peaches.


In the evening, I had a Dr. Praeger’s burger that had been sitting in my fridge for a while (SO GOOD), some wilted spinach, cauli rice, roasted sweet potato, and an egg. I felt like this was a very Kori-esque meal, and it was SO delicious!!


STOMP, STOMP, STOMP.. it is 11:45. GO TO SLEEP! My gooodnesssss.

August 18th, I was so exhausted. It was one of those days where I was just so darn tired and hormonal and UGH. My girls get it! Nothing a cute cat can’t fix. I went to my friend Sara’s and we watched our show while I snuggled with this little fur baby.


I had some leftover sweet potato and a veggie burger earlier on in the evening, but when around 9:30 pm rolled around I had a massive pizza craving (Like BAD). I ordered DJ and I some pies from Round Table. I had the baby pineapple with mushroom pizza and ordered DJ the large sausage. We rarely ever order pizza- I think we have maybe once in the past year, but gosh this hit the spot!


In the morning of August 19th, I woke up with a sore throat. I decided to stay home from Church and watch the sermon online. DJ had to go to work this morning. The rest of the day I took it pretty easy just trying to recoup.


August 20th, I felt a bit better when I woke up. I started the day with the standard avo & egg toast, and then went on a nice long walk to shake off the cobwebs.


In the evening we watched Bachelor in Paradise, of course!

August 21-24th was just a whole lot of running errands, doing things on the to-do list like getting the oil changed, attending online orientation for school at 5 am (since I’m on pacific time lol), deep cleaning in the house, and some blogging in between while DJ worked a homestand.

August 25th I met up with my friend Alexandra for some scrumptious coffee from Voyager Craft Coffee. They have some of the best coffee- but it’s pricy, so I only go when meeting up with friends. It was a treat catching up with her and enjoying this coffee!


In the afternoon I was craving something warm and comforting- I made up an oatmeal bowl with acai, cashews, and chocolate chips. Have y’all ever tried acai warmed in your oats?! It’s tasty!!

Ohhhh.. there goes the dog yapping. It is the yappiest little thing. hum bug.


As we are trying to limit the groceries we buy and just use food from home (minus the pizza indulgence), I made DJ up these Special K Flatbreads we had in the freezer for breakfast. He loved them!


We ran out of avocado, but determined to only use what we had in the fridge, I put some hummus on toast and egg over and called it breakfast. (Oh something I don’t picture but have nearly every day with breakfast is half or whole protein bar.. it keeps me full through the morning).


August 26th I wrapped up all loose ends, got my ducks in a row with my books, finished laundry and read for pleasure for a bit because I was going to school the next day!! (and in undergrad the last thing I wanted to do was read for pleasure!).

August 27th was my first day of grad school! I started the day with a clear head by going to hot yoga around 7 am.


I grabbed this new yoga mat at TJ Maxx for $7.99!! Way cheaper than anything I could even find on Amazon Prime.


I made a turmeric latte at home to start the day and got started on the next 3.5 years of my life!


I dedicated the rest of the day to school work. I am loving it, y’all! It’s a lot of work, a massive amount of reading, and a ton of discussion- but I have been anticipating this, and it feels great to be back in an academic setting.

My days basically are all the same now, which I love. I have missed routine! I haven’t had routine since 2016. I’ve been waking up around 8, have a massive breakfast, do some sort of workout whether it’s a run, insanity, or hot yoga, then work all day on school work, and then go on a walk to clear my head before cooking dinner. I then use the evenings to spend time with DJ, read, watch my guilty pleasure TV, and unwind with maybe a littttle bit more school work mixed in (Well… unwind best I can since the neighbors took over the apt. building, lol!).


On repeat last week we had butterfly trout with roasted zucchini, forbidden rice, and greens.


I changed it up a couple times with a veggie burger instead.


The next couple posts I will recap our Labor Day! I am sooo psyched to share those.

Oh, one more thing! The month of September DJ, and I call “Saving September” every year. We go all out to try to save after a summer full of traveling and eating out. Basically we just keep to necessities- no eating out, no extra expenses (like those darn ICEs I am obsessed with), no shopping, etc. etc.  I always think it’s fun because it’s like a challenge to try to find new ways to make meals with what we have, get in better habits of not buying gum every time I’m at a checkout counter, forces us to just drink so much water that isn’t laden with chemicals, and get creative with clothes too! We put it off basically until this week because my parents were in town, but now we are all in 🙂 I’m eager to share how it goes!!

Also exciting- DJ is DONE with games until next season! That means his schedule goes back to a more 9-5 now. He’s super excited about that as am I.

Any meals/food items/etc. you have been loving lately?

xo <3

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  1. Hi Mack! Where do I start?? Lol. Lots of these meals look really healthy and good! What is forbidden rice and a turmeric latte? I think I’ve read it’s good for memory retention and getting rid of inflammation. Also, what is the difference between hot and regular yoga? I do yoga on occasion. It really relaxes me. Good luck with school, Mack!

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about the neighbors thing! I have had neighbors like that! I got lucky because the guy was in the army and so they finally left before I left. They were jerks though, always giving me dirty looks and smoking by my apt.! The girl would talk on her phone outside my door and it was really annoying! They were trash! Lol. We were upstairs and my apt. was by the stairs and the girl would sit there when I was coming up the stairs. I told her to move! Other neighbors complained about them to the office. I was about to say something but the other neighbors beat me to it. I would complain if it gets worse. Give it a little bit of time if they don’t stop.It’s I know you don’t want to say anything or tell them again but you need to sleep.

      1. Ugh, it’s the worst! I guess we have been lucky since we haven’t dealt with anything for over two years. And your situation sounds AWFUL, so glad you aren’t dealing with that anymore. YIKES. I actually did finally tell management .. it’s out of control. They haven’t quieted down much, but it’s a BIT better in the evening. I’m hoping in a couple weeks they will be better once they are all moved in… at that point it will have been over a month!

    2. Hi, Lisa!!! So forbidden rice is basically black rice- not sure where it received it’s name hahah. And a turmeric latte is steamed milk with turmeric mixed in!!!I can hardly taste the turmeric but like you said it has great health benefits so I just sprinkle some in when I can 🙂 And hot yoga is yoga done at 92 degrees! I have found it really enhances my flexibility in the class. Yoga is amazing- I am trying to do it more and more! So relaxing like you said. Hope your weekend if off to a great start 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh dear. I hate inconsiderate neighbours – and no I haven’t got any solutions either. Like you I am soooo non confrontational I get the feeling people walk all over me. Hope they quiet down soon. But on the plus side your meals look sooooo yummy. Been wanting to try tumeric latte for a while – maybe I should leave the office and go to the cafe for one now!


  3. I remember in the last few months we lived in an apartment our above neighbors woke us up 8n the middle of the night blasting that “Birthday sex” song. It only happened the one time, though. But it was obvious what was going on! Ha!

    1. Oh my gossshhhh I am dying. This is SO FUNNY. LOL!!!!!! Thanks for bringing light to this situation- at least we haven’t dealt with that (yet!)

  4. You are just the most exciting and adventurous eater! I love it, some of these foods I haven’t even heard of 😂 Girl, I’ve never even had an oreo… 😂 but I will try avocado and egg on toast one day, I keep your reccomendation in mind. I totally fewl you on eating out, sometimes I just crave a nice homemade meal, especially after a holiday where I’ve only had meals out! Nothing like comfort food at home, sometimes it seems healthier too, because you can include whatever veggies you want.
    So happy to hear your settling in well and enjoying grad school! That’s so great to hear 🙂 routine is so nice, you know where you’re at more. I love how you go on a walk every evening, that’s so lovely and very therepautic!
    Saving september. I LOVE that idea! Might have to steal it from you for the rest of the month 😉 saving september begins today. My rules will be no new clothes! No buying food out like chocolate bars or anything, but I will eat meals out however, only one course! Loving this idea gonna go make a set of rules now hehe!
    Oh my goodness i feel for you with the neighbours! What a nightmare! It’s totally unnaceptable of them to be moving furniture and DIY’ing at that time of night, even more so that the girl was rude to you (love how she denied it was her but greeted you with a screwdriver, hahaha) And the dog, how annoying! I love dogs but that would wind me up if it was constantly barking and making noise. I so hope this situation resolves itself soon for you hun.
    Have a great weekend lovely xx

    1. lol!! I think my taste buds just get bored easily 😉 There are just so many good eats out there and I wanna try it alll! you’ve. never. had. an. oreo. ?!?!!??!? I am gonna cry… that’s not ok!!! Then again, maybe you are better off because they’re addicting haha. But, I really do hope you get to try the avo/egg soon!

      yay for savings september!! Woohoo! Hope it goes well for you 🙂

      and right?!? “Oh that’s not us”… um you literally are admitting guilt with that screwdriver, but oook. Bahah. The dog is *ok* the last couple days, but still banging away up there. I do hope it resolves once they are all settled. Thanks for stopping by, girlie!

      1. Haha maybe! It’s actually surprising how i don’t get bored of food more often… i literally eat pasta like 5 times a week 😂😂 no I’ve not tried an oreo, there’s just something about them that doesn’t appeal to me! Ok if they’re addicting I’m glad I haven’t tried them haha cos I’m trying to be healthy! Although i think it’s great that they’re vegan! I so want to try the avo egg on toast! Asap for sure!
        Thanks hun and the same to you too!! So far I’ve saved well 😀
        Haha so funny, you have to laugh 🙄
        Ok good! Yes hopefully once they’re all settled it will calm down, fingers crossed for you hun ❤️

      2. nothing wrong with pasta though! Teheh. I made DJ I whole bunch for the week… I’m trying to eat up our veggies- but I’ll definitely be digging in too! Have a great week, love 🙂

  5. Inconsiderate neighbors are the WORST!! You should talk to your property management company or landlord about them. In situations like this, I will fib just a teeny tiny bit and say when you tried to politely talk to them they become confrontational and you don’t feel safe speaking with them again. That should do the trick and it’s not like it’s that out there ya know? The girl was very rude to you.

    The acai bowl looks so pretty! I’ve never tried warm oats in an acai bowl though. I’ll have to try it when I want a smoothie but it’s approximately -2986 degrees in the winter over here. That’s also not dramatic at all with the temperature 😉

    I love the thought of a no spend September. You should look up Jordan Page. She blogs at Fun Cheap Or Free and does Shelf Cooking September which is just spending $25 a week on groceries while using everything you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry. I’ve learned so many good money saving tips from her!

    So happy to hear school is going well and that you’re loving it!! Have a great Friday Mackenzie 🙂

    1. RIGHT?! I am going NUTS! I actually did finally talk to management- and I think it helped a bit. They are still SO obnoxious during the day, but have quieted at night a bit. So great suggestion! Management was really understanding about it. literally as I type this they are hammering, lol!

      I get cold so easily, so I usually prefer warmer things like oats and such so I thought I’d try it out. It was SOO good together!

      Oooo I will look her up!! Thank you for the suggestion- that sounds awesome!!!

      Have such a great weekend, gf!

      1. I’m glad it helped a bit!! At least at night they’re better. That’s what matters more than the day. Although definitely frustrating they’re loud during the day.

        I’ve literally never even thought of it. It’s seems weird to add them but I’ll trust your judgement on it!

        No problem! She helped me pay off my student loans in 8 months. I love the tips she give and you can easily adapt them to your life.

        I hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

      2. That’s AMAZING! I already looked through her site a bit and feel like this is the jackpot! Can’t wait to start using some tips! 🤗

  6. Sorry about noisy neighbors!! Hopefully that quiets down soon. And although I always love your fabulous healthy food pics, got to say that darned if those pizza’s aren’t the winner!!! Oh they looked good! Can’t wait to hear about your Labor Day Weekend which I’m sure was wonderful. Glad Dj’s schedule is back to normal and love you both! Love, your Ohio Mom

    1. Thank you! They are currently hammering down our ceiling as I type this haha.

      The pizza WAS the winner- gosh it was so good!!!

      Love youuu!

  7. oh god, I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbours… honestly, that sounds insufferable because, like you said, a girl needs to sleep. It’s really inconsiderate of them and so annoying because it does change how much you enjoy your apartment 🙁 xx

    1. It is AWFUL!! Thank you so much for your empathy, girlfriend! They are literally hammering down the ceiling as I type, haha, UGH!

      Thanks for stopping by, Chica. Have a great weekend in Singapore!

  8. Gah, I am so so sorry to hear about those rude neighbors!!! Over the time that Kaci and I lived in two apartments together, and now Matt and I in our townhome, there have been some interesting people to say the least. Right now a person has an obnoxious Subaru that he starts up at around 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, and it needs a new muffler to quiet it down. It’s absurd. They’re also still building units out front and like to start at the buttcrack o’ dawn. {eye roll} I agree with Maureen that given you tried to speak like an adult with them, and they refused to listen to reason, I would take it up with your management team. That is absolutely uncalled for, and you should not have to suffer through it! Answered the door with a screwdriver then denied it, lolz. What a jerk!

    All of your meals look amazing!! While I love to sometimes plan and shop for a specific recipe or meal, I also love to “wing it” and put together a pantry meal. Often times some of my fav creations came out of necessity in using what we already had on hand! “Kori-esque” gosh I love it! Thank you for that shoutout, and yes, I’m drooling over that plate! I actually had a Dr. Praeger’s burger last night, ha! I had it over the last of the cabbage and green beans, topped with hot pepper flakes, cracked pepper, and a peppercorn sauce. I then realized my mistake when that first bite was spiiii-say. But it was still good!

    I love your September plan to save! I need to implement that myself, and I appreciate you sharing as it gives me more motivation to do so.

    You rock, girl!! I can understand that imposter syndrome as I’ve experienced it myself, but you deserve this program. I cannot wait to see you continue to excel and succeed!! XO

    1. Thanks so much!! Ok that is crazy with the subaru- of all thing?!?! And at that time. Come on, people. Some people just lack ALL self awareness. I am just so thankful I’m not in the thick of nursing right now because then this would be impossible. I actually did finally go to management. They were super understanding and spoke with them. They have been a tiny bit more quiet in the evenings, but still wake up super early and get started. I’m gonna give it another two weeks for them to get settled and if it doesn’t get better, I’m gonna bring it to mgmt’s attention again.

      And I AGREE! Some of our fave meals have come from the pantry-necessity throw together tooo. Oooo that combo with the Dr. Praeger’s burger sounds wonderful, and I always say spicier the better, so it sounds extra tasty!

      Than you sooo much for your kind words <3 Have a beautiful weekend! XO

      1. Gosh, some people really are dense! I sure hope they cool their jets! No one cares if all of their stinkin’ photos are hung right now. Gosh. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

        I do love spice!! It still was a very enjoyable meal!

        I’ve had quite a lovely weekend, & I hope you have too! <3

      2. hahha, yuuup! Thanks for caring so much about this! I hate to be overreacting, but it’s good to know I’m not! XO

    1. RIGHT?! Right now they are hammering down our ceiling. I have a video, I’ll have to share it haha. And girl- pineapple pizza is the BEST

  9. Oh my goodness!!! It’s almost lunch time (I’m literally waiting for my school’s cafeteria to open up) and now I’m REALLY starving!

    This all looks so good!

    To be honest, being in college makes cooking challenging. I have multiple food allergies (gluten, dairy, and eggs) which also makes things a little challenging. But the good news is, it’s forced me to be more creative in the foods I do eat.

    Here’s what food I have been loving lately:

    I’ll start with dessert– I LOVE So Delicious’s Cashew milk ice cream. And they just came out with brand new flavors (like Peach Pecan and Chocolate-Drizzled Banana Foster) which are absolutely scrumptious!

    I am so thankful to be near a Whole Foods where I can buy many allergy-friendly foods. I love any of Daiya’s products (they make gluten free, vegan products which includes stuff like pizza, cheesecake, shredded cheese, etc.) and I just tried their vegan Mac ‘N Cheese. It was delicious!

    I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches lately. I have loved using a Basil Avocado Mayonnaise on them– it honestly tastes sooo good!

    I just discovered Seven Sunday’s Blueberry Chia Buckwheat granola and it has been a breakfast life saver! Not only is it sugar-free, but it actually tastes delicious with almond milk! 🙂

    Dr. Prager’s Veggie Burgers are another go-to (specifically the Kale burger).

    And last but not least, hashes! I love sautéing a mixture of veggies and either potato, rice, or quinoa with chopped up chicken. Then I’ll add various spices.

    Only a couple weeks ago I discovered my school’s coffee shop chai latte which is sooo amazingly delicious and refreshing!

    And those have been my go-to, easy foods that I’ve been absolutely loving!

    I was just considering writing a post similar to yours, so it was really lovely to read all your thoughts on your favorite food! Thanks for sharing. <3


    1. I hope you got some good food, girl! 🤗

      Ohhhh I remember the challenge in college too. It is tough, especially with allergies! What are some of your favorite go to foods and snacks ?

      AH YAY! You literally just answered my question haha. I love so delicious products! I can’t wait to try those new flavors!!!! Daiya is one of my favorites- I actually just made vegan tacos with their cheese tonight! I have been wanting to try their cheesecake but haven’t yet- I hear it’s great!! You cannot go wrong with vegan cheese either !

      That granola sounds SOOOOO good 😍

      I need to try a hash like that! I make a lot of stuffed sweet potatoes but sautéing it all together sounds phenomenal . Thank you tons for the suggestions !!!!!! I can’t wait to try these out! ❤️🤗

  10. okay so I am getting anxiety just thinking about your new neighbors! That is THE worst! It’s like you want to be nice, but you also pay to live there and get SLEEP. ugh! and it’s so terrible when dogs bark all day long because it’s not the dog’s fault, but it has to stop. Oh my gosh, I really hope that situation gets better asap. Also, all of your food… amazing and mouthwatering… as always. I’m obsessed with Eureka… I always request to go when I am in Dallas. so yummy!! I hope you have a great weekend and that you finally get some sleep! xoxoxo

    1. Right ?! Agh, it’s just too much. The puppy is so young that I can excuse it- and at least it’s not at night !!! It’s just hard with studying. I think it’ll get better once they are settled. Thanks girl ❤️

      Eureka is SO good! I know you like their salmon, right?😜 any other must tries ?! Hope you are having a great weekend xoxo

      1. Oooo yes I have seen the brussels! Next time I think I’ll have to try them. Thanks, girl! You too- I was so excited to see your post today 🙂

  11. Mack…you are the sweetest. Here are my suggestions about the apartment issue.
    1. Do NOT go up there again. (never ever ever ever ever ever do that! …that was the mom in me)
    2. Complain to management. As many times as it takes.
    3. Record the noise on your phone and take that to management if necessary.
    4. Do NOT feel guilty for complaining or fear that the management will think you are being a pain. You were there first and obviously you’re good tenants so speak up. If you’re afraid of sounding like a pain add this: ‘I don’t want to be a pain but I just have to say something…. (get me?) Just be you. <3

    Bottom line…you pay to be there. It's not your job to deal with rude, inconsiderate people. It's their job.

    We went through some issues with our upstairs neighbor when we first moved in here but she is gone now and we have someone wonderful now. I complained without ever second guessing it. Her thing was to leave garbage on her deck above ours! Whole bags!! Disgusting! I never knew her name so I call her the garbage lady. 🙂

    1. Nikki, you are the best! I want to give you a hug after reading this haha. These are tremendous suggestions!!! I promise not to go up again hehe (I appreciate you being protective!) and I did just speak with management ! They were very understanding and said they would talk to them. Recording the noise is a great idea! I’ll share in the next post, lol. And I needed to bear your fourth point cause I definitely feel guilty and bad about making a fuss- so thank you!

      Lol… oh garbage lady…. that sounds absolutely awful! Come on- that is common sense and decency. I don’t understand people sometimes haha . Thanks again for your comment ❤️❤️

  12. Agh! Sorry about those neighbors! They sound horrible… hopefully they stop making all the noise once they’re fully moved in. If not… you should maybe talk to the apartment manager? But last time I did that about my loud neighbors at my previous apartment, they put a nail in my tire twice!!!

    1. Thanks, Hunida! I think it will settle down a bit… fingers crossed 🤞🏻. I actually did talk to mgmt and they were great about it and very supportive. Hopefully things will get better after they talk to them. But girl, that’s NUTS …. that’s illegal! I cannot believe they did that to you. Talk about an overreaction. Luckily I don’t think they know our parking spaces haha.

      1. I’m sure what they did was illegal but we told management and called the cops but we had no proof so there was nothing we could do! 🙁 I hope everything calms down over there for you! <3

  13. I came across Dr.Praeger’s burger at Trader Joe’s yesterday and wondered if they were good. I didn’t buy them but since you mentioned how good they are, I’ll have to try it now. 🙂

  14. Mackenzie – I’m going to start reading your posts on a full stomach – everything looked good – I will go to bed dreaming about DJ’s pizza … none of the healthful meals, just that pizza and washing it down with the foamy latte with the heart in it.

    I, too, suffer with a neighbor, but two doors away, and to have them right upstairs – that’s just over the top and I guess bringing the landlord of the building into it will just make it more obnoxious with their retribution. Stomp, stomp, stomp and the noise – just so rude. I have a doberman that lives two doors down. It is a corner house, big yard and the dog is out 24/7/365. It barks at everything that goes past the fence and bares its teeth, lays back its ears – I just walk across the street from it now but the noise drives me crazy. I am usually a sound sleeper and this dog hears something late at night, early in the morning – it barks and keeps it up … no one ever shuts this dog up. And it barks during the day – I finally called the police. Didn’t want to and asked my name not be given – I said I work from home and can’t concentrate on my work because the dog is barking – I have called twice – they either didn’t come to the owner’s house, or did and he doesn’t care. I feel for you – I guess saying that you are in grad school and need peace and quiet won’t work – how about getting a big stick with something soft on the end – maybe a pool cue and thumping back on your ceiling? I have no words for rude neighbors.

    1. Tehe- I do have to say that pizza was just the best! It was one of those nights that the craving was irresistible !

      Oh my gosh!!!! Your situation too 😭 the dog barking is one of the worst parts – I don’t blame ya for calling the police. I am not a sound sleeper so I’d be up with that every second!

      Hahah I’m not gonna lie I have thought about doing that with a broom end a few times 😂😂

      1. I wish I could take credit for the broom idea, but my parents lived in an apartment for a few years after they married, then moved to the suburbs when I was two They had a neighbor who played some musical instrument … I want to say a tuba … some brass instrument that made a ton of noise, and that was their solution as the guy practiced at all hours of the night and day and with a baby … not fun.

      2. haha- oh man, that is a rough situation. Suddenly I don’t feel like mine is all that bad!!!

  15. Aww, poor thing. I hope they finish building all of their IKEA furniture and stfu really soon so you can SLEEP!

    Everything looks SO delicious and healthy! I want to try everything!

    Cheers to your fresh start at grad school! Learning is so much fun. I wish I could be a professional student.

    Dom |

    1. Thank you, Dom! 💕 I hope you found some delicious eats this weekend and thank you tons for the well wishes for grad school- I agree- I LOVE learning too! I find very few that feel that same way we do 😂

  16. Mac – this is very impressive menu and healthy recipes – my parents own several high class and elite restaurants, one of our chef was highly impressed.

  17. I can’t imagine neighbors who have no common courtesy for quiet times of the evening. Avocado and Egg toast is my daily go-to. So much yum!! I’m making notes on all the other tasty foods. I hope you are having fun with your schooling. xx

    1. Right?! I am going NUTS!

      Thanks so much, Amy 🙂 It’s going well so far, and I am loving the schedule and discussions. Have a stellar weekend!

  18. Ok first HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA to that bia answering the door with the screwdriver. Like c’mon chick, you couldn’t think how that would look? I would be so mad if I were you. I can’t deal with stuff like that! I mean, I understand that some people are night people and maybe they have weird schedules that only allow for the late evenings to do move in type activities, but you still should be courteous of others, especially in an apartment. D & I have a neighbor that has legit NO social skills or filter and has one of the weirdest, most annoying kid’s. Their son is 8 or 9 years old and will come outside in his underwear….like that is weird beyond weird. The husband doesn’t work so he’s home all day, and I think he gets so lonely he doesn’t care if he’s being annoying and will just walk over if D & I are trying to enjoy being outside. We literally got the fence 80% because of him. lolz I wish you could hand select neighbors…

    Saving September is exciting! D and I probably need to do that too. Honestly, meal planning and grocery shopping in general is just so stressful, and it’s only D and me! I feel like everything is so expensive and if you want to eat fairly healthy, it just costs so much (even if you aren’t getting organic). I shop at Aldi for the bulk of our stuff but do like Kroger for certain things and fuel points. Just stinks going 2 places.

    I hope school is going well so far!!

    1. RIIIIGHT?! She was one of those people that I could have been bringing her a gift and she still would have been rude and cold. Like I was NOT making headway with her. It’s just the noise is so disproportional to normal “living” .. I told DJ I would love to see what they are actually doing that would cause SO much noise. Thanks for caring <3

      Oh gosh, those neighbors sound like they need a training in society 101 haha. But at least you have that AWESOME fence now. That was so smart.

      I agree- eating healthy can be so expensive, especially because the fresh food likes to go bad a whole lot quicker. Bulk is less expensive- but like you there is only two of us so that's not really an option. I try to freeze meals that are cooked to save, but it's a constant struggle for sure! I always like to think of it as saving on health care expenses in the future if we take care of ourselves now- that's what I like telling patients too. It's an investment, ya know? 🙂 That at least helps me feel better about spending so much on fruits and veggies! Thank gosh for TJ's! I wish we had a Kroger here and Aldi was my baby when we lived in Indiana- I MISS it!!

      School is going so well as of now! Lotsa work, but I'm loving the challenge! Feels good to be back at it. Hope you have a great weekend, Kaci! Do you have any plans for the weekend? XO

      1. I am so sorry I forgot to respond!!

        Right?! Some people are just not very nice or easy to deal with unfortunately.

        Yes they do! But so far the fence has worked SO WELL. hahaha

        Yes gosh so true! I went to the grocery yesterday and was surprised by all that I got for less than $200 and saved a good amount! Now we just need to stretchhhh it out for like 2 weeks. haha

      2. Girl, no worrrries!

        I feel ya- every time I do a huge trip I’m like,”I won’t have to go back to the store for like a year!” 2 days later… the list starts to grow hahah.

      3. Exactly! D and I have a shared grocery list on our Apple Notes through the cloud so we can see each others updates and there’s always something. lolz

  19. My goodness, those neighbors sound like the absolute worst!! Since you’ve already tried talking with them and they don’t seem to be responding, if it keeps going on, I’d totally talk with the complex about it. That’s not just “apartment living,” that’s a clear disturbance. Does your apartment have quiet hours? In our lease, quiet hours start at 10pm and if anything is ridiculously noisy, tenants have the right to call the police. Seems a little extreme, I know, but hey if they keep it up, ya know! Currently, we have a dog nearby that consistently barks all day as well. I typically just wear my headphones but it’s annoying for sure–still, it’s harder to deal with noise at night when you need to sleep.

    Our previous apartment had an awful neighbor who banged on the shared wall, shaking our lights and walls, went outside every hour and shouted at people starting from around 6am (right outside our bedroom window…literally inches away), wouldn’t let us go in or out of our apartment without demanding our attention, kept smoking outside our apartment even with it being a smoke-free building and numerous warnings from the complex…. All that to say, bad neighbors can be such a pain. I hope your complex helps you out with your situation for sure!!

    1. Hey, Courtney! Thanks so much for your input!! I actually just messaged management again yesterday morning because now it’s to the point where we can’t sleep until after midnight and even when I finally fall asleep I’ve been woken up a couple times too from it. It’s INSANE. The dog is actually the least of the issues right now which is crazy haha. It’s like the dog can’t control it, it’s a puppy so I get it, but THEY are adults and they can be respectful- so it makes me more mad.

      Oh my gosh- that neighbor sounds AWFUL!!!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that ! Did you guys end up moving because of that? XO

      1. I hope that the office does something to help with the situation, because that is just ridiculous! No one should have to put up with that kind of noise level so late at night. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay and get upset when neighbors talk to them about it. Shared walls and ceilings means there must be a level of consideration!

        Our old neighbor was certainly a huge part of us moving. The office just gave him warnings but never actually did anything. There comes a point when you just can’t live with that anymore. On top of it, our rent was getting insanely high for the 450 sq. ft studio and we needed more space for our dog, so it all worked out in the end for us to move. Our new apartment is so much better so it was the right choice!

        Here’s to hoping your situation clears up soon! Crossing my fingers for you!!

      2. Thanks, girl 🙏🏻. Management has been amazing and we have a plan under way!

        It truly can be so frustrating when you just want to be able to relax in your own home but can’t escape it! Im SO glad you are happier in your new apartment ❤️ thanks for sympathizing 💕

        Xoxo have a great week, Courtney!

  20. Ohhhhhhh Round Table. That’s the one thing I’d bring to Virginia from CA if I could (that includes my family haha). It’s the first thing I eat when I go home. I even had my mom bring me some cold Round Table on her flight out to see me. Yes, I have a problem.

    You made that latte at home? Looks pretty good. 🙂

    1. It’s SO good. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realize how yummy it is! That’s hilarious that you had your mom take it on her flight- true dedication, I love it. Haha.

      Thanks so much! I used a milk steamer that I haven’t used in forever, so I was pleasantly surprised it turned out so well! Hope you have a great weekend, Ralph!

  21. Awe sweets huge hugs! I can completely relate to this! I also had some problems with neighbors this summer. Do you have a management company? I would try contacting them and see what they say. And you can vent anytime! Shoddy neighbors is the worst!
    What a stunning tree! Awe sweets hugs <3
    And that tree! Okay, food and blooms, my eyes are content!
    Kale and hummus is NOT a disgusting mix! Deej needs to work on appreciating his veggies! ;p
    I LOVE eggs on my burgers (and salads the best thing ever!)
    Awe hun I am sorry you weren’t feeling well!
    Awe I LOVE the heart in the coffee! That is the best!
    I LOVE protein bars, but girl they do not photograph well at ALL!
    Ooo I LOVE turmeric lattes! Eeeeek congrats beauty! I am so excited for you! You are going to kick booty!
    Oooo I LOVE saving September….Unfortunately I blew that with an amazon spree…oops lol.
    I am actually going to be doing a Friday favs eats from TJ’s (TJ’s is another weakness!) Congrats on starting school sweets! I am so excited for you! <3

    1. Thanks, girlie! Oh my gosh- I remember! They smoked a TON, didn’t they?! It’s just getting so crazy- and worse by the day. I thought maybe it’d be better once they settled, but nopeeee. *sigh*.

      Hahha- I AGREE! One time I snuck broccoli into his mac and cheese. We had a good laugh over it!

      Bahahha I agree- protein bars are the worse to photograph. This may be kinda gross, but one time I took a picture and I thought to myself that it looked like a turd on a plate. Needless to say, I didn’t post it!

      LOL- Amazon is my weaknesss. It’s so easy to get anything. I cannot wait to read that Friday Faves eats!!! eeek! Thanks for the sweet wishes and stopping by 🙂

  22. Hi Mackenzie, I feel for you so much having noisy neighbors. How rude to make noise that late. I thought it was an unwritten rule that noise stops at 9pm! Has it gotten any better? The photos taken on August 14th of the flowers are spectacular, love them. OOh oreo’s !! They are so good , I need to hide them from myself! Seriously 11’45 stomping, unbelievable. What a cute kitty to give you a pick me up. The avacado egg on toast looks so yummy. Love your new mat from tx maxx , I should go!And its a beautiful photo of YOU. That coffee looks so good from voyager. Congrats to DJ on becoming a 9 to 5 again! Take care and hugs Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Thanks, Terri! It’s been a heckuvah couple weeks trying to deal with it! And I thought so too- common courtesy, right?! I am just so thankful I’m not doing nursing right now or I would be having a mental breakdown.

      Oreo’s are SO addictive. When we have a pack in the house, they are gone in a couple days. Thank you so much 🙂 I love my new mat so much! It makes me want to whip it out at home even to do poses here and there (calm me down from the craziness above haha).

      Hope you have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  23. I always enjoy looking at your food pics. 😋 The new neighbour sounds really annoying, 6pm is a respectable time to do any moving and furniture business they have going on. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Awww glad you enjoy, girl!! I know, right?! There are SO many daylight hours- why wait until the wee hours of the night? hope you had a wonderful weekend, chica!

  24. Ok that’s incredibly rude. If the girl was more aggressive about it I wouldn’t doubt that she was doing it on purpose. You could complain to the manager if you already tried to ask nicely. I’ve had those kinds of neighbors before and they can be irritating. Our older neighbors were nice to us but would constantly yell at night, like they argued that much and their bedroom was right above ours lol. Ugh I feel you girl, I hope it gets resolved soon.
    And omg all those blooms and all that food *sigh* I must try an açaí bowl I’ve never had one but they look so good and healthy breakfast alternatives lol.
    Also, I love pineapple pizza, ever since I started making it from scratch we order pizza less and less which feels good lol. Saves some money. 🙂
    Hows hot yoga by the way? I only do regular yoga so I’m curious lol.
    And turmeric latte? How do i go about making something like that? 🙂
    How cool that you guys did saving September, I would definitely love to do that for whatever month seems reasonable for us haha. I can’t wait to know how you did if you ended up sharing it on a different post. I’m playing catch up right now and I just love binge reading your blog even if I can’t read more than 3 posts at a time lol.
    And cool that DJ is going back to a regular schedule that means you guys will be together for the most part right? No more, “he has to work” lol.
    And I’m missing one more thing…. hmmm…… oh yeah the meal planning thing. I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now and it’s so helpful. We only buy ingredients we need and we have been doing so well. I would love to stop eating out for one whole week or preferably, an entire month lol. That sounds like a challenge haha but anyway, making food at home is definitely healthier and saves more money on the long run even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. 😊

    1. Right?! Ugh, I seriously haven’t slept well in like two months because of them. I talked to management again this morning. I just don’t know what we’ll do.. I mean we literally may have to move out… but I can’t imagine adding a move to our plate right now. Thanks for the empathy <3 That situation with the yelling neighbors sounds awful too! Glad you don't have to deal with that anymore.

      Yes ! I agree- homemade pizza can be even better because you can control the ingredients, make it healthier, and save money! I'm always shocked how expensive pizza is.

      I love hot yoga!!! It basically is in a room that is heated to 95 degrees (I think 95? I might be a little off)... but you sweat so much and it helps with enhancing flexibility a ton!

      So all I do is add turmeric to my milk before I steam it! I love putting some honey on top too and cinnamon.. So yummy!

      I actually was thinking about writing the Savings September post today!! I am sooo excited to see how much it actually saved and the little changes we made to save a good percentage.

      Aw, I LOVE reading your comments! I would never ask or expect you to go back through all these posts- but I'm glad you are enjoying it 🙂

      And YES! We definitely have been spending more time together. It's so nice. I love having him home for dinner most nights now.

      AGREED! We love eating out almost like a hobby- but it is way healthier and so rewarding to make it all at home. I think about a trip to Trader Joe's can nearly cost a couple trips eating out- really puts things in perspective. We have been trying to save the eating out for date nights or social occasions with friends rather than "just because" and it makes a difference! Thanks again for stopping in Rossy! Hope you have a great week, girl!

      1. omg that’s a long time! i really hope you don’t end up moving because that would be really shitty, and it’s not even your fault. Also, how long does it take to move in? LOL
        I know right? incredibly expensive, the one we really really like costs like $23 for a large! :O my wallet hurts just thinking about it but it’s oh so goodd!
        what kind of milk do you use? and how do you steam it? sorry for the stupid questions, i know nothing about making coffee, or lattes, frappes, etc. lol.
        ooohh yesss yess!! i cannot wait to read it! it’s gonna be a while from now lol but no worries 😀
        that’s so nice! eating dinner together is always a good thing, you get to catch up on your day 🙂

      2. OKAY UPDATE!!!! I can barely contain myself……. THEY ARE MOVING!!! I found out from management today… they asked them to move with the noise disturbances and they said they would be happy to because they don’t even like their unit- hahhah. I can’t believe this worked out but I am SO excited. They are literally banging around as I type this. I can’t wait for them to be GONE.

        And girl- I know- nothing better is late night pizza too…if only it was more affordable *Sigh*

        I have a Breville machine that has a milk steamer! It’s not the best in the world, but it works. And I use almond milk or almond coconut 🙂 Oooo girl, I gotchu ! Keep the questions coming- I was a barista for a few years haha.

      3. Omg hahaha yay!! I’m so glad they’re moving, works out for you! Hopefully the next neighbors are nice!!
        I could eat pizza everyday if it was affordable but that’d be too much..or is it…? 🤔
        Awh I need a machine 😢 lol are they expensive? If not I’ll buy one, I’ve been wanting something other than tea anyway now that the cold season is upon us.
        Ooh almond coconut milk sounds gooood!!!! I’ll have to find it at the store lol.
        And omg really? I never knew. Haha

      4. Right?! So excited. I got it as a grad gift from my aunt and uncle so I’m not sure 🤔 but I think you can get hand milk steamers that aren’t too expensive !

      5. I actually have been thinking about getting one myself because it’s hard to control it on the machine the way it’s structured! I don’t really use the espresso part anymore anyways, so I’ve considered selling it to just get a hand one (plus save counter space!)

      6. Ah I see so it has more than one function…Interesting LOL If you get one before me please let me know which you get and if it works well 🙂

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